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pi:ici;li;ss jf.wh.
la health, ami If von are without ll yam rail neither
Ih-K. borrow, biiv'unr etesl ll. hut you call culain ll
, u.ini! HbIIit'. I.iwr HI. They torn- up the
ftxmiwli surf Ln-iiliif hocl- III (jmid order pro
du.e it health) action in tin- Iher, promote dl,,ia
flun and impart vitfor to tin: whole e-tom.
l'rirS"irciil. . ...
I! K. hKWBItS i r. 1 :lLtri.'!t, l'
4 USA V K noiuir.it CAUGHT.
Thuinntil HicceHsful irrae rubber of the !v l
UK. WNlil.HY. Uy nifnn or liU Illnort Searcher
be ha ronbt-a the t' ru vc of ki or. v. ho dyliie
of Hrn.rula. Coneuti.ptinti. Ilhcnmtl-in, Mercurial
iiaeasc, Cancerous I'ormiitioni.. 'J uinois, ,-r.v"ll''
la, Jaundice, Kcm-r and Aittic. and tlciicrnl "'"H
ity. TUu blood l the life, and lr. I.lml.i v " l.looil
Searcher Is tin' prvut lift' preserver. l II lliiblmrd.
Hampden. 01.1... enva: "Clevelnnit pliy-kliijn
declared my if- lvin of rcin-umpiion. uy tlie
ne of I)-. 1.!ihIii' Hlood M''Iit '"''."''"r0-.tor-d
to health." J. K Hmuki., I'aliH'" I". Ohio.
. a. ... 1 ;l. .rn. H flT Itll.
nimt lonii, ml Pronounced liicaranlc by m-voru!
hyaiclana IIMif" mkA 1'V '' ,"' "r
.ludtMVa lilood Searcher." A Tumor erowliiB on
art,: "Air run " aiunn'ii nui r.
1 1 j '
a-iuam-j i.muu .... . -
n? bead wan rum V -
Llndley'n Hlod S. arcb-r. H. Hurv.-r. I ml.iirKh
Hoila. Vlmil n H'" f,v- Knit niicum. old
orra. and all Cntnucmm Kniini"K illMtppi-ar like
manic wlim Uie Itlood Unrrht-r I- lined, r-ec that
mruamn la no tin bottom of the! wrapper, hor
! by 'l Dna-rict ,
K. K. bKLLKIW A I'roji'w, IMUbBrgh. I
(nrEl)AniY i;ijiI,etin."
ttlj Moniinj l.iily in Smithcrn Illinois.
W art aalliorirrd o announce that ('apt. N II.
Tyimi.iwia In a candidaio f..r llie o(T.r.n of Major.
Tw Huron BoiJ.arit: '
ri.-a-fl Hr tu vira of Calrothat I am a ennd
td'itr .riel.vlion tu tu.- ofilw of Maror of lliu
t't'maf rwi. iroli-r'ftd I a-linll ha ir.iyiTiii'd by-
t' aaiuf aiaa 1
Sllll POliClV Mini un.n uiui..mu
trailed aaa.
. Itinpi.rt'uiiy. etc
W ar aiithdrlf.cd ta annouui-B that William
Baaaaioaa will n a candidate at tba eufaln4 city
.ectiaa lor tas aSce of Oily Attorney.
W r ulavlr'd ta annosnctf th name of I'. V.
Biiia aaa ra idi iat. f.ir tbe nifira of Oil? Attorney
at vaeraaiuaiciir cler.tioa.
Wa are ailkrW.Ad l annulare the naiLe nf Ai.
eaaCoaiwiaa a candidate (or i:ity irraaurer ai
Ike eaaaJHg ril; rlectlaa
W ara ath'irird tu announce tha Dame of Wal-
-nal.. ItimiMi. aa a raudidale fur the otllce of City
Vreaaarer, ai li euauiu charter election.
We are aatkurlxd to announce that Mn.cn W
PiBiaa la a candidate, nl the eaiUiB tiiy t.ecti'.ii
ar tia oBlce .4 t.'ity I'rea-urer.
Kmron Bnutii: Pleaae annuuiire tlut I am a
aatalidate lnr tba u91:e of City Trcamrer, at tbv
ap)iraaraia( fit electioa.
Hiiviku DaeoNu.
We are ttkrr.fi to announce that K. M.Wim
la aeaaJU.it.' lor ike odlce ul City 'l'r,-nrer. at the
ptaliac; city rlea.aa
We u a:ilh'ril tu aniniunec W V hi iii't-KatN
aaacaullla r f.T Clly Olcrk at tlie appioacbiJt;
ataaciyil aleMliia.
We are anthorlred to aunoince Uina I.. Dana
aa a caadlciato fur i:ty('!.:rk at the eiiBu;ii; iou
aiclpal i-Jvliun.
We art- aath.iriaej to announce Jon II. I'hii.mi
as a co.lid.to for re clcclioii l the iflii .! of I'ity
Clerk ai to.: ap iroicttiuj municipil olectiuii.
Weaathorinedtouunoiincetliat Wn.uait II. Howii
la a caa liditte for the tilMceof City C'lork, at the rt.
aulni; cilT election
We are authorized to annonnce thai DhNsm J.
Kui.ir ia a candltate. at the anauiii City e.etliuti
for Ue olllce of Oily Clerk.
Micihri.4 IIowlky In a candidate for Mdernian
rar tbn yitti ward.
l.DKUVA.V ff.'( lNJ) WAIIK.
Wo ar.i authorized to innonucu tliat It. Woou
waki.ik a cnilidate for the nOlcu of A.e'cTUmn from
tue H.'tond ward.
Kuitok It JIJ.KTI n I'iuia announce me a candi
date lor re-eloclion 10 lb position of A liter 111 mi iu
Second ward Wood Hittkhhol'hk.
Wnarean atiltioiit'ji to announce that Datid
'I'. LitroABwIII be a candidate lit tliu enaulnu
Uy e!ctlon for Ibe office of Ald.'.rinau from Sec
ond ward.
We nre authorial to announce Pitkk N:rraa
candidate Iu.- Alderniuu from tin; Second ward to
alii vacancy.
We arc authorised to annonne.e Hint Col. John
"Wood will bo a Candidate, at Die nnnuini; election.
for Alderman from the 1 bird Ward.
We aro authorised to announce the imiue ef K.i
KT . Smith aa a candidate fur Alderman fromtbe
Third ward.
We arc an I boil, '.ed l, annoiim e that Ciiaiilin O.
Patikh la a canddidato for re election to the ofllce
of Alderraiiu for tbe Fourth wtd.
We are authorlwl to announce tlat Daniel J
J.t.uoAN ia a candidate at the euHiiioj elcttiuu.
for Alderman from tbe Kourlhwaid.
We are anthori..'d to annonnca CiiAru.aa I. an
uatxii aa a candidate for re-election to the office I
f Ald.-r.uiu lurlbe Kiflb ward.
SlONAt tlrft' F. (
,'ai10. III., Arll H. K!'. I
'lime. Bar. Tbcr. Hum Wind. Vel. Wcuiber.
: a in HO. SI
11:11" 3!
tt'Wip.na oU'JI
l:W .K'.'.'l
i Clear
I Clear
4 Clear
Maximum Temperature, f..'.0; Miuiuiuiu leui
noraiurn, 33 ' ; Rainfall, 0 00 Inch.
Hurc'l Slctial Coroe, I'. H. A.
laao;e IVirJ ia at liin" HLt'iia. VVImt llP
. did, we hive not learned.
Miss E1U McOlurc, of Dulutnn, i in
the city Timtinj her eouains, tbr Mihwh
Miss Mary (Iricf. iluulilcr of Juilo
'Oriff, of I'tnlucnh, in in tin- rily, visiting
Mrs. I'Hyiie.
Two furnisiiuil. Bitt'oml-floor, well vnn
tilalfd rotimit to lt t. Inquirtt ut IJ02 Wunli
iugtoii avitDuc, or of "the writer hereof."
Tin prrpiimtiorM ttf cluliornte, uutl, if
we may numir frm bn;aranceH, ih(. (Inoim
. of "lovo in 11 ffittHptt'" will aooti lieconie a
' reality.
. Mr. 0'ShiutieMy, with IV ijttni, uiul
formerly of tlie I'irit-iuimti Kmiuirer, jrot's
. from Cairo dim t to Mi'iujihia, on tin Citv
SchMluV'jrof' celi'!ir:i!t!.l ire MI
t'lmcU'y'ii own tli'vl'iiwnd purtlnw .1 yen
erdny ly John Cltwr.y. fur - h aplcn
did Imrpiln.
Mrs. N. Linton, of KvHiiHvillc, ciiniu
1.4 Cairo on tlie Mlewild. yH.-plny, and
will lo tho guest, during her etny, of Mrn.
S. V. Wheeler and Mr. W. A. Sloo.
-Mr. McICtty, father of John McKay,
who in n'nt of tlie Mississippi Central
railroad, at Kast Cmro, is in the city htop
pinji with liin son,
The lirM Hwhn of llie wiisoti, perhapH,
:.s that of the loy who was floumleriiig
uhoiit, yestenlay uftenioon, in the chilly
waters of tlie Miwdwippi.
"Tun Iii'U.KTi.N is the only reully de
teut paper Cairo has ever had," was the cn
cimriurins remark of n pentlttmun who di
rected u. to "put him down."
. -New cattle schutes are being con
htrut ted t the Illinois Central cuttle pens
and oilier improvements essential to the
celeritous movement of boviaal quadru
peds. .
Tito young folks had a most delight
ful time of it on the City of Greenville last
night, and Bpeak in terms of tho highest
praise of the courtesy mid kindness of the
liut little attention was paid to tin
school tdection yesterday. There was no
contest whatever. Mr. William Stratton
and Mr. Jacob (Joldstine were elected with
out opposition.
During the jam on the levre, yester
day, a city express ivagon ran against a
negro man, knocked him down, and ran
over him, the: driver, nieanwliile, plying
the lash unsparingly.
During the present year Mike Hoar, of
the Illinois Central railroad, has counted
and spotted 200,000 railroad ties. They
are corded and scattered along the line, 'of
the road hence to Centralia.
Some fellow, bent upon fun, got up a
straw or dummy Boyton. and set liim afloat.
But for the fact that the real Boyton was in
sight, the counterfeit would have been pro
ductive of considerable amusement.
If Capt. Boyton expects to reach New
Orleans without being riddled with rifle
balls, tie will tin t it necessary to tiave a
man on either side of the river to inform
the people that h is not an aligator.
Episeopal church g'Tviccs at thp i:'.ial
lint.ta. Subject of evening si'rmnn : "Come
and e., Tli? K-ctor will meet the Bible
class at ' p. tu. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to all young ladies and jjentlemen
to join the c.litas.
Koehlcr Bro's have on hand a large
supply of splendid corned beef till briskets-put
up in barrels and ha'f barrels
for family use. It is admirably cured
never surpassed in the (.'.tiro market, and
will be sold cheap.
The morning passenger train of the
Cairo nnd Vincennes railroad, yesterday,
was made up ol aeveii coaches. It was an
ticipated that an immense throng would
com" to Cairo to see Boyton, and arrange
ments were made accordingly. The coaeheB
were about half tilled.
A second operation was perlonned upon
young Sanderson yesterday morning, by his
attending physician, Dr. Gordon. The
operation involved the insertion of a tube
to the vicinity of the lungs, for the purpose
of removing an accumulation of pus. The
operation, like the litst one, was entirely
The colored department of the Cairo
public k hool was never in better hands
than ut the present time. It is under the
same general management and system of
discipline that the white department are,
and if the white schools are better schools
in any essential particular, we have nut been
advisf d of the fact.
Axley and Wilson arrested a white
man, yesterday, named Dave Coleman, and
took him before Squire Robinson, to an
swer h charge of vagrancy, lie was proven
an unniittigated, unconscionable; vag, and
the Squire lined him $100 and the official
essentials, and tht n guve him a "etay" to
enable him to leave the city.
The passenger train on the Mis
sissippi Central railway that arrives
here tit 11 o'clock u. ni.. will, after to-day,
we hear, arrive seven hour later, or at C p.
m. The train that arrives at lO-.ftOp. in.,
will hereufter arrive at 7 a. iu. The
time card ot the Illinois Central will, wc
suppose, be so changed as to form reasona
bly close connections.
Carl Peters desires everybody to know
(and therefore has recourse to Tu ic Bui.i.ii
tin) that he is now supplying the Cairo
market with poultry futtened in his henery,
and that everybody may be served he lias
proviiiwi m ii!..Ty wa;;on that will make
daily rounds of the city. He sells eggs un
questionably fresh, and tho fattest, choicest
hens, dressed or undressed, ever sold in
the Cairo market, and all at the ruling
The glib-longued individual who made
himself ho conspicuous on the Lever, yester
day, selling ,'rc.iso extractor at a quarter a
package nnd throwing in with each pack
age a two dollar sot of shirt studs, was ar
rested for exercising the functions of a ped
dler without license. Squire Robinson fined
him $10 und costs; but upon tht) pnymeut
of costs (which absorbed all his available
wealth) gave him a stay to leave the city.
- A report not very well defined, how
ever, came in front the country, yesterday,
I to the effect that a young man mimed John
rinllips attended a dance near Unity,
Thursday night, and was a participant in
a brawl of a very serious character. It is
said that Phillips was so severely beaten
that death is certain to be the result of bis
injuries. One individual with whom we
conversed ha 1 heard that he died yester
day morning. We d m't vouch for the ac
curacy of the story.
The pasccngcr train on the Mississip
pi Central that was duo litre ut 1 1 o'clock
Friday was delayed eight or ten hours by
a mishap at ome point in Louisiana. Some
infernal liend, bent upon robbery perhaps,
removed a rail, nnd the engine and a part
of the train dashed off the track and down
an embankment, killing the engineer and
fireman. Pull particulars could not be ob
tained. .",Iesus Christ! Where did all these
white tickets come from ("This gruff inquiry
was addressed to TiiK Bui.i.KTfN reporter,
as he delivered his Boyton ticket at the
steps of the steamer Idlewild yesterday.
The tickets were paid for in local notices at
tlie rate of about one, dollar each. If they
were not genuine, the individual iu qties
tion should not have received them. If
they wkhk genuine, Mr. Boyton was quite
unfortunate in the selection of his ticket
The imputation of wrong-doing from
which Messrs. lirown and (libbs so success
fully relieve themselves by their card else
where, escaped our atteution. Tu pertons
who know either gentleman, the defense
made will seem a work ot supererogation.
Both of them are high-toned honorable
gentlemen, und are among the last men iu
Alexander county whom their acquaintances
would suspect of the littleness and inhu
manity charged to them. Their name's,
where knowu, carry their own vindication.
Capt. Boyton had quite a siege of it tit
Paducaii, dodging the "pirate ships, load
ed with cheap people, who sought to wit
ness the Captains aquatic evolutions free of
charge'. The Idlewiid was the recognized
boat, and the Captain tried to restrict view
of his performances to tli passengers on that
boat. And the boat, lending its etfoits to
hide him, reminded one of the strategy of
the mother hen to protect her hrowd from
the foraging hawk. The "brood was suc
cessfully protected, however, and the "pirate
boats," as Boyton is wont to call them,
steamed back to Paducah, the half-price
passngnrs no doubt cursing the. economic
suggestion that kept tlcm ofT the Idlewild.
--Tim Bui.i.i'.TiN has learned by experi
ence, that it is an immensely unprofitable
business to "lake sid' .s'' in corporation elec
tion where the candidates base their claims
upon personal merit or public service. It
has tried it Ti:k Bfi.l.i.Tl.v has -and
found that while it cnrnul the praises of
those for wliom it lals.red, it invoked the
cur-es o' those whom it opposed. The
curses came duly to hand ; but if the praises
were forwarded, they miscarried. Profit
ing by this experience we are not "jumping
in" as freely as f. riiu-i !y. We are some
what inclined l!ri way, however, an I
would gratify the inclination on the aac.r
of the mom. 'lit if the pay sound rr.tvts
were only convertible into money.
A gunwale lying inside the wharf
boat was covered over yesterday, as was
the surface of tlie water near it, with straw
and rubbish that had been swept from the
wharf-boat. A town boy, knowing what he
was about, jumped down upon the gun
wale and walked ashore, A stranger not
ing this performance, concluded he would
reach the shore in the same manner. Re
made the jump, and to his utter astonish
ment, found no bottom until he stood shoul
der deep iii the river. Tie- thousand peo-
pie on the wharf raised a shout, some one
cried. "U tvtoii, and lor a minute or two
the victim of the mishap was honored as
the hero of the occasion.
B :fore the arrival of the hour for Cap
tain Biytnn to have Shawneetown, the
small steamers there organized excursions
to tollow linn down the river. J he conipe -
tition for passenger, became, so animated
that the price for the round trip was finully
put down to ten cents. Tin Captain re
ceiving an intimation of the proposed ex
cursions, gave the originators to understand
that unless they pledged themselves to ap
p'y half the gross receipts to the relief of
the d 'serving poor of Shawnce'own, he
would defeat their schemes by postponing
his d-parture until after nightfall. The
pledge was given, and, if it was observed,
the poor of Shawneetown were aided, in a
time of need, to the extent of fifty or one
hundred dollars.
- From Dr. Now.'itne)', of Bu'ech Ridge,
we learned yesterday that during tho after
noun of th" day before, the dwelling house
of Riley Lane, of Dog Tooth Bend, caught
tire, and, with its entire contents, was des
troyed. The flue or chimney being defec
tive, it is said the wind forced the sparkaiu
to the lott or attic of the building. At all
events when the flames were first dieeov.
ered the entire roof was involved, and in a
few moments the whole building was to
enveloped that nothing could be saved.
The winter's supply of meats and a lot 0f
provisions in the smoke house adjoining
were saved. 1 lie building was a very com
fortable farm house, und was well furn
ished. It was insured for $S0O in the
American insurance company of Chicago.
The loss will probably reach twice that
The announcement of Mr. Henry vin.
tcr's purpose to stand for re-election to th0
office of Mayor of Cairo, appeared in our
announcement column yesterday. ,Ti
Winter makes no promises lor the futurt
He points to what he 1ms done, duriii" his
four years' service, us the criterion by wm,,
the people may judge of his future course,
in the event ho is 'elected, lb; runs in
part, that th? peop.; my p,,,- Up(;a'(ij
stcwardsbip. If 1C m ,,een a faithful
public servant, if be has labored for the
promotion f the city's well-being, for the
protection or the peoples propcrty.health ttI,d
lives, he expects the result of the contest
to say so. 1IC fc(.ls that his services, last
summer, are entitled to oj list recognition;
ami isconsciousof no willful official act that
wasnot intended for the city's good. That he
has a large and most enthusiastic following
no man can deny ; that he will be the next
Mayor of Cairo remains for the determina
tion of the "sovreign people."
The presentation of his colors to Cap
tain Boyton, by Miss Pitcher, was prec eded
by the following brief address:
Capt. Uovto.n: As one of Cairo's
daughters with pride I present you your
colors, the International life-saving Hag,
sacredly respected upon e very sea and upon
every battle field of the world. In the
holy cause of humanity the bearing of
"The Geneva Cross." with its eloquent
"from the bleak sboree of the ' to the lumls
where the Puttier of Waters,
Seucn the bills in bia hamln and dra; them itowu
to the Ocean,"
cannot fail of its moral effect, 'while your
deed, Ciipt. Boyton, teaches also the noble
lesson, "thut what men dare, they can do."
In behalf of Cairo, I wish you God speed
in your voyage to the sea. nnd over all the
seas of life. Our beloved Ohio has bom
you to us safely. We commend you with
our prayers, to the mightier wafers of the
Captain Boyton received the colors with
thanks, felicitously remarking that his po
sition was not provocative of much speech
nuking. The lady teachers in the Cairo public
school to whom specific reference has not
beeu made, are Miss Mo! lie Riley, Miss
Fanny Alvord, Miss Maggie Ijflin, Mi
Ella Walbii lg", Miss Ktta Koss, Mies IIo
Csn and Mis KUa Aruifctrnug. Six of these
young ladies are graduates of the Cairo
public schools, and are serving their third
year as teachers. We pay them no under
compliment when we say that, hiving been
educated in the public school, they are es
pecially adapted, by reasini of their educa
tion, for public school service. Having had
the advantage of tlie best teachers
that couid be brought to (.!ro. they wer
familiarized with the best und most gener
ally aonruved methods' of iino .rtinL' in
struction, nnd with the excellent sv-tein ofi
gov-ratu 'at tint li n contributed s i ni'V h
to taegno l n inie 01 our pu die school.
With the t .wption of Mis Alvord,
all the young ludi"- named
were raised directly in Cairo or in its im
mediate vicinity ; and now that thi-y have
demonstrated their capacity to teach suc
cessfully, we take a for granted that the j
Board of Kducatioii will endeavor to m- I
cure their servic s the coming year. Mi.ss I
Alvord is a teacher of m.,re enlarged expe
rience, and is said to be a tine dicipliu.inan
and a mor.t excdlent t aciu-r.
A white man n.iiivd "Joseph," con
nected with the Mississippi C-ntrul rail
road, an 1 a very useful man. when ober,
made the occasion of Boyton s coming the
excuse for a lay-oil and a spree. On Thurs
day last the poliee found him intoxicated,
and di-( overing he had money and a watch
about his prison, confined hiniforthe night.
Next inorninu h" was lined s1! for drunk-curie-.,
and was duly thankful to: the kind
offices nf the police. It seems, however,
thut Joenh had an uneonou'-rable lotcinc
for ..ar,,,.n, ,M( .,,,,,- , ,,,,.,. v,ht,.r.
I j ..L.i.ii mi-, juj III. OJI.IO U.
I,.,. I... .1 1.. :..i. .:.....!
three o'clock he was in the cala'sios".
the mean while two white men had beguil
ed him to the rear of Lar.e istc r and Rics's
lumber yur 1, gave hmi a bat over the coun
tenance, relieved him of his watch and what
; money he had about his person, and left
j him drunk and asleep upon the around, aw '
Bill I, is wont to s:iy, "liken gentleman."
It happened, how ever, that the inanoevers
of the robbers were seen by a (adored man
who at once ti'ive information to officer
Cain. The robber' were promptly -taken
under arrest, mi 1 Joseph carted to the
office of Squire Robinson : but being too
drunk to give an intelligible account ot
himself, was taken to the calaboose. Tin
case will be heard to-morrow.
A crowd ot fifteen hundred or two
thousand people gathered in Cairo, yester
day, to w itness the urrival of ("upturn Boy
ton. As many as tour or five hundred cume
in by railroad and other means of convey
ance from the suiruunding country. Be
tween 2 and IJ o'clock in the afternoon, the
steamer Idlewild with BOO or 400 persons
oa board started up the river to meet the
Captain, who was in waiting ut a point on
the Kentucky shore opposite Capt. nalli
day's farm, lie left ihe shore and pnddled
out into ihe cut rent where
he was met by a yawl,
containing his advance uuent, Mr.
O'Shuughnchsy, a correspondent of the New
York Herald, the mute of the steamer and
Miss Fannie Pitcher. After the Cuptain had
completed sundry movements to indicate
the flexibility of the "armor" the yawl ap
proached, und Miss Pitcher bunded him his
colors, which he saluted with a discharge
of flro-aruis, and then continued his course;
to the Father of Waters, which lie
reached iu about twenty minutes.
Hero he sent off a detonating rocket and
sounded his trumpet a little "celebration"'
of lii own to distinguish the end of his
thousand mile owin in the wuters of the
Ohio. The stage of the steamer was then
lowered to hmi ; he came on board and im
mediately repaired to his state room. Oi
the arrival of the bout at th.; wharf he
MMUL 6. !S7.
passed ashore, and, pioneered through a
dense, surging mass of humanity by two
police officers, lie succeeded after a time
in reaching the Planters House, where
he was soon disposed of, after
the hospitable manner of the clever host of
of that popular establishment. The crowd
that gathered on the levee was simply im
mense. It was ajani, and the anxiety of
those in the rear to get 11 glinisu of the cur
iously appareled visitor, made it an un
comfortably tight jam. That women und
children were not i-mslwd and siiffoci.ted
is due to the fortunate circumstance that
they had the good sense to fore see the rush
and crush, and kept out of it. During thy
entire afternoon then., was no accident or
serious mishap or any character. (Juite a
number of strangers were unduly stimulat
ed; but taking the affair as a w hole it was
singularly free from utr'v, painful or disa
greeable occurrences.
The honest, respectable portion of our
people should set their seal of condemna
tion upon the practice that prevails among
ciindidates, of buying the votes .J colored
men. It is true that the mere fact of the
purchase doesn't always insure the delivery
of the votes; but the penalty the purchaser
thus receives is not equal to his offense-.
The habit has u debasing effect upon all
concerned, aud opens the way to the elec
tion of, not the best man, but the man who
has the longest purse. To such an extent
has this kind of trafiieing been carried
that no man can now offer himself for an
office, we rare not how insignificant or
thankless it may be, unless he is ut once
beseiged by colored men for money firt
and then fur meat, whisky or whatever the
candidate can most readily supply. It not
unfrequ' ntly occurs that the candidates are
thus "bled" to an txtcnt that the entire
emoluments of the (lice they serk would
fail to nuik.' good. As we have already raid,
thir practice is most r. pn henrible, not to
say criminal. It prostitutes the right of
suffrage to base us- s, and the respectable
people of Cairo owe it to the reputation of
the city owe it to themselves aa a measure
... 1 . .
01 protection against ine success at the noiia
of corrupt and bad men, tu defaat iveiy
end;.'.,!.' known to he guilty of the subor
nation of voter; and there can be no
Ut'er time for doing this than on the l.',th
tlay of the present April.
IVrTWuiro Iml'.eti
MM Cnl.OIiKIi I IIOPI.K OK lil'.mi
i" no disputing the fact that the
colored people since their emancipation,
consciuiH ot tle ir short-comings and their
inequality in the race for position with the
bites. Lave shown a laudable desire to
1 ie.irii. in rustics thev are already a recoL'-
n;.eii power 1 heir churches dot the land
; and their influence is gradually tending to
! llie ;ood and eiev.ition of tic race. The
j d"sire to have their children go to school
i ami Im- In ttcr educated than the "old folks."
is universal, and it i an undeniable fact
j that the comiu. t of tlcir schools will com-
1 pare v r favorably, in point of .hcipline.
! ttl(. ,, eraeiUe Aiilo Saxon.
The African, true to hisoriental nature,
has a gorgeous i:n r.'lnatiun, and acting in
accordance with his iiKlm U he bubble
over with song, laughter and barbaric mag-
niticeuee. Nodeccndent ol tin- African
raec voluntarily goes in ra?s. if he bar the
means to procure "good clothe,:" and not
one who has not the ambition to be con-
sidcrcd. in point nf information
the eciual
of his neighbors. In fact, so general is
this feeling tint it is char.icteri.-t'.c of the
race: and it is tins feeling that, makes their
schools coinpuiv wall with their imue
fi-vorcd ncighUirs, the whites.
We were forcibly impressed w ith the
idea last nit-lit on t isiting a school exhibi.
tion held iu liev. Simon Marshall's chuieh,
at Beech Ridge, ley Miss oiiv'm Bowers,
with her pupils of l( school which .,e ha,
been conducting tin past winter. To mv
the least of it the exhibition was highly
creditable both to teacher and pupils, -.bow
ing a good slate of discipline nnd freedom
from embarrassment, uncommon in country
school exhibitions. Recitation., essays. d,a-
logucs, tableaux, nnd now and then a little
sparkle of the dramatic, held a large audi
ence till past midnight. A tableau of a
"dead soldier," by a band of little fellows
not over twelve ycais old, was especially
good. In fact the whole affair was a suc
cess, and wc would ,-ulvise our colored
friends of Beech Midge, if they wir-li to
have a faithful nnd competent instructor fur
their children, to secure the services of Miss
Bowers a long as she can be had.
Beech Ridce, April .'th 1870.
"(HI! W 1 1 A T A 11 A T! ' '
Put it aside then, and call on Marx,
the widely known Hatter and Clothier, nnd
get one of his stylish Hroadwny Silk Hats,
manufactured to order, He is the only
man iu the city who 'is supplied with a
confonnitor. He Cun take your measure,
and in short order supply you with n nicely
fitting, stylish hut, ut a figure so low that it
will surprise you.
Tl"' Hibernian Fire Company will have
have a social Imp u; their engine liotite on
the night of Thursday, 10th instant. All
candidates and their friends are iuritcd to
"Ut nd and joi,, in the daucc. AduiifMou
r'U cents.
Editor Cairo Bulletin:
Looking over the columns of the Argus-
Journal we find that we are censured by a
correspondent from this locality, for "neg
lected duty" in the case of Hannah
Now to "business." In the first place- they
accuse the Poor-house keeper of retaining
the poor woman's clothing for a night's
lodging, which is false, as she left them on
her own account and never called for them.
(Remember the keer er lives in town and
has the Poor-house conducted by an able
assistunt.) Further, the keeper mmlu out a
list of articles remaining in his hand
and sent it to the county board for dispoeji
tion, who ordered the clothing sold to the
highest bidder.
Then comes an accusation aguinst Lai
Overseer for "duty neglected," and to raaks
it appear that Hannati Murray wu deni1
admission to the Pnor-house, which is (ao
curatcly speaking) a 1.11:, which tin record
will show.
We herewith attach some certificate
which may enlighten a few interested indi
viduals, as well as all others who earn U
know the facts:
"This is to certify that Dr. Gihbs, ove
seer of the poor, left orders with nut to re
ceive Mrs. Murray when she returned; btil
requested me to have her look out for a
home, every morning, nnd, as stated alxive,
receive her ut night. I further state, that
she was not sick when she left, and DeithrT
had r-he been during her stay at the pw
house. MoIJ.12 DntllAat,
Assistant Keeper of tho Poor.
Tiikiiks, In.., April 2, lfc79.
This is to certify that I am somewhat ao
quainti d with the circumstance of tk
case concerning the death, etc., of Mra.
Hannah Murray, and consider that Dr
(lil.bs did his duty in the case; also that
the k eper, Mr. T. A. Brown, is not nef
stated to, neither would he, retain a "poaar
I woman's" ciothini; f.-r a night's lod-ing
! MaiitiS Bitows,
I TiiHiKs. In. , County Comniaaionrr.
: Al'nI 'J' '
In conclusion permit us to s.iy in reply
I to th'- Argus-Journal's r. 'quest that it
I "should be taken up by theiounty coiumia
I sion.-rs and sifted to the bottom'" we wi.'i
1 they would. In fact it's jut what we want,
j for the Uen tit of the inquiring friends, of
Hannah Murray, as w an- confident tha'
j tin; 'vi'ting'' would result iu finding tbn
j "chaff '" or "Ora:i.' a mischief taakia ror
j respondent. If' -pecttellv,
j. a. Si. Gum,
(vers, er of tlie poor
Tin im s A. BnowN,
Keeper of the pimr-fartu
l l s a sad sight lo -e" :in intoxicated
person on the street. How much more
is it to see a dull and sickly Baby rendered
j so by the Use of dangerous opiates' Di
'5ul1'"' ''' j'rup contains nothing injuri
' ""i a"'' lu:l.v -iv, n " delicate
Taki: Non .... The bojs of t!,e Fourth
j wrd whoina'.i.-toiisly destroy the bell at
j tai hnicnts to i.i y shop ure hereby notifii-d
I that should tl . again interfere with it they
1 will be prosecuted to the full extent of the
law. This not;,- i. given to prevent trouble
' John Ri-kh.
For iiular favor is the elegant and uu
appric.M liable de Joinvi I Ic scurf, to be found
in Cairo only at A. Marx's. It is a tiling
of beauty anil strictly stylish.
Aino. III.. April 1st. 1K9.
The mintial meelinir of the Stockholder of tau
I 'uiro 'it v (iii Cornpiiny, lor the election of IMrT
lorn will le held nt the i.fUre of Ihe I'ompiiiiy Huit
ilur, April Tit. 1SI9, at n u'rlork a in.
II. T. iKKOUI.il, SecMarj
' "'V," 1"i"1'''' A,,p1' u'xt l'uor' fa, Ten
OH'ICE: Klehtli and Waaliluton Aemie
KKSlllKNCi::-- Corner Nineteenth and WaJ
Ilouieopatliicl'liysiciun ami Sunjcon.
Ultli-e l.'lll Commerr'sl avetine. Residence rone
Konrt. enlli St. ami Vuliiii;toii avenue, Cairo.
R. SMITH, M. I).
'lli'f nnd KcslilniK'r ;
I )en tal Su rgoon .
Owen-No. 1HC Commercial Avenue, Ix'twata
Klchth and Ninth Street-
I ) H N T I S T .
OKFICK Elithti Street, near Commercial Avtaue.
At tornoytwit-Ijiiw.
omcit-No. 113 Conynen iul Avvuaa.

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