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NO 48
Ths esanberry crop in South Jer
sey promises to be unusually large
Already ahlpmeats of Hie berries are
being madsv, ) -
A tiplM hotel is being projected
la New York to be called tbe Work
Ing Olrls Horn Tbe rsles will be
from 3 SO to (8.00 week. Tbrea
era mm on East Twelfth street bate
been b. ugbt at oust of 171,000 ana
they will be remodeled to solfj the
A oorrespo.idont from Hooesdsie
says that a oareful canvas In Wayne
County show thai three fourth of
the Democrats will vote for Berry
and that be will oarry the county by
600 plurality EeB the Wayne
Coniily Herald Is not shouting very
loud for fc Orlm ticket.
Fresh pork loins sell at wholesome
in Chicago for 18 cents a pound the
highest price ever reached. They
retail from 24 to 36 cents.
Moral raise more 4 legged hogs
Joseph C. Sibley who spent $43.
000 to gain bis nomination for Con.
gress has been Indicted by tbe Wcr
re ii county grand Jury for oonspira.
cy to debauch the electorate.
A Labor Day meeln(r was held
in the PreKhyterian Chnroh at Honw
dale last Sunday evening. Address
es were made by Judge Bearle,
Homer Green and National vine Presl
dent Lovely.
Tbe second annual old folks picnic
was bold Monday nt The Pines near
BranchvlHe. The oldest person pres
ent was Mr. Sarah F. Kaya of New.
ton aged 92 years. There were 82
present whoae agea were above 70
and tbelr aggregate were 6374 years.
There, were II over 80 and a soore or
more weie 78 and 7t.
World V Work says there are three
small New Jersoy towns in which
fltty foar properly owners mortgaged
lands to buy automobiles.
At the 8t Paul conservation onn-
greas those who advocated State eon
trol were defeated in organizing the
convention. This means a substan
tial Indorsement of the Pinchot idea
wbe received an ovation when b
name was mentioned by Senator
Bevandge of Indiana who made a
brilliant address. ; : ...
r Qargaa, H. C. Wood. Charles
vloodwin, Wra. Garlow, A, Bchiesee
and Richard Goods, who were on the
MjlforJ nine the. past season, have
left for their' homes.,.,
Cyras Bull of New York was a
guest with his mother over Labor
Day. .; ; .v.. ...
Prof.. Wilson, bead of Camp Ya
peeobn, will be organist the coming
winter in St Paala ohuroh Baltimore.
Charles Dellert and wife who hv
passed several weeks at Hotel Fan
ehere. returned to Brooklyn this
There are fourteen cases of typhoid
fever in Honendale and the advice of
the Medical Inspector there is to boil
all water used for drinkiDg.
... The beneficial effect of keeping a
road wull. rounded has been proven j
by Milford streets this season. Tl
oil baa largely contributed to main
taining thetu in that condition and
the reault ia that witbin a few hour,
after a rain our streets are dry ,m1
bard. There baa been very-JlttJr
dust and on tbe whole tbe street
never were in a more satiafaotory
state It is likely too that it wil
have a good effect in preserving tl e
streets f0 that the oust of repaiir
next e r -vill be treatlj diinin abed
Elsie Molt, who has been heni
some weeks, visiting, baa returum
lioine & I .
H M. Jones of NfoundlHi 1,
agent for tbe AmerioHii Hook Crfta
pony, was in town tint week.
Thenulll log drag I U-ing Uied I'"
many plaoes with exifileut result-.
The road It leyeled sifd evenly
toped so that water,' the bane of all
roads, will not ktand on the surfaoe
It is ths cheapest and moat afiVcllyv
road maker now in use,
Tbe Cnaservation Congress; in sea
felon this week at Nt Paul was ad
dressed by Presideut Taft and Then
oVire Roosevelt.1 The niain oonteti
tisu is whether the National- ftrtr
shall be under Stat or Federal ctii
trol TaK tavern Htaie and Kimm
veil ieleral, control. The former i
a so a lvoualetl by Wet-rn Goverut
but the latter idea seems inixt po U
Var, aud would be safer for His uoun
The Monroe county l.-ir waa held
-Shis week,, I'he exhihits were good
ud the atteiidaiKia larga.' ', "
Chicken thieves are doing 'a land j
offlos-business In Monroe county and
In one instance the oor.p was Bred to .
oocwl the theft.
Miss Anna Klaer has gone hack to
ber school in Newton.
' While twi su'tns were traveling's!
a speed of '45 miles an hfW below j
Cunsshangh recently tlflon In the.
r Increased Its speed pssslug the
other and strook It with a hi ml
wheel, ona-lng the machine to go
down the bank, bnt fortunately with
ont any Injury to the ocoupants.
Where would a team have landed
had it met the speeders? '
John T Quick anil Edna May
Oassman, both of Westfall township.
were married Sept 3rd by Rev.'D.
Webster Core. -
Alfred J. ilor. aim and Susan F.
Travis, both of Dinginan township,
were married Sept. 7lh by Rev. D.
Webster Coxe.
A marriage license has been issued
to John J. Meier of Hazolton, Pa.,
and Mary A. Wollsoheid of Mats,
Port Jervis tailed to float I3B.000
worth of schnnl bunds at 4 per cent
and will now try them at 4J,'.
Mrs. 8. T. White has returned
from her sad pilgrimage to Brooklyn
to bury, her husband aud is occupy
ing bcroottsgt: on Harford Street
Her daughter Mrs. Abbey aud bus-
hand who accompanied ber here
have returned to their Now York
The Milford nine went over to
Newton Labor Day and were defeat
ed in an 11 inning game by sscore of
Notwithstanding tbe rein last Sat
urday night (he quince attire Milford
Field Clnb was wall amended..
Thomas H. Ureevy ofAltooua l&s
been placed' oh the deij ooratic surn
ticket tor : lieutenant- go.verBor'lii
plsoeof S. B. Cries ho i jliweii ttm
nomination, " '. ..'. '' ''
There are eleven prisoners, in the
Wayne connlV -janV Jy. :',
in UK iroua-:itlfJI iifl-r-
mal School opened ITiir'-''-' jtii
the largest attendnnue tu ns,n:ro,
. 'i i' ' . V
Thn Pennsylvania1 .Vailrnaa ItihtiSH
and Its monster stntlon'ln Near o'ljlt'.:
were opened yesterday for .business
The station is the largest bulldiuir
ever erected and covers efyht acrKs
of ground. The oost of tunnels and .
station has been oxehundred million
dollars and tbe work hits been done
in less.thau six .years. "f
Tne State Department has granted
charter to the Lehman Power
Company of Lehman' township, this
eonnty and to three likeoorporatioDS
in Monroe county. "
Congressman A. Mitchell Palmer
was labor-day orator at Kaston, Pa.
Jt took thirty barrels of hard cider
to put out the fire in a Vermont farm
house last week.
. Minnesota farmers have . been
asked by the Governor to go through
(heir cornfields this week and select
for seed tbe btst ears on the stordi
et stalks.
Borgen Horace Porter and family
were taken to their old home near
Stony Ford in Orat ge county Wed
nesday by Mrs. Lang in ner automo
bile. John Van Derbilt spent a (ev days
ueta tye At,p this week.. . ,
Judge Wilson, a Honesdale sage,
says that the men who say. they .can
irink or let it alone, always drjnk,
Tbe show here Tuesday was woll
attended ami the proprietors carried
iway a good harvest of stiver.
Moot of the citv guests have do
ourted for their homes and Milford
ninenhat reen hie a deserted vil
nge. Now mijH-4- vs" rt a boom.
for next -yeai. I' Is iiom r too soxi
n Vegiii
' The 0 iniojil liaviog received ooin-
plainia'of peisoi K riding wheels on
Ltua sidi'Wa'.kx Mini w'ltjiout. lamps lifts
(irected thechmf f police to arrest
all such onVmlers. ?
Professor Surface, havti.g received,!
an enquiry as to whether the bite of
a bentioede ia nolsonoua sav. Ihw
b.A. . Mr slight nolann ,.ln,l
correction with their iaws.od their
bite would have like effect to that
nf a'4urbaitOj nllt it Would not in
jure the most delicate ohlld.
A head on collision on the ltHi(j
near Lake Ariel in Wayne Co., !.M
Friday bstween two pass, nger trslos
reanlted in the death ot the ngiiit-r.
and fireman of one t'-ain and :h 1..
jury of nearly s score ol pa-!iKei
A ui ataks in orders caused the tron
hie ij putting both trains on t sin.
g! Inch. - ''.;'.'"
Weather prophets are busy with
tneir predictions ror .0 com.UB
tci sort some say i. win oegin ear.,
Tb mt mD,A "aDe
way is to matte tne nsnai anu oeeea-
nary preparations and so be ready (
for whatever comes and po one oe
tainly can tell what that will be.
except that there will be cold
weather. Shakespeare says "What
oan'l be onred must be endured.
E, L. Rueffer of Middletown, N
Y., and Mary A., a daughter of Hon
John F. Knglehart of Matatnoras,
were married l'uesdsy in St. Josephs
ohurch Matsmoras by Kev. P. J.
Irving F.lston of Port Jervis, a
well known insurance agent, died
suddenly at his home In that city
early Tuesday morning aged 65
years', fie suffured amputation of
his leg last month and seemed to be
recovering being able to walk ont
doom but was taken ill in the nigbt
and soon died.
The Bapreme Court of New Jersey
upholds tbe auto law which requires
a non resident to take ont a license
In that state.
Tlie yawning golf that separates
Dr. Wiley from old benzoate or soda
will never be bridged, evidently
SHI!,' Mr. Sherman should remem
biT, perhaps that Mr. Roosevelt is
ai. editor. And editors always have
th- Ht say. '
i iirt fuif sex may abuse the men,
:t they ill, but so long as widows
continue tu marry men the argument
will not be altogether one sided.
Speaking of the whirligig of time
and its way of bringing on revenge
you will note that whereas the 1ml
ians used to scalp ns we now skia
Harry B. Cmien of New York
and Miss Emma Van Campen of
of this plane were ''married last Sat
urday In Port Jervis by Rev. Uriah
Kniontls. The attendants v. ere E
C. Kuller rf Mataruoraa and Florence,
a sister of the bride. They will re
st'id lu'New York. .
The. f 'nited States produced o-n
Vim .-"er at the rate of $14,000,000 a
day-a dreadnought a day, If any for
country cares to figure it that
way. And there were a few other
The number of autoinobillsta who
tried to bock railroad trains off the
track was smaller than usual Sunday.
The idea "of guidinv an airship
across the Atlantio is encouragement
inasmuch as It may substitute a
splash for the disastrous impaot with
terra Anna.
i Jt cannot be denied that a first
olasa contributing editor gets a lot of
time tor outside work.
The high oost of living may help
to discourage the Mormons from try
ing to afford either polygamy or pol
itics ' '
If ye have tears to shed do not
prepare "to shed them now. Mr. Jos.
Sibley is not going to be a member
of the next House of Representa
tives. .
Frank JCdgin ton (Washington I?
passing nis vacation ip wwu.
Bedause her "hobble" skirt would
not permit her to struggle, a Cltve
laud woman was easily rescued from
drowning reoeotly. It is true say
what one may to the contrary, that
nothing in this world Is absolutely
without its good points.
Pennsylvania candidates for Con
gress every now and then are re
quired to retire from tbe race to
stand trial for bribery or larceny.
Its a bard year on United States
senators. Here la Senator Heyburn
trying to kill off "Dixie," and now
Pinchet s censes him of starting tbe
forest fires.
Milford sohools opened Tuesday
with nearly 150 pupils ia atteudauce
an excellent record for the first day,
considering too that there was a
show in tow n.
Mrs. Kate McCown nth her nelce
('Florence l'ipui of Brooklyn aud
felrna Ho'iiie visited Delaware
. ... . nun l ..... ii. . in ... ....
J i ''
is reporisti mas inereara-uum
in4 - ont lines or sot lines in tbe
!".T.r ,orl "oa) wnlnn "P
' P""? . abandoned. "
: Anjwinit In Ihsliuit centuis Phil- I
sdelphia has a population of 1,4,
0d ....
The good etft-ol of nil on our s reels
. s .-hown he first of the week r1 ur-
irg and at er the' ralu Th-revas
l"'.'v mud and next day after ralu
xl-.a sui fart was smooth and bard
j Miss Revsta Van Ktten, after a two
weks vacation, returned to Nev
York last Monday.
Madam Jordan who has lived here
for several years died last Saturday
morning at the hone of Jas. McKit
trick in Matatnoras. She was horn
in Switzerland Deo. 18, 1844 and
oarae to this ooontry in her young
She was well educated and taught
French In oollogea in Albany and
other cities and for some years en
gaged in private teaching part of the
time here. She was a member of the
Presbyterian Cbnrch of Milford and
her intelligence and refinement won
her man v friends. She has no
known relatives in this country and
was not in touch with her half
brothers at borne. Tbe futiinal was
held In the church herelasOlouday
Rev. C. A White oftioiatiug aud her
remains were interred in Milford
wouldhave been about as welcome to
A. Cooper of Oswego. N. Y-. as a mer
ciless lung racking cniiifh (hat defied
all remedies for years. 'It was most
troulilueome at iiifrht" he w rites, noth
ing be)ed me till I Used It. King's
New Discovery which cured me m
pletely. 1 never cough at night now.
Millions know Its matchless merit for
stubborn eoitis, obstinate coughs, sore
lungs, lurij'e, aMliina, hemorrhage,
erou, whooping cough, or bayfever.
It fi-lltves 4iiickiy and never fails to
Hiitisfy. A trial c.uivimes. SO, $1.00
Trial bottle free. It's positively guar
anteed by all drugKiKta.
Eel Pot Fishing
Frank Gasaman of WeetfaK town,
sbip was arrested tbe first of this
week by State Constable Ammon for
havlrg an eel-pot with a wing wall
in the Delaware. He was taken be
fore Esq. Lldwig who fined bimfJO.
which be paid. It is lawful nndr
the Act of 1W3 to this State to place
eel pots and fykes in the river from
Ju'y lstjo May 31st without wings
to oo ten carp, catrt-h, eels and suck
er etilybut they most not he placed
wi.biu lial' a ml o above or below
tl, o ii.uutrTi l' auy era" k or stream
em tying In the liver.
Indomnible will and tremendous ener
gy are never found where Stomach,
Diver, Kidneys aud Bowels are out of
order. If you want these uiiaiitit a and
the success they briug, use )r. King's
New Life Pills, the matchless regulat
ors, for keen nralu and strong body.
125c at all druggists.
Real Estate Transfers.
Stephen St J. Gardiner to Howard
E. Wood, 77 acres Shohols $627.
Goorge E. Horton to Philip C.
Kinkel, 27 sores Milford tap (50.
E. L. Parks to Ida M. Walter, lot
in Lincoln Park Westfall.
Frank R. Olmsted to Mrs. Marie
Olmsted, 85 acres Dingman tap (300.
Rose M. De Vose to Fannie L.
Brodhead, 123 acroa Lehman.
Agriculture in Schools
Dr. Schaffer recommends the study
of Agriculture in publio schools. The
course is to be optional but he says is
highly desirable and gives the fol
lowing among other reasons :
"The importance of this new sub'
jeot is no longer disputed. It is
needed in tbe rnral school to arouse
and retain an interest in the borne
environment, aud to render a service
in perfecting and mating more com
moo the methods now known and
nsed by the few, and it is necessary
to enlist an army of recruits in the
most fundamental industry in Amer
ioa. High cost of living can be re
duced by a mora icteuaive nroduo
tion aud by the removal from the
dependent town and city life to the
more independent and sell' supporting
oountry life of many who are oofam
iliar with its opportunities.
U. S. Year Book
The Agricultural Year Book
printed by the government, ia
work of great value and interest to
farmers I have several hundred
copies of the latest petition, which I
shall be glad to lurni-h to any real
dent of this congressional district
who will indicate bis desire to have
it by postal card, addressed to A
Mitchell Palmer, fctrondshurg. Pa
I am auzlnus that t! is work should
be pUced ,n ""' h'n1
aotually want it aud. thvruf jre, take
this means of securing its proper dis
liihuiton. "
WANTEf A Eirl ir
K iit-ia! lou-ewo'-K In a 1'amlly ot
ILre s.J ilts. Must be a good plain
cook- (Viod waces. Addreaa
Press Offioe.
Twas' another September night long
The moon as tonight was br timing ;
On this very spot Mary and I
Sat watching tbe heavens and dream
Of time that Is now ; 'twas fntnre
time then.
Oh what bappy days were to oosae
To ns, not a cloud would e'er darken
our star
All would be sunshine, no gloom.
Wo built and unbuilt and rebuilt
Pretty oottagea all in (he air,
Then left them unfinished and other
Would then lead our thoughts elsewhere.
We talked of our travels on ocean
anil land
And ol riches that we would attain.
On ! the folly of youth though folly
it be
Would tbat it might ever remain.
There's a green little mound in the
Right under tbe tall cypress tree.
The moonbeams are shining as
i brightly there
AS they are here sinning on me.
Youth's dreams are over; I'm aged
and grey
But tonight I forgot it awhile
And I lived for an hour or two in
the past
By moonlight, sitting on the old
Cecilia A. Cnl en.
v4 the
Telephone Notice.
To tbe patrons of Port Jervis and
Van Piko Telephone Companies;
By an agreement this day entered
into by and between the above
uamed telephone companies a charge
often cents will hereafter be made
for all calls between Port Jervis and
Milford Fxcharge ami snoh addition
al ratos as each company may estab
lish within its territory
Pour Jkhvis Tki.ki-ho.se Co
Van Pikk Tf.i.k.phonk f.
Tinted Angust 15. 110.
.several strains ou the vital organs,
like strains on machinery, cans break
downs. You cau't over-tax stomach,
liver, kidneys, bowels or nerves with
out serious danger to yourself. If you
are weak or rnn.dnwn, or under strain
of any kind, take Electric Hitters the
matchless, tonic medicine Mrs. J. E.
Van de Sandc, of Kirklaud, III, writes
That I did not break down, while en
during a most severs strain, for three
mouths, is due wholly to Electric Bit
ters." Use them and enjoy health
and strength. Satisfaction positively
guaranteed. 60c at all druggists.
The Disagreeable Task.
So often has (t been charged tbat
tba pnblie schools foros too many
and too diftionlt tasks upon the pa
piis that any contrary statement Is
read with surprise. . Tbe retiring
president oi the National Education
Association recently expressed bis
disagreement with the prevailing
view when he said that the fsult too
eoiu toon in many of the beet schools
is that of making the way too easy
for the child. He feared that "such
made easy and rapid transit math,
ods" wonld produce "a crop of Intel
lectnally spoiled children, flabby of
mind, weak of will, superficial in
oharaoter. Inaccurate in scholarship,
doing nothing well except what they
like to do." He urged that they
should be trained to do whatever it
ia their duty to do, wbetber it is
pleasant or not, and that the accom
plishment of the needed work should
provide snrflclent Joy.
This is wholesome doctrine to
preach to young persons, and to
those who are engaged in training
the young. It applies to parents, as
well as tu mare formal teachers.
Many a parent who has struggled
to overcome early obstacles resolves
to save his children the hardships
of bis own youth. The children thus
trained bring forth other children
who usually go to the dogs.
The rule to find out what a boy
likes to do and let him do that Is
good, provided, In adlilion, you Qud
nut what ha doos not like to do aud
make him do that also. Tbe moral
and the will need diciplii.e as well
of men who!8,DU bod. A boy gels strong u-
ing his muscies until 'hey ache, and
then through keeping on using Iheio
uutil the ache utar t.tf and fiibbi
cess bi-comes tirDineos. Tbeu he Csn
Ir Is a wholesome sign of
tha tunes tb:it teaohers are oommg
back o belief in tha value of good
old lashioned mental dicipliue.
gjtT Adverihk is rue PRESS
Tuesday of this week the six
Ncbsols of this town opened for the
fall term, with the exception of two
that are without teaohsrs This is
too bad, aoxl there is no reason why
this state of affairs should exist, ex
cept neglect on the part of the B. of
Walpaok Is h, a
a similar fix, for of
their three sohools one only has a
It would seem that the salaries,
paid are entirely too small.
Beth Shay on bis arrival home Sat
urday from New York olaimed he is
much better.
He placed himself under the care
of a New York Specialist for throat
trouble, and feeis that, he has Im
proved. The first specialist he vis
ited, ordered bim not to talk for one
month, and now he can hardly
speak, if he dosirea to.
Four dally N. Y. Americans takei
at the Layton P. O. for the past
month came via Dunfield aod Flat
hrookvllle, thus making them one
day late. We can not find out where
the fault lies.
The mail carrier fiora Flatbrook
vllln to Layton wished his starting
time from Flathrook villa made earli
er. ,
Application was made and I in tne
diatuly granted, and instead of 6 15
A. M. that mall from Sept 2 leavea
at 5 46 A. M. Somebody bas got to
bustle In the morning now.
A wing wall of ten feet is being
added to the abutment of the 1 -ay ton
bridge on the soutfi side.
As the stream runs Sonlb there is
no apparent reason for this addition.
Saturday Inst as Mr. Demurest thn
oontraotor was emptying a barrel of
oil into the wagon the oil took fire
and when' flaring baok burned bim
severely about the bead tind neck.
How he ss ved his eyes, and him
self from Inliulmg the tjanie is a
The big unto with 'x oornpauis
who wished, to dilve over tbe new
road, (aud I think they were most-
Freeholders) when told tbe road
was closed to travel one remarked,
It's a damn poor set of Freeholders
oanl drive overt heir n ad."
On tbe '2nd inst tne Newark Even
ug News printed an extract rrom
from a circular issued by John J
Vanstckle when he was running for
Freeholder three years ago, and that
correspondent would have done
much better had be printed the clr
cular entire.
Where be says "Vansickle defeat
ed John W. Johnson by a large ma
jority," why not explain bow tbat
was done lor mat correspondent
knsws Mr. Vansickle is up for re
election and has for an opponeni?
Hiram C. Snook.
I am glad to note that the Con
tractor on tbe macadam r. ad is ( ush
lng the work, and now we have a
floe pince of finished road
As they are putting on oil and
screenings the road ia necessarily
closed to the traveling public. Peo
ple north of 1 .ay ton can take tl e
turnpike, and those near Layton oau
go sooth, taking tbe "Funis" road
whloh is only a ah rt distance fur
ther and a better road, end, by tak
ing this road can view the famous
bridge recently built on tbat road.
The bridge near Will Heaters
which has caused so much discussion
s about oompleted, and the fill over
the bridge is now Iwing made
The side walla are s i id to be laid ia
the bed of the etieani, and are on au
average about one foot in thickness
so 1 am informed.
Thomas Hilton, of Layton. will
take charge of tbe bar of the hotel In
Layton the latter part i f Ibis month
Tom is a good all round fellow ai d
his many friends wisli him all sue
WANTEDr-CusMOi'ox.iTAN Mao
kink requires the aervioes of a repre
(tentative In Pike County to look af
ter subscription renewals and to ex
tend circulation by special methods
which have proved unusually success
ful. Salary ami commission. Pre ,
vlous experience desirable but cut
essential. Whole time or spare j
time. Address, with ref-eucns, 11 !
C. (Jeiiipacll. Cosmopolitan .Maga
zine, 17lt Broadway, New York
Farm witi good apple orchard,
brook, uniaillug spring, moderate
prioe. Hoffman. KM W. 113,
New York
The year 1910 according to reports
of the U. S Agricultural Depart
ment will bold the record anions)
many for tbe loss and damage tf
fires lespeoially ia tbe Laks States. '
Forester B. S. Graves bas just issued,
a bulletin in which he discusses for
est fires and proper methods of pre-'
venting and fighting them. Tba
risk oan never be eliminated for. for
ests contain much inflammable ma.
Icrlal but by efficient organization
they may be largely prevented and
the damage confined. The funda
mental principal is to detect and at
tack fires in their very beginning,
and this may be done by lookouts,
telephones, signal communication
ami various methods ol patrol. He
notes as of first importance, quick ar
rival at the fire, an adequate foree,
proper equipment, organization of
the fighting crew, and skill in attaok .
ing and fighting Arcs.
He then Snows how fires may be
beaded off by drawing the front to
gether by firing in front in a wedge
shaped direction and hy back firing
vhich latter method he does not ad
vise unless it heoomes absolutely neo
ewary He suggests fire lines, mada1
by slashing and clearing out the
SALESMEN to represent us Ip
e sale of cur High tirade Goods
Don't delay, apply at once. Steady
employment ; lihnral terras. Ex per
ence not neoessary.
Rochester, N . T.
Explosibility of Coal Dust
Coal (Inst is now generally recog
nized as an explosive mors danger
ous and deadly than fire damp. Fire
drtrip gives its own warning the
-ap" in the safety lump but ooal
dust does not attract attention unless
it is present in tbe mine In large
quantities Fire damp da generally .
local in its occurence, and the effect
ot its explosion, though terrlflo, Is al
no local , but in a dry mine Coal, dost
is everywhere, and its explosion and
combustion may affect miles of rooms
and entries and may even destroy
EtruAures at the entrance to the
The fact that coal dust is a danger
ous explosive was not generally reo
ognied until very recently. Alter
the great explosion in the Pocahon
tas coal mine, In West Virginia, In
1884, by which 114 men were killed,.,
a committee was appointed by the
American Institute of Mining Engin
eers to determine the cause of the
explosion. Tbis committee reported
tbat "no trace of the firs damp, waa
discovered" and that "the explosion
was due mainly to dust," ignited,.'
perhaps, by a blast. Later explos
ions, in the West, in mines oommou
ly free from firedamp, were mani
festly explosions of ooal dust.
"All thuught I'd lose my leg,' writes
J. A. rrwetison, of Watertown, Wis.
'-Tan years of eczema, tbat IS doctors ,
could uot curs, bad at last laid me up.
Tbeu Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured it,
sound aud well." Infalliable for akin
eruptions, Eczema, Salt Rheum, Boils,
Fever Sores, Bums, Scalds, Cuts and
Piles. 26c at all druggists.
Last Week's Gaities.
Now tbat the season at Milford ia
drawing to a close, there la a rush of
entertainments. Last week euchre)
and bridge parties were given at tha
Bluff House. On Tuesday afternoon
there was a potato race for women.
On Friday there was a barn dance; '
aud those that attended the nsnai
Saturday night hop bad a good tiuis.
In womeu's sluglea, Miss Alios Gaff,
ney was tbe wiuu-r.
At the Field Club a Colonial tea
was given Friday afternoon; and the
proceeds went to the C lub. On Bat
onlay evening, September 3rd, a ball
was given, which was well attended.
Recent arrivals at ftie Bluff Hons
are; Misses M. and Dora Gaffney, C
and K. Fagan, II Farrar and H.
McKay, Mis. J. M. Farrar. Mr. and
Mrs. Baler, James Gilsen, L. G. Mol
ltor and John M. Ludin.
Tbe death of S. T. White of Brook
Ivu who has bad a cottage here for
a iioiuler cf summers, deprives Mil
. nl of one of its most popular cot
tage owners. He was highly esteem
ed by all.
WANTED To rent small housa
in Milford; address,
P. O. BOX 184,
Matumoraa, JPsj.
Miss May Chapman, who bas beer
a resident of Milford for tbe past
vear, returned to her boms in Bros
lyn yesterday.

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