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'iWet UW.OIlOlioilleitolil. It Uthemott ploawnt
M popular rcmeny nr i-ouriw, i war, vruup,
ahiect nt all throat and luotf diecae. llu
kxrm4aiunrliir Kiiiarf. Irioctora recommend
ad prescribe It. J. X. Yauman, Long P. O , III..
mm: "Itaaved nv fwochtldruu frain the urave."
A L Simmon, uf Baltimore, Mil., 1 ay: "It
will car the won fouuh linmertlnU'ly." Ask your
el rum; 11 or general torekecpcr for it tnd taka do
atacr, ITK4I, ax., au., iu ai.w per ouum. nvuu
tor circular. M. K. Bellm A Co., Proprietor,
tnuatmrg, Pa. Barclay ro Agent, Cairo.
Fr or SO year SELLER'S LIVER P1LL8 have
km tfce aiaaCaT rtmotiy for Llrer Complaint,
iaaUvrou, Mck Headache, Pais iu Shoulder or
I ik, Uiailac, Coaled Tonue, Fever aud Aue,
aid all dixaMM risinjr. from a deranged tte of in
Uw or Stomach. Thomas Adama, of 1)1 Handy,
atv..v': 'Seller' Pllla fcave aavud uundreda of
t)tan li doctor' bill in thU eount7. n. .
fellnr A Co.. Proprietor, Flttiburir, Pa. Barclay
Mr., Agent, Cairo.
rtbeiire af all dleaes trlalog from Import
ftuwd, and for inrtcoratlnc and eiruujjtheniug th
lUlwrpo)!. Anion weak., taervou, debilitated,
K and emaciated? Have you lot your appedtc f
ton nan, pain In the. back, Act If o, Dr.
Jii)Wy Blood Suarcher will drive out the dbta)
oahHtir; back the Bloom' of Health. Pimpled,
Belt, EryalpalM, Tett r, I alt Rheum. c are but
awrfac indication of Blood Dineaae: and Or. Llnd
wry' Blood Searcher, by parlfyln; the ytero oft
anataeakln and beautiSe the complexion. Hold
by all drnst1'iw. ll.OUpor bottle. K B. Seller,
IVoprlftor, PlttaburK, Pa. Barclay llroi., Ajeuts
Hoinwipathic Physician and Surgeon.
OtV 1 Commercial avenne. Residence corner
rouru-eiith St. and Washington a venae, Cairo.
OlSre and Retldenre :
Dental Surgeon.
Omrl-rNo. 1)6 Commercial Avenue, uttweon
Cicbtb and Ninth Street
OTFICK Elfhtk fitreei. uaaromtnercla! Avenue.
. Attorny-at-L.aw.
DPFICR Ohio Lew, bet. Fourth and Kixlh t.
Attorney s-at-Law.
i!71Cl No. JIB Cemnierual Arenne.
Only If rning Daily in Southern IDinok
UTt are anthorltf d to announce the name of Al
wo Comix oaai a candidal for City Treiuiarer at
taacaaolDf city election.
Vft are afborlrtdlo announce the name otVt'tu
tmL. Bmmtol if I candidate for the office of City
Itoaanrer, at the entiling charter election.
(jmr CI.KRK,
We ate anthorited to announce YV. F. ScnurvaKi
a a randlda'e Ut City Clerk at the approaching
municipal election.
Soticb.-TO whom it mat coMctRX. The Cairo
BaUetla Co.rWill pay no bills contracted by any of
Sta employe, or any onecounected with Tut Btx
Lcra, anlea the fame ia made on a written order
aigbed by nyiclf, and the order muet be attached to
tke bill when prciented. .
E A. Bl'RStTT,
SlAKAl OrFT-t. I
Caino. III., Jan. 83, K9. 1
Bar. Tber. Hum Wind. Vel. Weather.
f'Uin m.:15
K) N.
71 N.
64 N.W.
M 3.
10 Cloudy
. 6 Cloudy
. 7 Clear
. ID. 80.38
JlaalmumWe Temprratnre. MlnlmamTem
iiaarc, S3 e ; Ralnfalt, 0 OJ inch.
' s-r.. . . w. n. RAY.
Sergt8!nalCorD, U. 6. A
Mrs. C. R. Stewart was not o well
jenteniay evening.
Col. McKeaig is lying at his home,
julte senously sick.
Judge Baker will return to Cairo to
day, for a short sojourn with his family.
Arrangementa arc in progress pointing
to a big dance on the steamer Howard, to-
Goods imported from Liverpool and
rontigned to a St. Louis house were detain
ed in Cairo.
judge Harker, Mr. Hely and Col.
Wood are booked for temperance talks at
the Reform hall to-niglit.
w-Hon. F. E. Albright i in the city. He
me down on profuwional business, ami
will return by this afternoon's train.
The KnighU of the Mistic Krew of
Comua are wearing the presented badge of
mourning in renpect to the memory of Mr.
W. II. Morris, deceased.
Fred Hofliclnz has bought out Cari
Peter' blacksmith thop, and will, we dare
aay,liave something to suy about it in Tux
BcKLtrrtx over hla own name.
-Mrs. V. II. Morris anl children re.
turned to their home, in this city, by the
aftarnQon. train, yenti-rday. The sadly be
'waiejl family hat... heartfelt sympathy
tf our entire population.
Mr. Alf. F. Wilcox, brother of W. H.
Wilcox, deceiised, has been in the city sev.
tiral days, and, assisted by Mrs. W., in put
ting the business affairs of doceas d, in
jwopcr shape for settlement.
There is an organixatiou among the
young men of the fjty known as the "Jolly
Twelve." The obj.wt of tha rganization
U to cultivate the grMci of motion how
to shake t!io fed aud bold the hx.uU v. Mir
dancing. The boys did a sensible thing in
organizing, and will exhibit Mill better
sense by carrying out the object in view
Perry Axley, a fifty year resident of
Pulohki county, was in Cairo yesterday,
visitmg his brother Lenndcr, who ' is just
recoveriug trom a severe attack of , pneu
Hon. J. Milton Turner repeated his lec
ture on Africa, Inst night, iu the Fourteenth
street Baptist church to an audience that
was, in point of nunilx'rs nt least, quite au
improvement over the crowd of the night
One of Kenneday's Southern cars,
here vesterdav. bore the number 13,022. If
then, all the Kenncday cars were put in a
line, they would reach from Cairo, along
the course ot tho Ohio river, to Sinithland,
The vbarfboatg . resumed their old
places at our wharf yesterday, and river
matters took on their usual seeming. The
Cairo and Vincennes railroad wharfboat
was also placed at its accustomed moor
ings. Mr Frank Schuckera was not the au
thor of the communication published in
these columns, yesterday, captioned "That
Discharged Grand Jury Again." Mr. S.
never saw the communication until it ap
peared in print.
Carl Peters and 1 a its brother Julius have
in contemplation the establishment of
Henery, in some location convenient to the
city, with a view of supplying our market,
next spring and summer, with fresh eggs
and young chickens.
Mr. John P. Hely, now of St. Louis, is
still in the city. But two street railways
have lecn built since Mr. H. located in St.
Louis, and, by a stroke of fortune, he en
gineered both of them. He will probably
remain in Cairo a day or two.
John Barry, express messenger on the
Mississippi Central, attended a dance at
Jackson, Tenn., a lew evenings ago. It
was a very pleasant party, but ttie fine over
coat somebody stole from him, was too big
a price to pay for his share of the festivities.
On one of the wharf-boat9 is a consign
ment of goxl8 that- was imported from
Liverpool. The goods have been detained
here by the closed river, or some other
cause, so long that the consignee was com
pelled to "shut up shr.p" for the want of
Jerry Porter, a young man, resident of
Milburn, Ky., is, just now, an olject of
great solicitude, He lett Cairo for home,
five or six days ago, and as nothing lias
been heard from him since, his iricuds are
indulging the most harrassing fears as to '
the fate that has befallen him.
Three hundred and forty-eight tons of
ice have been put away by the Illinois Cen
tral railroad company, at this point, for the
use of their employes and passenger trains.
It was taken from the Mississippi, and, al
though not quite as heavy, was equal in
quality to any that is brought from the
George E. O'Harn's "Phoenix Drug
Store" displays one of the most novel ami
artistic signs of the city. It betrays good
taste, great skill and remarkable ingenuiiy
in both design and execution ; ami yet, we
are told that it, is the work of a painter
who is itinerant in his habit1), who works
here and there, at intervals, and is, in ef
fect, without either name or habitation.
Another contribution box has leen ex
posed at the Reform club hall one that ap
peals to passers-by for help for the poor.
The first contribution box was carried off,
bodaciously, by some rascallion without
conscience or a single spark of
manliness about him. The man who
would rob a contribution box would steal
the last nickle from a blind orphan.
News reached us after dark, last night,
that Mrs. H. F. Potter, of Mound City, had
died during the alternoon. Mr. Potter,
who was in Cairo, up to 12 o clock, noou,
left ut that hour, in response to a telegram
announcing the fact that she was dying.
If the later report proves to I; true, Mr.
Potter will command the earnest sympa
thies of our people as well as that of his
immediate neighbors.
Mr. Elijah Dickerson, of Goose Island
precinct, tor many years one of the most
successful farmers of the county, was in
Cairo, yesterday, purchasing the lumber lor
a store house, which he will put up, in his
precinct, as soon a good force of mechanics
can build it. It is his purpose to open a
general variety store, and to keep such a
stock as will enable him to supply the needs
of country consumers.
Mr. Hall, of the United States Treasury
department, is in the city, pushing inqui
ries respecting an occurrence of seventeen
years ago, to-wit: the seizure of the Cairo
and Columbus packet, B. P. Cheney. The
old files of the Cairo Gazette furnished a
part of the desired information, but not all,
If any citizen has stowed away in his mem
ory all the local scraps of war history, he is
the man that Mr. Hall is looking for.
The people of Cairo need not be told
that Mr. W. M. Davidson U one of the
most skilled and reliable workers in tin
and sheet iron that ever located in Cairo,
He demonstrated that fact many years ago;
but that he may demonstrate it again, he
has established himself in the rear of M
Bristol's family grocery, where, supplied
with nil necessary tools and appliances, hi)
hopes to receive orders from those needing
his services. He is prepared to perform
any kind of work, frum the patcliiug of a
pint cup, to the roofing and guttering of a
depot. Ho proposes to do good, honest
work it living prices, uid is not without
hope Unit his fellow-citizens will bestow
upon him a liberal share of their patron
The Evelyn Spyer entertainment, hmt
night, called out a full house of our most
intelligent people. It was, in every sense
ot the word, a "highly respectable" audi
ence. Miss Spyer fully answered tho high
expectations formed, and is, mont unques
tionably, a child of great natural dramatic
talent and wonderful elocutionary powers.
The singing of Miss Pitcher was really fine,
and won a ' hearty encore. She never was
in better voice than last night, and cer
tainly deserved the many compliments she
Cairo is Ixnintiftilly supplied with prac
tical jokers. The register at police head
quarters Intended for the use of the police,
as a record of arrests, is iwd for various
and sundry purposes by outsiders who have
no right to ue it at all. Entries like the
following can be found on every page:
"Call me at 4 o'clock." "Keep a sharp
lookout on tilings." "Put salve on your
shin." "Call rce at any time to lake a
drink." "Where, oh, where is my little
black dogf" and so-forth and so on, nd
And the struggle may be considered as
at an end. McKeaig has triumphed, and will
be postmaster of Cairo, during the lour
years of his Fraudulently, President, R. B.
Hayes, unless sooner removed for cause
an event that nobody can hope for. Mac's
name was sent to the Senate for confirma
tion on Wednesday. As no objection is
likely to to be raised, a confirmation will
follow as a matter of course. We are sur
prised, but not at all cast down, at this re
sult. W'e confidently expected that Capt.
Wright, and not McKeaig, would le Mc
Kenig's successor.
Some time between 1 and 4 o'clock yes
terday morning,, the residence of Mr. James
Johnson w as burglarized, the burglar carry
ing away Mr. Johnson's overcoat, his wife's
cloak, a lot of silver ware and other artcles
of an aggregate value of about one hundred
dollars, leuviug nothing in return, but an
ugly bludgeon, which the villian no doubt
intended to uso, hud there Wu any occas
ion. We don't know which one of John
son's avercoat's was stolen; but if it was
that close-fitting ulster of his, we shall give
notice to-morrow, for a meeting of our citi
zens, that they may express their indigna
tion. The police seem to lie in . possession
of clues that may lead to the burglar's ar
rest; but up to yesterday evening, they had
been unable to see the right man.
From Mr. II. H. Candec, who returned
from Chicago by the afternoon train, yes
terday, we learned the following particulars
concerning the sickness, death and burial
of our lute and much esteemed fellow-citi
zen, Mr. William II. Morris:
Mr. Morris reached Chicago via. St.
Louis and Springfield, at Inith of which
places he stopped over. When hu arrived
in Wilmington, where his parents reside, he
discovered that he had taken a cold, but
gave the matter but little attention. The
next day he was one of n party Uiat made
the trip in a sleigh, from Wilmington to
Kankakee and return, a distance of forty
four miles. It was ulxjut five o'clock in the
morning when he returned from his trip,
and complaining seriously of the cold,
he look his bed and slept soundly until 12
o'clock. He was somewhat ailing during
Thursday and Friday; but was well enough
to visit Chicago on Saturduy. He. stopped
with his brother over night, and Sunday
attended church. Returning from service,
lie complained of feeling chilled,
through and through, and sat tor some time
directly over the register to wsnii himself.
He didn't dine, and had partaken of food
very sharingly at breakfast. During Sun
day night hu moaned nlinost unceasingly.
On Monday lie w as unable to leave his bed.
A physician was called, but despite all the
attention bestowed upon him. he continued
to grow worse. On Friday the physician
pronounced his case to be very serious, and
suggested that his wife be informed of the
fact. Mrs. Morris promptly responded to
the telegram announcing hei husband's
sickness, aud reached his bedside Saturday
night, where she constantly remained until
the last. On Monday morning the patient
appeared to be somewhat improved, so
much so that his wife was inspired by the
hope that the case was taking a favorable
turn. Tho physician hud left directions
that if certain symptoms, which he de
scribed, . should develop themselves, tho
patient should be subjected to a quarter-of-su-hour
mustard buth. About 10 o'clock
the symptoms described became notice
able, and the bath was prepared.
Mr. Morris had been in the bath
probably six or eight ininutm, when,
with great aarne'stness of voice, as if im
pressed with the conviction of Impending
dissolution, Ire exclaimed : "Remove mc
from this quickly, or it will . be too Into."
He was Immediately placed in his invalid's
chair, but had been moved but a short dis
tance toward his bed, when, without a word
or a struggle, ho breathed his list. HK died,
reclining in tlm chair where hu had been
placed, not two minutes before.
No man, afflicted in like manner, ever
suffered more inrensuly or morn uncom
plainingly. As he passed thu Hot tid tho
second critical stages of hU dis"ne, IU t.x.
pressed his doubts of lis ability (U ,:riJurc
the terrible, gauntlet of suffering lie was
destiued to pass before reaching tho desig
nated turning point. He reached the point,
but to the great sorrow and deep grief of
those who knew and thoso who loved him,
hn passed it, but only to enter tlm portals
of another word.
The uews of hifl death was immediately
communicated to his friends in Cairo, and
Mr. Camlee, with the fatherless children,
lrk the next train for Chicago, where he took
part in paying the Inst sad respects to the
ImrIv. The ivmaius were taken in charge
by the deceased's brother Knights
of Chicago; Templar und, at
tended by an JCscort of Honor, were
conveyed to Joliet, where they were turned
over to the Sir Knights of that city, who
conveyed them to tlieir last resting place.
The laxly was buried, at the hour of half
past four o'chK'k p. in. in the space owned
and used by his father's family. The most
devoted attention was paid to him during
his sickness, and his body was put away by
stranger hands, vet by those who were
bound to him by mystic ties, strong as those
of nature.
Editor Hvi.LKTiN Dear Sir: In last
Wednesday's issue of Thk Bci.lktin, you
alleged that the gentleman who propound
ed the impertinent inquiry to Judge Harker,
was "on the stool of repentance." &c.
Well, sir, you might in addition to the
above, state that he only gave expression,
in open court, in the Arab engine house,
while under the inllnence of liquor, to a
part of the inquiry of sober people outside
of said engine bouse, around the city and
in the country. Now, sir, allow me to ask
publicly the legal cause why the Circuit
Court of Alexander county was removed
from the court house out of the county
seat precinct, to said engine house in the
second Cairo precinct?
Section 20 of chapter 37 of the Revised
Statutes reads thus: "The Circuit Courts of
the several counties in this State suai.l lm
held at the court house in such counties,"
Section 21 of the same chapter provide
that "If there is no court , house in thj
county, or if from any cause the court house
is unfit for tho holding of court therein, the
proper authorities of the county may tem
porarily provide another place, at the coun
ty seat hr the holding of court, or the
court by order entered upon its records,
may adjourn to a suitable place at such
county seat: and the place so provided, or
to which sueh adjournment is made, shall,
during the time the court is so held thereat,
be held to be the cpurt house."
Section 22: "If by reason of war,
rebellion, molw, p-stilence, or other
public calamity, it is unsafe or in
expedient to hold a Court at the
time and place n pointed by law, the Judge
or Judges of the Court nuiy appoint
another time and place for holding the
the same, notice thereof shall be given in
the same manner as nearly as may be, as is
required in case of a special term. The
place appointed shall he at the nearest con
venient place to that ut which the Court is
appointed by law to be held.
Do any of the causes cited in sections 21
uud 2'i exist?
We have a large, substantial court house,
well ventilated, and heuted with four large
etoves, built at an expense of nearly sixty
thousand dollars, near the centre of the
city, convenient to the farmers and parties
who attend Court from the country, who
never come by railroad (except when they
can't help it) but on horse back or by
wagon. To be sure the court house needs
paint, and some repairs; but yet it is roomy,
well-heated, and more convenient for jurors,
witnesses, and parties in attendance gener
ally, than any other building in the city.
But enough. I tin not now question the
judicial power of the court pro. or con.;
but, among others, wish for information.
I also would like to know why the cit.f
authorities collect ten dollars' merchants
license from some of our merchants and
not from all of them ? I know ot some
who hitfe not three hundred dollurs worth
of stock who pay merchants1 license
and others who have from
fifteen to twenty thousand dollars worth of
stock, who pay no merchant's license what
ever. Then why collect said license at all
if said collections cannot be lawfully madef
Is it not stealing ten dollars from those
that pay, becuu.se they do not know their
rights under the law?
Respectfully Yours,
Foams Caiso Iloi.um.
at us. hkijkvi.no that in a xiunrriiDK
Mn. Editor : Will you let me have
room in your valuable puper to suy, how
glad I inn to sen that somelsidy else be
sides me, wauls something done about our
cooks. I ngrt'O ith "A Sufferer" entirely,
lain certain something could bo done to
better things If only our women workers
would take hold ol' it. I have nothing to
propose in particular, only I think the tem
perance hull would b a gsnl place to talk
about it In, brciiu' if some men I could
mention could always have a decent dinner
waiting for them when they went homt
thoy wouldn't wnut so many drinks of
whisky. Hut how a woman with a house
full of little children Is to do It every tinn.',
is more than t can soc, with tlu inisrenMc
GEO. E. O'HAKA, Proprietor,-
It mpplled , fa) fUKi, f jrrMh Prnp, Medicine and Chemical of undoubted purity,
lnea ofIe day80"1' rittumtry Bruattt , etc., and a Full Line of all tlm popular Patent Family
ty Ksueclal Care and Attention given to the eotiipouiidluc of physician' prescription.
help we get now that you can't
le sure of the. very time a
person needs 'em the worst. Iknow I can't;
that's one thing certain, and I think I get
along about as well as my neighbors. I
am ready to agree to anything the ladies
will propose. I can't do much myself, but
there are plenty of ladies that caD, and 1
wish they would. If they would only take
hold ami go right to work, they could do
wonders in no time at all. I think it would
help tho temperance cause along. If I
could tell what I want to (jay 1 would be
glad to do it right here, for I know other
ladies that think just like I do. A man
would be better natured if he w as fed on
good, decent things; and if something was
done to have better cooks it vould be all
right. We would teach them to cook our
selves if they were afraid to leave
us for fear we would give them no recom
mendations. 1 lived in St. Louis once, ami
I never had any trouble getting help there.
If I didn't like the recommendation I
didn't take the girl. I was sure not to get
a thief into my house there. I always gave
a girl the recommendation I could to
an honest, good girl. Why can't we do
that way here Yours respectfully,
Mrs. .
Whkkf.as, on the Gth day of January
1878, our esteemed brother fireman. Cap
tain William II. Coulter, was, in the mys
terious order of Nature, called from earth
to the realties of another world, and
Whkkf.as, we deem it fitting that the
Delta City fire company, of which he wsa
an honored member, should bear testimony
of their sorrow for his untimely taking off,
therefore, be it
Resolved by the officers and memliers of
this company, that in the death of Wm. II.
Coulter we have lost a valuable and ener
getic member and mot estimable compan
ion and co-worker; the city of Cairo has
lott a liberal minded, generous hearted citi
zen ; society a high-minded and eminently
useful member; and the family a provident,
affectionate and indulgent husband and
father one who was their all-in-all, and
whose place, in the now broken circle, can
never lie filled.
Resolved that, in further testimony of
our resriect for our deceased brother fire
man we set apart a page of our journal as
sacred to bis memory, and drape our hall in
mourning, for the jieriod of thirty days,
Resolved, fin illy, that these resolutions
be spread at length upon our records, be
published in the city papers, and a copy
thereof transmittal to the afflicted fatnilv.
F. W. Wahken,
F. M. Wahd.
A. A. IIouof,
Jan. 23, 1177. Committee.
Fiikk ovsrtK i.cncii every uight at half
past eight o'clock, is spread by Hum
Walker. All the finest brands of cigars and to
bacco, fine cut and plug, meerschaum and
other pipes, cigar holders, etc., etc., u large
and varied stock, for s'deat wholesale and
retail, at F. KorsmyvJ4 Sixth street, near
Nf.wsi'ai'KIis. School Hooks, Inksof the
best brands, Album", Office Fixtures,
Brackets, Pencils, Steel Pens and a variety
of Stationery, all at very low figures, always
on hand at Ambrose Pyutt's News and
Stationary Stand, Bulletin Building corner.
Imi'Oiitant to those wishing to save mon
ey in purchasing their winter boots und
shoes. We have on hand and are still re
ceiving, a complete assortment of men's
lxsits and shoes, all styles and sizes, of the
best St. Louis and Cincinnati hand-made
goods, which we sell lower than ever be
fore, and lower than like goods can be ob
tained anywhere ia the city. We ulso
have a good line of ladies shoes of the best
manufacture, from ft fine kid sewed, to a
course grain pegged shoe, all sizes, sold
very close. C. Koch,
No. 1)0 Commercial avenue, between
Fifth and Sixth street.
, Free Oyster Lunch, every night ut
half-past eight o'clock, at Harry Walker's
Crystal Saloon.
Ji st received at The Bi ltetin ofike:
20 Roams extra heavy letter heads.
;I0 " . " " note "
20 thousand 14 mid HI lb bill heads.
20 Reams statements.
1. Reams bills, lading.
A largo lot of linen letter und imto
30 thousand XX white and ninber en
velopes, best quality, for tlx; Cairo trade.
Jok Hokekkii, having taken, the rooms
at tho corner of Fourteenth nnd Washing
ton avenue, lately oeenpied by Pettis &
Bird, has opened .a saloon which will be
found flrst-chiss itj eveiy appointment, To
his old friends and thu public generally,
he extemls a eiiitiiui invitation M call. His
bur is supplied with only the choicest of
wines, liquor m ,.rdi:iN, and his rni'iu.
arc ullr.teiivi ;,. pi,,wmt.
DissoLt rioN Notice. Tho firm of O.
Haythorn & Co. Is this day dissolved. B.
F. Livingston retires. , O. Haythorn will
continue the business, collect all monies
due the firm, pay all debts, and Blgn the
firm name in settlement.
0. Hatthork.
Biiancii Office of Williams' Steam Dye
Works, of Evausville, at Mrs. James1 No
47 Eighth street, Cairo, Ills.
Yoc Can bb Haity. If you will stop
all your extravagant aud wrong notions iu
ds toring yourself ami families with ex
pensive doctors or litimbugi. cure-alls, that
do harm always, aud use only natures aim-
, pie remedies for all your ailments yarn w ill
j be wise, well and happy, and save great ( X
; pense. The greatest remedy for this, the
; great, wise and good will tell you, is Hop
I Bitters believe it. Sec "Proverbs" in
another column.
I Amdkosf. Pyatt keepi a full supply of
all the Text Books used in the Cairo public
i schools. He is also supplied with Pencils,
all grudes of Writing Paper, everything in
fact that enters into the outfit of school chil
dren. Fon a good shave, for ten cents, a good
hair cut for twenty-five cents, go to Henry
Schick's babcr shop, No. 142 Cominecial
Fkkk .oyster lunch at half-past eight
o'clock, every- night, at Harry Walker'"
Crystal saloon.
Keep out the cold and wet by using rub
bcr weather strips on your doors and win
dows. Blake will do the work, for you.
Tut Bulletin budding dining room
is now open for the accommodation ol day
boarders. Application for 'board can be
made at The IIclutui office. Terms,
13.50 per week. J. Vinson.
a 111 "" '
Coal! Coal. F. M. Ward has on hand
the best quality of coal for sale at the nar
ket price. Very low. He will soon have
a large stock of wood of all kiuds. He in
well known to every body and w trutt
he will receive his full share of pa
tronage, '
FoolFonnbt MImooH Land's. Kentucky I.il.
i a. m.
S:30 a. m.
10:30 a. m.
2:au p.m.
4:30 f.ru.
V a. m.
11 a.m.
3 p. in.
5 p. m.
10 a. m.
i p m.
4 o. m
,len by the.
Turner IlalL
FEIUIUARV Mil, 1 .'!?.!.
17 VERY HOMY ahould attend. It will be the (lut
j uud ht bull uf I lie Mason.
Kndolph IIbai ker, Jnliu Mutxlif. L. I'. Herlica!,
Sleiibeii Sehwanlt'., Win. Alba, John A. hnelilrr,
Ed. A. Huiier.
$500 REWARD !
FumCa-e of tie- following Iiene which t lat ilir
I'rreul number ol
Dp. Forbes; HEALTH VM
Will not I'lire with lUmiiirkable Hueeei.
v , ) Chills and . Fever, Dyspepsia, etc.
.u, 1 : j j,rice) a.
( Kidney, Spine nnd Bladder C
No. 2i ! lections, und Nervous Prostrit
( tion. Price, $3,
Fcmalo Diseases and Womb Af-
ctioiis. Price :).
. , I Inthuuatioi.i of tho Lungs, Brou
''' ( chitls and Asthma, Price, fV
'I i. ii u'une reward due not n;inl,v hit's' nlrenri
In id" nrirlcfil or luliil taw. On Mcelpt uf rli
will n'l 1'iul by mil) . I lew itre of ImiIiuiIiiiin, mini
tniin,' but the l"nrliM.. rVml lor clrriilsr to
UN. U. W. KtUlllF.x,
Klin AK. CliK'IniiHtl. Ohio, mill learn punk-alm f
Imp itiuil to ltoaUit.

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