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Headache for Forty Years.
For fort j* years I suffered from sick head
ache. A year ago I began using Celery King.
The result was gratifying and surprising,
my heudaches leaving at once. The head
aches used to return every seventh day, hut
thanks to Celery King, 1 have had but one
headache iu the last eleven months. 1 know
that what cured me will help others.—Mrs.
John D. Van Keuren, Haugerties, N. Y.
Celery King cures ( 'onstipatlon and all dis
eases or the Nerves, stomach, Liver and Kid
ireys. Bold by druggists. 25c. and 50c. 'J
Dry Goods, Groceries
and Provisions.
A celebrated brand ol XX flour
always iu stock. ,
Roll Butter and Eggs a Specialty.
J*. IF. Cor. Centre and Front Sts., Freeland.
Corner of Centre and Front Streets,
Freeland, Pa.
Finest Whiskies in Stock.
Gibson, Dougherty, Kaufer Club,
Kosenbluth's Velvet, of which we hive
Mumm's Extra Dry Champagne,
Henneasy Brandy, Blackberry,
Gina, Wines, Clarets, Cordials, Etc.
Imported and Domestic Cigars,
Ham and Schweitzer Cheese Sandwichee,
Sardines, Etc.
Ballcntine and Hazlcton beer on tap.
Baths, Hot or Cold, 25 Cents.
Embalming of female corpses performed
exclusively by Mrs. P. F. McNulty.
Prepared to Attend Calls
Day or Night.
South Centre street, Freeland.
50 YEARS' 8
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communism*
tions strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents
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Patents taken through Munn A Co. receive
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Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. J.nrgest cir
culation of any scientific Journal. Terms, $5 a
year: four months, |L Sold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co. 361B,oadway ' New York
Branch Office, 625 F SU Washington D. C.
► Notice in " Inventive Age " Hi HC Bi Bp 4
► Book "How to obtain Patents" | ■■■PBBI
T Charges moderate. No fee till patent is secured. 1
f Letters strictly confidential. Address,
lE-G- SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Washington, D. C. J
An Advertisement
In this position is not very Con
spicuous, still It attracts the read
er's attention and proves that ads
in all parts of this paper are read.
c&sv s no° MONEY
This Circular Plush Cape s^Wil2rn!s? dtnJUS
•■lt's 8<HI I'iu.h. ) 1 lichen long, cut full sweep, lined
throughout with MerrerUf' Hllk In hi ek, blueorrnd. Very
elaborately embroidered with BOUIMII* braid and black
beading ■ Illustrated. Trimmed all around with extra
Inn (flunk Thibet Far, heavily interlined with wadding
and fiber chamois Write fr fro- l lonk lalalniruf. Addrnin,
Sars, BOvbuck A to. are thoroughly reliable.-Mltor.)
Established 1888.
One Year $1.50
Six Months 76
Pour Months 50
Two Months 2$
The date which the subscription is paid to is
<m the address label of each paper, the change
of which to a subsequent date becomes a
receipt for remittance. Keep the figures in
advance of the present date. Report prompt
ly to this ofllce whenever paper is not received.
Arrearages uiust be paid when subscription
. Make all money orders, checks, etc., payable to
the Tribune Printing Company, Limited.
Our Treatment ef the Filipinos.
From Philadelphia City and State.
In fighting for Cuban liberty, after
issuing to the world our celebrated self
denying ordinance "that forcible an
nexation would be criminal aggression,"
a thing "not to be thought of" under
"our code of morals," we received no
effective co-operation from the Cubans.
It has been proved that we did receive
most effective co-operation from the
Filipinos. We found neither army nor
independent government worth speak
ing of among the Cubans. But among
the Filipinos an effective military force
was created by Aguinaldo under Ad
miral Dewey's eyes, and an independent
provisional government was formed at
the same time, which Admiral Dewey
did nothing to discourage; on the con
trary. he reported the fact to Washing
ton with apparent approval.
The Filipinos had, therefore, given a
much bettor showing of practical results
in capacity of self-government than the
Cubans, and yet to the latter we gave
an honorable assurance that we would
deal fairly by them (and this up to date
we have maintained), while to the Fili
pinos we have not only withheld such
assurance, but we have made them a
base return for their faith in us. which
no true man who considers the facts
cau contemplate without deep mortifi
We have violated such an obligation
as gentlemen hold sacred; we have de
clared war upon them byj acclaim of
sovereignity, which at the time it was
issued was certainly unconstitutional; we
have ignored their existing government;
have called thera rebels when they never
professed allegiance to us; have declined
their earnest plea for peace after the
first accidental encounter: #have killed
their people, pillaged their homes and
their churches (the junk shopsaof Han
Francisco are filled with the loot af the
Th* Diamond* Were'Sareil.
From the Philadelphia North American.
□ Doubtless the whole fashionable
world breathed easier when the cable
Hashed tlio news that Kimberley hsd
been relieved and that Mr. Cecil Rhodes
and his barrels of diamonds had been
saved from the rude and untutored
Boers. General Roberts when he enter
ed the long beleaguered city, after a
struggle which cost himthe life of bis
only son, saw fit to eulogize the dia
mond king and |to tell mankind that he
is the most wonderful man extant.
There is no doubt whatever about the
ability of this great man to throw dia
mond dust in the eyes of his contem
poraries and to charm the whole British
Indeed,)there is no more inspiriting
picture of warfare anywhere than the
spectacle of Mr. Cecil Rhodes calmly
sitting upon his barrels of diamonds
and nonchalantly gnawing at the stifle
joint of a cavalry horse while the Boer
shells were falling thick and fast around
him and spreading death and destruc
tion in their path. Besides this heroic
feat. Iloratius at the bridge, Sergeant
Jasperjon the rampart of Fort Moultrie
and Davy Crockett in the Alamo pale
into insignificance. And the diamonds
were saved.
Unfortunately, however, the Boer
sharpshooters in despoiling the noble
houses of England of their first born
have delivered a blow to the diamond
market which even Cecil Rhodes cannot
mitigate. There is so much mourning
in England that diamonds will not be
in great request in that country for
several years to come. Still, Mr. Rhodes
is safe and well, and that is a compen
sating comfort.
The Colorado State Federation of
Labor is thinking of undertaking coal
mining on a co-operative basis. It will
find a formidable opponent in the rail
roads, and—well, aftor all, It will be
only another corporation, with little
chance of success. The miners will
not get justice until Uncle Sam handles
the business.
\Y atch the date on your paper.
Fearful Deed Required of a Rumeo of
of the South Pacific.
A certain young Suinoan, tlie son of
a chief, who had reached that age
when "a young man's fancy lightly
turns to thoughts of love," became
deeply enamored of the taupo or belle
belonging to a neighboring village, be
tween whose "talking man," father of
the taupo, and the suitor's family
there existed a bitter fued. The at
tachment was reciprocated, but, as is
customary in such important matters
as matrimony, the question of eligibil
ity was duly submitted to the aiga or
family council, which promptly re
turned a verdict of "impossible." In
stead, however, of accepting the de
cree of his family and renouncing his
Inamorata the young man rebelled and
declared he would wed his dusky
sweetheart in spite of all the code of
I'ra Samoa and the trammels of fam
ily and tribal disapproval that could
he imposed. The young girl asserted
her Independence and scorn for the
obstacles which were put in their way
and. with the help of a few girl
friends, began preparing her trous
seau of tine mats and gaudy tupa,
which brides in Samoa affect.
The wedding day approached. The
feeling between the rival villages ran
high, and before the arrival of the
date fixed for the ceremony culmina
ted In open liostilith's. Overwhelming
pressure was brought to bear upon the
poor lover, who was reviled and taun
ted with being a traitor, and all the
curses of endless generations of ances
tors heaped upon his devoted head;
family influence combined to exert its
every wile to break the engagement;
but still he stood resolute. He was
driven from house and village an out
cast on the world, and his property
confiscated and divided.
The day came, and the bride sat
alone, deserted by her family, waiting
for her faithful bridegroom. The hours
passed; he did not come. Suddenly a
step was heard outside the hut, where
she anxiously uwalted. She rose expec
tant. A curtain was thrnst aside; some
thing was thrown into the room and
rolled to the feet of the horrified girl.
She stooped and picked it up. and then
screaming and laughing she fell upon
the ground—a maniac.
It was the severed head of her fath
er. and before her stood her atflaueed
husband, stern, relentless, and cold as
if turned to stone In his hand the ter
rible mife-otl (head knife) freshly drip
ping. Family persuasion had tri
umphed at last, and the ordeal which
had been given him of proving his
fidelity to tribe and family in order to
be forgiven was the task he had just
performed—taking the head of the
bride's own father and throwing it at
her feet.
The shock was too great for the
poor girl, whose reason, mercifully,
gave way. She may yet he seen about
Apia, homeless and wandering, a sad
ly pathetic figure, decked Ophelia like
in bridal wreaths, with a cliaplet of
vines twined around her head, singing
her family song of victory or croon
ing a love ditty. The young warrior
upon whose fealty so terrible a test
had been imposed sought and found
in war that oblivion which his poor
aflllcted bride-elect yet hopelessly
awaits.—Ban Francisco Chronicle.
A Scene in lloilo.
A street fronting on the plaza, show
ing the better style of residence archi
Manila Silent and Safe at Night.
Carriages are but little seen at night.
The native driver of a public vehicle
Is not allowed out any more than a
native pedestrian would be. Hence
there is no carriage to be had, unless
you are the owner or lessee of a pri
vate rig, and even then you must be
either official or sufficiently near so to
he privileged to pass your driver by
the sentry. Moreover, every time you
are halted in a carriage you must leave
the carriage and advance on foot
for Inspection and questioning. Over
In the San Nicolas district, around the
port, the sentries are so thick that pro
eeedlng in a carriage Is more tiresome
by far than walking. Every little In
terval covered necessitates another
halt, explanations, advance, and the
same thing over again, about as fast
as you can enter the carriage and
alight. There is no pleasure iu a
night ride through the crowded parts
of Manila.
But the end justifies the means
There are no native uprisings and no
possibility of one. No city in the
world Is as safe by night as Manila
Deserted and nearly as still as the
grave, it remains under martial law
until broad daylight conies around
again, when windows open, shutters
come down, the populace swarms out,
and the busy fife of a great city be
gins like magic with the firing of the
sunrise gun—Manila Correspondence
la'slie's Weekly.
Natives near Santiago do a laud-office
business selling relics from the battle
Owners of plantations la Cuba refuse
'■ employ Spanish laborers
New York has 6,919 acres of public
An electric automobile In France re
cently ran 124 miles without recharg
During a recent Sunday shower in
Manila 7.39 inches of rain were record
Nearly 175 Congregational churches
have adopted the individual commu
nion cup.
Switzerland's expense for the keeping
of each inmate in the Insane asylums is
.S4B a year.
German physicians prescribe electric
light baths administered in mirror
lined boxes.
Nikola Tesla's new laboratory en
Pike's Peak is a long, wooden structure
with a big veranda.
Taking all civilized countries, the av
erage age at which women marry is
said to be twenty-three and a half
The official records of Kansas show
that there are sixty-one counties in
that State where there is not a single
Czar Nicholas's usual tip for servants
when on a visit is $6. The Kaiser usual
ly gives about $1.50 for the same ser
Upon President McKinley's desk in
the White House lies the old-fashioned
Bible given him by his father when ha
first went away from his home.
There are 500,000 goats in the United
States, 258,000 in the West Indies
(where goat mutton is extensively
used), 15,000 in England and 4,500,000 in
Central Asian railroad managers try
to meet the desires of their public. A
harem car with latticed windows has
been constructed for the Emir of Bok
A missionary paper reports that the
opposition to the Natural Foot Society
in China comes chiefly from the women
who are afraid to go against fashion.
Among the points dwelt on at the re
cent tuberculosis congress in Berlin
were the facts that more than 40 per
cent of the printers of Berlin who had
died were phthisical.
A German fish-breeder named Jaffa
has succeeded, after several fruitless
attempts, in transporting from Colora
do to Germany the egga of the purple
trout (salmo purpurata) and raising a
large brood.
A Whangarel (New Zealand) youth
who advertised for a wife was amazed
to find among the replies letters from
two of his sisters, with photos inclosed.
In this case the mania for matrimo
nial alliances seems to have been Quite
a family disorder.
When the Queen of lloumania makes
a stay at the seaside she delights ts
sit on a camp-stool in the middle of
the sands, gather around her all ths
children, and tell them fairy tales of
her own composition. Most of the fairy
tales of Carmen tiylva havs received
the approbation of a large circle ef
children before publication.
Thirty years a£o the sardines and
young herring in Canadian waters were
sold mostly as fertilizers. In 1897 near
ly a million boxes of sardines in oil
were put on the market. The price paid
to fishermen varies extraordinarily ac
cording to catch, season and year, be
ing sometimes as low as $6 per hogs
head and Hometiraes as high as SIOO.
John Williams, a young farmer, of
West Union, 0., is an expert squirrel
hunter, and is also afflicted with som
nambulism. Last Saturday morning at
daybreak he awaJtened to find himself
at the edge of a wood half a mile from
home. He was in his night robe, and
was carrying his gun. He had evidently
started off on a squirrel hunt.
An extraordinary occurrence hap
pened the other day in Brussels. A
milkwoman with her cart, drawn by
two dogs, was passing through a atreei
in the center of the city, when of a
sudden the roadway opened and the
cart and dogs disappeared. Investi
gations showed that the roadway had
been undermined by rats, which swarm
in the neighborhood.
Princess Louise seems likely to be
come one of the richest members of
the English royal family. Her marriage
wiih the Marquis of Lome has not
necessitated the keeping up of any
great state, and, being childless, her
expenses are comparatively few. On
marriage she received a dowry of sls#,-
000, and she had magnificent wedding
gifts of diamonds, rubles, pearls and
other jewels. Like the rest of tha
Queen's children, she has an income of
$30,000 a year.
Kudyard Kipling, according to tha
London Chronicle, was taken by Thom
as Hardy to see a house which the
latter thought would suit Kipling.
When Mr. Kipling moved out of ear
shot, Mr. Hardy observed to the occu
pant: "I may mention to you that this
gentleman is no other than Mr. Kud
yard Kipling." "Is that so?" she re
plied. "I never heard the name before.".
Presently Mr. Kipling in turn, found
himself alone with the lady, and re
marked: "Possibly you may not be
aware that the gentleman who brought
me here to-day is Mr. Hardy, the emi
nent author." "Oh, indeed," was tha
reply, "I don't know his name."
Once upon a time Parties offered te
sell a Farmer a tin box for $590. "But
it contains only sawdust!" protested
the farmer, who took seven daily pa
pers. "Yes," replied the parties, smiling
patiently, "but with a sucker betng
born every minute, there's going ta he
a great demand for sawdust. There'#
bound to be a bulge in sawdust seoner
or later." The farmer was much struck
with this theory, and bought the box,
mortgaging his farm to raise the mon
ey. This fable teaches that with the
common people become so exceedingly
intelligent as they now are, methods
of doing business with them will have
to be revolutionized.—Detroit Journal.
Voice Is not an index of character so
much as an index of climate.
He who hesitates Is lost. Ha who nev
er hesitates hasn't been found, either.
We could Acquire all foreign lan
guages in the time given te gossiping
in our own.
At this time no great man feel# that
his fame is complete until somebody
has named a chrysanthemum after
The woman with a chaotic top bur
eau drawer always has a delusion that
she is going to straighten it up te-mor
A pessimist is one who forsees the
future meals of warmed-over turkey
before the Thanksgiving dinner has
been eaten.
Opinions Froin Vartonn Sottreea en
Qnestton* ef the Dnjr.
If the premise* of the Qnsy machine
are carried ont there will he several
Breakers of the next house at Harrls
bnrg. It Is reported that the bosses
have been liberal In their pledges to
ambitious seekers who are willing to
give suporl to the machine in exchange
for the position.
If political and personal favorites
wore sent to govern the Filipinos their
cupidity and inefficiency would in time
become as Intolerable to the natives as
the maladministration of Spanish of
ficials before President McKinley
adopted his policy of giving the Fili
pinos freedom by shooting them to
death —Baltimore Sun.
Alger hae gone, and the New York
World gays Gage must go. The Den
ver News wants to know why the
country should not get at the root of
the matter and demand that MeKlnley
shall go. Next thing somebody will
wnnt to got further into the ground
and Insist on the disappearance of Mr.
Hanna. —Cincinnati Enquirer.
The Werld finds In the story of the
greet Frfck-Carnegie suit "ene of the
most pitiful end moving tales of the
poverty ef the protested Industries
that has ever reached the public eyes.
Only a paltry $21,800,089 of profits last
year, with a gloomy outlook for a mis
erable $42,000,000 this year! The Car
negie Steel company ought to go Into
the shipping business and apply for
bounties to supplement Its tariff sti
pends—New York World.
The Pennsylvania corporations last
year, having mors than ene-fourth
move Invested than ths New York
roads, earned more than a third mere
than they did, but paid In taxes —and
this la the point ef the Philadelphia
paper—lees than one-third as much as
wss paid by ths New York ronda. Tha
total taxse paid hy the Pennsylvania
roads was $2,007,008. Ths taxes paid
by the New York roads was $8,548,887,
er $5,988,979 more than was paid by
the railroads of Pennsylvania.—Phila
delphia North American.
We do net accept Mr. Bryan as our
leader and glory in eur leadership be
eause he reflects our fesllngs, but be
cause he has no feelings that are not
greater, above and beyond us. If there
were any man his superior, any greater
man, that man should he the leader of
the Democratic party today. It is be
cause of his great spiritual, moral and
Intellectual personality, because he Is
a great all-around man, selected by
Providence te lead the people of the
United States hack to their own in
etltntlons, that we take htm as our
leader,—Hon. George Fred Williams.
What wonld Christ think of Im
perialism? What would he think of
Cecil Rhodes? What would he think
ef the onglish slums, of the English
paupers, of the English millionaires,
ef tha Indian and Russian poverty and
famine, ef the submarine boat, the
quick firing gun. the melenlte shell
and the torpedo? What wenld hp think
ef the disgraceful plote and intrigues
ef Imperialists In Africa? What would
he think ef the dlsmemherm-nt of
China., the slaughter of the Soudan,
the kidnaping of Finland, and Rndyard
Kipling's hymns?— London Clarion.
Two fellows were arrested Monday
far peddling pine without a license. By
selling the p*ns they could earn enough
te keep body and senl together, hut
they couldn't procure a Urease because
they didn't have the prlee. If they
bemted they wonld have been arrested.
If they resorted to stealing they would
have met the same fate, and If they
did net work they wenld have beeu ar
retted for vagrancy. The Judge gave
them an hour te leave town. The
highwaye are too muddy to walk on.
If they walk en the railroad track
they will he arretted. If they stay
they steal s rids the railroad company
will bars them arrested, t. they stay
here they will be sent to jail, and if
they go somewhere else they will be
naable te keep ont of Jail. There is
something wrong.—Missouri World.
"If tnere It any country on the face
•f the earth that owes the British em
pire nothing, that country is the Uni
ted States of America. England seeks
to mis all people for mercenary ends.
There is not a lefty motive about her
peliey. Wherever she can ndvaotage
onely extend her commerce Into that
totality the earrlea her arms. Whether
It be fertile fields orgilamonds or gold,
the earns greed for gain has actuated
her conquests. I would not only Inter
vene with sympathy loudly and forc
ibly axprsassd, but 1 would intervene
with every lawful means In nay power.
I hope and believe that the God of
Justice will la time sec that the Brit
ish emplrs Is overthrown and a re
public established In Its place. A man
eannot believe in the justice of the
enuse of the Boers and at the same
time uphold our government's course
1a the Philippines.—Senator William
▼. Allen.
Official white washing comes desr in
this eeuntry when ea an sxtenslve
seals. It appears from s response of
Secretary Gage to s resolution of con
gress in regard ts the expenditure of
the $0,000.000 war fund that it cost
ths United States $105,144 to white
wash former Secretary Alger; and It
was s poor job at that. Of this sum
$48,508 was expended as compensation
for the embalmed beef commission,
some ef whose members were also In
the enjoyment of large salaries. Be
sides this, $12,000 was expended her
their meals, tn say nothing of several
odd thousands for eost of travel, Pull
man ear accommodations, carriage
hire, etc. Although the full report of
this luxurious commission, which was
printed by the government at a cost of
SIB,BBI, has never seen the light, the
commissioners wsre supplied with
fountain pens costing sl2 each In order
that they might make precise notes of
testimony. As Alger has recently pro
nounced William J. Bryan a "curse to
the country," is he to be accepted as a
blessing?—Pittsburg Post.
Spring Goods Are Here
- -
Spring Weather Is Coining. \
We *re ready for the change of the seasons. Our '
store is well-filled with the goods you will need in a few '
weeks. Our aim always has been to keep ahead of the '
times, that is why we call your attention to the necessities *
of spiing before winter "has departed. It's only a few '
weeks, however, until you will need something in our line,
and in the meantime you may view the large assortment of '
articles which we have on sale. Those who are prepaied to
purchase will have their choice of a
We say it, not as a boast, but because it. is true, that
our store today contains the largest, most varied and best •
stock of '
Spring and Summer Shirts and Neckwear, [
Underwear, Hosiery, Working
Jackets and Overalls, L
Spring Hats and Caps of the Latest Styles, *
and a line of [
Men's and Boys' Dress and Working Shoes [
that is not equalled in Freeland.
One PRICE and Same SERVICE to ALL. £
Gents' Furnishing, Hat and Shoe Store, f

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SEARS, ROEBUCK &. CO* (Inc.), Fulton, Desplair.e* and Wayinan St., CHICAGO ILL.
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PEWftHE OF " v MS ® p <^' I
MLUBLK AVOTWAM"*?. BU ** r4,lca * 0 *" 4 ,r ,rB w *° are j i
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the pries charged by othnra, and W( 1 / K3
wMi%va { iA f f™m.. nr V "
Turk Reversible KlesUe Tro.s, illustrated above, cut this
ad. out and nend to ns wltli OUR 81'Ktui, PRICK named,
state your Ralph!, Wright, Age, how loner TOU have been
ruptured, whether mpture is large or small; also state
number inchea around the body on a line with the
mpture, aay whether rupture Is on right, or leftside,
and we will send either truss to you with the under
standing, tr It Is nat a perfect St and equal to trasses thai
ratal! at three times eur price,you can return it and we
will return your money.
of trasses. including the .lew 910.00 Laa Truss *A Vr
that euros almost aay ease, sad which we sell for tW, /D
Soft I.©B BUYS A $3.50 SUIT
it f ,000 ctrhr bKAiKU •NKVMRwetHoiT" uuthiD
bhAT AMI K3KK, III.U 1 AH *3.60 BOTh* TR K-
I'lEt K KM.hi I'A.NTH BCITJ AT Sl.b*.
f\jio . J SEND NO MONEY, cwtihissd. eatai.4
' J lo r - B - * ,Mo *"• #r •"'d say whether
JJ|* • Qllarge or araall forage and we win send yo
LI J-Mn suit by expross, c. O. D. subject to e*-
"Twamlnatlcn. leu enn examine It at year
I I iy express office and if found perfectly satls-
I / r far t<ry ardeqnul to salts sold la yomriewn t9T
I A / Sft.so, par your ovprens agent eur Special
I I Off* r I lire, 61. 1 H, and express charges.
Iw Rj THESE KHEE PANT Still S si* forboi s* to
Uf ID v. Ift yara or n„'o nod are retsllrd everywhere at
H ns **■ to. tu.de with DOIbLK A EAT sud SltKl'R,
IT. iv Irjesl IVOO style aa IlinstraUd, nsde from a
fiWGvJ spvrlnl heavy weight, wear resisting, ad-weal
Utaninn fiwdmere, neat, hnndi.ome pattern,
flno Italian linln,;, geticinc Rrnyalna Interlining, paddlee,
staying atid reinforcing, .lib nad linen tawing, ftwe taller made
tlsr.iueii.Mit,asuit tiny boy i>r parent would he proud >f.
nut KRKK CLOTH XAHM.kIt Ui Hp,.' Clothing for beys 4 to
10 VfcAltH, wriie for Sample Uer.h No. OAK, contains fashion
plates, tane tneaMuroand full instructions how toordsr.
Men's Wnlte made to order from ft&.bO up. •am
pler sont free on application. Address,
SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO. (Inc.), Chicago, HL
(bears, Roe butt * Co, w* thoroughly reliable. -Kdtsor. >

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