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"A Gentle Wind
of Western Birth'"
Tens no sweeter story to humanity than
the announcement that the health-giver
and health-bringer, Hood 0 > Sarsaparilla,
tells of the birth of an era of good health.
It is the one reliable specific for the cure
of all blood, stomach and liver troubles.
In Surrey, England, there is a great
poultry fattening establishment, which
annually sends about 36,000 fowls to
Don't Tobnrco Spit and Smoke Yoar Mfe Away.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netic. full of life, nerve and vigor, take No-To-
Bac, the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists, 50c or fl. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York.
There are 2,360 central station plants
for generating electricity in the United
Ito-To-Rsc for Fifty Cents.
Guaranteed tobacco h&blt cure, makes weak
men strong, biood pure. 50c, 11. All druggist*
There is an epidemic of fleas In one
of the New York markets.
The Baltimore and Ohio South West
ern Railroad placed in service several
months ago five large ten wheel com
pound passenger engines for use on fast
trains between Cincinnati and St. Louis.
The performance of these engines has
been eminently satisfactory and up to
the highest expectation.
The same line has also in service 50
consolidation compound freight engines
which provide ample power for the
entire line in addition to what was al
ready in use. The compound engines
were an experiment but hard service
has proved that they are entirely suc
cessful and show a saving of 10 per
cent. In fuel as compared with simple
engines of the same type. Exhaustive
tests were made with both the simple
and compound locomotives before the
order for the entire lot was placed with
the result vastly In favor of the com
pound locomotives.
How's This T
We ofTer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
my case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & Co.. Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Che
ney for the last 15 years, and believe him per
fectly honorable in all business transactions
and financially able to carry out any obliga
tion made by their firm.
WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggiats,Toledo,
Druggists. Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, act
lug directly upon the blood and raucous sur
faces of the system. Testimonials sent free.
Price, 75 e. per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
I have fo rnd Piso's Cure for Consnmptlon
an unfailing medicine.— F. It. LOTS, 1305 Scott
bt., Covington, Ky., Oct. 1,1804.
Richest Gold Mine In the World.
The Band Barton and Albion gold
mine, under the town of Ballarat, in
Australia, has yielded more than fifty
millions as the value of its output of
gold since It was discovered about thir
ty years ago. It Is the most productive
gold mine yet known. Its supply o!
paying quartz seems practically Inex
haustible, and as the vein Is extensive,
being spread over much territory, the
mine bids fair to last for centuries. The
work in the Ballarat gold mine 1b said
to be much safer as well as more com
fortable than that of the workers In
A coal mine. At Ballarat there are no
noxious gases and no danger from ex
plosions. Air Is forced Into the work
ings through various shafts. In the
Transvaal rich and regular deposits
were discovered in 1886 in the Witwa
terarand. The reefs are estimated to
contain nearly 100,000,000 tons of ore,
the gold of which Is said to be worth
£45,000,000. From eighty to a hun
dred years must elapse before the field
la worked out.
Doubtless Remembered.
The Advocate of India tells of a curi
ous way of rejoicing. The Nawab oi I
Rampore being blessed with a daugh
ter, rejoicings were taking place in his
state, and a week's pay was deducted
from every state official in commem
oration of the event.
THE very word "operation" strikes terror to a woman's
Nearly always these operations become necessary
through neglect.
If the menses are very painful, or too frequent and excessive,
get the right advice at once and r——— ————-
stop taking chances. It will cost IPVMTIUM
you nothing for advice if you write wF %JmVmKLSw
to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn, Mass., * tfCt in
for it, and if you let the trouble w tLrSMJ
run along it will surely cost you a /tnrn M TBIIP
great deal of pain and may mean %Jm m MUtw&
an operation. —■
Miss SARAH J. GRAHAM, Sheridanville, Pa., writes: "DEAR
RS Inkham '—l had suffered for sev
wretc' living. I had dis
vf.y.'Cv " Seeinga woman's letter prais
;*.>: her and she begged of me to try
v''if it. telling me all that it had done
l ffil !vj| RMSS"/ for her. I bought six bottles of
|l fpHKB Cempound and now cannot ex
tumor began to come away in
time. I believe now that I am
it at first, as they all had told mo
wtfK' k •%.?" that my case was a hopeless one,
-jjgjggsafifc'lwj ant ' no human power could do me
It is not safe to wait until the
-I last moment. Head off trouble
by prompt attention to it. Don't be satisfied without Mrs.
Pinkham's advice.
No Care, No Pay,
la the way Flndley's Eye Salve la sold.
Chronic and granulated Mds cured in 31
days; common eore eyes in 3 dnys, or money
back for the asking. Sold by all Druggists,
or by mail, 25c. box. J. P. HAYTEH, Deca
tur, Texas.
In a Methodist Church in a remote
Georgia community the old rule of sep
aration of the sexes during worship is
To Care Constipation Forever*
>J J? 9, ttS . cn r eta Cndv Cathartic. 10c or 25c.
If C. C. C. fall to cure, druggists refund money.
The largest pumping engine in the
world is in the Calumet and Hecla
Tattooing is just now the popular
pastime of the leisured world.
t Fifty-one years h B o, we bepan our
present plan of doing business of sell
ing direct to the consumer, as ws
found thousands of people living in
allpurts of this country who pay cash
for their merchandise, were tired of
paying the big profits their local
dealers were charging.
Wo then begun selling everyone our
n own goods made In our own factories,
iSffr•* existing- of everything you Eat
dOo to S3, everything you Wear, everything you
tl-se, everything found in a
home, in an office, in an ho
tel, on a farm, or in a barn,
and we are saving money
to-day for nearly two mil
lion people, who live In all
parts of the world. Out 304
Page Catalogue costs us 69c
to print and mad is free to
Vse y has 10.0UU illustrations '
1 ' * 27, Our Lithographed Car-
Pet Catalogue shows Carpets, '
S-MWPT Art Squares, Portieres
H and Lace Curtains in their real
HK&J colors. Carpets sewed free, lin
ing furnished free and freight
Kfcrrjfcj Our Made -to-Order Clothing
I E —H Catalogue with samples of cloth
| I attached, offers suit and over-
Chalr C9c. coatß from W. 05 to $20.00. Ex
pressage paid on clothing every
where. Wn also issue a Special Catalogue
of Piunos, Organs, Sewing Machines aud
Bicycles. Which Catalogue do you want ?
Address this way:
BALTIMORE, MO, Dept. 2t3
You deny yourself pleasure and
F comfort If you don't use it.
Exports of coal from the United
States have increased from 227,018 tons
in 1870, to over 4,000,000 tons during the
pnst year.
Sdacate Yoar Dowels With Caaeareta.
curo constipation forever,
mo, wo. If C. O. C. fail, druggists refund money.
Home for Families of Bandits.
Not actuated by remorse, but by pure
philanthropy, Jim Jenkins, hunter oi
outlaws, has concluded to devote all
his money to the maintenance of a
home for the orphans and widows of
men he haß run to earth, in particular,
and of criminals of the great South
west In general. Jim Jenkins, now ol
Kansas, is now 65 years old and has
spent forty years as a scout and hunt
er of bandits and train robbers. Ir. this
way he has made about $50,000. Among
the distinguished outlaws he has
chased were Jesse James and his broth
er, Bob Ford, Bill Dalton and Bill
Cook, while he was the leader of the
band that caught Cherokee Bill in 1895.
In the Dalton raid in CofTeyvilie, Kas.,
Jenkins was shot eight times. He esti
mates his bag of bad men at about 150.
The home, which is being built on a
5,000-acre farm owned by Jenkins,
near Pryor Creek, I. T., is to cost $20,-
000. —Buffalo Express.
ivoiig r*wim.
Ernest Whitehead captured a young
seal near Anacapa island, California,
recently, and took him on board his
ship, says Our Dumb Animals. As the
vessel started the mother seal was no
ticed swimming about, howling pite
ously. The little captive barked re
j sponsively. After reaching the wharf
at Santa Barbara the captive was tied
j up in a Jute sack and left loose on the
j deck. Soon after coming to anchor
the seal responded to Its mother's call
by casting Itself overboard, all tied up
as It was in the sack. The mother
seized the sack, and with her sharp
teeth tore it open. She had followed
the sloop eighty miles.
He Will Have a New Uniform, But Leu
Decorated Finery.
The drum major, the highly deco
rated show piece of the military band
and the delight of the email boy, hat
received official recognition. For sev
eral years the drum major has been
slighted, and it a*as considered good
form to speak of him as unnecessary.
The National Guard hands took their
cue from the army, and the drum ma
jors of the regimental bauds became
less conspicuous, their uniforms less
elaborate, and in some instauces the
bands dispensed with the services of
the man with the gold lace embroidered
red coat. But it seems that the army
has recognized the fact that the drum
major is necessary, and a new style of
dress has been prescribed for him in
orders issued from the War Depart
ment. He will carry a baton wound
with silken cords and tassels, and the
color will designate the arm of service:
Cavalry, yellow; artillery, scarlet; in
fantry, blue and white intermixed.
The mounted drum majors will carry
swords instead of batons.
The shako, which has always been
the headdress of the drum major, has
been prescribed by the new regula
tion, which describes this important
article of dress in these words:
"Black lynx skin shako, with plume
and tassels of the color of the arm of
service, and leather chin straps with
brass scales aud side buttons."
Falter Jonathan, Thinner John.
The cartoon Yankee, lean, lank and
slab-sided, is vanishing with the cen
tury. So is the cartoon Englishman,
big, burly and obese.
The tailors of the country report an
increased girth of oue and a quarter
inches in the American mau of to-day
over the American man of 1889. Waist
coats aud troujers in the ready-made
clothing stores arc now made in that
much larger sizts. The figures col
lected by the Anthropometrical De
partment at Washington coutirm the
story told by the tailors.
The average American of the middle
of the coming century will be tall,
broad, fat and heavy in the scales. He
will probobly be nearly six feet high,
fifty inches around the chest, fifty-four
around the abdomen and weigh any
where from 200 to 225 pounds.
Meantime the average Englishman
has been growing thinner, probably
because he is not so well fed as his an
cestor, from whom the cartoonist of
the eighteenth century drew thefami
lar fat figure of John Bull. The aver
age Englishman of 1809, according to
the Fortnightly Review is live feet
seven inches high, thirty-six inches
around the chest and weighs only 150
pounds. The British Prime Ministers
of the last forty years have been
shorter, less stout and less heavy in
the scales by about forty pounds apiece
on the average than their contemporary
American Presidents.
Chicago's experiment in employing
housemen instead of housemaids will
be watched with interest. It does
seem as if an improvement might bs
I Designs For Costumes That Have Be- m
j| come Popular in the Metropolis.
NEW YORK CITY (Special).—For out
door children's garments the new
models show a somewhat puzzling
variety. First of all, jackets of all
shapes and lengths, and pelisses cover
ing the skirt, then there are capes
which will be much more worn thau
last year.
These are made round with but
tittle trimming and reaching slightly
below the waistline. They are fre
quently constructed with small pel
lerines, one, two or even three, super
posed, aud fastening at the foot of the
collar by loops and buttons, so that
they can be udded or not at, will.
They are chiefly made in clotli or
Scotch tweed, and many have plaid
pellerines, covering the shoulders only
and forming the trimming, or the
long oape itself is plaid and the smaller
ones plain.
In the accompanying cut, repro
duced from the Dry Goods Economist,
is shown a coat-shaped pelisse for girl
of five years. The material is white
cloth. The revors of white velvet,
stitched, are repeated on the cuffs and
pockets. Three double rows of round
crystal buttons ornament the front.
For young children, say from live
to eight, jackets are mostly made
loose with straight backs and fronts,
with turned-back revers aud no collar.
Ilatu in Profuflion.
Hats for the season now at its
height prcsont a bewildering display.
They are weighted with fruits aud ber
ries, leaves aud blossoms which have
been turned by the sun and frost in
the workrooms. Straws the like of
which never have been seen in a field
are presented in combinations which
require great courage to wear.
A toque of several shades of violet
velvet in bands, interlaced with a black
Paradise feather, fastened by a jeweled
rosette, is among tha recent styles,
and is suitable for oveniug wear.
For visiting there is a broad-brimmed
straw, lilted at tho sides underneath
by velvet bows and bands. It has
three waving ostrich plumes, and
pendant from the back are black mous
seliue de soie strings, which arc tied
under the chin a littlo to the side.
Most becoming to a young face is
another broad hat in green fancy
straw. Swathed around its crown is
mousselino, tho lightest shado of
green. Clusters of cherries aud their
leaves finish the combination.
Brims are all wido in the new hats.
One, loaded with autuniu flowers, with
loops of wired black velvet ribbon
wreathed over them, is a charming
creation, but this, too, is fastened by
velvet ties.
The ever serviceable if not always
appropriate sailor is to bo found in all
sorts and conditions amoug the new
millinery. Those which are trimmed
with ribbon or wide velvet in loops at
the bach are the only novelties IU this
Gray Fashionable For WetMlng*.
The most charming materials for
gowns to be worn at the weddings of
tho seusou are designed in gray crepe
do chino garnished with gray pearl
embroidery, and with such a gown a
very flat-topped turbau of gray silk,
wound with a scarf of pearl bedewed
white chiffon, is the smart and proper
thiug. No note of color is thought
well of in connection with these very
neutral harmonies, and for all stately
affairs it is interesting to learn that
trains will be eveu longer than we
have over before worn them.
Fashion'* No wast Fancy.
The young persou who is fond of
being tailor made may now add to her
wardrobe a silk tailor-made gown. It
is oue of fashiou's newest fancies. The
silk tailored gown must be severely
plain. It is very effective if made by
an expert and trimmod with bauds of
machine stitching.
A llcnutiful Cluitelalne.
Many unique designs iu jewelry now
appear in the showcases and 011 fash
ionable women. The newest chate
laine is small and of heart shape. It
is a circle of pearls aroutul a tiny
enamelled dower with a diamond cen
tre. The flower HhouldJbe the flower
of a girl's birthday mouth.
I'lahU Arc Kphleraic.
riaids of the most pronounced type
can now truthfully be said to be epide
mic, so few women are there who ure
free from the infection.
The initial purchase of the season
by every maid and matron, just enter
ing on 1 lie delightful task of collecting
au autumnal wardrobe, has been at
least one of these woolly-hacked, full
hangiug wraps, tho hue of which, so
angry and brave, liko the poet's rose,
bids the rash gazer to wipe his eye,
and lends not u whit of charm to the
wenrer's appearance.
Oue excuse to be offorcdiu extenua
tion of tho popularity of these amaz
ingly toned wraps is tho undeniable
novelty of their shapes and the iudis
putahle comfort to be found iu POIUO
of thera. There are snugly-fitting,
double-fall capes with large useful
capped pockets applied to the outside
surface of tho first fall, besides the
round short collet-formed "golfer's
friend," which wears a deep circular
flouuco pipod 011 the skirt of the gar-
raent. One and all they seem arranged
to give the arms free play without ox
posing the rest of the body to the
Tho Style* Suitable For Tali Women.
Tall, slim womon are boat adapted
by nature to carry out the present
Some say "Free silver is a curse,"
Some think it is the nation's hope;
But no one wants "Free Alkali,"
And there is none in Ivory Soap.
The gimlet-pointed screw has been
responsible for more wealth than m st
silver mines.
Denatj Is Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it. Cascarets, Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver and driving all im
purities from the body. Begin to day to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets, —beauty for ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c, 50c.
An "Exam."
Economy is so important a subject
that the mathematical housekeeper will
doubtless find it greatly to her edifi
cation and profit to consider the fol
lowing from Puck: If a housewife
twists in one hour and fifteen minutes
ninety-three "lamp-lighters" wheD
1,250 matches can be bought for five
cents, at what rate per hour does she
value her time, assuming the worth ol
the paper to be zero? If the aforesaid
woman will take six steps across a
room and six returning, each step being
of twenty-two inches, to save one
match, how far should she consistently
walk to save five cents carfare? If a
man can draw from boards, in fifty
minutes seventy-eight nails of a cer
tain size, what wages would he be
earning per hour, nails being worth
four cents per pound, and there being
one hundred of this size in a pound!*
In a certain climate underwear at a
price of $4 per winter will assure
against colds. Assuming that under
wear costing $1 per season will lead
to two visifts from the doctor at $1.50
each, what is the saving by the pur
chase of the cheaper material? Oil i 9
worth nine cents per gallon. Eamp A
burns forty-five gallons In reading or
sewing period of one year; lamp B,
twenty-five gallons. Spectacles A cost
$4.50; spectacles 25 cents. If lamp B
and spectacles B are used, the eyesight
is made useless in eight years for a
person whose expectation of sound eye
sight with the use of lamp A and spec
tacles Ais twenty-five years. Making
no allowance for deterioration of
| lamps or spectacles, estimate the value
of eyea per pair.
Force Exerted by the Heart.
By accurate measurements of the
heart's force It has been calculated
that In twenty-four hours the amount
of work done by It Is equal to 124 fool
tons; or, in other words, If the whole
force expended by tha heart in twenty
four hours were gathered Into one
huge stroke, such a power would lift
124 tons one foot from the ground
The heart really performs this work
In sixteen out of the twenty-four hours
for eight hours during the day are tak
en up by rests, every beat being follow
ed by a pause, during which the hear!
stops. Another calculation shows
that the distance traveled by the blood
thrown out of the heart Is seven miles
an hour, 168 miles a day. or 4,292,00Cj
miles in a lifetime of seventy years. j
T Is your Theil VOUl^
best friends turn their heads aside.
A bad breath means a bad liver.
Ayer's Pills are liver pills. They cure
| constipation, biliousness, dyspepsia,
| sick headache. 25c. All druggists.
i Want jrnur inoii.stunho or beanl u beautiful )
brown ..r rli-b black ? Then use \
■ . ■■■ - —*--■** ' P ' ii N J
Are tin* best. Ask for tliem. Cost no n*ore
Clnin common chimneys. All dealers.
lTrTsm iu; GLASS CO.y Allegheny. Pa.
Onoo TrafrhtngTon'a Arsenal-
New York Sun: The tearing down
of the old buildings, 93, 95 and 97 Cher
ry street, to make way for a modern
structure, removes a landmark vaguely
associated in the annals of the neigh
brohood with the days of the American
revolution. When Washington made
his headquarters at Roosevelt and
Cherry streets, the local historians
declare, he stored In these old build
ings munitions of war supplies for his
army. The historians of Cherry Hill
then skip the intervening years until a
period beginning fifteen or twenty
years ago Is reached. The buildings
were then occupied as resorts for sail
ors. The Loopey gang, which once
threw a man Into the river for 6 cents,
made its headquarters in the neignoor
hood. Near by was Sneepy's alley,
leading from Roosevelt to Cherry
street, in which a Roosevelt street resi
dent declares there were three mur
2ers within as many months.
Tho best remedy for
vOUffn Consumption. Cures
g. ° Coughs,Colds,Grippe,
ssy rup Bronchitis, Hoarso-
J * new, Asthma, Whooping
cough, Croup. Small doses ; quick, sure results.
Vr.Hull's Puis cure Constipation. Trial, oforsc.
liavc been lifting CMM.'.I KETS for
Insomnia, with whjph 1 have been afflicted for
over twenty years,and I can say that Cascarets
have given me more relief than any other reme
dy I have ever tried. I shall certainly recom
mend them to my friends us being all they are
represented." Teos. Gillakd, Elgin, 111.
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good Do
Good, Never Sicken, Weaken, or Gripe. l(!e t.*• ."Ale
Blfrll "g Kfnredy < onpany, iilrnna, Montreal, Sew Vork. :116
$3 A $3.50 SHOES J"JJ"
t Worth $4 to $5 compared with
other makes.
l?o o0?0 oO' vr?• ar c ra,
Tako no substitute claimed
a patron receipt of price. State
kind of leather. slzo and width, plain or cup too.
Catalogue C Free.
W. * DOUGLAS SHOE CO., Brockton, Mass.
BSSjgiHffg rmg
1)0 " Sg® Pcrmcsently Cured
H H Hi m Insanity Prevented by
■■ iSL". ,^1;
Prosecutes Claims.
3.vis i• civil war. 15adjudicating claims, at t.y sinew
Or. Ricord's Essence of Life ft™,"*.s"
ard. never-falling remedy for all cnxis ~f norvoue,
mental, physical debility, los. vitality and pre
mature ueoav in both sexes; positive, permanent
.•ure: lull fre.V!ueut $5, or *1 a bottle: stamp tot
ciriular. J JA <JL'I£S. Agent, 176 Broadway, N. I'.
' " Ai.r x <niiii Ukmki.v c'.>. . jdt, * "'la St.. N. Y.
p. x u. do

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