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VOL. XV. NO. 10.
This popular State Institution IH located In
the midst of the Delaware Water Gup-Mt.
Pooono Summer Resort Region, the most
healthful and picturesque in the state, and
ouo that is visited by thousands of tourists
Courses of Studv
lii addition to tho departments of the regu
lar Normal Course, we have special Depart
ments o< Music, Elocution, Art, Drawing and
Water Color, and a full College Preparatory
Department. You can sav an entire year in
your college preparatory work by coming here.
Free Tuition
Tuition is absolutely free to those complying
with the new state law. This wives a nye
opportunity to those desiring a complete edu
cation ami should be taken udvuntugu of at
once, us this law may be repealed by the next
Cost of llourtliig
Boarding expenses are $3.50 per week, which
includes fully furnished and carpeted
heat, electric light and laundry. The addi
tional expense is less with us than at most
any other schools.
Among these are a new Gymnasium, a line
Electric bight Plant, and u new Recitation
Hall now being erected, which will contain
fifteen largo mid fuby equipped recitation
rooms. In addition, all bed rooms will be re
plastered ami lilted up and various other
changes made in the dormitories for the
further comfort uud convenienceol the pupils
of the school.
New Catalogue
Catalogue for 11102, gives full Information us
to free tuition, expenses, courses of study•, and
other facts of interest and will tie mailed with
out charge to those desiring it. Fall Term
opens September 8, 1002.
E, L. KEMP, A, M., Prin.
dea'er in
Dry Goods, notions,
Groceries and Provisions.
Creamery Batter Always ia Stock.
Minnesota's Best
Patent Flour A Specialty.
A. W. Cor. Centre and Front fits., Freeland.
dealer In
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Boots and Shoes.
Contra and Main streets. Freeland.
Groceries, Provisions,
Green Truck,
Dry Goods and Notions
arc among the finest sold
in Freeland. Send a sam
ple order and try them.
E. J. Curry, South Centre Street,
Geo. H. Hartman,
Meats and Green Ti nek.
Fresh Lard a Specialty.
Centre Street, near Central Hotel.
Wm. Wehrman,
Centre street, Freeland.
Condy 0. Boyle,
dealer in
The ttnest brandsf Domestic and Imported
Whibkey on sale. Fresh Rochester and Shen-
ANDORTH IIOPI AMI Vnunirlinir'* Porter on tap.
7 w Pm.lro .troot
B. C. LAUBACH, Prop.
Choice I bead of All Kinds, Cakes, ami Pus
try, Daily. Fancy and Novelty Cukes Raked
to < >rdor.
supplied to balls, parties or picnics, with
all necessary adjuncts, at shortest
notice and fairest prices.
Delivery and supply wagons to all parts oj
town and surrounainos every day
Corner of Centre and Front. Htreets.
Gibson, Dougherty, Kaufer Club,
Kosenbluth's Velvet, of which we h.ve
Mumro's Extra Dry Champagne,
Honnessy Brandy, Blackberry,
Gins, Wines, Clarets, Cordials, Etc
Darn and firhweilzer Cheese Sandwiches,
Sardines, Etc.
IJX)R SALE.—Fine plot of ground, 50x150
U feet, with two single residences, stable,
outbuildings, etc.; will sell nil or part. Apply
to William MiggiUb, Freeland.
Exodus of Miners Causes
Alarm to Operators.
Railroad Presidents Meet at
New York and Put Up a
Bold Front—Guard Shoots
and Kills His Companion.
Tho anthracite operators, while say
ing they are not worried by the proposed
departure of the adult mine workers, for
whom the soft coal men and other
unions can obtain work, are very much
disturbed by the prospect, which means
that unless they give In and grant con
cessions the mines must remain Idle.
Many labor men are of the opinion
that the proposed plan will prove the
most effective yet conceived In bringing
the strike to an end, while the business
men are hoping that tho efforts of all
who havo Influence with tho operators
will bo redoubled In order to got them to
grant concessions or submit tho dispute
to arbitration.
President Mitrhpll Is expected to re
turn to Wllkesbarre tomorrow. Moan
while the district committees will ar
range the plans for distributing the re
lief fund to the locals, and the locals
will appoint the several committees re
quired to take charge of tho work of
distributing supplies.
There are several questions for tho
board to sottle regarding the amount to
be Issued, tho number ellgiblo to relief,
and tho way It shall be given.
Some of tho incn make objections to
the proposed plan of tho locals giving
out provisions and would rather havo
the money direct, while merchants who
have bceu carrying tho miners on thoir
books since the strike began believe the
men should havo tho privilege of pur
chasing where they like.
As It Is evident that by buying In bulk
from tho wholesalers the local unions
can save money, It Is considered prob
able that this will be done.
Several contributions for the strlko
fund were received yesterday by Secre
tary Wilson, at Indianapolis. District
13, lowa, sent $5,000; tho Boilermakers
and Iron Shipbuilders' National Union
sent $518; local union of Mine Workers,
of Glofi Carbon, 111., $500; local union of
Jackson Hill, Ind., $200; Districts, 111..
$100; local union at Rosedale, Ind., SSO.
The weekly meeting of tho presidents
of the coal carrying companies was held
yostorday at New York. Tho confer
ence lasted over two hours, during
which the strike situation was discussed
In all its phases. Tho railroad presi
dents agreed that John Mitchell would
not bd able to make the strike fund &
success, and therefore decidod to keep
up tho waiting policy until the strikers
return to work. Almost overy railroad
had a representative at the meeting.
After the ponfornnce Mr. Baer. said:
Tho musket used by Major John I'.ut
trick at the fCortli bridge, In Concord,
on April 19, 1775, has been presented
by his two great-grandchildren, the
only remaining members of the family,
to the state of Massachusetts, and It Is
to be deposited in the statehouse ill
Boston for permanent preservation.
"Faslioda, though an important post,
Is a dreary and desolate collection of
lints and'tents reeking with malurla
and mosquitoes," writes Sir Edmund
Leclimere, who recently undertook a
journey up the White Nile. To tho
south of Faslioda he found the na
tives quite destitute of clothing and
old sparklets in great demand for
Till- Most Einlteil.
• "Let me now," said tho chairman of
the reception committee, "introduce to
you the mail who occupies the highest
Btution in our community."
"All, pleased to meet you, sir," said
tho distinguished foreigner. "May I
ask what your business is?"
"I am the weather observer."—Chica
go Itecord-Ilerald.
Followed Their Mutual float.
"Those boys were alike as two peas,
and I hear they're much the same
"What Inisincss are they in?"
."One's a hypnotist, and t'otlicr's a
commercial traveler."—Detroit Free
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the '
Signature of f'O&JU'i/.
"What wo did today Is of no interest
whatevor to the public."
President Fowler said: "Tho policy
of tho operators does not contemplate
any attempt at bro&king the strlko by a
resumption of work at the present time.
We are rather inclined to wait until the
minors grow tired of the strike and re
turn to work of their own volition, as
they will ultimately do."
It was learned from others present that
the railroad presidents have decided on
a waiting policy. According to tho
operators, they do not believe that the
miners will bo able to collect a fund of
$500,000 evory week with which to pay
tho sttrlkors, as had been arranged by
the Indianapolis convention.
They say that It was one thing to
make pledges and another tiling to keep
them. They are of the opinion that the
strike fund will last one or two weeks,
and that will be the end of it.
They also said that when the strikers
would ascertain that thoy would receive
no money thoy would return to work.
James Thompson, a coal guard at the
No. 9 colliery of tho Lehigh and Wllkes
barre Coal Company, at Sugar Notch,
was shot and Instantly killed yesterday
by Edward Jones, a fellow guard, who
says the shooting was accidental. Jones
had beon relieved from duty at tho col
liery gato, and was walking toward the
breaker extracting the cartridges from
his Winchester rillo. One was jammed,
and in trying to get It out tho trlggor
fell. Thompson, who walking across a
trestlo forty yards away, was shot
through the right breast and killed.
Both men came from Philadelphia,
and Thompson lias a wife and two chil
dren there.
Coal Mine for Sale.
If any of our readers are desirous of
owning a fully equipped coal mine the
opportunity to buy ono will soon be
given them. Tho Luzerne county court
has issued a decree authorizing 11. L.
Beach, receiver of tho Wyoming and
Pond Crook Coal Company, to expose at
public salo all tho rights, franchises,
leases, breaker, machinery, and all
other assets, real and personal, of said
Wyoming and Pond Creek Coal Com
pany, to the highest and best bidder or
bidders, at tho courthouse, Wilkesbarro,
on Saturday, July 26, at 2 o'clock p. m.;
the terms of salo to bo SI,OOO down at
timo of sale and the balance in cash
within thirty days of time of sale, on
delivery of bill of salo.
Tho holders of all the bonds secured
by tho mortgage upon tho plant of the
company have agreed that the salo may
divest the lien of the mortgage.
Tho property of tho company Is locat
ed at Pond Creek and consists of certain
anthracite coal leases, duly recorded in
the recorder's office of Luzerne county,
a coal hreakor equipped with all noces
sary machinery, piping, pumps, railroad
material, engines, explosives, tools, lum
ber and supplies. Any information
wanted concerning tho property may be
obtained by addressing H. L. Beach, 32
North Washington street, Wilkesbarro
Butler Teachers Appointed.
Following aro tho teachers' appoint
ments in Butler valley, as made by the
school board of that township, Mouday
Drumtown—G. M. Snyder, Nora Drum,
Anna Straw.
Hillside—Laura Smith.
Llntner—Anna Cunnius.
Honey Hole—Maggie Albortson.
Mill holler—Jennie Williams.
St. John's—Arthur Keiper.
Walder—Margaret Andrews.
Jacobs—Reynold Encke.
Uppor Lehigh—lsaac Albertson,
Geneva Bachman.
Installed the Officers.
Colonel Jacob Stetzer, of Wilkesbarro,
was the guest of the members of the
Knights of Mystic Chain on Monday
evening, Ho came hero to install the
officers of tho military rank of Loyal
Castle, and after this was performed a
banquet was tendered him by the mem
Previous to tho program at tho lodge
room, the military company, hoadod by
the Citizons' band, gave a short street
parade from their hall to the Washing
ton hotel, where Colonel Stetzer made
his headquarters, and escorted the com
manding officer to the meeting room.
Death of a Child.
Anna Viola, eldest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. William Fisher, died at 10
o'clock this morning from dropsy at tho
home of her parents on West Walnut
street. Tho deceased was aged 12 years,
8 months and 3 days and had been ill
for some time past.
The funeral will take place at 2
o'clock Friday afternoon. Services will
be conducted at the residence by Ilev. J.
J. Knot/, and Rev. O. G. Langford. ln
teruieut at Freeland cemetery.
Men engaged in taking coal from No.
4 stripping, Upper Lehigh, wore discov
ered last night by special officers from
Drlfton. Tho men escaped, but two
horses and a wagon loaded with coal
were captnrod and taken to Upper Le
high. The horses were owned by Peter
Barna and George Malinky, who recov
ered their animals this morning.
A suit in trespass for damages has
been filed against the borough of Free
land by Anthony Rudowick. The plain
tiff alleges that tho borough authorities
changed the natural course of a stream
with tho result that the wator runs over
property owned by the plaintiff. Daniel
Kline is tho attorney.
A man named Charles Ferro is serving
time in tho borough lockup on tho
charge of carrying concealed weapons.
It was thought for awhile that tho
prisoner was tho murderer of Joseph
Bott, of Hazleton, but this was later
found to not bo tho case.
The bond of Peter Timony, treasurer
of Freeland school district, was placed
on record yosterday. The bond Is in
the sum of $20,000 and is slgnod by
Condy O. Boyle, John Shigo, Frank
O'Donnell and James Mcllugh.
Tho remains of tho late Mrs. Rose
Johnson arrived hero from Pittsburg
yesterday and were buried this morning
from tho home of Mrs. Daniel Bonner.
A requiem mass at St. Ann's church
preceded the interment.
There are fifty-five candidates for tho
principalship of the Susquehanna schools
in Susquehanna county. The school
board is in a deadlock, four directors
voting for one candidate and four voting
for another candidate.
A. Oswald has the agency for tho cele
brated Elysian's extracts and perfumery.
The finest good made. Try them.
Judge Ileydt, of Carbon county, has
ousted tho school directors of Summit
Hill and appointed twolvo other citizens'
to fill the vacancies. Tho board could
not agree upon a permanent organiza
Tho members of St. Ann's band re
turned yosterday at noon from thoir
camp at Ice Lake. Tho bandmen say
that their weok in the woods was one of
the most pleasant thoy ever spent.
The families of two striking miners at
Oneida were evicted yesterday by Sheriff
Beddall, of Schuylkill county, acting
under orders of Coxo Bros. & Co.
Hugh McDyer, of town is sorving this
afternoon as best man at the wedding of
Christ Eigert a*<d Miss Hannah Boyle
at Hazleton.
Hazlo township school board last even
ing decidod to open the schools on
August 25.
Proposals for tho oroction of a now
courthouse at Wilkesbarro will bo open
ed today. It is expected that the con
tract will be awarded Immediately.
James P. Brown, of Plymouth, a can
didate for tho Democratic nomination of
county commissioner, called upon Free
land friends yesterday.
Ice cream—all flavors—at Morkt's.
Miss Margaret Johnson, of Front
street, has roturnod from a visit to her
slstor, Mrs. William Weaver, South
□ Miss Celia Faltz, of Sunbury, is visit
ing at her father's homo hero.
Y. M. C. A.
Social notice Is recalled on account of
strike conditions being unfavorable.
The lawn social, which was to bo held
noxt Thursday evening, is Indefinitely
A very interesting meeting was held
Sunday aftornoon. Next Sunday a
meeting for both ladles and gentlemen
will bo addressed by one of the town
Adult bible class this evening. Mr. J.
I). Bryden is expected to be present.
Male Glee Club meets on Wednesday
evening. Tho Ladies' Club Is making
lino progress. It behoovos the young
men to look out for their laurels.
Freeland borough officials are anxious
to test their science against Hazleton
newspaper club or tho officials' club.
Tho Good Wills will play the All-
Collegians, of Hazleton, In that city on
are being made for
the game which tho Balaklava club will
play at Weatherly ou Saturday.
Midsummer Clearing; Hale.
A midsummer clearing salo Is now
going on at the Star Shoo Store. Fully
500 pairs of summur shoes have been
marked down to half-price. In addi
tion, all goods that have been in the
store for six tnon,ths will be sold at half
their cost price These reductions are
for cash sales only. Star Shoe Store,
corner Centre and Walnut streets, Hugh
Malloy, proprietor.
Rev. Henry McCrea on the
Operators' Attitude.
Famous Episcopal Minister
Expands the Avowed Pos
ition of the Spokesman of
the Coal Kings.
In the current Issue of tho Episcopal
Recorder, of Philadelphia, Rev. Henry
McCrea contributes an article under tho
caption of "Tho Coal Barons' Creed."
Ho takes the statement of President
Baer, of tho Reading Railroad, that
"anthracite mining is a business and
not a religious or sentimental proposi
tion," and says:
"This is a magnificently condensod
statement of the Operators' Creed, a
creed which is substantially hold today
by all tho great controllers of the
natural resources of the earth. Wo
suggest tho following expanded state
ment of tho principle, for tho dutiful
consideration of mankind:
"The coal mines of Pennsylvania are
our property. We are working them
neither for scntimont nor religion. It
is a matter of pure business, outside
the pale of moral considerations. Wo
aro digging the anthracite hills to find
gold, not bibles. The happiness or
misery of tho men we employ is of no
concern to our stockholders. To mix
up business with humanity is tho short
road to bankruptcy. We are not pos
ing as philanthropists; wo are dlggors
of coal. If a few thousand minors, morn
or less, aro choked by fire-damp or
emaciated by starvation that Is their
"There are few prizes in life's grim
game, and most men must bo satisfied to
draw a blank. Pain, woariness and
stupified lives aro In tho structure of
things. We aro not here to alter these
Iron conditions, but taking thorn as thoy
are, wo press on to tho golden mile post.
The stern vordict of history is "right
forever on tho scaffold, wrong forever
on tho throne." Lot tho world under
stand that the anthracito operators aro
not going into partnership with truth on
a scaffold.
"We control dollars and cannon, and
theso aro tho twin forces that subjugate
tho earth. Many a reformer has im
molated his lifo on tho altar of his con
victions, only to find a barren grave.
ThoGraachi defied tho Roman oligarchy,
and perished by the spears of the system
they assailed. John the Baptist tried
to reform the morals of Herod, and mot
his death In the royal dungeon, under
tho blacks rocks of Makor. History
tells of a youthful Galilean, to whom
Satau offered tho kingdoms of tho world
In a moment of time. In Ilis high
enthusiasm lie madly refused tho offer,
and ended his life in disastrous ecllpso,
on the skull.shaped mound of Golgotha.
"Away, then, with sentiment from
tho halls of the anthracite legislation.
Napolean Bonaparte was right, that
Providence Is on the sido of tho strong
est battalions. Wc shall moot tho hun
gry, wistful oyes of atraving families,
with linos of bristling stool. Tho
baronial castle has crumbled, and the
feudal serf Is gone, but tho inonoy king
still can roar his moats and towers over
tho dark veins of anthracito wealth.
"Are there children growing lip
around our collieries stunted by half
nourishment, brutalized by Ignorance,
ruinod by poverty? What is that to us?
Wo are thoro for business, and deal not
in sentiment or religion. Shall we de
stroy tho golden posibilitios of the hour
and lower tho market value of our
stocks and bonds, by diverting capital to
tho uplifting of men? Nay! Bo firm,
brother stockholder, and strengthen
your hand of steol. Build higher your
linos of barbed-wire fences, set your
cameras and flashlights for an attack on
tho stockade, dig deeper into tho en
trails of tho anthracito mountains, and,
though cemeteries line your track, march
on to victory under the golden star.
"Preachers tells us that God is watch
ing the world, but wo see no track of his
footsteps, save on the far distant sands.
Wo aro dealing with tho present that wo
know and wo leave the misty future to
the pilots of the skies. We will rake in
our golden pile before the sunset, and
take our chances on the last fires. Tho
earth belongs to the skies of mauiinon—
for business and humanity are forever
divorced. This Is the Creed of the Coal
Barons, and where is the power that is
able to dislodge us from our intronch
ments in the anthracite hills?
"As we ponder on this Creed, there
Of Hornellsville, N. Y., Hands
Down An Important
In tho caso of L)r. David Kennedy's
Favorite Remedy against Blood and
Liver trouble, Judge H. Clancy of Horn
ellsville, N. Y., and one of the most prom
inent members of the bar in that historic
town, decided recently that as against
Blood and Liver trouble, Dr. David Ken
nedy's Favorite Remedy wa£ worthy of
tho higest praise, lie says:
"I have used Dr. David Kennody's
Favorite Remedy and strongly re
commend it for its good effect in my
caso for liver troubles and blood dis
order. It built me right up and 1
improved greatly in health."
Geo. if. Trifftof 878 River street, Troy,
N. Y., suffered from liver trouble and his
blood was all but of order and after us
ing 'Favorite Remedy,' lias this to say:
"For any one suffering from that
run down or tired out feeling, caused
by blood or liver trouble, Dr. David
Kennedy's Favorite is the best medi
cine you can buy. 1 have used it
and 1 know."
Tho ono sure euro for disease of tho
kidnoys, livor, bladder and blood, rheu
matism, dyspepsia and chronic constipa
tion, is Dr. David Kennody's Favorite
Remedy. It has cured in maoy cases
where all olso lias failed.
It matters not how sick you are, how
long you have suffered, or how many
physicians have failed to help you, Dr.
David Kennedy Favorite Remedy will
cure you if a cure is possible.
All druggists sell Dr. David Konnedy's
Favorite Remedy in the New 50 Cent
Size and the regular SI.OO size bottles.
Ham pic buttle—enough for trial , free bp mail.
Dr.D.Kennedy Corpora! ion, Kumlout.N. Y.
Dr. David Knncdy's Goldon Plasters
streujftlieu Museics, remove pain anywhere.
15c cuch.
Ollluo: Rooms 1 and 2, Birkbock Brick, F'reoland
Legal Business of Any Description.
Ilroiman's Building, So. Centre St. Freoland.
Campbell Buildinir, - - . Froeland
White Haven Oflico, Kune Building, Opposite
I ostothee; Tuesdays, {Saturdays.
Legal Business of every description, Fire
Insurance, and Conveyancing given prompt
McAlcuamin Building, South Centre Street.
Seoond Floor, - . Birkbeok Brick
Washington Street.
None but reliable companies represented.
Also agent lor the celebrated high-grade
I taiioß ot Hazeltun Bros., New York city.
RYI. s. s. HESS,
37 South Contro Stroot.
801 l Tclupholto.
Second Floor Front, - Reiowich Building.
"-puos. A. BUCKLEY,
All business given prompt attention.
Tribune Building, . . Main Street
rises before us a wonderful painting. It
pictures tho Conquorors of the Ages
riding abreast down the road of time.
Behind them, as far as the eye can
reach, Is a forest of bristling spears.
From tho plundered treasure house of
tho Persian kings, Alexander rides,
armed to the teeth in the wardress of
Macedon. From the forests of Gaul
dashes Julius Caoser, concentrating in
his Iron visage the world-crushing spirit
of tho Tiber. From a pyramid of human
skulls rises the swarthy face of Gonghis
Khan. And there rides Napoleon, like
a spectre from tho flames of Moscow,
where his legions lie burled in their
shroud of Ice.
"Tho Conquerors, in the painting,
cover the full breadth of the road; and on
either side, stretching into the illimit
able distance, 1110 en lilo In ghastly lines,
lie millions upon millions of uaked dead.
On the Conquorors' facos is written
cruel and merciless resolve. On tho
facos of tho million dead Is written the
stony imprint of despair—all that
thoy felt In life, tho death damp con
gealed upon their brow.
"Underneath this painting, so magni
ficent in Its tragic appeal, we would
write the Coal Barons' Creed, and add
one more figure to the imperial horsemen
on the road of time—the anthracite con
quoror in that forest of spears, riding on
to his eternity of retribution.''

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