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Capcine Porous Plaster!
Admit Improvement
on tin! uriiluury por
ous pluslcr.
ASoolhlnir, heallim,
streiiKihi nlim unit
pitln klllliiK ui'iit In one.
Thu manufacturers received tin1 tiltlx'ft mid only
swurd given in porous Plasters ut the C'cniciininl.
We warrant Hcnson's ( api lne Plaster to be supc
riur tu ull other Porous Plusicrsuiid to all Uulinvnia.
Ask liny physician If Hcnson's ('iipclnn Porous
Plustur Is not the best plaster ill tliu world. This
remarkable article, wus Invented to overcome llm
(jrcul objection always found to dm ordinary poruua
piaster of kluw notion In brltmlny relief.
For lame nml weak Inn k. rheumatism, troulilcii of
tin- pine unit kidneys. It In a truly wonderful reme
uy. Physicians everywhere recoinl.e lis i'reiit su
periority to other porous pbistcrs and to all lini
ments. It relieves pnln nt once multures quicker
ihuu any known plusicr, liniment or compound.
P 1VVH iV TIIEItKaredunu-crousnnd
U U I IV Jl , worthless Imitations of
lieiiMiii K ('iiiiiiiie Plaster lu the market. The 11
ti I tin have tin; word "Cupi-lnt!'' rut throueh Acli
JilttctiT. Sold hy nil (IrUL'Ulsls. Price ' cents.
rpiK ONLY 2', CENT
ague hi:mi-;i)y
A sale aiul reliable substi
tute for Quinine. The jrreat
tasteless medicine lor all di
seases caused by Material
Poisoning:, being a preventa
tive as well as a certain renny
Dumb Ajjue, Ague Cake, Ife
mittent. Intermittent Fevers,
Kidney Complaint, Dviiejisia
and Central Debility ft he best
general tonic for debilitated
systems. Price 25 cents bcr
box. Family boxes $1.00. Sold
by Druggists. .Mailed on re-
cnpi oi juice.
M'NA Itli'K .t Co.. : W.-.Tni Stuii-t v.
Yoiih. Ten c-iit explanatory liok mailed free on
uppli) -ntloii.
sold i.r ii.Mtfi.AV bum., p.ui. t;. turn.
Dmi-is. Cairo 111.
1 kpei'lnlly re oni
TRADE MRK J,,,. . Dn in,.
fniHni: inn- lor
CA Ti Semimil M nkni'k
Hkt 3 flr P'rlllaoltla. lin-
J p.ii.iu y. and ail
uiean'ii that lop
low a n k'-ittieni if
on cejl'aliti-e; a
I.iim of Memory.
BeforeTakiflgfV.mn'.'r Taking.
llik. Dinim-.. t.f the ' I ion . l'reninture did A'e,
and many olh.T diM-a.'i lliat lead to Inaiiltv. I'ou
kiiinpliou mid a Premature lirnve. ail of whit h ai. a
rule are flrt irau d hy lieilaliii from the ji.it h of
likiure and ovi-rdutl'ilj.'eur. The sp. in Metliciiic
l the refiill of a lit.- tudy mid tiiaiiy ye.iri id ev
perielice III tn-illllr.' the rpeclal ilUeu'
Knll par(li ular in our piimph!et. whh h we de
sire to xeiid tree hv mull to every one.
The SperiKe Mi dieiiie Ik mlil t'V nil lrifv't at
l ier pa' ka.'e. or U pm -k ' for ". or wiil tie
Mill liy inuil on reei lpl of tie- nioie v In- aildr'-.-Inc
No. Ill Mii hanlc'k llloi k. IIKru.iiT. Mu II.
f-Sold lu Cairn. Ill , by 1'acl i. N hi h. and
l.y DruVn'iklk iverywhere.
Newsiaper Advertising.
WcpiildWia hook of 1H I'atrek H Vo. inn adverti
itiKi lllvlni! kpeelal otti-ri for advertUInf all mer
tlie iiiuntry. l'rlc e lower than ever otlered hi tore.
The IrM eilllion kent pot paid on the reielpt of
i'lienlk hv Damhv X Co.. Printer-' War. -hon-e and
Adverliki iiicnl Ai-ein y. llil Fulton Street, N. V.
Itl i V V.f !'
1 Itet.lil irle
f limiouiyS-.TTi. 1'arlor
i. Mr
f Ifionlv f.i. Caper
L' 11......'. If ...Ki..,..
-free, ituulel F
ton. N.J
Uf I).Y-
! DAY A Bent 'k 1'roilt llnain,' for I -n u
V"I)e;iBht. huiiiplu free. hiiKO .Iom;, uruu,
N. Y
ti 1 ' V( ill Tk'C I The onlv comhiinitlon of
0;i f UU1' i? the true' Jauialea Lint'er
with cliiili-u Ariimatli and
French Itrauilv for Cholera.
. ..I Vl...l..'.u ( .......... I
T Af A If' A I'altik. Iliarrhon: and l)ven-
O.l.ll.lL' .l il..-,. Ilia,,,.iili.. Vliitllleliev.
S lint of Tone mid Aellvlty
III the Stoniai h and Kimelk.
TT'1TM and avoiillnir the Hanger o!
Il JiNdrillt l hnii-.-e of Waler. Fond mid
l IliniiU', -AK ior r a r on o n
Jamaica (iiMii.il. 4w.
j ..j ... j . . ... n f'v'iiniiion tar
Ate chftrtug qnli;iM tmt ajrHn. i"l tfS 1fA,lf'
Oder tf ueeHening and jbiri .g. Tlio tubaoco
ttur niiilc. A' our mip I -murk clowly
tmltmtfil on Inferior (rrK''. rtv tlmt Ji't'tn'i I
fin OTcry piUK. rwuti uy nil q'i r". ri''i "r
. A. Jackhun k Co., Mfn., Tcteribuig,
Varknim" PitP.'iitlvn 1111 h mnke New Hlch Hlood.
ml will ronipletely rhiiiitto tlio hlood In the entire
kVklem In three iiio'iitlin, Anv peron w ho w ill take
l'plll citrh lilicht from 1 to 12 week" tuny he rektored
tiimund heallh. If kin-li a thliiL' hi- nokklhln. Sent
lv mall fur H letter ktiunpk. l.S. JOHNSON A CU.,
llanor. Me. ! .
Bowel ami Liver Regulator
To curu mom jiernnuH than imy other Mi'dlcltic.
Cliill and Fever Cure
To rontulti no ulock. itraenlc, (iiltilin, pnlkon or
mineral. One hottln will cum heller and more per
kouk than nuy other Chill and Fever Tonic. 1'iirn
Wholekiilii hy Itiirehiy Hrotherk, Cairn, Illluolk,
wid retailed hv the hen I ilriiiflHtn. Ak them ftr
MKnil'INK.or kent free to anv aildrckk. (inly mailo
hy Or. Ilnl-C'eo, Sr. &Sou, 100 Kant Jefferkon 81.,
XAinUflllo, Ky.
Olllci;: Iltilli'tiii llullilhii:, WiiHlihiKtun Aventle
Hubaorliitlon ItutoH!
Daily (delivered by carriers! per week...
Hy mull (III advance), one year...
X IllOllths Msi
Threu uiontlni '.'.Vl
One month 'l.iu
Ily mull (In advuticeuiic year t'J.'O
six months l.ui
Three months W
To clubs, of teu and over (per mpyi l.!i
i'ui-h.ije lu all cuses prepaid.
A il v n r 1 1 h I n k J I a t h :
First Insertion, persquiirii
Subsequent liiM-rtlnli. per sqiiiire !i)
Kor one week, per square S.m
For two weeks, per square 4 Vi
Kor three, weeks, per squuri! 'I in
Vnr one iiionlh, per square 7 .no
Kucb additional iUiirt -1.1.1
First Insertion, per sqiiure Jl.dd
Subsequent Insertions Till
Eltfhl llm i" of solid nonparidl constitute n j'.nir-.
lllKpluved advertlKemeiiik will he elmraed m l ord
hi tr to the kpate oi i iipled. ut ahovu ratek there ho
llitf twelve lluck of kolid type, to I lie inch.
fo regular udvertli-erk we oiler kiiperlor Imlilee
tneutk, luilh uii to riitek of charKea and tuunner of
dlplaylni; their fiivor.
I.ixal notlie twenty fntk per line for flrt irfer
Hon; ten ceiitii per line for each kunhmjueut inrer
I lou.
Coriimuiilrjitlon upon ktilijectr of (,'enerul Interi kt
:o the puhlle are ut all tlmek ai eeptuhle. Kejeclell
niuniiM rlpt w ill not he returned.
Lett'.ri- mill eouiinunlnitlonii fliuiild hi; ad'lrivi.i.'
'Luiru lliilletln, Cuiro. Illluolk."
J.VO. II. 0I1KULV. Geitenil Munac'r.
Caiko, Ills., September 4, 1
15t)hiiii.'8s eiienilly presents a di'inortilii-il
iind uiiKiiti.-l'itctory condition. The preva
lence of the yellow fever hcourjjo in nearly
nil ports of the country touth of thi.s point
lias caused mi almost total suspent-ion of
traflic in that direction, and merchants and
comtnihHion men do not anticipate a revival
of trade from that quarter for
at lea.-t thirty to sixty days to
emne. The lad-tit intelligence from
the south is even more- discourainj.', in a
btininess se:;se, as well aH on the scare of an
afflicted and sulferino; people than hereto
fore. Fever hits made its appearance lit a
number of point heretofore not infected,
and in spreading with great rapidity. The
death rate is fearful, reaching in the n're
jL'iitu one-third of all who take the fever.
When U is borne in mind that til' this in hap
pening in th.itjiart of thecountry frmn which
Cairo draws at least two-thirds ofall her trade
it w ill not be woudered that business of
all kinds is dull here. The weather is
pleasant Inn-, and the health of the city un
usually j,"iod. We have no f artid no symp
toms i.f it amotio; our people, and do not
believe we will have it.
Tin-re is little change in the general con
dition of the market. Hi-cejpts of tiotir,
corn, hay, o tts. etc., are pxxl and supplies
large, and in nearly all cases ulove the want
of tin; market. Prices are unchanged.
Country produce is ph tity and prices remain
ulxiut as last quoti-d. There is no shipping
demand for anyibin' except tlour, and ao
way to ship, it if there was uny demand.
;'Oiir friends should bear in mind that
the prices lu re riven are only for sales from
first hands in round lots. In tillim.' orders
and for broken lots it is necetsary to ( hare
an advance ttjion these figures.
FI.Ol'H. The demand is very lirht, the
condition of alfairs below havinir viitually
stoppi il trade in that direction. Stin-ks are
fair and prices steady at quotations. S iles
since last report have not exceeded 700
bbls. We report sales of :
100 bbls. XXX
100 XX
4 25
a 25
',0ti5 00
4 50
25(2,3 50
li 50
5 00
various rrades
es on
on lens
Fancy patent
Choice family
OATS. The demand is light and the
market dull. IViccs are steady at quota
tions. Sales were 2 cars mixed in sacks,
2V ; 2 cars mixed in bulk, 22c.
HAY. The supply is good and the mar
ket full. There is no demand except from
the local trade. I'rices are steady at quo
tations. Sales were 2 cars choice timothy,
$10 00.
MEAL. The demand is light and there
is very little doing. City is held at $2 10,
and country at $2 00.
COKX. The demand is limited and con
lined almost exclusively to the milling
trade. The stock on hand is small and re
ceipts light. Sales were 2 cars white in
bulk, JOc.
UKAN'. Uran is in good supply, and
steady nt 10 per ton. The demand is
POTATOES. There is a liberal demand
for potatoes at $1 10(il 15 per bbl. The
supply is only fair and receipts light.
ALPLES. There is only a limited de
mand for tipples. Choice are worth $1 fit)
q,1 70 per bbl. Common ure not wanted.
HUTTEH. Choice butter is scarce and
in fair demand at quotations. While all
other goods tire plenty and dull, a limited
supply of choice butter would sell reudily
ut quotations. Sales reported were 8 pkgs.
choice Hmithern UlinioH, l(l(t&17c; 5 pkgs.
Common, 1 Of ; HO pkgs. Northern, 10(&2()e;
7 pkgs. Illinois, 15,170; 10 pails do l!)c.
ElKiS. Tlio supply is almost equal to
thu demiutd, ami prices are steady at quota
tions. Sales reported were 500 do,, at
U(f9l0c; 5 pkgs. at 10c.
POULTRY. Poultry is scurco with nn
active demand at $1 752 00 for large
young chickens. Old hens, $2($3 25.
Sales were 2 coops old liens nt if2, and 2
coops young chickens at $ 1 75; 2 coops do
atl 05; 3 coops young chickens at 75
3 00.
FKl'IT. ItuciidH lire light rind ilfUinrnl
fair. I'euclic tut! worth S.'iC'i'x:. pt-r
I ill. liUX.
VKOKTAIU.EH. Th. ri' in no cul.lmc
coming in from thu founlry, nml di'itlcrn
ruci-ivo their btiiiplies from St. Lotiii.
Choice in worth $:J S.'ife: 50, criitc.
C1IKESE. Sulcs were 4.VJ llm. cliiscse,
PH0VIS10XS. Sales were 7.000 lbs.
clear sides, 7c; 2,500 lbs. do, 7'4'c; 2,500
lbs. clear rib si dec, 7c; 22 pkgs. C. 8. C.
hams, 12c.
G HITS. Sales were 100 bbls. grits, $3 00.
The Cairo City Coal Company can sell
better coal cheaper than itnylmily for three
sound reasons: It mines its own loal;frotn
its own mines; it pays no royalty; and it
can and does land it at Cairo at bottom
transportation pric'-s. These facts enable
it to do just what it says it will do. Parties
in Cairo, therefore, can purchase 10 bushels,
or one ton, or ten tons at the same figures
that 100 tons call be bought. And the pru
dent housekeeper knows that now is the
time to prepare for the cold weather coin
ing and lay in a supply of cheap coal.
Doi:s tii k Wohi.i) Move? The llcv.
John Jasper, of Virginia, says, "I)e sun do
move, for in de mornin' it shines on dis
side obde hulls, wl:i! in de ebenin, on dat
side ob de hotis. Now. ef he don't move,
how com he dar'f Notwithstanding Mr.
Jasper's logic, we yet believe the world
moves, vt lien .vir. .i.isper s ni'-as coiisuun
ed the popular belief, people thought that
to die of small-pox or cholera was sitnpiy
fulfilling one of natitre'sJaws. Now,
through vaei ination, stnall-pox is averted,
while cholera, cholera morbus, dysentery
Itlux), and diarrh'c.i are readily curcd'h
the use of Dr. Pierce's compound extract ot
Smart-Weed. Ioes not such evidences
tend to nrove that "the world moves?" As
an external tennily lor cuts. Musses,
prains, swellings bites und stings of in
sects, the compound extract of Smart
Weed has no equal. Veterinary surgeons
have also employed it with marked sue-
Have you tickets to the K. M. K. C
entertainment? If not. be sure and trot
Can the Tin th Ovektakk a Lie. In
vestigation iliselo-'es the fact that the lady
reported in the Associated Press dispatches,
about Aug. 10th, to have died in Chicago
after two weeks' use of some reputed reii, i
dy for corpulency, had not taken Allan's
Anti-fat, but had ued n preparation put u
by a regular physician in Luzerne. Pa
Allan's Anti-fat is manufactured in I'ufTtlo,
N. Y.. by the undersigned. We have al
readv sold 100,000 Imttles of it. It ha
therefore been taken bv thoiKands. mn
we challenge proof that it has
ever harmed anybody, unless the reduction
of obese persons from 20 to (Id pounds
leaving them healthy and strong, is consid
ered a misfortune. Furthermore, we here
bv offer 5.000 reward for evidence showing
that it contains poisonous or injurious
ingredients. We also ofTer $5,000 if
we cannot prove that it has reduced
numbers of persons as stated herein, nml
always without injury. It is wid that a
lie will out travel the truth any time; but
we trust that those newspapers that have
misled the public by saying that physicians
have attributed the lady's death to the use
of Anti-Fat (which is only put up by us.
the term "Anti-Fat" being our trade-mark l,
will correct the false impression they have
conveyed, by publishing this refutation.
lioTAMC Mkoutne Co.,
llutlalo, N. Y.
Fiiist come first served, is the motto f
the K, M. K. C. entertainment in regard to
When We Dk.muhai.i.e the Stomach
Hy excesses or imprudence in eating, we
cann it hope to escape the consequence for
any great length of time. The most robust
digestion must succumb to abuses of that
important function. Ilut supposing that
we have been foolish enough to enfeeble
the stomach, is the damage irreparable? liy
no means. The dyspeptic has only to do
two things to insure his ultimate recovery.
First, he should adopt an easily digestible
diet. Second, he should use with regularity
and persistants Ilostettcr's Stomach Hitters,
the leading gastric invigorant. of the age,
The multiform symptoms of dyspepsia, and
the almost invariably attendant disorders,
biliousness and constipation, will assuredly
cease to persecute the sull'erer if the above
advice is attended to. Who that lias suf
fered the torments that chronic, indigestion
inllicts will neglect to take advantage of a
remedy which, if the most positive evidence
of the medical profession and the public is
to be received with due credence, is an ab
solute specillc for the complaint.
Livku is Kino.- The nver Is the imperial
organ of the whole human system, as it con
trols the life, health and happiness of man.
When it is disturbed in its proper action,
all kinds of ailments are the mituiiil result.
The digestion of food, the movcineiitsof the
heart and blood, the action of thu brain and
nervous system are all immediately connect
ed with the workings of the liver. It luis
been successfully proved that Green's Au
gust Flower is iineqiuilcd In eiiri.ig all per
son's afflicted with dyspepsia or liver com
plaint, and all the numerous symptoms that
result from an unhealthy condition of the
liver find stomach. Sample bottles to try,
10 cents. Positively sold In ull towns on
tlio western continent. Three doses will
prove that It is ust what you want.
Consisting of the following articles:
One valise, W. M. Stone; 1 valise, W. L.
Lock; 1 valine and coat, 0. Kay; 2 valises,
no name; 1 trunk, 8. Simons; 1 trunk, no
inline tit St. Charles hotel.
Two valises, A. Campbell, and 1 sample
ens", E. McElroy at Planters' house.
It. h. J.O.NEW,
J. Kelly,
Coal. The Cuiro City Coal Company is
now delivering Coal at the following low
p-ic 's: Pittsburg Lump, 12;jC. per bushel;
Paradise Lump, $3 25 per ton, and Paradise
Nu, if2 00 per ton. Anthracite (all sizes),
and other Coals, very cheap.
Mrs. Lettie Coleman, who has her
laundry on Fourth street, between Wash
ington and Commercial avenues, takes
this method of informing her old friends
and patrons that she is at their ser
vices, and solicits their patronage. She
has reduced prices to suit the times.
Commission Merchants,
Egyptian FlouringMills
Highest Cash Price Paid for Wheat.
Farmers' Tobiicco Warehouse
fle'.icnil (Niiniiiissioii Merchants,
N-is. V.'" mnl Coiiiimi r
tiul Avu.i.i-
Cm no, Ills.
JliiKItAI, Aitvancemejit trie'.e on ('oiisifiimeiit,
j of T'lluuTO, Hour und Otuin.
Mtv (i(ons. rrc.
The liirt wliolcsiilo mid ret nil Dry
(ioodsand ( lotliiiiy: House i" this City;
are receiving new (ioods duily and arc
oH'criiiir yrcat liaritaiiis in theiiiost liand
some lines of CAIIl'F.TS. UL CLOTHS
and MATTINGS; Silks. Cashmeres, Lou
rcttcs, and a ffreat many other now
styles ol' I'ios (ioods, Fans, Etc.; in
fact in every deiiartineiit of their busi
ness, they cordially invite the imblic
to call and see their stock.
1 AYAKI) TAVl.dll siivs:
I take
yreat pleasure
I ) III rei'iiniliii'iiillliL' to ji.-irelits the Ac
ilemy ol .Mr.
s. ( . shortlldL-e linn, fi-rniiiulo w noil, u pairon,
sm: "I cheerllillv emi-i'iil in the use of tnv Hume
in. rererem e." S' I I II1N ('. SiluK 11.1 InilC, illur
vurd A. M.) Medlii. I'eiiiiu. Hoy's Arndeiny.
Trice. TKN CenlH.
llii'll KDITln.N',
CoiitaluliiL' a roinpleto lll of all the towns In the
l ulled Slates, the Tenllorles mid the Dominion ol
Ciinada. hiivlnt! a population freater than Vine hc
ciirdlin.' to the lust census, lorlher wllh the names
of tlie lieu spaper liuvlut: tile largest local ciri'illn
lion III eiii'li ol lln' places tunned. Also a ciitiiliiuc
of newspapers whli li are rei ominendeil to adver
tisers as l vim.' iienlesi value lu proportion to prices
rliuiU'-il. Al-ii. the liellilous and A-rli iillunil
Jiiiiiuals, very complete lists, and mativ tables of
rales, show Ini! the in of udvertlslinr In various
newspaper, mid much oilier liiliiniiiillini which a
1m u 1 1 1 hi-r In ndverllslii' would do well lo pot-nx.
Aililres(iKl. I'. KilWKI.L ).. Newspaper
AiUeillsInu Hurciiu. Ill Spnii-e St., N, Y.
I the sneclal prepuriitloii of Tkm iikiis. The full
course of study reiiulres three years. Tuition niKS
I I those who pleilu'e themselves to teaih in the
Slate i loiilhers i:n per veitr. IIIltIi Schnnl Depart
ment oners the bel advantuu'i's for prcpurliiK for
I iilleie or lor business. Tiilllon, :! per year,
(Iraininnr School Deparlinenl I'lirnlshes excellent
facilities- for ohlaliilnit u (good pructli'iil ediicnllou,
Tuition ifi per year. I'rlnuiry lb liiirtinent. a
cHirinliiK iiluce for Ihe "llllle folks." Term bei-lni
H 'pt, II, Ih;s, For liiirlli ulars, uddresa Kiln In C.
II wett, I'resldent, Sonnal, Illinois,
Awnrdsd kyluat oriu hi Ctntsiinlal Kupmillon for
flue cknrmg tpttldw nd Kfrlttnt and InMlwg rnr.
atltr ) floMlrnin; and lamrino. Tin tiiinl talmcrn
cirsr mmlii. At our blut itrlp Irxtf-niark li clmpl;
liiulmul on Inferior inivtii, net that JiK'lnm'i tlrsl l
on svury iiIuk, Hold lj I1 dualpri. Inil for nniiiplr,
'tee, lo C. A, Javuuj A Co., Mlti., 1'olaribuiK, Vi.
A DAY lo Auenls nilivassttiK for the KliiKslliK
isitoii. lerms nun outllt ireu. Address, I'
H'M'.ln , AiiKiisia, Maine,
IT A TMH'iiiitll'nl So (Iriinil I'lunos, price jU.nnri,
J fnlv $: .Willlectit I prlelil I'lmios,
prlcu tl.miil, onlv -.'TV Kletfiint 1'prlulil IMatms,
price (mm, only f,n. I'liiuos. 1 ocliive, jilsKl, Till
tlilh, Now Slyles. Oi'KitlisfA. OrKiuis, llslops, j.tV,
Ml. Church V HI slops, price SMim, onlv
I15. Klii- WHVlilil (iiuil .IVa Mirror Tojior.
((iiua (inly l.1, lleiiiillliil Parlor inumi, price :lin.
only Sid 'Kriiuil Kxiiuseil'1 $.nm reward. Head
"Traps fur the I nwiir.v ' nml Newspapers iibotil cost
of l'lalioa Hud Oruatis, aeul I'ttf. Pleasn uilihesn
Daniki, K, IlKAlTV. Wushliiulon. N.il.
O'KANCY PAHIIS, Hniiwtliikii. T)iitask, assorted
i lu 5slyles, w llh ntniu, llX'ts. .Nassau Curd
Co,, Nussuii, N. V.
Sneezing Catarrh, Chronic Ca
tarrh, Ulcerative Catarrh,
permanently cured by
' t !
SimforrtV Hmllnil Can; for l urturrli Is a mif,., cer
tain, mid iirriinini-nt curu tor iiitnrrli of ewry tlirin,
uii'l ! tlio ino.t ni-rlci-t ri'ini ily eviir iluviscil. It is
liiiruly a vi-.n-tnlilu ilistillnlliiii. nml Is uiillcil local.
Iv liv'lnsiillliilion, nml consllliilloniilly Iit Inti-rniil
uil in I ii I h t rut l ii i . l.iKiilly iiiilliil. ri'llof Is instuniu.
m oun. It minthi'S, Iti'iils. mnl i li'iiusi'M Hid 11,'onl
inissii'fs ot every fcelnn.' ( iH-avlnns". diminu tion,
ilullni'ss or illzzi'm-'s. t'onstltuiloiiully uilinliiUin-.
I'd It rrnoviitcii tin; Iilooil. nirllii' It of tlic m III
poison with wlili li it Is iihMiys i-hnritnl in i-atnrrli.
silniiiliiti s tin1 stonini li, liver mill kliliicvu. HTl'i-ctn
illifi'rtiiin. iimki-K nuw lilooil. mnl lit'rinils tliu lorin
in Inn ol koiiiiiI. In altli v tlsniii-. mill lliKilly ohiuiiiH
ioniili'ti' control over the dinnse. The reiniirknlilii
cnriitlvi' mers. when nil other remeilleH utterly
lull, of Smiilloril'ii Itailleiil I ure, nre nltevteil hy
IhoiisunilK who crnlefnlly rci oininenil It to fcllo.
rnlleri rs. No slutenieiit Is tniiiiu reunrilini: It Unit
iitnnot be nilislmciiiled liy the tnot resieetiilile
nml relinlile rerereui i's. It Is s ureut mill tfooil intil
li lne. unil Vorthy Hll ronlldeni e. Km h pm knu":
lontiilns a t,etiie on ratiirrli unil Or. Siuifuril i. Im
jirnveil InhiiiliiiK Tnlic. unil lull iliiecliun lor lis
n-e In ull cuses. l'rice. Jl.
An Entliiisiastic Friend of Siiiifuirt'a
Uiidical ( hit.
McIIatton. (In.iNT A llnows's Kitu; ami )
M.ntiSK Insi iiasi r. AoKscy.
itt I'lne Sireet. St. I.ouk Mo., Kelt. T. 1S (
A. A. Mku.ikii. Vihliitiin Av.,t'ity - lleur Mel
Her: I have for mimo yenrx been trontiled wlthrn
turrh. mid lor 1 hi' iiat two years have iitli-ivd n-r-liiiicl
y wllh il. Noth ill).' voiir uiiveriUemi-iit of
Siinloril H Iteniedy (ItNilli-ul Curei. I dei ldeil to try
It. I have lined o'uly two boll lr, and an a remit "1
feel foinuili relleveil that I purnume on our tiernin
al riliitloiii and w rite thin to you and in-k that you
tiike nonie tiieHurei4 to yet It mure prominently be
fore the public, that nthers may have iu:h n lief n
I have. I have recoininenell It toiiiile a ininiberof
my friend", all of whom have, exiirei-ned to nie lln ir
hil'h :liinnle of lln vuluu mill Kood ell'ucta with
1 really think It parlinilatlv adapted to wants of
SI Louis people, anil lliey all oulit to Know ol it,
and llmse who need it idioulil trv it. 1 will risk tlie
iiiocrlion I luil inmi Int. vials ins a sample) to he.
KlviMi nwuy will sell as many bottles.
Trv smile plan. Let the people, have it ; they
need It. I believe I could sell MMi bottles myself
of course vou could larfelv increase this numlier
Why uot fry II! Yours truly, WM. ltoWE.N.
Sold bv all wholesale and retail ilnc'iiist and
di alers in medicine throughout the l liilcd Slates
and Caiiadas. WKKKS A I'OITKU. (ietieml
Agents und wholesule drunH'.sts, Iluetuu, .Muss.
Collin's Voltaic Plasters.
MESSHS. WKEKS & I'OTTEH: iiiutlemen
(iiievenr ami was seized with u severe attack of
llheiiiniitini In mv riht hip. to which 1 was nib-
j' ct. I tried the various liniments and rlii-u nun ic
cures, ti ll without least lieiieill, w hen my son. a
dru'.".'ii.t. siiL'Kesled one ol your Collins' Voltaic.
Piasters. The effect wus almost uiiil'IciiI. for. to my
L'ratelul surpise. I was almost Imniediutely well
ul'uIii, nun was utile to worK 11 1011 my lurm as usuiii.
whereas, before the nppliiutlon of' the plaster, I
niulil do iioihlni;, and every step gave me puin. A
few weeks since, one venr from tlie tlrst alliick, the
disease returned, but 1 am happy to suy the second
proved us ettlcri'lous as Ihe lirM.uud 1 am now well.
Sly wife wishes me lo add thut one plaster bus
cured her of a very lame luck. Wclhlnk there, is
noihhiL' in the world of remedies Hint can compare
w ith the Collins' Voltaic l'lasters for rhcumallsni
and lame buck, and cheerfully recommend them to
the uttt'eritii!. Yours verv respei-tliillv.
OiiLAMi, Me., June ti, isrti, liUDKlt l' COMTON.
li'.STi.KMKN I herebv certify that for several
yeurs pnst I hnve used the Voltaic. Plasters in my
prai'tiee. und have never known them to fail lu
atliudlnn speedy relict in those cases for which they
me recommended. They are not 11 quack nostiinn,
but a remedial in;etit of ureal value. Verv truly
yours. V. C. COLLINS, M. D.
ili'iK si-out, Me., May it, 'A.
He careful to oiiialu Collins' Voltaic Plaster' a
combination of electric and voltaic plates with a
hljlilv iiiedlculed pluster, as seen in the ubovei ut.
Sold liy all wholesule and retail dniiilsts throiili
out Ihe I lilted States and ( iinadiis. niidby WEEKS
A I'OTTEH. proprietors, llo-ton, .Mass.
.Mutual Atd Society
Oramlzeil .Tttly l Mi, 11177, Under tlio l-iwsof
the Sliitenf Illinois. -('(ip.vrl(.'lili'il .Inly
II, 11177, llliiler At'tot'Coligresii.
WILLIAM STHA1T0N, Puesiuknt.
Mils. T. A. TAYLOH, - - Vli'K PliKslliKNT.
,1. A. (iOl.DSTINE, TiiKAsciiKH.
D11. .1. .T.fiOltlHlN, Mbii. Aiivisoii."
THOMAS LEWIS, Skciiktaiiv.
.1. .!. (iOUDON, I'hvslcliin Cairo, Ills.
Mrs. P. A.TAYLoll, Superintendent id
Sihoils, Alenander Couniv "
Mrs. K. l'. FOHO, Variety Hracket Store, "
J. A. (iOLDSTIN K, of (ioldstlnii .t Ho
senwnler, Wholesalu and Ketall Healers
lu Sluple and Fancy Dry (ioods... "
N. 11. TIIISTLKWOOI), of lllukle &
Tlilstlewond, Coinnilssliin Merchants,
Cotton and Tobacco ractors " '
S. 0. AYEHS. ofAyers Co., Commis
sion Merchants "
THOMAS LEWIS, Insurance, Mutineer
and Attorney at Law... "
WM. hTK.TTON.tif Stratum lllrd,
Wholesale Urocers "
(IKo. ,M. ALOES, Commission Mer
chant, "A Ohio l.evee...i " "
JAS. S. KKAKDEN, A(eut Mississippi
VallevTransiorliitli)ti Ciitnpaiiy, "
HAHHlSON HOl l'T, Wiiti'lunaker and
Jeweler "
( HAS. H. STl'AKT. Wliiiliisalu and ll
tall Drv Ooiuls and Notions "
KDWAHl) A. HI'liKK, Mamifai'turliiK
leweler and Wholesale Deulsr lu
Walehinakers' Tools and Material "
EDWIN It. KUNKW, j'roprli'lor St.
( hnrles Hotel " "
HAZEN I.EIUIITON.C'otitnilsslon Meh
ehant " "
Dr. KDWAHD H. HoK, p. S, Marshal
Southern District Illinois Snrluitneld, Ilia.
Mrs. S. A. AYKHS Villa HlilliO, "
Dr. It. S. IIKIOIIAM, Physician. . lndlauapiilia, lud
JAS. M. OKLATT, Heal Estate
Alien! Keokuk, Iowa.
Kpv" DAVUI C. WKL1.H. Melliodlrt
Milliliter ..(iriud Junction. Trnn.
J. K. (JL'LLKY, MfKh.nt, Merldkn, MIm
Are rot ailvertlH'il as "fure all" hnt are sierltlcB Id
tliu Uiseuseii for which they nru rt'Coiniiieudeil.
INVEKTIOATOIIS of natural scletire have demon
straled heyond coin rovers r Unit tliroiinhoul tlio
ntiiiiiul kini.'iloui the survival of the (litest" Is thu
only law voiiclisiiilni,' thrift and perpetuity. iJoes not
the sume principle (inverii the commercial prosperity
of man! An Inferior can not supersede npiiri
article. Hy reason of superior merit Or. I'lercc",
Standard Medicines have outrivaled all others.
Their sale in the I'nlted Slates alone exceeds one
million dollars, per annum, while 1 lie amount ex
ported fools up to several hundred thousand mine.
No business could (row to such niu'iintic propor
tion and rest upon any other basin than that 0
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Bemedy
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy
Its cure extends over a period of 20 yeurti.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Pemetly
Its sale constantly ;uf reuses.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Uemedy
Cures by lis mild, southing effect. .
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy
Cures, cold lu head and Catarrh, or Ozucna.
An Oiien Letter-It Speaks for Itself:
Hocktout. Mass., April S. 1K77.
Mil. Editor: Having read in vonr paper the ra
por.s of the remurkabie cures ot cuturrh, I am In
duced lo tell w hat 1 know about catarrh, ami 1 uni
ty the "snuff" und "inhnllnn tube " makers n.ero
dollar Kraliliers would be ulad if they could embla
zon a similar cure in the papers, r'or tw enty years
I have suffered wllh catnrrli. The nasal passace
became completely closed. SnulV, dust, ashes, In
haling tubes and sticks would not work, tbniiub .at
Intervals I would snuff up the so-cnlled catarrh snutl
until I became a taluuble tester for such medicines.
I (.'radnully urew wurse. and no one can know how
much 1 nub red or what a miserable beini w as. My
head ached over my eyes so that I w as coiitincd to
my bed for many successive days, sntlerini; the most
Intent-u puin, which at one time lusted for HH hours.
All sense of taste and smell g.'onc. sicht mid hcarini;
eone, nervous system shuttered and coiistitutlou
broken, and I wus huwkiiiL' and spitlin seven
eiu'liths of ttie time. I priiyed lor di uili lo relievo
me of my sufferiiifs. A favornlile imilco in yuur
paper of Dr. Slice's Catarrh Iteniedy Induced me to
jiurchuse a packat.'e and use il with Dr. N.l'i-'s nasal
douche, which applies tile remedy by hvdrostatic
pressure, the onlv way compatible with common
sense. Well, Mr. Editor, it did not cure nie lu three
fourths of a second, nor In one hour or mouth, but
In less than citfht minutes 1 was relieved and In
three months cured and have remained so for over
lii months. While usiiiL' the Catarrh Kemedy I useil
Dr. Pierce's (ioldeii Medical Discovery lo purify my
hlood nml streiciheii my stomach. I also kepi l.y
liver active and bowcli. rcpilur by thu use of hi
Pleasant Purirative Pellets. If my experience will
Induce other sufferers to seek the same means of re
lief, this, letter will have unswered its purpose.
Yours truly. B. 1). ItliNNK'K.
The following tunned persons are nmonff tho '
thousands who hnve been cured of coturrb by the
use of Dr. Safe's Cut ill rh ltemedy:
A E Downs, New licneva. Pa; D J Tlrown St. Jo
seph, Mo; E (.' Lewis. Hutland Vt; ('has Nonron,
North Chcsterticld. Me; Milton Jones, Scrilni. N V ;
.1 E Miller, llridirer Station. Wv; J O Merrymnn,
M M Post, Liiennsport. Ind; J W Ituiley. Treinont,
Pa: 11 H Avers, Laporte, lnd; Jesse M Sears. Fori
llrniich, I ml; 1. 1. Williams. Cunt lo; W V
Tliuver. Ouawi, 111; S i Nichols, Jr. tialvestou.
Tex'; K Heinert, Stoneville. Pa: S W l.uk. McFar
Innd. Wis; Johnson Williams, llelmlck.O; Mrs M
A Curry, Trenton, Teiin ; J U Joslln, Keene, N II;
A J Cusper, Tul.'o Hock. W Va; Louis Anders,
(iravsport, O; I'll Cliuse. Elkhart : I ml; Mrs Hen
ry llal(.'ht. Sun Fru;."isco. Cal: Mrs E M Oalliisha,
l.awienreville. N Y : W J Orahain. Adel, lo; A (
S111I1I1, NewniBii, On; I'lin" E Hlce, Haltiinori'. Mil;
Jessi! M Sears, c'nillsle, lnd; Du H Miller. Foro
Wavne. Ind: Mrs Minnie Aniiiise. -J!ii) Deluucy-st,
N V; II W Hall. Ilastlnjrs, Mich; Wm F Maistoa,
Lowell. Muss; Mrs C J spurton. Cnnnlen, Ala: (' I?
Knw. FiTilericktown, O: Mrs l.ucv 1 1 11 11 tor. Farm
Inu'lou, III; (Vpt E J Sp-iuliliiii". Ciunp Stiimbnii(.'h,
W v; 1 W Tracy, Steamboat Hoik, lo: Mrs l.vdi
Witite, Shushan. N Y; .1 M Peck. Junction ( !:y,
Monl; Henry Hoe" Hmitas, C'ul ; L P ('umiiilii;'s,
Hiintonl, I1I:"S E Jones. Pnebeslon. r'our Corners,
N Y; (bo F Hull, Ehonlo. C'ul; Wm E Hurlrle,
Sterling l'a; II P Sum. HIS Penu-st, PittsbiirL'.l'a; J
K Juckniun. Misuel s Depot, Ky: Henry Zohlst, licn
eva. N Y'; lluttle Parrot. Moiiiiromerv, Olilo: L Led
work. Chatham. Ill : S H McCoy, Nas'hport, O; W V
Warner. Norlh Jackson, Mich; Mary A Wlnnu, Da
rleii. Wis; John Zieu'ler. Carllsu Sprlncs, Pa; Jim
Tompkins, St Cloud. Minn; Enoch Duer. Puwneu
l itv, Neb; Joseph T Miller, Xeiila, (I; S 1) NiihoU,
(tulvcston, Tex; II L Laird. I'pper Allon. Ill; John
Davis Prescott, Ari.ona: Mrs Niincv (fruham, For
est (irovo, Oregon ; J W Huberts, Maricopa, Arl
zona. Golden Medical Discovery
Is alterutlve, or lilood-cleunslng.
Golde.v Medical Disco veky
Is Pel'toril.
Goldex Medical Discoveuy
Is a Cholucoue, or Liver Stimulant.
Gold ex Medical Disco veky
Is tonlo.
Gold ex Medical Dlscoveiiy
Hv reason of Its alterative properties cures disease
of the blood and skin, as scrofula or kltn-'e evil; tu
mors; ulcers, or old sores; blotches; pimple
mid eruptions. Ity virtue of Its pectoral properties'
It cures bronchial, throM and limit lUlectlous; Incip
ient consumption : linecrhii; lounlis and chrome
larymtltls. llsi'holiiL'iiUtiiualitles render it anuu
eiiiHled remedy for biliousness, torpid liver, or "Hv
er coinplulnt ;'" and lis tonic nroperUes tniikc It
eiilully etlli uclous In ciirlnu iudlccstioti, loss ot up
petite and dyspepsia.
Where the skin is sallow and covered w ith blotches)
and pimples, or w here there are sciotnlous atlec
lions anil swellings, a few bottles of (ioldeii Medical
lllscovery will effect 1111 entire cure. II you leel,
dull, di'ousv. ileblfltnted. have sallow color of skill,,
or yellow Isli bl'ott 11 spots 011 face or body, frequent
hendaclie or illn.lness, bad taste in mouth, Inlernul
heat or chills iiilcrtmtcd wllh hot flushes, low spirit
and uliimiiy foreliodiits, Irreeulur uppetlte uud
tonnue coaled, you ure stilt'erlnc from torpid liver
or biliousness, lu ninny cases ol .Iver i-onipluint
only part of these symptoms are experienced. As a
remedy for all such cuses, Dr. Pierce's (ioldeii Medi
cal Discovery has 110 equal, us It cflecls perlcct cure,,
Icuvlni: the liver strengthened and huullhy.
Tlie Teople's Mcdic.tl S'crvanf.
Is tho solo proprtetor and miiiiiitiu'lurer 01 the for
uolnij remedies, all of which ure sold liy drneclsta
Flu Is nlso the author of the pi'b's Cotninon Sense
Medical Adviser, work ol nearly one thousand
paitcs, wllh two liunilrcd and eUlity twu wood d
Kruvliik's and colored plaleK. He ha alreudy sold ol
Oils popular work
OVER 100,000 COPIES.
Trice (postpaid) 1 -SO. Aildtvsi
R. V. PIERCE, Jf. D.r
Wccld'i Dtfpiuiaiy, BuiMo, Twv

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