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MILFGhD, I' A. '
io tho boot
in tho
J. H. Van Etten, fcditor.
Tkrms One dollar and fifty cento
year in advance.
Apply for ratos.
bisoLK Copies, Fivb Ckhts.
H. '"E. Emerson, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon.
OFFICE in Drug Store on Broad
. . . Street
J. H. Van Etten, .
OFFICE, Brown's Cuiidin
' MlUOBD, PlM CO., Pai.
John A. Kipp,
OFFICE, opposite Court House,
"' Milford, Pik Co., Pa.
milford. .
First Frksbytkhias Church, Milford
Bnblmth services at 10.30 A. X. and 7.80 P.
M. Habbnth school Immediately lifter tlm
nimlnii service. Praver meeting -Wed
nesday at 7.80 P. M. A cordial welcome
will bo extenaco. to bh. im n i
taohod tortthcr churches are especially In
vited. EBV. Thomas NrenoLS, Pastor.
rnunra n thk fJoriD Rhkpbkrd. Mil-
ford: Hcrvloos 8unday at 10.80 A. M. and
i no r M. Hundav school at 8.80 P. M.
Week-day sorvlces, Friday at 4.00P.M. Heats
free. All welcome.
B. S. LA88ITEB, Rector.
M. B. Church. Sorvioes at the M. Ei.
roiumh Kunflfivii: Prcachiuir at 10 80 a.
m. and at 7.80 p. m. Sunday school at 8
p. in. Kpworth league at 6.46 p. ro.
Weekly prayer meeting on Wednesdays at
7.80 p. m. Clans meeting conducted by
Wm. Angle on Fridays at 7.80 p. m. An
earnest Invitation Is extend! to anyone
who may desire to worshsp with us. ,
... 7, .. Kev. W. B. NkitF, Pastor.
Services every Sabbath at 10.80 a. ni. and
7 p. m. Sabbath school at 8.80. G. K.
meeting Monday evening at 7.80. Prayer
meeting weanesoay htvuiub a i..
Jtveryone welcome.
Rev. F. Ii. Rounds, Paster.
moras.Pa. Hervioas next Sunday as follows:
- ..win. in ho m. m .nil 7 n. m. Run-
day school at 8 p. m. junior V. K. before
nd J. K. prayer meeting after the even
ing service. Mid-week prayer meeting
very Wednesday evening at 7.80. Seats
RKV. J. A. Wikoand, Pastor.
Secret Societies
Wncnim Tlnnf Wo HM. V. A ''A. M.l
Txdge meets Wednesdays on or before
I" uli Moon at ane rsawaui nouso, mmwni,
Pa. N. Kinery, Jr.( Boeretary, . Minora.
J. H. Van utten, w. M., Miuura, rm. ,
Vi Okr Mark Looor. No.. 828, 1. 0,
O. V: Moots every Thursday evening at
' 1.80 p. ra., Brown's Building. eov l)au-
mau, or., oec y. joiu u. twwur, w v.
pRUDfeKCB 'RKBEKAH Lo'nOK, 197, I. O
' V Wwtt. nvnrv second and fourth rYi
days In each month In Odd Fellows' Hall,
' ftrown s auttaing.. miss xeinnie dwk, n
-.' Katie Kieln, Bec y. . i i y
' i .Bubsoribt for the Pbjess. .
- Tr. rjnlnrmnle' of Branch ville' N.
! , .some tima. ago . purchoaea' of
- the Ball estate, lake -of goodly
size lvtaff Bonth Vest' of Culverts
lake a short distance, and fcuowii aa
' 'Img Pond. Hie purchase' tooludi d
f , conaiaeraine .tract oi loroai fan
1 Torroundingr the pond. A company
of 25 stockholders has beoia ottra-.
niaed. and it is proposed to fence the
' w-linln with an immwulue fence, and
!' to keep in the enclosure all the trioet
native varieties of game. The con
tract has been riven out. we under
. . t&nd, for the fenoe, and a broad
drivewav Is to be constructed from
the main road near Culvert's lute
to the pond. There is no doubt but
i Jn the near' future the site for a
'oottace on the shore -of Culvert's
'.. lake is going to be yolvuilile property
for the Tapidity with which hikes
.. sinitsdfor summer resorU are pass
lug Into private 'ownership will
oon make Culvert's the ouly one to
which the general publlo can have
' cotws in 8uhm)X County. i-x.
I fif IsUrsst to fUna Csilsetort.
tamp-otiUou ting boj'S and girls
will be interested iu the plan that
Is now proposed to let all cities of
Iho United Htatee conUiuijig 10i'.(XX)
or more tnhabitanUi have' pottage
Minimis of sneciiil doBiKU. . . liietie
pjiiT-sfwill coinmwuorutefaoiiie not
!..! l lkritl event, or resident of
-tl t city, at whose requtt the pay
rumct wtll rxxsvido them, and i
. 4h scheme is .rried out it moans
if omrse. a KiwO. dual more know
loiV-e audetfort fosr stamp collx-tir8
iVestfall is Republican
he Demooracy of Fike Halts and
-" Wavers. '. .
It Cannot Withstand the Awsnlts of Intel
ligence, General Informatloa aad An
, Kxposnre of Its Method!. Serious In
roads Bars Been Mads in Several of Its
Strongholds, Soma of Them. Captured,
and We Bare Only Jnrt Begun the
As will be seen by the vote follow
ing the people are indulging in the
somewhat peculiar sensation m this
county .of electing to office some of
. . .... . . . i. . . ,
tne men nosi niiea m moir juug
ment to fill them. ' Party ties are
strong but the result shows that the
loaven of better local goverment is
workinir. and that the people begin
to realize that it is time to take their
matters out of the hands of the po
litical heelers, ringsters and old war
hordes and attend to them in person.
The elections in the several town
ships cannot fail to gratify those
who are hoping for a dawn of bet
ter things.
'milford borough.
.TuaHcA of the Peace
William Anirln. r, 82
Joseph O: Chamberlain, d . . . 61
Judge of Election
Milton Armstrong, r ft
Warren V. Choi, d 61
Inspector of Kleotion
Frank B. Thrall, T,.. S
Frank Kuuolpn, a s
George Smith, r . , 68
Uenj. t. ueniiett, a. a
High Constable ' ' - i
Arthur R M.iOarthv. r 8
Maurice Steele, d , 77
Overseer of tha Poor
John Detrick, r 0
A. A. V an AUKen, u e
Auditor r
WAunt4'rjp Warner, r 66
Juoob Klfter, d 87
Town Counoilman
Abram D. Brown, r, 8 yrs . . . . 87
VL'm r. UmmiKIm 1 R vpa 71
John H. Ryder, r, 8 yrs
i'2A-.h i t,..v.. .11 i q vn . sa
John C. Warner, r, 8 yr no
faul w . ttournique. r, I yr. . . ii
James Mollinanux, r, 1 yr . . M
Warren F. Choi, d, 8 yrs. . . . . 7
Frank iSchorr, d, 8 yrs 79
John C. Beck, d, 8 yrs 82
Wm. F. Bock, d, 8 yrs 81
Nathan Emery, Jr. d, 8 yrs . . 60
Wm. Aimer, d, yr 74
George E. Borton, d, 1 yr ... 80
C. O. Armstrong, r ... 71
Wm. . iiyman, r . oo
Dunham fcriTigory, d ........ . 78
Georgo A. Frttitt, d r 80
Auditor i .
L tvA T SaaIav r 6A
Laiayett W, LatUmore, d . . 81
"' RssVlti ll Wtfll TswsiMi.
Judire of Election ' Vot MAJ
Aarou CortrlKht. r , 18S 8
Jr Vm (surdon, A W9
Insnsntor of Eluctlon ,
FredA. Ue, r ..,.., 136
W. C. Cortrijjht, d 1B0
O. W llavey, r .......... 118
B. C. Totten, d Hv 81
W. C. Van SW-kle. r .........'. 14 t
Emanuel Covk.uiduU, r IMS 8
Huiet S vt.)H. d 130
George Hotfiuau, d . 1H1
Overstxw of the Poor
J. C. Kino, r 1 ' S3
Frank Miller, d....... l&i
Town Clerk
A. W. Baluh, Jr, r 150 88
iuiaa A. bayder, d -1M1
Auditor ' '
Beuj. 't. Ilurant. r.... 198
A. Van luwegin, d ld
richool DtrectoDS
Kdw.u M. KuuUill, r. 1M 4
Atuuu llUer, r 118 ,
Frank ll. uiU, sr, d i:
Charles Snyder, d HI 28
Ipstioi lit Uckswaisn Teosshlp.
Judue of elwtitm, C. O. Wheeling
d, 104 : lnM;tr of nloction, Ed
wa-d Cliandi.r, r, 41, (S. ll. Jun)"s,
d, 38, Jacob Kneadler, d, H, aon
stable. Frank Kelley. r, 143; su.
j.jrvi--)rs, John Frye.r, 67 I. B. Ros-
enuruns.d, 9a, maj. 28; Wesley lint
fin, r. 39, Albert BnggH.d, 105, maj
68 ; Lafe James, r, 40, lius Wegge, d
110. niaj. 70 ; 11. S. Whitmore, r, 39
'- i; I .
Howard Kirkluun, a, 106, maj. 71
Erneat Ooovert, d, 104 j overseer of
the poor, John Cowgill, r, 81. W. R.
Mmith, d, 98, maj. 45 ; town clerk,
John Kuhn, r, 148 ; auditor, (Jr. W.
I !nmutfvt r R.I A.ni7Utar. rTrtfWlllfr I
d, 77, niaj. 6 j school director, M. H.
LAssley, r, 73, John, uartncimna, a,
85, niaj. 22, John Colo, r, 40, Joseph
Andoregg, H7, niaj. 47. ,.
Pilmyrl Townjhlp Com Republican.
Justice of thil peace, P. R Cross,
44, Walter Vetteilein, d, 42, mnj.
; Judge of election, Henry Quick, r, !
2, Oeorsro Ansley, d, 44, nin j. 2 ' in-1
spector of eloction, Emory Hnzolton,
, 42, John Kinarcr.a, 42 ; supervisor,
Clarence Stephens, r, 42, Louis Bin
ger, d, 42, George Robinson, r,-43,
A. Van Auken, d, 44, niaj. 1; con
stable, Alva Quick, 35 ; overseer of ,
the poor, A. J. Kimble, r, 47, John
Bonier, a, 3N, mnj. , A. K.. Kiunm,
r. 48. H. C. Clark, d, 38. mat. 8 ; au-1
ditor, H. E. Kipp, r, 48. Henry
Drake, rt, AH, tuaj. 10; town ciers,
C, E. Williams, r, 46, Joseph Mo
Mnhon, d, 40, hiaj. 6 ; school direc
tor, C. N. Killam, r, 45, Thomas
Duffy, d, 39, C. A. Pellett.r, 45, Wal
ter Vetterlein, d, 42, mnj. 3 ; Mrs.
Clnra Lnbes, r, 42, Frank Boa, d, 39,
ma j. 3 j scattering 2. , ,
Iteiult In Shoholi.
Justice of the peace, Valentine
mpsman, r, 20, H. C. Kneclin. d,
70, mnj. 69 ; judge of election, E. R.
Kalbfus, r, 20, H. C. Knealing.d, 79.
maj. 69 ; ins)ector of election, James
Leaner, r, 20, George Worzol, d, 7H ;
constable, Wm. Lesner, r, 20, Frank
Keller, d. 79, niaj. 69; suiiervisor,
Thos. Bradford, r, 20, John Bluhm,
d, 78, maj. 59, George Haas, d, 76:
overseer of the poor.Gibson McKain,
d, 78 ; auditor, Wm. Van Bramor, r,
3 yrs. 20, Jas. Watson, d, 78, niaj.
68 ; auditor, N H. Johnson, r, yrs,
22, Peter Shields, d, 78, maj. 68;
school director, Charles Sweezy, r,
20. Stephen Wells, d, 78, mnj. 58;
John Marquart.r, 20, Wm. Williams,
d, 78, maj. 68.
9 .
Delaware Township Results.
Judge of election' Maurice Young,
131 ; inspector of eloction, I. C. An
gle, r. 56, G. C. Crone, d, 90, maj.34 ;
constable, Joseph D. Brooks, r 80.
Aaron B. Jogger, d, 77, maj. 8 ; su
pervisor, James B. Angle, r, 67, E.
Vanaonnarlc, a, 3, maj. its, inamuoi
L. Hunt, r, 69, A. A. Albright, d,
124, mnj. 65; Andrew A. Albright,
r, 124, M. B. Pitney, d, 95 inaj. 28,
Daniel Jagger, d, 92; town clerk,
Howard Hawk, r, 48, Hugh Brod
head, d, 106, maj, 61 ; auditor, John
Whittaker, d, 124 ; school director,
Wm. Dusenberry. r, 69 M. A. Doty,
d, 87, maj. 16, John Shepherd, r, 66,
Wm. Hnnna, d, 82, maj. 26 ; over
seer of the poor, D. O. Brodhead,
Lehman Toanshlp.
Justice of the peace, James Lock-
land, r, 27, Charles L. Holler, d, 84,
maj, 67; judge of etection, Palma
Depue. r. 38, a. v. uowen, a, 7B
maj. 39 ; insjiector of eloction, Cal
vin cron, r, 2, wiiuam uortngnt.
d, 62, R. Whittaker, 1, r, 40, consta
ble, John Snyder, 55, Wilson' Van
Auken, 72, maj. 17 ; suiiervisor, Jas
M. Bonsley, Jr. r, 46, Geo. M. Arnst,
d, 66, William Stoddart, d, 67, John
Hornbcckv d. 69, Daniel Brodhead,
d. 69 : overseer of the poor, George
Snyder.r, 44, Jermiah Tltman, d 65
maj. 21 j auditor, James M, JJepuo,
r, 33, Harry Peters, d, 69, mnj 36 ;
school director, Joseph Bonaloy,' r,
48, mnj, 19 ; Jas. 01. Bonsley, ind,
44,mnj.l5 ; Philip F. CortriKht.d, .29,
William U. Btoudart, a, 26.
. Blooming Grovt .
Judge of election.Geo. W. Pierson,
d, 67 ; Inspector of election, William
R. Howoll, r, 26, Frank E. Uazen ,d,
42 ; constable, W, J. Edmeston, r,
30, E, jN . Pierson, d, 39 ; supervisor,
Geo. Rotkline, r, 31, Fred Bnnett,
d, 61, Conrud Mjllor, r, 31, Lev Lord,
d, 38, John M. Decker, d, 43 ; over
seer of the poor, W.J. julmeston, r,
30 ; town clerk, Daniel Uatton, Jr.
r. 32, E. R. Hazen, d, 40 ; auditor, C
O. Billings, 3yrs, r, 28, W, J, Coon,
r, 2 yrs. 34. Geo, Reynolds, d, 3 yrs
38, bimeon Lord, r, i yrs, 34 ; scuixil
director, Hiram Rake, r, 48, C. F
Young,r,35, Otto Kenling, d, 33,
Conmd Miller, d,25 ; town treasurer,
Daniel liatton.Jr. r,32, E. R. Haisen,
d, 32.
Hlitord Township.
Justioe of the peace, Ed. Quinn, d,
17 ; judge of election, J. C. Bull, d,
20 ; insixjctor of election, Wm. Boyd
d, 6, John G. Muier, d, 11 ; constable,
C. Hermann, d, 17 supervisors, Goo.
Peroz, d, 16, C. Herman, d, 17 ; over
seer of the poor, J. G. Maier, d, 16 ;
town clerk, J. C. Bull, d, 18 ; auditor
Ed. Quinn, d, 15, G. M. Quick, d 15
No Republican nominations were
Gicsnt Toohi.
Judge of election, Jaoob Shoffor.r
72, Theo. Couell.d, 10S ; insetor of
election, Goo. iieberling.r, 76, Sam
nel Cortright.d, 104 ; constable, E, P
lltberling, r, 72. Eugene Butler, d
113 ; suiiervisors, W. B. Hopps, r, 71,
Charles Fowler, r, 88, Geo. Roback.
er.r. 62. D. L. Friek, r, 88, P. VV.
Felton.r, 90, Patrick O. Connor, d,
86, Jesse R. Bnrrns, d, 81, John Mor
ro, d, 95, Joseph Augustine, d, 84,
Christian Uhl, d, 81 ; overseer of the
poor, Geo. Rolwieker, x- 168 ; town
clerk, Kilns J. Dickcrson, ii, J02 ; au
ditor, Geo. H. Bunks, r, 79, John
Brink.d. 100 : school director, R. W.
Gilpin, r, 68, F. W. Able, r, 80, Ed
ward Careton, d, 130, Chas. Kramer,
d, 92.
Dlniming TownsMp
Judge of election, JohnW. Kilsby,
r, 88, Nicholas W. Holden, d, 42 ; in
spector of election, Charles B. Mo
Cnrty. r, 83, E. H. Orlwn, d, 24,
Theodore Bosler, d, 21 ; constable, J.
A. Fisher, d, 80 ; supervisors, J. H.
McCarty, r, 38, lra M. Travis.r,! 65,
Cliarles Stichler, r, 37, E. A. Green
ing, d, 60, Charles Gebhnrdt, d, 44,
William Drake, d, 48 ; overseer of
the poor,' D. B, Olmstead, d, 75:
towp clerk, J. AV, Kiesel, r, 33, Wil
liam White, d, CO ; auditor, Clins. H.
Quinn, d, 77 ; school director, Sam
uel A. Detrick, r, 34, Louis J. Husson
d, 49, John A. Fisher, d, 47.
Porter Township.
Justice of the pence. Philip B. Clark
Judge of election J. W. Smith ; , in
spectors of election; Martin Van
Why, (eo. L. Smith ; constable. O,
Van Vleit, suKrvisor, C. W. Cort
right, M. C. Smith ; overseer of the
poor, P, B. Clark, town clerk, P, B.
Clark ; school directors, Goo, T.
Smith, Win. Rake. Thore was but
one ticket . . . ,
Last season many people here
abouts lost their hogs. The disease
seemed to be cholera . Hotel swill
appears to contain some dangerous
element, and some pork raisers re
fuse to take it unless Orange peel is
kept out of it. Sick hogs sho uld
not be left with well ones for a
moment after the discovery is made.
Beer costs the saloon man about
16 a barrel. He retails it, five cents
a glass' for $30. Who gets rich on
the $24 and who poor?
Why is not this a good time to
sow clover seed? It will go deeply
in the frost cracks when the snow
goes off, and root well before it
comes up, and is thus preserved from
destruction by the late frosts,
If you are going to buy nursery
stock this spring order now, and
don't be persuaded into buying any
thing older than two years.
' ' A Story and t Moral.
Carle was a misshapen dwarf of
Arthur's Court. Day by day for long
years he besought the knights to
smite Off his head, but they loved
him, ' and' they would not have
harmed a hair of his head. One day
became to Gawaine, and said,"" I
pray thee, Gawaine, strike off my
head ; " and Gawaine said, " nay I
love thee to much. " But when he
saw tears on the poor creature's face
moved by a great impulse he smote,
a,nd. there rose up not the deformed
Carle but Sjr Carlile handsomest of
the knights, who had boon a victim
of ft cruel enchantment which could
be orercomo only when some friend
should love htm enough to smite. The
moral is that not one of us grows to
his full stature till friendship is hon
est enough and tender enough to
break with wounds if need be, the
spell of our own vanity and insula
Legs Most kt Cored.
The Yalo faculty lias issued an
edict that hereafter all students
training for the athletic teams must
wear trousers when running through
the public streets for exercise. The
city authorities requested tlint stu.
dents training for teams should wear
more clothing. A runaway occurred
a few weeks ago by a, team becom
ing frightened at a number of stu.
dents running bare legged through
one of the streets, hence the request.
The students are prejinring to use
knickerbockers and long stockings.
. What Ha Fearad.
Mrs. Moneybaga Your son's ex
travagance is increasing. Ho wants
a new plaything. This time it is a
stable of race horses.
Mr. Moneybags That's all right.
I was afraid he wantod to start a
newspaper. PeurS'in's Wockly.
Have more than thou showest,
bpeuk less than thou knowest.
, hluikenpeare.
Lively Times In the M. E. Chnroh at Cen-
tervllle li.J.
What is called a " Religious war "
but one in which there seems to be
more of the eril spirit than religion
is exciting the people of Centerville
in N. J. ,
Just what the difficulty if we do
not know, but it seems to have cul
minated last Friday afternoon when
a meeting was held for the election
of trustees for the next year. There
are two factions, one apparently up
holding the pastor Rev. C. W. Dem
ing, and the other opposing. The
opponents seemed to be in the ma
jority and elected their trustees,
whereupon Mr. Demlng and his fol
lowers after much unseemly wrang
ling, held a meeting and elected
another set. It cannot make much
difference as to the right or wrong
of the matter so far as the church is
concerned. Probably both sides have
been hasty and indulged inill con
sidered action. What we call at
tention to is the evil which is
wrought by such contentions. A
minister may preach the gospel of
pence, and a congregation may pray
that the sun of righteousness . shall
shine 014 them, but such preaching
and' praying is mockery when the
devil of strife, contention and open
hostility invades a church, and
causes such unseemly conduct. , If a
minister divides his congregation
his future usefulness among that
people is ended, and rather than
lead an opposing column to the bat
tle, he would muoh better step' down
and out. His continued presence
and aggressiveness only makes the
matter worse. Church people nave
enough evil to oppose without quar
reling and wrangling among them
The Decline Is Attributed to " Bears " In
the Market. 1
About everything has been in a
trust, and now it sooms camphor has
the attention of a syndicate, which
has its headquarters in London, and
is preparing to corner the market.
A year ago refined camphor sold at
34 cents per pound, since then it has
sold for 64, and Is now about 60, this
decline is attributed to bears " in
the market, nearly all the crude
camphor of commerce is grown in
Japan and Formosa. Formerly it
was produoed in Sumatra, Bornea
and other parts of the Indies and
China, but lately they have not been
factors in production, Camphor
trees are of the evergreen variety.
Symmetrical in proportion, blossom
Ing with white flowers and bearing
red berries. The trees attain great
age some being 300 years old and
measuring fifteen feet in diameter.
The Formosa produot is Inferior to
tuat 01 Jatian, and a jrannosa is in.
habited largely by- savages, and the
production of crude camphor is at
tended with muoh danger, Japan
practically supplies the world. The
amount exported from that country
averages about nve million pounds.
one-fourth comes to this country
and the remainder is consumed in
Europe. It must be refined before
it is ready for consumption. This
process was until two years ago con.
fined to European and America n re
fineries, but the Japs have now en.
tered the market, and are establish,
ing rofinorios in that country.
' rr - .
Churlos F. Jones, et. nx. to Geo.
F. and Byran Simons, dated Nov. 21
1895. Land in Greene 32 acres
Con. $5000. Ent'd Feb. 13.
James W. Quick, treasurer to
John II. Brodhtwd, dated June 14
1876. Laud in Milford. 3V acres,
Con. taxes,- Ent'd Feb. 14.
Mary G. Brodhead, to Kate B. Van
Wyck, dated Feb. 13 1896. Land in
Milford Zy acres. Con. $1 Ent'd
Feb. 14.
Joseph G. Holbert, et. al. to War
ren L. Case, dated Nov. 8. Land in
Locka waxen, 74 acres Con. $185.13
Ent'd Feb. 20.
On and after Muroh 1st the Erie
will charge for transporting bicycles,
A ticket must bo purcluised and at
tached by the owner and the wheel
delivered at the door of the baggage
Philadelphia Gives Klnsey for (Solicitor
80.000 Majority.
Easton has elected ft Republican
mayor by over 800 majority and has
a majority in councils, It la the
most complete victory the Republi
cans have ever won in that city.
Pittsburg, Chester, Harrisburg,
Lancaster, Scranton, Allentown and
many other places, all indicate large
gain for the G. O. P. and even the
'one green spot" is fast fading, and
will soon be a true bine.
Senator Quay seems to be ft Pre.
sidential possibility.
-The Economltes a society In
western Pennsylvinia also known as
the Harmony Society, snnk three
hundred and fifty thousand dollars
in one railroad venture. There are
only .four male members in the So
ciety. The Standard is a sprightly.clean
looking little sheet published by the
students of Rockland Collegiate In
stitute at Nyack N. Y., of which
Frank W. Cross of this place is the
Editor in Chief.
The police, of Albany N. Y.,
raided a disorderly honse ft few
nights ago, and captured among
others, six members of the Legisla
ture. They were taken to police
A marriage license was issued
Fob. 18 by Prothonotary Westbrook
to Frank 3. Gunsals and Nena C,
Quick of Matamoras.
Paughcaughnaughslnque is actu
ally the name of Middletown's tribe
of Rod Men.
Wm. Padgett's show will not
take place this week on account of
sickness of some of the prominent
The phonographic concert Tues
day night in Brown's Hall was at
tended by a large audience. The
wonderful instrument entertained
amused and seemed to transport
the listeners to the distant places
where the several numbers had
been orginally given, so perfectly
were they reproduced,
To morrow is a legal holiday
being Washington's birthday.
There will be services in the
Presbyterian church this evening,
All are invited.
A Sunday Mall.
By a recent contract with the de.
partment John Findlay will carry ft
mail from Milford on Sunday leav
ing here at 3 p. m. This is the first
Sunday mail Milford ever had.
Death of Rt. J. F. WilNaaa.
Wilkes-Barre, Feb. 18. Rev. J. F.
Williams, pastor of the Lucerne
Methodist church.died at the htjepi
tal to-day of peritonitis. He fought
on the Union side during the v
and when it was over he went to
Wyoming Seminary, where he was
graduated and was afterward or.
dainod for the minstry. lie is sur.
vived by his widow and two child
ren. Mr, Williams preached three
years in the Kipptown church in
Greene township this oonnty from
1884 to 87, and his circuit included
two Churches in Wayne county.
He was also stationed at Hawley
Wayne county for three years,
Samuel S. Crawford, who was for
some time station agent at Mast
Hope, this county, but lately sta
tioned at Gulf Summit, N. Y., died
suddenly Feb. 15 at the latter place,
His age was 62, and he is survived
by his wife and two children.
Art af Bains ta ltd.
(From the Boston Traveler.)
There is a ridiculous fellow over in
London who is trying to convince
people that nobody understands
the art of going to bed. This may
be true of England, where they say
people can't keep clean without
" tubbing five times a day, but it
isn't true in this country, where it
would be voted by very large ma
jority that the art which is not .un
derstood is that of " gutting up. '
No. 17.
Vriedborger Claims No Eleetrle ttoad Will
Km Cousti uctcd Exnrt Ms Does It.
Ed. Iongtfiire, of Btrondsburg,
was in Philadelphia on Wednesday
and served papers on Simon Fried-
bergor, erstwhile . railway man.
The papers were issued in the suit
brought against the East Strouds-
burg and Matamoras Railroad by
Frank Holmes, Esq., on labor claims
mounting to over $136.
Friedberger was found in bis lace
mill at Ger man town . When the ex
ecution papers were served and pay
ment demanded the ex-traurnrer re
fused to give the amount. Further
action will now be taken in the mat
ter. . '
Friedberger stated that he,. was
now possessed of considerable money
and it was his opinion that no rail
way would be built up the Delaware
Valley unless he constructed it.
Btrondsburg Times.
Mrs. H. G. Williamson has been
quite ill for several days.
Mrs- Bensoll returned from a visit
to Blooming Grove.
Miss Hattie Horton was bitten by
a horse a day ago. Her hand is quite
L. J. Middaugh. of Parkers Glen,
came over to Milford, last week
with a grist for our millers. '
J. J. Poillon left town Monday to :
take a situation with the New York
The thermometers in Milford indi
cated from 14 to 20 below zero last
Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Humbert.of
Brooklyn, were in Milford Tuesday'
on business trip.
Invitations are out for the wed
ding of J. Edward Howell, of Wan.
tage, and Miss Mary Loomls, of
Deckertown, on Feb. 19th. Miss
Keeper, of Blairstown, will act as
Frank Carriok formely of Strouds-
burg Pa., the civil engineer who had
charge of the corps which ran the
line for the D. V. E. B. W. and was
formerly in the employ of the
Wilkesbarre and Eastern R. R.. and
more lately engaged on a line in
Ohio, has gone to the Philippine
Islands under a five years contract.
He is an excellent engineer and un
doubtely will make his mark.
Aaron Cortright, of Matamoras,
was in town Wednesday bringing
election returns and he wasn't wear
ing ft sorry face over them either. .
Henry C. KnealingEsq., who
handles the reins over the Demo
era tie war horses of Bbohola, was
here this week.
Married Fee. SO at the home of
Daniel Everett, by Rev. G. 8. Gar.
rettson, Sarah Everett, of Sandys.
ton, to L8. Merrell, of Montague,
Daniel H. Predmoje, of the Brick
House,-filled his ioe house on Tues
day Feb. 18 with ioe from Linn
Hornbook's pond.
The Rer. James A. McGowan, of
Montioello, has been conducting ft
series of meetings in the Presby
terian church here this week. They
have been well attended, and inter
est manifested in the able and elo
quent sermous preached. '
Thursday evening next, Rev. G.
E. Gillespie, of Port Jerris, will
preach in the Presbyterian church
here, ft preparatory sermon to the
communion service on ' Sunday
March 1.
In the N. Y. World of Sunday the
following appears among the incid
ents in society : Mrs. E. Benjamin
Ramsdell gave ft reception Saturday
afternoon at her home, No. 681 Lex
ington avenue. - She was assisted in
receiving by Mrs. T. M. DUbrus,
Mrs. J. W. Parkhurst, Mrs. . BL E.
Quinlar and the Misses A. Schoon
over, Lila Van Etten, Miss Bessie
Van Etten, Bessie Purdy, A. Warts,
A. Arnold, D.Friaeken, Bishop, Lik
ing and Elizabeth Par bom. .
Hart latradssaa Sill.
By request Congressman Joseph J.
Hart, of this district, has introduced
a bill into the House of Represent,
tives to change the pay and rating
of the machiniiiU employed in the
United States Navy. The measure
was referred to the CfWAOiiUee on
Naval Affairs.

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