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The star. (Reynoldsville, Pa.) 1892-1946, November 30, 1892, Image 7

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Qaalnt Bavlnc and finings f Llltla Obm
Ci.ttieretl anil Trlnfad Her. for Otk.f
; I.IUi olks a Head.
Whm Mamma Comes Mom Again,
Sin a son, of keeping bouse,
Mnmnia's gone away,
Ilerlng all the work to do,
1 and sister Miy.
When the sun was risen,
I'apa it loud anil Hear.
MC time that ynu were coming dona
To get tl o break fat, dear "
Washlne tip the dlahe.
pVruhlilni !! the floor.
Conking many nnnriroua lli'.ng
Never seen tiefnrei
Jiiistln In tlir cnrlor
With all the lirlr-a-hraf.
Itunnlng up the kitchen stalra
Forty timet and back;
llurrrln to the Harden
r'nr uerrli-a lor tea;
From mi.rnlnc until evening
llusr's we din foe.
Of crurse wo ihlnk It's hilly
And lot of fun, lint then
We know It will tie Jollier
When msmma i-ome home again.
OooJ lluuinkecjilnff.
Scriptural Authority.
Teacher In what mrt tif tlie Tt.
l)!c I It tituxlit that 11 man shall have
only onn w ife?
Llttlo ltoy I If" t he part
that aya no tniin can servo two man
tcrs. (jontl News.
Perry' yiiery.
Terry lias a very musical father ann
mothpr and tin- little lail know Rood
music from had. Ill pirent live In
a city flat, and in the Hat just, above
It one afternoon a .vouni? lail.v wn try.
In toslnjf and not iiTcodlnK at all.
I'crry llstenrd with a frnwnlnu; hrow
for some time, and I hen mild to hi
(irand mother, "If thin keep, tip much
longer, grandma, 1 hIuiII die. And
what tin yon think you'll d t'; lu.
trolt Free l're.
The Advantage nf Itelng llrnan -p.
IlesHle had been Invited to untitle',
to take tea. As nlifht drew near rIni
liegan to Krw Hloepy. "I shall ho
glad when 1 nm a big woman," ehe
"Why will you?" asked auntie.
"Ilecause I won't net sleepy 'sq
noon then," she answered.
"1'erhapi you will," ventured
"Well, If I do," said Itessle, "I
won't have to po to bd." Harper's
Young People.
Alice's Alphabet.
A I for wise little Alice herelf.
Who wants to rend All the big book on the
A wond"rful Appetite truly ha he.
Forstuly nai Applet between you and
It I for Holt, one of All 'e'a Brother,
Mil put on a lloutifct that once wn lilt
And tiod u It In How underneath hi round
How Alice dlil laugh when the chanced to
coroo In!
C for the Cream and the nice Ortimbs ol
Alice save to the rat when he Cried to
be fel.
But the naughty Cat Climbed tithe high
Closes shelf
When no one wa looking and Just helped
Had the Best of Htm There.
"Hon!" Jcerci Willie to h lg sister.
"I'm u boy, and can climb trees."
"I'ooh!" retorted his sister. "I'm a
pirl, and can sit still without want
in? to climb trees." Harpers Young
Illtln't 1 ft the Word.
One day Ralph used some naughty
words to mamma. He said, "Shut
up." Mamma punished him, und
told him he must not use those words
again. The next day lt was rainy,
and ltalph came home from school
with his umbrella up. The catch
liothercd his little fingers, and ho
wanted to ask mamma to shut up his
umbrella for him. "Mamma, won't
you I don't mean the naughty words,
mamma, but won't you pull the
stick down?" Youth's Companion.
What Polly Did.
"I feel as cross as a bear!" said Tol
ly, as she came In from school,
"Then you have a good chance to
make the family happy." And grand'
ma smiled. i
"Your mother has a headache, the
baby wants to be amused, and little
brother Is fretful. A cross bear will
make him cry, and then the baby will
cry, ton, and that will make your
mother's headache worse, and "
"Why, grandma, what do you
mean?" Interrupted Polly.
"Oh, I haven't flnlshod what 1 want
to say. That it what a cross beat
will do, but a good-natured bear can
make Jamie laugh, and then, per
baps, Jamie will make the baby laugh,
and If your mother hears them, per
haps her head won't ache so badly;
and If she grows better It will surely
make papa smile when he comes
home; and If papa smiles I shall be
happy, too."
' "All right," said Tolly. "You shall
see what a good-natured bear can do."
She went Into the nursery, and ca
pered so comically that Jamie laughed
with delight Then she took his
hand, and they danced back and forth
before the baby, sitting in ber high
rhalr, that Jamie's laugh was soon
echoed by little May.
Mother heard the happy little
voices through the closed door, and
aid to grandma, "It is better than
medicine to hear thosedear children."
"That is what I told Folly," replied
At the tea-table papa said: "It it
uch a comfort to find mamma's bead
ache Is really better," and he smiled
at Polly while grandma beamed at
tpotb ot tnem as she poured the tea.
v "It's like a Mother, Goose story,"
aid Polly. "The bear began to please
UM little brother, the little brother
began to amuse the baby, the baby
t?ao to cur the mother, the another
began to comfort the father, the
father began to cheer the grandma,
the grandma bgan she began It. all.'"
nnd Polly stopped for want of breath.
Youth's Companion.
A Detailed Description of II nw the Work
I Accomplished.
Thirty-five thousand passenger cars
me now In use on the 17f,000 miles of
railroad In the t.'nited States and Ter
ritories, and these cars have cost over
two hundred million dollars. A pas
senger car cost I.'i.ijiio to Mioo. An
outline of the manner In which such
cars are built cannot but be 'of In
terest, as this class of car construc
tion const I tu l os an Important In
dustry here. When an order Is re
ceived for a given number of cars It
Is accompanied by carefully prepared
drawings of every detail and byspe 'l
Mentions which even enumerate the
quantity nnd quality of screws, tiatl.s,
holts, ciiMIiik, trimmings, etc.,
which are to be used. Those un
familiar with this class of work
would be astonished at I lie elaborate
nature of the drawings, many of
them of lull sl.e, with all dimensions
marked on them so 1 hat no mistake!
may occur. The specifications aim
to contain a cleir statement of all
the materials to le used, their ii;in
tit y, (iiallty and sizes; and the man
ner In which they are to be treated
and built Into the proposed cars, I
also very carefully described: even t in
paint and varnishes arc specified, hi
well as the unmix r of coats of each,
and the length of time each nut I;
to be given to dry. Thus it will b
seen that n car Is first carefully con
structed lu (In mind if the de
signer and all details put upon
paper, which serve as a guide to those
having the constriii'llun In hand.
When an order lor cars Is placed,
bills of the materials required nr
made In each department nnd pat
terns for t'ie Iron and wood work are
made, to guide tin! foremen in laying
out their portions of the work. As
speedily us pos-dhle departments are
furnished with the raw or finished
materials called for on their bill
of materials with which tr make their
portions of the car. Ah an Illustra
tion, the wood machine shop gets out
from the rough lumber tho exact
number of pieces of wood of every
kind nnd form called for, and tho
blacksmith shop gets out the forg
Iiiks required, the boll department
makes the exact number of bolts ol
various kinds needed, ami the brass
foundry tills Its order for the neces
sary trimmings, which trimmings,
when so sHcltled, arc taken in
hand by the electro plating de
partment and plated with nickel,
nil vcr or gold, as called for. Tho
glass department cuts the glass,
etches It, and slivers It when re
quired, and makes and furnishes all
tho mirrors. When everything Is
ready the prepared materials nro dc.
llvered lis needed at the compart
ments where the cars ire to be erect
ed. First, the bottom materials,
such as sills, floor-oists, flooring,
draft-timbers., and transoms arrive
and arc taken In hand by the bottom
builders At the completion of the
bottom of a cur, which comprises the
work of the liottom-builders, it Is
turned over to the body-builders, who
put up the frame work and complete
the bouy ot the car, their work
consisting of applying posts, brac
ing, filling, belt railing, paneling, car
lining, etc. The car Is now taken by
the roofets, wiio apply the roof-boards,
moldings, etc., and then the tinner
put on tho metal covering. After
a careful Inspection the car Is taken
by theoutslde painters, and Isentered
at the same time by the inside finish
ers, who put In and llnls.li the nice
inside wood-Vr-ork, which isof the b-st
kinds of lumber, such as oak, ash,
cherry, mahogany, or vermilion.
The piping fir heating nnd for light
ing Is set In before the seats are
placed In position. The inside finish,
too, conceals the electric, wires which
may be called for In tho specifica
tions. Cum arc lighted by oil. gas or
electricity. If by gas, It lscarried In
condensed form In tanks underneath
the car, and h conducted to lamps by
suitable piping. Electric lights aro
derived from storago batteries, and
from dynamos run In a baggage cur,
by steam from the engine.
When tho inside wood work Is all
In place, und some of this finish com
prises exquisite carving, the Inside
painters go over the entire Interior
wood work, making tho car ready for
the trimmers, who place tho bronze or
plated trimmings upon doors, sash,
blinds, and walls. The upholstering,
draperies, scat-coverings, carpets,
etc.. which have all been previously
prepared, are now put in, and when
the finishing touches are added by
the equipment department the car Is
ready for delivery to Its purchaser, to
whom It is sometimes sent by special
messenger. Parties for whom cars
are bulklln? generally keep an In
spector at the shops to s?e that u 1
work and materials are In accordance
with plans and specifications. All
work In the construction department
Is carefully subdivided, many differ
ent gangs of men having their allot
ted tasks, which they perform with
surprising quickness and dexterity.
Mostof this passenger car work is paid
for by piece wages. These car works
have the capacity for turning out
twelve new passenger cart a week. -Pullman
Snow IS Inch Seep in Montana.
At Helena, Mont,, a light snow began
falling Thursday which turned into a regu
lar storm, aud next day the snow was 1?
laches deep, on a level. .
Jossra Fi.Ia, llvtrjr stable at 131. Jo
rph. Mo., vm destroyed by tire. Twenty
head of horsrt were burned snd a falling
wall injured three firemen, one of them,
Oliver Knight, fatally. Financial row, 35,
000. ,
Pallium Ksmp'on employed s rnptaln o!
harbor hont nt Clro, Ills., snd his wife,
ere shot by a woman nnnied Msy Him",
who then Hint linrself, nt the Planter's
house. All are (lend. The tragedy la due to
Three masked men raided a Northern
Pacific train near Hot Spring. Wash., rob
bing trainmen sml Pullman pnsse tiger of
11.200, watches and Jewelry.
8lmr.ii Paly, -asenger agent of the Ward
itcnmslilp lliie.n a sentence d nt New York
to live year In the penitentiary for forgery
and one yinr. six month lor larceny. In
the 1.1 yenr he lis I rru employed by the
Ward cnnipiiny it I etimnted HihI he ha
'lolcn t) 10,0.10 by means of false enlrie.
I.nwrem e Farley, ef Alton, 111., shot nnd
killed hi brother in-lnw. Mitchell Mint
Imiidli. Modi are phi" blower by trade
About one yenr m they went Into the s
hum biilnc, hut shortly n terward quar
reled. Farley hn been arrested.
At Lit I'lilnn, Hiilvoilor, an earthqunln
mi laid low nearly all the hniisi-s in tin
city, and lliiwe left standing had their wnlll
so cracked Hint It is net safe to remain In
them. The people are living in tent, uuii
arc in lYiir of further dlstnrlmiii 'I'm
risident nf the city were almost driven to
frenzy, and pinces'lon were parading the
street with ringing bells, headed by priest,
praying Tor an abatement of the (INIurban
ce. Many pcrs jiis were killed and many
;rhily Injured.
lie. Mr. Mct'rei, the celebrated l!optit
Icmprranee reformer, died nt I. melon, Kng.
Sou i h Carolina 1 not likely to make much
ihowltig at the World's Fair, no appropria
tion having been made. It will, however,
contribute some Interesting things to the
I'olnn ill exhibit.
The son nf .1. A. I.ee, of Nnrthville, Vn.,
who wa seized with hydrophobia sonic
day sincc.l ilend. Forty other person whe
sere liitttn by the sumo dog are much
T. FgU-rt Wheeler, of Arinnmdiile. Mo.,
(iielt at hi bedside mid prnyed that lie
might die. I lu llieu retired and was dead
n four hours.
To Tisr tiik l.i.i w r.u.vM l,w T. It. Mis
fiulre, of the genenil Kxecutive ('ninitiittet
of the Kniglns of l.ubor, of Cleveland, .,
has made good hi threat to begin criminal
prosecutions a.-uinst the proprietors of the
Troy Hieam Laundry Inr discharging 21
girl became they Joined tho K night i
Warrant haw been Issue I for I.. W. Helm
'utli and II. W. Miorer and the constitution
ality of the Llewellyn law will be tc-tcil.
At Purlin, on Saturday, a hunk nieen
ger liuuicd Jaliu, currying II I.iksi murks in
bank note, wn attacked in the lreden
strn-se by a man, who succeeded In robbing
him of the whole sum and escaping.
At Ijtvt rciirc, Kan.. William Miller, a
.-Ich farni'r and prominent mini in the com
munity, was robbed and murdered by high
waymen. Cashier I). ,t. Martin, of the Webster bank
nt Kuropa, Miss., opened the bank vault on
Thanksgiving day when all the oilier nlll
elals were ab-eut and helped himself t
money and securities amounting from (f.M,
(Xmtof Mi.niKi. lie Immediately Med und i
apposed to be hiding in Memphis.
The number nf typhoid fever cnes I in
creasing nt St. Louis and it is evident mat
ters are becoming worse.
TiikUi.as Wintkr.Ktt Itr.i.RAsKn. Pierce
iMayence nod Ul other foreign glass workers,
detained by Inspector Lnyton, of Pittsburg,
on tho charge of being imported to work nt
Jeannelto, l'a were rclcuso.l by the Treas
ury Department. Hutllelont evidence nut
not produced to hold them.
ritnirrx to pfatii (irmnnni cahoi.isa.
' Uelow Newberne, N. C, a two-masted
boat having six men n hoard wna caught In
s whirlwind and capsized. The men regain
ed the bout, but tho water whs freezing, and
during Hie night three of them died from
exposure. One man undertook to swim
Hshoreand perished. After 1.1 hour Intense
suffering the two remaining men were res
cued. niu rACTt'iu: or wiiai.ks in tub ai tiu,
Captain Healy.of tho revenue, cutter Ilenr,
under date of M. George islund, Aluska,
October 'JH, reports to the Treasury Depart
ment concerning uffuiis In the Arctic ocean
In snd about rlt. George Island. The whal
ing season has been most succesful, the
capture being reported nt 200 whales, valued
at il.&OO.OOO. x
I - - -
Sai.km, Orx. The (secretary of Hlnte tl In
receipt of the compute election returns from
all the counties except live. The return
how that Pierce, the Fusion elector, has a
plurality of 820 over the highest Hepublicun
elector. The live counties to hear from will
Increase Pierce's plurality. The electoral
vote of Oregon will stand: Harrison, 3;
'Venver, 1.
WiLKtsRARRi, Pa. The miner and K
borers in th employ of the .Reading Com
pany are la pitiable condition. The men
work but two day a week, snd many are on
the verge of starvation. Unless I bey are
given more work.tbe public will be called
upon for re litf.
BignsI serv'eo men lay the southeastern
which began Sunday morning at 8an Fran
cisco, 1 th heaviest blow known here fni
10 years. For hour the wind blew at the
rat of 50 miles per hour and ruin fell lu
Balnsd Continuously In On Spot,
A gentleman of both prominenc snd er
city has just returned from a visit to
Hempitead County, Ark., a point 40 mile
north of Magnolia, Ark,, and states that at
t preacher' houne, that of Rev, Thorns
Stighbora, rains bav fallen in tb front
rard every day for mora than three month.
fhl was so during the las drouth.
The export of specie from th - port of
New York for Inst week war Sl.mi.aes, of
which 1600,000 in gold nnd at" 1,0.10 sliver
went to Europe, and ao,?JO in gold and 0306
liver went to South Auierlca-
fearlng; WMlMmt Bar Drums.
"Don't speak so loud, "said a pretty
young woman to a Washington Nun
writer, adding by way of explanat ion.
"1 have no ear drums, jou know."
. "No ear drums!"
"Noil lost them several years ago,"
"From a shock or concussion?"
"Not at all. I was troubled with
t catarrhal affection, a ronsmiuence of
which was the formation of alieesses
that destroyed the, drums of my ears."
"Hut 1 did not know Mint a person
could hear without oar drums."
"tin tho contrary I ran hear con
siderably better than other people lie-
i-nus l hear with the exposed audi
tory nerve instead of through the
medium or the oruin. For Instance,
It of teu occurs that 1 will hear a band
of music mining up tho street several
minutes before anybody else does.'
"And yon can hear voices liette.
'lccldelly. If you were to stand
iver at tho other end of this room
ami "whisper nrticulutely 1 could hear
what vou said without itnv dlltlculty.
It Ik not an advantage, hut rather IIh
lreslng on ncciinlom. When a num
ber of people are talking together in
my presencu 1 cannot help hearing
what every onn of them says, whereat
fou would lie able to eon line your at
tention to the remarks on one indi
vidual. When a person speaks at nil
loudly It hurts tun. As n rule, 1 avoid
rldltpj on horse cars hecauso tho rum
ble makes the tears run down m.v
.hecks, In ono respect 1 think my
misfortune in an advantage, for 1 tie
love that I enoy music tuoie than
others do."
"So the loss of t he ear drums ac
tually renders tho sen so ot henritip
aioro acute?"
"I'lidoubteulv It. does, so long a
the tit In r parti aro uninjured, hut
their destruction expose the delient'j
mechanism ' of tho ear, which It It
I heir chief purpose to protect. Ac
?or(lliigly my auditory apparatus is
:nnstanlly In danger of trouble, which
might at any timo render me totally
leaf. Ilesides, tiny internal ulcera
tion in tho passages would be very
ipt to pierce the delicate wall of bona
which separates them from the brain,
and that woi.ld cause death. That Is
liow Koscoo C'onklln died. though very
'ew people know it, tho cold that
brought on the trouble tiitvlnij btcii
-aught In tho L'teut lill.znrd."
An IHil Jewish Custiiiu.
At the home of a well known Tew
was icrently seen a tiny flame burn
ing In a fine goblet. Examination
allowed the goblet to he half filled
with water, on tho top of which
floated an Inch of pure olive oil. A
miniature fl iat of cork, fastened on
llther side of a metallic ring, 'rested
upon the oil (In the rlntt was placed
il wax taper, pissing through a small
:ircle of thin wool, so that the lower
Rtid of the thread dipped through tho
ring Into the olive oil. The upper
:ii(l of the taper was lighted us above
mentioned. The oil drawn through
the wax-covered taper served to kerp
it alive for several hours.
"We burn this," said tho lady of
the house, "In memory of one ot our
dead. When the taper burns nearly
nut we sulistitute another, so that
the flume, like the vestal Are, never
Ifoes out We light the taper when
Dtir relative dies and let It burn a
year, the last one being, allowed to
burn oiiu We ul tend to these lights
with great euro, thus keeping alive
Ihis memory of our loved one. It Is
an old custom of ours, and one seldom
now observed. Somo burn it for n
week, while others burn it for a
month. Our family adheres to the
.'i:tom in all Its purity, always keep
ing tho flume alive for u year.
There are
vi ar.i old.
oak tree i In existence 1.0OQ
Mr, Anni IF. Jordan
Of ltV TA-nmht HI., KoMnn, wan In vpry jhk
lira 1 1 h, from bid rlrrulnlimi ot I tin bUnt imv
inc nmb nf M(mh1 to the i.tuvi. numb apelm and
ri.illit.Miid'ttw plivloin .! the vritt wrr al
umni bumtiitic all over lifrlwHty. A coliimoii
Willi a double runner brouvM on i.ttiraiiiia of
tit livrr, raufririft gixat MiinVrinir. Mia could
tot tattv tba Um tor's medicine, mo took.
et iid soon tolly recovered, and now etijova per.
feet Uoaltl.. Hbeaays nheoaild praiw Mood'
rWmjjJU'il.aall day and then Dot my enoutfb.
Ilaad'e Pllla are hand made, and' are perfect tsi
eompuiuitoa, proportion and sppe&rauce.
Auim Nlur, Lsatsns iMntftr, snd Shorlsu Llbof.
"My wife suffered more In ten minnUs
with bar other children than he did all
together with her laat, after barinc uaed
four bottle of MOTHER'S rUIMO,"
ye a ouitomer. -
Himubmon Dai., Dnisfist, Carol, 111.
Sent by express on receipt of rrke, $ per tot
da. UwA"YeM(Htors,rsauledfnc.
iui y su suniTt ATLJUtTM OA
fcterr MrsSs
Tfc ri!fliHto fifsrinfrft. Mure news, mnre
teletraptilc sml spet-lnl sersii-M, timn any
n-wpr between liillailelihla arid Chi
os no.
AsteaicAi watch factories proftnee
4fi,00(i watches per week, and about
lhat number drift Into the hands of
the patient and ever-ready pawn
ewnr t Olaisseat far Catarrh Hit
l eaialn Merrart.
s itiert-iirrsrlll surely (teslrti tho sens of
smell anil t-nmplelelr deranae. the whole .
tein vrkeii emetine It Ibmiiifii tho ratiniii cur-fsi-e.
bin-), anli le shiiiild never lie uaeil el-c-ept
on (ireiM-rlptlims fmin retmlahle i.IiibI.
t-latis. aailieriaiimx they silllilii I len folil to
,.!",rVK,!, """ piwsll'ljrilerlve Irnm them,
llslls Catarrh Cure, liisiiiifHMiiri-il.hr K J
f'l,l.(li.V Jtt I',. 'r,.laal.. II ...... '
t heller At C.,-Tiileilii. 0.,i'iniuina tin meri iirv.
ami Is In ken nterimlly. and ..-tillre.-lly ui'n
the hnmil and iniiiniia surfai-rsnf IlieeV.liin.
Ill lni)lny Hall Catarrh Cure he. sure uu Kl.
Ihe iceniiTiir. It Is tsken liiiernll and made
in 1 1w-rfn. Illilo. h r . J. Cheney A Ci.
SOT htijd, b JJrusKiBis, prh Jf-. Wr bottle.
l:ti"la's wmilen Industry employs 6,000
A Child r.olors
The plensnnt flaviir, Kentle arliiin and sooth-In-
effi-el of 8)-riii of t Irs, rrhen In need of a
Insative, and IT the father or mm her be cos
tive or tillluti, (lie must unit fflna results fol.
low Its use; so Hint It Is Hie tx-.t funilly rem
edy known and every faiully should bare
I orust nre still intrn In Afrira.
" Veer M ark la I. He."
A series nf IS artli-lefl hjr sui-eeseful men In a
runny pursuit Is oni-itf ttie ninny NlriuiiraniuiM
i- nrlli-les e. nli-i ere nniioufii-nt In Thi VMlh'
C4hikiii fur 11. "Tne Hrnvest lleed I Krer
rlnw"lslhe tnplt-nf another series liy I'ntteil
HtHtes lleuerals.l'he iro--i-l us fur the rnuiliiff
esr nf Titf C-iwifi nilt.fi le more varied anil (ren
eruus I linn ever. Those who suliHi-rllK- nt uurn
will rei eive the mer fn-e to .Inn. I, Iwtt, nnd
fur a lull yenr from that dale Only I l.7f er.
Address 'I h KViit"! It's ciimp a. niiin.IIomIiiii, 1aes
Is KiiKlaiid prl.e flifhtinir Is con
ducted In the old conservative fash
Ion, and as a remit, a lighter was
lately pounded to death near North
ampton. The cfTeminate American
met hods And no favor lu Kngland.
A Complete SiewsnNper Per line fen.
jl'ir I'lllnhtutih i'ltitmirltTi lnimitli I sultl hr
all News Aiients null ili-llveri-. hy Cnri-lt-n
everywhere, tor o I 'nil ni-opv or .sir Cmf h
week. It i-oiitMllM dully, the new nf th
viiulil, rei-elt-lnu s it iIim-m. HiereMirM iifhoth
the AsstK-lited I'ress null the ruiteil I'r-S4. Nu
Oilier pnper wliiidisell for Itnr. I'enf reeefves
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eitimled. tinier It li-iuu yiiin News Aileut.
ptrctiAM's Pir.tn cure lillinus and nervous
Illness. Ilei'ihsiii'e I'll !! well Immuus
Ibey cure. Uttcents a Uis.
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Plan1 flrnHl) for Caurrh ) th
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Huld by UntKifixti or Mut or mail,
Mia IL T. Haxvhlot, Warrto, t
JL J ) X PomrlON, TOO, hy nltenillng
Curry Butlnits Collie n,,;"i-
S4nl fr Cataloitti, nMinlntr lh' pnpr.
li, 11 tUtWK. r'll. lToltlcnt
VISiTINfi CARDS srveTO!,!?3.
jilr lirlul t-oiirit. Mi fur i fuin. Miirniiift -w-ui nn rv
i clpt of alaiitp. Ntw YoliK CtNb Co., N-w Vork.S.V,
TII'iMAKf. MlMIiN, VH-htii(ft.n,
I), c. No m' f until t-'Htfiir ft.
laiUftl. rlt fur luvculor'a (iuittM.
If iH-r Amr punrant'-iMl. Muht worli. WrJia to .
I). KihH Kom. KIi.iii. N. Y.
i'tranr writ Hon thiwiaitrr
AUKNTn wtintiMi riiafll rnnirittrOlniiMiiit for
Hnrfi, Cm il lr r'vvl-,Syrnilf Ism mni ltni,M lUe.
Garfiold Tea 5,
CurtnBHrt'k Ha4ltwlM,lMtoraarVimpl'Slfn.flaTf'N IhkUx'
Billa. MuaulafrM. (J KriKLU Tiia Co . 3i W. iMh
Cures Constipation
1ATKNTsl HKNeilON-s !-en.t for lnvil
or'i Onlilenr Ituw to ouuitii e P.ilenl. Sen.Kar
lilseslaf I'tNl-IKX 4 IKII'STV I.AWH.
ABIIirakMorp'"" Rabl Cared In 10
riUI lisiDSsih sniisr llllmreu.
WT IWIelo.J.l tPMtMCLsSsn.s.Ohifc
MARRIAGE PAPER irrnin want t'orrcrponl-ati
- Tb Future Great, tb peerlea jewel of th Upper Missouri Valley, nj Iraxl'
Hrr loral'tn, natural rrronree and udeantaytB mr actually ptrfaet for making a
rry iarfie elu.
Small t'nrssfmrnfs mad in Pierre to-dnv. at tht prttnt low print, will grom into
fertunr in tht star f u(nr. Choice lot no be aai ou (n. installmMl plan, or with
discount for cash.
1 rsler to the many goo I Eastern ps.pl trno bar InrtsUd throagb in. In Pierre, at
T will be glad lo correspond with jou. ,
'or special quotations and further Information writ, to is,
CHAft. t. HYDK Pitrrt, 8. Do.
" For two years I attflercd terribly
with Rtomach trouble, and was fol
all that time under treatment by
jihysiciuti. Jle finally, after trying
everything, finid my stomach W.19
worn out, and that I would have to
cease eating solid food. On the rec
ommendation of n friend I procured
a bottle of August Flower. It seem
ed to do mc good nt once. I gained
strength and flesh rapidly. I feel
now like a new man, and considci
that August Flower has cured mc."
Jas. E. Dcderick, Saugcrtics, N.Y.8
EicpsIi e iiuanlity and hiyh eulurod urlno,
La Criripiie.
Cures the 4id of tor efTei-ls of this trjlnc f pt-ih-mle
ond reston- Inst vliror nnd vitality.
Impure llloo.,
resemn, u nidiln, mnlnrla, pimples, blotchm.
Cat'iicral Weakness,
Constitution all run down, loss of ambition,
nnd a disinclination to nil sorts of work.
Osarsnlee- t'seeentenlBofOneBoMlv.lf not bsn.
efllMl, I'l iiira-LU sill reriml you the prlre paid.
A i irruuBlele, tor. Mice, 1.0(1 Ue,
'Invsllds liuiil to llrnllli" lrewlxinsultllon fese.
'A Choice Gift V V V '
A Grand Family Educator v
A Library In Itself V V. VX
The Standard Authority J
Fully Abrssat of th Tims.
Suecessor of the anthsntle " flns.st'
I bridged " Ten years spent In rename,
1 100 sdltors employe, or $SOO,000
Tie net hue reerlitls ef elMAlete mIiiIam.
H.il for Irre tilnilietv,i,ii,iiiliigNir,.,lH.n4
O. C. MCRRIAM CO., Publishers, .
Hprlnrneld, Mass., U. B. A.
Unlike the Dutch Process
No Alkalies
Other Chemlcfls
ara tivad In tb
jireparallon ot
uhlrh it alrelf
put and solM.Ve.
It. tin mnrelhnn threi.Umn
I tUftreiMjth of Cocoa mixeil
will) rJtsrcb, Arrowroot or
rHtiaar. snd Is lar more eco
nomical, cmlinrf tent than sue esnt a run.
It Is deliilous, nourishing, nnd basiuy
MGirnti. .
Sold by firoeers eterpthsrs.
W. BAKEA & CO., Dorchester, If aaa.
rfoMa tht ffAm rnB
fur wilt bm an
r all ir(tuniNinnt'a
iuji tmnnt
Nrw Pal lm(in-l
Pllip rail. I Celt anil nil I
rrst-U iitA.nur IWDIM
fii'i ly Malt I U.f, M )
f mfj, 144 PrtNasi
m3, hvw ra cliy
k nvpewisvvHe
Cares Consumption, Coach. Cronp, Bora
Tliroab Sold by all Drasjnsu a Ouaraaua.
No. 104 Fifth avenaa. t-Utahunr. Pa. flra.
hsiu and Pitman systems. Private and mull
Instruction, hiiecialsiieed elaesea foe nit nrl
er. finod positions for roiniietent stmlenta.

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