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VOL. XV. NO. 9.
Every Man
woman, boy or girl
With Cash
to pay when sale is made
Can Buy
their choice of the very
Best Shoes
on sale in Freelaud
' At Cost.
Hon fro and Wnlmit PUrnnt.fl
dott'or In
Dry Goods, Notions,
Groceries and Provisions.
Creamery Butter Always in Stock.
Minnesota's Best
Patent Flour A Specialty,
IS. W. Cor. Centre and Front Bts. % Freelaud.
doalor In
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Boots and Shoes,
Centre and Main streets. Freelaud.
Groceries, Provisions,
Green Truck,
Dry Goods and Notions
are among the finest sold
in Freelaud. Send a sam
ple order and try them.
E. J. Curry, South Centre Street.
Geo. H. Hartman,
Meats and Green Tmck.
Fresh Lard a Bpecialty,
Centre Street, near Central Hotel.
Wm. Wehrman,
Centre street, Freeland.
This popular State Institution is*loeated in
the midst of -the D duwuro Water Gap-Mt.
Ptioouo Summer Resort Region, tho most
healthful ami pietuivquo in the state, and
one that is visited by thousands of tourists
Course* of Study
In addition to the departments "f the regu
lar Normal Course, we have special Depart
ments of Music, Klocutiou, Art, Drawing and
Water Color, and a full College Preparatory
Department, You can save an entire year in
your college preparatory work by coming here.
Free Tuition
Tuition Is absolutely free to those complying
with the new state law. This gives a rare
opportunity to those desiring a complete edu
cation ami should be taken advantage of at 1
once, as this law may be repealed by the next ,
Cost of Hoarding
Boarding expenses are $3.50 per week, which
includes fully furnished and carpeted room, !
heat, electric light and lauudry. The addi- j
tioual expense is less with us ihun at most >
any other schools.
I in provfluients
Among these nre a new Gymnasium, a fine |
Electric Light. Plant, and a new Recitation
Hall now being erected, which wilt contain
fifteen large eml t'uliy euuipped recitation
rooms. Itiudi lit.ion, all bei rooms will be re
plastered ami lifted up and various other
changes made in the dormitories for the
lit rt her comfort and convenience ol the pupils
of the school.
New Catalogue
Catalogue for 11102, gives full information as
to tree tuition, expenses, courses of study, and
other facts of interest and will be mailed with
out charge to those desiring it. Fall Term
opens September IWJ2.
E. L. KEMP, A. M., Prin.
National Peacemakers Will
Renew Their Efforts.
Now That the Miners Have
Defined Their Position It
It Said Another Effort for
Arbitration Will Follow.
Now that tho minors have defined
their position, the Civic Federation, It Is
said, will make another appeal to the
coal operators to arbitrate.
There Is confidence among the strik
ers In the success of their movement,
and while they expect tho operators to
hold out until fall they are certain that
In tho end tho questions in dispute will
either he referred to arbitration or the
operators will make general concessions
and agrno to meet the union men and
make contracts such as oxlst in the
bituminous region.
Tho national convention adjourned
Saturday afternoon after unanimously
adopting tho plan offered by President
Mitchell for raising a fund to aid the
striking miners.
A few changes were made In Mit
chell's plan by the special committee,
but they relate only to tho method of
A double system of collection was de
cided upon. At the mines where tho
chock system Is used the men will pay
10 per cent of their earnings. At the
othor mines there will be a fiat assess
ment of SI a man every week. All the
money that Is paid Into the defense
fund will bo devoted to the anthracite
The special committee also framed an
address to tho American people Inviting
help. It states that to continue tho an
thracite strlko tho miners will need
$1,000,000 a month besides what can bo
raised within the union.
Tho wisdom of dating tho assessments
from July 16 provides at once a fund for
tho mine workers, which It is oxpectod
will be paid to them within two weeks.
Meanwhile the locals to which tho
money is to bo distributed are arranging
committees for the work of finding who
are in need and planning the methods
of relief.
The miners are also well pleased with
tho plan of getting work in parts of the
soft coal region, whore there Is room for
men, and expect within a month, if the
strike lasts that long, to have one-tbind
of the present number who are idlo at
work. The relief plan makes it possible
for a man with a family to loavo his
wife and children to tho care of tho
local to which he belongs while he goes
away and gets work.
The district leaders arrived today and
at once began the relief plans. Presi
dent Mitchell is oxpectod tomorrow.
Won't Let the Dead Rest.
Ghouls on Friday night tnado an un
successful attempt to blow out with dy
namite the body of Ralph White, a
suicide, burled In Sweet Valley cemo
tery, near Shlckshinny. Tho explosive
toro away a part of the comont en
closure, but left tho coffin and body in
tact. Fearing to make another attempt,
the miscreants fled.
Since the county court docided that
the body should remain in tho cemetery,
despite tho protests of a number of
people, who have friends and relatives
interred, there havo been several at
tempts to remove the body by night.
On one occasion the body was dug up
and cast into a nearby pond, only to be
recovered the next day and reburied in
the old grave by Whito's relatives.
For several weeks after this occur
poofl looking
horeonnd poor look-
Harness Oil
not only make* tho Imrnwi and the I M
horno look Ixdter. but makes the
I leather uoft and pliable, puts It In con- (llm
' "i* ' 0a * jUL
I Horse a
FOIt SA LK. Fine plot of ground, 50x150
feet., with two single residences, stable,
outbuildings, "tc.; will sell sll or part. Apply
to William Higgius, Freelaud,
rence guards wero stationed at the gravo
nightly to prevent a second removal.
Hut some time ago the relatives, believ-
I log the foud had ended, withdrew the
I The ghouls, taking advantage of this
lapse of watchfulness, again doscendod
. upon the cemetery to finish their plot.
L Arrests will likely bo made.
Died From His Injuries.
Timothy Il&lpin, whose Injuries wore
noted in Friday's issue, died that day
in a Pittsburg hospital, having lived
t only sixteen hours after the accident.
- His father, James Hatpin, arrived at the
hospital a few hours before his death.
The remains were brought to his parents
I home at Jeddo on Saturday morning and
< the funeral took place at 8.30 a. m.
, today. The cortege was one of the
largest that has left Jeddo for some
The deceased was a member of Dlvl
j slon 10, A. O. 11., of town, and Jeddo
t, Progressive Club, and the members of
I both organizations, also the members of
, Division 6, A. O. 11., attended in a body.
< At St. Ann's church a requiem mass was
I read by Father Fleming, after which
. the interment was made at St. Ann's
cemetery. The young man would have
I been 20 years of ago had ho lived until
r October next.
t, Mr. llalpin was employed as a black
, smith in a Pittsburg shop and met with
the accident wnich caused his death by
the falling of a now crane, which was
receiving its first trial. Those who
r rigged up the massive machine failed to
place an end-block thereon and when
the workmen wont to use the crane part
of it swung down, striking Ilalpln and
throwing him against the handle of a
sledge which stood upright on the floor.
The sledge-handle entered his left side
several inches and broke off, inflicting
Injuries which made it impossible for
, him to recover.
Arrested for Trespass.
- John Karbonovich, of Adams street,
was arrested this morning by tlio special
' policemen of Coxe Pros. & Co. and taken
to Ilazleton, whore a hearing was given
him by Alderman Qeidenrich. He was
charged with trespass, in taking a
wheelbarrow of coal from a cavein on
the company's property.
The alderman fined him 81.50 and
83.50 costs. Hall was offered by Frank
Corrazzo, who was at Ilazleton, but as
' trespass is not a bailable offense the se
curity was refused. The officers were
about to take him to Wilkesbarre jail
when James E. Griffith appeared and
paid the bill. Karbonovich Is a property
owner and his friends are indignant at
the attempt made to illegally send him
to prison.
Death of Mrs. Johnson.
Mrs. Rose Johnson died yesterday
morning at her home in Allegheny City
from typhoid pneumonia. The remains
will arrive hero tomorrow morning and
will be taken to the homo of Mrs. Daniel
Honner, South Centre street, from
which place the funeral will bo held on
Wednesday. Interment will be made at
St. Ann's cemetery.
Mrs. Johnson was for many years a
resident of Freeland,and was tho widow
of tho late Charles A. Johnson. Her
friends hero wero numorons and regret
to learn of her death. Her daughter,
Annie, died a year ago. The deceased
is survived by four sons and two daugh
ters, one of whom, William, is danger
ously ill in a Pittsburg hospital.
Believed to Be Insane.
From the Wilkesbarre Record.
A man believed to be insane, who
gave the natno of Edward Nutz, was
arrested at the Lehigh Valley station
on Saturday evening by Special Officer
Sauorwlno. Tho man said his homo
was In Freeland. He said ho was on
his way to Washington attd was going
to raise a llag there in memory of Gen
eral Grant. Tho man's people were
communicated with and it is expected
that they will arrive here today.
Consternation was created In tho con
gregation of St. Peter's Episcopal
church, Ilazleton, yesterday, when J. C.
Ilaydon resigned from tho vestry and as
a member of the parish. Mr. Haydon
has advanced as his reason for his re
signation that tho rector, Rev. W. W.
Taylor, Is not a good churchman bo
cause ho abbreviated tho services of the
Tho Philadelphia and Reading Com
pany, which has a direct telegraph lino
between Its thirty-seven collieries and
its main offices in the Schuylkill region,
is about to abandon tho telegraph sys
tem and introduce the telephone.
Feliz Zuras, 12 years old, tho Kingston
boy who was caught stealing brass
journals from D. L. A W. cars, was on
Saturday sent by Judge Wheaton to the
Huntingdon Reformatory. The boy will
be taught a trade.
Alms ami Objects of tlie Order An
nounced and Rewards OHe red.
The Citizens' Alliance of Ilazleton
and Vicinity, tho secret organization
recently formed, has Issued a proclama
tion announcing its aims and objects.
Tho following aro the principal para
graphs of the proclamation, which is
signed by Edward Turnbach, of Ilazle
ton, who Is styled leader of tho society:
"In order that tho Citizens' Alliance
of Hazleton and Vicinity might not bo
prejudged and that Its objects might
bo understood by all, It Is deemed ad
visable to present this statement to
tho public. Its membership Is com
posed of citizens of Ilazleton and vi
cinity, who believe in the maintenance
of law and order and who havo at hand
tho welfare of our whole community.
It Is not a partisan of any company,
corporation, faction, creed, class, na
tionality or clan. It is simply an asso
ciation of citizens against lawlessness,
riots, conspiracy, denial of constitution
al rights, against unnecessary and fre
quent strikes and strife and above all,
unalterably and forever against those
un-American weapons, intimidation,
violent persuasion and the boycott.
"Any lawabldlng citizen willing to up
hold those principles, and to assist 'to
promote the general welfare, and secure
the blessings of liberty to ourselves' and
to our follow citizens, is eligible to mem
bership; and every man who has tho
manhood to stand up and fearlessly
assert his rights Is herewith invited to
join this Alliance, which will be a per
manent organization for all time to
"The Alliance declares its exalted re
spect for honost labor and Is friendly
to labor unions, because it believes
when they aro conducted In tho spirit
of American liberty and personal free
dom, and wisely guided, they inay be
of great benefit to tho wage earner and
to capital. The Alliance recognizes
that there are generally black sheep on
both sides of labor controvorsies and it
pledges Its members to use evory en
deavor to keep such in the straight path
of duty to American citizenship and
"The Citizens' Alliance of Ilazleton
and Vicinity, representing tho banded
strength of thousands of our public
spirited citizens, is determined, and
hereby serves notice:
"That assaults on law and ordor must
"That property rights In Hazleton
and vicinity must bo protectod.
"That the Individual liberty of our
citizens to work for or hire whom they
please, at wages mutually agreeable,
must not bo menaced by secret decree
of any union nor suspended by any
process of terrorism.
"That hanging In effigy, the digging
of mock graves and overy othor form of
violence, throat and libel must cease.
"That tho free and unhampered use
of highways, which aro public property,
must be accorded to everybody not
withstanding a strlko Is In progress.
"That the boycott Is unlawful, be
cause It Is a conspiracy, and tho means
chosen aro characterized by throats,
Intimidation, force, molestation, Im
proper iuterforenco and compulsion.
Therefore such conspiracy or boycotts
must cease because they are un-Ameri
can, and coerce tho victims, through
fear of resulting injuries or loss of busi
ness to submit to dictation iu thu man
agement of their own affairs.
"Therefore, to bring about the condi
tions desired by all law abiding citizens
and to accomplish tho ends set forth in
tho foregoing address, the Citizens' Alli
ance of Llazlotou and Vicinity offers the
rewards hereto appended.
"For Information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction In tho court of
quarter sessions or tho court of oyer
and terminer of Luzerne, Carbon or
Schuylkill county, of any person or per
sons guilty of the following offenses, to
"1. For murder; dynamiting with
the intention of injuring persons or de
stroying property; and arson, SSOO.
"2. For conspiring to boycott any
person, firm or corporation in Hazleton
and vicinity, $250.
"3. For obstructing the streets or
highways, or criminally interfering in
any way with any one going to or from
work, $25.
"4. For assaulting any law abiding
citizen while at work, going to or re
turning from his work, or while ho may
bo acting entirely within his rights at
homo or abroad, or fur assaulting any
sympathizer with such a working man
or woman, $25.
"5. For throwing stones or other
missiles at any public conveyance, $25."
McNeils.—To Mr. and Mrs. John J.
McNeils, Drifton, a son.
Short Items of Interest to
All Readers.
Happenings of the Past
Two Days in and Around
Freeland Recorded With
out Waste of Words.
John Kllshants and John Batls, of
Upper Lehigh, were arrested on Friday
by Coustables Zlegler and Woodrlng, of
Hazioton, and taken beforo Alderman
Heldenrich. They woro released after
SSOO ball for each was furnished by At
torney D. J. McCarthy. The accused
are charged by John Hodgson with
stopping him from going to work at
Drifton shops.
William Lawlor, who recently grad
uated from Holy Cross college, has
accepted a position in tho business de
partment of tho Philadelphia North
American. Mr. Lawlor was business
manager of tho college paper for two
years and is well equipped for his now
position. He will begin work iu Sep
A very heavy storm passed over But
ler valley Saturday evening. The trees
In several orchards were uprooted, barns
unroofed, sheds and outhouses demol
ished and crops destroyed. Tho storm
cut a swath fifty foot wide, but for
tunately no dwellings wore In Its path.
Tho delegates to tho United Mine
Workers' convention at Indianapolis re
turned home this morning. They
report that the convention's sentiment
was to win to anthracite minors' strlko
and that the soft coal men will contri
bute liberally to tho relief fund.
Tho registrations for Schuylkill Demo
cratic county nominations havo closed.
There aro a total of sixty-two candidates
registered, which, with tho iifty-threo
Republican candidates, makes a total of
115 aspirants for tho twenty offices to bo
disposed of.
A. Oswald has the agency for tho celo
bratod Elysian's extracts and perfumery,
The finest good made. Try them.
An outing by tho congregation of tho
Presbyterian church at tho campfiro
grounds Friday was onjoyod by all who
attended. Meals wero served and all
kinds of games woro indulged In.
Tho Good Wills Mandolin and Guitar
Club, composed of twelve mouibers, will
go into cauip at Ice Lake today and
spend a week enjoying life in tho woods.
Andrew Matti. vice president of Dis
trict?, U. M. W., addressed a largo meet
ing of mine workers at Eckley yester
day afternoon.
Robert P. Mellon and Thomas Quig
ley. of Pittsburg, accompalned the
romalns of tho late Timothy Ilalpln
from that city to Jeddo 011 Saturday.
Mrs. Dominic Kelly on Saturday
joined hor husband, who has secured
employment In Philadelphia.
Ice cream—all flavors—at Morkt's.
William McFaddcn, a member of
Philadelphia police force, Is spondlng
his vacation with Froeland friends.
Mrs. Sweeney and daughtor, Miss
Cecilia, of Summit 11111, visited tho
Burko family this wook.
The members of St. John's Reformed
Sunday school spent Saturday in Butler
Miss Mary A. Brennan, of Philadel
phia, Is visiting relatives and friends In
The Chesters, of Drifton, defeated tho
strong Pioneers, of Ilazleton, yesterday
by a score of Bto 5. Only four hits wero
made uIT Carr, of Froeland Good Wills,
who did the twirling for Drifton. Tho
Pioneers dofeatod tho Chesters 011 Satur
day at Ilazleton by a score of 11 to 8.
In an old-fashioned game at the camp
fire grounds tho features woro tho play
ing of John Shlgo, Stovo Hudock and
Andrew Znlanock. Tho former slid to
bases In old-time form.
The Union Heroes, of Drifton, aro
now after any team In this region of
boys under 15 years of ago. Address
Denis North, manager.
Tho Crescents wore defeated yester
day by tho Balakiava club in a game at
the Tigers park. The score was 7to 1.
Tho Shamrocks, of Drifton, met do
feat by tho Y. M. C. A. on Saturday by
a score of 5 to 4.
The Castouts, of town, wont to White
Haven on Saturday and won by a score
of 10 to 7.
Tho Union Horoos piay tho Freeland
Juwbus at tho park this afternoon.
Of Hornellsville, N. Y., Hands
Down An Important
In the case of Dr. David Kennedy's
Favorite Remedy against Mood and
Liver trouble, Judge H. Clancy of Horn
ellsville, N. Y., and ono of the most prom
inent members of the bar in that historic
town, decided recoutly that as against
Mood and Liver trouble, Dr. David Ken
nedy's Favorite Remedy was worthy of
the higest praise. lie says:
"I have used Dr. David Kennedy's
Favorite Remedy and strongly ro
comrnond it for its good efTecr in my
case for liver troubles and blood dis
order. It built mo right up and 1
improved greatly in health."
Geo. 11. Trifftofß7B River street, Troy,
N. Y., suffered from liver trouble and his
blood was all out of order and after us
ing 'Favorite Remedy,' has this to say:
"For any one suffering from that
run down or tired out feeling, caused
by blood or liver trouble, Dr. David
Kennedy's Favorite is the best modi
cine you can buy. I have used it
and I know."
The ono sure cure for disease of the
kidneys, liver, bladder and blood, rheu
matism, dyspepsia and chronic constipa
tion, is Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite
Remedy. It has cured in many casos
whore all else has failed.
It matters not how sick you are, how
long you have suffered, or how many
physicians have failed to help you, Dr.
David Kennedy Favorite Remedy will
cure you if a cure is possiblo.
All druggists sell Dr. David Kennedy's
Favorite Remedy in the New 50 Cent
Size and the regular 61.00 size bottles.
Sample bottle—enough for trial, free by mail.
Dr. L>. Kennedy Corporation,ttondout,N.Y.
Dr. David Kennedy's Golden Flusters
strengthen Muscles, remove puin anywhere.
15c each.
Office: Room, 1 and 2, Blrkbock Brick, Frecland
All legal business promptly attended.
I'ostofflco Building, . Freoland.
Legal Business of Any Description.
Brennan's Building. So. Centre St. Freeland.
Campboll Building, ... Freeland
Haven Office, Kane Building, Opposite
1 ostottice; Tuesdays, Saturdays.
Legal Business of every description, Flro
Ha*urunce, and Conveyancing given prompt
MoMonamin Building. South Centre Stroot.
Second Floor, . Blrkbeok Brick
S. E. HAYES, ~
Washington Stroot.
None but reliable compunlcs represented.
Also agent for tho celebrated high-grade
1 ianos ot Hazel ton Dros., New York city.
S. 8. HESS,
37 South Coatre Street.
Bell Telephone.
Second Floor Front, . Kofewlok Building.
All business given prompt attention.
Tribune Building, - - Main Street
Condy 0. Boyle,
dealer In
The finest brands of Domestic and Imported
W k oy " n sale. Fresh hoc lies tor and Shen
andoah I teer and Youngling's Porter 011 tap.
OH ftontrp
B. C. LAUBACH, Prop.
Choice Dread of All Kinds. Cakes, and Fns
try, Daily. Fancy and Novelty Cakes Daked
to Order.
supplied to balls, parties or picnics, with
all necessary adjuncts, at shortest
notice and fairest prices.
Delivery and supply wagons to all parts oj
town and surroundings every day.
Uorner of Centre nod Front Street..
Gibson, Dougherty, Hauler Club,
Kosonbluth's Velvet, of which wo hive
Mumm's Extra Dry Champagne
Honnessy Brandy, Blackberry,
Gins, Wines, Clarota, Cordials, Etc.
Dam and Schweitzer Cheese Sandwiches,
Sardines, Etc.

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