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i" HDiiiiKTiin.
'J' 1 1 1
liSDAY :
::: lrt, 1H07,
T?ATD. A cotcni crary luniilics us with the
following iiriiolo in relation to Life In
surance. Life Insurance is the cliiM of bencfi
It may hnvc a coMmercial. basis, ns all
monetary schemes must hnvo that arc
intended for hutnan benefit when unsus
tainctl by aims, nevertheless it is a con
trivanco id rich origin, and could only
emanate Irom a mind thoughtful to im
prove the habits ol tlu wliulo family ol
man. Surely that must be esteemed a
magnificent e.-uabliMimeiitthrough which
we can purchase a 'ortun.i by small un-
uual contributions, so that when the
contributor dies he can bequeath that
4..fhiti - M-h.-ipv.-r lie lnnv dpwirn fn
possess it. Kvon in the first year of
this arrangement, and if the insurer
should have made but a single payment,
the slinuhitLd fortune is still at Ins dis
rosal should he die. In fact, it fre
quently occurs that a man thus purchas
cs for a few dollars a sum that it would
take a long lile of industry to amass, se
curing a provision for his wife and fam
ily wholly beyond hi reach but or such
a regenerating medium.
We reuard Lifo Insurance ns part ot
the morality of life, ami when a young
man arrives at the a;;c of self-support
one of the first uses that he should make
of his surplus earnings is to secure a
lifo policy.. It should be t!i2 initial net
ol voluntary prudence, for the rates of
premium arc much less in youth than in
maturer life, and he who insures thus
early will have good leason to congratu
late himself upon his position when he
may have assumed the responsible obli
nations of husband and lather.
It is true that prudence sometimes
cxemplilies itself in other forms as well
ns ;n a resort to life insurance : but there
is no svstcm by which man can so thor
oughly a:id so immediately make a pro
vision for his family as through tho in
estimable channel. Let us assume, for
instance, that a young man twenty-six
years of fure, with a wife, little family
and 8-000 per annum, finds that, after
discharging every claim upon him in an
honorable manner, he is able to put aside
8200 per annum as a sinking fund, in
case a premature death may make his
wife a widow and his children orphans
It will take ncaily a quarter ot a centu
ry of such uniform prudence to amass
the sum ot ?000 ; but a policy ot lusu
effected for a similar amount upon pay
nieut of no more than 03, oO yearly
The great triumph, however, io such a
contract is that the insurer secures at
once a dower to his wife and a provision
for Ins children. 1 hus.it the insure
dies at thirty two years of age, his wife
uud family secure from the policy the
lull sum ol toOOU ; if the same calamity
befalls the uninsured, who has pursued
the other course ol prudence, aud he al
no is called from life at thirty-two, he
cannot ocqueatli to Ins widow oncdourlh
the amount of him whose judgment
taught him to insuio, although he has
expended double the money in tho at
tempt. No one will hesitate in pro
nouncing which path it is most jiroji ta
ble to follow.
It is not only incumbent upon every
man to provide for his family during
his own life, but as a good citizen, as a
worthy christian, and u man of feeling,
to make such arrangements that it shall
not become either, a burthen to his
friends or to society after his own death.
The means are within his reach to effect
this great and noble object it is affor
ded him by life iusurauce, a means of
dispelling poverty and desolation scarce
ly known to our fathers ; but which, iu
the progress ut society, is introduced to
us iu such a benevolent form, thut the
American people are lapidly enlisting
beneath its banners.
Au affecting anecdote was narrated
to us the other day in relation to this
subject, which we will hear repeat.
A o'ergyman was recently attacked
by sickness, and soon was made aware
that his malady was f a fatal character
lie was only thirty. three, but had a wife
And four children. lie had insured his
life at au early period, and though siuce
his marriage his means were uarrowed,
lie contrived to discharge tho aunual
premiums on his policy. The day be
fore his dissolution he remarked to his
wife, " Mary, it rejoices me that you
aud my little cherubs will escape the
penury with which my poor mother had
to struggle as a widow. For this you
are indebted to Life Insurance. I can
not describo to you the grateful feelings
I feel towards these institutions. The
J?0000 which you will receive will be a
fortune ia such able hands as yours. I
wish my poor congregation could appre.
t'iatc the principle upon which my wid
ow will be made rich, for many of them
( re as needy us I, and might be bcuefit-
d by my example."
The pastor, who was s much belov
ed, died, and we are told that nearly all
5:;s conuiVLMtioH insured the'r lives as a
i lli'ilcto his memory, so iihic.1i did they
i v"re his dy'ni;; vvoi js, and the course
I out he recommended.
The following atrocious coiiuiidmm
is out, aii 1 the inventor has tho temerity
! :.i-l. for a patent : b'uppoo a (Jueeu
ioKc to pare i IT her thumb null only
. . ee in sivi u jeuis why is that like
the raid tluecn's robes of otliee '! JJecause
its hei paic-o.T her nail year.
.VlllS 0. II Ml., '.IHT'ill
.1. r. MKlilll:, I I lll.islll K.
Cri'iMspjiiJjiiw of ftJtVJriU
Ma. Knmm: A writer under the
signature of "Acer" (Advocate Jan.
3d complains ot tho management ot
public schools, because Qui many ol
leni ot least,) there is an attempt to
give " moral aud roligiom instruction.
1 his he reirards as eutirely outot place,
objecting cen to the reading of the Hi-
ble and the ottering ot praycl. ioi
but that these things are well enough iu
their place ; but hu is opposed to hav
ing them iu the public schools, lie
says " if wo must have moral instruction
in our school, let it be entirely free
from tho suspicion of sectarianism."
Even moral instruction he would pre
fer to exclude, npparently for tho rea
son that something ho would call secta
rian may creep in.
iNow, Mr. Editor, it is tiuio that the
public school is a secular institution :
and it is proper that auy moral or relig
ious instruction given therein should oc
free from sectarianism, l$ut is there
not reason to suspect that tho fear of
sectarianism is only a pretence, to cover
a real opposition to the Christian reli
gion ? Tho Bible is received by all
nhriRtinns as the word of God, and the
morality there taught cannot bo obuox?
ious to the charge ot sectarianism, un
less th charge comes from those who
either deny or dislike tho Christian re-
ligion. We hope there are none in Elk
couuty who thuy the christian religion,
though we have too much evidence that
there ore many who dislike it. liut if
ltistVteit ought to bo believed, aud
taught to our children, aud no man
need fear iti influence.
I do not propose to discus the ques
tion of i idigious instruction iu the pub
lie schools : but would suggest the iu
ouirv whether nny better text book of
morality can be found than the J$ible;
and whether the religious instruction re-
ported by our County Superintendent
is any more than Moses required of the
Israelites ? " These words which 1 com
mand thee this day. shall be in thine
heart, and thou shult teach them dili
gently to thy children, and shalt tails of
them when thou sittet in thy nousc,
and when thou walkest by tho way, and
when thou liest down, aud wheu thou
risest un." Deut. G, G, 7.
It does notse3iu to have occurred to
your correspondent " Acar" that thero
is a uiuerenoe oeiwcon sectarianism uuu
Catholic Christianity: and that while
the former has no right to enter our pub
lie schools, the latter to a certain ex
tent belongs there, and is essential to
tho highest welfare of our youth, for
time and for eternity. And it will be
my endeavor in a series of brief arti
cles, (if you can afford the space, and do
not fear the charge ot " sectarianism, )
to set forth the leading doctrines of tho
christian church catholic, ths.t those ig
norant ol thcui may be enlightened
- - J -II .1. .u ... i'
that teaches these doctrines ought to bo
shut out from our schools at least on
the ground of icctariunism. And
shall be my endeavor to manifest that
degree ot candor which becomes a oath
olic christian, who has no sectarian ends
to promote, no sectarian prejudice to
overcome. Ii any ol your readers shall
at any time fai! to understand my state
mcnts or to he convinced of their truth
I wish them lo use perfect freedom in
asking explanations of offering objections
J. will try to observe the golucn rule.
C. C.
Wilcox, P. March, 18th, 1 807
Ma. Editor: The gain of eacliot'tlie
partucrs in " A. II . problem republish
el m I lie Advocate of the 14th tnst., in us
follows: ' A gains $20, 13 gains $40, C
gains $00. Solution it is readily seen by
inspection that U gains 20 more, tlian A
nnd that C gains S10 more than A. Then
in llio first statement, A 1! nnd C gains
i-lii, wo have three times A s gain add
to S-0 and 540 equals $121), counciiieutl y
A'h gain will lie $110 more than A it would
lie $10, uud C's gain is $40 more than A'
it would be $tjl). To find U's gain we hav
only to lako the sceond statement and sub
stiuie 11 and (Vs gain thus $10 x $00 1
gain equals $180. Hence D's gain is $80.
II. W's problem is easily solved by draw
ing lines from each side of the two wheels
until they meet. The point of intersection
would be t he centre of the cirulo described
by l he wheels, or the distance from tho
outer w heel to tho intersection of the Hues
would be one half the diameter, or radius
of the larger circle. This distauco is read
i ly louna ny similar triangles or proper
lion to be KM feet. Then the diitmoler of
the larger circle is 200 feet, aud of tho les
ser lUOtcet. J,
I have a garden, containing 4 acres
Hoods and 80 Hods of ground, which is
a Rectangular form, nnd measures just 110
Koils around it. hat is the lengih tin.
what tho width of my garden A solution
is requested. J.
March 20th, 180;
Mr. KniTOR: I send in tho following
solution to A It s problem given Inst week
Iwa wheels, one tour and the oilier nv
feet in diameter placed upon iinaklo twen
ty leel apart will lurui the frustum ot an
imaginary cone diminishing one foot.
every twenty tect, thus coming to a point
nt one hundred fuet from the centre ol tho
larger wheel. From there to I he ground
at u right angle two and a half foet. Tho
sum of the squares of the two will bo the
square of one half the true diameter of the
outsido ei."'! which inakes the diameter
2O0.0H21 x feet. The diameter the smal
ler circle is forty feet less. The answer
to the Partnership problem as given in the
but No. of the Akvocatk. gives A. 0,
40, C. HO nnd D. fSO. A. K. will see by
refei-riiiir. lo tho Advocate Nu, 1 this vol
ume that his example contains two classi
fieations alike (A, V uud V) with sums ilif
Ieieni io un 1 loo. WILL,.
A IIitcii in IUnkuuptcv. Chief
Justice Chase, on whom involves tbe
duty of nominating and recomending th
registers in bankruptcy provided lor in
the paukrupt act, declines to assume the
labor und responsibility ol making tho
selections without submitting to tho en
tir? Court the nuestiou of the power of
Congress to impose cu him this duty,
Whit the Fourth of July is to tho
American, Christinas to the English,
and the opening of the lager beer season
to the Germans, ht. Patrick s day is to
the Irish. It is their day of days, when
smouldering sparks of the nationality
they are so proud of is blown into flame
afresh, and devotion to tho "sweet little
isle of ihosca"is sworn anew. No
Irishmen but glories in the day, and
rises to the full extent of his inches
when lie thinks that some time it may
be kept in tho ancient kingdom, as it
never has been kept before with no
Saxon official to intcrefero with the
wearing of the green and the fr.'endly
breaking of heads.
Saint Patrick, the patron saint ot
Ireland according to tho generally re
ceived tradition, was born in Scotland,
near tho mouth of tho Clyde, in the
year 372, and died in county Down,
in the old Kingdom of Ulster, about
4(34. When a boy he was captured by
a band of Irish marauders, and carried
with them to Ireland as a slave. Alter a
captivity of six months ho was fortunate
enough to escape, and made his way
back to Scotland, only to be again made
prisoner by the satna parties. Kscaping
for the second time, he resolved to bo-
come a missionary to the Irish, and after
long preparation, was ordnmed in Scot,
land, and afterward consecrated bishop.
Having, says tho old record, visited
Gaul, and perhaps Italy, he passed to
his chosen field of labor, about 432, and
preached the gospel with such extraordi
nary effect that, although not absolutely
the first to introduce Christianity into
that country, he has received tho credit
of its general conversion, lie baptised
the kings of Dublin and Munster, nnd
the seven sons of tho King of Con.
naught, with tho greater part of
their subjects, and before his death had
converted almost the whole island to the
faith. St. Bernard testifies that ho
fixed his Metropolitan See at Armagh,
and it appears that ho appointed other
bishops, with whom he had councils to
settle the discipline of tho church which
he had planted. In his old age he
wrote his "(.lonlession, tho authenti
city of which, however, is doubted It
maybe louna in bir James wares
edition of the works of St Patrick(8 vo.,
London 1G58. ) Tho lloman Catholic
Church keeps his festival on March 17th.
A popular legend ascribes to him tho
banishment of all venomous creatures
from tho isfand, by means of bis crosier
or staff, which Ralph Higden, in his
"Poloychionicon," mentions as being
kept'with great veneration inDublin in
Size of Nails. The following tablo
will show any ono at a glance the length
of the various sizes and the Dumber of
nails in a pound. They are rated
"3 penny" up to "20.penny." The
socond the length in inches, and the
third tho number per pound. that is ;
3 penny 1 inch, 577 nails per lb,
4 penny 1 inch, aod nails
5 penny 1 inoh, 232 nails
G penny 2 inch, 167 nails
7 penny 2i inch, 141 nails
8 penny 2- inch, 101 nails
10 penny 2 inoh, 68 nails
12 penny 3 insh, 54 nails
20 penny 8 J inoh, 34 nails
Spikes 4 inch, 16 nails
Spikes 4 inch, 12 nails
Spikes 5 inch, 10 nails
Spikes 6 inch, 7 nails
Spikes 7 inch, 5 nails
From this table an estimate of quan
tity and suitable sizes for any job of
work can be easily made.
Waterfalls- The following which
we clip from one of our exchanges, con
tains some valuable information for tho
ladies iu reference to tho manufacture of
waterfalls :
Take four pounds of rags and a bunch of
An old tin pan, nnd a bunch of s'raw ;
Then steal an old hut of somebody s leav
iugs, -
And swear it's your own, to get clear of
tho law i
Kext. get nn old stocking, ami m tin" it with
And if it is possible, put in a mole
Then get some old chiuu, aud a nutmeg
And make them all up in a nice li : tie
roll ;
Put all these things in n net of red,
And glistening beads must cover them all;
Then fasten it on tho back of your head,
And you will have a waterfall.
Singular Will. A geutleman who
died in Centre heeling a few days
ago made a singular will n slioit time
bctoro his eieatn. lie did not possess
much of this world's wealth or goods,
but such as ho had ho bequeathed to
his mends, lie willed almost every
article be owned to uiffeicut persons
giving lo one friend his coat, another
his shoes, another his hat, etc., etc,
Tho will is very lengthy document,
covering over two sheets of foolscap
paper, and the total valuo of the arti
cles bequeathed to surviving lriends will
not exceed fifty dollars. TheJusticoof
the Peace was occupied for near four
hours in drawing up the "last will and
testament," and when he had com
pleted the task the dying man thanked
him kindly, and assured him he wonld
havo paid him lor his trouble and labor
had not all that he owned been given
away by the artiolo just drawn up.
Wheeling lieyuter, March 13.
The woolen manufacturers of Rhode
Island have had two bites at the oho rry
lately. Tho revised tariff gave them
additional protection, and they have re
dueed the wages of the operatives ten
per cent. That will do for once. It is
a pity they could not have a prohib
itory tariff and their operatives work for
nothing. 1 hat might satisfy their ra
paeious pockets.
,1 fir ay itetsrerh Soldirrs f If
iirnsat 'nritsie, la.Tico
Mllcd ami five U'onnttrrt.
Caiilisle, ra., March 10.
Last evening two soldiers camo into
town, hnd when near tho Court H ouse
they were attacked by two men named
A. Ilammill and 1. Giluinrc. Neither
party was hurt, and the soldiers left for
the garrison. About eight o'clock some
fifty soldiers camo into town with car
bines, revolvers and sabres. They hal
ted near tho Court House and fired in
to tho crowd of c-tizens who were stand,
ing near the point where the polls were
located. The ciiizens drew their revol
vers and returned the fire, when a gen
em! riot ensued. Tho soldiers retreat
ed on a run, and tho citizens gave pur
suit. The soldiers took position at the
edge of the town. .A guard arrived
from the post, and tho firing was kept
up for some timo. ' Tho guard anested
several citizens and returned to the gar
rison. Un the way they met llammcll,
who had a gun on his shoulder. He
was ordered by the guard to lay down
the gun, and on his refusal they fired on
him. The ball struck him in tho breast
to the left of the right nipple, and came
out near tho shoudcr blade. Tho woun
ded man died in three hours. Among
tho wounded aro, Mrs. Stewart who
was standing in the door of her own
house shot through tho left foot :
Thomas Simmerman, shot the foro-arm,
crushing the bones ; Jacob Small, shot.
through the centre of tho right hand ;
a Mr. llallcbough, shot in the head, cut
ting tho scalp. All the above were cit.
izens. The soldiers wcro wounded
one in the head and tho other in the
leg ; the one hit in the head is mortally
wounded. ForEcveral nights past sol
diers have been in town creating much
disturbance. Thcrcarc about four hun
dred soldiers at the past.
m m
General Mansfield, Adjutant-Gen.
cral of Indiana, in his report to the
Legislature on the condition ot the
Stato militia, says it consists at present
of a major-general, lieutonant,(tcncral,
quartermaster-general, and no privates ;
and he recommends tho passage ol a
militia law that will add some privates
to tho force.
A crowd broko into a house at
Blackstono, Massachusetts, on Friday
night, where an alarm of firo had been
given, and found tho man nnd woman
who occupied it drunk and insensible
and a girl named Catharine Gerraty
dead on the bed, her head, arms, and
body having been burned to a crisp
A frecdruan, from Kentucky, shot
Samuel 1-ergus, near Lcbadon, Illinois,
to obtain posessiou of a rabbit tho boy
had killed. I he farmers wanted
lynch the negro, but the father of
dcrcd to the authorities.
ine political economists all over
the States are trying to cypher out why
flour and certain other stuff should be
cheaper with gold at 289 than it is now
with gold at 134. It docs seem stranse
but such is tho fact.
The will of Colonel O'Fallon, of
St. Louis, involving property worth two
minions, nas oeen set aside, lie
his children only a life estate, and left
his property to a grandchild.
A tt It 1
.v man in uuio waiKcu on ice
twelve miles, obtained a marriage license
went back "bv the same conveyance
the same day and was married in the
It is reported that Madame Rislori
after a return trip to Europe, will come
back and make New York her perma
ncnt home.
Tho Wisconsin Legislature has
appropriated 8,398 for the embellish
mcnt of its portion of the Gettysburg
and Antietam cemeteries.
A 1 ortiand schoolmaster com
plains that the boys bide bottles of
liquor uuder their scati aud get help
lessly drunk in school.
Forty divorce cases are now before
the courts in Pittsburg. Twenty-four
are applications irom wives uud sixteen
from husbands.
Sampson Short,
John G. Hall,
louii Vollmer,
Wm. M. Singerly,
iot. Kukpatiick,
Jai. . r. Hall.
X 1 1
111 H
r uvi i Minn v
St. Hilary's, MSenzlngcr 1. O,
Ei-k Coi:ktv, Prnxa
universally acknowledged tho Model Par
lor Magazine of Ameriea ; dcvoled to Oi l
ginul Stories, Poems, Wkelelies, Architec
ture and Model Cottages, Household Mat
lers, uems ot thought, 1'orsonul am
LiteruryUsiwip (including special depart
luenm on rashioiisi, lust motion on
Health, Gymnastic, Equestrian Exercises,
Music, Amusements, ele. : all by the bext
authors, uud profusely und artistically il
lusl ruled with costly Engraving (full size
useful and reliable Patterns, Embroiders,
Jewelry, and u constant sucei-ssiou of ar
tisiio novelties, with other useful and en
tertaiiiing literulure.
Iso person of refinement, economical
housewife, or lady of taste can ufl'ord to do
without the Model Monthly. Single copies.
3d cents ; back numbers, as specimens, 10
cents; either mailed free. Yearly,
wun Yuiuauie premium; two copies
sou; tnree copies, tU; tivecopies, Sli
und splendid premiums for clubs at $i
each, wun tne nrst premiums to each sub
suritier. AiMresa,
No. 17-S llroadwuv. N. V
Demoresf 8 Monthly aud Young America
together, " u the premiums lor each,
17 O It S A Tj K .Tim entire
I' Ktoek and fixtures of the Ontvcville
Tannery formerly owned by John McCleary
& Co., aro oirercd for sale. Apply lo
r W. A. 151.Y,
March 11, 18i'7-tf. Ccntrcvillo.
1 lie copartnership heretofore existing be
tween William '. Ilenlj and B. A. Hill, un
der the firm of Hcaly & Dill, is this day do
solved. The busincs of the firm will be
settled by William C. fiealy.
March 11; 1SG7-Ct B. A. DILL.
llio utulci'Higr.C'1 nave tins day cniercil
into coparinership under llio firm name of
IIEALY & (IILLIS, in tun sale ot rrovisi
ions, Flour, Feed, drains, &c., at tho stand
heretofore occupied by tho late m m ot Ilea.
ly k Dill. W. C. IIKAI.Y,
Alurcll H, l?0-tit L. .U1L,LI3,
IIEDELIUS VOGT, Practical Clock &
' Watchmaker, St. Mary's, Elk county,
Pa. Itooms next door to llinteiiach's
Clothing Store. All kims of work done
done in a satisfactory lnaunpr, nnd wnr-
antod. Consultations in regard to work
in the German, rench or English lan
guages. March 14, lbOTtf.
is hereby given that Letters "of Ad
ministration, Willi will annexed, on the es
tate of TIIEW JOHNSON, late of Bcnozctt
tow nship. Elk county, deceased, have been
granted to t lie undersigned. All persons
indebted to said estate arc requested to
call and settle, and those having claims
against the same will present them duly
authenticated lor sejCement.
marl JOt. Administrator.
HARRIET McOLT.I.OUH, 1 In the Court
bv her next friend of Com. Pleas
JACOB FIELDS, Ul'Elk comity.
vs. I No. 14. Nov
Take notice that you are required to ap
pear nt toe term ol said i ourt io be nc-iu
on the last Monday ot April next, to an
swer the Libc-lbint in this case.
Sheriff's OHice, l J. A. MA LONE,
March 11th, 1800. Sheriff.
A 11 pursons knowing themselves indebted
f to the firm ol John .McCleary 4; Co. nro
requested to call and settle then- accounts
immediately; and those having claims
against the same are requested lo present
them duly authenticated tar settlement, to
V. A. BLY, and
surviving partner of
mar. 14, 'UT-tU John McCleary, & Co.
JOS. T. IIANONLD, 1 In the Court o
vs Com. Pi's of Ell
NANCY M. HANOXLP. J co.No 15, Nov.T
Take notice that you arc required to np
pear ut ino next term or Mild Court In be
held on tho last Monday of April next lo
answer the complaint of the Libcllant iu
this case. JAM KS A. MALONE,
Sh'ff's Ofllce, ninrll. Sheriff.
Unanimously awarded the First Pri.e,
Am. lust., Aoivlork, Oct. 1.T13.
Being pronounced superior in Quality
Power aud Variety of Tone, and iu number
oi continuations.
"As the bci'.t instruments of America
were there contending, whichever won the
battle w ould have not liins left to conquer.
Am. Art Journal. edited hv a well-known
musical critic.
They have also taken the first
wherever exhibited this season.
PEDAL ORGANS, one, two and three
banks of keys six sizes Sli'il) to Sl.fjtW.
wiuinni pedals, single mid dniihie bank in
great variety. S'l-" to $1.V). Theso Organs
wun uif!i-smooth, pipediko quality ol tone
oeaulild solo slops, strengih ot chorus.
unequalled pedals, and general orzan-like
effects, ore superior for Churches, Halls
1 arlors and Schools. They are put up iu
cases ot Solid Vtainut, fancy veneered Hal
nut, (new uud unique, styles) and elegant
liosewood, ol splendid designs and finish
nnd of the best workmanship ! it bein
intended that each instrument shall be a
model of ils kind. All instruments down
to a lino octavo portable Melodeon, have
the beautiful Tremolautc . stop, without
extra charge.
A large assortment constantly on hand
at our Geneial Wholesale uud Retail Ware
rooins, 841, Broadway.
Our Illustrated Circular nnd Price Lists,
with our new styles, are now ready. Seud
for ft circular.
Manufacturers, No. 841,
marllOin Broadway, N. '. City.
Tlieso rinnoj arc universally acknowl
edged by competent judge equal to the
best Piano made. For references, they
have many thousand city and country resi
dents, including largs numbers of the High
School, Seminaries, Urn.
These Pianos have not only stood the
continued use and heavy practice of on
year, but have been used the last Ff'teen
years to tho' utmost sutisfacliou of those
using them.
They have taken premium and medal
wherever exhibited. Such has been the
demand for these Pianos, that Messrs.
Haines Bro's have been compelled to en
large their works to tho extent of 'J4 lo 30
Pianos a week.
Having now one of the most extensive
and complete Factories in the United
States, Factories alone covering over three
fourth of an aero of ground, comprising a
frontage of 2I'.t foet on Second Avenue.
They are uudoulrtcdiy the cheapest first
class Piano in market. Fully guaranteed
for five year. Send for Illustrated Circu
35C, 858, 800, 302, 801, 3ii, 8(18,370,372,
Second Avenue,
nar718ii03inos New Y'ork Ciiy.
i by giv
TOR'S NOTICE. Notice is here-
given that Letter Testamentary
on the estate of JOSEPH EHR1G, late of
Bencinger township, deceased, have been
gruHted l Iho undersigned. AU persons
indebted lo said estate are requested to
make immediate payment, nnd those hav
ing claim against the same w ill present
Ihoiu duly authenticated for settlement.
niurTOt Executor.
Ct.OTSSI.Y4 for I he .llllllon t
A Well Iioscd Mnn
G P. lllNTF.NACH having taken cil
, tire control of tho establishment,
formerly occupied by G. P. Hintenaeh &
Co., would respectfully inform the citizen
of Elk county that he is prepared to furnish
them with llio
EestKind of Clothing
at rales which defy competition.
j llo has on hand a largo assortment of
Consisting of PANTS, VEST.S y COATN,
which he has lately purchased in the East,
and which he will dispose of at a slight ad
vance on cost.
Ills Gentlemen', Furnising Apartment.
;s specially adapted to tho wants of his
customer. Ho has also a large and extensive
INGS of the latcRt stylo nnd pattern,
which he will m.a.c to order in n neat and
durable manner, and ns CHEAP as it can
bo dono any place ia the ennntry.
GIVE HIM A CALL. Satisfaction guar
anteed, nnd goods warranted. All ho
li?!.B is a FAIR TRIAL to prove it,
St. Ma-y-s Pa.. Feb. 1 1. 18'i7.
And will keep its shape nnd retain its place
better than nny otl er Skirt,
This new nnd bcatiful style of Skirt (Pat.
cntcd March 7, 1S'J5, ) was nwnrdid by the
Great American Institute Fair, held in' New
York, October, 1 805, a
boing the Highest Premium ever given f-u-a
Hoop Skirt,
The Steel Springs are wound v.iih fne
plated wire in place of a cotton covering
which will not wear off or become soiled,
and the wholeskirt may bo woshed without
injury or fear of rusting, and will be as
good ns new.
The Combination Silver Skirt
This invention combine with the ordina
ry Skirt the advantages or our Silver Skirt
the bottom hoops nro the same as those us
ed in tho Sliver Skirt, the covering of which
cannot wear off, while the upper ones nri,
covered with cotton. No lady having once
worn one of our Skirls, will be willing to
wear nny other, ns the lower hoops of all
other kinds are soon injured and soileed.
The best nmteeiols are used iu their con
struction, and, from their durability and
neatness they arc destined to become a
Pavoi-ito Skirt.
Manufactured solely by tho
Silver Skirt and Wiro Manu
facturing Company,
30 and 32, BARCLAY ST.
T. S. Si-ERitr, Sup't. Aug Olh-ly
The Board of Couiniissionei s now offer for
sale f2'l,(100 acres of Agricultural College
Land Scrip, belli;; tho balance of the Scrip
granted to the Comiuoiiweali!i of Pennsyl
vania for the endowment, of Agricultural
College in this Slate.
Proposals for the purchase of this Land
Scrip, addressed to - Tho Ro.ird of Com
missioners of Agricultural Land Scrip."
will be received at the Surveyor General's
office, at llarrisburg, until li u'uloek M ,
on WEDNESDAY. APRIL, 10, 1807.
This land may be located in any Slate or
Territory, by the holders of the scrip, up
on any of the unappropriated hinds (except,
mineral lands) of the L'niled States, which
may be subject to sale at private entry.
Each piece of scrip represents a quarter
section id" one hundred and sixty acres, is
issued in blank, and will be transferable,
without euilorseinent or final assignment.
The blank need not be filled until the scrip ia
presented for location ami entry, when the
parly holding it can fill the blank uud enter
the land in his own name. Bids must be
mode as per aero, und no bids will be re
ceived for less than one quarter section.
The Scrip will be issued immediately on
the payment of the money to the Surveyor
General. On nil bids for a less quaniity
than JO.OOOaeres, one-third of the purchase
money must be pai. I within fen days, and
tlx vttm-i !,,, i i ....... l. : ...l : . i. : . i. : ... ..
1 .......... ...j- , v--t ii 1 1 ,m Minim llllliy
fdays after notification of the aeeenliiiic of
the bid or bids bv the liord of Commis
Surveyor General.
(For tho Board of Commissioners.
Harhishi iki, Feb. 1!7, 1807.
The Oirurtl IAfc Insurance
Annuity &s Triis-at Co.
CASH CAPITAL $ 300,000,00
ASSETS $'.,4"5,3.V,5a.
Mutual Insurance combined with the se.
curity of capital.
For insurance apply to
feb!2i;7lf Rjdgway, V.
The partnership heretofore existing
between George P. Hintenaeh and
lmhof, under the title of lUNTEN'AClI &
CO., is this day dissolved by mutual con
sent. The account of the late firm will
Bellied by G. P. 1IINTENAC11, who will
continue business al Ihe same place.
Feb. 12, 3t GEO RUE 1MHOE.
I). pi: it n cis
.1. lakeu in ev-
w 1-a vti Ww ''Si &
change for Goods ul

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