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5 80 ; 32, lenediet street, 230 ; 22, 23,
Benedict ftreet, 4 72 ; 34, Benedict gt
2 30 i 19, Benedict street, 2 40 ; 30, 31,
Benedict street, a OQ ; 2!), Benedict st.,
G8, Walbercr Ftreet, 3 GO ; 72,
W'lilberer street, 1 82 ; 0(5, 07, 07,
Wulbcror stieot, 3 02 ; 7, Wnlberger.
street, 1 St ; (7, Jolin street, I 82; 00,
John stieet, 1 H2 ; 10, Mauras street,
1 82 ; 5, Mauras street, 1 82 ; 3, 4,
Mauras street, 4 77 ; 17, Mauras street,
1 82 ( 1, 2, Mauras street, J! 00 ; 13,14,
Mauras street, 3 00 ; l'),40, 47, Mau
ras street, 5 40 j 23, Louis s'.reet, tJ8 j
f, Louis street, 2 30 ; 11, 12, Louis St.,
33 ; 1, Louis street, 1 82 ; 15, Louis st.,
I 80 ; 17, Louis street, 182 ; 4, 5, Lou
is street, 3 00 ; 1G, Louis street, 1 82;
0, 10, Louis street, 2 01 ; 3, Ki in street,
1 82 ; 57, Erin street, 1 82 ; 41, Eriu
street, 1 82 ; 30, 40, Eriu street, 3 00 ;
33, 30, 37,41. Erin street, 591; 20,
Shoturcck street, 1 82 ; 8"), Shamrock
street, 1 82 ; 47, Shamrock street, I 82 ;
29, Shamrock stroet, 1 82 ; 34, 30,
42, 43, Shamrock street, 3 GO ; 48,
Sliamrjck street, 1 82 ; 17, Shamrock
street, 1 14 ; 23, Shamrock street, 1 82;
33, Shamrock street, 1 82 ; 44, Sham
rock etrect, 1 82 ; 21, Shamrock street,
1 82 j G, School street, 2 3G ; 107, 108,
Amandus street, 3 GO ; 111, Amandus
street, 2 30 ; 112, Amandus street, 18.,
17, Chu:ch street, 182; 18, Lliurc:
street, 2 3G ; 4 lots on Rpstly road, 17'
71 ; 53, Centre street, 2 30; 13,18, 10,
20,21, 25, 51, 5t, Benedict street,
8 88 ; 20, 24, 20, 28, 3 ), Shamrock St.,
7 08 ; GO, 11, 12. 7,15, 10, Mauras St.,
8 27 ; 5 1, 50, 0 J, 02, 74, 75, 77. 78,50,
52, 53, 50, Rupert street, 15 35 ; 109,
110, 113, 114, Amandus street, 4 72 ;
8, George street, 170; 70, 71, Wal.
bcrgor street, 2 00; 14, Louis St., 1 82 ;
28. 53, Benedict street, 2 38 ; 37, 47,
2 40; 42,43, GO, Erin street, 2 80 ;
101, St Patrick street, 94 ; 70, Rupert
street, 94 ; 58. John street, 81 ; 58,
John street, 1 01 ; 1 lot, 2 30 ; Centre
strtet, John Ilcnfling, 3 72 ; 54, 51,
13, Centre ttrcet, 5 14 ; 2 lots, Michael
llcuncssey, 11 00.
0. V. GILLI3, Treasurer.
JOHN F. MOuHE, EiiiTon!
M.uoh, 98tTi, ::: :::1BGB.
For Auditor General,
Of Fayette County.
For Surveyor General,
0 Columhia. County.
Byi,Thc Commissioners will meet at
their offico in Ridgway, on the 1st Mon
day in April, 1SG8.
F. G. Dickinson, Clerk.
tefW. A. Galbraith, Esq , of Eric,
is tho Democratic Presidential elector
for this, iho lOtJi Congressional Dis.,
trict, and Byroo D. Ilaailia and W. L.
Scott are the delegates to the National
KS-An apology is due our readers
for the limited amount of reading mat
ter given in this issue. We intended to
liave enlarged our paper ere tho com
mencement of the present volume, and
the appearance cf the Treasuier's Sale
List, but the dullness of times has frus
trated our intentions.
: c, Within the past two weeks the
Democrats liave been carrying almost
every town in tho State where elections
liavo been held. Corry, Titusville,
Ilarrisburg, York, Bedford, Middlo
town, Marietta, Marysville, Elizabeth,
town, Easton, and other towns, have
gone Democratic with tremendous gains.
In some of the above named place.?,
Corry and Titusville for instauce, such
an event as a Democratic victory is
surprising to both Democrats and Rads
ioals. Straws show which way tho
wind blows.
Bt3iTbe fiiends of Col. Dan Rico
liavo issued a long address to the dele
gates to tho Democratic National Con.
veutiou, which they are spreading
broadcakt ovnr the country. It recites
the causes which have enabled the Rad
ical party to retain power foi so long a
period, argues that none of the candi
dates named for the Democratic nomi
natiou cau b) successful, and comes to
the conclusion that the only man whose
name cau lead the puty on to victory
is the ouc whose claims they advocate.
It must be acknowledged tb it, whatev
er D.iu's chances for a nomination may
oc, he Las got bis fiieuds roused up to
u poiul of rare pcrscveraucc. and tuthu.
rjfA.Binner, of tho New York Ledg.
cr, is now publishing about tho 'sickest'
piece of first-class tomfoolery wo have
ever read. It is in tho shape of a bio
graphical sketch of Gen. Hiram U.
(Iran, written by his Dad. Daddy
Grant says Hiram was ouee a very lit
1 tny, and that ho vns very fond of
boss flesh ; that ho was always waffling
to go with larger boys than himself'.
Dad has not got to the interesting pc
riod of Hiram's life when he was forced
to retire from tho regular army to pre.
vent a dismissal. When ho gets that
far wo hope ho will giro it to tho pub
lic, along with tho number of time he
begged five cents to tret a drink 'vith in
the streets of Galena, Illinois.
ES-A company of capitalists arc en
deavoring to get a charter from the
State Legislature incorporating a boom
company, who purpose building a boom
for the storage of logs ot Frceport, on
the Allegheny river. The erection of a
boom on tiro Allegheny is a direct blow
at the prosperity of all the lumber re
gion above the placj where it :s built.
Remonstrances against the measure are
being circulated iu this, Warren and
Jefferson counties, and are being signed
generally by those whom it would affect.
m m
KB, The World at Hume, for March,
is on our tuble. For select, sound, phi
losopical and instructive reading, this
aiouthly visiter has not its superior
anywhere. The publisher nelec'.cd to
send us the February number, which
we regret, aud hope they w;ll make
i fXThe peerless Lady's J'-iok has
been received. If there is anything iu
the line of getting up a first-class maga.
zinc that Godcy caa't accomplish, we
would bo surprised to hear of it. Ad
dress Godcy's Lady's Book, l'hilad'a.
DihtorcsCs l'oumj America. This
excellent little magazine continues a
great favorite of the juveniles. Its
stories, colored pictures, and apt way of
conveying most useful instruction, rcu.
dcr it exceedingly attractive, us well as
a real help in tho way of education.
Price SI. 50 per year, with a premium.
Publishing Office, 473 Broadway, New
York City. Send fjr a circular.
Personal. We was pleased to
meet Dr. J. L. McKec, of Pittsburgh,
who called at our office on Wednesday
last. The doctor piys particulor atteu.
tion to the treatment of chronic diseas
es, and also all diseases pertaining to
women aud children. He invites those
laboring under any disease which has
balilod the skill of their fa:nily phs-V..
ians to address him at his office, ho.
908, Penn Street, PittAiurgh, Pa.
" While the Lamp holds out to
BI:rn," there is a chance for restoration
of health. If, therefore, tho constiiu.
tion hs been weakened by disease or
excess the tiet ves shattered tho sto
luach weakened tho appetite gone,
and all the world appears gloomy pout
some fresh oil into your lamp, in the
shape of Plantatiou Bitters, which will
make the flume of life agaiu burn
brightly, and illuminate a onco wretch
existence. For ladie3 it is an excellent
and g?ntto stimulant, exactly such as
they require. Many lamilics will net
beuwithout it. It has au lmmenso sale
throughout tho world.
Magnolia Water. A delightful
toilet article superior to cologne and at
half tho price.
Late advices from Washington
state that trouble is expected iu Ten.
ncssee. Tho capital is full of rumors.
The Rads should get up a row some,
where, and kill a few negroes. It
would help tho impeachment business
and fire the Northern heart.
The condition of old Thad Stevens,
according to late Washington accounts,
iudica'.es a final breaking up of his sys.
tern. When the old fellow can't recog
nize a colored fellow citizen, his cuso is
A Pittsburgh editor says bis faith
in the story of tho destruction of Sodom
and Gomorrah by a Bhowcr of fire aud
brimstone would be far stronger than it
is if he hae never heard of Chicago.
In the United States Senate ou
Tuesday last, an amendment reducing
the tax on petroleum one half was ad.
ded to the bill reducing the tax 03 man.
The cholera at St. Thomas is una
bated. Thirty to fifty deaths occurring
The Impeachment. Ben Butler's
railroad speed impeachment court ad
journed on Monday afternoon to ftecure
concert of action, as Suinncr paid,
against the application. of the President's
counsel for timo to prepare his defence.
At one o'clock on Tuesday, iho 24th, .
tho court again met, and (the motion of,
counsel for thirty days' tiuio having
been voted down on tho previous day by
a strict porty vote) tho question then
recurred oil Senator Johnson's motion
to grant ten days' time. Tho 'court' re.
tired for consultation, aud, ufxr three
o'clock having Fccurcd the requisite
'conceit ot action' returned with an
order which declares ' That the Senate'
whp not court ? ' will commence the
trial of the President on the 30th ol
March instant, and proceed therein
with all despatch" i. e. with railroad
speed, so as not to allow tho President's
counsel to ' educate themselves iu the
case.' ThS high old ' court then ad
journed itself as a court and put on its
ordinary Rump g-irb.
It dill be prcceive 1 that this order
allows the 1 'resident's counsel four
woiking days to prepare their defence
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday ard Sat
urday. They asked lor thirty days, al.
legiug tbs; they had not a document
prepared nor a witness summoned, but
the conspirntois, who have their own
testimony and argumeuts all prepared,
(having been at it for more than a year
past.) were determined to take every
undue advantage. They do not want a
fair trial ; they have prejudged the
whole case from their hot headed parti
san standpoint, and, seeing so much
power and patronage almost within their
grasp, they cannot refrain from an exhi
bition of the most in,feceut casreruess to
clutch the coveted prize. Certainly no
event has ever transpired in the history
of this government, so shocking to ev
ery sense of justice and propriety as the
initial proceedings of the railroad speed
coutt of impeachment.
'ffcto 'AiHi'iiscliKilis.
" m:mi7TjTiui.
Wc havj found it necesary, in orler to keep tho
financ:al department of the Advocate on a good
basis, to adopt the following rule ;
Transient Advertisements must lo paid for in ad
vance ; and all Job Work as soon as complete d.
Bi li made out and presented to yearly advertisers
at the beginning of each quarter.
Subscript! ns to be paid for invaiiably in advance,
novtf John F. Mount:, Publisher
IlCENcsE NOTICE. No ioe'L h'c'r'ehy
J given that die following named per
sons have tiled their applications for li
cense in my office, to Aju-il Sessions, 18G7,
according to law.
S. Yasbinder, Hone-lei, Tavern.
Elizabeth Wins-low, Eenezel, Tavern.
A. Gerg, Fox, Tuvcrti.
V. Aunian, Fox, Tavern.
M. Wvllcndorf, (. .Mary's, Tavern.
O. I". Slniner, St. Mary's. Tuvoiii.
John Thompson, Si. Mary's, Tavern.
1! Kiel., .St. Mary's, Taern.
J. V.'auhlel, St. Mary's, Enting House.
V. Qui in, St. Mary's, Eating House.
John Eruhaiit, Jones, Tavern.
Jas 1'iuiii son, llidgn'Rv, Haling House.
S. Jackson, Hidgwnv, EalmprJIIouse.
(jE'J. A. IiATiilil'N',
Mar2ftc TVothon-tary.
United Sialcs for die Western District
ol lViiusylvauia John Cobb, a liankrupt
under die Act tf CVngrcM of March 2nd,
INfiT, liaving app'iod lor a discharge from
all his delns, mid oilier claims provable
under tnid Act, lty order of the Court, no
tice is hirc'iy given, to nil persons who
luiva proved their debts, and other persons
interested; to appear on iho tsl day uf
April, It-oS, at ) o'clock, A. M., before
S. E. Woodruff, Esip, ltegistcr, at his oliiue
iu Warren, l'a., to ahow cause, if any they
have, why a DUchirgj should not be grant
ed lo the said Eankrept. And furl Iter,
notice is hereby given, thai the second und
third ineetiugs of creditors of the sai l
Danlij-upt. required by the 27th nud 2Sih
seciioim of said Act, will be had before tho
said Register, at the same time nnd place.
Cl'k of C. S. District Court fur said Disl.
March 28, 1S8, 2,v
U. S. Tiix Appeals.
U. S. Asskssoe's (Jmcr., l'.tih Dist., l'a ,
Olfice, Curwcnsvilie, Clearfield county,
NOTICE is hereby giocn that the nss. a i
uicnt lists, valuations and eauinera
turns frado within the Nineteenth Collec.
tion District, Ta., by tho Assistant assess
or under the laws of the United Suites, will
remain (pen to all persons concernad for
exnminalinn for the space often day from
the luth day of April, A. D., 18(18, tit the
Assessor's Office, in tho liurough of Cur
wensville. At the time stated above Iho Assessor
will receive, hear nnd determine all appeals
relative to any erroneous or excessive valu
ations or enumerations by the Assistant
In regard to appeals, tho law provides,
" That the question to be determined by
" the Assessor, on an appeal respecting tho
valuation or enumeration of property, or
objects liable to duty or taxation, shall bo
whether tho valuation complained of bo or
be not in a just relation or proport-on to
other valuations in the same assessment
district, and whclher the enumcradoo bo
or be not correct. And nil appeals to Iho
assessor ns aforesaid, shall bo mado in
writing, aad bIiiiII specify tho particular
cause, mailer, orthiug, respecting whioh a
d-'cision is requested ; and shall, inoi cover,
state the ground or principle of inequality
or error complained of."
Assessor liiih Collection District.
Jlai-ehas, 18118, 2w
DISSOLUTION. The partnership here
tofore existing between the under
signed in the saloon busine s, was dissolv
ed on the 20lh instant, by mutual consent.
The bonks and papers are with Juha MulU
phnutfor settlement.
fj the Ridgw.iy and ltrookville Rond,
near liooijaek, llorton township, Elk Co.
Warrant No. 4(j7!). Also Two Town Lots
on Erin Street, borough of St. Mary's, Elk
county. Trice low terms easy I it To good.
For particulars apply to
Bcn.inger, Elk county,
March 2fcli, 18C.H, 8t.
liidyway, Iilk Co., Pa.
Tho subscriber desires respectfully to in
form the citizens of l!id-ny nnd vicinity
that he is prcpn.cd lo make to order ns well
ns it can be done any where, anything in the
line of his business. All he asks is a fair
trial. Good Fils gtiat-anleeal.
BfTjut'lolhs, ( assimcrs, Vcslings and
Trimmings of the lalcst and most approved
styles kept, constantly cm hand, which will
b-j sold CHEAl'Eil THAN THE CHEA1'
E.?T. I.adiel desiring Hemming. Stitching,
Felling, Hill ling. c , on drosses, capes, c
will find it to thvir interest to give inc a
cilh aiigoll-tib'
IT. F. I':poiihn"lo & Co.
Take pleasure iu announcing to the public
of Elk and surrounding colludes that they
have thoroughly refilled nnd rennovafed
this old and well Knowi! establishment, nnd
congrotulalc tlieuiselves thai with their ex
tended facities, with first class workirnn.
that they cm put out as good work as can
be found any wliere. Wc have, and keep
constantly on hand nill kinds id lealher
sach as iu general UsO iu this feclioii, iL
cludiug Synits.'i and C"ii:ifr &oi: Leather '.
Calfskins, Sheipskin, Kiiffcii-s !
J In r limit (D l.'nrr Lrii'lur !
Give us a call and be convinced of the
truth of what wa slate. fmarJl'tiS
$)iir 1 17 Ci.'JJi'Wl?, kt.,
Wjn'il resjiccifu'.ly inform die citizens ol
the surrounding community that he si ill
keeps on hand n good supply of such nrti.
cits as are generally kept, iu a country gro
cery storo, including
which be flatters himself he can sell ns
cheap ns they can be bought anywhere in
tho ccun y.
I have lately creeled a first-class shingle
mill, which is now in operation. Ii is an
attested that the shingles which were made
in this mill and sold in Willninisport, an
a first -class article, the lumber of which
they are made being well seasoned.
1 d.'sire t! introducethc eshinglo to the
notico of builders, who will consult thoii
own interest by giving men call.
May JJ, '(j'.i. It'
roii RT"rnoijLA mat ion.
A7'1IEREAS, the Hon. H. W. Williams,
l'resideni, and Hons. E. C. Sehull.c
and Jesse Kyhr, Associates, Judges of the
flourt of (.Jiiarler Sessions, Orphans' Court.
Oyer and Terminer, and General Jail Deliv
ery, lor the trial of capital and oilier offe-i.
ces in the county of Elk, by their precepts
to me directed, have ordered the itfuresiid
named Conns !o be holdcu at Ridgway, in
and for the county of Elk. ou tho last Mon
day iu April, it being die '27th day of the
month, and to continue one week. Notice
is hereby given to tho Coroner, Justices of
tho l'eace, nnd Constables of the count r of
I.Ik, ilia, they arc by these presents com
manded to be then and there in their prop
er persons nl t u o'clock, A. M., of said
day, with their rolls, records and inpuisi
lions, and other remembrances, to do those
things which their oilices appertain to be
done, aud that all Justices of said county
nnka returns of all recognizances entered
into before them to the Clerk of the Court
as per Act of Assembly if .May -lih, 1884
And t'.ioso who are hound by tlieirrecog i
zaiicos to pi osecule the prisoners that are
or shall lie in tho jail of die county o Elk,
and to be t hen and thereto prosecute
against theai as shall be just.
Ridgway, mar 21. She: iff.
r 1ST OF CAUSE;? set diwn for An il
Li Term, I80tl.
II Milliliter vs F X Sorg el nl.
C Hell vs Josepa Werner ct al.
C Ileebner vs J C Scott
W M Smgerly vs F Leash.
ISenxitigcr t Esciibauh vs Conrad Funk.
J .1 Lawrence et al. vs C Luhr ct al
1' Wilhelin et nl, vs Frank Weis.
W. H. I in- Co vs E C .chultie ct nl.
A King vs E llabcl.
Mnliu vs Corrv.
IyUXTSfor FARMERS and o'hers.
T he (Jraton Mineral I'aint Co. i ri now
mitnf.u hiring die Host Cheapest hi d m ist
durable I'aint iu use; two coatg veil put
on, mixed w ilhpiiro Linseed Oil, will last
10 or 15 years ; it is of a light brown or
beautiful chocolate color and can be
changed to green, lead, stone, drab, olive
or cream, to suit the taste of the consumer.
It is valuable for Houses, Hums, Fences,
Carriage and Car-makers, Fails and Wood-en-wnre.
Agricultural Implements, Canal
lloats. Vessels and ships' Hotlorns, Canvas,
Metal nnd Shingle Roofs, ( it being Fire and
Water proof ), Floor Oil Cloths, (one Mann,
faoturer having used 6UUO bids, the past
year,) and as a paint for any purpose is
unsurpassed for body, durability, elasticity,
nnd adhesiveness. I'rice $ per bbl. of
SW lbs., which will supply a farmer for
years lo come. Warrented in all cases as
above. Send fo a ciivulnr hich gives full
particulars. Nono genuine unless branded
iua trade mark Graflou Mineral I'aint.
2-')l Pearl Street, New Vork.
For sale by Hyde, Gillis a Co., at Ridg
way. 6-(i7.-Cm.
.HEDELIUS VOfiT, Practical Clock &
" Watchmaker, St. Mary's, Elk county,
l'a. Rooms nest door to Hintenoch's
Clothing Store. All kinrfs of work done
done iu a satisfactory manner, and war
ranted. Consultations in regard to work
in the Gerinar, i-eneli or Knelish lnn
eU;,til. March 11. Jco7tf.
KErr by
Dealers in Drug?, Medieirf, rinti,
Oils, White Lead, Lubricating Oil,
Lamp Oil, Tamer's Oil, Per.
funicrieg of all Kinds',
The purest Varnish,
Brushes of every
Style and
Dye Stuffs, Pure Confectionarics Citron,
Raisins, Patent Medicines, Wines,
Watches, Jewelry, Rings,
Tobaccocs & Segars
Pure Liquors fur
Medicinal pur
poses ouly.
Of Everything Useful
P. r uining to the Drug Business Gcn
Ptue Drugs at Low Prices !
Pure Drugs nt Low Trices
Notions in Endless Variety !
Notions in Endless Variety
American and English Watches !
American and English Watchoa
Latest Styles of Jewelry, Rings, itc.
Latest Styles of Jewelry, Rings, ke.
Fancy Articles, Toys, Latest Novels I
Fancy Articles, leys, Latest Novels
Albums, News, Stationery, Bird-Cages!
Albums, News, Stationery, Bird-Cages !
Violin, Banjo and Guitar Strings!
Violin, Banjo and Guitar Strings!
ri?1 4 1 Tf " 4 4 t
L V. IIOUK, Main ."ftreet, Iiidgway, Ta
HAVING just returned from the eastern
cities where I have purchased a large
and well selected assortment of goods, t
invite the attention of die public to call and
examine ny stock, consisting of
Dry Goods,
II ard wars
aud well adapted to the wants of the
j' V. IIOUK.
Ridgway, Dcco ly.
The undersigned lias laid out a vil.
ago upon his ground adjoining I he Uidg
way llepot, to lie called ELK. The lots
are 50 feet front, hy 100 feel deep front
ins towards the railroad. ,
Terms For the first lot sold, $100. Fei
the second lot sold, $110. For the third
lot sold, $10 nnd so on increasing in
price as lots are sold.
ffcJi. First purchasers get the choice lot
at the cheapest rales.
Purchasers will bo registered in the or
der of their application. Ten percent of
the purchase money must be paid at the
time of the application.
ft&U,Applicatinn8 will he made to Joh
G. Hull, Esii., llidgwny, l'a.
J. 8. HYDE.
Ridgway, mar,2f)'CG-tf.
CJ.OTIir.VG for the Million I
Go to A. DURLACIIEIt, Agent,
locks, bolts, and all kinds of builders'
uiaterinlg in general can be bad cheaper at
the St. Murv'a lnrJvre Sl,r Ihnn
other place iu Elk county. (ni8'07)
signed having beeo appointed Sole Agent
ior me s;uo oi n necmr Vt tisou'i Kcwiug
Machines for iilk county. Ho keeps an
assortment constantly on hand. Machines
sold at PhiladelDhiaand w Vn.
Any parties desirous of obtaining them o m
address J. K. WHITMOKE,
March Ot.'CG-ly. at Riden ay, Pa.

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