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D.Ilr.': lluil.liuir, V'usUln-ton Avenue
c-li:o, IU.IOIS.
gubsorlptiou Uaton:
Jluilv (deliver M liv rarri.'M 'T week..
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.Mx month
i'bn'K month
One mouth
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hix month
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Advertising it a ton?
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KuUeiliicnt insertions. J'tT ijh.iii
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l'oruva week. i-r iiure
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-th'TO lie-
ill!", twelve Uif of solid l.vl"' tl i",h: , , .
"for.-itr.HvrtU.r we offer .nwrwr induce
w.VtO.nM,. n.t. orclw and manner of
diVl.vUic their favor. r . i,,....
LH-i;iBoiir.-tw.-i.ivc.-nir';r,,,i;'f"r f- " ;
.ion: tou cvn ner Hue for o.ich rahsenuem lu. r-
llThl I-'M'T r:vtv he found on fil" Ml Ceo. I', IMwcii
& Co. New-lwp.T Advcri'siiii! Hureim. il l s-i.ni.-o
lOrecti wh.-r- wrli:in: I'.mlraot may be mvie
t tU- jiuhtir nr' .it m!1 tim.v :ici'ci:il)ic. l,eiicu
ninuiniTiiUM 111 not In' returned.
Letter uim! coinmunic-ition should bo iulilrceil
' Cairo Hull. !tn. Ciiiro. 1 i Uiiolu "
D'.ilv Jrcriiiii? Daily in Southern Illinois
l.nriiotst Cireulnti'm of any l):uy in
Sontlicni Illinois.
M.li. IlnrvoU, Kilitor.
On tin; principle of ylvinq t God what
the devil doesn't want, the youn;,' Lord
Leopold has entered the . church. He is
not likely to become n Talleyrand, a Sur
geon, nor yet a Heecher or a Gollyer. He
is a dull, sluggish, sickly creature; ha.' a
fitness for nothing in life, and very natural
ly wandered into the respectable asylum
that contains so much of the rubbish of
English mediocrity. The Chicago lele
graph says that Leopold is not crippled
anvwhere but in his brain.
3Iu. McBitinE, of the Lower House of
our General Assembly, recently introduced
a string of resolutions setting forth the
grievances of the debtor classes; how they
were, taxed the full value of property for
which they were still iu debt, and tlut it
was only just and right that they b af
forded relief. In view of the hardship ol
these classes, as recited, Mr. McIHde
moved that tho CHEUiTOU classes sheuld
pay no taxes upon notes and mortg;gi;s,
provided the interest received didn't exited
7 per cent. Instead of relieving the poorinan
from taxation on what he owes, .Mr. McDride
proposes ts relieve tho rich man from any
obligation to pay taxes upon his credits
notes and mortgages, which in nine case
out of ten, represent so much actual moivy.
This is helping the poor man with a vn-
The House of Cmgress, is making prog
ress backwards in the matter of Army re
organization. It has done an injudicious
thing iu putting upon the Army appropria
tion bill an. ill digested scheme of re-organization.
The proposed plan of reorganiza
tion is better, to be sure, than Bumsidu's,
Imt it has not had discussion in either
house, or consideration by the people.
There is little reduction in numbers or ex
pense in it, and for that reason it is not
what the people need and demand. It has
many provisions of doubtful benefit, and for
that reason it ought to come up as an inde
pendent measure, and have full considera
tion. The same objection can not be made
to the adding to tho Army appropriation
bill tho bill to tranxfer the Indian Bureau
to tho War Deparamont. This, also, was
agreed upon by the House in Committee of
tho Whole. This subject is better under
stood, the transler is generally asked for by
the jn-ople, and it will uwiiiestioiiully cause
A great saving of expense.
The newpapers of Chicago, bigaud little,
re pouring their broadsides into A. C.
Hosing. Although they claim that ho is
overthrown, ruined and everlastingly "duno
for," they betray, through their persistent
and violent assaults upon him, grave doubts
of tho truth of their own affirmations. If
ho is morally and politically dead, as is
claimed, why do the newspaper men con
tinue to pepper his carcass so mercilessly ?
A Minplo broadside is the' following. It
wa fired on Monday from the Chicago
Times battery; 'It is not necessary to re-
call the history of Hesiug's conneutioti with
tho whutky-rliitf thievery, his blackmailing
of tho whisky thieves, his political piracies,
rpon the witness-stand ho presented him
self at an ex-convict. Ho confessed Ids
-whisky-ring plundering and blackmail-
ingt. Ho detailed hl plracleB in politics,
hf which ho sold to ouo person the oflko of
collector of Internal revenue, and to ouo of
hit whitk'y-rlng confederate! tho ofllco of
county treasurer, and told out tho political
prospecti of him) wn ton. He was forced
to admit hit perjury. After tho exhibition
Ileslng made of hit ewn infamy no decent
nan ran hare the temerity to clto Ilesing't
testimony as proving anything. No fair,
honest man will accept it ns proving any
thing. And this charge is forever disposed
of when it is stated that it rests upon the
unsupported testimony, inspired by malice,
of A. C. Hosing, convict, whisky-ring con
spirator, piealer" ""d perjurer." And
yet. the individual who believe. that Hos
ing is irrecoverably crushed, "gone under"
and 'done for," mislakos the ingredients of
his nuko-up. lie can control more votes than
any other man iu Chicago. We do not mean
that he would be a strong candidatebefore the
people; but tho man who buys one or two
thousand votes from him, can confidently
count upon a delivery of the goods. Black
ed as his personal and political character
has been, hi' retains' the indomitable will
power, tireless industry and the rude force
o!' character that distinguished him in tho
days when there v.ero none who could stand
before bin. lie i- not dead. He is merely
The public evinces but Utile interest in
the cypher telegram invc-tigation. although
tho testimony dn.wn out is thrown before
the eyes of tho newspaper reader every day.
This testimony shows that Mr. Tilden had
in connection with any negotiation fur the
purchase of K. 'publican electors. When
advised of the progress of such negotia
tions he angrily reprimanded the parties
directly concerned, and solemnly declared
that he would scorn the presidency if se
cured through such reprehensible means.
That individual Democrats were involved,
cannot bo denied. H publican electors
were not purchased by the r.ffiresaid "indi
vidual Democrats" because t!e-y hold them
selves at too hi.'h a figure. That Republi
cans should, in view of the damnable moral
rottenness of their own electors, attempt to
hold the Democratic party responsible for
the conduct of a half dozen disreputable
Democrats, is sin; ply preposterous. The
fact is undeniable, that three or four Flori
da and Louisiana Republican electors were
for sale. If the Democratic party is re
sponsible for tke conduct of Democrats who
mailt: bids tor these purchaeabk' electors,
how can the Republican party escape re
sponsibility on the score of the villainy of
the men whom it placed in the Held for
party support throughout a whole State?
Iu the Democrats it was individual perfidy.
In tho Republicans it was individual and
ollieial perfidy and political treachery, all
combined. Xo fact is better known than the
fact that these electors were for sale. They
possessed the power to elect either Tilden
or Hayes. Had they voted for Tilden, the
universal verdict would have been that the
Dctnoernts had paid the price, But they
voted for Hayes, the merchandise they
oll'ered for sale was bc-towtd upon the Re
publican candidate; and no reasonable, un
prejudiced man can escape the conclusion
that it was turned over to the highostand best
bidder. Had the matter been a plain com
mercial transaction, the man could not be
found who would not at once say, "Hayes
got the goods, because he bid the highest
price for them." The transaction, because
it has about it the taint of party politics,
does not escape the same rule of interpre
tation. Senator Morton, into whose hands
fill the telegrams passed, destroyed those
that were sent by the Republican bidders;
but the fact r 'mains, nevertheless, that cer
tain electors in Florida and Louisiana
held themselves in readiness to vote for the
candidate of the party that paid them their
price. They voted lor Hayes; and that's the
whole matter in a nut shell.
Special CorrenponJi'lice of the Cairo Ilullctlu.
Wasiiisotox, February 8, 1879.
The most interesting subject of discus
sion in the house during the week has
been the army appropriation bill. To it.
the house has added, as amendments, a
modified army reorganization bill and the
bill to transfer the Indian bureau to the
war department. These were permitted to
Ix: added under the rules of tho house, as
they on their face appeared to be in the
direction of economy. As Speaker Randall
pointedly Bind, the other day, any
thing could be added in a Re
publican house which indicated ex
travagance, but in a Democrat iu house the
result is different. However, it is doubtful
if these two measures, iu themselves impor
tant, will be permitted to pass as amend
ments to un appropriation bill. It is, in
your correspondent's opinion, extremely
doubtful if tho former, which has received
only slight consideration, and which does
not provide for such a reduction of force
as is generally demanded, tihould become
In the senate, during the week, Senator
Ldmuuds' resolutions were passed. Also
the bill elsewhere alluded to in this letter,
allowing women to practise as attorneys
ueioro the supreme court.
There have now been three days ofcvnhi
telegram Investigation in New York. The
result, in a few words, may be said to bt
that all the witnesses, includlim Col. Polton.
Mantoti Marble and Smith M. Weed, uil-
nut that the Tribune diHiiatches. thmnl
faulty In many things, aiu so far true that
effort was matte, by the promise of money,
to induce Kadical returning boards in
Bjuth Curoliuu uud elsewhere t report tho
acknowledged truth in regard to tho presi
dential vote in their states in 1870. AH
unite in saying they have no authority for
their acts from the Democratic national
committee or from Mr. Tilden, and it secnis
from the testimonv, also, that the active in
terference of the latter when he learned the
negotiations, prevented the further prose
cution of the business. Mr. Tilden will
make u statement to the .com
mittee to-day. In this city tlx
balance of the Rotter committee was
engaged in hearing witnesses in contradic
tion of what had been test i lied to by thai
wonderful galaxy of Republican falsifiers
who had told of Democratic bribery and
intimidation in Louisiana.
The action of the senate yesterday, in
passing the lull allowing women to appear
as attorneys before the U. S. supreme court,
deserves attention on more than one nooeunt.
In the first place it seems a perfectly j'.;-!
and proper measure, and secondly, it sl;.:v
what one woman, working against nil con
ceivable disadvantages, may accomplish.
Tho first "woman lawyer" of Washington
was Mrs. IMva A. Lckwoou, and she com
menced practice here at a time when
annual sessions of the woman hutfr.igits
and any meetings looking to the cniYati. !:;.
ment of women or the consideration of their
l"gal rights ns women, were made disgrace
ful by the prowdyism of the public. ehe
has not only h .vino a respected and pros
perous member of the local bar. but by al
most unaided persistence has secured the
passage of the bill mentioned above, which
now goes to Mr. Hayes, for his approval.
Readers of this correspondence, do not need
to be told that the annua! meeting here in
favor of woman sutfrage, once disgraceful
to the city, nre now quite and orderly and
are attended by our best people.
Senator Window's proposition on which
he spoke yesterday in the senate, seems to
be that the government should make s;kC.
ial provisions for the settlement in the WiH
on small farms, of dissatisfied negroes c f
the South I do not understand that gov
ernment nid, except as land, is now desired
but that such aid is expected from charita
ble organizations in the Last and North.
The death v.atk ok our country is get
ting tearfully alarming, the average of life
Vicing lesone l every year, without any rea
sonable cause, the dentil resulting generally
from the most insignigcant origin. At this
season of the year especially, a cold is such
a common thing that in the burn' of every
day life we are apt to overlook the dangers
tit tftithriL" it and often find too late, that a
Fever and Lung trouble has already set in.
Thousands loose their lives in this way
(very winter, while had Boshee's German
Syrup been taken a cure would have result
ed, ami a large bill ol a doctor been avoided.
For all diseases of the throat and lungs.
Bo.-ehee's German Syrup has proven itself
to be the greatest di-covery of its kind in
medicine. Every druggist in the country
w ill tell you of its wonderful effect. Over
ftoO.OOO botties sold last year without a
single lailure known.
Don't Bk Dkceivkd, Many persons say
"I haven't got the Consumption'-' when
asked to cure their Cough with Shiloh's
Consumption Cur.'. Do they not know
that Coughs lead to Consumption ami
a remedy that will cure Consump
tion will certainly and surely cure a
cough or any lung or throat trouble. We
know it will cure w hen all others fail and
our faith in it is so positive that we will re
fund the price paid if you receive no ben
efit. Is not this a fair proposition. Price
lOcts. 50 eis. and 1.0() per bottle. For!
lame Chest, Back or side, use Shiloh's
Porous Plaster. Price 2 cts. For sale bv
Barclay Brothers.
Wnv will you suffer with the Dyspepsia
and liver complaint. Constipation, and gen
oral debility when you can 'get at our stores
Shiloli's Sytem Yitali.er which we sell on
a positive guarantee to cure you. Price
10 cts. and 75 cts. For stile by Barclay
"IIackmktack" a popular and fragrant
perfume. Sold by Barclay Brothers.
Chew Jackson's best Sweet 'avy To
State of 1 1 1 1 i I k . Alexiindercoilllly. N.
To Hid helm of hiiIiI e-lale, uud nil others Inter
Von are herehv iititllled that on Monday, thn lot Ii
iluv of Miirch, lSJll. the ntllnlnii'triitor of fal l imlate,
will present lo tho futility court of Alexniiiler
coiinly, at the court lioiisu in Cairn, Illinois, hi-
llnnl report ol 111- iii Ih ami iloltiu iih mu h nilinlu
Isli'iiinr. uud ii"k the court to he illcliiir'e(l I ruin any
ninl nil rnrther tliitieH aiid ri'lHiiiHlhillile!i iniinect
oil ullh HakleHlati'. uud hi Hihuliilxtralioii tlnteof,
at which lime ninl plac". you may he pre-ini Unil
ri'il such appllciilion if von choose no in
(SlKiicd) PA I I, MOWEliV. Ailiiilnlfirutor.
EltTATi: or MICIUKt. IIOI'dAN, IlKl'KASI'.li.
The uiitlersliii'il. hitvlnu hf'ti nrpolnti'l Kxecti
trlx of thn Im-i will iiml I' ftnineiit of Mn hm l lion
Uim Into ol the county of Alexaniler, mid sliite fit 1)11
iioIh, ilnci'iied, herehv i;lve notlcu Unit slut will up.
pear before the county court of Alexander coiinlv. ut
tlic court house In Culm, at the .March t rni . tni Uiu
Second Monday In March next, at which time nil
iiTHiin havlnu claim auiiliiHt ciiiil estnle arc no.
tilled and reiiielcil to nlti'tlil for the liiirpime of
having the sainu ildjusled. All pcrsnii ludu'lit
cd to said cKlale nre reiUetml to make linuu ailulu
piivinelit til thn llliilersivued.
baled this Wild ilnvof .Inniinr-, A. P. t?i,
KLLK.N DuCUAN, Executrix.
In puriuincp of nn order nf tltn Alexiiiiih.r circuit
rourl.reiidi'ri'ii at Uiu ilanuiiry term lln ri'tir, inrii
In the ctt or Isaliel OiiHuey vh, Nellh. ti,iirii.v'
I'liuolhy (liilliiev, William (fiiD'ney nud Mary loill'
noy, petition fur partition, I will oiler for a'uii,
Sat unlay, l-'elmiiiiy istli, InTU, ut 11 u'clock . m
the Iroiit door of lliu court liottxi 111 Cairo Mlhitiia
the follottlni: lot of uioiiiiiI, to wll: .o N i ii,'
block No, 4H, III thn Iln-t addition lo the ,ilv' ' !
Culm. '
Tkumk Onn half rh, Imlanci' puviihli, u, ,.
't'iii', w llli 111 per ct'lit llitere! iT lin'iimn e,.,ired
by ietonul ncviirlly unil truni iteeil,
K'lIN A. Itl'il'vr
Hpcclul iMaitler ItiClinneei'v
JillillurylT, IHll).
IT i n furl Hint ciin be mlt.iiiliiit'il hy Urn most
1 ri'.-l'i riatilo ti'silmoiiLli- ever mt'eri'il Iu liivor ol
,'inv luoprletiirv nifilk liH'. lieu II"' ll.uui .m. Ci im
lil'llCAVAIIHH docs In every U'"' iillnnl IllslUUl mill
i,Tiniun'iiI relief. No miitier of how louu tumliiii
,ir Iihh cevero tho dli'eii.-e. tut' Ur-I lioso u'lven mu.Ii
eiiilelice o! j(H Milne In the Ireiiluieiil in ' t'lititri'iill
elections thai conihleiKT ! lit owe felt in Itsiihll
liv tilth) nil Unit i" eeiiineil lor It. The le-lliiioiiv
ol iliv-icl:tn. tlrue.-i-ls. anil imtientu i uniiiiiiiniiis
ill this respect, llllll t lit' Ui'l'Ulilllllltilli evllll'lll'l' If
in point of resin c taliilily Miperier In liny ever he
f.ne olil:tiueil 111 liiviir of a populnr reiie'ily. The
proprietor, therefore, unty justly feel pioml or the
po-ithm the li a nit '.v 1. 1 Via. 1ms at turned, ninl In iieve
It tvni'thy of IU it'iniliitiuii.
From lion. T:;en. Y. boirert. llii-to!
n. i.
Mrs-rs. Wkkks A rocTKr.: i;eniVi'.en. Fivlii.e
ihoroiiL'hly eon. met ,1 of the etllcacy of .vsroit!i s
Kami ai. Ccm: ru: t atamoi. 1 am iuilm ni to tirop
.'.or, n lilieto.-ic. that i i : hm I'll I liaveheen Meplieil
i.l'uil the nos'.iiii.is ielverii-ei us "uiilii a', curt.' I
haw never f.miui aiiihiie; that prouii mii Ii re
iiefainl nlline.le car'.' a that of saM" in
I have heeii ai'.licl etl uitll this ilre.i:;!a: ilisea-e
fir more than ten jeurs. ni.il rot i; .i i :,o:jtlt
foil it! 1 he iiula I'll) per-eo-re vtii'i iy I
rem I the It-tier of Mr. II: miy Wei i !:..'. ac initio
Hilly p.av ti.itl :i!t-r oiia- live or si ! i.liii 1 mil
thoro'.'ehly tti:iiio.'. l it I'lii-ato e i t -:' vtie
liopii!.' that other Miie.l.-tr.y alha ieii iik- niyell
vvillht iinliiceil to i.i i!;i' i hi; trial. I :o,i. ee'ii h-i -i-n,
t-rv l:-n!v,.'tt'.. : ii;;u. 1'. lltn;!!T.
tiu.-ro'i.. 1! I., J.;!y i-l. 1-7'.
:ieh ii Sm e. Weak. Iielanied, lleil Waterv Kye:
i'h eratioti niitl lullaiiiatioii of the l.nr: flinuilli:
Nni-e. ill the He:.ll : Sore Tliro.1t: Kli'llCt'i'WI t'l
,he I vr.iis atnl Stelh"l Tonsils: .Nervous He.nhirhe.
Seumliia. IM.ziii.-n. t loutM .Veiiiorv. l.o-s of
i rvo"f Fori i'. Il,'ir.-..!un of Sn'rit-. ale nil
orefuiiy ami -l ieetil .alli treat. -1 Mi'h this reii'eilv
ji toriiii: j to iiirei lieu- i ti ii a in coinnaiiy ea' h hot
tie. or ill he maiieil to auv uitiln s- oh receipt of
h-teh at1t!iu't' con'ains I'r. s-aiifoni's Improved
h. ha'.inj Tn'ie. am! fi:U tl in- tion- lor i!
l-e ill nil i.,"es. Trice lii:e liolhtr. 1'or
i. ih' 1J- fill vihoh-aic -lint retail il.-ii.'ji-! anil
dealt r- th-onclinni t,i.' I 1.1.-'! Man - iti.il I -iiiaiia.
WKKKS A I't'i i'Kli. nerai A.-eals m.d W hv-'it-sale
lir.i.y:s, 1.. stun. Ji,, .
Afford the most srrateftt! r-Mcf !a IIlu-1. mat ;i:i .
Weak Spine, Lot'al rain.-. Nervous AtVectint's. Lo
cal i:!:(".i!n:iti-m. Tic Iioulniire'ix. Nt-rvo; Tain,
AtTectioh" of the Kidie-y. Fractured l!il.-. Atl'ec
lioli" of the ('lies;. Cold- and C'oML'!ia. Ii,h;rU of
tttf Back. Sraiii" and I'niises, W eak Nor
von Pain of the Iloweis. (.ramp in the stoma' h ami
I.!:nlis. Heart AS'ec'iotis. En!ar"-d Spleen. I'.rul-eH
and Punctures, Khciinia'.'-m of the Wr!tn anil
Arms. Asthma, toiui. I,m a! and D-eji ai.-ti Pains.
Pain in. the Che-t. Stitch in the Rick. !'ai:i in the
Ilip, Varicose t r Enlarged t ii.s. ( rick in th'
Hack and Neck. Pain mid Wi-akae-s m Mi'.e and
Hack, floarsoiiei". Sore Throat. I.i'inV, m, Wi.oop.
In;: l'or.-.'h. Sharp Pains in the Ilreii-t. Hear: Ii -ease.
(Juitisy, IiiiiHeten. nud for I.iiiot.-i!---s in -ltiy
part of the body.
TM'jpo. '.Ti ( ' tits.-.
Sold hy all WTioli-iii.- and liftai! Iirii'.vl-t
throii'jiionl the l iiitfl State and Camilla. Mid
hy WEKKS i PoTTIil:. Pronrietors. Uostuii .Ma
Whok'salc and Itetail DealerH in
Foreign and Domestic Liquor
Wines of all Kind.-:,
MKSSIiS. SMYTH A CO. have cnn-tnntly a lar-i
clock of the !ct uoodi" in Hie market and eatc
e-pecial utletilion to ihe w ho!ca!e hrnuch tit' the
F. M. Stocklleth. FredolinPross
Stockfj.etii & Hiioss.
Sticccs-ors lo K. M. StocltlVth,
laiiportci'B ttntl "Wholstolt- tU-altTH in
Foreign and Domestic
Klilnc. Kelly I!iind, Cntiiwha. fkiilirorniii and I in
polled Port, Sherry, .Meduru Wliie mid I lium
No. r,: Ohio Levee. Cairo, 111.
At a Trillins Exui'itso-C. 0. U.
ItT Lndlt'i and (lenl' old hut niadn new
For persnns reniovlni to thn ureal bulnusi city
C'hlcatjo, the follow Inn oilers a ruru chiince, vl.i ,
For llont Very Reasonable,
nSrooin)welllniihoiio with modern Imprnvu
ntnnta and barn nllaclieil, In tin moot ilo'iable re
ii(iiic part of Hie city, ucitr the Euku, llursu Curs
pwninu uuur; ami .
At(t"'tt harnoln, thu vullro Kttriilture new Rtid
COmi'lU1Wt ttt-ll ill UtMIStl III1ITI1. HIIMI, l UUBIIVt.
with Id Oelilleinan' hide bar Idnid VVauoii, flnu
even to hoiiu linen: ulo. If tluilrud
eiilleiiiiin' hide bar Itoiid VVaiton, flnu
tyllsli Horse, to uo slnule, iloiihlti, or under tho
,i,ll! new midilhi. Ac: thll Hlforilltllt tint Our-
rha'r hoiiio reph'iu with vverv comlort nt n day's
coli'l'lorntloii, Will only Im purted with forcimli
iid will not ne ren'ea tunc liirnitnru purciiieu
A,dre, CIIAS. K. M1LLEII .t CO., il Trlhuni
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Is the very H'ohost O ratio of IHtiminutino;
lire, every iinpitrity has le eii eliminated. KLAINE is free from Benzine
and Par: lline. In color. ELAINE is spring water white, and its "lire test"
is sohiuli as to make it :;s e.b-.ilutely sut'e u ;my illuniin ii'.t known. II:. v
i:'.L,' no ilisayn-uMo (.'dor, ELAINE is a pleasant oil or faiiii'y Use, It
does not iucri'.st the v it k. and t'.itis i av:ut I.'. I its fretpii-ii: retrimnntiu'.
Vsk For It. Use Xo
Inferior and ( lien per Oils
KLA1NK. I!e Mire you are not
who would deceive you in this will deceive you in other
Has neeeived t lie lnllnwin!'
f::dm Tin: up.k;inal Ji'p.ons or the
Troin I.'iushurjj; lOxpiosition Society. ISTT),
Atloptcl for the Inland
Lkhit IIocse Depabtm ent
The Board of
of the 1. S. Treasury Depaitnu-nt j:ives
throughout the United States cinlorsc it., r.o
13 A.I1 C L AY 133 ( )T MIC U S,
iMannlacl uhm's' AH'iits,
) i
1 V
120 lironthvaY,
I. A. J.
ASSETS, Junk 1, 1M7H,
(No Premium Note.)
Surplus over Six Million Dollars.
Tho Most important question for those inuiliig tlteir lives is "WHICH COM
The strongest company is the one which has the most iioi.uhh ok wki-L invkstud
Of the seventeen largest Life Insurance Companies of the United States, the ratio
of assets (excluding premium notes) to liabilities, tho Equitable is largest, being 131.09
The second largest is 110.77, and the third largest 117.:J'J.
frTlieso figures are from 'the oliielal report of tliu New York Insurance Depart
ment, June 1, 1878.
Grow more popular every day, mid ore mndo a specialty.
Washington Avenue, Gok. Tavelftii Stiieet,
Imitation., i
Oi! fn,m whit-h, in the tu'ocess of m.iinif'ict-
Other In Your Lamps!
nre UMy oflered ami sold as
Imposed upon. The dealer
Awards and Endorsements.
Marine Service of the
ur the Eniteh States.
Eiaiin - its unijtialiiied roeomiin taiutii'ii.
and rate it as safe n
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