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orni:itiin und habits ot a particular
family or tribe, Human nature finn
in rivers ami stream in the vast ocean
of humanity ; but its waters niinplo but
f lowly sometimes they never minsile.
nnd it emerges acain,' like thelthone
J'roni the Lake ol Geneva, with its own
taste and color. Here if, indeed, an
abyss of thought and meditation, and at
'he satuo time a granJiccrclfor hg!i
litnrs. An long as they kecj the spirit
of the race in ii w they succeed ; but
Ihcy fail when they strive against this
liatural predisposition : nature is stron
ger than they are.
T?ut why thus enlarge upon a topic
which has undergouc no much, and such
frequent discussion ? Why because
his idei of woiking out negro equality
on the part of our opponents is the.
vnbntis of our present poli'ieat llmyile.
Let no mini be mistaken. This is really (lie
le i ling is-ue t the present moment between
hc two p irties. To tarry out tliii idea has
r, ni m he the rutin i. if not the sole pur-
post of the tear which is note delaying the land
with fraternal blood! For this, theConstitu
tion an 1 the reserved rights of the States
and the peoplo have been mockingly tram
pled under foot ; for this, both imperious
.and imperial edict J, such as would send to
.the block any monarch in England, huvo
been issued by the I'resident, and sought to
been:'nr;cd ;for this. Secretary Seward's
boast to Lord Lyons "I can touch my office
bell at any moment, and order to be arres
ic-d any ci"tuen of this country" has been
all too frequently realized !
The extent to which the party supporting
the I'resident are willing 10 go in negro
Affiliation, finds a memorable illustration in
the proposition made by Secretary Cameron
the first ol the several occupants of the place
f Secretary of War under President Lin
coln, lie cooly proposed, in his first and
lnt annual communication, to free, and then
to arm the whole black population of the
Bouth, and turn them agaiimt their while
masters in a wok of indiscriminate butch,
iiy ! This truly infernal suggestion was
not adopted bj the President wnen first pro.
post d. l.u' bin "ii.ee been acted upon in
more i . -'ion one.
tt r hay i ! tin party at present in
poin;, , v . 'in-, with tyranny and
usu-.-i-'f '' ti-'w go further, and uni
on,;.' . , l).-lit'. that there is a delib
cv . ..- 10 change the character., if not
ti.r i M iti of our giivei'uineiit. 7'he leading
pa. :rsin the support of the administration
-openly advocate a modification which
will place greater powers in the hands of t lie
President : and if their advice should be
adopted by the people, in n short lime tlie
chains will be firmly riveted, and our liber
lies completely subverted. The Philadel
phia I'ress not long since romarked:
"Anotlier principle must certainly be cm
bodied in our recognucd form of govern
ment. The men who shape the legislation
of this country when the war is past, must
remember that what we want is power and
Blrengih. The problem will be to combine the
forma of Republican Government with the pow
ers if a Monarchical Government."
About the same time, as it' by concert, wc
find in the .orth American
tiis bonds, upon which there u no tuxn.
'inn ; and thus is increased the burdens
ol the laboring and middle classes. Hut
we forbear to pursue this melancholy
train ot facts and reasoning, and turn to
the more grateful consideration of how
wo can do something for the correction
of these evils.
It must be plain, follow citizens, the
only hope that conservative men can
have of saving the country from impend
ing anarchy and ultimate ruin, is by
uniting with the Democratic party the
only party now left that is sruly national
in its character and conservative iu its
aims: '.he only party in the country that
has ever been able to govern it, lor any
length of time, to the satisfastion of the
people at large.
This party has now presented for the
Presidency and Vice Presidency two
men of the most unspotted lives and un
blemished reputations every way Unas,
sailed and unassailable, except by the
corrupt and mercenary creatures in the
pay and promise of the existing admin
In regard to George B. M'Clellan,we
shall not pause here to write his history.
That is already engraved on the hcaits
and consciences of agrcatful people. Wc
feci confident, also, that his admitted
ability, integrity nnd independence, the
manly firmness be has always exhibited,
and especially, and above all, his heroic
devotion in the darkes hours to the true
principles ot the Constitution, will draw
around hint now the nation's conGdence
This confidence, reposed in such hands
would never be betrayed.
He stands at the present, as he has al
ways stood, wholly aloof from intrigue
lie is allied by no ties or contracts with
mercenary adventurers in political iife.
lie seeks not the office for which he ha--
been named ; but has all along held :' tlir
noiseless tenor of his way." tree from the
ciii'iiirra-ismctits which trammel the ac
i i -- -uid ambitions caudidate for office
. . if defeat should fall to his lot in
- ' - onifct, (which wo cannot believe.)
1 wil! be consoled with the consciousness
I having implored no man's aid; pledged
in advance, no places that would be in
his fill, if elected ; and that those who
had espoused his cause even Irmn the be
imiiiiL', uctcd from Hviiipnthy with i
brave, persecuted, and patriotic man ,
ac'cd from principle and Invent o-iutitry
seeking no reward or future favors. N
one who has been named for the l'resi
dency desires it less ; no one, certainly
has courted t less, and this is an addi
tional reason why he should be, and wil
h'.-. preferred by the thoughtful and iht
u. -jilt.
Thvi varnished reports of rivals in com
ni in t'.ic aria American : i , , , , , , , , , .
This war has already shown tho absurdity "'' ' ) snppressed and distorted fact.-
ofa Government with limited powers; it has , ol a partisan commute ot t-ongruss ; tne
shown that the power of e.vry Government constant jealousy and malignant opposi
ouyht to be aud must be unmmitkk. tion at every step of those who feared
ouuiu.m ijIS success und dreaded his popularity.
A,l;l,s: bu thev were the natural nreour- h;,,e "ll ,allcd lo.bluHting his ni.ll.tary
jiorsofthe "war rower" which has been reputation Intelligentuieneverywhere
made to override the most explicit doctrines iu every land have read the libels upon
-cfthe Constitution, ine very wrongs, m this aceoniplisherl soh'ier, only Willi
..t inmnbiiiii'd nf hv our faihors. am' cim o .l .... . .
ffljated in their declaration against tin
English monarch haveiiacn revived upjn
their sons, ifhis administration has wil.
fully violated its own oath-bound pledge,
and sought "pretexts of innovation upon the
established principles of the Government;'' it
has fos'.ered a "spirit of encroachment which
i. n.ir.t,i.ite nil tkp dfnnrt ;n.n,'.f nf the
Government in on:, and thas create, whatever the reward which they will Ijete out to
r1,; forms may be, a real despotts-n. It has a national benefactor.
s cki'i.ing sense of their injustice and
veiniity. In this couutry, they have
penetrated the hearts ot our soldiery and
the people at largo, only to kindle thee
a broiderand brighter flame of devotion
to their intended victim ; and the world,
ere long, will witness with approbation
verJi red "the military superior to the civil
po-j'r " It has superseded in a reign of
lawless force the security prescribed by law
against seizure und imprisonment "with
out due process of law." It has vcr ly "crea-
ted a multitude of new ojtces, ana sent amony
The eminent statesman who has been
nomiuated for the second place on out
ticket, has long been conspicuous in the
legislative branch ot the Government
Remambtrini' his vears. few men in our
ui swarms of officers to u.irans our piopie ana C0UQtry have ever reached a higher post-
eat out their substance." 1W an iniquitous t;on ; the respect and confidence of the
.Conscript on law, u haa distributed its ' ,
agents among the people, backed by bayo- publ'O. No man in the present Congress
nets and clothed with discretionary poweis possesses to a greater extent those gttts
.ovor the liberties, if not tho lives of our of oratory and accomplishments ol states
riitu'm i "his qu irtered large armies of Iuanship, that amply justify the wide
troap, -a nongstus. U "imposed taxes on , , t th which ,)0 js
us w : nit our consent." Finally, its chosen 1 I , , . . . ,.
and iiurchascd -.dvocates are now clamor everywhere regarded in the section ot
cm tor a stronger Oovtrr.ment, that "our the Union that gave him birth, lie,
charters may be takenaway our most valuable like our Presidential candidate, einphati-
laws abolished, and the powers of our Govern- Cal!y belongs to the YOUNG MEN of this
ernment altered fuil'lamaitallu. These we , .',.
submit, fellow citueiis. are all of tbera feat- J . . . .,
lure, fairly exhibited, of that -stronger Gov- ! Theso nominations are essentially
rnmeat," which our fore-faihers, appealing
"to the supreme Judge ot tho worM, eiga-
tv ve irs aeo, uleded "their lives, their for-
tuT.es and. ticir sccred honor" to put aside
.'orerer. We have bofore spokea, follow-citixcn?,
of the depressed condition of the coun.
A 'Pi.. mAnnt.In .( ,l.ltf vblltl b f a
.. . ... 1 Annnnlin nonnr Inr f hoin rpsolllfplv RPft
been pilcit up so recklessly, cannot do "l' , -- ----v
jess than three thousand tuillions of dol. to it. that the wise and beneficent ipsti.
lars, when all is fairly counted. Of tut,"ns 0 tlJ" Pure n,c f 'o"
.,..' i,i..,;,'a Bl r,, w;il h ut become their owu sure heritage, und that
.IIIIO - tiUII-MMit'liw - - - . I'll
lt Lllvll LIJIVL'UI
Finally, tellow-citizens of Pennsylva
an-l langers ii'ady ever lo aid and to
honor them which cannot possibly tie
better done, than in giving our best ef
forts in endeavoring to so modify the
gn nods of the struggle they arc main-laioln-r
as that it shall appear purely just
b(firt men. and in the sight of God !
Wi- -mpltiro. then, all who love pjace
and i ' r ; nil who wish to see industry
suei- 1 .1 it. I property hreurej all who
are '; ti. support wise Ictii'datinn,
pubic .' mi. u:.d constitutional liberty
all who wish to lead prosperous lives
themselves, and enjoy in quiet the fruits
of their own industry ; all who wish to
transmit their property and the blessings
of free institutions to their "children, we
implore all these to unite with us. We
go tor the country, the whole country
for Union, Libf.rtt and Law. If a
majority of the people will thus bo true
to themselves, we may hope soon to see
our country resuming with renewed
vigcr her glorious carear free, pros
rmtous and happy the pride of her
own citizens, aud the admiration of the
world !
By order of the Democratic State Cen
tral (Jomtnittee-
0. L WARD, Chairman.
It. J. Hemphill, Secretary.
THEIR nominations. The fact ot youth
should give a deeper interest, if possible,
to this in the struggle now at hand. The
whole of active life is before them, with
all its pursuits, hopes and enjoyments.
Lot them weigh well, recent and passing
events, and mark the rapid calling of
.least on j-tcnth of the whole, or 5300,
000,000. Tho annual interest upon
.v;. c. ,.nnr :.s;k. nSti,tKfl than ma, ot an classes ana conaitions, it is lu
paid) will be about eighteen millions of your power to dissolve the clouds which
.dollars. Thi., added to the annual in. now threaten to overwhelm ail our
terest of our former debt, makes an og- , brightest hopes, and bring upon our
eregate of interest now. and henceforth, country a long night of storm and dark,
to bo borne by the people of this Com- ! neaa Aga.nstthe usurpations and evils
tnonweal.h. stated in round numbers, of j "'Vh we are conscious of having but
iwentv millions of dollars ! We cannot " perfectly depicted let us array
heighten this picture of the stern reality,
which an inexorable arithmetical calcu
la'io'i .ives. Some make even a deeper
floi-'. lud a darker prospect of tho lu
turo Taxation always fulls heaviest upon
labor ; it will now grind the poor to the
very earth. And yet tho mock philan
thropists of the day are increasing the
taxatiou, and urging on a system ot mea.
cures, which, under the pretense of
ameliorating the condition of the Afri.
jean, will, if carried on much longer,
.practically enslave the laboring white
juao. and starve his family. And be.
hides this, if the forcible abolition ot
IjnJage at the South sAou-Vi succeed, it
only be to bring the white working
men and women of the North into com
potion in theaame paths of labor with
t'.it African they have been taxed and
Jjcggared to briug hcrj aud support
amongst us!
The favored capitalist, who has mon.
7 O th? -.'lirVratisi, n'.
oiitselves in combined strength.. The
e:ection of our Congressional, Legisla.
live and County tickets in October ;s of
the highest importance, if we would suo-
Ci ed in the Presidential contest in No.
vetuber. Success here will inspirit -the
Conservative men of the States. De
feat will alarm and dUhearten. It is the
duty ot the Pennsylvania Democracy,
aud those who unite with us to CAKUV
THIS K MICTION, if we would not bring
on prematurely, that which is s jre to
tolluw in the end, it nnaiiy we i.m m
November " Tlie tiesjtuir tchirh wi l-i-o
uet ilrtpiitiim, or the rvge which wet'
rom't anarchy"
Let our watchwords ba War (it we
mus have it) for the true, legitimate ob
ject! of such a war, and nons oTtitR ;
lor peace the first mo went that peace
oan restore to us the common heritage of
a united country; for tho imperishable
lory of the old Union and the Constitu
tion unimpaired; wi'.h sympathy for our
soldi in the field under their trials

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