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Sure for Colds
Vh:;n the children get their
feet wet and take cold give
them a hot foot bath, a bowl
of hot drink, a dose of Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral, and put them
to bed. They will be all right
in the morning.
will cure old coughs also; we
mean the coughs of bronchitis,
weak throats, and irritable
lungs. Even the hard coughs
of consumption are always
made easy and are frequently
Three sizes: 25c., 50c., SI.OO.
If your druggist cannot supply you send us ono
dollar and wo will express H large bottle to you,
h' 1 charges prepaid. Be sure and give us your
nearest express office. Address, J. C. A vttu Co.,
Lowell, Mass. '
A King's Fear of Woman's Beauty.
Charles XII. of Sweden feared only
one power in the the power of
beauty; only a handsome woman could
boast of making him quail—she put
him to flight. He said: "So many
heroes have succumbed to the attrac
tions of a beautiful face! Did not
Alexander burn a town to please a
ridiculous courtesan? I want my life
to be free from such weakness; his
tory must not find such a stain upon
it." He was told one day that a young
girl had come to sue for justice on be
half of a blind octogenarian father
maltreated by soldiers. The first in
clination of the king, a strict disciplin
arian, was to rush straight to the
plaintiff, to hear the details of *hc
misdemeanor for himself, but suddenly
stopping, lie asked, "Is she good-look
ing?" And being assured that she was
both very young and unusually lovely,
he sent word that she must wear a
veil, otherwise he would not listen to
Is Able to Help Sick "Women
When Hoe tors Fail,
How gladly would men fly to wo
man's aid did they but understand a
woman's feelings, trials, sensibilities,
and peculiar organic disturbances.
Those things are known only to
women, and the aid a man would give
is not at his command.
To treat a case properly it is neces
sary to know all about it, and full
information, many times, cannot be
given by a woman to her family pliy-
sician. She cannot bring herself to
tell everything, and the physician is
at a constant disadvantage. This is
why, for the past twenty-five years,
thousands of women havo been con
fiding their troubles to Mrs. Pinkham,
and whoso advice has brought happi
ness and health to countless women in
the United States.
Mrs. Chappell, of Grant Park, 111.,
whose portrait we publish, advises all ]
suffering women to seek Mrs. Pink- j |
ham's advice and use Lydia E. Pink- j ]
ham's Vegetable Compound, as they
cured her of inflammation of the ovaries
and womb ; she, therefore, speaks from
knowledge, and her experience ought
to give others confidence. Mrs. Pink
ham's address is Lynn, Mass., and her i
advice is absolutely free.
Compressed Air for Canal Locks.
On the Erie canal at Lockport, N. Y.,
a pneumatic balance lock is being sub
stituted for a flight of old-fashioned ;
stone locks, says the Youth's Compan- !
ion. The new lock consists of two steel
chambers, one for ascending and the
other for descending boats. Each
chamber is divided into two parts, an <
upper one containing water to receive
the boats and a lower one containing
compressed air on which the upper
chamber floats. When a boat has been ]
run into the upper chamber it is either i
lowered or raised, as may be desired,
by filling or exhausting the air chamber
beneath it. 1
!£farfftlfrsP ,r " T AKE THIS!
My Bilious Friend,"
said the doctor, "it is the best laxative
K^^iiW<r mineral water known to medical science."
. Umpii Jsmes
ffinfejlr will do more for a disordered stomach or a torpid liver
than all the pills in the world.
Average Dose: One-half glassful on getting op in morning.
Your druggist or grocer will get it for you.
■ Ask for the full name, "Hunyrdl Janos." Blue label, red centre panel. fi
I Imported by Firm of ANDREAS SAXLEHNER, 130 Fulton St., N. Y. 11
English Races Load in Politics.
If wc except the provinces of the
Netherlands, the Swiss cantons and
such tiny city states as Monaco and San
Marino, which retain their ancient in
stitutions, there is not a nation on
earth, making any pretense to freedom
and civilization, which had not a con
stitution in great measure copied, within
the present century, cither from* Eng
land or from the United States. Thus,
whether willingly or not, docs the civil
ized world confess the primacy of the
English race in matters political.—At
lantic Monthly.
It has been estimated that the ap
proximate total production of rubber
annually is 57.500 tons. Of this amount
21,000 tons are taken by the United
States and Canada: 21,000 by the United
Kingdom, and 15.500 by the rest of
Europe. The Amazon district produces
25,000 tons and East and West Africa
24,000 tons: parts of South America oth
er than the Amazon district, 3,500 tons.
The natural gas wells around lola,
Kas., are reported to be rapid.y falling.
The Rockefeller and Standard Oil peo
ple, it is said, will be heavy losers.
There Is more Catarrh In this section of the
couutry than all other diseases put together,
and until the last few years was supposed tobo
Incurable. For a great many years doctors
pronounced it a local disoase and prescribed
local remedies, and by constantly failing to
cure with local treatment, pronounced it In
curable. Science has proven cntarrh to boa
constitutional disease ami therefore requires
constitutional treatment,. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,
Ohio, Is the only constitutional cure on the
market. It is taken internally in doses from
10 drops to a teaspoouful. It acts directly on
the blood and mucous surfaces of the system.
1 hey offer ono hundred dollars for any case
it fails to cure. Send for circulars and testi
monials. Address F.J. CIIBNEV& Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the host.
A woman has built a house with her
own hands near Fountain Ferry Park,
Ind. It is a one-story wooden struc
ture of four rooms with a stone founda
Best For the Bowels,
No matter what alls you, headache to a
fancer, you will never get well until your
bowels are put right. CASCAHKTS help
nature, cure you without a gripe or pain,
I>roduce easy natural movements, cost you
ust 10 cents to start getting your health
-aok. OASCARETB Candy Cathartic, the
genuine, put up in metal boxes, every tab
let has C.C.O. stamped on It. Beware of
Russia absolutely forbids the employ
ment of children under 12 years of age
in industrial establishments, whether
conducted by the state or private indi
Headaohee and Nervous Depression are
quiekly relieved by using Garfield Head
ache Powders,whleh are composed entirely
of herbs and are harmless.
The intemperate use of tea and cof
fee produces results as real as those of
drunkenness. Total blindness is often
the result of excesive coffee drinking.
Dyeing Is as simple as washing when you
Ohio's cities and towns gained 486,-
021 in population during the last 10
years, or 792 more than the increase in
the rest of the entire State.
Your Storekeeper Can Sell You
Carter's Ink or he can get It for you. Ask him.
Try it. Car loads ure ept annually 10 every
state in the Union. Do you buy carter's t
Breakage of propeller shafts at sea
costs an immense sum annually in sal
Fits permanently cured. No fits or nervous
ness after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Restorer. $2 trial bottle and treatise
free. Dr. R.H.KLINE, Ltd. 1)31 ArchSt.Phila.Pa.
Korean paocr is so strong and dense
that it can be used to cover umbrellas.
Frey'* Vrrmifupr For Worms
ma ' iß
Electricity is coming more and more
into use in the tanner's business.
To Cure a Cold In On® Day.
S. ru^ M L ts rof,m(l lho > mey If it fulls 10 cur®,
h. W. UROVE 6 Blguaturo la ou each box. 25c.
One hundred yards has been run in
10 seconds, but 50 yards never covered
in 5 seconds.
The stomach has to work hard, grinding
the food we crowd into it. Make its work
easy by chewing Penman's Pepsin Gum.
Champagne to the value of $3,307,000
was imported into this country last year.
T do not believe Plso'e Cure for Consumption
hos an equal for coughs and oolds.— JOHN F.
BOYKB. Trinity Springs, Ind., Feb. 15. I'JOO.
Silk dresses were worn in China 4,500
years ago.
M rs.Win p!ow'h8 00tb1n k PyTup forrhlldren
tei't-hini'. Hot tens the gums. reduces inflnminr
tion. allays pain,cures wind colic. J2sc a buttle.
Canada expects a population of 6.000.-
000 in its census returns next year.
For fatigue of mind and body take Gar
field Headache Powders; they bring Im
mediate relief and no reaction follows their
use; they are made from herbs.
Exports of cotton piece goods from
Great Britain last month decreased 59,-
391,400 yards from September, 1899.
The Best Prescription for Chills
and Fever is a bottle of (I MOVE'S TASTELESS
CHII.L TONIC. It Is simply iron and quinine in
a t&ateloss form. No cure-—uo pay. Price 60c.
One gaslight gives out as much car
bonic acid gas as two sleeping persons.
Good fortune rang the bell one day;
j She stopped to Huff and fix her linir,
j To swing her skirt the proper way
And dub on powder hero and there.
And, being satisfied, at. last
She hurried to the door to find
Whoever had been there had passed
Along, aud lefl no card behind.
—Chicago Times-Herald.
j Nell—Miss Gotrox has a poor com
plexion. Belle—Yes; for such a rich
! girl. 1 should think she could afford
a better one.
"Do you believe iu heredity?"
' asked the Serious Man. "Well, I've
known old clothes to descend from
i father to son," replied the Cheerful
| Idiot
j Mrs. Muggins—My husband pro
j posed to me 13 times before I finally
| accepted him. Mrs. Buggins—l sup-
I pose that's why he has been supersti
tious ever since,
j "There is something very sad to me
i about wedding bells." remarked the
spinster. "Yes," agreed the crusty
, bachelor; "they affect me like the
! moan of the tied."
I Blobbs— I The school children nowa
| days seem very dull. Now when I
j was a boy—Blobbs—When you
i were a boy it was the teacher's switch
! that made you smart.
I Youngpop—Why so downcast?"
Newlywed—My wife threatens to go
home to her mother. Youngpop—
Humph! That's nothing. My wife
threatens to bring her mother on to
"Are you perfectly sure this milk is
free from germs?" asked the careful
housekeeper. "Yes, lady," replied the
milkman, confidentially; "we boil
every drop of water that goes into
"Now," said the kindergarten teach-
I er, wishing to illustrate the live senses,
I "what are our noses for?" "Please,
j Ba'ab, dey bust be to catch cold id,"
j snifiled the small boy at the foot of
j the class.
Mrs. Newrich was giving a dinner
. party. "The cream Is simply deli
! clous," said n guest. "Well, It ought
i to be," replied Mrs. Newrich; "I'm
! sure we patronize the very best ere-
I xnatory."
"I can't, for the life of me, see," re
j marked Mr. Buggins, looking at a
• picture of the airship, "how this thing
J is steered." "I suppose even an air
! ship has its steerage," ventured Mrs.
Buggins, who had been across,
j "It seems to me you take the death
j of your rich old uncle rather plfilo
| sophically." "Yes; and, candidly, if he
had kept me waiting for his money
| much longer I believe I would have
taken his life quite as philosophi
"My ancestry," said the tiresoms
Mr. Blugore, "can be traced back into
the ancient days when—" "I don't
doubt it," interrupted Miss Kostique;
"I fancy it would go back to one of
the original boars that went into the
ark with Noah."
Why the Sewing Woman Fays Ten Centi
a Week.
"I was behindhand with my rent
last fall," Haiil the sewing woman,
"and I caught an awful cold because
I couldn't afford to buy n -w overshoes;
but I always managed to have the in
surance agent's money ready for Idm.
when he called. You may think 10
cents a week is a small sum to bother
about, hut when the season is over In
my place u dime looks as big as a half
dollar does when I am earning my $lO
a week. Why do I pay It you ask?
Well, 1 expect to get sick and die one
of days, and then, if there wasn't
the hundred dollars insurance money,
how could I count on having a decent
funeral? I know there are those who
say that they never trouble their heads
about such matters, but that Is no way
for people tt> talk who have got any
self-respect, though it tuny do well
enough for drinking men and others
that Potter's Field Is too good for.
And 1 don't wlint to be caught as a
friend of mine was last year. She is
one of the happy-go-lucky, hnnd-to
mouth sort of bodies who never lay
up anything for n rainy day. She
wouldn't look ut an Insurance man.
Though that girl's mother was given
up by the doctors for months before
she died, there was only $3 in the
house when the undertaker's meu
came in-for the body.
"Now, how much do you suppose
that poor woman went in debt for the
funeral? Fifteen dollars might be
what the city has to pay for burying
a pauper, hut It wouldn't begin to pay
for anything that might be called a
funeral. The undertaker's hill was
$7. r >, and, everything considered, it was
not an overcharge, although the debt
ain't paid off yet. My friend says she
is in no hurry to pay It, as she wants
to find out first If the law can't compel
her step-father to give up the mouts.
He deserted his wife two years ago,
running off with another woman. I
think the person who contracts the
debt Is the one that has to pay It, but
there are those who seem to think they
know more than I about such matters
From what I have heard of the step
father, I guess he would have been
willing enough to turn his wife's body
over t ) tile city to be buried like a
dog, but I'm thankful to say there
ain't many husbands like him that I
know of, and that is the reason why
so many widowers are married to their
second wives before they get through
paying for their first wives' funerals."
—New York Times.
Absorb Impuril(•.
No compound of gelatine or milk
Bhould be allowed to remain un
covered, as both absorb impurities
from the air. A eut onion is a gen
uine scavenger in the same respect,
and should never be used in cooking,
nor should it be eaten, after it lias
been cut for any length of time. If
only half of a large onion has been
used the other half can be safely re
served for another occasion by wrap
ping It securely iu paper.
Hintfi for Tea Makem.
The properties of tea depend chiefly
upon the presence of a volatile oil that
nets as n powerful stimulant The
fact that this oil Is volatile mid easily
lost Is the reason why tea should
never boil or remain on the leaves
after they are steeped, tfroen and
black tea are made from the same
plant, the only difference lying in the
ways of curing, the green tea being
made by much the quicker process.
For a strong cup of tea a tenspoon
ful to a cup of water Is the usunl
proportion, while one teaspoonful to
a pint of boiling water makes a weak
cup. Very hard water should be
boiled thoroughly for Ave or 10 min
utes before it is used, so that the car
bonate of llnte may be separated from
the water, or on the other hand, It
should be steeped four minutes longer
boiling point, theu used before the
separation eommeneed. Green tea
should he steeped foud minutes longer
than either Oolong or English break
fast tea.
A Suggestion for the Cook.
Another point which the cook should
know is the difference between sim
mering and boiling. This Is readily
tested with a cook's thermometer,
when boiling point will he found at
213 degrees, simmering only demand
ing ISO degrees. Roughly speaking.
It Is easy to see the difference be
tween the two. When a liquid boils
at full pitch Its surface will be close
ly covered with bubbles, and the
whole surface, will, so to speak, rock
and swell with the heat, In which con
dition it very quickly boils over. When
it simmers, however, the surface of
'the liquid will simply ripple like a
pond into which a stone has been
thrown, the water keeping all the
time at a gentle shiver. This rip
pling is called by French cooks the
sourire or smile of the water. If you
allow meat or anything that the cook
ery books say should he simmered to
boil up aud bubble, the substance In
question will harden and become
stringy, giving out all Its goodness to
the liquid In which it is cooked, said
liquid beiug only too frequently
thrown away.via the sink. But if in
your zeal to keep the dish at simmer
ing point you keep It at the side of the
stove, where the liquid never reaches
"smiling" point, the substance In
question may heat, but It will only
steep, not cook.
Lima Bean Soup—Slice one small
onion and brown in two tnblespoon
fuls of butter and one of boiling water,
one bay leaf and one coffee-cupful of
Lima benns; cook until beans are ten
der, press through a sieve into two
cofTee-cupfnls of boiling milk; add one
lialf teaspoonful of salt* cook until
It thickens.
Ontmeal and Crumb Griddlecnkes—
Soak a half cupful each of rolled oats
and bread crumbs over night In a
pint of sour milk; add u half-tenspoon
ful each of salt and sugar and a lialf
teaspoonful of soda dissolved In a
tablespoonful of hot water, a beaten
egg and Hour enough to make a hat
ter; bake on greased griddle and serve
hot with butter.
Nut Bißcuit— Put through a food-cnt
ter sufficient shelled nuts to measure
one cupful, add two-thirds of a tea
spoonful of salt, two teaspoonfuls of
baking powder and one tablespoonful
of butter and mix to a dough with
sweetmilk; turn out on a floured
board, knead for a moment, and roll
two-thirds of an Inch thick; cut Into
round or square biscuit, brush the
top with milk, and bake In hot oven.
Molasses Cake —One cupful each of
sugar and molasses and a quarter-cup
of butter warmed together over the
Are. Stir until the butter Is melted,
remove from the tire; dissolve a half
spoonful of soda in a half-cup of
strong coffee and add to the other In
gredients; bent iu two whole eggs and
two cups of flour and bake in square
tins in moderate oven. Eat while
fresh, not hot; tear apart with a fork
Into squares.
Gold Mount Potatoes—-Add to one
quart of sifted potatoes the benten
yolks of three eggs, one-half teaspoon
ful of salt, one-fourth tenspoonful of
paprika, one tablespoonful of grated
onion, one tablespoonful of minced
parsley, two tablespoonfuls of melted
butter; then add the stiffly beaten
whites of eggs, mold 011 a buttered
plate, score, brush with egg and bake
20 minutes. Slip onto a hot china
plate when ready to serve.
Rev. Henry Laagford entirely cured e? Nervous Pros
tration by Dr. Greene's Nervura Blood
and Nerve Remedy.
lUt. Henry Langford, the eminent Baptist divine, of "Weston, W. Va., has iusfc e*i
eaped utter nervous and physical proetration. Ho is pastor of four churches. "For tee
years," be said, "I have boon nervous and growing worse all these years. During the lnef.
four or tive years I became so nervous I could scarcely sign my name so it could be read
I was so nervous that I could not read my own sermon notes after they had been laid asidf.
"I was unable to hold my head steady in the pulpit, nor could I hold or handle mf
books and papers without embarrassmont, owing to the trembling and weakness of my
hands and arms. I was BO nervous that I could scarcely feed myself. In fact, my nervous
system was wrecked.
" I tided many remedies recommended by physicians, but found no permanent relief.
"Oneday I was in the store of R. 8. Ogcien, at Sardis, W. Va., and he said to me:
4 You take two bottles of Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, and if you say 1%
don't help you, you need not pay for it.'
"I took two bottles of this medicine and found so much rolief that I bought two mors
bottles, and now lam wonderfully improved in health and in strength. Dr. Greene's Neiv
▼ura blood and nerve remedy dia it. I can heartily and truthfully recommend it to the
rick. Too much cannot be said in praise of this splendid medicine. I say this for the goo<f
of other sufferers from nervous ana prostrating discuses who can be cured by this remedy.
For myself, I am thankful to God that I found Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nervo
remedy, and for what it lias done for ma "
Dr. arcane, Nervura's discoverer, will give his counsel free to all whd
write or call upon him at his office, 35 West 14th Street, New York City. His
advice Is from his great skill and experience and will shorten the road ta
health. Thousands come to him and write to him constantly. Do not put oil
getting the right advice. If you are "1
"" Mil iiTTr HI si mil mill
fLeCe* Edited by Joe Mitchell Chappie,
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A large Dublin manufacturer has a
room entirely furnished with Irish peat.
The carpets on the floor, the curtains
at the windows and paper on the wall
arc made from this substance. For
years he has experimented witli the ma
terial, which is now very largely ex
ported as fuel, and he has discovered
that from it it is possible to procure al
most any kind of fabric.
There are 1,100 Chinese pupils in
Queens College, Hongkong, varying in
age from g up to 23, and many of them
have family cares in the shape of a
wife and children at home. Each year
sees a decrease in the proportion of
married schoolboys, and the average
age becomes less every year.
0 •
. o
1 Tied Up |
0 % •
X When the muscles feel drawn and
J tied MP and the flesh tender, that •
X tension ia 0
0 •
5 Soreness S
S and
• Stiffoess
• 5
0 from cold or over exercise. It •
• lasts but a short time after 0
1 St. Jacobs Oil I
0 •
• 0
■0 is applied. The cure 9
m U prompt and sure. 0.
o •
• 0
Dr. Bull's Cough
Cures a cough or cold at once. fM . .
Conquers croup, bronchitis. 111
grippe and consumption. 24c. J
New Zealand shares with Iceland IhV
distinction over other parts of the cartj
in freedom from all forms of cattle disW
PwMW 3^
The real worth of W.
1.. Douglas 83.00 n 1141 M(.
•3.50 blkm'h compared
with other makes is
•4.00 to 85.00. P7
OurS-Kiilt KrigoT.ine pjj
cannot ho equalled at g?
any Over 1,000,- 4
jjrftST COljjp^W^ 6 P s9o°r f s3:so'shoMw!J
' two°p al'r'l' of oTdln'7
wJf W <V $ 3 or $ 3,5 &
M^?^ckto n ,
"We are tlio largest makers <f men's 8!
and 53.50 shoes in tlie world. We nmkv
and mil more 83 and 83.50 shoes than any
other two inannfaotiiri r a In tlio U. S.
The ri'iMilalloi. of W. L.
RCQT Douglas |3.ooand $y..,0 ahoes for nPOT*
DLOI style, comfort, and wrarta known Hrol
everywhere throughout the world. |
$3.50 makes "beol'uie I I $3.00
CUfIC placed no high that tlio'wrarer tS~JfIC
Onilti expect more for their money UllUCe
than they can get drew hi re.
THE IC lOASONi m-.re W ~ UougUt |1 end tS.M
shoes are aol'l than nnv otter makn ia became 'l'll f Y
Alt 1 THE liII.NV. our dialer diouU krr\
them we give one dealer ciclimvo auio i.i each towii
lake no atiMHuie! luaiat on having W. E
I>ou:>.ai ahoca with name ami price atnmpeii on bottom.
It vour dealer will not get them i.r y.o. . ml dir<ct tA
State kind of leat iferJTizeA'hll width"pUln U pr "np'tS,*
Our allocs will reach you anywh-m. Catalogs /W
"•Ai. llouglna Mioc Co. Ilrocktou, Alans.
Dir.-i: !<• i,".sir™-'. v ''Vv 1 ~i'ii'iv: tCnSi'."?!
Branch ofllcw; C'lilrago, t level nd in I Detroit.
I*. N. i;. n. i ■.<)•) "
dees- Bo <a of teatunimiala and 10 (In va't>eatinei (
Free. Dr. U. E. QUEEN'S BON*. Uux V Atlanta. Oa,

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