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Neuralgia's Pangs
Are the -warning cries from overworked,
worried, weak, hungry and exhausted
nerves—nerves that have been abused and
neglected until outraged nature could
stand the strain no longer without a pro
test. Every piercing, catting, tearing,
burning, pressing pain of this dreadful
disease is a call for help. Why not heed
this call while relief is within your reach?
Now is the time to begin; and the best of
all remedies to use is
Miles' Nervine.
It is the essence of nerve foods and a reconstructant of unfailing power, whichj nourishes,
fortilies and refreshes the whole nervous system. Begin its use at once.
Sold by all druggists on a guarantee. Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkfiart. Ind.
There are 4,000 tons of stone in the
pyramid of Cheops. It could be built
for $20,000,000 today.
Denmark leads the world for thrifti
nes.s. Her inhabitants have on an aver
age SSO in the savings banks.
Germany has just held its first na
tional exhibition of asses near Berlin.
There were over 4,000 entries.
Over 400 species of trees are known
In the Philippine Islands. Of these
about 50 have commercial value.
If the world be divided into land and
water hemispheres, London is the cen
ter of the land, New Zealand of the wa
Thirty thousand women spend their
lives in driving and steering the eanul
boats in southern and midland Eng
The most costly parliament in Eu
rope is that of France. The senate and
chamber of deputies cost annually sl,-
Barbers for dogs are very much in
demand in Paris, and those who are
expert are said to earn comfortable in
comes. They solicit business on the
In Europe, where polished floors have
so long been popular, it is the custom
to polish them carefully and prefera
bly with a cloth fastened on the shoe.
Professional cleaners or polishers have
learned to skate about at a great rate
and to do polishing quickly and well.
Love gives itself and is not bought.—
Kindness in women, not their benuTc
ous looks, shall win my love.—Shakes
Women are a new race created since
the world received Christianity.—
A fair test and measure of civiliza
tion is the influence of good women.—
The brain woman never interests us
like the heart woman; wldte roses
please less than red.—Holmes.
lie who cannot feel friendship is
alike incapable of love. Let a woman
beware of a man who owns he loves
no one but himself.—Talleyrand.
The modest virgin, the prudent wife
or the careful matron is much more
serviceable in life than petticoated
philosophers, blustering heroines oi
virago queens.—Goldsmith.
I-mfecflve Soap.
The children's toboggan slide is quite
an institution in a certain nursery. It is
an old ironing board, a good wide one,
and when its end is tipped up on a chair
it furnishes all kinds of amusement to
the small owners.
The other day the children discovered a
now joy in the ironing hoard. They pluc
ed it Hat upon the floor. Then they smug
gled a piece of soap from the bathroom
and soaped the board well from end to
end. It made n famous slide.
The three boys and the girl, who is the
wildest boy of the four, gave themselves
plenty of room to run, and the board was
long enough to make a good slide.
One after the other then ran. The
chase grew exciting. Finally Alice, tak
ing her turn, cam with a rush down the
hall and across the hoard. The impetus
was too much. Her heels flew up, and
she came down hard, very hard.
She gathered hersidf together with a
bewildered look on her face. Then she
stood up slowly.
"Dear me," she said, "I didn't know
soap was so effective!"
A niong the victims of the grip epidemic
now so prevalent, F. Coylo is now re
covering at Canton, ()., by the use of Dr.
Miles' Nervine and Fills.
Corner of Centra and Front Streets.
Gibson, Dougherty, Kuufcr Club,
Kosenbluth's Velvet, of which wo h.ve
Munum's Extra Dry Champagne,
Hennossy Brandy, Blackberry,
Gins, Wines, Clarets, Cordials, Etc.
11am and Schweitzer Clieese Sandwiches,
Sardines, Ktc.
B. C. LAUBACH, Prop.
Choice Broad of All Kmds, Cakes, and Pas
try, Daily. Patiry mid Novelty Cakes Baked
to Order.
supplied to balls, parties or picnics, with
all necessary Adjuncts, at shortest
notice and fairest prices.
Delivery and mjrply wagons to all parte of
town and rurrovndingt every day.
'For years I suffered with neuralgia,
which especially affected, my eyes; and a
plain, unvarnished story of my sufferings
would read like exaggeration. Words are
powerless to express the pain I endured.
Three years ago I tried a bottle of Dr.
Miles' Nervine, and it helped me so much
that I bought a dozen more. Before they
were gone the neuralgia was completely
cured, and has never bothered me since."
REV. W. B. BALDWIN, Itasca, Texas.
now Two Boys mid Their Father
Made a Fine Coasting Ground.
While Tom and Billy lived in New
England they found plenty of hills to
slide upon—nice, level hills, as Billy said,
looking buck to the delightful slides
longingly. lliliy always said "level"
when he meant "smooth." But all about 1
the new home the land was hardly hro- i
kin by even a rippling undulation. The ;
"hills" were really and truly very nice i
and level!
The sled runners would have grown i
rusty if the boys' father had not had au
inspiration, which the three very speedi- |
ly put into tangible shape. With u few !
sticks of joist, some strips of board for
stays and a few short planks they put up
such a framework as is shown in Fig. J.
There was no making of mortises or ten
ons. The posts were set in their proper
positions right in the snow, and strips of
board were then nailed from one to an
other, as shown. The "stringers" were
laid right on top of the posts and nailed
there. Then the planks were laid across
the two Ihut were inclined and over the '
level stringers at. the top. Afterward a
rail was nailed about the whole, as j
shown in Fig. 2, and the first snowstorm |
completed the work. Ilere was a "hill" i
made to order, and fine sliding it afford
ed. especially after a snowstorm that left !
a fine, hnrd crust. Down the incline the |
sleds would dash with force enough to j
carry them far out upon the level, and on j
this "hill" one did not have to keep
watching out for teams that always will
appear at the foot of country or village
coasting stretches just as a boy and his
sled are "unlimbering" for action at the i
This coast that Tom and Billy's father i
built for them—with the boys' help, as 1 i
have said—was eight feet high, with an
incline of IS feet in length. TJp and
down one side were steps, each made by
two hits of board nailed to the planking,
as shown. When these were covered
with snow they still afforded the foun
dations for steps that were quickly made
over them in the snow, the steps occupy
ing hut 15 inches of space in the coast's
six feet of width. The sketches are giv
. 7"- '
FIG IT It K 11.
en with the idea that perhaps other boys 1
and other boys' fathers may feel inclined ;
to give nature a lift too. Such a coast- i
ing course is easily, quickly and cheaply !
built and can be taken down when the
snow is gone. It affords sliding not only
whore hills are wanting, but where there
is so much travel as to make coasting in
the highway dangerous or where—and
this is specially important—there is likely
to be company in the coasting that is nei
ther agreeable nor elevating.—Webb
Dounell in Philadelphia Ledger.
Such little pills as I)eWitt's Little Early
Ilisers aro very easily taken, and they
arc wonderfully effective in cleansing
the liverand bowels. Drover's City drug
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat. |
It artificially digests the lood and aids
Nature in strengthening and recou- |
structing the exhausted digestive or- I
gans. It isthe latestdiscovereddigest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in eiiiciency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
I>yspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia.Crampsand
all other results of imperfect digestion. !
PrlcoDOc. and sl. Larro size contains tiroes
am ail size. Book al 1 a bout dyspepsia umiledfrvu
Prepared by E. C. DeIViTT CO. Ct'caga.
Graver's City Drug Store. i
I Nance O'Neill will play Macbeth in
I Sydney, Australia.
Mary Mnnnering lias made a hit in
S "Janice Meredith."
It is said that Coquelin wants to play
Gillette's "Sherlock lloliues."
Clyde Pitch has written a play upon
the subject of Major Andre in which
Charles liicliman may star.
The full title of the new Sullivan-
Ilood opera is "The Emerald Isle; or,
The Caves of Carrlg Cleena."
In the 12 years of his starring career
Francis Wilson has produced 11 comic
operas, at a gross outlay of $190,000.
John Philip Sousa will take his band
over to the international exhibition to
be held in Glasgow, Scotland, this year.
There was a well defined rumor in
London recently that Ellen Terry had
decided to retire from the stage on ac
count of nervous prostration,
j The sultan of Turkey is a great lover
j of the theater and a student of the
1 European drama, in which subject he
j is said to be very well versed.
I Thomas A. Hall, who has a part in
"The Pride of Jennico," was one of the
first actors to play Uncle Tom in the
play made from Mrs. Stowe's book.
Mine. Sarah Bernhardt brought her
own carriage and coachman to Ameri
ca, and throughout her entire Ameri
can tour she is accompanied by her
own Paris physician.
"To Anna Held, from George 11.
Ketchum," is the inscription engraved
j upon a silver plated horseshoe pre
| sentcd to the comedienne. The shoe
, was worn by Cresccus, 2:04, in the
great $20,000 stallion race won by him
| at Boston Sept. 27.
Early Reaper, 2:00%, will not be seen
i on the turf until 11)02.
Plunkett, 2:13%, at the age of 14 is a
good roadster ut Lu Gotos, Cal.
The thoroughbred sire Kingston has
been insured for $75,000 witli an Eng
lish company.
Mettelas, 2:19%, the third biggest
money winner on the Lake Erie cir
cuit. will be handled in 1901 by W. J.
Carthage Girl, 2:15%, the biggest
money winner over the Lake Erie cir
cuit, is being prepared for 1901 by Allie
Merri field.
Diavolo, 2:12%, recently purchased
by Jere O'Neil, is expected to be a
dangerous competitor in next season's
2:13 pacing class.
John Laughlin, who handled the
youngsters for Dr. J. C. McCoy, Kirk
wood, Del., is now one of the assist-
I ant trainers in Lawson's stable.
Jim Burns, 2.18%, has been pur
chased by John Lake, a member of
the Milwaukee Driving club. This
| horse has the unique record of having
trotted a heat in a race with his driver
! dead in the sulky.
The Greeuvllle (N. C.) reinsman, It.
j L. Smith, will be seen on the Lake Erie
I circuit in 1901 with Lucy Ashby, 2:14%,
and Paddy McGregor, 2:21%. The
I past season ho won $1,250 with Bird
| Eye, 2:14%.
| A 3-year-old filly by Advertiser,
2:15%, out of Soutag Dixie, dam of
Pasonte, 2:13, is expected to show bet
| ter than 2:15 iu 1901. She is owned
j by Frank H. Burke, San Francisco,
j who paid only $45 for her.—Horseman.
Likely to Cause Trouble.
. It is said that France is trying to buy
! 100,000 square miles of land from
Brazil. The Monroe doctrine declares
that the western hemisphere is no lon
ger open to colonization by European
powers. The colonies which they al
ready held they could retain without
infringing the Monroe doctrine, though
they have since lost most of them.
But they cannot, consistently with the
established policy of this country, ac
quire new colonies or add to those they
had before. The traditional policy of
this country, therefore, would not per
mit France to acquire from Brazil
a colony twice as large as England and
half as large as France. If this were
once permitted, the Monroe doctrine
would no longer be respected by other
European powers.—Louisville Courier-
Persons who suffer from indigestion |
I can not expect to livelong, because they
I can not eat the food required to nourish
( the body and the products of the undl- !
gested foods they do eat poison the
, blood. It is important, to cure indiges- !
I tion as soon as possible, and the best
method of doing this is to use the pre
paration known as Kodol Byrpepsia
Cure. It digests what you oat and re
i stores ail the digestive organs to perfect i
I health. Ufdrufi City drug ttOfa. I
It took the jury iu the White murder
case twenty-four hours to agree. They
returned a verdict finding him guilty in
the second degree. Ho shot and killed
bis nephew, Josiah, and severely
wounded another nephew, James, who
is now in the insane asylum, a maniac,
made so by constant brooding over the
prospect that he would have to testify
against bis uncle.
While the body of the infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. John Luddon, of Scran
ton, was being carried from the house
for burial Mrs. Luddon fell in a faint
and died a few minutes later. She had
been unremitting in her care for the
little girl during her illness and said it
would break her heart if she died.
"My heart was badly affected by an
attack of grip and I'suffered Intense
agony until I began taking Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure. It made ine a well man."
—S. D. Ilolman, Irasburg, Vt.
Iu order tnat she may be able to testi
fy against her husband in the action
now ponding against him, wherein he is
charged with causing the death of
Elsie Meyers by administering poison,
Mrs. Robert VV. Taylor, wife of the
Mahanoy City druggist, has brought
suit fur divorce. Taylor is now in jail
awaiting sentence for attempting to
poison his wife.
The painters of Pittston having been
on strike for over a year, a movement is
on foot to bring about an amicable
settlement between them and the em
This season there is a large death rate
among children from croup aud lung
troubles. Prompt action will save the
little ones from those terrible diseases.
We know of nothing so certain to give
instant relief as One Minute Cough Cure.
It can also be relied upon iu grippe and
all throat and lung troubles of adults
Pleasant to take. Grover's City drug
A large dwelling house occupied by
several Polish families was destroyed by
fire at Warrior Run. During the fire
Mrs. John Bolinskil an aged Polish
woman, fell, broke her arm and fractur
ed her skull.
The bartenders of Pittston are to meet
at midnight to decide whether or not to
go on striko In the morning. A week
ago they submitted a number of demands
to the saloon owners and gave them a
week to answer. The time expired last
night and no answer was received.
"I was in bed five weeks with the
grip—nerves shattered, stomach and
liver badly deranged. Was cured with
Dr. Miles' Nervine and Nerve and Liver
Pills."—D. C. Walker, Dullsville, o.
The Park hotel, Pottsvillo, was yester
day purchased by Mulligan Sous, the
wholesale liquor dealers of Philadelphia.
J. P. Knight, of Pottsvillo, was the
former proprietor. The price was
lioyd Winters teen, convicted of kill
ing Martin L. Fisher on September 1"
last, was sontenced by Judge Little ai
Danville to eleven yoars and nine
months in the Eastern penitentiary.
Pepsin preparations often fail to re
lieve indigestion because they can di
gest only albuminous foods. " There is
one preparation that digests all classes
of food, and that Is Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure. It cures the worst cases of In
digestion and gives instant relief, for it
digests what you eat. Grover's City
drug store.
Nicholas Cherry, of Plymouth, when
about to start for work yesterday, went
to the bedside of his seven-year-old
girl, Julia, to kiss her good-by. lie
found the little oue dead of heart failure.
The body of Clyde J. Jamison, who
was killed at Tien Tsin, China, on July
13, arrived at Berwick yesterday.
Young Jamison saw active service all
through the Spanish-American war.
"I was given up to die from heart
and nervous troubles caused by the
grip. Six bottles each of Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure and Nervine cured me."—
Mrs. John Wollot, Jefferson, Wis.
Edward Schmaltz was shot through
the nose early yesterday morning at
Pittston. Four young fellows were
walking home from a dance, when two
men, thrusting revolvers In their faces,
ordered them to hand over their money.
Schmaltz and his friends ran. A shot
followed them and struck Schmaltz's
Mrs. A. E. Lopeer, in the little town
of Modelia. Minn., used Dr. Miles' Pain
Pills and Nerve and Liver Pills and was
well In a few days.
For shooting an English pheasant on
Sunday in Monroe county, Owen Sandt.
of Easton, paid Justice Gruvcr, of
Stroudsburg, lines and costs amounting
to 81)1.33. To add to Sandl's woe he
did not get the pheasant after shooting
President McKiuley is slowly recovei-
Ing from grip and its after effects.
The Lackawanna county courts have
awarded to Miss Mary Duftin, of Scran
ton, for injuries sustained by falling
over an obstruction on the sidewalk,
the amount of 57,0U0.
It is becoming more nnd more com
mon to line the staircase wall with
pictures. On consideration the idea is
a good one from other points of view
than the artistic. The climb, particu
larly of a long, unbroken staircase, is
to many persons an affair of minutes,
and it is not at all unpleasant to be
cheered its length by some attractive
pictures. In some houses there are
series of photographs along the stair,
those of celebrities being more often
selected than tlje pJoiums of frleode of
the family.
| Rot at Half-Price |
| Nor Below Cost 1
are our goods sold. We p
V couldn't remain Jn busi- v
ness long if we followed p
j* anything else but busi- ®
J* ness methods. We sell O
p X
•I Shoes for Men, Women and Children, 5!
K 5c
p Hats and Caps for Men and Boys, B
B Furnishings for Men and Boys, R
A at prices which are as X
A cheap, and quite frequent- A
ly cheaper, than others K
A ask for the same quality. X
A Give us a trial purchase K
A and let us convince you A
A that here is a store where A
A your money can be spent X
to your advantage.
jj Gents' Furnishing, 8
A Hat and Shoe Store, A
** ft
X 0 CJ
22 86 South Centre Street.
Kt St rood-burg, |i*.
The Winter term of this popular institution
for the training of teachers oucua J -ii. I'HJI.
This practical training school for teachers
is located in the most healthful ami charm in*
part, of the Btnt \ within the greut summer
resort region of the slate, on the main line of
the h. L. & W. Ituilroad.
Cnexcolled facilities; Music, Elocutionary.
College Preparatory, Sowing ami Modeling
Superior faculty; pupils coached free; pure
mountain water; rooms furnished through
out; (ion!) HOARDING A KEUOONI/I',l
We are the only normal school that paid the
state uid in full to ail its pupils this spring
Write for a catalogue and full information
while this advertisement is before you. We
have something; of interest for you.
GEO. P. HI FILE. A. M.. Principal.
\The Cure ftiaf tees J
ry Coughs, &
\ Ootids, 1
I) Grippe, (k
\ Whooping Cough, Asthma, J
Bronchitis and Incipient A
Cj' Consumption, Is fcj
Tt\e German remedy* £
c CutXVtoV. at\4 ivsehses. J
j\ J>o\4 a\\ 25S^50rts4
Wilkes-Barre Record
Is the Best Paper in Northeastern
It contains Complete I.ocnl, Tele
graphic anc! (ienernl News.
Prints only the News that's fit to |
50 Cents a Month, ADDRESS,
$3 a Year by Mail The Record,
or Carriers WILKES-BARRE, P A . I
Condy 0. Boyle,
dealer In
The finest brands of Domestic and Imported '
Whiskey on sale. Fresh Rochester and Shen- I
nndouh Hoer und Youngling's Porter on tap.
98 Centre street, j
Lehigh valley railroad!
November 2&, IbUU.
Arramuemknt or PABSXhOISiI Trains.
0 12 a in for Weutherly, Mauch Chunk,
Allculowu, Bethlehem, Laaton, Phila
delphia und Aew i oik.
7 40 u in for Sand} ICUII, White Haven
Wiikes-JJaiTe, Pulsion xnu Scruutou. '
> 1 b u in lor Hazleton, Maliunoy City,
Shenandoah, Aa hi anu, Weutherly,
Muuch Chunk. Aiicni. w u, Bethlehem,
Euaiou, Philadelphia and New York.
AO a in lor Hazleton, Mubaiio} Cii),sheh
uihlouu, ..t. Cur fuel, cthuiuokin and
2 .4 pui lor Suudy Hun, White liavcu,
Wilkea-Harre, ocruutou ami all points
. liu p ui for Weutherly, Muuch Chunk, Al
lentown, Bethlehem, Lanion, Phiiuuci-
I'llik anu New \oi k.
42 put lor IJuzieton, Mahauoy City, Shen
andoah, >li. Citruiel, ohuinokin and
Poltsyille, Weaitieriy, Muueli Chunk,
Allentown, Bethlehem, Elision, Plnla-
Uelphiu and Auw \ ork.
04 p in lor bandy lvun, White Haven,
Wilkes-Hurrc, boruntun uud all points
W cat.
p in for iluzletou, Muhuuoj City, Shen
andoah, Mi. Caruiei and .^huiuokiu.
7 40 a m lroui Weutherly, Pott avi lie, Aah
lund, Shciiuuduuh, Mahauoy City und
17 u in iroiu Philadelphia, Eaatou, liethie
heiu, Alleniown, .•much t hunk, Weuth
erly, liuzleton, Mahauoy City, Mienan
di uli, •■♦it. Carmel una .• liniuokin.
30 a in from acruulou, W iikta-iiarre und
White liu veil.
2 14 p m from Pottsviiic, shainokiti, Mt.
Lurinel, bhenaudouli, Maliunoy Lit\
and iluzieioii.
* iw P m from New Vork, Philadelphia,
Eaatou, iieihlelieiii, Allentown, Muuch
Chunk and Weutherly.
k 42 p in from soraiiton, Wiikcs-liarre and
>V hite Haven.
J 34 P in from New Vork, Philadelphia,
Eaaton, lieihlelieiii, Allentown, Potta-
Ville, Shaiuokiu, >ll. Carmel, Shciiun
doali, Mahauoy City una liuzleton.
7 20 p iu from scramou, Wiikca-barru am:
White liaveu.
For lurcher information inquire ot Tiekel
1 gents
wiiLlN 11. W I LFlUK.Geuorul Superintendent,
26 Cortiaudt street, New York City
Oil AH. S. LEE. General Passeuger Agent,
28 Cortiaudt Street New York City.
J. T. KEITH. Division Supinteudent,
Hazleton, Pa.
Schuylkill Kailkoad.
Time table in eflect April 18, 1807.
Trains leave briftou lo; Jeddo, Eekiey, Mazl*
Brook. Stocktou, Heu\er Meadow lload Hoan
ma Hazleton Junction at i> 80, tt 01) a nl, daih
xcept Sunday; and 7 00 M in, 2 ,+■ p m. Sunday
I rams leave Driltou lor Harwood, Crauuem
omhickeu and Doringei at 5;), 600a m. dain
rtxeept Sunday; and iO3 u m, 288 p m, Sun-
Trains leave Drtfton for (ineida Junction,
lurwood Koad, Humboldt Head, Uncida and
■beppton at 600 a m, duly except Suu
"u<' / am, 2 lib pm, Sunday.
1 ranis leave lia/leton Junction I'orHarwood,
bran berry, lomhieken and beringer at 636 a
;n, daily except Sunday; ami 8 do a ui, 4 22 d in
■mnday. '
Trains leave Hazleton Junction for Oneida
Junction, Harwood Koad, Humboldt Koad
Oneida and Sheppton ut 6. 2, 11 10 a iu, 441 p m'
daily except Sunday; and 7 37 a m, 8 11 i m '
mnduy. y '
Trains leave Derluger for Tomhick >n, Cran
°??X? 'i" 1 V¥ood ' Hazleton Junction and 'loan
.it J), 540 p in, dally except Sunday; ana :87
a in, jUi p m, Sunday.
Trains leave sheppton tor Oneida, Humboldt
Koad, Harwood Koad, Oneida Junction. Hazle
ton Junction a *.d Koan at 7 11 am. 12 40 622
p m, daily except Sunday; and 8 11 a m! 344
u iu, Sunday.
Trains leave Sheppton for Heaver Meadow
fh Stockton, iluzlo Brock. Eekiey, Jeddo
anu pritton at 5 22 p in, dally, except Sunday:
and o 11 u m, J 44 p m, Sundav.
Train® leave Hazleton Junction for Beaver
Meadow Koad, Stocktou, Ha/.ie Brook, Eekiey.
Jeddo and Driftou at 6 46, 020 p m, dally!
except Sunday; and 10 10 a m. 5 40 p m. Sunday.
All trains oouneot at Hazleton Junction with
electric cars for Hazleton, Jeanesville, Auden
riod and ..ther points on the traction < om
uany's line.
Trains leaving Drifton ut A 600 a m make
oouiucLiou ut. Deringer with P K. K. trains for
W ilkesbarre. Sunbury. Ilarnt urg and points
For the accoramodHtioi) of uuRRi-ngei N at way
■tations between Hazleton J , lotion and l)er
inger, a tram will leavo iho former point, ai
iluily, eice... Sum,,, .rrlvirur ,u
liUTMBI If. WITH, JurtWuWmft/tat

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