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Bill' 11
11 11-
NO 47
Tho froe bniliii B l i.ni'ol-ielocer of
fenns) ) van a and Now J" rei v 'ft
At Trenton this week and ni n their
wa v u lliw liver inn r' tewir.ar 1 1
several bridge wmpsnie... If scr
lain the probable oo-t of the struc
tures and aim tfan attitude of (bp
corporations roward telling.
Ex t'onnly Tnsson-r K B Lnbar of
M itnm .rHM set- In tox'n ye.-terdsv
At lh th'TllTH Mile of Hi Chi-1
New Hot"! P'operty In Lackawsxen
Monday Wilheliu Vogel the juiii
n-t,t rreduor became the pnrrhreer.
Ctrl Hunt went to Rochester hl
to aco pt a position with the
Ei-tnian Koi'ak Co.
A reliable Kothonty on horses
nays that tbe KfT "?e tlm lorge t,
and that I Hp roans coma next in or
der. Il l ;ks seldom live lo be over
tw nty, and creams rarely live more
than tun or fifteen veara.
Summer ended Wednesduy and
f ill ha put In her appearance.
Next Monday ia a legal holiday.
Labor Day, Hud banks will be cloned.
The trouble in aoboola begins the
next day Sepl 0th.
b anehvllle borough baa elimi
nated politics In ita ejection ol
lxtr 'iigh ofllrera and nominated a
uni in ticket
Siicx county will voteat the Nov.
. ember ftteotiou on the question of a
commission i( three pe.rsoos instead
of a Board of Free-brldeis, to oon
dunt county aifnirs.
Mr. Hwksher of Dingman town.
Hhip khh hosier lo a number of Mil
ford ladiea Wednesday.
Meadamea J. C. Wamer. W. B
Ken orthey, S G. Vandarbeck and
H. S. Angle motornd to Stroudsborg
yesterday for a couple of daya visit.
Mrs. Warner drove the car.
Matauiora will noon have water
work In operation. Hydranta have
beeu located on eeverat streets and
pipes are being laid on others.
Water ia bt lned from a driven
well baofc ol the borough and ia
pnmperi luto a btrye covered reser
voir lined witn onncrela.
fewiesdnle anttclpatae baln a
large hotel on living Cliff. It will
be built of native stnus three stone
with a basement and will acromion
date SOU guest -i. One nearly coin
pleted there turned aeveral ye.-is
a (to.
Most of the aurnoier guoata will
aoou depart for their city tomes, a)
reniiy many have K0Ie, and Milford
will lapse into ita old time quiet.
We intss the faces of the vaoat lonere
and hop the time haa been ao pleaa
aiitly paaaed they will return next
at-aaon. This ia really the moat de
Ilfthtful aeaaon to be in the country,
eupeolully here where mosquitoes do
not trouble nor fevera make afraid.
A J. Dubois of Dingman townthip
expect to go to Jeraey City eoon to
work at his trade that of a mason.
K. A. Greening of Spring Brook
was a visitor in town Wednesday.
Nirs. Fiank Edglngton rnterlained
a oi inpany of la Una Wdnesday at
"60-1 I
V jrt Jervia bualneaa men have
foriued themselves Into an associa
tion for the purpose of promoting
ihi tr tutciesiK. It la a good and
proper thing for the busiuesa meu of
a-it town to do.
In Monroe comity one man lost
4'Oonit'kena which vera ao quietly
laken that his di g waa uot disturbed.
C'ti'irlm Cbedesterif Montague, N.
J., came 'v. r lal Moooay with a
lot of ohickeua which be mold to
Bo d's nifcrket and aono after Frank
Biafk sp)iarod and claimed they
thy wie a'oleu. Chedester re
turnnl to Jiriiy wber.- he waa i r
r-slfil und ave tsiil t r future ap-
pt-aia ice. Ilu huv aim e t ten locked
op '.n BvUl lionai charKPs.
Joeiiti LitllmorH li.is gone to
Usrif ird, Ciinii., t.) oept a posl
Settley ri. Druko of Aldeovi'le.
Wayne Couuty, visited bis uncle K
U. ."Uyre a low daya this wrek.
A slight frost, doiiig no damagi
bouever, was coii lat tiaturdat
moruing in parte of this and adjoin
k' uuautiee.
If you want to kill woodrhun.V.
w hioh auinmla aomeliuit do Uiiiuhv1'
lo riopn, el sti sll the entrauCi-r m
hi'ir liolia cxnept one aod in tin
thUit i uiitioli of lagfabicb htv!
b irtu mi uru)tl with ciriion t.;-i.
phula and tbvn cluse tlml opvninv.
i'be p isuuous lumea wi;i kill tut
Philip llatbawsy si .l family wlil
sf,re their gorfU inton aui l.t r
gi W ths oily fur (Ua win lor. ,
A nia.riage lloens wia granted
AukOaI 301b to Charlra t . bmllh of
Miniitnk. Kullivan (V.. U. Y., and
.vitiry Farrfll of Lacks wsxt-n. Pa.
A heavy shower lasting three hoort
pa-u-ed over Bunlikill Monday mnrn
mg. Tihth waa a light Nil of rain
Mrs J. K Adrienco of Pnughaeep
i.l.', w f: nf i hi) man who makes
muwera and rapers, ro.'ntly at
tempted to smoeR'o Into this ooiintry
over one hundred thousaud dollars
wi.rth of gems. Bhe lied a boot the
ninttfr with the utmost coolness and
pnr-evranoe but a l it of pt-srls were
foonil loathe riwn of her list and
her dsughier bad n siring of tbem
around her wii-t. - All the parlies
ar now under bail, and the jewels
may be sei-d by the government.
Kugenie I'lir.Uin, a duineHttu em
ployed at the Henni'aire, waa arrea
le i by tl.o stste ioie Inst Hnnday
and lodged in j h i I fur the larceny of
oine t-ld from another employee
riia money was tnkeu Augui-t 9th
and waa found on her pernon. hut aa
n one iii iieared lo p-iar-cute she was
t-ch ol i p-n Tiiiaday, Sepi 6th.
It will be I the ailvatitauR of nil if
scholars a.e. pn.mpt hegitniiiiy and
regular in aiieiidunoe. The rooms
tiave been tlloroly renovebd and the
inlerior now preaenta a tine. appear
sppearance. The directors dealre to
ilo everything in their power to make
a'UMidii g so'iool pleasant and p oflt.
able and trust their efforts will be
t-econrted by pupils and parents. Let
at bring the schools op to a high
state of proflcienoy and scholarship,
and all work together to do It.
Joseph Botlean and family of New
York la spending his vacation with
bia brother in Dingman township.
C. O. Billing! of Loids Valley vU
Ited town last Saturday. .
Fred Wehlnger of Port Jervla,
who used to come here quite fre
quently but of late years has kept
himself secluded in his home olty
waa a recent visitor here.
' Miss Marie Hathaway left town
this week for Kings Park, Hroo'kljn
where she will engage in Klndergsr
del work employment for wbloh
she is well qualified both by training
ami temperament and no doubt will
be very anroeseful.
Mrs. Kaiharyn tfrasmuk died at
the borne of her son J C. Qrasmuk
In this borough early last Monday
morning aged 82 years, 0 months
and 5 daya. Bhe waa born in tier
Hiany. The remains were taken to
Brooklyn Tuesday for Interment In
Greenwood Cemetery.
Mrs. Annie P. B. Anderson of
'New York, who formerly teaided
here, waa a recent guest with the
family of Philip Hathaway.
Hon. A. T. Searle of Honesdale,
President Judge of Wayne County,
was in town last Saturday with some
Indomnible will and tremendous ener
gy are never fonnj where Stomach
Diver, Kidneys and Rowels are out i f
order. If you want these qualltieeand
the success they bring, use Dr. King's
New Life Pills, the matchless regulat
ors, tor kaau brain aad strong body.
26v at all druggists.
Telephone Notice..
To the patrons of Port Jervia and
Van Pike Telephone Companies;
By an agreement this day entered
into by aud hetwetn the above
usmed telephore companies a charge
often cents wili hereafter be made
for all caiis betwtcu Port Jervw and
Milford Kxohange and such additl4i
al rate us eaoh company may esiab-ds-h
within ita territory
1'OHr JthVlM 'I'tLKl'liONX Co
Van Pikk Ih kimo nk to.
list, d A'i, ui iri. -I'.UO
'No. 11 iii i. I hl not proinlse you,
I .H vou're not tinoere,
k'ou'd f rge me ill tbe fi ght.
Or one "ho. I pulsing year."
'roig t y-u, no, you wroug me
My love la deep and true,
Have I not shown sffi-olion strorg
This umaier Ri 1 1 for you?"
Yes. Ralph, I kuow," awet Ruth
In the autnno r of nuicleeu four,
To yuars sgo, you spoke such
wi r Is
t o me at the seashore.
Your u emory like our love is short
E'en ti c uti ' tis deep and true,"
But far-well, Rhlph wa now must
My trsin leaves bete at two."
Ceoiiia A. Cullon.
BYLVaNl'l T Whitk
Prohahly no recent death haa more
deeply moved the community than
that of Mr. White who occupied a
summer cottace here tn which tt
died early last Saturday uiorwMig af
ter a brief illnans. He waa a -n of
Edward D. White one of the pr-nil
nent retired boiiueaa men of Jjrook
lyrt, and waa boni la. that city lo
1148. ;
After reivinr hta education at
the Polytechnic Institute, he entered
the Brooklyn Bank, a a clerk, and
after tbe course of a few yeara waa
made Paying Tailor whioli posittcn'
he held until be was twenty four
yeara nf age, at which time he was
made Secretary and Treasurer of the
Nassau Gas Light Co. This position
he held for twenty flvo yeara, nntil
the consolidation of the various Oss
interests was consummated. Upon
the consolidation, be waa made man
ager of the NasMa branch, which
position he held for two yeara.
Mr. White retired from active bus
iness abnnt ten yeara ago, since
whioh he has ocenpled hi.i time trav
eling in the Hnnth In the Wlr.ter,
and spending hia Summers at his
Milford home.
At the time of hla death he was
President of the Ht. Nicholas Society
of Nassau Hand. Kr niBiiy years
and up to the time of his death he
was oon Dec ted with the Peoonio
Council of the Royal Arcanum, fill
ing the position of Trea-urer for a
number nf years. lie waa also one
of the Regents.
Mr. White waa a member for a
number of years,' of the Central
Congregational Church of Brooklyn,
of whioh Dr. Cadman ta pastor, both
be and Mrs. White uniting soon after
their marriage. Mr. White waa
married thirty eight years ago on
the sixteenth of next October, to
Miss Ella Louise Gate He is sur
vived by hia widow and cue daugh
ter, Mrs. F. R. Abbey of New York.
He waa well known here and re
spected tor hia cordial and pleasant
manners, and will be greatly missed
in Milford social circles. A brief
funeral service waa held at his lale
home last Sunday and the remains
were taken to Brooklyn for inter
meut In Greenwood Cemetery. A
profusion of besuilful flowers, sent
by tbe Milford Field Club of which
he waa lKlt member, marked In
alight degree the high esteem In
which he was held by his fellow
members. '
Orvii.i.s L Rowland
Mr. Rowland, who was well
known in this County v died at his
uome in Honesdale Tuesday after
noon after a brief Illness of conges
tion ol the brain. He was born at
Rowlands this county Nov. 20, lSfit
and' was son f the late George
IL Rowland for nis ay years prom
inent business man and political fae
tor. "Hub" as he was, familiarly
known, graduated at Wyoming Sem
inary with, honor, then graduated
from the Albany law school in 1880
aad entered the office of the late
Judge Beeley at Honesdale and In
1883 waa admitted to the bar of
Wayne County. He wag elected dis
trict attorney, waa couuty solioitor
and also solic tor for Honesdale and
legal advisor of several other muni-
Opalines. He waa ranked aa an
able Lawyer, and a flue campaign
speaker. He served eleven yeara In
Co. E. Rgt. N. G. of Pa. and was
oaptain four years. He married Har
rtet Genung, who with onr son, Har
old, one daughter Lucille survive
him. He la also survived by two
brothers Hon. Miles C. and Albert
G., both of this Ci uuty and four sis
ters, Mailt' e and Ada of Rowlands,
Mrs. A H. Bernstein of Scran ton and
Mrs. George C. Brown of Dunmore
Several stratus ou the vital organs,
like strums ou machinery, cause break
downs. You can't ovar-tax atomac
liver, kldneya, txwels or nervee with
out serious danger to yourself. - If you
are weak or ruo.dowu, or under strain
of auy kind, take Electric Bittera the
matcaleaa, tonic medicine Mrs. J. .
Van de Sande, of Kirklaud, III, writes
"That I did not break down, while en
durluga moat severs strain, for three
mouths, is due wholly to Electric Bit
ters." Use tbeiu sud enjoy health
aud stiength. Satisfaction positively
guaiameed. 60c at all druggists.
WANTED A girl or woman rr
general housework In a family ot
three adults. Must be a good plain
oook- Good wage. .. Address
Praas Office.
Incidents of Important Tour
to Be Described by
Special Corres
pondent Former Prreident ltosoelt haa
started on a tour which proiuisea to
be more important than any he took
while in the White House. From
now until September 11 he will be
traveling thmagh tbe ooontry mak
ing spocches of profound sii'oiilcm ce
and extrnminK a grewi infliiit-ev i i-
am ,allr-...cl .tdlru
. .
Tilt. Vufth Inur !. fa tl-a .. V
paper in Phila.leirbla tne muv pa
per In Fe innylvnnii which ha a
sisjcial corrorpviitienf on the tmin
with Colonel Rn-.-evelt
Angus McSween, Tne North Amer-
icon a Watdiltig'in eorresponOHU',
will be with Colonel Ruisevelr every
day until the return to Now York,
and will wiro foil reports, not only
of the inoitl
i' of the trip, but ofi, ' . . ,
. be made to inei t tns i rn-iiit div
the pollilcal
- The Bluff
aeveiopnients in eacn i
Social Events.
II iuxe and -The M.ir
gnerlte" sve ilancts last Ssinrduy
evening and ever tjody hail a good
The winner of the men's sinijlos in
the BluJ llotue tenins toiirii.iini'nt
was Wefler Alddt.
there Isnothliii; slow aooot IM i
ford s buseball ream winning two
faet games from the Hranchville
nd Yale fi-rest School. Let the
good work continue.
On tbe pretty lawn of tbe Mar
guerite, a week ago to-day, was held
large subscription bridge whist, eu-
hresnd "SOO" for the benefit of tbeitbboru colos, obstinate eimghs. sore
baaeball team. Jlativ Biieets from '
th. HlnrT Hnnue. .nrl "Homesn-ad " i
Danoing bears made thuir appear-
a nee In town last Wednesday week,
much tj the delight of the children
For those who are fend -ol fishing.
they will find bu.-u In the Delaware
making It interesting for them, as
well aa pickerel In the mountain
lakes back In the woods.
Dr. Peter Hues of St. Catherine's
Hospital, Brooklyn, baa very pret
ty bungalow on the banks of the
Raymondekll), where he Is enjoying I
life with hla wife and daughter. Miss
Loretta. He has a fine automobilo,
a well as a classy pair of bay trot
A week ago Thursday night the
Bluff House guests had an enjoyable
euchre, aud Friday evening the
ohlldren had a ball by themselves,
which tbey enjoyed immensely.
Home recent arrival at the Bluff
House are: Misse Agues Nellaon,
Helen Spenoe, Vera - and A.' M.
Smith, J. Van Austin, Mrs E. A.
Meyer, Mrs E. Powell, Mrs. G. Fer
ris, Mr. J. Cusack, Mr. and Mr. J
Eden, Mr. and Mrs J. W. B pence,
Harold 8. Spenoe, Wm. Ferris, A. R
Miles, E. Lildln, ,1. F. Lilley, L E.
Gunther, J. J. Saoudeis, i. W. Mad
der, H. A. Landman and L B. Lsn
Real Estate Transfers.
Patrick D. Bensou to Ida O. Mc
Laren. Lot 25 and 211 on Rellly
William C. Knapp to Soloman S.
Speere. Interest tn lota 1 and 'I on
Big Pond, Palmyra, $.180.
John B. Hobday to William W.
Cook. Graut to repair dam on Sho-
hola oreek. Blooming Grove.
Henry W. Richardson to Bertram
F. Joues. Land in Shobola, j a;f e
Sarah E. MmihV.d to Harold A.
Man.-tield, 150 acres. Piirt of John
Craig, Uilf ird township.
Short Philosophy
Long vlsirs, long stories, long es
says, long exhortations, and lor g
prayers seldom prt.tit thce whohave
to do with them. Life ia short
Time ia abort. Momenta are preelou.
Learn to oondeoee, abridge, and In
tensity. Learn to be abort. Lop
off the branches; stick to the main
facts in your case. If yon speak, tell
your message, an I bold your pesee ;
if you write, boil down twosenteuces
into one, and ihrea words into two.
"All thought I'd lose ruy leg,' writes
J. A. bwensou, of WaieftWn, WI... I
"feu years of eczema,' thst 16 doctor
could not aura, had at last raid me up.
Than Bueklen's Arnica Salve cured It,
sound and well." Iufallinaie for skin
eruptions. Eczema, Salt Rheum, UoUs,
Fever Sores, Burns, Scalds, Cuts and
Pum. ibe at all arugguts.
Tht Philadelphia Hchoi.l for Nuts
es, 2S1 Chartlnnt St ret t, Philadel
phia, annoniic's lluit et. Tollmen! ha
the Fall Classes will shortly 1 eiu.
I This institution Is recognized and m-
dortevd bv lending phys ii'iiir a oveiy
where Free s holaral.ip In the,
Two Year Course aie avaiial i and
. " . , . . 1
provide room, b: srd, launHerirg, in-
idcntal expei'.-"'-s sod milrn-id
hfi'nc m f.nntjli'tion of the touie.
IIociC r-ti:dv '-iire a 'd i nwnl tit
'Shoit Course r-
-lr, pr ,v,d.;l
Ybfl 1
iHch - vil mvvd
TfMV'l tli 1 in-i'M!''! wi en
der s.'if not whoii-sonie condit.oiis
.li-d "j "'s thft Viny to nluM t ioTiMi'.
(iis'e ti"tun ; il t'-Ttern.e'-t f r ho.-e
j ,)fw
teed to i:n'"eiii.. thiir 'arivnir
ttciHI fchm O;or-e '-e otif-r-s
Oclober 5th. This clu.- ii formed at
tho requeel of lendirg physict.'iiw
wi t, iw nnyiiin. Ihal oici iirfiui.iitti
nmnd for nnrsos tn all wi
Li nn op'.ning which w;!l In
atid by tuo-'e v,ho ne ) t
Iiii-psre thenm.'es for -a
-ii i it!ir-ir. duly. .A-i i
I.IJIIlhiT of V-n V'c'.v I
l l.ieh IS S"lil 1'r -e ffi Tei-
t. n,, (.'i .'i s ull t'K' i: ''i.
rs. 'i'his
i.j ,..,.,rt
d : r
THE I. Sti Or
-. .WO
i v, uukrht--. o: oo ni'o-
.. t'tMioer of i i-tv.'?n'i. N V.. .. - " n:t i-
ieMe.-is lut k no-Kir,-; o.-ui ti ih.n ':e I
lall remedies lor surs. "U hs rmiwl
troublesome at uivrht" he writes, noth
ing helped me till I Uft-d Di. King's
Nun Diai'overy which cured me '.-.ini-
plelelv. I nsver coukij nt uiKnt ;:ow
Millioi a ku
w iw matchleae merit for!
l""f, lagrippe, a.-tiim:- l. morrhe-gi-.
crouP. whooping eo'lgh,
I::i vfever. i
1 ft relieves iiiiickly and never f
satisfy. A : : : n I
Trial bottle flee,
utiteed bv all dr
convi;:CM. V),
li's j 'is.. inel
A Truthful Aseition.
Tue worst hsi.it t;mt hove en fI!
into is that of loafing ground on the
atreeta at night It i toeu thi ycasi
their lot in slippery j laees wroin at
any moment they are likely to fall
from g ace. Ail gom and nolile lea
sons taught them bv their mothers
are there counteracted and nullified.
Tney learn nothing that is good
but everything bid. The boys
who-spend their evenings in tbe a
nred precincts of borne, with yis-i
booka for their coir ;.snions hie 'he
future hope of this republic; they
will fill our legislative and inreH
ional balls, and sit Id judgment npon
men and measures, while the boy-
who run the street will fill our peni
tentiaries, Klillbhon.-es and lunatic
asylums. Parents v. ho are responsi
ble tor these broken laws of de. enry
Will have broken hearts and bowed
down heads in the awakening years
that will inevitably follow.
Monument Dedication
Theatatrioionmn.o. Mill be Hell
oated at GettysborK s, pieml-er vrth
snd for the occanon, soldiors ol
PeunaYlvnuis, regiment or other
organizations vt (dob participated in
the battle of G tlj -"hnrji, c in .ve
tree transportation to and from any
railroad station in the stale nearest
their homes. Tickets good, goin
from Boptoruber 21th to VTlh and
good returning to September :tOth
Address: Gettysbinv liattletitld Me
morial CuuimisSiiin. P. O. Box b'iX,
Philadelphia. Pa. The general pub
lio can secure traur-porlation at a
rate of 1 cents a mile each Taj It
probnlil.-1 that- Jao:b ('.' Sol rtrr,
Ira B. I 'h.iii told llsudul !. avre
wlio wili be a;Hi-nL.;an:ed by hit
w ife, v i'l visit th.it b stor;c spot on
tbe ixiiiasd'-m.
Infantile i'aralysis
lufnurile p;irulv a my leci. -ii-dieoaae
which ao far balUea phyai
olans both as to cause and cure la
Increasing in this slate. About 70
oases aie now reported. The health
uothorlllea arelskiut; every uieaus
to determine what ia best to prevent
or counteract its rav es. Children
allticted, if they on nor die, are loft
in a helpless ooudition and il is said
do not recover. Whether Contagious
cr not has n-jt been f ollv determined
but ao far ltapper sporadic u. its
I nature, tuoogn ot -nam lorsiuiis &re
piareDtiy more
it le u.
ita out
break than other. Soine doctor, "".- -."
thiuk so autiiciin has been dis ' The crosheV was moved from near
v. . .fc. . t i . h liurshs, ou l-'riduy last, to near
covered but the test so far d -es not ,., ,, , . - . , , ',
jLliaa. Beosleys. No trouble for con
dlaclose tbat it is certain in ita ef- tractors t0 ge ,n ,ue 3(1DJ, ,b8y
faebe j waat.
Lr-ren 8hi,y and son of Summit,
are spending a few day- wltb his
futhor at Layton.
Samuel PatforsoD nf Port .lervis,
wit bund at thnt plsct- on Saturday
nged 7rt years. He h aves a widow,
n.. w,s wy Three men. John Adams, Ben Frank
""" lmtn- j ltn and John Jay
Mr. Jon.-s of Buffulo, N. ,Y la vis- j By wisdom, patience, pluck and oon
Ring his son, Dr E W. Jonca, at! anm mat tact.
Iytoti for a short time.
i it is ratner qncer mm some oi onr i
llhermei) can go tn the river and ;
J -ome buck wdth a loud of bnpe, wbl'e j
I .ll.A. ..rt.t.-u. H I. .11 1
i't a" tuu n.l liny nuu
j'i'iir get a hsb. A eouple of onr
rt-heriiicn one day last week caught'
i 3S tine l.ss, anil olher oa'cbes are1
' "o-irtcd t'enr'y fcoort.
; S'.th r-"'ote of Lay'.un g'-e to N.' V.I
!, Mon.ii-.' returning on Sntiirdny,
! "id i und"r tbr cme of a throat j
.-i-ccialisi. Hi.-, ninny friciuis hoiei
i .i a i-dy reciit.Ty
. A yon'ijt man who imagine he is
tot known stole the dash lamp of
! Frank iierinr from the grounds of
i lie liarvi-d Home. Just a word i f
,;i-K-ice lo that younir man, pet thnt
1 'imp to thp Layton P O at once or
j i-.t k out.
' (Ir.e of foe teRm linrses of John
iiioifroan wiirkmir on the nw rond
i n ni7r,i;ig from Hi lochvilie lih a
j ! .i of oilt whf-n it wh t:J.ken sit k.
iwr Tuit'es Cornef, mul died in a
few i i '- n 1 1
.:'io Hi.et Hotr.e at iavton on
toe -ilh was well attended, and the
ood things provided by the ladles
Vanished before the attendants weie
supplied. Everything passed off
tiieidv. Anti thA smi snm nf alvinl
li0 dollars was added to their treae-
ury.' The music provided by the
Newton Drum Cor'ps wac vory good.
but th -y had never practiced
and that was omitted.
Tlu Macadam road is going ahead
- vigor nuly is ever under the geo-
' t r;il;-ri'p of Mu-srs. Dprjiarest and
'lliy 'ii.onim. The road is filled
i wit" ,:rushp1 ,"me '"'" Ly" to
the point of Pine Hall, and now that
tbe oil wagon la here, the finishing
touohe will be put ou a part of the
road this week. The managers are
FBepisg the road in good passable
ooudition and it is hoped that the
public will stay off the road for a
o' nple of days after oiling.
At last the contractors for build
ing the bridge near Will He.iters on
the new road have begun work, and
bs me of the workroaa said, "will
fiuiah il up by snow fly.'' It will be a
grand lmprovameut over the one
built on the "Emiia'' road, and how
the Board of Freeholders can accept
that bridge is a aurprise to many.
but it will go in with the rest. We
were to have a new bridge at Layton
but that haa been lost in the rustle.
Inspectors of the 9. P. C. A dropt
in on the teams engaged on the new
road. Some of the horses were not
in condition, and the owners and
drivers were given some very whole
some ad vice, and unless heeded some
one will get fined. Rut, who put
he 8. P C A v.-i?
Mis Miib.-l Smith oi Layton, will
soon return to her school room duties
in Neftiirk, having spent her sum
riurr vara. ion with hep pal enls here.
The Wantage Recorded t-ars the
reasou why the S i lid ysi on-Frank
ford roai is beiug so vigonaisly
pnnheil, and other roads neglected, is
because Slat Inspector Ci.kyson is
s nieuiiier ol the riatbro-ik rish
Ulub. Whether tnat ia true or uot I
do Dot know, but the true reason
why this road is heir post nd turn
Is. hecajse with suuh f remeui as
lla.v Tnonipsnn mid W. B. L-marrst,
-t gjes rii;ht aht-ad a-iisted. by a
p endid corps of italiim labirtra.
The B. of E. mot on S -t.inlr.y
voTdvi' and eronti-d Mi-v lit len
rw:.hii:i if I'ort jervis for the
il.i.n'-r ilie Si'IjooJi 1'io-re art trto
- "ti ji vio.ai t yi f. 1 ::e Mood for
'toi :-ehvois at Tu'tlns Correr end
Hr sik-ii.'.e "cbooi-i, ten cord .4 1 ft.
io eiich si'hrol, was -mid to Fred
Compton at $1.24 per cord. Coal
for 4 schools to be carted from
Branch ville awarded to Leo Kllett
for f 1 79 per ton. Transporting pu
pi Is of the Faller school to Fisher
awarded M. J. Gumaer for one dollar
par day. Shaytown pupils to Haines
vtlle not awarded.
The, young man from Montagna
who was caught wltb st-olcu chici -pin
m Milford, will know enough
I next time not to return to Jerrey
'with tliecwuer of the stolen chiek-
' etjs. As a go d many chickens have
bi-en stolon li-oin MonUgua parties,
- tney will see that this fellow gats the
(Oq the aignlng of tbe Treaty of
Peace between Great Brttian and
the United States at Paris, Sept. 8,
1783 )
One hundred and twenty-aeven years
Oa September third in great Paris
("Wrung from the unwilling British
uuwimug "na
mat goiaen paoi ;
Which mad? our -independence sure
to last.
: A nation planted well and sprouting
forth afresh eaoh splendid day.
In deeds long to be remembered and
men ne'er to be forgotten;
Like the kingly ok whose tiny a corns
In time surpass the mother tree ;
So has America surpassed her mother
country in fame and shining
B. F. B.
SM.E.MEH to represent ns lit
;he sale of our High Grade Good
Don't delay, apply at onoe. Steady
employment ; liberal term.. Ex per
enoe not neoeary.
Rochester, N. Y.
Great Masonic Home
Work haa commenoed on the Ma.
Minic Home buildings at Elizabeth
town, Pa., aud five mlllioD dollars
will he spent before they are com
pioled. They will be ereoted ou a
traot of land comprising nearly one
thousand acres and the purpose I to
maka it the greatest Masonic Home
in tbe world. . There will be separ
ate buildings and aged masons.
their widowa and orphan oared for
and children of masons educated.'
Labor Day Excursion
Niagara Falls.
For evening trains leaving Port
Jervtt, Sept 2nd, all train on Sept.
3rd, and to train No. t, leaving Port
Jrvl 10 31 P. M. on Sept 4th, the
lle will sell special excursion tick
ets for Port Jervts tn Niagara Fall,
N. Y. good returning on all train
leaving the Fall np to tbe train
leaving at 7.11 A. M. September 7th,
at tB.95 for tbe ronnd trip.
Tkt. Agt.
Farm with good apple orchard,
brook, unfailing- spring, - moderate
pnoe. Hoffman, 806 W. 112,
New York .
Pigs Can Swim
Whether rattlesnake can or do
climb tree is a mooted question wltb
evidence pointing both way.
Whether pig oan awlm is settled In
the a normative by Fred Webinger of
Port Jervi who says that iii th
spring of 1875 be sold a email pig to
a Matamoraa man who carried the
little squealer away home in a bag.
In a day or two the man returned
and said hia pig waa gone and be
wanted another. They went to the
pen and there be was with his eight
mates, and waa surely identified by-
some peouliar markings. The toe
was running thick on the river and
he must have braved its peril and
the cold to return to his native place.'
It ia easy to believe that anj sensi
ble pig would undergo many bard-.
suips to ptkrutso ui iue generous uus-
pitality of Mr. Wehlnger, who fed
for profit, but it is bard to oonoeive
why any well regulated porcine
would wish to leave the cleanly
comforts of Matamoraa to live near
the railroad in Port Jervi.
Notice to City Boarders.
To accommodate tbe City boarder
of Milford, and vicinity, the Erie
wiil run a special train to New
York on "Labor Day" leaving Port
Jervls at 6.40 P. M., arriving lu City
at 9 P. M. September 6tb, having
Day Coaches and Parlor oars at
taohed. Diagrams for tbe sale of
parlor car seats will bs opened at
Erie ticket office Port Jervia, on Sep
tember 1st, for this train.
II. L. SLAUSON. Tkt Agt.
WANTED To rent small house
io Miltord, address,
J P. O. BOX 184,
i Matamoraa, Pa.
A. E. Lewis Jr. and wife who
have been spending several week
here have returned to their Wash
ing ton home.
Mrs. Seaman, who has been
guest in towo for sevarsl weeks has
returned to Tockahoe, N. Y.

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