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mt Stan
Subvert jit imi $l.Mi per year, in lulrnnrr.
A n Infli-twwlviit lorn I ni'r. pulilNticrt ervry
JVrtliu'Mlay at Ki-vimluwvlllu, .IrfTorsnn Co.
'n., rtrvotrd to the IntnrrM nf KoynnHNvlllo
nnu.frfTrr)tHoiihty. Ntm-pulttlnil. will tivnt
nil with fiilr-nct. niifl will lHMM,HMiiilly friend
ly tnwarilH thl Inliorlnjj rifts.
HulMcrliillnn pHrrt.flOporyMr, In advnnrn.
'omnimilriillnn Inlmwlcff for imhlfciilidti
Inunl l, nrnmipnnlrri by 1ho wrlti'r's tinmn,
not for iiiilillciition, hut fi s KiiiirnnliT of
good fiillh. Intm'stlnK news ItrniM Hollrltpd.
AdvrrtUlnff rato md known on appllca
tlon nt thcotnci' In Arnold' lllock.
l.cnirhly comnmnlciUlons und chnnffc nf
Advert Ui'iiiontn should rtmch thin ofticu hy
Mondtiv noon.
Addri'ix nil nimmunli'atlons to A. ftcph
enson, KcvtHldvHlt, ln.
Knteri'd tit the nontofflro nt llcynoldBVlllp,
Pit., n. Ntond Hskm mnll ntnttttr.
4'. A. fTl:l'IIKON, Kdllor and I'nb.
It looks very much an If tho World's
Fair will Ixi ktpt open on Sunday.
Public opinion has a wonderful
Influence upon a large percentage of
tho human race. Often time people
have decided that thoy will not do
certain things and then public opinion
comes along with its great persunslvo
forces and things are done, some
times almost against their oposing
conscience, yet public opinion has tho
upper hand.
Pittsburg's dens of demoralization,
with all their appalling immoralities,
have been held up to the public In their
true light during the past few weeks,
and yot some of the officials of that city
have become so debased and such
Btranpors to common decency that they
say It Is a "necessary evil." An official
who looks upon such "dens of iniquity"
and for a little worldly grain will not
put forth his best elTorts to blot them
out of the city, is unworthy the name
of man.
If peiplo would think of tho present
alone and not lament about the past
r do apprehensive of the future,
they would be happier. Regret and
anticipltation are tho skeletons whose
grieving jaws mark our joys and shut
out tho Bunshine from our lives. When
a man has a cramp in the stomach or a
bad caso of the toothache, he thinks
only of tho present, and says In his
inmost soul "Drat the past and future
too. Let me have Immunity from
present pain." But no sooner has the
peppermint drops or tho forceps dissi
pated his present griof than ho goes
gunning for something to worry about
Into the paHt or the future. Happiness
or misery is merely a condition of
mind, and your environment has little
to do with it. Punxsutawncy Spirit.
The year 1892, with all its appalling
calamaties, great struggles between
capital and labor, with its joy and
gladness, sorrow and sadness, will soon
be rolled away in the archives of time.
Many will look back over the days of
this year and be filled with rapture as
.they count the little things they have
done for the elevation of humanity,
the kind words said, and feel a
satisfaction of knowing that they did
their best to improve all the oppor
tunities of ennobling their lives that
the" year brought, while others will
look back over the year and see nothing
but lost opportunities of doing good and
meeting life as they found it every day,
and the ghosts of mean acts, unkind
words, slanders about their neighbors
which their tongues gave the first start,
. abuse of wife, family, friends and thoir
own bodies. Would It not be a grand
act for thse who look back over such
a worthless life for one year, to resolve
to begin now to 11 vo as the Lord intendod
they should. There are many sunny
places in life's journey if you look for
thorn. Learn to look on the bright side
of all things. A man who has content
ment is rich Indeed. Then greet 1893
with a determination to sip tho honey
that the busy bee of oppurtunity of
doing good brings you and steer cloar
of crab apple trees that wrinkle your
face and dwarf your soul.
It is easy to resolve to rise early, but
how hard it is to carry tho resolution
into effect. Beecher said one winter's
day, "nobody is healthy and vigorous
who does not fool the morning electric
ity. The silonce, in winter, of the hour
boforo sunrise; the solemn heaven, out
of which the stars have gone, and which
is girdlod round its horizon with gray,
changing low down to faint orange; the
growing light, revealing each feature
of the landscape with Bharpness as
emerging new struck from a die,
produco an effect of exhiloration far
greater than. If accompanied with mixed
sound. The wild chorus of birds in
Bummer mornings, mingled with the
barking of dogs, the lowing of cattle,
and the voices of men, has charm of its
own, but it is wild and worldly
excitement, a carnival of joy. But
these early winter mornings are solemn
spiritual, and divine. There can hardly
be any boisterous emotion. All
quieting, mediative soul-gladness. And
yet the reluctance with which I got
up of a morning to enter into all
this ennobling experience is a striking
evidence of human nature too lazy to
be blessed ! The morning of which
write was glorious. The air was mild
The lake tranquil. Nature altogether
benign. Every wrinkle was smoothed
from her brow, and her heart beat
warm with welcomes: hut. alas, all
this passed in a vain show. Bleep,
coquetting and unmanageable before
midnight, sought to make up it
denoluDoles in the morning and suo-
It is Said
That the "tea party" mania has struck
Reynoldsvillo again.
That tho family "jar" Is never out of
season In Reynoldsvillo.
That our public schools are flourish
ing under the present tutors.
That loafers in a store are not much
of an attraction for customers.
That magnetic Insoles are Just the
thing to keep your feet warm.
That tho electric railway will bo a
great "boomer" for Reynoldsvillo.
That being struck by lighting is tho
chance of a man's life; but he is always
willing to miss It.
That people who behave unseemly
In church are either minus common
senso or religion, or both.
That young ladles will And many
suitable presents for their gentlemen
friends if thoy call at C. P. Hoffman's.
If a man thinks a great deal of his
wife ho gets lots of nice things for her
when sho is sick, which he eats
himself. -
That people know better whRt they
would do with other people's children
if they had them, than they do with
their own.
That It would be better for all
concerned if there were not so many
boys and girls "gadding" the streets
after night.
That when a girl falls In love her
mother laughs at her, btit If her son
has a similar affliction Bho pets him Bnd
doctors him as if ho was sick.
That there is a largo line of gold
frame glasses for the holidays at C. F.
Hoffman's. They can bo selected as
presents and after Christmas tho
parties who receive them can call at
the store and have their eyes fitted and
the lenses changed free of charge.
For Sale.
One gar of BlelghB at very close figures.
J. C. Kino & Co.
Feeble and capricious ap)ctites are
best regulated by the use of Ayor's
Cathartic Pills. They do not dobllitate,
by excessive stimulation; but cause the
stomach, liver, and bowels to perform
their functions proporly. As an after
dinner pill, thoy are uncqualed.
Shoes at Arnold's at cost.
Ashamed to Tell Mother.
Such was a little boy's reply to his
comrades who were trying to tempt him
to do wrong.
"But'j-ou need not tell her.no one will
know anything about it."
"I would know all about it mysulf,and
I'd feel mighty moan if I could not tell
"It's a pity you wasn't a girl. The
idea of a boy running and telling his
mother every llttlo thing."
"You may laugh if you want to, said
the noble boy, 'but I've made up my
mind, as long as I live, not to do
anything that I would be ashamed to
tell mother
Noble resolves, and which will make
any life true and useful. Let it be the
rule of every boy and girl to do nothing
of which they would be ashamed to toll
their mother.
Genuine meerschaum pipes, imitation
meerschaum pipes, briar pipes, genuine
meerschaum cigar holders, French briar
pipes, smoker's sets, &c, at Rlston's.
And endless variety of rockers and
easy chairs at Priester Bros.
Mr. Eugene Lockry, of DuBols, Is the
guest of John Ross of this place.
The new Lutheran church of this
placo is nearly done. It is a handsome
Bogus court at the Literary hall on
Wednesday Jevenlng of each week, and
literary every Saturday evening.
Miss Ella Hutchings is having a large
house erected on her farm in this place,
Four or five of our best carpenters are
engaged thereon.
Some of our young sports attended
the raffling match at Bon. Yoho's on
Friday evening, Deo. lth. William
Deemer, Jake Yohe, John Ross and
Ernest Callwoll each brought home a
None Authorized.
For the benefit of people buying money
from the Building and Loan Association.
Should any insurance agent call on
any borrower and say that he was sent
by any official of this Association or
intimate that he is the authorized
insurance agent of the Associaton, do
not lielieve him. This Association has
no authorized insurance agent and 1b
not partial to any one agent. We will
accept policies from any agent as long
as they are issued from good reliable
Companies. BOARD OF directors.
Valuable Real Katate for Hale.
The Baptist church and grounds
containing several lots situated in
Prescottvllle is now offered for sale
Very doslrable for resident lots. For
terms and particulars enquire of M. M
Davis, Reynoldsvllle, Pa.
If any Republican offers to but with a
Democrat that four months after
Cleveland is Inaugurated most of the
stores and BhojNt iu the county will be
closed, let the democrat not be exercised
over the matter. Four months after
March 4th Is the Fourth of July
Brookvllle JJemoerut.
Fancy candles and common candies
for the holldaV trade at Souultze &
Son's the grioerymen. Everything
Are now ready with one of the finest lines
of valuable Holiday presents in the line of
Ever displayed in this part of the county.
We invite you one and all to call and see that what
we say we can back by showing you the goods.
Thanking you
Other Store at DuBols, Pa.
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our thanks to
those who kindly assisted us in replac
ing our cow that was killed on the
Mr. and Mrs. J. Whitmore.
People who have tried It, say that
there is no better medicine for dlspepsla
than Ayer's Sarsaparilla. It may not
give one the stomach of an ostrich, but
it so strengthens the alimentary organs
that digestion ordinary food becomes
oasy and natural.
Prloster Bros, have an elegant line of
holiday goods.
The Punxsutawncy school board has
decided to put into the school building
an electric boll system. This will save
time and materially aid in the
managomont of the work in tho schools.
The cost will not be expensive while
the convonlenco will bo great. Punx
sutawncy Spirit.
All wishing something fine in pastel
pictures for a Christmas gift, would do
well to call at Corwln's studio and
examine what he has In stock, as he is
selling them choap.
Prloster Bros, have a fine line of side
boards, book cases, hall racks, library
cases and chiffoniers.
"The First Methodist Episcopal
Church of Punxsutawnoy" and "The
Sugar Hill Presbyterian Church" were
granted charters by the Court of
Common Pleas of Jefferson county last
week. Brookvllle Republican.
Men's gum boots (2.00 at Robinson's.
For Sale.
A well finished house, suitable for a
boarding house, in Prescottvllle. For
further particulars, inquire at Cam,
Mitchell's office, or at the office of the
secretary of the Reynoldsvllle Building
and Loan Association.
firtfttna with the rib.
Reed Shaffer At the M. E. par
sonage in Emerlckville, Pa., on
Saturday, Doc. 17, 1892, by Rev. Jas.
Jelbart. G. W. Reed, of Rinfigold,
Pa., and Sadio Shaffer, of Emerlck
ville, Pa,
Charter Notice
Iu Ko. application of the Kutltmol Prtwby
turlun chureh fur Iniuirunrution.
In iliu i'uurt of Common I'lua. of Jefferson
county, No. 1, Feb. Term, IMU.
Notice In lierutiy Klven that .1111 application
will lie made to the said L'oorton tlie2Vtli
duy of IHn'vintxir, 1SH2 at u a. M. under tlie. Act
of Assembly of the Uomnionweiilth of Fenu
sylvanla entitled "an act t4i provide for the
liiuoriwrutlou and reiculuttou of certain
corporation,," approved April 3Vth, 1K74, and
the auiiplementa thereto, for the charter of an
intvnuea corporation to be called the Uatlimel
I'retthyterlun church. The character and
ooject whereof la the support of public
worship, and for thus purponea to have,
pusses and enjoy all the Hiihu, benent and
tirivllcue of the auld Act of Assembly and
Its supplements. Tho proposed charter hi
for past favors we remain
TUe Peoples Giotmers. Hatters and Furnishers,
It you want to make
your Father or Mother a
nice Christmas present
And buy thorn a pair
of Gold C and
after Christmas send
them to the store and
have thulr eyes fitted.
G. F. Holtman,
Graduated Opticion.
Grocery Boomers
Salt Meats,
Smoked Meats,
Country Produce
Everything In the line of
Fresh Groceries, Feed,
Good delivered free any
place in town.
Call on ue atul get prlee.
W. C. Schultz & Son
(SucceBHors to MoKee & Wawtule,)
We carry a complete ami frenh
line of uroerte.
Oootln delivered free any place In
Give us a fair trial.
Swab Bros.,
Cor. Main and Oth SU.
fi 'a n QA
I want to close out my sum
mer goods to make room
for fall Btock, and
will sell
Outing Cloth, 6J cents,
Sold before for 8 cents.
Outing Cloth, 8 cents,
Sold before for 10 cents.
Outing Cloth 12 cents,
Sold before for 12i cents.
Challie, 10 cents,
Sold before for 121 cents
Challie, 10 cents,
Sold before for 15 cents.
Sateen, 10 cents,
Sold before for 15 cents.
Indigo Blue prints
6 cent per yard.
Men's Seersucker Coat
and Vest at 65 cents,
Sold before for $1.00.
Men's and Boys
Outing Shirts
At 19 cents apiece
Men's suits at $3.60,
Sold before for $5.00
All Men's suits reduced .
From $2.00 to
$3.00 per suit.
Suits $i.oo,
Now is your time to Bave
money. These croods are all
fresh and of thA best kind.
now on nie in tne rrouionoiury aomoe.
V. MiTCHKlib, Solicitor.
jST. Hanau.
r-A ... 1 -i

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