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VOL. VIII. NO. 101.
The Fruits of Our
New York Trip
—are presented for inspection
this week. The line of Summer
Goods we have selected this year
surpasses any purchases we have
yet made, as it contains many
pretty styles which are entirely
new. Quality is a feature in all
our goods, whilst prices are inva
riably lower, seldom as high, never
higher, than elsewhere.
Ladies' Ready-Made Suits
A new line, embracing the most
accepted styles, and recommended
for quality and make.
Ladies' Sweaters
The proper thing for the athletic
girl and others, too. Many varie
ties in color.
Ladies' Ties and Belts
An unusually pretty line which
) we will distribute through the me
dium of extra low figures.
Children's Shirt Waists
An abundance of Waists of all
sizes and colors. We will fit any
child in town and charge only a
small price for it.
Men's Bicycle Hose and Belts
We are prepared to cater to the
bicyclists of the region in these
goods. We have many styles and
a large stock to pick from.
Baby Caps
A profusion of dainty headgear
for infants, which we confidently
assert cannot be duplicated else
where in town.
J. P. McDonald.
J Coutie and South streets, Freeland.
q/Wt SALE.—Boot, shoe and Kents' lurni--.li
l 1 iiifjr store at a bargain; lots done excellent
business for eiH'tit years: good locution. Apply
to 11 upli Mulloy, Centre and Walnut, Freoland.
out bvtheday. Mrs. Elliott, 117 Walnutwt.
/ T l)OI> COW for sale. Apply to
VX M. Hulpiu, Freeland.
Newspaper men are getting Into
polities on their own account, instead of
boosting other people to all the good
tilings in life. In Carbon one of tho
candidates for recorder is O. W. Mor
thinier, of tho Lehigh Advocate. The
Democrats should recognize tho faterni
ty in that county by giving him the nom
ination. Of his election there would be
little dull lit.
The most badly folded man in tho
county is Morgan 11. Williams. He
thought that by arresting Sam Boyd for
libel lie could shut off tho Newedealefie
talk about thatsi),ooo affair. Instead of
accomplishing the object sought, tho ex
senator has given Editor ltoyd an open
ing and the latter is pouring hut stuff
into him daily.
Stanley Davenport, tho present regis
ter of wills, is spoken of for ronomina
tion. Ho was elected three years ago
when the county went heavily Republi
can, and witli that record to show for
his strength there would be 110 mistake
made in placing liini on tho ticket this
Local Republicans arc taking a lot of
Interest in the legislative contest. All
the candidates have friends in town, and
the primaries promise to bo unusually
Democrats arc beginning to think
that it is time dates were set for their
district and county conventions.
Frcclnnd's only representative at the
< Republican convention in St. Louis is a
* Democrat, E. V. Hanlon.
Commissioner Dullard and .lames
Clare, of Wllkosbarro, looked over the
political held in this vicinity for a lew
hours on Saturday. *
Mrs. Isaac Fry, who moved from
this town to Freeland more than a year
ago. is In town spending a few day.—
Tamaqua Recorder.
Miss Ida Oswald, of Freeland, Is
spending a season quite pleasantly with
Miss MinnieKlstler.— LehightonAdvocate.
John Turiibach and wife, of Wilkcs
barre, were tho guests of Mr. and Mrs.
John M. Carr over Sunday.
Miss Lydia White, of Benton, l'a., is
visiting iter sister, Mrs. David Davis.
The "Twentieth Century" shoe is tho
ladles' favorite. At tho Wear Well only.
Additional locals on the fourth page.
SynopNiH of Local and Misccllannoun Oc
currences That Can He Head Quickly.
What the Folks of This and Other
Towns are Doing.
There is not a Pole, Italian or Hun
garian residing Inside the borough limits
of Ashland.
Unless tho State league schedule is
changed this week, the Tigers will play
Ilazleton club here next Sunday.
In Tamaqua a plate of strawberries
and a slice of cake is given free with
every ten-cent plate of ice cream.
A deputy Internal revenue collector
will be in town on the 24th inst. to re
ceive mercantile and pool table licenses.
A. Oswald sells spring and summer
dress goods at rod need prices.
Tho services of the Holiness Christian
Association yesterday at Hazlo Hrook
were attended by several of the Freeland
George Windish, who was sentenced
to he hanged for killing his wife, has
boon respited from June 30 until Sep
tember 1.
John Gerlach, of L T pper Lehigh, was
seriously hurt about the hip on Friday
by a fall of coal in one of tin; collieries
at that place.
The Wear Weil has just the kind of
shoes you need for this weather.
Yesterday was observed as Children's
Day in several of tho local churches,
and tho services attracted large numbers
during the day.
Many of the bicyclists of town are
devoting their spare time in becoming
proficient with the wheel, with a view of
entering the race here on tho Fourth.
A wreck occurred on Thursday on the
Jersey Central road between Audonried
and New Silver Brook, in which Joslah
Warg, one of the oldest engineers on the
line, had his leg broken.
A pair of Wear Well shoes will outlast
anything bought at the same price-
No. 11 boiler houso at Audenried took
fire on Thursday. It and the engine
houso were burned to the ground.
By forming a bucket brigade tho sur
rounding buildings were saved.
At a special meeting of Ilazlo town
ship school hoard on Friday evening the
secretary's salary was placed at #350 a
year and that of the treasurer at 2 per
cent on the money paid out by liiin.
Clara, the seven-year-old daughter of
John Fisher and wife, of Front street,
died on Friday evening. The funeral
took place yesterday afternoon. Inter
ment was made at Freoland cemetery.
Jacobs' renowned Ice cream, all flavors,
is sold at Geritz's parlors, 15 Front st.
St. Ann's parochial school closed a ton
months' term on Friday. The average
attendance of pupils during tho term
lias been over 400. On Saturday even
ing the annual closing exercises will be
Tho special train from Drifton to
Munch Chunk yesterday carried fifty of
tho 1). S. & S. employes. The Memo
rial Day services under the auspices of
the various brotherhoods were very well
The small hoys are somewhat im
patient this year and cannot restrain
their love for fireworks until the Fourth
arrives. The streets are filled nightly
with lads firing shooting crackers,
rockets, etc.
Fresh bread and cakes every morning
at Geritz's bakery. Confectionery also.
Samuel Courtright, of Maucli Chunk,
died of typhoid fever on Friday, aged 44
years. Ho was known throughout
eastern Pennsylvania as "Happy Sam,"
and enjoyed an extensive acquaintance
with prominent people.
Freeland can have a rousing celebra
tion on the Fourth of July if tho proper
encouragement is given those who have
taken up tho matter. There will he no
occasion to go elsewhere that day to
look for sport or pleasure.
The White Haven dam. which burst
several weeks ago, is to he rebuilt by
the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Com
pany. The dam will be 400 feet long
and six feet higher than before. About
a hundred men are employed in tho
Ladles, buy the R. & G. summer cor
sets —they are so cool. Sold at Oswald's.
The Drifton Glee Club will make it
pleasant for all who may visit Drifton
ball park next Saturday evening, tho
date of the picnic to be given by the
club. First-class music has been pro
vided for tho dancers, and various other
attractions will he on hand,
Butler valley farmers fear a water
famine tills summer. All tho streams
hi the valley are low. Last summer and
fall many streams and springs went dry,
and they have i ever since got back to
their normal condition, and are lower
now than they were a year ago.
Poor Director James McCrcady and
wife will leave Summit Hill for Scotland
on July 1. Mr. MeCready's health is on
the verge of giving out and this trip is
the result of an imperative command
from this'physician to rest for three or
four months or go into a decline.
Hall Player Charged With Taking a Girl
front a Convent.
Detective I*. C. Kavanaugli, of Roches
ter, N. V., was In Wilkesbarre on Satur
day with a warrant for the arrest of
Thomas O'Brien, left fielder in the
Toronto Eastern league club, which just
concluded a series of three games there.
The warrant charges O'Hrien with kid
napping a fifteen-year-old girl from a
convent in Rochester about a week ago.
What he has done with her is not known.
It was not until some days after the
girl had escaped from the convent that
it was found with whom she had gone
and then Kavanaugli was engaged to
find her and to arrest O'Hrien. Kava
naugli asked the aid of the local police
when lie arrived at the county seat.
Chief Hriggs sent an officer with him to
the ball game, and O'Hrien was spotted.
After the game Kavanaugli followed the
team to Kingston where a train was
At Scrant.on a sleeper was to be
engaged on the train leaving there at 2
Sunday morning. It was expected that
arrest would be made on arrival in New
York state. Tho arrest was not made
in this state owing to the trouble that
would be required in procuring re
quisition papers.
O'Hrien has made a fair record as a
ball player and before the event had
borne a fair reputation.
4,500,000 Ton* for July.
The latest advices in relation to the
anthracite coal trade tend to strengthen
the expectation of an advance of 25 cents
per ton on all domestic sizes of coal,
bnjth at the the East and West, on July 1.
and an increase in the output for July of
about 1,000,000 tons to 4,500,000 tons.
The advance will bring tho circular to
#4.15 per ton for stove, grate #3.05, egg
and chestnut, #3.00. These are not
figures at tidewater. The nominal net
prices in July, 1805, were #3.35 for stove
and #3.20 for the other sizes, but last
year actual sales of anthracite were far
Lclow the figures quoted and coal was
sold in many instances at an actual loss.
Renervoir llu* HITII Cleaned.
During the past two weeks the Free
land Water Company's reservoir at Hir
vanton has been undergoing a thorough
cleaning. Tho work was vigorously
prosecuted, as the amount of water in
the reservoir had to be kept very low
while the cleaning was going on. Tho
job was completed on Friday. The
place is now as bright as a new dollar,
and, with tho facilities which tho com
pany lias to keep tho reservoir filled at
all times, Freeland people can rest con
tent with the knowledge that they have
a supply of water as large and as jure
as any town in tho state.
Annual Closing Kxereises.
The annual closing exercises of St.
Ann's parochial school, which will be
held next Saturday evening at the
Grand opera house, give promise to
eclipse all previous events of this charac
ter. For some time past the hundreds
of school and music pupils have been
diligently rehearsing under the instruc
tions of tho Sisters of Mercy, and in ad
dition a number of ex-pupils of the
school will participate. Several m w
and novel drills, movements, etc.. will
he introduced. Tickets- have already
been placed on salo.
Troublesome Trumps .Sentenced.
Cornelius Reagan and Peter Lynch,
the two tramps who were arrested on
April 24 at White Haven, when the des
perate conflict ensued between a gang
of tramps and the White Haven police,
were given their trial at Maucli Chunk
last week. Reagan was sentenced to
the county jail for fifteen months for re
sisting arrest and for earring explosive
substances on a railroad train, and
Lynch was sentenced to the eastern
penitentiary for one year for carrying a
concealed weapon.
Preparing to Hung HclterL.
Abram I. Eckert, tho murderer of
Fred Hittenhender, at Nanticoko, is
under sentence to on Wednes
day, July 1. Sheriff Martin is quietly
making arrangements for the execution
of Eckert. Tho scaffold was recently
taken out, washed and cleaned up, so
that It can bo put together in a few
hours by means of bolts and pins. Tho
sheriff has already received over 4,000
applications for passes to witness the
hanging, but only 100 will be issued.
Hoyle and Hirkbeck Win.
From the llu/.lcton Standard.
Tho largest gathering of tho season
assembled yesterday at McAdoo to view
the alley match between Hoyle and Hirk
bcck, of the South Side, against Brcn
nan and Gallagher, of Freeland. Hoyle
and Hirkbeck outplayed their opponents
at every point and won by a score of 41
to 18. They will play the second half at
Freeland noxt Sunday.
Suicide of a Contrutor.
David Rout, a prominent contractor
of Wllkosbarro, died Friday morning, of
laudanum poisoning, taken with suicidal
intent. Financial troubles are thought
to be the cause of his act. lie is sur
vived by a widow ami seven children,
lie was 49 years old and lived there
fifteen years.
J. J. Power*, of Freelaiul, and Mr*. Cath
erine llent/.chell, of Upper Lehigh.
At 12 o'clock last night James J.
Powers breathed his last at Ills resi
dence on South Ccntro street, near Lu
zerne. For the past few days he had
been hovering between life and death,
and the end was not unexpected. He
had been a sufferer from several com
plicated diseases for some months, but
at times he would recover sulliciently
to give his attention to the tailoring
business in which ho was engaged.
The deceased was born in Nonah,
County Tippcrary, Ireland, in 1834. He
came to the United States from England
in 1857. At tin; breaking out of the
rebellion In* promptly offered his ser
vices to his adopted country, enlisting
in Company I). First Regiment, New
York Volunteer Cavalry. He served
steadily through the war until its close
in 1805, and had a military record which
few men can excel.
After the war lie returned to Brook
lyn, where lie married. From there he
moved to Erie, and in 1884 came to
Freeland. For some time ho was chief
cutter in llefowich's tailoring establish
ment, hut later went into business for
Mr. Powers was a gentleman who en
joyed a large circle of acquaintances,
and liis courtly and dignified bearing
won for him the respect and esteem of
all his friends. Ho is survived by his
wife, and one step-son. Tho latter
resides at Pittsburg.
The funeral will take place on Wed
nesday morning at 8.30 o'clock, under
direction of Undertaker McNulty. Mass
will bo read at St. Ann's church at 9
o'clock, after which the remains will be
interred in St. Ann's cemetery.
Mrs. Catherine Hentzchol died very
suddenly at Upper Lehigh on Friday
evening, June 12. She was ill only
fifteen minutes. Tho deceased was born
at Troedylniw, near Merthyr. Wales.
October 28, 1834. She lived for a num
ber of years at Mountain Ash, in her
early life, where she married her first
husband, Hugh Jones. In November.
1804, they emigrated to this country, a d j
settled for a few years at Audenrhul, lint |
for more than thirty years she lived at
Upper Lehigh.
On December 10, 1877, her first hus
band died and was buried at Upper Le
high. About fifteen years ago she
married August Hentzchnl.
She was for years a faithful member
of tin? Welsh Baptist church of Upper
Lehigh, but during tho last years of her
life she connected herself with tho Eng
lish Baptist church of Freeland. She
was baptised at Upper Lehigh on
October 19, 1873.
Tho funeral will take place this after
noon at 3 o'clock. Funeral services will
lie held at the residence. Rev. John T.
Griffith will officiate and preach by re
quest of the deceased, from the 2nd
Corinthians, sth chap. 4th verse; She.
leaves a tender, careful husband, live
children, one sister, several relatives
and a host of friends to mourn her loss.
The memory of the just is blessed.
J. T. G.
The Williumsport Convention.
The A. O. 11. convention at Williams
port adjourned lato Thursday night
after a three days' session. Resolutions
scoring the A. P. A. were unanimously
adopted. Tho resolutions also urge re
newed efforts in tho upbuilding of the
A. O. 11., to encourage the organization
of ladies' auxiliaries, and suggests the
appointment of a committee to take
steps for a union of the order in Ameri
ca; aid is also recommended for the
Catholic Protectory in Philadelphia, also
for tho establishment of a homo for the
aged and indigent members.
Tho officers elected are as follows:
State president, Patrick O'Neill, Phila
delphia: state vice president, M. S. Mur
ray, of Fall Hrook, Tioga county; state
secretary, William P. Bradley, of Wil
liainsport; state treasurer, John M.
Kel ley, of Allegheny. The vote for
president was: O'Neill, 3fiß; Flannery,
329. Scran ton was chosen as the next j
place of meeting.
Not. Obeyed in the Kurd Coal Region.
A dispatch from Harrisburg says that
the French canned pea business has
boon satisfactorily disposed of by the
state department, and they will next
have a siege with the exporters of olive
oil in Nice, Italy. The provisions of tho
pure food law are being tolerably well
obeyed save in tho hard coal region,
whore there have been numerous flagrant
transgressions of the law which will
bring almost immediate prosecutions.
There arc now at tho department ten
different samples branded as "olive oil,"
from Nice, which prove upon analysis
to he only cotton seed oil. The matter
will be closely followed up.
When Baby was sick, wo gave her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, sho clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria
Nuines of Oflice-SeekerK Wlin Are Listed
HK Cundi.hitcH for Nominations on the
Republican Ticket in Lu/.erne County.
Two Important bcotions.
Under the rules of tho Republican
party, says the Wiikcsbarro Record,
candidates for nomination must register
witli the county committee twenty days
before the date of the convention.
Under this rule the following have
Congress—Morgan H. Williams, Wiikcs
barro; Charles I). Foster, Wiikcsbarro.
Senator —W. .1. Scott, Wapwallopen;
J. C. Harvey, Harveyville; Isaac 1\
Hand, Wllkosbarro.
Treasurer-Robert P. Robinson,Wllkcs
barre; L. C. Darte, Kingston.
Registor—Hi rain I\ Kuntz, Lattimer;
Fred Routclhuher, Wilkesbarre; Charles
E. Keck, Ashley.
Commissioner—R. E. Donaughey, Ilaz
leton; A. 1). Hay, Lehman; It. Frank
DePiorro, Freeland; Francis K. Scho
bert, Hollcuback; William Keiner, Beach
Haven; M. L. Droisbach. Wilkesbarre;
P. 11. Repp. Wilkesbarre; John C. Wil
liams, Wilkesbarre; Stephen Charles,
Lattimer; P. T. Norton, Miner's Mills:
John M. Jones, Pittston; T. R. Peters.
Auditor —W. L. Iliggs, Wilkesbarre;
Edgar Cooper, West Pittston; E. A. Mor
gan, Wilkesbarre; J. R. Westover. Forty
The rules governing this matter are as
Section 5. Candidates seeking a nom
ination on the Republican county ticket
shall register an application with the
county committee, containing, over their
own signatures, an agreement that they
have not offered nor paid and will not
offer nor pay any money, position or
other tiling of value to any delegate or
candidate for delegate, directly or in
indjreetly, for securing their nomination,
and if nominated they will promptly
pay their proportion of the expenses of
the campaign as may be allotted to their
office by the county committee. Each
candidate on registering shall forthwith
pay to the treasurer of the county com
mittee such registering fee as may have
been established by tho county commit
tee, not exceeding 1 per cent of one
year's salary of the office registered for.
Section 0. The committee shall ap
pend to the published call for the coun
ty convention a list of all candidates for
the respective offices who shall have
registered and paid their fee twenty
days or more before tho day of conven
tion. But candidates registering and
paying their fee five days or more before
tho convention shall be entitled to have
their names certified to the convention
as eligible fur nomination.
Catarrh Cannot ho Cured
cannot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional
disease, and in order to cure it you must
take internal remedies. Halt's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, and acts direct
ly on the blood and mucous surfaces.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a quack
medicine. It was prescribed by one of
the best physicians in this country for
years, and is a regular prescription. It
is composed of the host tonics known,
combined with the best blood purifiers,
acting directly on the mucous surfaces.
The perfect combination of the two in
gredients is what produces such wonder
ful results in curing catarrh. Send for
testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, price 75c.
To Crowded HOIIHCH.
From the Shainokin Dispatch.
Welsh Bros, show began its engage
ment in this city yesterday and both
afternoon and evening crowded houses
greeted it. Welsh Bros, have added
several new feature since last year, and
their show is as clean and refined as
over. It is a very delightful program
that is rendered during the two hours
under the. canvass, and it is remarkable
what high class people are engaged
when the small-price admission is con
sidered. The show will remain in
Shamokin until Saturday night, and it
will doubtless do an immense business.
At Freeland Juno 22-23.
June 20.—Picnic of the Drifton Glee
Club at Drifton park.
June 20.—Entertainment and closing
exercises of St.. Ann's parochial school
at tin l Grand opera house. Tickets,
2.3 and 35 cents.
June 22-23.—Welsh Bros, show at Free
Juno 20. —Millennium Festival ball,
under the auspices of the Hungarian
Sick and Benevolent Association, at
Yannes" opera house. Admission, 25c.
July 4. —Entertainment of St. Patrick's
cornet band at Grand opera house.
Tickets, 25 cents.
July 4. —Parade of fireman and civic
societies, and picnic at the Public
park under the auspices of the Citl-
Hose Company.
July 4. —Dinner and supper will bo
served by the Wesley League of the
P. M. church in Sachs biiiiding.
T ck ts, 25 cents.
Read - tlic - Tribune.
Let the X Rajs Alone!
Let the Hot Summer
Rays Come!
ll r e Are Heady for Them!
Our Straw Hats
Arc here in abundance.
Latest styles in hundreds
of shapes and prices to suit
everybody—loc to $1.50.
American Beauties
Our Summer Suits in all
the most fetching shades
may well be designated
thus. A perfect tit, well
cut and well made Suits,
at prices you will pay for
commonplace goods else
For Little Fellows
We have secured a large
line of first class Boys'
Suits at very low prices,
and we'll give our patrons
the benefit of it.
Fine Shirtwaists from
25c upwards, well made
and fast colors.
Our Shirts and Neckwear
are unexcelled. New lines
of each just arrived. Come,
see and admire.
Boys' Sweaters, 25c.
Leather Bicycle Belts,
57 Centre street, Frceland.
Dry Goods, Groceries
and Provisions.
Notions, Carpet, Boots and Slues,
Flour and Feed,
Tobacco, Cigars,
Tin and Queensware,
Wood and WiUowware,
Table and Floor Oil Cloth, Etc.
A celebrated brand of XX Hour
always in stock.
Roll Butter and Eggs a Specialty.
My inotto is small prollts and quick sales.
I always havo fresh goods and am
turning my stock every month.
Every article is guaranteed.
A. IV. Cor. Centre and Front Sis., Freeland.
Dr. H. W. Monroe,
Boca ted permanently in Frceland, in th>
Birkbcck brick, second floor, rooms 1,2 d l ll
Gas and ether administered for the pain
less extraction of teeth. Teeth filled and ar
tificial teeth inserted.
Heasomihle prices and all work fully
Condy 0. Boyle,
dealer In
Liquor, Wine, Beer,
Porter, Etc.
The finest brands of Domestic and Imported !
Whiskey oil sale in one of the handsomest sa
loons in town. Fresh Rochester and Shenan
doah Beer and Youngling's Porter on tap.
U8 Centre street.
Washington and Main Streets.
HENRY HAAS, - Proprietor.
The best accommodation for permanent and
transient guests. Rood table. Fair rates. Hut
linely stocked. Stable attached.
Second Floor, Birkbcck Brick.
dealer in
Dry Goods,
C 1 roceries,
and Slioes.
Centre and Main streets, Frcelaud
$1.50 PER YEAR
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Notary Public.
>Hlee: Rooms3and 4, Birkbcck Brick, Freeland.
All legal business promptly attended.
Postoffloa Building, S • Freeland.
■jyj lIALPIN,
Mannufacturer at
Carriages, Buggies, Wagons, Ac.
Walnut and Pine-Streets, Freeland.
Fire Insurance Agent.
Washington Street.
None but Reliable Companies Represented.
11. KNEKR,
Contractor and Builder.
TV limit,-s cheerfully Riven. Brick hwild
inks u specialty. Correspondence solicited.
i'. (>. ltox 411, Munch Chunk, Pa.
Atlantic City, N. J.
Conducted by
Mrs. JANE DoFOY, of Freelund.
Located on Missouri avenue, bit ween Atlan
tic ami Pacific, near the beading depot. First
class accommodations and moderate rates.
Confectionery, Fruits, Cigars,
and Tobacco.
Green truck of all kinds handled in season,
lee cream parlor attached.
Opposite Birkbcck Brick, Frceland.
Restaurant and Eating Saloon.
No. 13 Front Street, Freeland.
The finest liuuors and cigars served at the
counter. Cool beer and porter on tap.
M. 11. 11UNS1CKER, Prop.
Rates, $2 per day. Rar stocKed with fine
whiskey, wine, beer and cigars. Sale and ex
change stable attached.
Centre Street, Freeland.
A large variety of cloths always on hand.
Perfect Jit guaranteed and style up-to-date.
Trices equally as low as any house in town.
151 Centre street, FiviTund.
Corner of Centre ami Front Streets,
Freeland, Pa.
Finest Whiskies in Slock.
Gibson, Dougherty, Knufcr Club,
Koseiibluth's Velvet, of which we huvo
Mumm's Extra Dry Champagne,
Henuessy Brandy, Blackberry,
Gins, Wines, Clarets, Cordials, Etc.
Imported and Domestic Cigars.
Ilam and Schweitzer Cheese Sandwiches,
Sardines, Etc.
Ballcntinc and Huzlcton beer on tap.
Baths, Hot or Cold, 25 Cents.
J. B. LAUBACH, Prop.
Centre Btrcet, Frceland.
Confectionery § Ice Cream
supplied to balls, parties or picnics, with
all necessary adjuncts, at shortest
notice and l'airest prices.
Deli eery and supply wagons to all parts oj
. town and surroundings etery day.

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