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I tig Harvesting Records el the Wost.
The farmers of the San Joaquin val
ley, in California, utilize the largest ma
chines in the world for harvesting and
threshing their wheat crops. These
machines are combined harvesters, that
cut, thresh, clean, sack .and dump the
grain on the ground ready to be stor
ed. The traction engines which oper
ate them are of 50-horse power. Last
season some great records for harvesting
were made. A twenty-foot sickle har
vester, with what is termed a four-loot
extension cut, threshed, cleaned and
sacked 1,772 bags of wheat, or over 3,-
000 bushels a day.
& 4*
m Straight and strong is the
statue when tlte twists aud
WW curvatures of k\
F $
1 1
1 -fit Lumbago |
S a a
to /.\ W straiahteued ffi
to' / |VWl|j\ oul **■
1 ml' st i
% k\\l/i Jacobs f
| Oil |
"41W39K9993: Y-99-5 5*9
Marconi's Groat Task.
In his Dorsetshire laboratory, week in
and week out, works Marconi, the ma
gician of wireless telegraphy. He only
visits London to attend meetings of the
board of directors, and, thrice happy, he
is spared the reading of all save the
most pressing business letters. His dis
covery has been natented in every civ
ilized county, yet Marconi is aware that
competitors are running him hard in the
race for improvements and consequent
ly he is never content with what has al
ready been done.
"YVe have proved the efficiency of
Marconi's invention for a distance of
08 miles," said Major Flood Page, the
secretary of the Marconi Company, "and
I wish you could tell us how to cross
the Atlantic."
It is the solution of this distance dif
ficulty which is now taxing the ingeni
ous brain of the tireless Marconi. The
curvature of the earth over so many
miles of sea causes the trouble. To
speak to Ostend. over forty miles, of
water, necessitates the erection of a mast
of communication 40 feet high, which
is at the rate of a foot of mast per mile
of distance. By this calculation, wire
less telegraphy between Southampton
and New York would require on either
side a mast measuring about three thou
sand feet in height—nearlv as high as
Snowdon and 19 times the height of the
Nelson Column. But Marconi is san
guine of his ability to solve the mast
problem, though it will, of course, take
some high thinking and deep reflection.
—London Express.
Best For tho Bowels.
No matter what ails you, headache to a
cancer, you will never gat well until your
bowols are put right. Cabcarkts help
nature, cure you without a gripe or pain,
produce easy natural movements, cost you
just 10 cents to stHrt getting your lwalth
back. OABGARETI Candy Cuthartlc, the
genuine, put up in metal boxes, every tub
let has O.G.C. stamped on it. Beware of
In Baltimore they have eight schools
in the city jail. Attendance is compul
Garfield lloadnrhe Powdcrn Curo.
One woman writes: "Periodical hoadachcs
from whloh I suffered have been entirely
cured. Am now selling Powders to my
frloud9." Send to Garfield Tea Co., Brook
lyn, N. Y., for free .samples.
The public buildings of England
alone are valued at a sum approacfiing
£ 250,000,000.
Dr. Bull's Cough
Cures n cough or cold at once ■ W*
Conquers croup, bronchitis jy | 111 p
grippe anil consumption. 23c. J ur
UNION°Abg ~ '
The real worth of W.
L.. Douglas 93.00 aiul Jr ; . wk
•3.A0 shoes compared . aw
with other makes is
84.00 to 85.00. I*'/
Ourß4 Ciilt.Kdgel.lno LfcA Jlf
cannot ho equalled at AjjffUibl ii/
any price. Over 1,000,- J
000 satisfied wearers.
rv>, Pl'l °f L. Doug!aß
if FAST COLONIC $3 or $3.50 shceswiil
rILI FYELETC positively outwear
Wo are the largest makers of men's 83
and 83-rtO shoes in the world. We make
and sell inoro 93 and 83.50 shoes than any
other two manufacturers In the U. fcj.
The reputation of W. L.
QCCT WOO and *3.00 shoes for nror
LJLOI style, comfort, and wear la known DLOI
every whoro throughout the world.
$3.50 SSM?aSTSSSS $3.00
_ the .Unilard hn. b„ n V
then they can yet elsewhere.
THE IC MASON more W. 17 Douglu. $1 end fiJSO
•hoee ere old than any other make ia btrsuse TIIKY
AKK THE ISKHT. \ our dealer should keep
them j we give one dealer exclusive tale In ooch town.
Take no iiiliitltiile! Insist on hnvina W. J,.
Douglas shoes with name and price stamped on bottom.
If your dealer will not get them for you, s< nd direct to
factory, enclosing price and :Mc. extra for carriage.
State kind of leather, size, and width, plain or cap toe.
Our shoes will reach you enywhrre. Catalogue Frt*.
W. L. Uouglus Shoe Co. ISrocktou, Alusa.
3yrl'.i civil war. 15uiljiulicu: in- rlaim.v at t v sinco
K M I lost Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Uso ■■
w m? t,tme, i *? (>l< ! by ilru^lstn ' gf
Ambition is but avarice on stilts and
masked. —Landor.
Every moment of worry weakens the
soul for its daily combat. —Anna
Robertson Brown.
Civilization is ever a running fight
with the ape and the tiger that lurk
In man. —John Fiske.
There is a mercy which is weakness,
and even treason against the common
good.—George Eiiot.
Dress covers the mortal body and
adorns it,-but style is the vehicle of
the spirit.—Sydney Smith.
By ail that we morally admire, we
are practically bound. To discern an
excellence Is to receive a trust. —James
We are all inventors, each sailing on
a voyage of discovery, guided each by
a private chart, of which there is no
We can live so nobly, not in despite
of the great sorrows and bereavements,
but because of them, that our lives
shall be a gospel, though we can never
write or frame one with our lips.—
Robert Collyer
No man, woman or child can tell
what may grow out of their present fi
delity. Perhaps it may be our chief
judgment in the other world to learn
how much has grown out of our un
faithfulness.—W. H. Channing.
Thine* Appear Dlfl'eren 11 j to Different
One of the essential things for one
that would influence others is the abil
ity. to see things as they look to those
whom he addresses. A laca of this
ability has been responsible for the
failure of many persons that would
otherwise have been successful as
teachers, missionaries, lawyers before
juries, and even orators and statesmen.
Striking illustrations of the different
aspects things wear in the eyes of dif
ferent people are constantly coming to
A party of American travelers, jour
neying leisurely up the Nile, expressed
a desire to celebrate Washington's
birthday in some appropriate manner.
Their chef accordingly prepared a
I great frosted cake, upon which he ex
j ecuted in confectionery a representa
tion of George Washington, after hav
ing familiarized himself with the life
and achievements of his subject.
As represented in sugar, Washing
ton wore a turban on his head and a
great sash across his breast; he was
smoking a long pipe, and before him
some dancing girls were performing.
This was the way the greatness of
George Washington looked to the
Arab chief.
In China, the land of strange con
trasts, many amusing instances of a
similar kind may be found "Pilgrim's
Progress," as recently translated and
illustrated by native artists, shows
Chistian with a long pigtail, the dun
geon of Giant Despair as the familiar
wooden cage of Chinese criminals,
while the angels are arrayed in the lat
est productions of Pekin dressmakers.
A Chinese publication describes
Americans as "living for months with
out eating a mouthful of rice," and
never enjoying themselves "by sitting
quietly on their ancestors' graves," but
instead, jumping around and kicking
a ball as if paid for it.
How does this thing look to the
Turk, the Chinaman, the Boer, the
Englishman,the Northerner, the South
erner, is the question that we should
answer, in any controversy, before be
coming too sure of our own position. All
the world does not look through the
same spectacles.—St. Louis Star.
Iteitutlfiil Itutlerflloa.
Swallow-tailed butterflies, like men
in dress suits, always attract more at
tention than their relations with just
ordinary ends to their lower
wings. Whenever you see a butterfly
with a little tail-like extension at the
lower corner of each anterior wing you
may know at once that the creature's
first name is papilio. If he is a big
yellow fellow, with black edges to his
wings and red, white and blue spots at
the lower ends of his black wings, you
may feel pretty certain that the hand
some visitor is a papilio turnus —a
typical Yankee, who carries the na
tional colors about with him. I say
"he" in referring to this big butterfly;
as a matter of fact the males are small
er than the females, sometimes to a
remarkable degree.
j There are 27 species of the
[ the papilio family in America, and
I some 500 varieties in the world. They
include the most beautiful butterflies
of the tropics. Nothing approaching
these brilliant insects is ever seen any
where except in a warm clime.—Cin
cinnati Enquirer.
Youth loves light and laughter;
maturity alone has use for the subtle
ties of half-lights and pathos.
Invective is the weapon of the illit
erate; inuendo of malice; silence of
If you can do nothing better for your
contemporaries than to teach them the
value of a good laugh.
A childish old man is not half so
woeful a sight as an aged youth.
How awed would the original "Colo
nial Dames be to meet their august
One must visit a studio reception in
Paris to know what the human curio is
Epistolary decadence in the feminine I
world is not to be deplored, consider- j
ing how much woe it saves.
A man cheapens himself who per- I
mits a girl to snub him twice.
It consoles some to think that once I
at least they may ride in a carriage, I
even if it be er route to the cemetery.
—Philadelphia Accord.
Muslin I) I van Pillows.
Brocades and velvets as sofa pillow
covers have had a long day. But they
are giving place this season to cover
ing of fine muslin, beautifully worked
in raised hand embroidery and border
ed with hemstitched frills. The pil
lows are covered first with some bright
tinted silk which harmonizes with pre
vailing tones of the room.
Flowers In tlie Sickroom.
A great deal of nonsense has been
talked in regard to the Injurious ef
fect of flowers in the sick room.
Flowers with a strong odor are dis
agreeable to many people in health,and
are much more so when their nerves
have become supersensitive by illness.
The presence of flowers with a delicate
odor, or of those without fragrance,
is generally beneficial. Certain colors
are said to act favorably on the ner
vous system. Red blossoms are said
to be stimulating, and delicate blue
ones to be soothing. The presence of
growing plants is generally disap
proved of by physicians because it has
been found that the earth in which they
are grown often throws out malarial
I>o Your Own Marketing,
In nothing more than marketing does
the old truism, " If you want anything
done well do it yourself," apply. The
woman who buys her own provisions Is
mistress of the situation in more ways
than one. The butcher, the baker and
the candlestick maker all try to please
the patron who knows what she wants,
and refuses to be pleased with any
thing short of it. A little woman was
heard to say to a reliable butcher the
other day : " I have just moved into
the neighborhood, and want a butcher
that I can trust to give me the worth
of my money, and to advise me about
the best and most economical cuts of
meat. I do not want to pay for fancy
cuts,but I want the best of everything."
"That," said the butcher, as tlie wom
an left, is the kind of customer
that an honest man likes. But woe
betide the dishonest dealer who tries to
get tlie better of her. She is too
wise to be fooleu."
A I.otlon for Chapped HHIIIIS.
A lotion which will keep the hands
free from chapping in the coldest wea
ther is the following. It can be put up
at home by purchasing half a pint of
rosewater, the same amount of glycer
ine, and three ounces of critic acid. Mix
the ingredients together in a quart
bottle, and pour a few drops over the
hands after washing dishes or uwug
coarse laundry soap, or after exposing
the wet hands in the cold. Dry the lo
tion into the hands.
When the hands have become chap
ped, heal them with either almond
cream or camphor ice. To make cam
phor ice, melt three-quarters of an
ounce of spermaciti and one ounce of
gum camphor broken into bits in four
ounces of almond oil by putting the in
gredients In a cup set ill a pan of boil
ing water. Stir the mixture repeatedly
until the camphor, as well as the sper
maciti, is finally dissolved, and then
strain the camphor ice into little jars
of the proper size.
A ft A R£C/F£;S
Vitos Muffins (new) —One cup of
steamed vitos, one cup of flour, one
scant half-cup of sweet cream, two tea
spoonfuis of baking powder, whites of
four eggs, and one-half saltspoonful of
salt. Bake in hot oven 20 minutes.
Use whites left from maple cream.
Pickled Cauliflower—Boil the cauli
flower in salted water (do not let it get
too soft); then drain and break into
small tufts ; put them into a wide
neclced quart bottle, with six or eight
bay leaves, the same of tarragon, a
dozen peppercorns and a inch of bruis
ed horseradish ; pour over hot, strong
vinegar, and cork up.
Fried Parsley—Fried parsley is an
attractive garnish for croquetto, fish
cutlets, sweetbreads, etc. The fresh,
bright, green curled parsley should be
used. Put it, perfectly dry, into a
frying basket, and immerse it for 30
seconds in a kettle of deep fat, which
is hot enough to brown a piece of
bread in 60 seconds. Let it drain on
brown paper.
Compote of Oranges—To prepare a
compote of oranges, pare, slice and re
move the seeds from six large oranges
Put these in alternate layers of two
tablespoonfuls of water in a large dish,
and stand in a cool place for three
hours. At the end of that time, drain
off the syrup from the fruit and put it
in a saucepan. Add to it the juice of
one lemon, and boil the mixture slowly
for ten minutes. When it is cool turn
it over the fruit.
Apple Dowdy—Line the bottom and
sides of a buttered pudding dish with
Blices of buttered bread with crust re
moved ; fill the dish with peeled and
Bliced tart apples and a tablespoonful
of shaved candied ginger. Mix a half
cupful each of water and molasses to
gether, and pour over the apples ;
sprinkle over this a half a cupful ot
brown sugar, and cover with more but
tered bread ; place a tin plate on, and
bake in a moderate oven two hours ;
loosen the edges with a knife and turn
onto a dish. Serve hot, with whipped
cream sweetened. Good, and inexpen
The North Pole Is tho mathematical
point at the northern termination of
the earth's axis. Whether land or
water be there the phenomena ot the
sun during the polar day or of the
star during the night would indicate
tfs position.
Tho village of Bracket in Belgium
enjoys the fame of having originated
one of the most celebrated races ol'
domestic fowls. The Belgians do not
hesitate to assert that the Brackel
hens are unequaled for the excel
lence and number of their eggs, while
the roosters have developed, thanks
to generations of cultivation and the
Influence of "crowing tournaments,"
a power and rhythm of voice equally
unrivalled. The breeders have a
theory that the musical contests in
which the Brackel roosters are
trained serve to develop the peculiar
qualities of the race. However this
may be, it is certain that cultivation
has differentiated these from all
Professor F. E. Nlpher, in a recent
communication to the St. Louis
Academy of Science, described somq
interesting experiments, having fori
their purpose the devising of a de
veloping process which will do away
with the necessity for the dark room.
He took a number of street views,
Roentgen-ray photographs and "elec
trographs" on plates that had re
ceived preliminary exposures, and de
veloped them by the light of an
ordinary incandescent lamp, getting
a good positive image. A great deal
of work, says Nature, has already
been done in this direction, but tho
uncertainty of the reversal and the
great difficulty of getting rid of
mixed results of reversal and non
reversal have BO far prevented any
practical use being made of these
The use of sawdust as a fuel in
Austria is discussed in a report from
Consul Hughes of Coburg. He says
that in Austria, where everything in
the shape of fuel is being carefully
investigated, sawdust is impregnated
with a mixture of tarry substances
and heated to the proper temperature,
it is then passed over a plate of iron
heated by steam, from which a screw
conveyor takes it to a press, where it
is compressed into briquettes of the
required size. The press turus out
19 per minute, weighing two-fifths of
a pound each, and measures Gx2%x114
inches. The caloric power is about
the same as that of lignite, with but
4 per cent, of ash. One factory
produced last year over 7,000,000
briquettes, costing about 16 cents per
thousand, and selling at from 95
cents to 11.
A correspondent of the British
Medical Journal, who has lived in
India, writes, apropos of mosquitoes
and malaria, that some years ago,
while on a hunting expedition in a
very malarious district in the
Bhotan Terai, lie succeeded in escap
ing malaria by keeping within mos
quito curtains till after sunrise and
getting into them again as soon as
possible after dark, smoking freely
at the same time. Two out di four
Europeans of the party, and nearly
all of the natives, who did not take
those precautions, suffered so ' se
verely from malaria that the camp
was unable to march after three
weeks in the district. But there are
places in eastern Bengal, he adds,
where mosquitoes are very numerous
and very annoying, which do not
seem to be subject to severe malaria.
Thus. Dacea. the only place where he
was ever kept awake a whole night
by mosquitoes, was looked on as a
station free from severe malaria.
He himself did not have a touch of
it there, though he had previously
suffered from the fever at Assam,
ne thinks that this phase of the mos
quito-malaria question Bhould be in
Tlia Miners of the World.
The total number of workers of both
sexes employed in extracting minerals
from the bowels of the earth number
altogether 4,355,204. In other words,
they are about equal to the entire pop
ulation of London. The minerals taken
into account are coal, oil, stone and
precious stones. The numbers of min
ers in the various countries are given
herewith : United Kingdom. 875,603 ;
Germany, 498,509; United States, 444,-
678 ; India, 310,888 Ceylon, 310,210 ;
France, 292,711 ; Russia, 239,435 ; Aus
tria-Hungary, 219,227; Belgium, 160,-
150; Japan, 118,517 ; and South Am
erican Republics, 100,006.
During the past year the greatest
output has been that of tho United
States, the product of which attained a
value of $89G,000,000; that of tho Uni
ted Kingdom was worth $481,250,000 ;
Germany , $187,500,000; France, $162,
500,000 ; the Transvaal, $106,125,000 ;
Belgium, $75,000,000; Austria, $68,750,-
000. Canada, whose mineral deposits
have as yet been very little exploited,
produced $62,500,000.
M usk Ox Wool.
The Athenaeum states that the Kol
thoff Arctic expedition has succeeded
in bringing to Sweden a male and fe
male calf of the musk ox. As soon as
the animals are acclimated they are to
be set free in the northern mountain
regions, where it is thought they will
speedily increase in number, as they
are very prolific. Herr Kolthoff has
great faith in the future importance of
the musk ox, not so much as an arti
cle of food, as on account of its thick
brown-wool, which is said to be re
markably strong.
Copenhagen's round tower, built in
the eleventh century and 150 feet high,
is to be moved boiji.y a distance of 150
feet, to widen a business street
Jews and tho Number T.drloen.
The Jewish people are exempt from
any taint of superstition relative to
the number 13. They believe with the
orientals that it has something divine
in its juxtaposition of figures, and they
derive their knowledge from their men
of biblical culture. Thirteen cities
were dedicated to their ancient priest
hood; 13 high priests descended from
Aaron; 13 kings sat in the council of
the ancients; on the 13th day of the
month Nisan, the sacred and impos
ing rites of Passover occur.
Edward Everett Hale gives the fol
lowing three good rules for life: First,
live as much as possible in the open air;
second, touch elbows with the rank and
file; third, talk every day with a man you
know to be your superior.
It is confidently asserted that the large
decrease in infant mortulity in this coun
try during the past decade has been
brought about in no small measure by the
universal use of Castoria —it being in
almost every home.
New York city owes more bv $60,000,-
000 than all the 45 States in the Union
Carter's Ink lias ft good deep color and it
does not strain the eyes, c arter'B doebu't lade.
Merchandise exports from France in
October increased $1,300,000 over 1899,
and imports increased $4,000,000.
Tho Beit Freacriptlon for Chills
IND Fover la a bottle of (JROVK'S TASTIT-KBS
"MIL TONIC. It is simply iron and quinine in
taate'ess form. No cure—no pay. Price 60c.
It is estimated that it costs $550,000,-
000 every week to run the railways 01"
the world.
Plso> Cure for Consumption Is an Infalli
ble medicine for coughs and colds.—N. W.
SAMUEL. Ocean Grove, N. J,, Feb. 17, 1900.
An estimate of the rice acreage in
Eastern Texas this year places it at 30,-
000 tons.
Plso's Cure for Consumption is an Infalli
ble medicine for coughs and colds.—N.
6 IMUEL, Ocean Grove, N. J„ Feb. 17, 190 C
Dikes of Japan cost in the aggregate
more money than those of the Nether
Frey'w Vermifuge, '25 Cta.
Eradicates worms. Children made well and
mothers happy. Druggist* and rountry stores.
Cincinnati is enjoying a street-car
line boom. Eight lines are to be ex
To Cure n Cohl In One Bay.
refund tho inouoy If it fulls to cure.
E. W. GuovK b ilfiualuro Is 011 each box. 26c.
Thus far in 1900 England has import
ed 19 per cent, less foreign grain than
in 1899.
Mr 9. Winslow'sSonthlnerFyi-.ip for children
fceothiny, noltons the guim-.. reducesiuflamnuv
tiuu, allaysxiain.cures wind c01ic.250 u buttle.
A bill has been prepared for introduc
tion in the Georgia Legislature provid
ing for the use of the Australian ballot
at all future elections.
PUTNAM FADELESS DYES do not spot,streak
or give your goods an unevenly dyed ap
pearance. Sold by all druggists.
Handwriting Characteristic oi a Person.
The inexperienced ones are blissfully
unaware that handwriting is really a
physical characteristic of the human
body, which is innately peculiar to its
owner. You may, indeed, alter its gen
eral form, like the man who writes
anonymous notes, or cover it with
make-up. like the man who forges a sig
nature —the actor does both to his voice
and face on the stage—but this, after all,
is the most you can do. You cannot
destroy or even temporarily get rid of
the characteristics of your writing it
self. It is as much a part of the ex
pression of your being as-your manner
of talking or your gait in walking, aiTd
that it cannot be destroyed is the more
certain because 110 one. 110 matter how
much study he might give it, could ever
find out all of the unconscious charac
teristics of his handwriting.
No medicine in the world can relieve you like the Natural
Mineral Laxative Water, provided by nature herself and dis-
A covered more than 30 years ago and now used by every
IV nation in the world.
gift Hutyadi Mmm
/ &j/\ Recommended by over one thousand of the most famous
I /] X\ physicians, from whom we have testimonials, as the safest and
I I t Natural Laxative Water known to medical science.
yPTBJfI I * ' Its Action Is Speedy, Sure and Gentle. It never gripes.
W9 I Every Druggist and General Wholesale Grocer Sells It.
/sf\l AC If for the full name, I HI lin Label with
/ AOFV " Hunyadi Jiinos." | LSLUt Red Centre Panel.
R Sole Importer, Firm of Andreas Saxlchner, 130 Fulton St., N. Y.
(fifth A 200-Page Illustrated Book of Information / i- CFNTS
and Recipes for the Farmer and [ / H.v ~,,stv< f
the Farmer's Wife. \ L J %.ta7i-s?
®VV And ovory other man and womnn who ts doslrous of benefit /
y# ing from the experience of those brainy and patient souls
wh° ijave beon experimenting and practising the re-
jEffo K? suits of thoso experiments, generation after generation,
I |1 I to obtain the best knowledge as to how certain things
/&% *1 I ALBI can ho accomplished, until all that valuable information
VVJi 1® gathered together in this volurao, to bo spread broad- flfi®
c,lwt ' or the benefit of mankind at the popular price of
- 4llQysEllQLbl - g
as C'OlltS 111 I'OSIIIRC Ml 11 111 I>h.
The low price is only made pos- i Ti ffn ffw
(jj]® sible by the enormous number of |/Tfl \f I If ft
W the books being printed and sold. 'nU M B-J?L.II\. W
Tt treats of almost everything in the way of Household Matters, including 4^3^)
flE®| Coyerln all the Common Complaints Cow. Hlieep, Hog, Dog and Kmltrr
yEBp nd pivlnif the Bimple.t and most Ap- with most Efficacious Treatment. sc*i!
proved Methods of Treatment. .„ unDI , tlun , lu vSSv
COOKING ItEGBtI'TS, C.Vmnnsim? ih.uSt E wv! 1,lI?'vou Jjffr.
Including all kinds of Plain and ran thing of, from Cleaning Sviiitc SSfSi
Dishes for lir. akfat, Dinner I'alnt to Keeping liutter Hweet
s*s CARE oTc.m.DREN, :
In the mort rational way from birth byrautum* of each DuVae w th .•
m rasr./fe&& enimßh ,o: f m
xjEj, J*Too numerous to mention—a veritable Household A.lvlser. Iu nn
fßiJ} emnrireucy SHCIi ns comes to every family not conluiuiug a, doctor this /i©it
Tyg 7 book Is worth many times Its low price.
4||| Sent Postpaid for 25 Corits in Stamps.
European Nations Careful of Horses.
In France there is a rule by which
horses and mules in excess of needs are
handed over to be fed and cared for. at
a price, to farmers, who agree to repro
duce them in good condition or pay
for deterioration. In Germany, where
horses are bought between three and
six years of age, they are kept at re
mount depots till matured. Italy has
two horse-training establishments
where new purchases are handled and
developed till fit for cavalry service. ; u
In 24 hours nearly 700 trains pass in
and out of New Street station, Birming
I&ow'iv Tills 1
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any case of Catarrh thut cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHKNEY & Co., Toledo, O.
We, the underpinned, have known F. J. Che
ney for the last lf> years, and believe him per
fectly honorable in all business transactions
and financially able to carry out any obliga
tion made by their firm.
WEBT& TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,
Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Cntnrrh Cure i taVen Internally, act
ing directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. Testimonials sunt free.
Price, 75c. per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
For the first time since the opening
of Oklahoma farmers complain of too
much rain.
Garfield Headache Powders relieve meiW
tal exhaustion.
A single leaf of the orange tree, care
fully planted, will often take root and
Q vxickly
G\jres Colds
Neglected colds always lead
to something serious. They
run into chronic bronchitis
I which pulls down your general
I health; or they end in genuine
consumption with all its uncer
| tain results.
Don't wait, but take
Ayer 3 s
' Pectoral
just as soon as you begin to
cough. A few doses will cure
you then. But it cures old
colds, too, only it takes a little
more time. We refer to such
1 diseases as bronchitis, asthma,
! whooping-cough,consumption,
j and hard winter coughs.
Three sizes: 25c., 50c., SI.OO. All drug
| gists. J. C. AYER CO., Lowell, Mass.
4MT The llrino Mpclalist (Water
JBj- j Doctor) can delect unci explain
fT* 5 m the most complicated chronic
1 V disease by the urine; ifeurable,
treat It successfully by mall.
Hend 4 cents for mallingCAse
for urine. Consultation, anal
lysis of urine; report and book
J. T. CHATES.M D., 4-3'penn Ave,
'-'First Floor, Pittsburg, Pa.
■ Mll.O 11. STEVENS A CO., Estab. ISM.
1 Div. R. 817—14 th Street, WASH INttTON, l>. C.
i Branch oflh en: Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit.
I>. N. U. 52, 1900.
cases- Book of testimonials and lOUnvs' treatment
I IN c. Dr. H. 11. UKEBN BBONB. Box B. Atlanta, Ga.

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