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UiK IKMIA iuuu m LLLlh; FliUiU JUuKXlXii, MAY lu, 1S7,
it. smith. J it- M. i.
1 V. DrNNIN', M.I.
Dili.' nml tteMen, :
a , - -1 , K--N V. nr. -'.th t.. near OV" I. -vetf'.
L:i!iKSi'K -toner Walnut aii.I Mi.ni 'itvet.
1 )ciitist,
i!'FI''r'-K!'hth Street, near Conm-n ' tl Avail.
Dental Suruoon.
irriK-Nn. 1:V. Commercial Av-nnc. between
hj.-rli mil Ninth S'rcet.
O p. V I IE ELK It.
idr'HE-Ohlo Urev. Iel. Fourth and Sli'h t.
Attorn oys-a t - Law.
iKI"f E-N'o. lMComnvrr'mi Avut.
;-V are enthirijed to itnniiiinf JOHN '
HAKMAX. of Alexander County. a a candidate for
t U-.k .f Hie Appellat.! Court. Fourth Iitriet. llii
linj.. ::'ije, t to the il i'loti nf the Liemtteratir ron-vi-'.ir
rald to meet t ('.utralia. May 1ST.
He are atttl.orljted to announce K. A. D.
WH.BANKS. of Wd-liku.-lou County. 1 tan liuati
fir Ork if th supreme Civirt. SotithTJ Cmri
I)i!v .ii, Uiiuoi. :i the tl.-d-iou of th-
I m.TBt.V uaaiinatiti.; i'M.wi.::oa. to Ik- he'd at
r,-i:TV:. May 1. K.
lr' We a-c authorized to nunuuc' HAHUIS
CAE. of l'r!r'. C'.lnti'U County, a a rjrullrlatc
.'.r t l-Tliof the Appelate Court. Fourth Dl-trcl.
1 ihm!-. ti VfVt t tui ('.c'.'ion of the Is-nin.-ruttc
i.-..:r ,:"m rath-d t.i m""t at C-titraija. May Ifi. 1T.
j yv ar,. a i:huri'"l to jTinosaf W. C.-Le
KiT.tc'-iaiii Coiir.t). ' l randluale fi-r
";! th Apjw'utt t inrt. Fourth Ui-'-lc-r. I'll
ts.ii.. .o 4H tci the '!oo of tl:; Tx-m rtf- Con?
ni'-.sl tn u'-S a: C :?':. May !.
Only MorKin? Daily hi Southern Illinois.
Tii" Idlcwlld ixn!rm promises to le
tii- ,.ffor of tiie Ti-uiri. It -ad the aivr
' -iii'-nt.
It i ni!ivr-l on tii.-streets that .Mr.
I'.iff iiin ii:w fallen heir t.i a vast amount !
-f u.-Htth. Mr. r..U-:i:i 's tn he int'Ttlew- i
e l ..:) r'te stloj-et.
A lady wi:o live o;i Twelfth utrcct
i.i: i t'linos fxct." iiiioly lively fr i ym-c.-ry
; re on Tiiiit .-ntli treet niaht In-fore
h:i Allen nrrived in th- city hist
niifht mi the Clip) i'nd Yincenne train,
fp.m Joiiiison county, wher; l.e has Iw-n
fit! .'! il.i c'u:rt.
Tils pan iiKaU s,,i.i ? ii-'.f fnr this
c"m it and vi n is to s -"n in Dr.
D'j.ii't'.io's (iarden: A banana tr-c in
Idoiin : a fi',r tre; b'ld.lino; and orany -s rip",
partly matup-1 and bl:iiim;.
Jc.dzin from the numlc-r of hi!! he-f-p:
tie- City Co'incil for haiilinii drunken
l;l -a t jail, t!i- ur; mop; r ase of helpless
1 id-'!:Ji:ks in ( a;pi tiian in any city of its
:." o;j the co::tin":)t. M iv'x; if in the
Dr. Diinnin' P tur ie 1 from Olncy yes--rday.
whi n- iie had lee;i visitinj; Gorin
(.'oiimirtndery No. 14. in hi capacity of In
pw;t"r of the S -v.Titii Division of the
Grind Coiiunauderv, K. T., of Illinois
- "siio.ild rain possibly come up or
down iliiriiiif the picnic on Saturday, the
teinje-raiwe folk will It pp-par! for the
emei ncy. Tiie cars wiil remain on th--track,
eouti-ruoiw t ) the groiinJ.s. until the
tin:" of return.
Uiliy Williams! da Ihirpiw-'d two llh
y ales froin it cabinet of curiosities, and i
palming them off on the unwary a. how
inir what kind of !ish can be caught in the
pellucid watelf of the classic (jielie, i,
.Saturday next. To catch rish i M-ari n-f such
S' ah Would P '(tiip; liaipoons. stid cables,
and iV.'.! ;ri!y of an experienced whalct.
Mi'. J. G. I'hilpot, th - u'reat Ile:kshii
ley man of Tenie ssr.e arrived in Cairo
y-s-enUv witli lone' - liundivi 1 mid
thirty-1 of !iis tin -st bred animals. He
will p-inain here until Saturday niirht. or
may be I'ntil Monday. He ha lii herd at
Mr. .lame ltoss' coal yards opp;t Elev
emli s'ii etun Coiiunercial av -nue.
In view of the liumlicr of peixuis in
tending' to be pre"nt from Cairo mid nil
alono; t!i line of tlie road, at the Conven
tion at CVntmlia. on Thursday m .t. would
not b; a eood id'-i f.,r the Illinois Central
iailro-;d authorities to offer ;m inducement
to increase die attendaiu c in the wav of re
tilled fare. ; The attractions for drawing
iii p). 1 tliere are oieiit. and with reduced
ra!.:.s i.i railr aid far -s, there would be no
Inii'it about a t crowd.
Mound City. too. iiad its. feMal cniov
iu ills last niht. The ladies of the Chii't,
tia:i Ti'inpei ajice Vnior. ltim.' a supper of
dcicacles, ic cream, cki'. strawberries,
lemomi-le. etc.. at the City Hall. An m!
misioii fee va clmred and temperance
oiVourseil, H'.'ter which the feast lM-jrim in
eai'iiest. About three himilred and fifty peo
jile were present. Tilt; proceeds of the.
niohfx work will be used to further lh
t'-mpepinee cause.
When it is Htitt 'd that children under
fi'.e year of tye will lie taken to mikI from
the picnic (fpiund.s on Saturday next, free
if c!;i";f. it i not inl .'tided Unit p-'rentM
tints rd!Y the birth r.yUtt r ol'tlu ir
cliil.ir.T. i-r nr:k aWt.tvi: M thiir exset
nm-. Tli" Hii'.'ltvii 'f or.r ivm;K' hp.' r-m:i!-k:il!y
lit rir J'-r 'ifir nu''. y:11' "r
two ci'.liiT w:.y will In thr.wu in tr 'XH1
i!ii':iM,ri?. Jtt i.lf. t Mi:iki' nuMiifi- ilmiti
!y sure. th yonnir ni:m whu nvi'V Mi-r.-r
n.irc!y ujrnr a a ti-iir vimm.1.1
y.'U!'t t. wlu'ii it .liniilil Invf lfcn n-vi-u.
i to a l.'ii.I'.'i' tin :i," cf '.! cliil'lr.'ii ln f"ro
pnti-rinj thf cur.
f rnk Tnivvr aim Fnuk Mrl"inmt;li
wn arrai'.ii'il U-furv Justice Hi 1 tnn yr-ti-nl
ay on a Hmrifi' of stinlin from
Miki' Oli'i'.nin, in fie v.n'mjf luni' of Mr.
Lally, on tlif K'vw. (;iiim un.ItT tin;
intUicm i' otliituir. ami tin-evlctui' 1hiwi-1
that ho wan followwl y (.lrat.ni aiil two
paN t. whcn the mlibory ov tirrol It
lur that the tliiovii mail'' no effort to
conceal their work. They si-arvlu-.l all hi
I kets, and c-en took Cilean'- hiM' off.
Whi-ii onfn.'iit.'.l !iy Mr. Lally with Ii.-ivintr
ndilh'il him. Traveri li;ttui 'l over .-vonty-fivc
cent, whic h, he nai'l. wa nil he took
t'n-m OliMon. The nmin.l-rot' tie-nmney
was however, fo'.in'l in hi ivr-io:i. He
wan iK'iinil over tor trial at the net tenn
cf court in the num of $2'mi.
The strawU-rry ami he cream festival
ffiven liy the l.ulieof the tlw.lit Kii---pa!
church last niaht hi Dr.War.ln.-r's huil.l
inu'.'thouu'h tinancially not all the manaijer
cmiM wa very phasnt affair
ciallv. The room ws hamlsomvly ihror
atel with pictures ami ever.Tevns nml the
n('res!imuit tahlo maleli autiful hy e!al
craU' UaiiiUetH of flowers Tlie I hicairi
ice crwm" u ileliciu. as it always is and
the strawle-rrii- lar"'. luscious and plenti
ful. Mi- Maude . Itittenholl.- made a
dmnnina; "Ilohecra at the well, and little
Oilie lteeves attracted jrni-r.il ittteiitton as
Martha Wahiii''rin. I tirinr t!i. i venin:
thu "Art Gallery" w v'it'tl ly fjtiite a
duiiiIkt of jieop'e. ilioi'wliom greatly en
joyed the ten rem .1.
Col. J. 0. Itan. of Chicajro. arrived in
the city yoter-l y. ea route to Cuh:. to s
cure, if possilde. the r"inainof his hrotlu-r
Gen. W. A. C'. Uy ut. tlie iu-t iiromim nt
tnemlxT of the cr w of the Yir.nmis a
sainatel hy the huteher Uurricl.
This i the Colonel's first iipjiear
ance in Cairo in ten year-. On to.:
occasion of his last visit, in June. Wi, l.e
van honor! with a military ccort, was
handcuffed and manacled, and placed on
exhibition, with a pro r nard. in front of
the St. Charles Hot"!, until t!iedep:ir!i:re of
t'te tmin rintf North. Some of t!i" older
citizen may le aMe to rva!l the cin iini
stances lie was known tle-n oiilv as tlie
"inystfiloii privner." the :ntlnntii refu.
ini: to L'ive any information hIm mt him or
the can.' of hi arrest. Suhs.tiicnt events
ihowed that he wabelieved tobe noneotiier
! than John Sumtt. II? was arrested in
Memphis, under this belief, and taken to
Washington cr he w:i allowed to prove
h's identity. Th" Colon. !. since tie- war.
edited and published the I'ine Uluff Yiudi
catfir. and, although ut present en-ioi'd in
other liiisiiiess. has n hankering for his firt
love. We wih him success in his sjuJ mis
sion. A yoimc limb of the law. of this. city,
had nccaion not !onu' since to make a trip
to Mound City on b:incss He roc
briifht and early, sei up-.l a pranciri"; -teed.
,ind stnrtiil on his journey. He r.-aihed
his ih-stitiation in safety, transact'd hi-,
business and a short time U ioie liiwV; w ,is
on hi way homeward. II" had been i n
thcptndbma few minutes when rain b.
pin to fall. Hlld h" solilit til" -he'.t'T of the
WikxI for pP'tiH'tion. Sillie object alarmed
I the hop,; and our h'-ro, not U eiistoi.i kI to
! having cither his head or hind iUartei. in
the saddi". v.;is involuntarily iti-inoiin'ed.
He r -( ov; red hi. plac. on the aiiiln if - b i( k.
however, but in doin' lo-t i;i- r ..ekoniiw
io the woods Darkness ;h ;puviiio ";vice.
but . Iiotliill'.' d IM.Ut 'd Ii'' oilid"!
the animal tir-t in one dir.-cfoii. : ln-n. a- he
thouirht. m iiiu.tlier, but ad endeavor to
iliscover ail outlet fr.iin V.hat had li
Colil" a prison, were fiul'l. --. With dark-nr-Ks,'
ccine inccs-aiit ndnino. (ontinued hi
its dounimni inir. Morniiu.' idone broel.t
reli-f. ami it is needle- to -tut- tli :t he re
turned to hi home a wett-r, and it i hop .-d
a wiser man. H" declares lie will never
travel iioain without a coinpa-s, and i- now
deviitinn hi i.ue Itcitii x to nil attempt to
acquire know ledge uiliciiit to box tnat in
struu"tit. A TUW-iiL ?.Ftitvois sv.i;m (an 111 vi r
1 . ... 1 ... , . .
Of JKi.s's-rf'il oy iise WIUHC Il1gestn) ami
assimilative oruans tire in a state of chronic
disorilcr. Weak stnmaeh make weak
nerves. Tore-top vigor and tii-liii ! to
the hitler, the first must be invigorated and
regulated. The ordinary sedatives may
traii(iiilie tic m-rves for 11 while, but tin y
can never, like Hosteller's Stomach Bitter,
reiimve the ciuivs of nervous debility. That
superb invigornilt Hlld corrective of ilis.
oidereil 11 1111 1 i t i Hi- of the aliini iitai v oi'.:an-i
has also the effect of impairing ton" pi 1 1 a
ueivcs. Tiie ilelieal" tis-ncs nf wliii 'n tin -are
ciilistilllted. wh -ll Weakened in runs,..
(ilelce of ililiovrri-lilncnt of lie: l.luoil. ,;.
ailiiin from iniafeet digestion hiuI ui
siniihilioit, draw sii-nglh from the fund of
xitality th veliiped in the y lent by llie bii
tti. which imparts the p-ipiireil inip-ltis to
the nutritive functions i,f ti. stonmch, en-
riches the circulation', and give ton id
regularity In the se. retive and rvacniilive
Boat foii S.M.r., - Hull. inx:',t, -uhi.hle
for lishcrinan or family ue, ' price, $,-,.
I' .r iiii'tieuLos'nmnireiii'
ii Hn.iiiK Callahan.
SOME ('H'1 A DV II K TO llOV AM) A FF.tV Hl'fl.
OKsrii'N Willi II f.MtKXI st'dl IIKKH.1
In the rriutcp.' Circular forApril wt. und
an article on this subject, so full of jr(MMl
mhm and mnt I suggestion that w cwmot
forbear makiiio u tew extract from it,
hval application Is' obviotis. ' Tlie' Jriti-r
cri- on to say that laiy printers ntit tip
jirenticcs in reouhirprintinuMitliecs luit lad.
who have ciine and prcs.se ut the homes of
their parents where they work most indus
triously have not only heroine very niim
epnis hut their number is constantly in
creasini,'. Oriepnnlly, priiitiiij; was thibbled
in by hy a a pastime; they were then
what tiny pretended to W nnuiUmr print
ers. They still claim to be so, but are not.
Nearly all of them work fvr pay, nml have
done so for a long time, H-ristentty Holicit
intr patpna'e fpim the friend tf the par
ents and p-ttin-i it, too. for they furnish in
ferior work at wonderfully low rite. The
latter they can readily tlo, because they pay
no rent, and have no one to provide for, not
even themselves Against such an unfair
conictition a this, no business can success
fully stand. In nearly every section of the
country, the resrular printer who have
capital invested have rent ami taxes to pay.
ami large number of journeymen, who
have sjent the best year of their lives at
the profession, arc suffering seriously from
the inpiads made on their business
by the so-called amateur printer
boys The lad themselves, in many in
stances, an? injured by Wing allowed to
pur-ate a mom y making lnisinc on their
own account. The proceed of their work
lielong to them to scml a tiny choose:
that a great many of the in spend it impro
perly is certain. '
There is another evil ri-in!?: from the host
of amateur printers that is to Ik1 found
scattered broadcast over the whole land, in
city. town, and hamlet we refer to the un
fair warfare waged by these lrf-V printer
attinst printer nirnlariy itailished io
business ami who. htuiiiu uiillioii of dol
lars ut capita! invested, ure compelled to
riniain in it or bankrupt tluiiiselvesiu their
efforts to ijuit. These amateurs, fof reusnns
abovt; givm. hp; nMc to exiriite Work at
such low prices us no one regularly engaged
ill bllillesS would accept. In thi Way a
standard of prices fur Mow that which
ought to prevail i forriil ui"" the tradf.
for the reason that the public an- always
ea.'er to grasp at "great bargain," even if
he w ho offers them bankrupts himself in so
tloin. Fair competition in tratle is healthy,
and no ir'xsl bu-iness man will co:nplain
when Mibj -ctiil to it: but the unfair conin
tition which the ritt.-en or twenty thousand
ain iti ur rint-rs of this country bring to
Mir upon the regular printers, would bring
ruin iiisui any business, were the profit,
thrice what they are in th" printing hui-ne-s.
This shouhl not ! so. Onr trade i
an iiiu ieiit and nil honorable one, and those
ciioaijed in it shouhl at least have us fair U
cham e a tho.i; engaged in other pursuits.
There ap- no amateur among the gprcr,
dry o-imnIs Iiousi-s, ImrdwaP; inep hants jew
ele rs or dozen of others wo. could name.
They do have M-ddh-rs, but the storekeeM-i-s
it; protected from them ' by the
Kreniie laws which orevai in even- Stat".
and their iiuiiiImts are not so great as j
to s-riously iut-rfep. with the regular
trade.. j
Now. we p peat, those regularly engulfed I
in c.irryintr "n the printing buMoesisaroi'nti
tied to the same pnitctionwiicli otlu rs
-ii.joy. and if evils aris the pi inter them-
-lives must endeavor to eradicate, tln-ln. !
Tin' uiu.it -ur biu.iness is a gn at nml gnw .
ingfvil one which takes from its leiiti- i
mate ( Iiannei IitlllilP-'is o tlioilsaliils id ilol- 1
iars every year, alid sypninth-rs it in the '
flivolltle. of youthful indulgence; it hfls :
nl.so been iiirlrii.iieiit.il iii hrSngi'ig prices to
such low figures, that, if this stat" of affairs !
continue-, many of our printer. wiM Tk'coiii
le!li tosacrilic th" fruits of loud UlN.r,
and s"i k other p'Tsuit ill which to L'ain a j
compctciuy. j
In the ab-once of miything letter 'we
WOlllil suggest that lho.4' reglliitriy engaged
in th" printing hisjn". 'hitting tbi-ii cipl-
. . 1 r. .... .11 , . I
tai invesiiHi 111 ir, pennon tii" icgisiatup
of the several States to pa .1 law compelling
nil tk rsons engaged in look or job printing
to pay nn annual f-e, of say fifty dollars, to
the Stat". We believe this Would keep not
of th" printing business nine-tenths of the
boy, now engaged in niiietuer printing, and
that the im p-n-ial timotint of work, and IJ (
I tter prices which would f illow. would
I more th in coiiipen-.ifc those piutif fbr the
j iiinoimt paid in licens" fees.
J We simply throw out the nlsive as a Mig
I gestion, and itirite th" serious atteiitio;i of
those interestcil to tliesubjei't.
A Blmmikmill Bkj-ci.t. It makes no
diirei'i ifee how many physicjaiis or, how
much medicine you have tvWl. it i now hn
e-tablidied fact that (ii-riniin Syrup is the
only p inetly which has given complete, sat
isfin tion in seven1 cases of lung; ilisenae.
It is tine there me yet thousands of persons
Who are preilispiis.il tn thro,,! iiyri lttDg af-
! fi ction, consumption, heinonliagif .iisthnm,
j severe colds setthsl on tin; brellst, piine
J luouiii, whiHijiing cough, clc, who have iy
I personal knowledge of lloschee's (iermnn
Syrup, lo such we would say that olMHKf
dozen were sold Inst year without one eonw
plaint. Consumptives, try ut one liottlcj.
Kegiilnr sif, 7.1 cent. Sold by nil drSi',
gis,s in AinericH,
Don't fall to cull und pv inline Joiialhaii
Crooh'.isickel knlvi atit H'iitininVcp'kiV
store. V . t "
That w.-n n tlelightfu! little cirt le which
gathered U'oUlld the hospit.'.ble IhiiipI of
Mrs. II. tl. Camlee yesterday morning
aliout elevn oVItK'k, to pay n parting tri
butj to llie woitliy lady whose presence
among ushas contributisl so much rational
enjoyincnitothc publie particularly to the
Ixtter ami weaker port ion of it i if the
ladic will excuse the latter part of tie ex
pression) within the last three or finy day.
At the time aUive mentioned, Mr. Eliz
abeth Iloyiton Harla rt, Mrs J. II. OIktIv,
.Mr. Dr. Smith, Mrs. Win. Winter. Mr. V.
Korsuieyer, !Ir. A. II. Safford, Mrs. II. II.
.Massey, Mrs. Win. II. Gilbert, Mrs. II.
Wardner. Mrs C. C. E. Goss mid Mrs. .
(j. AIvopI assembled in the parlor of the
hostess, aid after a few moments of general
conversation, adjourned to partake of the
fleifimt im nu spread .'or her ffticsts. It
w..s very eiticing to the palate. The first
course consisted of
Cntil Mltvil 7'ifkey.
C ol.l stlc.J ,m.
Cilifora'.s hslniou "mIhiI,
.-aratoi I'otat.N'ii.
t iiciiiat).,r an.l U. lllii..
Coffe.'. Tn unit Cocni. llresil ami fll-rnil.
Followed by the second course of
Mrihefrii sail Cream,
Or-itiii-f Mnrmalail".
Deliralt- Cuke. Friill Cukf nml M icinroou.
Il.iremn snil Oriii:' .
During the progress of the luncheon an
nnimateil roisre rsntion spnmpr up on litera
ture; the names of popular authors ami poet
wore intpxluccd and discu-sinl. Mr,
llarlx-rt tiirly shone in thi little congregti
gation. She gave full play to her naturally
tine descriptive powers, and throwing aside
restraint, gave to the company some choice
hit of poetry, admirably p-eitcd. intef
lninoied with sjiarkling find instructive
comment. While the firt course wa be
ing cleipsl fpilll the table she ppiposeil the
toast : "Our lifxt and our absent husbands;"
udilingthe lieaiitifu! sentiment of lu r tuvn
coma's thai
'" Here b Ii lth to oar aKsi'tit partners,
I. hiiie it a Wemaii's riu'lit.
On r tjft u .-nlii. a:el lienor.
h.r 'et not tn tmm" them to nl'at.
To tli Mr. Camlif begged leave to res
pond to that part of the vntiment only hav
ing refernre to absent husband, -incep-ly
p'grettin that the limits of her dining
pminprevnted the enjoyment of company a
well a t) at of their "Is-tter halves" preferr
ing that soni" one else shouhl scak for the
hoste. Her thoughts wep- clothed in M
eoiiiimrdii tion and tittered with plcning
i'iitihas's After siune remark by otln-r
ladies if tie-company, the party ap -e and
retiirmii to tie- arlor, all delighted with
the .slice, of the affair. TlIK lit I t .KTI.N
reiMirti.-r was iMculi.'.rlv honored in Ix-ing
the onv lip-tiri "T of the other
, . I
'X ll.Mtei
to be pr s -nt, tor which he is du'v grat 'tot.
HU.Vll A KlK.H. "
Tliat dry hacking couoli i th" herald of
approaching constunption. To check the
swift irogp-s of the de-troyer. prompt and
decisKe measures must Is- resort. ;d to. A
dose of Dr. Morris' Svruii of Tar, Wild
('),.rrj (,nd Hop-hound, taken when the
coughing spells come on. will afford iintne-
.ll..f .....1 i i..tii,.IU- ,.tr,., ni tl.r,.o..l.
l:VT,.t It will U? (oiinri i-oualiy Uin ticial
in all tinns of throat and lung disorder,
In case of croup it is of inestimable value.
('all nt the drug store of Bun-lav Brothers
.1111 HI. j'lle,i. null II, III' will I. lllll-ll li.ll
with a trial i." bottle for 10 cents. Earg"
i : .:.... ..i.,,. .,i..... ,.:n c, i ,.
siz.-s 50 cents and one dollar.
Also agents for Prof. Parkers Pleasnnt
Worm Svrui), which iv ver fails. Pieiisioit :
to take, and p-tjiiires no physic Price 2 (t.
Mr-. I.ettie Coleman has p-opem-d lur
laundry on Fourth street, between Wash
ington and Commercial avenues, and takes
this metliod of informing In r old friends
and patrons that she is nahi nt their ser
vices, aiel -olicits th'-ir jiatroueg". She
ha. ri dil'-ed prices to oiit the time-.
01 U.K.
l er-oi.s naving ( isti-rjis ilainaged lv the
ate stor.., CPU have the same repaired or
II. .11" .III.. Lull I .1.. ,.f I 1- ... .1 I.rt..... ..
,.u.. ... ,.u. .n 10
1 Ml!t 1""'' ''' 'ailing on ori.y aililiesimr :
the limit l-igneil tin-out; h 1', O.
L..f ; j
All tlio-e needing nnything ill th" provi -
siou line wiil tlo well fi ctill ill Nov, 70 nmJ
71 Ohio levee ln fi.ie pitrcliailtg 1 !w lie)-".
poik. hacr.n. ip. f t id. in fnl k nid
pries down 1 down d'cvii '
April J;', l7". W. P. Wuif.irr.
DKIiKATttcN ball and strawberry f'esti,,,!
to Im given Ly tli" DeHu City tire company,
nt their hall, on Commercial
avenue, near
... I , ., , . , ... , . .
J-,illl.elll -i'-l,.ll M e..'-.!i -O'lllll-,
May loth. All are invited. Tickets s .((().
IiV Opler of ( Olillllillee.
Til K Eurotteini lintel
.-sivin su-eei, nr.
, .., i, l: u ... t I ...ilvc I1., i
"' r " "O ""'1 " ''""I'ls"'" IIVIHH-.
conducted f.v Ml'.. Harry Walker, olfel's
hllpeiior lieineeni'wns to tile pt1liic. , Ii
the appoint nelits lire tirsl-chis, nml the
,, .
tables Hie si'pplieil Willi the best olir market
. ir,.nL U-..II i,u L...I ,..,.1 ....... I
atlopls. WelKookeil lllnl seVei.
TilosL wishing tu enjoy a game of bil
liard on tn' iles with the latest improvetl
cushions, w irl good balls and properly tip
ped cues, should not fail to drop in at Wal
ker's. 'My tnotluf-in-law Is n Walking mleer-'
tiseiiieut for)r, Bull's Baby Syrup," a sub-
scrilier reinti k"t yeslvPltiy. "she recoin-
lilellds it cvt k where,"
-j ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 y
SliiM MLIIIlUlltl
ri'HE fnviirlti) U'srniiln Hummer H ort. ronilil
nlnic more mUniie'es nml iittraitlon than cau
lie hi led in an :nlertls.nieiil.
ff-Seiiil for I)e-rlj. live Clniiliip nml term, ami
how oniall a .am It lil r"iutre for your "Sum
mer rest ami I'lijoyuieiit.
J-Aililri-s ' D.VYlt) CIPSENWAV.
Iiartfopl 1. O , Wisi on-ln.
Farsliionablo Uarbei.
Eiiiuth Sthkkt, (in Itier' Building)
IMPI.OYS only flt-ilaw workmen, an-t ihiImv
j ura Io accord to all ourtt'oun treataieut.
The Cairo I?ix mid Ilaket Co.
!L!. riT.N:l
Floorinvr. Sidini;. I.atli. Ktc.
Al tts- ier l.e.u -t rite-.
Having a Heavy stock of Ley on Hatul.
Vtfn pre;.ivd to
Cm the ;iort. -t n...!l.-e.
W.-a!maiiiif.-turr Fill IT IIOX MATKltl AU
t rarkL-r, l ainly. I'm kit.,' U.-. Mav. , Ueadiu..
Shortest ami Quickest Route to
St. I-ouis mitl Chicago
rPIIK onlv Mad riiiinii; tuo iUI!y train" fn.m ( siro
J niaaiiiii ilirs t l eiiti -. Hon .iii Ka.'.-rn Itieu.
TRAIN- I.KAVK i Alltn I '.np. rn : Ft-: . t
pp'... nrrilu" in st. Loin. ' :' p. ni ; t hiea.'.i .0
a. ni.: 1:1" p in. : l im-iiiriaii iml LiMn'Mltr F-i-t
Line. rrnl..i.' in I im innuii at vol u. m ; Loal-ville
j a. in.; I o.li n on ;.. : 4:t' a. in. I'a.eii-. r ti
"" ,ra111 arrive at Cuio pon.t.
. tiiii-uj tv inei VM'
(if ar.v other r'eife.
i .1 . 1 I. a . m. Ft Mai'.. w ith .'.civr. uOirh"l. for
J-.l" sT. LoCI-HiidC 1 J I Aon. arrluin; ill si.
Loui. at icVa. tn.: I hlisiro at 'i:' a. th.. mnn.
i.ia hi till iii or Kl'.ll.tiam U: K iuilutiati !..". i!!e
and lndianr:Hi!i..
V L,Yf:t',l, hy thi- llie iro thrwish
Miih.iut nnr
delay iau-ed hv Si.ii.lay iic rs-nla.' Th- -atiir
oa nfleriKH.n train from Cairo nrrlv. ill New Vnrk
M. m. lav im. riling al lo -i'i. T n i r S t limir in ad
viinif of any other n.iite.
Advertisi-ineiii. of i-iiiatietii:" !iii" tliat they
i nake Letter time te,n ihi- one an- l-iil eon. r
j ,ra.j, (..noram-e or a d. -ir" io mi.lead lh- pn i.-.
For ihroiiL'li 'I' k"l. and Information ai.iily at Itii-
Ilol I elitral Hailroad r!'pot. I aire.
'lli.MNs AltHlVK AT c.AIL'O:
Kxiir.'.. S-oi ti m.
.Mai! .... I .m a.m.
.1 i- JoIINsON. Ofti'l Soetle rn A-'t.
.1. II JUNKs. Ti. k-t A.-iit.
. I ,j , . . ' I V 1 C VV L' 1 I 1
i ( ' A 1 ( ' & N lAth.N.h U.Ik.
V. a " 1
V ' ' 1 W , . T-
C.I !II VT1IE MI ijrrtsT l!OCTK TO
UI Jl 1 j;v.-iovillo.
I l.r,ri nit CINCINNATI, UAl
TIMultK AND W A-lllSttTuN.
.Hllirj AI'uI.Is.l'illl.ADKI.PIIIA.NhW
VliHK AND liiT0N
'.'M r iralim ol all ntln r loiit-. riukio'4 ttw u:u.'
Ulllt.-l tioli".
Pa-i-ii--rJ l.v oth-r rn'it-. to tnake ennu.-p.
lion. 11111. 1 rid- nil ' ijlclit. waiilne I'-ina one to lt
re.ciii, r.,..
j K KM KM Ii K 1 1!:
s 1 1 le. I wlui a poll. Csin miiaii ami lenji.. Ill- am
,,v rj.,i; . , . , .,,, . ,,uml.:
4-M a m.
lo;ii 11. 111
Tlir..u,-li l!'ket and ihis-k lo all Importune
! C 1 11-.,
; F. A. MlI.LP.lt. II. 1.1 MMPlltLL.
e 11 1 'u., A-. t l. Ie111-r.il Mip't.
I L. It. 1 HlTd II. Pa-. -i:g. r A.-til.
; 1 JJ( ) sl'j" IJ()LJ J
l a ? .-1
- no; -
, Sll01't('st LillP tO St. LollisJ
i 'PiiK loiii. l.v llii- rend (otmerl nt si. Lout and
I lei.t St. I.iiiil. Hllti nl, oile r lllle- to tiie h.s I,
I Ui II , 11 SC C H
'I'inio ssi'lioiTuilo:
Ti.ioitu'li 1 '.pi, lei.ve. Cairo "til a.m.
'I l.tniMii .1 I..,., si I ..ni. -.t'ji n.tii.
viuoiiiv.iMii.i in. oiniiioilalloii l-uv-. I Hlro av.si p in
' . i . . .
i 'trjiliviiioro a-e. arrive, nt "Hiiniliv.iioro 'cuo ji.in
. arrive, in .im-inn.
leave. East SI. I. mil
l., ! I,,,.., ,.ve Fast si. I
s:l'i n.m.
.:!". ) to.
I ' ''fo'iu1" tpn- arrive, at iilr v
j Miii'iti'.)inro nee. leave Af'irpliv.Mi
iro niKiii in.
i .'iiupnv-iHini nee. urnve" in . ui
Pl'MI.'MI'li'P'I'IIK Cnlrn nml St. I.oul.
UliAl li.tllHilt Hallroiiil l tl iilr Al l.
It A 1 1, IIOl 'IK l.elueeu t'ulio mill St, I.oul linili-r
"lie lilllltllelilellt : thereloie there lle no llelnv. ill
I , ., Ui.ini,., ,, .Hon. from other I lie.
If Pii..eii--r. "nine. North. Nortlii"iil toid SVe-i
should not Imy tlelr ti-kei. until I In y liave exam
Ineil out rate, und rout-".
L. M. .KillNMiN. (li tieriil Mnnnu'er.
II. .1. KIN K, t.elieiiil Airenl. Cairo. III.
'I'lmia t 'ni'il:
I'rpres" lenvea Cnlro d il!v .? S:ip.m.
L.re aiilves al C iho ihilly .'. biHDa.tn.
,teV- -'
sr ' jh -
LUY goods, ETC.
popular New Iry-('ioiU House!
Former!)- of Mtmrt Jt (llin!oa".
KlfiHTH STKKKT, hot. Washington, and
Commercial Avenue.
CVCCKSSFI'L linii-iirntloii of a nm'? era la ti.e
tJ ilrv-..HHln trmle of C airo. HikmI at Low 1'rl. . .
mm i hit ml... Turn the liooiN our raplilly lo t!n
IVopli" nu.l ifet New Mile.. No ill. I iJimbI alliiw. '!
in llie Iioii-e. lliiwiierlij-..(l out tiiiirlv all I lie ijon.!
with which I oH-nr hnl!ie, nm no p-ail ulij
all I'lilln- now .lock of Suiiinn r t.oo.1., IhmicIiI a' a
reilu. tloti of ID to i p.-r cent Iroia prin of Ihir'j
dai . .line.
Not a Dollar's Worth of Old Good in
till llollsf!
Eleuitit Line Sammer I)n from upwir-'.
siplemllil sim k While Lire. (hmmI. St iipwani.
o-.eli.. In Fati. I'arol. s in Cuilireltii.. Cr
ai t'. Tie, llllihon. lilove. etc.. at price, lii.-c
rnnii.it In- iluplii ale.l rlxt hen.
La.ll.-.' ami lill.lr.-n Fine shoes. maDi'fii' turwl . ::
pre..iy for no ira.ie aud warnuiteii u.. to rip I
will P-palr any .ho" lUat will rip waliiii ikij,-. ,
Irom i-un lia-e.
Head the Followinqr I.i-t of Bargain
That have ti'.-ri enired to the people of I'lVely
the Cieiraee. Knterpriue ana Im of this
i'opaiarond I'roitr lv Un
(oMids I'yii..';
Flvf-CVnt Ivpartnuat.
2 Cake Toilet Soap, tilts
Ladies' II. I.e. OTltl ,' ,'. ;
0. nt.' ', l.).e .) i t;
Irned Toai'l. 5 rt;
t idoz. Ai:n!e lluttoti.. ,"u ;
lexxt Itonrnt Comh, t:
lewd Kallllii'jl ott.iD. per ball. 5 ct.;
C..ot c itllap-lis. :1 for j ct;
( ,o.h Ne.'ill,'.. ti ct:
lih-et W rlllu- Paper. !irt.
Ladle' lirmnied iLunlsen biei. ?. r;:
Ladle.' 1 nlored ll.ir.ler ll unlk rehiet- 5
1 do. Shoe Strln''., 5 rt:
4 ll.Mili 1 nr.'t sti'.-U. s i t.;
( oat' saool C oltoli. 5 ct.
Lead Peu. 1!. .'.ct.;
Ladle- c oliarn. Sri.;
.' p iper. I'm, tl ri.
1 liiini h Envelope. Sct;
J p ipe.-. Hair Piu, 5 e?.
TfO-lVnt D-)Mirtnii'nt.
font." ai! Linen Collar. t'J t;
K'e.'ant t. Koim'tf- Dre(ioo.'.. st.)!'i:.:
Ioh.iI urileh' W hlte I'l pie. S to lo 1 1. :
Ladle.' atid Cn'tit.' Fain y -tripe. I ILiae, ,i;,'.i. ;
Ki.-aiit Linen Towel. i to IU il;
He-t oin-him. inn:
IiwhI n toria Ul, ID ct.
liiHI IM Tl. Willi. 10 rt.
IIix Writ in:; Pi-r and KDveln;,. la r
itonil Article Llui n C rab. anil lUrt;
I.o.h1 c hfviot. ID it ;
An Kle-ant Line of lre Batton. V) tf;
1 vard tio-xl t olUrte. lo. t:
I pair 1. sol sii.pi'Oilrra. 10ct;
Kmhrot'lered Linen t'ullam. " and tilit:
Llr File- Fan C hain, 'i and ltrt,
Vlftii'D-d ut Iivpartment.
Kl '-ant New stvle Dr. ..,.nl.. s t f, n. :
tieiit.' tl Linen' Handk'-r. hlef.. v, t..r,rt.:
Kl.-iriut lr.s Hatt.in.. ie- "hade. Pit 1 I'm..
Iiok1 Parasol for l'i . ! :
1 ho File- Writing Paper and Fnvr'one, t. it..
Eli-i;ar:t I.ln I.al. and C'hlldr a, ij -e. I '!
Ete.'ant Lin- Fan. 10 and If. rt..
Twnty-Flvr-Cent In'iHirtmeat.
Kl'-k'nnt Line Ladles' Th-. worth 4Uet.. al Art.;
le-nt. Full lie-ular or llrlti.h Ii. w--. Ji to Z" ' :
1. a li -. --.tilar or Ilriti.h ll', i and 5.
lusel ir-s t. "i'l cl:
nt'. Cinlershirt". if. rt:
Kle.'uit siik II itnik-rrlil-r. '.ta rt-:
i.o.m! Ilia, k Alpaca. 1 and i". .1-;
U. .I line lr.-.. I.,l. ill the t itv. JI to J. ct. .
Hand-. in- lln Lad!,"' Col'il 11..'..'. r, to , t.
I .-I Liu. ti C ullar- and CnfT. Ji to i'. it.
(o r.ulne Kid Olove. worth l TV for 1 n;
An Kl-oii Lin.-ir. .. t..1. S fi -.'.', t.;
It varil- s.,n F1iil-li. vard wide. iJi. ai a C.ate ,
lor l hi;
tHxi a ! Linen Tai.i ' cloth. ru:
Kl'-."tit Japan-.- silk, worth 75 't.. for Ut ct.
II .I suuiue-r silk. Tint.
Iron Fr.nn- lr !ia.lu.-.. worth 7) and ct- t .r
V, and to r. :
Kli-irsat Toil-l Ual't. 7" t ;
la vanl. O.Kiil Vllljl. ai h-il. Win! will.-. Colto- ,
Jli pi.Mi II tmhiir.' Edin-.' 1 to M i t.;
lliiMiim. .t llii- White Trimmibirs in !!: C '
-.' to I'm '.;
It apl H-avy lirovin Cottoti. l m
Llli-n 'I 'ie liam i-k. :l !;
(..! T it's -v It". I Tali!.- Linen. a :
(4ar ker City W hi'- -hirt-. rirl. lo
CI'K1 yi'ir rn'n',y wh-r.- It will do vo l iV ni'
U.hmI. and roil will ure lu .p-TI.I !t c
Tl AH T - WlilK AW Akf ANIil'til'l LAI! li:
dtailJ.s Ilul sK. J), hi t r.jr'.-t the Mare.
F.:-!!t)i Str.'.-t. hettae-n Wa.lilnt.fTt anj Comal' r-i ,:
(:()LI)sTIN'K t
The larifeitt whulcsale und retail lry
Gfiod and Clothin? House in thi City:
are wflviut; iiew GimhI daily and are
ort'ering great hargainshi the most liaml
tmnie lines of CAHPKTS, OIL CI,()TH
anil ilATTINfiS; Silks, Cashmere, Boii
rettest, ami fieat many other new
styles of Press; (IimmIs, Fans, F.te.; in
fact ia i-Vl'i y department of tlieir busi
ness, they corilially invite tlie mhlie
to call ami see their stork.
t liOTTO,
Saloon and 1 fstaiirant
T1IS IT 'if
('nn. tantly mi hand; alo hn rmi-tatitle na ham's
lurifo supply of
FBI" ITS, LKM0NS,0iaN(iKS,AI'n.l'.
, . T Wlllll.t.Al.a AND IU.TAII..
At 'Ii'' "L1 ",'l,i",lln "iitel. olinliio I.eve.
Coliimercliil Avetiue. het. '.,,, Ill
MXIU lllld -SteMlllll l. ( lllllO, 111.
rpAKKS plensitre In uiiiiouneliimo hi pnltoti. and
1 Hie pulilli1 ireiierully Unit he Int. reeenllv reeelve.l
the llllet mill lllii-t elecl sttxk ol l.eutljiir. ol evei
ile.erlplloti ever liroiiKhl to thi i It v. All uork li
hl llae exefiiletl promptlv (Hid In tie1 het in itii-r.
Entire sntl-liirlloii ylwu III everv lliliii e. I'l li e
r-asoiiatile. A cordial liilHu eei,i!ed la .ill lu
cull and cxamliv lshuN ;ind learn .iioes.

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