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rBorj5HHiox.iL cards..p;iysiciaxs.
O'PIOE: Kiihili ami WuHhinstou Avenue.
RBSPDENCEi-Corinr Nineteenth nd WmU-
f . MAREAN, M. I.,
Homeopathic Physician ami .Surgeon.
09ke W Commercial aYcuue. Residence corner
Koumeti'.UM. ' WwhtU!tin avenue, C alro.
Dental Surgeon.
Or.cc-No. Cotism.-xcial Avenue, between
Stt-Utii ami Nlmli Si reeu
jjR. W. V. JOCELYN,'
tFFU'T KitrliU Street, near Commercial Aveune.
Notary Public ami Conveyancer.
on:K"K:-Vi!h the Widows' ami Oorpbaus' Mu
tual A iil bocMv
OFFICE No IVU'omuvrcul Aveniie.
Tbe EieinlSlilt-Mlieel Pannier Steamer'
s champion
. M after.
I 'nu t Cairo eerv afteriiiHiii hi 3 O'clock, for
Filucau, 'Metropolis " '"', ll,n.dlllS;i vifi'
r.-iht orpa-swo apply to SOL A Sll. til,
On auda.Vr Monday. June l'i. the boat will make
!if (oiluwiuj: t ipi:
ft Fourth ft Missouri Latid'if. Kentucky Ld'e,.
7 a. m.
tf a-
11 a. in
I p. m.
CUo p. til
a. in.
3 p. m
: a. m.
M ::lt a. m.
a ni.
.': p. ra.
p. ui.
o-.: a. in.
::) p.m.
8 . m.
10 a.m.
VJ in.
S p. m.
::!0 j. in.
10 a. m.
4 p. Hi.
MODeES' PAR 1 v,
A day of ai!iu-mnit ami fuu alive.
Ever bod v
icvi'ed to come The celebrated LIsCHNhii
STRINO BAND, of Pulakl county, has beeu tu
tted for mu.c. Ao Flyinc Ouichiuen and other
niajeaieors Come everybody, and don't you
tT-l it-
Cflumu'iTial Avenue aiul Kiif lith Strt'Ct.
Cairo, Illinois.
F DROSS, preeiilent
P XEFF. Vire President.
H. WKi.l.S. a.hier
T. 0 KKK'J'li. AoiKlant l afbier.
F. Bri Cairo: William ('niro;
Pelr Neft'. Cairo; William Woll. Cairo;
M. Onterloh.t airo: II. I.. P.H!iunley. St.I.oiila;
E. Under, Cairo; J. V. cIuiumid, Calidonla;
C. O. Patier, Cairo.
TXCHANtiK o!d ami hoiilit. Interext paid In
Jtlie Savins Deiiuituieiit. Collections made
timl ail biKiut-- pioniiiily atti'bded to
Cairo, Illinois.
CAPITAL. 8100.000
W. P. 1IALI.IDAY. Pre.ident.
U. L 1IALLIUAY. Vice -PivnUleut.
WALTtH UYSI.OP, Cashier.
CTlATl" TAVtm.
. D. 1LI.IA11I)N,
w. r. HAi.LiUAr,
ExthauffP. Coin and l'uittl States Jionds
D.-poiit received and a jeneral bankluj; burine
' Commission Merchants,
liiAi.ruii ix
Egyptian Flouring Mills
flljrhest Cwh Pi ke Paid for Vlieat.
Only Moraine Daily In Southern Illinois.
Caiko 111.. AllL-uet l!t. IHTO. I
tiiLe. Bur. T0' I 1117- WtuU. vel Weather
:M a m .W
I mil wUS
i.m '-iW
Maximum Temperature. Mi,: Minimum Tem
perature, tws ; Rainfall, o euincn.
Kcrg't Sljnal l'ort, U. 8. A.
Charley Polay was iu Cairo, ycstcnlay.
Mrs. Joe Gooilloc is in the city, stop
ping with tlic Misses ritchcr.
Al. Antrim is now a mcmljcr of the
large and entirely respectable red ribbon
A new siilewalk is iu courso ot con
struction on the north side of Eleventh, be
tween Walnut and Cedar.
Among those who danced attandance
upon Probate Court, yesterday, wc noticed
W. J. Milford, and YVcimeyer, of Unity.
Ten dogs partook of their last supper,
in the Dotiud yesterday tvcuiii!,'. TJieir
food whs stronifly seasoneil with strychnine.
The Illinois Central pay-car was in the
city, yesterday, ami left several thousand
dollars tor the use of the road's employes.
Squire Comings lined Charles Drown
1 1 and costs, yesterday, for drunkenness
aud. disorderly conduct. It was not an
aggravating ca.-;;.
A well attended and very enjoyable
sociable at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
John Sproat, was one of the social events
of Monday night.
A prominent saloont was arrested by
Officer Duncker, yesterday, for selling
rumor to a minor. The trial will probably
come olT to-day.
Little Miss Eloise Jorgensen, after a
very severe and protracted attack of typhoid
fever, is agam on her rt, but very much
emaciated and exceedingly weak.
The masculine members of the Central
Archery club will meet at the postolHc;
at half-past one this afternoon, to arrange
for means of conveyance to the club's pic
nic grounds, etc.
Mr. llanny's household effects were
destrair.cd, yesterday, for rent. Hauiiy wns
absent from the city. We sincerely iiope
the little fellow may be able to ''weather
the storm.''
The barbecue at Elm Grove called out
quite a large number of people, yesterday,
and at night the grounds were thronged. It
was gotten up for the benefit of the Colored
Women's Temple.
We are told that Ilogan will have no
preliminary examination. The September
term of the circuit court is so near at hand
that it has been thought advisable to await
the action of the tnnd jury.
Cattle for the Cairo market have b :(.n
doming in quite lreeiy oi late, uom .Mis
souri aud Kentuckv, as well as from the
neighloring territory in Illinois. There has
been demand for all offered, so far. and the
prices paid proved entirely satisfactory.
Thirteen volumes of the History of the
Times of Frederick the II, of Prussia,
written by himself, law binding, ninety
years old, in complete order, will be sold at
an extraordinarily low figure. "Inquire of
the writer hereof."
Thomas Johnson antU'sa iv.at.. 1,0th
colored, were unite!"; '.n 'marriage yesterday,
by Squire Comings. Thomas and Rosa
form the seventy-second couple that the
Squire has married during his compara
tive! v short-term of service as n Justice of
the Peace.
Morgan and Bowman will be in Cairo
iu a tew dayp, we hear, with a new show,
Rowman was at one time connected with
the Theatre Comique. Frank Herbert is
with the troupe, and has developed into a
veiitable lilnndin. He will give perilous
rope-walkings free.
A petition was in circulation among
our lawyers yesterday, praying the Presi
dent to appoint Judge Marshall, of Padil
ca!i, to the seat in the U. District Court
ot Southwestern Kentucky, recently made
vacant by the death of Judge Bland Hal
lard. The petition was signed by nil at
torneys to whom it was presented.
? The wharf -boats, the levee business
muses and every object on the river bank,
animate as well as inanimate, was literally
covered, yesterday, with those h ng-eoupled
harmless insects known as wi'.low-iiies. It
is fortunate that they are short-lived and
migratory, else they might resolve them
selves into a stupendous nuisance.
A negro man who lives in the vicinity
of Fourteenth and Walnut, was engaged at
the work of transferring railroad iron from
I. C. to M.'C. cars, nt East Cairo, Monday
evening, when n h:ir slipped and struck his
right fool In such a manner as cut off two
or three of his toes, lie will lip laid up lie
cause of the mishap, several weeks.
We are told that railroad trains make
the four hundred-mile trip from Edinburgh,
Scotland, to London, England, stopping
four times, iu ten hours. This is equivalent
to 40 miles an W... lins in the
United States exceed ttiifty miies an hour.
The Harlem railroad makes 40 miles au
hour; but for a comparatively short distnncp,
:.) 7! Calm Oar
;u 4S . w. s Fulr
8ii s SK. a Fair
XI 4K H. '.' Fair
The delapldated old frame rookery on
the cornerof Seventeenth nud Poplar, known
as the Duunigard house, ia peopled by
twenty-oue negroes. Old, careened, rotten
and reeking in tilth it is a standing disgrace
to the city. If l',(J inmates escape the
small-pox mid yellow fever during the balance-
of the season, wc shall liavo occasion
to question the potency of filth as propaga
tor of such ailments.
Robert Ashby shot and killed John
Mc 0. Smith near Frankfort, in Franklin
county, about two weeks ago, ami lied that
country. The murderer is about 19 years
old, 5 feet 5 or C Inches high, cross-eyed,
somewhat tongue-tied, and weighs about
130 pounds. James G. L. and Susan Smith,
ot Benton, will pay $200 for the capture
and return of Ashby, and as it is believed
that he is s'.ill iu Southern Illinois, it might
pay tnir policemen and detectives to keep a
lookout for him.
J. II. Nester is the name of a spruce
looking young gentleman who was found
at the I. C. depot about II o'clock yester
day morning, in a state of limber intoxi
cation. Officer Duncker took him to the
lock-up; and brought him befor Squire
Robinson, yesterday, for trial. Ou return
ing him his watch aud the if OS found upon
his person, he declared that when put in
jail lie had more than $G8. Tho jailer,
whose honesty uo man who knows him
even suspects, was justly iudicnanl t this
imputation, and felt strongly inclided to
resent it. Nester, through the interference
of friends was let off on the payment of
costs the City Attorney dismissing the
About 0 o'clock, yesterday morning,
"Ilanlon" and 'Brietman" met in front of
Froinah's saloon, and commenced teazing
one another on the score of their young
wives or some kindred subject, ami for a
time were very good natured about it. In a
like playful mood they commenced scuf
fling, and so animated and energetic did
these exercises become that lookers-on
concluded the men were fighting a con
elusion that the scratched and bloody faces
of the couple strongly confirmed. A like
impression prevailing among tUe policemen
Ilanlon and Brietman were arrested and
taken before Squire Robinson, who, depre
cating "fun" that had such an earnest seem
ing, lined the parties $3 and costs, each.
Late Monday night two men, evidently
strangers in the place, effected a bur
glarious entrance into St. Mary's Infirmary.
They first struck the Yellow Fever ward,
occupied by Jim Keating, who has scarcely
walked a step during the past six months.and
mistaking Keating for the proprietor of the
establishment they sought to quiet him by
garroting processes; but being rather awk
ward at the business they failed to suspend
the action of Jim's vocal organs until after
he had made noise enough to arouse the
patients of the aljoining wares. These,
cripples and skeletons, came limp
ing and staggering to Heating's assistance,
and the burglars thinking they had
aroused n full regiment of vigerous men,
made all possible haste in getting out of
that leaving the premises as they had
come, empty handed. What kind of a
"crib" the rascals supposed they were
cracking, it i rather difficult to emjecture.
On Sunday last one of our colored
citizens concluded that all the residents of
the corral didn't have their homes in n
good sanitary condition, and having a tin
star in his possession he pinned it to his
lapped and played the role of health officer.
Some of the residents obeyed his orders,
and cleaned up; but one Mr. White was so
stubborn and disobedient that the prankish
darkey felt called upon to arrest him.- Cal
ling upon n by-stander to assist, he laid his
hands on While, not noticing that the by
stander had caiivsiid the ranehe. This was
an unfortunate happening for the sham
health officer, for Mr. White let ia with
fi.-t and feet, and gave Mr. Health Officer a
thumping that set every bone in his body to
aching. lie has concluded, since that time,
we bear, that if anybody else wants the cor
ral cleaned up, that body must go up and
give the orders himself. 1 le bus played the
role ot health officer to hi entire satis
faction. A stranger from the vicinity of Cobden
called upon Squire Robinson, yesterday
morning to complain of our quarantine ar
rangements. He wanted to gn South; he
was well, Everybody could see there was
no discount on his state of health; but the
Mayor of ('niro had refused to issue to him
"a clean bill of health." He had demanded
it of the Mayor as acitizen of Illinois; but
the Mayor having persisted in his denial,
he wanted some kind of a writ through
which be could compel that officer to give
him his clean hill. The Squire assured his
visitor that he had no control overtheactioim
of the Mayor, and knew of 110 law tltn.tr
would fit the emergency. The stranger
then filed nn elaborate affidavit, setting
forth his m:c, place of residence, his pres
ent state of health, where he had been put
ting in his time of lute, and the mime of the
point South he was desirous (,f reaching.
Titus fortified he made another trip to the
Mayor's office, and as we hear nothing fur
ther from him he was. probably, s:tisfacto.
nty disposed of.
The Waterloo Times figures it up with
thi 1 result : "The wheat crop of Randolph
county for this year is estimated at not less
than 2.000,000 bushels, and that of Monroe
county at 1,000,000 bushels, and if tins r;i.
dilation holds g,od, and there is but little
d'Tibtof it. St. Clair. Randolph and Mon
roe combined will Imvo 0,022,075 ' bushels
tit 80 ctn. per bushel, the niobt reasonable
average price, wo will have f.1,537,Opo in
cash distributed throughout these three
counties forjtlus immense yield, St. Clair
$11,137,000; Randolph, ,f)00,000 nnd Mon
roe $800,000." Union county is certainly
not behind Randolph in tho production of
wheat; and putting her crop at 2,000,000
bushels, we have an aggregate, in the four
counties, of 8,022,373, worth $7,138,000.
This sum is equivalent to sixty dollars to
every man, woman nnd child in tho four
counties, or to $J00 to every family. For
the labor of a single, year the result figured
out is rather large larger enough, in any
event, to put a quietus on complaints from
agricultural sources. Xo other industry
can figure out a result half h i remunera
tive. On all sales of Illinois Central Railroad
hands, made from and after this date, the
rate of interest on deferred payments will
he five per cent, per annum instead of six
ns heretofore. With this reduction of inter
est, and the recent reduction in prices
from $S to $ I per acre, on easy terms, the
lands now offered by the Illinois Central
Railroad Company ought to sell very
rapidly, and no doubt will do so, Several
thousand ncies of these lands are located in
Alexander county. If the company is
realy noxious to dispose of them, why
doesn't it adopt rational advertising
methods I A standing advertisement in the
C.uito BaxETix would catch the eyes of
the only people that arc likely to invest in
them and would beget more inquiry in a
month th;H: has been instigated by adver
tisements in the raihoad journals during
any twelve-months, of the pa-t decade.
The land comniissiner need scaicely be told
that if he really wants to sell the Alexender
county land, he should arrest the attention
of the people who are most likely to buy;
and the people who are most likely to buy
are the people w ho read the Cairo Wklki.v
Glass his wonderful experiences to re
late, just now, mid fakes delight in reeovnt
iug them. Monday night two angels wi-ro
iu the cell with him all night. The feath
ers in their wings shone like polished silver
and gold, and the air was full of delightful
odors. He had wing? himself while the
angels stayed; but was told that he
couldn't use them until he'd Kissed to the
other worid. Every night, lie says, he goes
off to a great celestial city in the sky, and
sitting on the eurb-stuieshe sees great mul
titudes of poor wretched men and women
on black horsis riding toward distant dark
ness, out of which comes loud thunder and
fierce lightning. Riding the otherway. to
ward beautiful sunshine mid green pnsttires
nnd running waters are a few glad-faced
people 011 w hite horses, and these arc nil
the time begging mid beckoning the
people on the black horses to tuni
and ride with them; but the black
horses go ahead and finally dash in 0
darkness and gloom and are seen no more.
Among the white horses he saw one with an
empty saddle, and with a cry of joy he
sprang forward to mount into the saddle; j
but au angel gently shrved him back,
saying "Xo, no, Glass; not yet. Bide your
time;" and then, "quick as flash." he finds
himself in his cell streched iion his bunk,
nobody but Charley Glass the murderer.
Some of the poor fellow's dreaming, as
for instance, the black and white horses,
are ingenious and quite suggestive.
"Mt. Vernon comes to the front this
week with a mystery. A Mrs. Turnian, a
widow who lives in the Ragan bouse, tells
a strange story concerning the disappear
ance 011 Sunday night last, of her three-day-baby.
She says a strange woman came
to her room on Sunday iening. ami told
her that she had come to take care of her
and her baby until she' grew able to get
around again, and in the evening, per
suaded Mrs. T. to retire while she, the
strange woman, would care for the little
one during the night. Mrs. T. went to
sleep, and did not wake until 3 o'clock the
next morning, when she discovered the
straniie woman had decamped with the
baby. Supicion that there was foul play
has aroused the authorities who searched
the premises ami those of the udjourng
neighbors: but nothing has yet been brought
to light." The information quoted, (from
the Mt. Vernon News, of h'.st week,) is
given a local interest by the belief that the
stolen baby passed through Cairo, last
Thursday. A woman, about '10 years of
age, having a yery young infant in arms,
was then seen in the neighborhood of the
Greenfield ferry landing; and her conduct
exciting inquiry, she told such conflicting
stories that the suspicion was al once
nmuscd that she had no right to' the posses
sion of the baby. She crossed over into
Missouri, avowing a purpose to go to Poplar
Bluff, where she claimed to have a son liv
ing. f
A citizen of Goose Island received a
burglarious visit from a trumping vagabond,
last Sunday, while he, the citizen, was not
nt lionip. A watch ami other articles of
valuu were taken enough to warrant an
effort to recover them! So, arming himself
with a shot gun and getting a neighbor to
accompany him, the citizen set out on 11
hunt for the burglar. Taking up a posi
tion that commanded a view of Cuelm rail
road bridge they soon espied a foot pail
making his way out from Cairo, and nt ouch
concluded they had found their man,
After halting him the citizen demanded
the return of his watch. The strar.gur told
them that they were mistak''i in their man.
Ho had no watch belonging to thorn or
anybody else. Ascertaining that tho stran
ger really had no watcli in his possession,
the citizen argued that the fellow had sold
the watch iu Cairo, nnd to determine that
conjecture he must accompany them to
Cairo. So taking him in the buggy, the
Goose Islander and his neighbor brought
tho stranger to Cairo; visited all the pawn
broker' shops nnd extended inquiries in all
parts ot the city, and hearing nothing of
tho missing watch, they finally concluded
that tho party in hand was not guilty, nnd
turned I'im loose. The name of the party
thus Mi'rcstod, in Houston; he says he was
never at Goose Island in his life, and pro
poses to make his captors "smoke" for false
imprisonment and for subjecting him to
such gross insults ami indignities. The
facts related above come from Houston.
What the other side of the story is, we have'
yet to learn.
At Carrico's landing, on the Ohio river,
a few miles above Caledonia, on Tuesday
evening last, a small tiading boat had been
moored for two or three days. It was
owned by a ruffianly looking fellow named
Burns. Tuesday evening a young man of
the neighborhood, named James Gloze,
went on board the boat, and buying some
small article, exposed $0,50 iu money. As
Gloze was about to leave Burns thrust a re
volver in his face and demanded his money
or brains. Gloze prefering to hand over
the money, tendered his pocket book to
Burns; but the rascal refused to take it.
While yet the revolver was at Gloze's face,
however, 1111 old fishennad of the neighbor
hood arrived, and Burns, using a fearful
oath, ordered the fisherman to t ,ke the
money and drYide it, or he'd kill both of
them. The fisherman emptying the pocket
book handed the money to Burns,
who then lowered his pistol
n:i'l went back in his boat. Gloze immedi
ately informed the proprietor of the landing
of the robbery, and that gentleman a
muscular andcourag ousman, immediately
visited the boat, and jumping upon Burns,
wicstlcd the revolver from his hands, anil
for .11. instant entertained the purpose of
blowing the villain's brains out. Having
0 casion s on afterwards to reph n'sh a fi t
onshore tit now be'-ig dark) the proprietor
stepped ashore, proceeded to that duty.
Instant!'' afterwards Burys cut his lines
and shoved out, dousing bis lights that
parties on shore rr.i'..'. .... : '. . to deter
mine his whcrcnixiuts. T:fr proprietor of
the landing and young Gloze came to Cairo,
yesterday, to watch for the boat which had
not yet arrived. It is a small white boat
with a chicken coop on top, nnd is out, it
is believed, on a mission of theft, nrsori,
I'olbery and murder. It will probably ar
rive to-dav.
To Rem'. Two story brick house;
eight rooms, on Xinth street, opposite Dr.
Dunning. Apply to A. Maux,
01 Ohio Levee.
Ten Cents Wouth. It you want a neat
smooth shave for ten cents, or a fashionable
hair cut for 23 cents, or anything else in
the toiisorial line remember, the place to
go to is Henry Schick's. No. 142 Commer
cial avenue.
We have the sole right to manufacture,
sell or put up letter or note heads under
Hodder's patent. Any infringement on our
right will be prosecuted.
The Caiuo Bi m.etin.
A ('.mid To all who arc suffering from
the errors and indiscretions of youth, ner
vous weakness, early decay, loss of man
hood, etc., I will semi a receipt that will
cure you, kii EE ok ciiMior.. This green
remedy was discovered by a missionary it
Sou il Vmc'o"- Send a sell-i.ddrcsscd en
velope to the Rkv. Josi.ni T. Inman, Sta
tion D. Xew York City.
11 pound Old Barry Letter Heads.
r. 1
" Note Heads.
Linen Letter Heads.
Linen Note Heads.
The BEST quality of paper at prices of
the cheapest grade.
T)l2 pound statements all colors.
10 pound Bills Lading.
14 and 10 pound Bill Heads all sizes.
Extra super white Envelopes at St. Louis
wholesale prices. Printing $1,00 extra.
Ruling and Binding, all kinds at The
Bci.r.Ei ik officii.
Anti-Bei.i.L'm Phices At the barber
shop of J. (too. Slciuhoiise, Eighth street,
near Alexander County Bank. Customers
will find a clean, cool shop, easy chairs, all
the late papers, clean towels, keen razors,
accommodating, skilled workmen, and sat
isfactory work. Prices: Shaving. 10
cents; Hair-cut, 23 cents; Shampooing,
23 cents. Give him a call.
Notice. to am. whom it .mav concern::
The Cairo Bulletin will pay no bills con
tracted by nny of its employes, or any one
connected with the Bulletin, unless the
same is made on a written order signed by
myself, ninl the order must be attached to
the. bill when presented, and no contracts
for advertising or job work are valid unless
the same are endorsed by myself.
K. A. Bl llSETT.
It was a Fiik.ncii.man who said that "a
long and direful scrutiny of mankind had
convince, him that most men were mortal."
Still we arc of opinion that tho frequent
judicious use ot Mott's Vegetable Liver
'Pills would tend to keep the system in goo'l
repairnnd prolong life beyond the ordinary
average. Sold by Barclay Bros.
Wallace's Ohciiehtkii. The orchestra
of Wallack's Theatre, New York, is famous
for its extraordinary precision. This is duo
entirely to Thomas Baker, an Englishman,
who has conducted it for years. Mr. Baker
used to suffer terribly from rheumatism,
but now is as supple nnd nimble as a school
boy. Hu ascribes his freedom, as lie ought,
to Giles' Liniment Iodido Ammonia. Giles'
Pills cures Billiousness. Sold by nil drug
gists. Semi for pamphlet. Dr. Giles, 120
Wtst Broadway, N. Y. Trial size 23
cents. Sold by Barclay Bros.
By buying the new ami popular medi
cine Kidney-Wort, you get in each package
enough of the dry compound to make six
quarts of uii'dieino. thus saving double the
money which is usually paid for medicine
prepared iu liquid, it is a specific cure
for Kidney nnd Liver diseases.
Oct at Last.- -"Good morning, friend
A., I run surprised to see you out, and look
ing so well ; I heard you were confined to
your room, and bed, by that pest of human
ity. Piles." "Yes. Mr. B, I hud been long a
sufferer when I heard of Tubler's BucUeye
Pile Ointment. It proved a blessing to me
indeed, one bottle having so fir restored nut
as to enable me to be about my businea
again with ease and comfort. You can rec
ommend it ns a trenuine remedy." Price
30 cents a bottle. For sale by Barclay
Ci'UEliop DniNKiN'o. "A young friend (if
mine was cured of an insatiable thirst t'r
liquor, which had so prostrated him that he
was unable to do any business. He was
entirely cured by tho "use of Hop Bitters
It allayed all that burning thirst; took away
the appetite for liquor; made his nerves
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steady man for more than two years, and
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of drinking by it." From a leading R. P..
Offitial, Chicago, Ills.
Wicked fob Ci.euoymen. "I believe it
to be all wrong and even wicked fur clergy
men or other public men to be led into
giving testimonials to quack doctors or vile
stuffs called medicines, but w hen a really
meritorious article made of valuable mik
dies known to nil. that all physicians ue
am' trust in daily, we should freely com
mend it. 1 1 therefore cheerfully and heartily
commend Hop' Hi'tTs for the good they
have done me and my friends, firmly be
lieving they have no equal for family use.
I will not be without them."
Rev. , Washington, D. ('.
Chew Jackson's Best Sweet Navy To
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I.L ADVERTISEMENTS In tbia column, of
five limn Ii or le will be pnhllfle'd lr-.fi
1 ents everv lir-i-rtlon ; Jl.w p.-r ni uitb. Each ad
ditional line, i ci nt. jSiluatioim wanted free.
Fun SALKSi-i".riely or tn'.'.Mher, a et of len.-v
liarnesn. n n. 4is' cruhlou and a buirvv wh'p
Apply at liullt'iin hiuderv. Jk E llt r.Kt
Bo. Arrow. TarcK SlitKillii!.' (Uovm. etc.. at
C. W. HENDERSON'S. Commercial avenue, era
iierTwcirth street
Two atory brick honne, elsbc room, on Ninth '
street, oiipunite Dr. lmouinu'V Apply to A. JInrt.
til Ohio Levee.
Liver & Stomach Pads,
II. pmvid lt !r bv TH" Year Cam u',-n of
Liver. Stomach and Rowels,
I'rortudiii; n larger portion t wonderful and
Tlian any other Remedy before the public.
Yellow fever. IllUlotiH anil Typhoid Fevern.
Nentlillliteil, Eliminated mid expelled through
the uaitiral excretions by
Health rtcstoring Liver & Stomach rails
An antidote Hint ha proven its repellHtt force
to expel Atmoeplici ir (ienn of Diseuw
Hint Infest the ulr.
An Anlldote and pn'Vuiitiitlvi' mill emu for Chil
dren. Summer Complaint". Cholera Infinitum, Scar
let Fever .Meiislex. Whoopllnr Collll. etc.
A preventative thai Is hk'hl.v appreciated by quite
n number of mother ho Imvo tried them.
rv-KorheK" Puds are mmlu from CiENU-y'. aim'
IC SL KXTRM TS. po-Hcmlim the bent nboorlient
properties known to science, loivintt a direct appll
CHllou to the removal ol Morbid Oreanlc condltioi.s
and restoriiiL' to health, natural energy ami norma
activity the Utnl function, which are weakv ed am
debilitated by dis-uso. thtic ' IjrovInK tin i s h a to
po-scsna POWEHFl'LltEMKlA for nil ilkeanes
of the Liver. Stomach nnd ltoweln, oa thouauds
can testify from practical "'Pf,' ,'!,'l''i , ,
N II - Ah the nrlco of tho P'"' 1"" ,l,pn reduced,
It makes II the el'enpest nnd most convenient mldi
olion von can ueo lor any of tho ubovu discing.
If after ft ralr Dial "n lOfutisfled. noml hm k
your Pad to Hie proprietor, nnd the
t-f-For all advice (kukk) dend pymploms nnd eu
..Mi,!,,- oilso for Blliaiu 1 an- j io
ll ' IWt
on. ( v wmnRs.
1VI W. Itli St.. Cincinnati.
W ill ne om iiy nil ilnijrjjlHts.
V. Fourth St.. CINCINNATI.
STSec ccrtlfl''iitclularj;e circular, nt ilttiKtor

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