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VOL. X. NO. 30.
June 13, 1897.
6 0">. 845 986a m, 1 40, 2 34,3 20, 5 25, 6 10, 707
p in, for Drifton, Jeddo, Foundry, H.zle lirook
and Lumber Yard.
6 05, 8 45. 935 a m, 140,320, (525 p m. Black Dia
mond) tor Weatherly, Mauch Chunk. Allen
town, Easton. Philadelphia and New York.
7 07 p m for Weatherly, Mauch Chunk, Allen
town, Boston and intermediate stations.
ti 05. '.I <ls a in, 2 31, 5 25, 07 p 111, tor Ilnzle
ton, Delano, Mahanoy City, Shenandoah, Ash
laud, Mt arrael, tihamokin and Pottsviile.
7 28, 10 51, 1154 a in, 5 :i5 p in, lor Sandy Hun,
White Haven and Wilkesbarre.
8 38, 10 50 am for Sandy Run, White Haven
and Wilkesbarre.
10 50 a in and 138 pra for Jeddo, Foundry,
lluzle Brook, Stockton and Huzlcton.
10 50 a m for lia/.leton, Delano, Mahanoy
City, Mieuandoah. Mt. Carmel, Shainokm and
1 38 p in for Weatherly, Mauch Chunk, Allen
towu, Huston, Philadelphia and New York.
5 50. 7 28, H 20, 10 51, 11 54 a ra, 12 58, 2 20, 3 58,
5 35, 8 01, 7 03 p m, from Lumber Yard, lluzle
li ook. Foundry, Jeddo and Drifton.
7 2e, 9 2U, 10 51, 1154 a in, 12 58, 2 20, 3 50, 535
p m, from Hazleton.
9 20, 10 51 a m, 12 58, 6 01, p tn, from Phila
delphia, New York, Huston, Allentown, Mauoh
Chunk and Weaih- rly.
7 03 p m from Mauch Chunk and Weatherly.
935 am, 2 34, 707 pni, from Wilkesoarre,
White Haven and Smdy Run.
* 7 28, 9 20, 10 51 am, 2 20, 535 pm, from.Delano,
Mahanoy City, Shenandoah, Ashiuuu, Mt. C'ur
mel, tShamokin and Pottsviile.
8 38, 10 50 a in and 12 57 pm, from Hazleton,
Stockton. Lumber Yard, ilazle Brook, Foun
dry, Jeddo and Drifton.
10 50a in, 12 66 pin, from Philadelphia, New
York Huston, Allentown, and Mauch Chunk,
10 50 a m, from Pottsviile, Slmmokin, Mt.
Carmel Ashlund, Shenandoah, Munanoy City
tind Delano.
10 50 a m, from Wilkesbiurc, White Haven
and Sandy Run.
For further Information inquire of Ticket
CHAS. S. LEE, Gen'l Pass. Agent,
Phi la.. Pa.
ROLLIN 11. WILBUR, Gen. Supt. East. Div.
South Bethlehem, Pa.
Time table in effect April 18,1897.
Trains leave Drifton for Jeddo, Ecklcy, Ilazle
Brook, Stockton, Beaver Meadow Road, Roan
and Hazleton Junction at 5 30, 0 00 u m, daily
except Sunday; and 7 03 a m, 2 38 p m, Sunday.
Trains leave Drifton for Harwood,Cranberry,
Tomhioken and Deringer at S:JU, 6 00 a in, daily
except Sunday; and 7 03 a m, 238 p in. Sun- i
Trains leave Drifton for Oneida Junction, i
Harwood Road. Humboldt Road, Oneida and
Sheppton ut 000 a m, daily except Sun- I
day; and 7 03 a m, 2 38 p m, Sunday.
Trains leave Hazleton Junction lor Harwood, i
Crauberry, Tomhlcken and Deringer at 0 35 a '
in, daily except Sunday; and 8 53 a m, 4 22 p in,
Trains leave Hazleton Junction for Oneida ,
Junction, Harwood Road, Humboldt Road, :
Oneida and Sheppton at 6 02,11 10 am,441 pm,
daily except Sunday; and 737 a in, 3 11 p ra,
Trains leave Deringer for Tomhlcken, Cran
berry, Harwood, Hazleton Junction and Kuan
at 2 25, 5 40 p m, daily except Sunday; and 937 j
a ra, 5 07 p m. Sunday.
Trains leave Sheppton for Oneida, Humboldt
ltoud, Harwood Road, Oneida Junction, Hazle
ton Junction and Roan at 7 11 a in, 12 40, 522
p m, daily except Sunday; and 811 a m, 3 44
p in, Sunday.
Trains leave Sheppton for Beaver Meadow j
ltoud, Stockton, Ilazle Brook, Kokley, Jeddo |
and Drilton at 5 22 p in, daily, except Sunduy;
tind 8 11a in, 3 44 p in, Sunday.
Trains leave Hazleton Junction for Beaver I
Msiidow ltoud, Stockton, Ilazle Brook, Eckley, |
jeddo and Drifton at 545, 620 p m, daily,
except Sunday; and 10 10 a in, 5 40 p m, Sunday.
All truins connect at Hazleton Junction with
electric ears for Hazleton, Jeanesville, Auden
ried and other points on the Traction Com
pany's line.
Trains leaving Drifton ut 5 30, 6 00am make
connection at Deringer with P. it. R. trains for
Wilkesbarre, Sunbury, llarrisburg and points
For the accommodation of passengers at way
stations between Hazleton Junction and Der- I
jnger, a train will leave the l'ormbr point at |
350 p in, daily, except Sunduy, arriving ut
Deringer ut 5 00 p m.
LUTHER C. SMITH, Superintendent. |
D. J. Boyle, Manager.
Tuesday, October 12.
in the big realistic comedy production,
Illustrating the funny side of life
on the rail.
The Funniest Railroad Scene.
The Biggest Locomotive.
The Greatest Comedy Effects.
And a company of specialists, who will pres
ent sparkling music, bright specialties and
mirth-provoking situations, alio! which create
fun, fast and furious, from start to tlnisb.
Saturday, October 16.
"Patent Applied For."
The Hit of the Season.
PRICES: 25,35 and 50 CENTS.
President McCarthy Resigned as a Mem
ber and Director Sweeney tjult as Sec
retary— Roard Rofused to Accept the
New Building—The False Tablet, Etc.
What was probably the liveliest ses
sion ever held by Freeland school board
took place Saturday evening. There
was a full attendence of the members,
and every question taken up for consid
eration during the evening was discuss
ed before action was taken. More or
less friction was noticeable from the
start, and before the session was con
cluded President McCarthy's resignation
as a member of the board and Director
Sweeney's resignation as secretary were
read. The to accept tlje same
did not have a majority vote, neverthe
less the president lias declared that his
connection with the board is ended.
The reading of the minutes of the
special meeting on September 25 brought
a protest from the president. lie claim
ed that he withdrew his vote at that
meeting for Myron Zimmerman as
teacher and declared that ballot void.
The secretary contended that the presi
dent did not withdraw his vote, that he
simply stated that if ho had seen the
certilicato before voting ho would cer
tainly not vote as he did. The minutes
were then approved
The regular order of business was
suspended to take up the question of
settlement of the new building with the
architect and contractor. A motion
was made by Directors Ferry and John
son to accept the building from Mr.
Riebe, the architect having given him
a certificate that all work was complete
and satisfactory. After the president
misconstrued the motion, and his atten
tion being called to it by the maker, he
refused to accept It unless put in writing.
This Mr. Ferry refused to do. Two
motions were then put and lost, one to
pay Mr. Riebe $1,200 and the architects
S2OO on account, and another to lay the
final settlement over until a future time.
A bill for extra masonary done by the
contractor and sanctioned by the archi
tect, for s4l, was also laid over. Ferry's
as above was then presented in writing
and accepted. It faijed to carry, Ferry,
Johnson and Schaub voting for it and
McCarthy, Sweeney and Tltnony against.
These bills were ordered paid: Win.
Williamson, supplies, $2.35; Freeland
Lumber 'Company,- 81; M. Halpin, door
latch, 30c; J. P. Gorman, pens, 90c;
Plain Speaker, publishing notice, 90c; L.
V. R. R., freight. $45.55; Win. William
son, lamp and oil, $2.49; American Rook
Company, books, $9.00; E. 11. Rutler,
books, $53.28; Kress Stationery Com
pany, supplies, $47.38; Leach, Shewell
& Sanborn, books, $11.25; American
Rook Company, books, $9.15; E. 11. Rut
ler, books, $03.84; H. Riebe, laying
pavement, ssl; Henry Fisher, labor,
$10.50; 11. F. Doubt and C. F. Kocher,
labor, $0: Daniel Filler, $7: Joseph Sen
senbach and James Bell, labor, $7.40;
Wm. Rirkbeck, 00c; Isaac Johnson,
hauling, $3; Matthew Johnson, labor,
$2.40; 11. G. Deppc, labor, $3.04. A bill
from Wm. Rirkbeck for sls was laid
A petition from the residents of old
South Heberton,
with signers representing over fifty
pupils, was read. No action was taken.
The salary of Geo. McLaughlin, princi
pal of the E. R. Coxo School, was in
creased from SSO to $55 per month. Di
rector Schaub was Instructed to look
after repairs on South Heberton school.
A motion made by Director Ferry,
that local institute be held semi-monthly
by the teachers and they be paid at the
same lime, was carried, only the presi
dent and secretary voting against It.
Roth officials protested against the extra
work semi-monthly payments would re
quire on their part, and the resignation
of each was hurriedly written. Mr.
Sweeney was first to finish and
as secretary. A motion to accept it
was promptly made by Director Ferry,
and on roll-call the vote was: To ac
cept, McCarthy. Sweeney and Ferry;
against, Johnson, Timony and Schaub.
The president then tendered his resig
nation as a member of the board from
the North ward, which, ho stated, would
take effect after the meeting whether
accepted or not. Ferry's motion to
accept it apparently did not have a
majority; the president, however, de
clared it carried.
Contractor Riebe desired to know if
there was anything the board desired
him to do before accepting the building;
that if there was anything yet to be
dono he would like to know what It
was so as to do it this week, as ho
would be busy hereafter. Tho board
informod hi in that
having beon placed In thy basement tho
contract called for another quality.
Architect Davey stated the glass now in
CowMflWV.d on Fourth Page.
A Coin|>)Hint from Freehand.
From Saturday's Philadelphia Inquirer.
Tb e Inquirer acknowledges the receipt
of a communication from a correspon
dent at Freeland, Pa., in which the
names of certain coal operators who
violate both the semi-monthly pay law
and the act prohibiting company stores
are given, and in which it is alleged that
"the men are compelled to deal in the
company's store and that they have to
sign a contract to enable them to draw
the store account before they get their
money." It is also alleged that the
abolition of those stores would be a
great benefit to legitimate storekeepers
and to the towns in which they and the
miners live. Unfortunately, the corres
pondent failed to attach his name to the
communication, and hence it cannot be
used. The general conditions therein
described, however, are those with which
the Inquirer has made the state at large
acquainted, even to the fact that men
who do not deal with such stores are dis
charged for that cause or no cause at
It would seem as if the attorney gen
eral of Pennsylvania could not fail to
to make out a score of cases against the
people who, in the soft and hard coal
regions and even in the slate fields, thus
deliberately violate the law.
Breaker Employed on Strike.
The Lehigh and Wilkesbarre employes
on the South Side were given their
checks on Friday, but when the breaker
hands found that they had been granted
less than what they claimed they were
promised at the time of the settlement
of the recent strike they refused to
work. They say that if the officials
offer no satisfactory explanation and
give them no advance the 2,500 men of
this company who were out during the
late difficulty will again be idle.
The Honey Hrook breaker hands wore
the first to strike. As soon as they dis
covered that the expected advance had
not been granted they left their places.
Superintendent Gomer Jones prevailed
upon them to go back, and after some
persuasion they did so upon being as
sured that the superintendent would set
tle with the grievance committee.
The breaker employes at Audenried
marched to Ilooncy Hrook in the after
noon and were joined by the latter.
Failed to Fix (he Guilt.
A preliminary hearing as to the
charges brought by Schuylkill county
commissioners against Philip J. Council,
a former chief clerk, wherein they allege
he is guilty of forgery and embezzlement
of ®5,000 which was missed from the
office and cannot be accounted for, was
heard on Friday evening before Alder
man J. 11. Fistor. It is alleged that
Council falsified the minutes and took
ont a temporary loan on the Safe De
posit Hank for 53,000, whereas the com
missioners only authorized a loan of
$2,500. Connell, who mysteriously dis
appeared about four weeks ago, has not
been located and was not present at the
hearing. The result of the hearing fixed
the guilt upon no one.
Terrible Death of Two Brothers.
Two brothers, Louis and Leone Ceol,
miners employed in the Evans colliery,
Heaver Meadow, were found dead Thurs
day morning in the chamber in which
they were engaged. The men were
working night shift, and it seems they
were overcome by bad air shortly after
entering. One body lay face down ward,
while the other was in a kneeling pos
ture at his side with hands clutching his
clothing, as though he had been en
deavoring to drag him to a place of
safety when he, too, was overcome.
The brothers were 413 and 28 years
respectively and unmarried.
Kx-Congrt)HHinuti Aininerman Dead.
Ex-Congressman Lemuel Ammerman,
who was elected from the Lackawanna
district and served in the Fifty-second
congress, and who was a resident of
Scranton, where he wus well known as
financier, lawyer and politician, died
suddenly of heart disease Thursday
afternoon at Hlossburg, Tioga county,
whore he was in company with his busi
ness partner of many years, ex-Lieuten
ant Governor L. A. Watres.
A Child Fatally Darned.
While Mrs. Michael Koche, of llazlc
ton, was out picking coal Friday morn
ing, her three-yeur-old son was fatally
burned. The mother before departing
built a wood fire in an open grate and
left a baby in charge of the boy. A half
hour later the mother returned. Upon
opening the door a horrible sight met
her. There lay the boy writhing in
agony, almost cvorv stitch of clothing
being burped from his body.
A Spre Thing fur Ypu.
A transaction In whjph you cannot losp is a
sure thing. Hiliousness, sick headache, fur
red tongue, fpvor, piles and a thousand other
ills are caused by constipation and sluggish
liver. Cascarets Candy Cathartic, the won- I
derful new liver stimulant and Intestinal
tonic, are by ull druggists guaranteed to cure
or money refunded, C. C, C, are a sure
thing. Try a box today; 100, 2fio, 50c.
Wamplo and booklet free. All druggists.
Clothing at Hart's.
Overcoats ami fall and winter suits
are made cheap at Hart's. A pretty
line of cloth to choose from if you prefer
made-to-measure goods. Latest at) les at
all times and satisfaction assured.
Patrick Callahan, of Plains, is visiting
friends hero.
Joseph P. Carey, of Trenton, N. J.,
spent Thursday and Friday in town.
Miss Ida Long, of Lancaster, Is visit
ing her schoolmate, Miss Birdalyn Davis.
A foot bail team lias been organized
in town with Mart Neuburger as man
Colonel William Orr and C. F. Mo
ll ugh, Esq., of Wilkesbarre, drove here
A. Oswald sells the Reliable root beer
extract —three bottles for 25c. There
is none better.
Jeddo hotel was opened on Saturday
evening with a ball and supper given by
Mrs. John Markie.
Misses liid Cunningham, of Mauch
Chunk, and Nellie lierron, of Wilkes
barre, are the guests of Miss Rose Burke.
Everyone desires to keep informed on
Yukon, the Klondyke and Alaskan gold
fields. Send 10c for largo compendium
of vast information and big color map
to Hamilton Pub. Co., Indianaoplis. Ind.
The reports from Bethlehem hospital
regarding the condition of A. Oswald
are of an encouraging nature. He is
now out of danger, but cannot be remov
ed for some time.
The members of the Young Men's C.
T. A. B. Corps, accompanied by St.
Patrick's cornet band, left via trolley
for Ilazleton this morning to take part
in the temperance parade.
Richard Hill, a popular young man of
Ilazleton. died early Saturday morning
from paralysis. He was an excellent
singer and had taken part in several
entertainments in Freeland.
The meeting of miners and laborers
held at the Grand opera house yester
day afternoon was largorly attonded,
and a branch of the United Mineworkers
was organized. The union starts with a
large membership.
The Cranberry mines, operated by
Pardee & Co., took lire Friday afternoon
and is still burning. A miner named
James Forest and a Austrain were
smothered. The bodies were found last
night. Sixteen mules were also suffo
cated by the smoke.
Foster school board on Saturday even
ing instructed Superintendent Gabrio to
prepare to open a high school. Owing
to the crowded condition of the Sandy
Run primary school Miss Grace Palmer
was appointed to assist Miss E. P. Ste
wart. Each will hold half sessions daily.
For Infants and Children.
Tha fac- /)
••Patent Applied For."
Lovers of good comody, magnilicent
scenic effects and intricate stage
mechanism are looking with eager antic
ipation for the appearance of Elmer E.
Vance's latest and best work, "Patent.
Applied For," which Manager Boyle has
secured for Saturday, October id, and
if, as it is said, the new play is more
successful -artistically and financially,
than Manager Vance's first great win
ner, "The Limited Mail," reserved seats
will be at a premium before the doors
are thrown open. Beatrice, who was
the soul of the latest production, has a
congenial role in the "Patent" and Is
said to be making a phenomenal success
in her now part of a young lady quite
lip-to-date. Elegant photos of this
charming actress and dancer will be
presented to every lady attending the
It IN Getter Than Ever.
The attraction at the Grand tomorrow
evening will be the popular comedy,
"Side-Tracked." The ploco has boon
entirely re-written and brought up-to
date in every particular and is a greater
success than ever. The play Is Inter
spread with catchy music, bright special
ties and ludricrous situations which
create 110 end of fun. Don't fail to see
this laughable success.
Great Music OlVer.
Send us the names and addresses of
three or more performers on the piano
or organ, together with 10 cents in silver
or postage, and we will mail you ten
pieces full sheet, music, consisting of
popular songs, waltzes, marches, etc..
arranged for the piano and organ. Ad
dress Popular Music Pub. Co., Indian
apolis, Ind.
Everybody Says So.
Cascurots Candy Cathartic, the most won
derful medical discovery of the age, picas
ant and refreshing to the taste, act gently
and positively on kidneys, liver and I>O>Y'IS,
cleansing the entire system, dispel colds,
otire headache, fever, habitual constipation
and biliousness. Please buy and try u box
of C. 0. C. today; 10, 25, 50 cents. Sold and j
guaranteed to cure by all druggists.
Tko fo- yy
November 24. —Seventh annual ball of
Jeddo Progressive Club at Yannrs'
opera house. Admission, 50 cents.
Firemen'. .Monster I'uratle.
Tlie parade of the state firemen was
held on Thursday at Wilkesbarre. The
weather was threatening all day and at
3.30 rain began to fall. The procession
had gone over about two-thirds of the
route by this time, however, and rain
had no terrors for the marchers. They
•went over the entire route. There were
over 8,000 men in tine, fifty hands and
twenty drum corps. Many of the com
panies brought their apparatus with
Thousands of strangers were in the
city to witness tho demonstration, and
the business houses and residences along
the line of march were handsomely deco
rated. C. ltow Dougherty, colonel of
the Ninth regiment, was chief marshal.
The judges awarded prizes as follows:
Largest company, prize 850, to the
Columbia Engine Company, of Columbia.
Finest uniformed company, prize 800,
to the Good Will Company, of Allentown.
Finest-looking hose wagon, prize 850,
to the Elm Hill Company, of Plymouth.
Finest-looking hook and ladder truck,
prize 830, to the Easton Ilook and Lad
der Company, of Easton.
Finest-looking hose carriage, prize
850, to the William Peon Company, of
On Friday the annual tournament was
held. The events resulted as follows:
Competitive drill—First prize, 8100, Ea
gle Company, Pittston; second prize, 850,
Schuylkill Company, Reading.
Hook and laddor race—First prize,
875, Friendship Company, Boyertown;
second prize, 835, Empire Company,
Hose race, distance of 200 yards run
and attachment to a plug, with six en
tries—Hlbernla Company, Allentown;
West v Pittston Company; First Ward
Company, Butler; Hontzdale Company;
Hope Company, Phillipsbnrg; Humane
Company, Mahanoy City. West Pitts
ton won first prize, 8300; time, 30!..
seconds. Butler Company, second prize,
8100; time, 37 seconds. Hlbornia Com
pany, third prize. 850; time, 37H seconds.
County Teachers' Institute.
The thirteenth annual session of the
Luzerne County Teachers' Institute will
be held in Wilkesbarre October 25 to 28,
inclusive. County Superintendent Harri
son is now busy arranging the details of
tho program. The genorai plan of the
work shows that the teachers*of the
county aro to bo provided with a week
of excellent instruction and lino enter
tainment. Among the names that ap
pear on tho program are; Dr. N. C.
Schaefler, superintendent of public In
struction; Professor B. Bible, East
Stroudsburg Normal School; Dr. J. P.
Welsh, Bluutnsburg Normal School. Dr.
C. C. Rounds, of Now York city, will
give instruction during the entire week.
He will speak in the main upon applied
psychology. Dr. R. Ileber Holbrook is
professor of psychology and mathematics
in Clarion Normal School. His work
will bo along tho lino of civics and his
tory. Prof. Hamlin E. Cogswell, of
Binghamton, will have chargo of the
music. Miss Mary Cronan, of Now
York city, will present the Pollard syn
thetic to tho institute.
The evening lectures and entertain
ments are unusually fine. On Monday
evening Dr. Thomas Dinsinoro will give
his lecture, "A Wonderful Structure."
This is a popular scientific lecture, Illus
trated with brilliant chemical experi
ments. On Tuesday evening the Lyric
Ladles, of Chicago, will give a concert.
Sain. I'. Jones will lecture on Wednes
day evening. His subject Is "Got There
and Stay There."
Departed With Good Wishes.
L. Olsho and family, after a residence
In Freeland of live years, removed on
Friday to Pottsville, where the business
has been reopened In a large store-room
on tho principal thoroughfare of the
town. This change in location was
made necossary by the inability of Mr.
Olsho to secure quarters here largo
enough to satisfy his increasing trade.
If this could have been done he would
have remained in Freeland, but after
falling to find a location which would
incut all requirements ho sought olse
where. In Pottsville ho is well locatod,
and it is safe to predict that In a few
years the fame of Ills hat store will ho
as favorably known in Schuylkill county
as it is now in lower Luzerne.
By his removal Freeland has lost one
of its honest, upright business men, and
many expressions of regret have been
heard from the numerous friends he
made during his stay in this town. With
tho aid of Ids son, Sidney, assisted by
judicious advertising, he built up a trade
which was not surpassed by any Freeland
dealer in the same line, aipi by his thor-,
ough business qualities and honest deaL
iqgs lie commanded the rospectof all who
became his patrons. He carried with him
the wislios of the town for success in his
Schuylkill field.
Carr.—At Freeland, October 9, of cholera
infantum, Hachel, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Peter 11. Carr, Pino street,
agod .1 months. Funeral tomorow at
'J p. m. Interment at St. Ann's ceme
To Cure Constipation Forever.
Take t'usenrets Candy Cathartic, file or 25c.
11 C. C. C. fail to cure, ■!ruyy isl s refund money.
Tract of Lund in Lacknwanna County
Was Maile to Show it Vein of Ten Feet
of Anthracite Under It* Surface—The
Trick Explained in Court.
The "salting" of a mine has always
been considered an industry peculiar to
the enterprising West, says the Scran
ton Truth. That the West does not
monopolize all such works of genius
seems to be the inference from a declara
tion tiled in a suit brought in Lacka
wanna court by Charles L. Ilawley, Esq..
attorney for William W. Watkins, as
signed to Edward J. Williams, and Ed
ward Williams in bis own right, against
the estate of William Moore, deceased,
late of Providence. The plaintiff claims
83,000 with interest from January 18,
The declaration tiled In the case sets
forth that about the first of April, 1880.
William Moore, who owned 130 acres of
the Sandy McLean tract in Blakely,
which ho desired to sell, agreed to sell
to Watkins & Williams the tract, provid
ed they should test the coal under the
land. They claim to have spent 80,000
in boring for coal. They claim that
Moore agreed to pay them 83,000 to re
imburse them for their losses In boring.
After the expiration of the above
mentioned agreement of opinion, Moore
mndo a deed of the lands to John 11.
Follows, Edward J. Watkins, William
W. Watkins and 11. J. ltrennan. The
consideration named in the deed was
835,000. The purchasers gave a mort
gage of 820,000 restricted in its collec
tion to this tract of land.
The declaration sets forth that prior
to the making of the deed William
Moore, with the connivance of an em
ploye of said Watkins & Williams but
without the knowledge, at that time,
of said Watkins and Williams, had
caused to put into the case barrel of the
drilling machine, with which such
boring and testing was being done,
about ten feet of coal core taken from
another tract of land, remote from the
land herein described, thus creating
the belief on the part of Claranco R.
Simpson, Thomas 11. Watkins and Wil
liam C. Park, who had intended to pur
chase it if the land proved to contain
coal, "that the land here described was
underlaid with about ten feet of coal."
It is said that at the time the test hole
was put down the intending purchase s
had a man watch the drillers, but while
the attention of the unsophisticated coal
export was drawn aside, with theslolght
of-hand dexterity of the drillers, the
coal core was slid into the boring
machine. Then operations were resum
ed and the vigilant Inspector resumed
his position watching the drill work.
The drillers suspected the machine was
going through coal. Water was put
down and pumped up and It came up as
black as the subterranean night from
whence it came. The heart of the in
spectors bounded, for surely here was
coal. 110 had them examine the bor
ings, and to the surpise of all there
came cut borings of ten feet of coal.
The declaration sets forth that Wat
kins and Williams, in payment of the
moneys expended for borings, "agreed
to accept the sum of 83,000 as soon as
Moore should get his money on the
830.000 mortgage above referred to, the
collection of such being dependent upon
the failure of the parties who were to
pay toe same to discover, previous to the
payment thereof, the substitution of
said ten feet of coal core."
January 18, 1805, Moore was paid in
full amount of said mortgage. William
W. Watkins assigned his share to Ed
ward J. Williams. Williams has not
yet received his cash. Hence the suit.
Messrs. Simpson Watkins and Parke
now own the land.
Thore is more catarrh in this section
of the country than ail other diseases
put together, and until the last few
years was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and prescrib
ed local remedies, and by constantly
failing to cure with local treatment, pro
nounced it incurable. ' Science has
proven catarrh to be a constitutional
disease and thereforo requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.;
Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional
euro on the market, it is take's in
ternally in doses from tea drops to a
tenspoonful. It acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem. They oiler one hundred dollars
for any case it fails to cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials. Address.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.'
tSTriold by druggists, 75e.
Hall's Family Pills are tho best.
Its ft!-
81.50 a year is all the Tnnu xn costs.
Butler township, deceased.
Letters testament ar> upon tin- above named
estate lia\ inw been granted t<> the undorsiirned,
all persons indebted to said estate are request
ed to make pay incut,and those having claims or
demands to present the same, without delaj to
John M. t.'arr, Bcunuuin P.isenhart,
Attorney. Administrator.
$1.50 PER YEAR.
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Notary Public.
Office: Rooms3and 4, Birkbeck Brick, Freeland.
All legal business promptly attended.
Postollice Building, - Freelund.
Boom 10, Sehwurtz's Building,
East Broad street, - - Hazleton, Pa.
jyjRS. S. E. HAYES,
Fire Insurance Agent.
Washington Street.
None but Reliable Companies Represented.
General Hardware.
Builders' supplies of every kind always in
stock. V all paper, paints and tinware. Bicy
cles und repairs of ull sorts.
South Centre street.
Restaurant and Oyster Saloon.
No. 13 Front Street, FreoJand.
The finest liquors and cigars served at the
counter. Families supplied with oysters.
SeniralT Hotel
M. 11. lIUNSICKER, Prop.
Rates, $2 per day. Bar stoeaed with line
whiskey, wine, beer and eigurs. Sale and ex
change stable attached.
dealer in
Call at No. 6 Walnut street, Freeland,
or wait for the delivery wairons.
Condy 0. Boyle,
dealer in
Liquor, Wine, Beer,
Porter, Etc.
..The finest tirunds of Domestic and Imported
>\ his key en sale in one of the handsomest sa
loons in town. Fresh Rochester and Shenun
doah Beer and \ eungliug's Porter on tap.
98 Centre street.
Baker & Confectioner.
Wholesale and Retail.
Dr. N. MA LEY,
Second Floor, Birkbeck Brick.
dealer in
I>i\y 4*OO<IH,
Boots sun!
Centre and Main streets, Freeland.
Corner of Centre and Front Streets,
Freeland, Pa.
Finest Whiskies in Stock.
Gibson, Douirherty, Kanfer Club,
Rosonbluth's Velvet, of which wo have
Mumm's Extra Dry Champagne,
Hennessy Brandy, Blackberry,
Gins, Wines. Clarets, Cordials, Etc.
Imported and Domestic Cigars.
11am and Schxreitzer Cheese Sandwiches,
Sardines, Etc.
Ballentlne and Hazleton beer on tap.
Baths, Hot or Cold, 25 Cents.

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