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rjiHE GREAT BLOOD tonic:
Fortbt-nir'' af all dlm-awa arUlna from Impure
feluod.itol for Inilcoruliiur and in-nut lu-nliiu the
vital orpin- An-vou chK. iiitviwh, ilelilllliitcd,
pale ami inviclntcih Him- yon lni your pprt In-T
Hut yon timiwa. puiu In the tuck. Icel U to. Dr.
UmUry Wood Searcher will drive mil tin ill-easi-and
bniis hark the ItliMim f Health. 1'ImpU-f.
Hail, Kryi-lpeliui. '1Viit. Sail Hhciini. ,ve.. an- Milt
tqrfHce iiidlcutloii of Wood lti.c use; Mid Dr. l.lnd
?' Blood hearcher. lv puiifyliu Un- i ftfin solt
ra thf klu and Mcautinci. Hi" complex ion. Sold
i-alldriii;;dt". fcl Oil pcrMoille. It K. S-llcra.
l-ropriclor, rilltdiuri;, l'a. Hurcljy Mrop., Audita
U-rr 1 .0O.k.m luil rlFH hi11. It M. tin-most pleasant
una liopulur retiicdc lor 'uu-.-Ij". (olds, Croup,
Ilnarsnem and all tliroul and Mm di-imso. Hum
been in ue for half a c-niitrv Hocinr recommend
ud nn-Kcrlbf it. .1. K. Youiimn. Imiiij 1'. O., III..
Mrs ' "It xuv-d mv t rlilhln n frtm tho j-ravc
A ' L. Mminoim. of llulllmore. Mil., iil-o aya: "It
will euro tUi- worst com-h fiiiin. iiiritf ly. Ak your
j-ueiflxl or if-tii ml don keeper for It und take mi
thcr, I'ricea, .-.. Mi., uml ju.W pi r Mottle. N inl
for circular. K K. seller- .V; Co.. Proprietor,
Plttebnrj;. I'u. Ilnrelnv Hro--. A-ciit. Cairo.
rarw.V ear SEI.l.KH S I.IVI'.K l'U.l.shuvc
Wrn llici Billiard remedy lor l.hcr Complaint,
t.cuni- ' SM'k llcwliiclic. Fain In Shoulder or
Bara.lDizziiii'i-. Couled Ton'.'ue. Fever and Ai'tic
and all ili-naci-!. arisim- I'nim u ilc niup'd ntnti' of tlio
Liver or Stomach. Thomas Adams, nf lily Sandy.
Kv.. eava: -Seller' Fill have kivciI hundred of
dollar in doctor' hill In ihiM country." It. K.
Keller A Co.. Proprietor, ritti-biir. IV Barclay
Broa., Agrutfc. Cairo.
PKliKKSSIONAL C.!!lS--i'i1YSia.SS.
OKFICK: Eitihlli am! Wfti-binsUni Avenue.
Office hour- a. . to r. m.
RESIDENCE :Corucr Nineteenth and U'ash
Icpion .
II. MA UK AX, M. 1).,
Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon.
Wfice li Commercial avenue. lN'sidctice corner
Fourteenth St. and Washington avenue, Culro.
R. SMITH, M. I).
OlVu-e. uiul Kesldeiicc:
Dc-ntal Surgeon.
OmcK-Xo. l:W Coinincj-i.ial Avrutif, botwecn
eighth and Ninth Slri'iiU
t'KKH'E KI4M1U Stn.i t, near C'oiiimorclul Avriiui'.
j inkcai: it i.a-!?I)i:n,
A ttoinoys-at-Ijaw.
KFlt'K- 'o. 113 Cominrroiul Avonui.
Only Slornirig: Dnily In Smitlicni Illinois.
tfc art- iiuthorlzi'd o ntimmnci' that Capt. N. II
CiiisTLKwouD if Hi-uilnluU'liir the ulUr.e ot Slnyor.
tt'n rn Hllthfiricd to alJUOtlllli' tllHt WII.MAM
llKKiniicKN will ! a candidate at tho cnniiiiK city
flection for thi' ullicnof l ily Attorney.
Vp tire authorized to ininmuirc the iinini' "f Ai.
Hi:ti CimiMit' m uriimlidute lor City ireui-urer at
Hie enculuj; city election.
We rip- alliori.ed to nnm.'unei' the name of W it -rtu
I.. Hhisthi. n 11 1 mididiite for the (dliee of City
Trranirer, at the I'lijuiut! charter election.
We arc autliorlz.'d to announce th:it V n.Kf W.
Taiikeu it- iiciiuilidiite, at the i ti'uin city election,
for the ofllei- ot ( Ity '1 rea-nrer.
Editoii lti t.i.KTt: I'lcane nnniiiince thai 1 nm :i
t SB liilnto for Hie riflce of City 1 ti axurer, ut Hie
fcliliroa' hliiL' city elc'tiori, .
' KllW.Mlll Dt.ZOMA.
We hiv authorized to announce th;it K M. W.imi
in a rnmliilHl" for the alllc" oft ity Tieaurer, at the
peudini; city election.
Wo are authorUerl to iintiutnu e W. V. Sc tin Km
MS candidal . r..r City Clerk at the uppruacliliitf
W are' authorized to annonnce Unfit I.. Davim
MacauillilBto for City Clerk nt the eliMlini; uiU
alcipal election,
Wfare authorized to annoutirr -Ihiin' H. I'liii.tK
aa acaudidato for re-t-leclion to the otllci or City
flerk Btthis ap.iroachiim inntileipnl cleetion.
We authorized to annonnce tliin Wit.1.1 a m II llowl!
i a catiilldatu for the olllceor City Clerk, altllc en
uiuc lilv elecliou.
W are authorized to announce tliut Di..si ,J.
KolkY Im a ciindi.liite. at the eliMlllin elly election
Jkir the ollice of City Clerk.
poll Al-DI-HM AN KI UST WAItl)
Miiuiaki. J IIo'vi.kv Im a cnndlilatv lor Ald'-rmuti
or Ibe Klr-t ward.
Wc ire authorized to unnounco Ciiaiii.kh I.an
uintkr an a candidal" for re-election to theollh e
( Aldcrmun lor the Filth ivurd.
Miovai. Ornrr,
Cmiio, III., March 'J7. ho'. I
Xhi"r" niHn"Wilid."VelT Weather.
Tim. U.w.
t-M a ra W).im
11:11 " ''
I'tM p.m SW.iai
1:46 " W.Vi
H Voir
I Voir'
3 Fair
"Haiimum Tenipi'rutiire. ; Minimum Tetn.
aeruture, 47s; Knlnlall, 0 on inch.
' W. II, KAY.
Si-ru't Signal CnrtiH, U. b. A.
Jf TlIK Ul'I.M'.l'IN Bilsilli'M oflicc m
Ixx'n rt'movcil to tin1 cornor room, lbrniirly
utxuiioil iv TytiU A Co.
IU'y your I'mt! lio"s nf O, JIayi iious.
M ijnr S.miiinl ).I.t:AiH, of Villa Kiilyr,
Mtaa in Ciiir .', .V 'teriluy.
Jiiiiii." .lolnimm, jri-niTnl KmUtft-n mnt
f the I . CI. 11. It., is in CiiH:tij;o.
(Ji;tir(e S. FIkIiot HtarUnl out on a fly.
iujc trip to CoiumliU't, yt'LtiTility iiftcruoou.
The iiil'iiiil iiimI only cliiM of Mr.
ami Mrn. Tun Cuylc, tli"d yottinJuy moru-
iug of l;r(m:liiiif.
A jHtrtiou of tlio himlii r fur t lie new
atone tli'i'ot buaiiit : ufllec, i.ixl Mr. Ken
suiNy'it f"i"'e of i'siiii!ntt ii to unij tlm lum
bit, Lave aitiveJ, uad tliu work will bo
pushed forwanl with vij,'or. It is nlho the
imrpoNo to put the depot uiul ull the plat
forms in No. 1 order.
Mr. Dun Hopim, County Clerk of Pu
lnski county, was in Hie city yestenlny, ne
CJinpunieil by his wife.
Members of tlie Hi form Club will
meet this evening, chiefly, for i-lee.tin.ir offi
cers. See uotice eUewlierf.
--A stiWiintiul, roomy lumliny: liiire is
in course of construction t tlie foot of
Fourth ktrect, for the tr:infer uteniner
The Ai'liugton lloue will he opeueil
for the reception of quests on Monthly next,
uinler the general maniiyement of Mayor
- Wt-R Lane sends -jroi-ting from tlie
"fur, west" to the Cairo l.eform hoys, and
lesires us to sny to them that he still wears
uml honors his red ribbon.
We are sorry to leiirn that among other
losses sustained by Col. llearden's daughter,
who was a boarder at the convent, was a
fine gold watcli and chain.
Cunningham won nnother law-suit
yesterday- not on the merits of the case, us
any sort of a scrub might have done; but on
a legal technicality. That man is a legal
aurora borealis.
The brace of negro men who exchanged
such heavy-handed compliments of tlie
season, in front of Alba's barber shop, were
arrested by Sheriff I lodges, and properly
fined by Justice Robinson.
There was a full house at the ekating
rink, last night, notwithstanding the enter
tainments elsewhere. There was an unusu
ally large number of ladies, of wives as
well as unmarried daughters.
The only way in which you can ob
tain cheaper kindling and light lire wood
than that furnished by A. .1. Dougherty, is
to persuade sumebody to give it to you.
Even then you will have -precious little"
The members f the newly elected Ex
ecutive committee of the Taxpayers' asso
ciation are requested to meet, in fcquire
Comings' office, at half pa.st47 o'clock, this
evening. It is important than all the mem
bers In- present.
If the reader will substitute "Irvin,
collector," for Iron collector, he will have n
better comprehension of the paragraph
published yesterday." in which was indi
cated the result of cases determined by
tlie Appellate court.
- Three maps, illustrative of the por
tions and movements of the I'nion and
Uebel forces on the 1st, 2nd and lird days
of the battle of Gettysburg, adorn the walls
of the Reform club reading room, and
furnish an interesting study.
Thomas Ross, who killed Charhs
Johnson, some time ago, and escaped the
country, has finally come to grief. The
Sheriff received intornintion as to bis where
abouts, and was expected to arrive in the
city with his prisoner, yesterday afternoon.
- The Knights of M. K. of C. propose
an immediate removal of their fixtures.
furniture and paraphernalia to the 1 irge
hall over Kluge's store, corner Sixth and
Commercial. The next meeting of tin
crew will be held in the new hall.
Rilly (!oodnll lias applied himself to
l.oiie-t labor, and is now the had cook iu
a large Denver hotel, receiving 10 per
mouth. The Uowles boys, known some
what in Cairo, arc in Denver; but arc- s;di
to In- neither ornaiie-nlal nor useful.
We regret to learn that tin- insurance
money that will be realized by the Sisters ot
Lore! to cannot In- used in th.; erection of a
new building, but must In applied to the
tmvnu-rit of debts upon the old one. The
regrets we express in thi behalf will be
felt, generally.
The Hoard of County Commissioners
will ini-ct to-day. It is cxhm ted that Com
missioner llalliday will be present to act
with the Hoard until Saturday eveiiing;but
it is not likely that he w ill feel inclined to
stay a ay longer than that from his post of
duly in Springfield.
--Col. (i. F. Meyer and ("apt. Hill Ham
bletoii drove from Mound ( it v to Cairo
yesterday, in one hour and fifty-eight min
ntes. Their reason for putting tin iranimal
through at sueh an exhausting rate of
speed, was the report that had reached
lliem that Capl. Johnson had the measles.
Another good house and another good
programme at tie- Tle-alrc Comiqiiu lust
evening -everybody w-i very well pleased
with Miss Klla Arnold and her singing of
the famous song called the "Lullaby."
This lady is u very tine artist and one that
lius made a deep imprcsion on the aiiniso
nv nt loving people of Cairo.
Mr. John Atelier lost rather a valuable
horse, several weeks ago, and spent much
time and money in flfort to recover him.
His last search involved a trip to Chester
and from thence to H'-d Hud, in the vicin
ity of which place he found the coveted
animal and brought him back to Cairo a
rwveding that cost him just sixty dollars.
-While Miss Funny Alvord, sister tf
l'rof, Alvord, was exercising at tlm skating
rink, in company with other ladlo. about
iVM o'clock, yesterday evening, her skates
caught In a crack or small opening In tin)
floor, and tho momentum -he had acquired
caused her to lull forward quite violently.
Her right wrist wan dislocated, ami it Is be
lieved shu sustained a slight irucUire of tlm
ulna, or tho liygcr or inner bono of the
foru-urin, The injury citused much phys
ul suffering, of courm-, but it in hoped that
this will he of short duration, and that a
few days will remove alii unpleasant re
minders of the mishap.
Mr. Dan lbirtman and force were en
gaged, yesterday, removing his stock to the
Hamilton building adjoining. The re
moval is 'to allow carpenters to raise,
straighten and repair the vacated building.
The Hamilton building will thereafter he
occupied by Mr. Kichhoff, the furniture
There is a colored man in the city,
who having lost the use of his lower ex
tremities, is hobbling iibotit the streets un
his knees. He lives upon the charity his
condition excites, and doesn't view his
allliction us an especial hardship. He is,
nevertheless, a pitiable object, and should
be taken off the streets and cared for.
A private letter from Denver, under
date of 21th instant, says that Will Hurd
lias purchased a silver mine. It is known as
the Indian Chief, and is located at Silver
Cliff. It is not stated, however, that Willie
is likely to become a millionaire. Mines
in Colorado are not unlike saw mills in
Southern Illinois. They break more men
than they make.
There is a barge loud ( 200 cords I of
the best kindling wood ever brought to
Cairo, now lying at the bank near the Stone
Depot. It is stave clippings, best seasoned
oak, put up in bundles, ut the low price of
One Dollar per cord ranked four feet
high and eight feet leng. It makes an ex
cellent summer wood; two cents worth will
do a day's cooking. Now is the time to buy.
George Shcppurd, a good hearted tidi
enuan, took Frank Waney. the man who was
lying sick iu police head-quarters, to his
home, and will cure for him until he can be
otherwise provided for. The Chief-nf-I'o-
lice wrote a letter to Frank's brother who
resides in Peru, in this State, and it is bt
lieved that money will lie sent to provide
for the poor fellow's wants. But for Shrp
nurd's good Sainnritanisin Waney would,
most likely, have died.
Wes Lane, now in Colorado, says that
arrivals in Leadvillc will exceed five hun-ilre-i
per day; that there is absolutely noth
ing for new comers to do, and that u a
consequence of the presence of thousands
of idie men, crime is rampant, with a lively
prospect ahead of much suffering. During
the night of the 2od there were five mur
ders in Leadvillc, and perhi;p a hundred
tights with lists mid bludgeon.-. -A sweet
spot," is that Leadvillc.
--For the mall sum of one dollar you can
buy enough kindling wood to last you un
til next w inter.JA. .1. Dougherty, of Mound
City, has about two hundred cords of dry
stave clippings, conveniently bundled, on a
barge lying at our landing, and sells them
for one dollar a cord delivered on the bank.
The kindling is just tlie thing, too, for light
summer fires. Hut go see it. When you
see the pile that one dollar will buy, the
impulse to make the investment will prove
At the next term of the Alexander Cir
cuit Court three 111-11 will be. put upon trial
for tln-ir lives. Ho.-s, who killed Johnson,
captured ye.-terday; Glass, who knocked
Newman in tie- head with an axe, and (w
bolievci Tinner, the negro who killed "the
wrong man." It looks very nnirh as if Mr.
Hodges was elected to act as master of cer
emonies in a hanging scrape or two, us well
as to play collector, etc. It is not a posi
tion be is hankering after; but he will not
shrink from the duty when it becomes a
The wretched "hag" of whom we have
frequently spoken, was abroad again, yes
terday, practicing her little confidence
games or, rather, moving sympathetic lis
teners to deeds of charity by telling the
tiiol eoncieiiecless lies ever uttered by a
human being, Her memory being a litt'e
defective she.iut uiifreqnently makes a
second call upon the same person; the con
sequence of which forgetl'ulness is that she
not tiiificqiieritly gets bounced. She k
unquestionably, the most consummate dead
beat that ever struck Cairo,
Among otliei- items mentioned us con
stituent purls of the Port Ends recent tow
to New Orleans is one. hundred and twenty
thousand bushels of corn and thirty thous
and bushels of wheat. The immensity of
the- items, when contemplated us merely
u portion of what a single steamer moves,
gives one a slight insight into what the
commerce of the lower Mississippi ina.v he-
come, when the millions of acres of vet
wild lands in the west and northwest art-
put under cultivation, mid Captain Euds
gives us that twenty feet of water hence to
New Orleans!
Accepting us the true details of the
killing of Chillies Johnson by Thomas
Ross, us given by the Argus, tlio matter
can be viewed in no other light lhantli.'it of
a cold blooded murder, It seems that
Ross and Johnson (both of whom arc col
ored men) met ut Hodges' Park on till 1 Otli
instant UIk had a shut gun ;n his hand,
und with much calmness he told Johnson
that he win. going to kill him, (, declared
that he didn't like to take hiv lif,., but he
had been told to do it Mu intended
to do It. Meanwhile ()S8 wan
pouring buck shui into Ids
I gun, which had been pievinusly loaded
rwllli uootpi..! kli.o ., , , !...
...... , , ni.-.i. '"""I-llll llllllKUIJl I !
Rosi was merely talking "f, U ike,"
walked off, He hud tnki n hut a few steps,
however, when Ross took Hi, at j,m and
fired. The whole chuig,. f glmt
struck Johnson in the h,tek, MIIU0 ,f them
passing entirely through his body. John
sou wm conveyed to his 1()lllc i- pulaski
county, whero at tho end of five days ho
died. If there was any cause for the
killing it must be found in the fuct that
Johnson's wife left him aud took up with
Ross, and it is not unlikely that tho wo
man is the party who told Boss that John
son must be killed.
Tho grass in the park has made, such
headway, that tho cuttle that effect nn en
trance fairly "roll hi clover." As it is quite
impossible for any animal to jump the
fence. the conclusion that, the twenty-four
cowcthat Alderman Rittenhoiise drove out,
the other day, were driven In through the
gat ', is quite rensnable, if not unavoida
ble, Asa hundred or more young trets
arc exposed to such cattle as get in, it is
tlie purpose of the authorities to arrest and
fine nil persons who may hereafter use the
park as a pasture for their cows. While it
is true that the park "isn't much of a
place," it is the only place of the kind we
have, and the cuttle of the city would soon
make it "much less of a place" than it now
is. Hence the liurpose to protect it.
A good house greeted the Wildnian
Comedy company last night, and a still
larger house is quite certain to greet them
this evening. The entertainment was one
of the best ever witnessed in Cairo, and
everybody left the building more than pleas
eddelighted. Mrs. Wildman more than
fulillled expectations. I-r sing
ing lias a charm , about it
that wins the audience into
unconscious applause: while as an actress,
she is exceedingly easy, graceful and nat
ural. F. . I. Wildnian "was hims-lf," a-id
was warmly welcomed to the Cairo stage.
There were no awkward hitches,
everything passed off us
inoothly us it
could have iine had everybody in his re
spective spiie-c, been a star. The company
will make its second uppearai.ee to-night
in a glorious ,ul!--ai
will "be there o see."
a d'o",
There is uspirit ul Iuiow-Xothiugisiii
abroad among tie lads of Cairo, that has a
full devclopniett among those whose par
ents are of fore''n birth, as well as among
those of native oarentage. In the eyes of
many ol th--se ciaps to be un Englishman,
is to be an object nf special dislike. One
individual who hippened to be bom under
the shadow of tin British colors scaricly
ever appears uponthc streets, unless ,ijS ears
are offended by -tide exclamations liu
"there g'v-s tlie b-ef-eater," "hud
arf-an-arf is lubroud hagain" "'ow
hare you hold 'os!'' "Hare you 'uiitln Lap
ha 'ouse hageut?" and other cxpressioi-,
which although excessively funny to the
boys, are most annoying and exasper ititg
to ths individual upon whom they are eai
ttred. A little "hickory oil" administered
to the saucy youngsters now, may save
some of them a cracked sconce when tiny
grow older.
Cannot the Indies of the citj
of Cairo inaugurate "a rage"' for
cooking societies, sociables, schools
or associations? And why not? Hold
weekly meetings, say in classes of tut.
Read papers, discuss processes. Have the
orie- practically illustrated. Lit our lead
ing ladies take hold of the matter. Hew
shall we make, the b-'t coffee; the lighte-t,
whiteM. bro-.vii"sr-crusted rolls? How shdl
we iiiakt! the l-est and most wholcionie
pie cril-t; each of these tO ics
might form a -uhject, for an evening's
discussion and illustration, sfnd we
undertake to .,y that if our suggi stioi. is
heeded, three months will not pass by, be
fore the information gained by the wins of
the city, will bring an abundant reward in
the better nature and improved amiability
of the "bears o;" husbands," for, deny it
who may, the good or bad of masculine hu
man nature cut: be reached throich the
stomach more eadily than any other way.
To know ho to make good light bread.
alone, is a pier- of information of infinitely
more value u the feminine houd of a house
hold, than all that could be learned about
Gliengis Khan in a whole month. Who'll
move m this natter, and thus win the np
plu'dsc of us -healthy caters, "who are eter
nally thinking of our stomachs'?"
The most exasperating element of pop
ulation with which the rig,t thinking peo
ple of Cairo have to deal, is the "croakers."
These creatures arc not numerous, just now,
but as the season advances they will multi
ply. Already they talk disparagingly even
at our little movement toward reform in
sanitary malters. "Vou mny clean up; but
what's the use? It the South has the fever
again. Cairo will have it, and instead of en
couraging the idea that the town will es
cape, It Is better to say that it wont, so the
people will he teady for the worst when it
comes to tlm worst!" One man of this
character works more harm than a dozen
better men can repair. It is needless to tell
them that although the South
has been smitten more than a score
of limes, Cairo has been scourged
but once, mid then only because our .limi
tary condition, uml ignorance of defensive
means invited the ulllictiou. And the
croakers are moved, too, us if by instinct,
to talk disparagingly of any and every
public enterprise. They try to hit vv,,ry
human head that shows itself ulmvo the
average level. They feel us if it were
their speriul mission to keep the owners of
every such heads down that if they fail
to do so, he will be sure to achieve some
thing that will rodound to his credit, and
win for hliii the applause of the people.
Tlio man who tries to be ustful to his fel
low men, is cried down as unworthily iniibi
tious. The croaker finds it Impossible to ills-
associate virtue and selfishness; and
the citizen who exhibits any zeal in move
ments that look to the public weal, is the
object of hi special 'hate, He pursues
him, spits venom at him ; and, in the eyes of
right-thinking men, shows himself in his
true colors us a pestiferous, busy-body
that curses the community upon which lie
inflicts himself. These men serve as draw
backs to every laudable movement that is
put on foot, and, since they can't be confin
ed as lunatics or criminals, they should be
destroyed, "shot upon the spot" us society
Foil Cm urn k.n 's kink hosiery at reason
able prices. Go to
(. 11a vi nous.
Tiiosk in xeki) of a good set of Artificial
Teeth, uml desire satisfaction, can get them
by calling upon Dr. W.C. Jocelyn,on Eighth
(iKSTi.n mf.s s Dancino class will meet at
Turners Hall to-night at the regular hour.
All are requested to be promptly on bund.
('has. IIakdv.
Rf.kokm Cu d All members of the
Cairo Temperance Reform Club, in good
standing, are requested to attend the meet
ing this evening, for the election of officers
W. P. Bauci.ay, President.
Cairo, Ills., March 2Sth. lsTi.
Editor Ilulletin:
The Sun man enquires whether tie- Dem
ocratic party of Cairo wants to repeat the
experiment of two years ago. und make
nominations for city officers. I would like
to know, as it now stands, whether tin- Re
publican party would take the same course
it took two years ago, or bow would toey
like to have Democrats this year, follow the
example they then self A Dkmockvt.
Bl.s'l AssollTMI.NT ot dri.-s buttons in
the city, received this day at
O. H AYTll'T.N s,
R. Junks hits on hand for the use of Ins
customers, the very b-t leader and
material fiT fine and heavy I m its ami shoes
ever brought to this section. His work
men are first class. His woik the very
best and price" as low as the lowest. Sat
isfaction guaranteed iu all cases.
Put it aside then, and call on Marx,
the widely known Hatter and Clothier, and
get one of hi; stylish Broadway Siik'HaN,
manufactured to order. lb- is the only
man in the i-ily who is supplied with a
c.onforinitor. He can take your measure,
and in short orh-r supply you with a nicely
fitting, stylish I at, at a figure so low that it
will surprise vol.
(Vu.i.ai)HM nn.ns at Triggs grocery
I'.Nvn.ors printed at the Bu.i.i.tis office,
1.00 per M. Envelops furnished ut St.
Louis wholesale List prices fur the in xt "M
Thf. hi t assoktmiat of custom mad
shoes in the city for sale by o. Haythnrn.
on ( 'ominercial avenue.
Ti.n ( i.n is Wo;n M.--If you w ant a n--:.t
smooth shave for ten cents, or a fa-hiouable
hair cut for 2"i (nt. or anything ilseir,
the tonsol'ial lille. relle-mber the place to
go to is Hi-nn Schick's, N,,. I-12 Commer
cial avenue.
Fn.l. Ssor.l'MI.NT of the
popular satin
Ribbons jll-t received by
o. IUyhioiin.
Loiiii. i. mui's Tin Tag smoking tobacco.
in eighth, fourth, half and pound packages.
Also Lorillard's Nu-kle Nuggets und Dime
Nuggets, for sib- at F. KorMm vi's at fac
tory prici.
Fi-niNo Tacm.i: --For proi'.-s.'umal
anu teur -ishcrincn. ('. W. Henderson hi.s
on band the largest stock and greatest vari
ety of ii-.li hooks, fish lines, rec!, rods,
tlie-, etc., etc., ever bioitght to this market,
all selling at "rock bottom prices." Also un
immense stock of pistols at the lowest
prices way down !
Fins r class cut curds at. the Iji.i,i,..-mn
office ut St. Louis wholesale prices. Print
ing if l. Hi) to Lot) per thousand.
If you want sidewalk lumber, building
lumber, fencing lumber, or lumber of any
kind, go to the Cairo Box und Basket Co.,
Commercial avenue, corner liltli street,
Bt Y vot ii Black satin und velvet fur
trimming, ut o. II wnions's.
M. K. McCuiniuon, of Metropolis, bus
just opened a first-class butcher simp at the
corner of Nineteenth und Poplar street,
where you ciin buy the best beef in the
market for 8 cents per pound, C. o. J).
Pork. (J.I4 cents; bacon, 8 cents; sausage,
three pounds for So cents. All nrc invited
to call and give him a trial. Meat delivered
when ordered. Satisfaction guaranteed.
A. Hali.f.y, the Commercial avenue Hard
ware merchant, invites attention to his
large und varied stock of tinware, stoves,
cutlery und fancy goods. His cook stoves
aro uniting the latest and best patterns und
uro not excelled us bukers by anything in
the market; they are of the heaviest make
and will lnt lunger mid use less fuel than,
any other. Sold so close as to make it an
object to call und examine. Everything
else low to suit the times. '
(KNTI.KMKX IN SKAIll'H ot first C'lrtSS
shoes should call on ('). Haytiiorx.
Ciiv.w .t best Sweet .Navy To-1
" v ta n7t 1
oaten I
For popular favor is the elegant and un
approachable de Joinvilh-scurf, to be found '
in Cairo only ut A. Marx's. It is a thing
of beauty and strictly stylish.
Gi.-vi Pi iik Lai T.s just received, at
o. IIwruoitN's.
win: 1
con- '
The Cairo Jlulh tin will pay no bills con
trai led by any of its employes, or liny one
connected with the B.dletin, unless the
same is made on a written order signed by
myself, and the order linK be attached to
the bill when presented, and no contracts
for advertising or job work arc valid unless
the same are endorsed by mys- If.
. E. A. I'll iini:tt.
iK'.'i KlCWAKI).- Tin- above reward will be
paid to any person who will givt; informa
tion as to who stole u lot of hide-, und calf
skins from Kynuston's it Smith's sluiii;liter
hotise, on the night of the 27th of Febru
ary. 187!). KvNAsioN A; Smith.
March 1th, 1 "U.
11 pound Old Harry Letter Head
5Ji " " " Xote H.-uds
" " Linnet) Letter Heads.
1)i " Liniien Note Heads.
The iif.st quality of paper at
the cheapest gratie.
Ti'ij pound statements - all color
10 pound Bills Lulling.
I f and 10 pound Bill Heads- al
Extra super white Envelopes at M. b.uis j
wholesale prices. Printing $1 ,00 extra.
Ruling and Binding, all kinds at Tin:
Bl.l.l.l.'l IN office-.
A Caiiii. To all w ho are sufb rmy f n.ju
the errors and indiscretions "f youth, ner
vous wetkncsK, curly decay, loss nf man
hood, Ac., I will send u recipe that ii! i tire 1,
yotl, Fltl.F. OF ( IIAUOK. This great leni'-.fy f
wa.s discovered by a missionary in S r.i'o '
America, rvmi a null .-niiiiie(l im -.ope to f
the Rev. Jost.i-it T. Inman, St.uir.n D. B'.b'i
Rouse, New Yoik City.
Lyon's black silks, lt brand k:iw.-i. ..:
I- Htvnen.N
wanti:i mi:i.
To -o cookin;.' and t-'iivra! houc,iorV; A
mil II ud rt-udv I'UioliiMii- i.t. AM- v '
T- iilh i-lreet. Mils. F. A 111 KM.H
FdU l FAT.
( oiine on T nih lr-i't. No I' .--
L'iicn April lt (.ood t-icu rn ami ot.t !
the ir--iiu-i . Ajiply text door i.iiuiIm r .-;
A l.lht S rlu-Wi-oii ainl a unall Hor.' H
IU at the lllllletm oltli e
(-rand Pacific Hotel.
ci ii curio.
The Finest Ventilated Hotel in Aim-rii
And one ol' tlie l.ttrci-xt i liavlu o. I
r i l.'oorr. i'i, i null--. l!h IIiChs and Clo-e-. : j
ta. Ii-Mi :wul Mont I :io:iiit 1 y l-'n ri.iM Ii j
-il I lofelH in tlif.(iuti1ci- .1
$:j.bt to $:..0 pec day. Bath mid P tr
iors Extra.
A rediir'ioti from tie- ahoi.1
.'niciili.;.- a c"k -ii nior--
ir;'c" to fur.- -
Kn, l-i v irlit. l-livli
Firt iiiie'irani'e of tin- ( 'baruiiii ot:ii; V - -
Kiel I'cii I ol i'i:;.
Clara Wildman,
Mliiorli;d hy the '
Xi-;w Yoi:k Comedy Company"
in ,
Kchcrvcd ami 011 Mile at II. F, I'arltcr'a IVn
Family Mntiucn Saturday
March U.Mli.
1' . . T. y
:ll)IIIOI.KVI F ( Atlio tltu
John T. RnnmvJ
- . - ....
nAVI.VO Mahltshvil htawork-e at the ulmvn mroi
tinned place la Metier tiri-pnnul tIHrt cvr-r fn
... xilOuxl 11 -Ot.. Ul.. 1.' .. 1 ..it, . . ' '
llnvliiK a Hleam llinniui-r and iiniin 'ionla, th
niiiini.,,, ,.nv u. nn muni in .nunonerv, Kli roni
Hlcumhnat and llrldr Fiirirlnt'a made a'ncclallr
KHpi-clnl atti-mlou rIvod tn rcpalra of K diiMani
lliaca lvaatlni!i of all kind made to ordt-l
ripcFItllLgloaUlu braacuvi.
i .

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