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OFFICE: Eighth nd Wfthlngton Avcnuo.
RESIDENCE: Corner Nineteenth and Wah
Ingtoo. W.
Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon.
Offlc 13 Commercial venno. ltoldeuce corner
Fonrteeuth St. and Washington avenue, Cairo.
Office and. Residence :
Dental Surgeon.
Ornci-No. 1.16 Comnuvctal Avenue, botwecn
Elehth nd Ninth Street
OFFICE Eighth Street, near Commercial Avenue.
Notary Public and Conveyancer.
OFFICE: With the Widow' andOorphan' Mu
tual Aid Society.
OFFICE No. Ill Coramerciol Avenue.
EN'ERAL DELIVERY open :) a.m.; closes
VJ 6:80
p.m.; Suuuay:iow a. m.
Money Order Department open at 8 a. m.; cioe
at 5 p. m
Throuzh Exprc Malls via Illinois Central and
MtiwiMippt Central Railroads close at is:.; p. m.
Cairo and Poplar Bluff Through and ay Mall
closes at 14:80 p.m. . . , ...
Way Mall via Illinois Central. Cairo and in
eennes and Mlns.sslppl Central liallroads close at
tt4!t p. Tn
Way Hail for Narrow Oaugo Railroad closes at 8
Cairo aid Evansvtllo River Route closes at :30
p. m. da!:y (except t rtday).
Mall 4:05 a.m. I Mall 3:Wa.m.
Express 2:00 p.m. Express 6:00 p.tu.
Mall 10:00 D.m. I Mall ....4:15 a.m.
Express 5:10 p.m. I Express H:4! a. m
Accom'datlon. 10:45 p.m. Accomodation. 14:45 p. m
Wall 5:30o.m. I Mall 5:00 a.m.
Texas express... 8:40 a.m. I Texas express. 2:15p.m
Accouimo(lut'u..8:30 a.m. I
Only Jlorniiiff Daily in Southern Illinois.
SlQNAl Own, I
Cvtrio. 111.. June 10, 1879.
Timo. Bar. Ther. num. Wind, Vel Weuthei.
:46 a.ra at.87
11:00 " 29.H3
i:lp,m 1W.04
H:4U- " M
Maximum Temperature. 75; Minimum
pcratnre, MS'; Iiainfull, 0.00 Inch.
' W. II. RAY,
Serg't Signal Corns, U. S. A.
Fort Sale A good business house two
etory brick, on Washington avenue corner
of Tenth street. A desirable situation for
n grocery store. Apply to
Caiiio, III, June 13, 1879.
To whom it may concern : I hereby
notify all persons, not to trust my wife,
Angelina Kendall, or any person whomso
ever on my account as I shall pay no debts
of her or any other person's contracting.
William Kendall.
Ice, Ice Wholesale and Retail in
large or 6mall quantities. Wagons will
run daily to all parts of the city, delivering
pure Lake Ice in Biich quantities as cus
tomers may desire. Leave orders tit my
residence on Seventeenth near Commercial!
at Sargcants, on Eighth street, or address
rue through the post-office.
IVM. Waud'
Ten Cents Wouth. If you want a neat
smooth shave for ten cents, or a fashionable
hair cut for 2" cents, or anything else in
the tonsorial line, remember the place to
go to is Henry Schick's, No. 142 Commer
cial avenue.
Fishi.no tackle, Rods, bait, etc., wire
cloth for screens, ico cream freezers, etc.,
at bottom prices; also Stoves, Tinware, and
Hardware of all descriptions. Dog collars,
Refrigerators, Revolvers, Razors, Pocket
Knives, silver plated knives, forks and
poons, lamp and larup fixtures and a
thousand of other articles at C. W. Hen
derson's, Commercial ! avenue, corner
Twelfth street;
These springs will be opened June 10th
under the management of the new proprie
tors, who would respectfully announce that
they have been thoroughly repaired. Over
thirty new cottages and new, large and
capacious dining rooms have been built,
furnished entirely with new furniture, new
bediug, spring mattresses, etc. The springs
arc situated in a high mt healthy locality,
surrounded by magnificent scenery; and
their medical qualities, not excelled by any,
are too well known to need ny comment.
They are supplied with an abundance of
dee, refreshments and amusements usually
found at summer resorts. The best of fare
and strut. 'st attention to the comfort ot
guests is guranteed all for the small sum
of 8 per week. Special rates to t.unilics
J. R. Biiown & Co., Proprietors.
Mnj 23tli, 1ST9.
"Sir. Ackcnnan, ho of the Mound City
Patriot, was in the city yesterday.
Dr. O. O. Parker left tho city, yester
day, for a short sojourn in Ohio.
Mrs. Geek, an old resident of this city,
leaves to-dny for a trip to Germany.
Cadet Georgo Clark was expected in
tho city, yesterday evening, on a visit to his
relatives. .
Twenty-tour car-loads of Texas long
horns were stretching themselves in the Ill
inois Central stock yards yesterday.
To Mr. and Mrs. Capt. W. II. Walker,
at half past 2 o'clock Sunday, there came
a healthy, vigorous 10 pound daughter.
Tho juvenilo archery club, formed re
cently adopted the name ot "Rohm Hood."
Protests can be communicated by postal
There was a terrific bout in a Levee
saloon, Sunday, during which one of the
combattants was considerably marked, but
not seriously injured.
"Water next to air is the chief neces
sity of life" and should be kept pure. The
best purifier, as well as tho best pump in
use, is that sold by Lancaster & Rice.
Health Officer spenks in highly com
plimentary terms ot Charley Gayer's ready
compliance with orders, aud refers to
Gayer's slaughter house ns a model of
The editor docs not claim a curiosa fe
licitas in the use of the English or any
other language, but ho has too much re
spect for his tenses to plead guilty to the
'ne done," etc.
Miss Henrietta Foss, with her little
sisters and brothers, will leave to-day, for a
summer's sojourn in the vicinity ot the
White mountains. She will go by way of
Montreal, Canada.
The green apple is on the market, and,
ignoring the fact that every apple contains
a well developed case of cholera-morbus,
people buy them, and, more horrible still,
feed them to their children I
Miss Krimple and Miss Kate Thomp
son, late tcacliers in me Cairo puunc
school, left tho city, yesterday evening, the
former for Frceport, III., and the latter for
Sycamore, 111., via Clucagr..
Constable John Gladncy has declared
himself a candidate for the Legislature in
opposition to Justice Cunningham, and
will challenge Cunningham to meet him in
joint discussion in every precinct in tho
Marshal Martin, brother of Carson,
secured employment in Colorado, shortly
after his arrival there, and has made up his
mind to locate there permanently. His
trunk, containing his personal effects, was
forwarded to him, several days ago.
A dispatch from John Q. Harman to
the editor of The Bulletin brings us the
welcome intelligence that Judge Baker is
restored to his seat in the Appellate court.
The other Judges for this Appellate district
are George W. Wall and Thomas S. Casey.
The MSS. of Miss Goldstino's essay
was received yesterday evening, and as we
could not give it place in this morning's
paper without crowding out a like quantity
of local matter, we deemed it best to post
pone the publication of the essay until to'
Mr. and Mrs. Milburn returned lrom
their short wedding tour, Saturday night
as expected, and will leave to-day for Char
leston Mo., their future home. Mr. Mil-
burn is the Charleston agent, we believe,
of the St. Louis Iron Mountain and South
ern railroad.
We hear It stated that, in furtliercnce
of the Winter-Thistlewood and Foley-Knott
contest, the ballot boxes of the late city
election will be opened to-morrow, and the
votes re-canvassed. The Rittcnhouse-Lino-gar
contest involves the canvass rf the 1ml
lots of the Second ward, only. The matter
is not exciting the attention we supposed
it would.
Common courtesy requires that when
a society, lodge, fire company or other or
ganization passes resolutions refening in
either complimentary or denunciatory terms
to newspapers or individuals, the news-
paper or individuals thus
should be served with a copy. In this
gard The Bulletin lias, iu one in.sti.ncc at
least, been neglected.
Maria Taylor, tho colored married
woman, who, bare-headed and bare-footed,
abandoned her husband und live children
iu Columbus, Kentucky, and fled the neigh
borhood with a worthless negro named Tom
Casey, was found In this city, by constable
Gladney, domiciled on Wiilnut street.
Casey made his escape, and the woman,
listening to the persuasions of her husband,
ond the admonitions of Gladney, returned
to her postot wile to Taylor and mother to
his children.
"Dave McMurry," the rider of Harlem,
says that in the handicap for all ages Har
lem's performances tor a half milo were
quito all that were expected. At the half-
mile post only two of tho fifteen horses
were ahead of him, and he was lapping one
of these; but after that ho let down, and
"whipping seemed to do no good." Had
tho race been for a hnlf-nnle Harlem would
have returned with "money In his pocket;"
but putting In for the mile, he came In
vith only a few of tho fourteen horses
agalust which he ran, in his rear. Thi
sti ry corresponds with what lie heard Sat
unlay, ami wm fl irttrlem, capacity
at about what tho Globe-Democrat fixed it
a thousand yards.
The bust preserver ot furs and woolens
through tho summer months, is a fine and
cheap cedar cheat, manufactured and sold
by Lancaster & Rice.
Among tho professional men of tho
city is a deaf and dumb physician, in tho
person of Dr. Powell, who makes his head
quarters in a boat near tho point. Ho is
said to bo a gentleman of intelligence.
Mrs, McLean has purchaso a farm, in
the neighborhood of Cairo, and tho proba
bilities aro that W. Q. viU cast hay seed in
his hair, and become a granger. Ho is not
afraid of work, and there's no reason why
ho should be. It never hurt him, although
quite a stranger to him.
Smith & Brother, tho enterprising
grocers, at the comer of Thirteenth and
Poplar, find their rapidly increasing trade,
demands another enlargement of their bus
iness house They have, therefore, arranged
for tho construction of an addition twelve
by sixty feet, on tho north side ot their
building. It is their ultimate purpose, we
hear, to extend their store house through to
Washington avenge. This will give them
three fronts, and one of tho largest business
houses in Southern Illinois.
Mr. Terrill, proprietor of the Third
street livery stable, Memphis, Tennessee,
arrived in Cairo, yesterday, in answer to of
ficer Sheehan's telegram of the day previ
Mr. Terrill recognized the horse as
own, and tho
as the man no
after." Tho horso was
stolen two weeks
examined before
ago. Alexander was
Judge Bird, yesterday, preliminarily, and
in default of $500 bail was committed to
the county jail, to await the action of the
grand jury.
Messrs. Stuart, Rearden, and perhaps
others, aro soliciting subscriptions of
money from our citizens to rebuild Lorctto
academy. Very liberal subscriptions are
being made; but it is to be regretted that
this effort was not made weeks ago, when
our people more keenly felt the loss to
which our city had been subjected. But a
thorough canvass will disclose a hearty
good will on the part of our people not
only a desire that the Loretto be rebuilt,
but a purpose to extend liberal and effective
. Before daylight yesterday morning
Mrs. Isaac Farubaker was awakened by
some kind of a noise, and being unable to
determine its nature, she awakened her
husband, who, concluding that it was noth
ing but "the cats again" resumed his slum
bers. An hour or two later he discovered
that it wasn't "the cats again," for some
rascallion had lifted his pantaloons from
their place on the floor, and rilled the pock
ets of the $1 1.50 they contained, and the
keys of his clothing store. The store was
not entered.
Reports from the country around ubout
us sliow that the aggregate ot the damage
indicted by the wind and lightning, is very
serious, the greatest injury was sustained
by the wheat crop great fields of it, ag
gregating hundreds of acres, in Alexander
and Pulaski counties, alone, being leveled
to the earth. Forest trees were blown
down, others wero stripped of their limbs
much stock being killed by the falling
timber, anil some by the lightning. The
wheat being full headed, will not rise, and
much of it must be cut, if cut at all, with
tho scythe or sickle.
At the corner of Thirteenth and Pop
lar is a building, or a cluster of them,
known as "the long range," occupied by
eight or ten families, most of them colored.
Sunday evening, Mrs. Levi and Mrs. Stub
field engaged in an angry altercation that
speedily brought on active hostilities. Mrs.
S., armed with an obnoxious weapon, made
an onslaught upon Mrs. Levi, and for a few
moments there was, in the h.nguagc of our
informant, "the devil to pay." Mrs. Levi
instituted legal proceedings, and the trial
will come off this morning.
Much solicitude-was felt, for a brief
interval, for the biifety of a lady and gen
tleman who were seated in a carriage be
hind a frightened animal that was dashing
along Washington avenue, at the very top
of his speed. The gentleman was unable
to stop the animal ; but having complete
control of himself he so far controlled tho
running horse as to keep him in the avenue,
and, in due season, brought tho animal to
lis senses and to a halt, without injury to
the horse, carriage or the carriage's occu
pants. For a minute or more, however, tho
affair promised a serious termination.
A couple of strangers passing tho Re
form club rooms, the other day, dropped
in, and being dry, sampled the water,
which maintained the prevailing tempera
ture of 88 degrees Fahreheit, m tho shade.
"Well, well," remarked one of the "entlc-
men, spitting his mouthful of tho tepid
liquid on tho floor, "if that's the best sub
stitute tho Cairo Reform club can offer for
ice-cold beer, tho member that sticks to his
pledgo Is a moral hem. By (joorgc, its
awful I" and the two gentlemen, passing
down the street a short distance, contrib
uted a mite towards the support of Lcmp'8
St. Louis browory.
At tho last meeting of the Taxpayer's
association the President , p, uj.jq m
the chair) was directed to name a special
conunitteo of five members to confer with
Mr. Johnson, the superintendent or mana
ger of the Cairo and St. Louis railroad, and
ascertain, first, tho magnitude of the road's
machine and repair shops, tho number of
hands that will probably bo employed in
and about them, tho cost of tho buildings
and machinery, and the probablo amount
of tho weekly or monthly pay roll; and
secondly, to ascertain upon wliaf terms tho
company could bo induced to locate the
establishments in tho city of Cairo. Tho
President selected tho following named
gentlemen to servo as tho committee, viz :
M. J. Howley, Wood Rittenjiouse, Col.
John Wood, P W. Barclay and J. Y. Tur
Within a stone's throw of The Bulle
tin arc several bad, mischievous boys. Tho
clodding of Mr. Cunningham, while he was
partly concealed in the hole he had dug in
searching for a leak in tho gas main, is
only a sample af tho pranks they are play
ing coutinually. Mr. C. finding that re
monstrances availed nothing, jumped from
tho hole, and running down one of the lads,
warmed his posterior parts with the fiat of
his shovel. The boy was hot hurt; but
"scared out of a years growth." In that
sort of "fun" it is hardly probablo that he
will be a future participant.
An immense quantity of agricultural
mnchinery is finding its way south and
southwest, from points hundreds of miles
north of Cairo. No man living can show
that this machinery cannot be manutatured
in Cairo as cheaply as in any other point in
the northwest. From this time fojth the
southern demand for harvesters, cultivators,
threshers, etc. will be enormouse. If then,
we can't have a large manufatory, why
shall wo not becomo a source of supply?
It shows a woful lack of energy, to have
tens of thousands of dollars worth of the
products of northern manufactories pass
directly through our city without paying
us any tribute at all. If we can't make the
implements so much in demand, we at least
ought to sell them.
Tho growing importance of Cairo as
a tobacco market is winning recognition
abroad as well as at home. In addition to
the usual board of liberal buyers, Mr.
Ilerber and Mr. Lowenthal, direct from
Antwerp, arrived in the city Saturday, with
the expectation of remaining until the close
of the tobacco season. It is not amiss to
say that these gentlemen are backed by un
limited capital, and their presence adds
greatly to the assurance that all the tobacco
the planters of Illinois, Kentucky and Mis
souri place upon our breaks will be taken
at the last farthing that it is worth. Messrs.
Hinkle, Thistlewood & Moore, of the
Planters warehouse, are gentlemen of es
tablished business reputations men of the
highest commercial integrity, and, ns time
has demonstrated, admirably adopted for
the business in which they are engaged.
Two white men, named Barney Dunn
and James Quinley, met in an up-town
saloon, Sunday, and nfter amusing them
selves awhile, as is the wont of some peo
ple, they stepped out on the sidewalk, and
were about to separate when Quinley sug
gested that they return and take a drink.
The suggestion was acted upon, and, much
to his surprise, Quinley found himsell with
out the money to meet the bill. The sub
sequent discussion of this "shortness'' event
uated in a fight, in which Quinley was ter
ribly beaten. The men went at each other
like a pair of enraged tigers, and had they
not been separated it is not unlikely that
Quinley would have been disabled or dis
figured for life. Both men were arrested
and jailed; and Dunn was taken out yes
terday for trial. It appearing that he was
not the aggressor, his fine was fixed at
only 1 3. Quinley wa3 so badly bruised
and hammered up, he was not brought
Mrs. Hannah Foster ami Mrs. Ben
Courtney, both colored women, live on ad
joining lots, somewhere in the neighbor
hood of Elder Shores' church. In Mrs.
Fester's door yard stood u shade tree, and
Mrs. Ben complained to her husband yes
terday that the tree was a nuisance, because
of the shade it threw upon her door yard.
Benjamin, giving heed to his wife's remark
that she wanted the tree to "come out of
that," procured an uxo, and felled the tree
to the earth. Of course Mrs. Foster was
angry, as she had occasion to be, and she
sued Mr. Ben lor conduct calculated to
provoke a breach of the peace, or for ma
licious mischief; and Judge Bird, hearing
all tho facts, decided that Mr. Couit
ney had taken unwarranted liberties with
Mrs. Foster's stock of growing timber, and
fined him $7 and costs, amounting proba
bly to $10 or $12. Mrs. F. now thinks of
instituting another suit for damages.
We have at The Bulletin
office for inspection, a handsome
"Self Bow" and a dozen arrows,
a sample of those manufactured by
a E.J. Horsman at Valley Falls, R. I., and
sold at his salesrooms, 80 and 83 William
street, New York. Mr. Henry C. Carver
corresponding secretary National Archery
association, says of Horsman 's archery im
plements: "Having thoroughly tested
'HorsmanV bows I unhesitatingly pro
nounce them superior to any bows of Eng
lish manufacture of same wood, and I un
hesitatingly recommend them to the archers
of this country as most durable andcxeellent
in every respect." Tho bow we have ut our
offico is a six foot Lancowood, No. 2S, that
cost $4.50 each. The arrows are No. 14,
twenty-eight inches long, painted nnd pol
ished and cost $3.50 per dozen. Express
from New York is but !13 cents. We invite
our archer friends to call and see these im
plements and il they desire the ni:sr goods
at fhc price, to correspond with Mr. Mors-
17, 1&T0.
Try The Druggist's Sundries
the most pleasing smoke for
Lovers of the weed who appreciate a fine aromatic smoke
will do well to try
Strictly hand-made of tho choicest selection of Havana Tobacco and superior in qual
ity to two-thirds of tho Cigars imported to this country.
The most fastidious taste
The above brands are especially adopted to fine trade, and no dealer should be
without them.
Call and examine and be convinced. II. ME YE IIS.
man, No. 83, William street. We say the
best because archery experts have pro
nounced them so. Maurice Thompson, of
Crawfordsville, Ind., says of "Horsman V
bows : "I can recommend them as more
durable than any English bows of the same
material. The Suakewood, backed with
Lance and Beefwood backed with Lance,
will stand any amount ot hard shooting.
They will not break." Mr. Horsman has the
exclusive right to manufacture the "Maurice
Thompson Arrow."
Two negro men who had been doing
service on the Mississippi Central railroad,
reached the city, Saturday, and repaired to
a saloon In the lower part of the city,
which they had settled upon as headquar
ters. One of the negroes, distrustiug "his
ability to take care of his cash, gave it to
his partner for safe keeping, and this part
ner, with $41 in his pocket, stretched him
self on a bench on the saloon porch, for a
nap. LJctorc he tell asleep lie detected a
strange negro in the act of riding bis
pockets. The stranger protested that he
simply wanted a chew of his tobacco, and
didn't want to wake him; and the foolish
sleep-seekir, accepting this explanation as
satisfactory, turned on his side, and soon
fell into a deep slumber. An hour or two
later he awoke to discover that every cent
of his $11 had been stolen the money
having been abstracted through a hole cut
into his pocket. As the negro who wanted
the chew of tobacco could not be found, it
is not unreasonable to suppose tlit he is
now in a condition to buy $10
worth of tobbacco, if he wants it.
Tom Dolson can always stake a news
paper man with an item, aud it is a pecu
liar feature of Tom's items that he, him
self, is the central figure, and is, as a gen
eral thing, the hero of chivlrous achieve
ments. Quite recently we hailed him with :
"Well, Tom, what's on the docket to-day?"
The reply was prompt and unhesitating:
"Well, a good deal's on the docket, boss.
A country nigger was just in here, and we
had a few words, and that country nigger
whipped out a butcher knife a foot longer
more, and I wasn't gwir.c to stand that, so
I made at him, aud I chased him all around
this store room and up-stairs, and "No,
no, Tom," interrupted the store keeper.
You know that we don't allow any fight
ing in the store, or about it," "That's what
I tolc that country nigger," rejoined Tom;
"so he tore down the street, me after him,
an' jest a' yant of Tenth street I knocked
him, and I mauled him until well, when
whAi that nigger went home he tolc his
people that he got run over by the railroad
kears." "But," enquired the reporter,
"didn't the country nigger club you?"
"Yes, sah, four times fatally but, Lawd,
what do I care for a butcher knife in the
hands of a country nigger! Pish!" and
then, with a wave of his hand, indicative
of his ability to brush country negroes off
tho stage of existence, he resumed Ids work,
sorting potatoes.
Old Dr. Thorndyke Dillon, thoverablo
African "yarb doctor" was nn occupant of
one ot the rooms of the Hourigan house, at
the time the Illinois Central razed that
structure to tho earth, and scattered its
joists and rafters, etc., to the four winds.
The Doctor does not mourn the destruction
of the building, although his"olIice" there
in was rent free; but he docs lament, un
ceasingly, the loss of his "yarbs," tho value
of which the railroad company did not
seem to appreciate. He had.for instance, 11
pint of siqtiag, which was produced at tho
end of seven days and nights boiling dur
ing the full of the moon. Ho had penny
royal, sarsaparilla root, elecampane, bur
dock root, ami a liquid extract of
the root of lignum and pawpaw,
that can only bo prepared dur
ing a year designated by a 5.' This
medicine it will be impossible tor hl'ii to
replace until tho year ls85. He has thought
of sueing tho railroad company, soveral
times; and with that view ho held numer
ous conferences with Mr. Johnson. Mr-
Johnson agreed that the company had act
the money ever offered to the
of the merits of this Cigar.
ed with great precipitation, but insisted
that the responsibility attached to the freed
men's bureau. Squire Osborn thought the
Sons of Malta could be held for the siquag;
but for the number 5 medicine, he would
have to look to Governor Cullom. The bU
Dr. declaring himself unable to see the
matter in that way, has finally concluded
to let the matter of damages rest, and
through Mr. Johnson's influence, get a pen
sion as a soldier of the revolution. And to
that cud, he says, Mr. Johnson is
now bending his best energies.
Send for the Weekly Financial Re
port of Alex. Frothmgham & Co., brokers,
13 Wall Street, New York, which is scat
free and coatiins information how, by in
vesting $30 to $100 in stock operations,
$1,000 is frequently niadc.
Save money and time by having Dr.
Bull's Ba'tiuiore Pills always on hand, and
usdng them for the numerous diseases which
more or less rouble families at times. Sold
everywhere. Price 25 cents.
Legitimate Healing Kidney-Wort
comes in convenient packages, and cures
kidney and livi-r troubles on legitimate
principles, by purifying the blood and in
ducing natural action ot all the internal
organs. It entirely corrects the whfe sys
tem, and gives the quietus to rheumatism.
For sale by all druggists.
Furniture manufactured and all kinds of
repairing done, at my shop on Commercial
avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth
streets; also all kinds of cabinet making to
order. Mattresses manufactured to order
and kept on sale. Repairing and uphol
stering done or. short notice. I haven
good supply of walnut moulding and wire
cloth for sereens.t.) be made up in the latest
and best style. Prices very low.
Fuaxk Scuqemus.
r it- th. . .1,.. t . 1- w - ,
. uiii ues n. l."uis; . .u. iveroy,
Lancaster, Ky.; J. M. Kerby. Lancaster, "jA
Ky.; A. O. Jihns. Terre Haute; J. M.
McKibbi, Sl.clbyvi'.le. Ills.: fl. Rise, May
field, Ky.; B. Davis. St. Louis: J. F. Ray,
New Brunswick, Ills.; Sam. Jac.vson and
son, Vienna: Miss Julia Jackson. Com
tnerce,Mo.; Miss Ella Wray.Capc Girardeau;
J. n. Davis, Clinton, Ky.: C. H. Call,' J'lir ; , ff
W. Dibort, St. Louis; G. Holt, N. Y.; V. '.,
E. Masy, Foplar Bluff.
. L L t
lm men to work on rul'rond. Apply at oflU'c uf
Iron .Vonutaln l!.il!uiy (.' . No M Hiln lvvv
J. C ZIMMEIt, Aij.'iit.
Kor fale. rUvS.p fvt of hnrni'M mid n nearly now
mu; uur uivu iiiiy. Apply HI iuc UUIl.'tlU cmcc
Tho ElcsfititSldtwheul Pam'CjjiT Steamer
It. J. UIKD...
, Maiiter.
I.oave Cairo ( very iifti rnnoa at ij o'clock, fur
Pailnciili. .Metropolis nud wsv lauding. Kor
fiellit urpurui;j apply to SOL. A. SILVEH,
New, l-'aut untl Klojjnnt PasaoiiKPr
Will nell Hound Trip TlckoU from Cairo, Metron-
of, l'mliiciih nud Mm
iltuiHiirt. to Cincinnati and re-
turn, L'ood durluii tliu ruoutli of .May and .In no
(including Ktnicroom in port) Ut ten lllaril
Cincinnati often morn nttractlnim tovUltor tbime
two month than durlmt all other of tho year.
Aud wtuhluit to favor vxcumlonlMt, I maku thin
liberal reduction to any wlhln to make tho round
trip. Tho North Amerlcnti Sifnuerfent commence
.lunollth! l'ir Wulliick. the Uront.Trnediun:
Madam Anderson, the Champion Walker: and
l'uul Hovton, tho world-renowned Swimmer, will
be thuru. .,.
I, Tho Animal In tho Zoological Onrden will he
Iu tlHilr lutunier iiuarier. Slillllto'i great Dry
Mood Piilnce ftho Uuzimr of American Kiwlilbn)
-win iiinu 'i fiiiff nr.ii mimtnor opening until
Juno mill. And with tliu Hill-top heoil," freo
to all, th " 'wl of America" will bo icon when
mot attractive.
A good time I promliod. Invito your friend,
and join n In a trip,
,lt'aw l'?.lr,V P- m" Friday May Dth. Monday
Mnysn. i-ilday, Jtiu tM. Monday. Juno SO. Frf-
day, J uly is,
Ytllta Itnanrtfttftiltt

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