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The daily Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1878-1???, February 08, 1880, Image 2

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K. A. lluruott,
M.B. liar roll.
)ftV: Bulletin BnlWimr, Vashlnjston Aicmio
CAIKO, 1U10I8.
Subucrlption 11 u iff.
delivered by carrier) per wo
Mil bio
J tin advance) oue year "
Hti Bioauif o y,
lurrr mmuw
One month.
By vail (in advance) ene year
fiji month
Tbm neaths
T.. .Ink. f ...r, anil .IV. T OH CODl'l
. 1 00
. 1 50
Vohwv In M can- prepaid.
AilvirtiHing K ii t b :
Kirt itiKTtion. per ttiare 1 JJ
.il)Hrntini" rtion. per pinro
for dc week, P'T 'inan: ' .
For two week. P'T (-qunre
fnt three wcrk, . . . M
Koroac month ! ui1
Kch additional iuarc
Kaneral notice 1 w
Ohitaaric and r solution pa'ted y i-nuun
ten cent tint line.
iM-aUia and tniirriaxe frf e
trt lnertion. per square
CluAML.tnt (llfi..rrilltlK
1 00
Ktcht IId.- of Mid nonpareil ivD-miitc a nnr .
..Iiucri advertisement will be cbarecd ,x..fU.
dl' . 'tub pace oonpled. at above rote-llicro ni
ae tw.'vr line of olid type to the lueh
fowuirdvur:t.Tii wo off.T superior induce
..iSI! b-rth n to rate ofcUtrp-i and manner of
dwillns their favor. .
ileal nSitfeftvvntvcfnt per lire for nrst ins'r
i,liTt.-nc.-ti: per Hue for each abvqucut to't-r-
'1Thi paper trav be found on file at Ceo. P. Howell
A oi.-;New,pHPcr Aiwni.lr.8 B.rcM. .in spruce
tni-ti where adverttMUR contract may be made
omS't.pon object, of cencrM inter; .
olhcpnti'.icar.'ataU time acceptable, hejicad
maiionrript will not be returned, .j,,,...,.
Letter ar.d communication ebonlti bo sdi.re a
"E. A. I'un.ct!. Cairo, HUnois "
.".nijMorniu? Daily in Southern Illinois
1 .Hrgt OnvuUtion ot tiny Daily in
Southern Illinolp.
Thk year 1SQ will -lec-nle the most' mo
mentous ttie-tions that have ever boon sub
mitted to the decision of the Anioiiean
people. The election this, year is fraught
with the itinal excittinents of a iirtfc'n'.eu
tiiil ele 'tion. which stir the people o(ry
inur year-, hut the elejt'u'ti lU'-lf is .-o s;ir-
roun.le.1 .y xcep.waai uruun,;.,ut - ;
. . . . i .
au?e this one to mark :,n epoch in our l;i
torr. The countrv wants rdi"f from the
.-ii.-.tiu iin ;nni !tvi n ii: i r.t n.i;i I
... . , .. 1 'M. ..I c i." 1 ,. I I I
...... I
tircisions. Jt has been sU.-ieltcd Will: tllllt i
'priKtrtsvc policy," which has covch.d the
country from Maine to Florida with IVnud
iegulucd hy confessedly partisan courts.
The Oiant boom by a noisy section of the
ilepub'.ican parly and the aiicct'd patriot
ism t)f i' opponents who cloak their selli-h-ms
ni.d.Ta preteinled reverence tbr prece
de lit. c.-'ate a diyoTection in that party,
which h'aves a waikovcr to the Democrats
if they choose to avail themselves of it.
The Democracy needs a man who ha-, the
peisona! fore to compel respect to law and
order: a man of deten.iination and will;
of liberal policy and frank statesmanship;
whose history and pronounced views
will restore confidence in the perpetuity
of our institutions, and re-iterate with
confidence and cournne, thoe who have
been led to doubt the capacity of the peo
ple tor self-government.
In pr"-"nttng the nam'; of Hon. William
K. Morrison to consideration, we are satis
tied that his eminent ability and .sterling
qualities will at once Mi ike every reader.
With such a man for our ftandard-beaier
we can relegate such temp.ir.oy U-tiet), us
teud to disturb the party to that good sense
and matured wis lorn that be long to a' gen
erous and patriotic, people.
"With Hiich a man as lender, we may feel
Assured wc shall enjoy tiic fruits of a fair y-
woavictoiy. There will be neither bargain
nor sale, trickling nor threatening, hut a
Lilr administration of the government, ac
cording to the wisest statesman-hip and the.
itst lights of fathers and founders of the
Republic. A victory with such a lead, r
would mran victory, one not to he fri'teied
awn lij weakness or unwise friends, m.d
one that would bring back to thegowrn
mcnt the characteristics of purity Hiid lidel
ity, which characterized it ill its best day-.
A DtKKsK resembling measles, fn ipient
ly proving fatal, has uppcan d in Kansas.
Il in believed to have been brought from
the south by refugee negroes.
Ciiahi.uk Dfc Yocno. brother of t Ito mini
who shot Kalloch, last fall, is now in
Lciwenworth, looking up the record of that
preacher-politician. He is tmid to have
found it very fragrnnt.
Tbk people of three ol four townships
in Logan couuty, Illinois, have eiin:d th:
rank of the re-pu liators. At a in 'eting of
tax pHvcrs at Lincoln, roiolulioiiR dehounc.
ingthti railroad debt, now sought to he col
lected by proces of law, us fraudulent, and
agreeing to "resist and defeat all tax'ta
Joy ted iu aid of tho bond swindle," wen
paued without opposition.
Tan Bait Lake Tribunu huils the eoi..
IJrmatiou of Gen. Murray as gov. rnor of
Utah with, "Praise Ood, from whom all
blowings flow,' and congmtulaleii the
OwitilM upon having a governor who will
locuta Iho laws against polygamy. Gov
Jfnrrajrwaa aclcclod by Ilayci to batter
tlown the stroughol.ls of the jirophi t, itml
the governor eonseijitently wrupies n tno-t
conspicious position a a reformwr, mi'i he
is fxpeetcil to niiiki- elean work.
An Imimiit.wt fKitM).i.vi;M.--l'hailes
S. Treiitiee, of Toledo, O., went to l'aris
ami lin net! to I-nlami to he Iretaea lor
Hriyht's disease, ami ufter the hest pliyni
eians of both eotintries had done what they
could for him, gave up in despair and re
turned to America to die. Here ho receiv
ed further treatm-nt from other skillful
physicians without heiielit, and while ''list
lessly lingering in pain and anguish,"
as he says, leiarl of the SNdo Kidney find
Liver Cure, took it, and was completely
cured in a few weeks. He gives circum
stantial details of his painful experience
and astonishing euro, in s long letter to II.
H. Warner A Co., which w ill lo forwarded
on application.
VolMi SlKI'llKN A. PoK.I.AS m'11 of
the old man, anii'iuneeil himself as a Sin!
wart H-ptihiieuii aiel a (Jrant man at Ma:
toon. 111., la-t week. He Miv if (ir.HU is
elected the force hill will he hmti'.lit to
lieur upun the Soutliern people with terri
ble thorouglmt-N and yet lie says : "The
peojile of the .e.'.ih want tyrant.' The
voting Stephen has not the luininou- ' rtin
of liis ih-parteil fath-r.
hi lllNi. I'll.l.- --SYMITOM- .M Cl
The symptoms mo ni"istiire, iike pei-pi.'a-tion,
intense itching. i:icre;u-ed hy scrati'':
nii.'. verv distrcs.-ing particiil'irly at i:!'jiit.
as if pin worm:- were trawling in and :i!ut
the rectum; the private pit's are . ,n,r.
times aft'eeted; it niloweil to c:'!i:i:r.:c very
seriniis reriilts may fellow. D;'. S.:yne's
All-Healing Ointment is a plca-anl. ure
cur". Also for Tetter, Itch. Si'.t utn,
Scald lloitil. Kryesipelas, J'.arlwr's Itch.
Fiotchis. all Scaly, Crit-ty, Cutaneous
Kruptu-ris. Trice oO cents. : hoses ' 2.
Sent hy mail to any address on receipt of
price in cmn ncy or t-liroe cent polage
itanip. Prepared only hy Dr. Swayne &
Sen, o-'Xi North Sixtli street, rhilad'-lpliia,
I'a. Sold hy all prominent diugcKt-.
i;v T T v f K t'is-'s verv evne-'lv
ItOV , ."ST. '1011-, OI J.t.Jb...s, ! ' I
suggests that the jieophi of the K.vtorn
States ought to take thirty or forty tiiou
and of the migrant southern negroes to re
lieve "bleeding Kansai1.'1 Tim ilarkics are
piling ,n rather uncomfortably on St. .lohn,
hllt he need expect none of the swell Fast- ;
n-nuhheans nejrroi.hili.ts to n.lv.HMte a
' nero influx into Ne'.v Vork or I' nti-vh.'.-
I DKl.
,. i. ,- r I
hXTK.WT. ror persons Sin.crillg iroill j
exhaustion of the powers of the brain Mid j
nervous system, from long and continued i
svuoy or v aciunu, 01 in loose eases oi e.-
haustion from w hich so manv voung men ;
sullcr. I know ot no better medicine l-r t
restoration to health than Fellow--' Coin
pound Syrup of llypophosphites.
F.DMDNt) ('i.AY, M. !., PllgWiish. N. S.
Tin-: New York World calls for "the as
.sertion of American rights on the lsihinu-."
The World should really read the r. cm
report of the house naval commit loo on
the condition of our na.'y ami then .-ay
whether we are in trim for provoking,
needlessly, a foreign war. What Ameiiean
rights in the United States of Columbia
h.it'.. I.....n ;,.r..l,.u.l I I,.. ef,.,.,l I,., , ....I . .., :
L " ',''ii'i '
St. .lo-i.i'u',-t'iit'ia:it, oil Sixth avenue.
New York, ha-a large und wealthy conri -nation.
Its pastor, the Keveretid Faiher
FalTcll, a faithful servant, known by his i
works, testilhs to the wonderful curative !
r .... , i . . . , ,. , , i
Jd'Opertles ot titles Liniment Iodide Alii- !
inoniii in inilaininatorv rheumatism, pains :
in the joints or loins, for it gives instant re-
io. Nild b' till druggists. Send V,r
pamphlet. j
GiUis' 1'iu.s cures Erysipelas. Dr. Oil--' i
J,U est i.roiplway, ,"i, , irial -i"
cents. Suld bv liarclav lims.
TWO OltllANS. -Ro"Ulati: lil's! the i
, , ., ?. . ,, , I
stomach, second, the liver; c-pccially the :
III lit, SO US to perform their function's lur-
feet U. n,l von r,.m,.t.l I, I
twentieths" of all the ills that mankind is !
J .' ' I
leir to. in this or anv othor I'linmlo Ih.o
Hilloru is tho mill, tl.imr tloil will ..In. I
,. , ... P . ' '
leetly Healthy natural aeliuti to tli'-e two
oi garis,- -Maine Farmer.
Wastkh. -Sherman & Co., Maralnll.
i i . , . . . , . ,
Mich., want an agent in tins county at
once at a .salary of $100 per month a id
expenses paid. For full partietilai-i ad
(I rem as above.
SMtATixiA Sl'KIMiS, At'lil'ST '.'II, S',.
Messrs. Moiioan A: Anns, 5!i John St.,
New York City :
(I"nth;inen- riaviny notieeil your adver
tiseuient in the Daily Saiatogian, I wish to
add to your list ot testimonials inyouii,
riiirteeii yean ago 1 was sick with Mright's
Disease for eight months without receiving
the slightest benefit from the doctors.
Fortunately my attention was called to
your medicine. "Constitution Water," ami
alter Using two bottles I wits entirely cured,
Anyone allhctcd in like manner should
not hesitate to use your remedy. I should
on happy to see anv one on the subied who
is in doubt im to tho truthfulness of this
htuteimnt. Yotns truly, L. IL Cimiino.
A"li your dni'-'gist for it.
Cm iniiNo in Cticncit. No place in tho
World eipials London for the constant balk
ing kept up In th" churches. It is like a
pi'l'pettlal flisilaile ol small linns. Why
don't they take Hull's Italsnm and get rid I
of their coughs, U is the most womlerf.il j
leineilv, and the proprietors warrant it in
every instaneo. Let all cntighers givo it a
Irial. '
"I Don't Want a Push h," suid a sick
man to it drugtriht. "can't you givo ine
something to cure tne?" lis symptoms
were a lame hack and disordered mine,
and were a sure indication of kidney dis
ease, The druggist told him to use Ki'dney
'rVort and In a short time it efl'octed n com
pk'tii cure. Have you theso symptoms?
Then get a box to-duy before you become
incurable. It in the cure; sufo and sure.
Courier Journal.
Tint charge is made hy HepuMicau cor
respondents and Republican newspapers
that .lohn Sherman has sent n lot of special
treasury agents down nouth to work up his
presidential boom. Tlieyr.ro to receive six
dollars per day and their traveling e
pffnses. The agents, it is said. Imv het n
making considerable proirrc in Virginri,
the two Carolinas and r,ouiana. Thty
doubtless expect th'it their pleasant h.bors
will hear good fruit in the other S mtlietn
W lu)lesMl' .Dealer in Ice.
Car Loads a Hpt.vialtv.
O 1' !' n K :
rur.Twelftli Street anil Levee,
Frank Leslie's
Kri'iik l.e'lie'. lllu:r!i!' il Ni v.-ii:ii . t : a
iMl'.iiul record ol'Ciirrent Kveie-. I'ld-r,')! I u.
lacslie. in the t'oii'.ieul. So-iu!. Sei-ntiii- :iti'l
t'onihien inl world. As uu ht.-i nini; iind I'da
cutioajil Jonrnti! i naeqeali'il. It en uiuii;. be
nldentti" llom.'-tie atvl t'uPMii .N. wn n! the M r t.
j;d!tor;i.!i. Serial aiid borf Storiea. ::e.. e:-A
Amsti-iiiL' t. urtoetiK and hcieitifnl llliistrmioi;- It
hn iifHily resa-hi-J its Semi rnui-roim! 'e!t!r:i-I'ttb'.i-ln'ii
i-viTv 'lne(Uy. pri'-t lOc in. .', i.iai
:tl iii'iM.-ritiuii Ji. piiFtjiuid.
Km Ilk l.elii'V IVpitbr Mnltlil.v if rei: .r.:-,.i: :
lie itn ec i'! ruee. i iii.ai.iii ti.d i itj r ti- u-i
1 i.e.. iind it i. imtailon is tlrmlv e-iat'lr-l.' il . Th"
j b-M writer are nmmi': l; f.i:;ribs::or. it
toien." n'presi.Tit evi.-r.v i!. p ii-.ni' t.t cl iiteriMre. m
I rial all tyte. will be irnoii eil nr.d all r i-- m'
I n-.der- derive eht; rliinaK i:i ui.il iii!ru. 1 1 . n Iruin
' """H ennlnit.. hiotiif l ycarto pa2- w. r
lOi c-nuruv ii" an heli-h '-nc , nutf.liet. to. -tli.'i-
with a hnnil-ome cliruuio tHUUi-tHi-d-. I'itr.!ie'!
nil the l.-;h ofeu-ry montl:. Mlf ' .'Ti. . i J p.-r
ttuuil :u. pur.1 puili
Flunk l.fslio's Clihiniie Cm iii-r Tbi beaut itn!
pt-riodii al liiu), tor le.-uny l Aeiiiy y. r. niniLvein. d
.liulrnvil Mnro I'hiiit Mtul Itunt.. Kr..n.l V. . :v .
u uuer oriiv o-.i-r rom-.ieii or a i r.mi y
'Z nun'J
. ' . ' ' .. , .
i-l whirk roe I. -.,i;tiPil!y .B:b.-'.l-he.:. IT Mi-he, : t-w
ry Moiic.ii-. pr.e- :o . , i t-. Atr.aa! tub-i riptioc
1 1, post Hid.
Prank l.e-lir's suodav Maaazit,.'.- Ti. l-ri'.ii-
ai.r iii.ri.Mliri.: niiii..iii,t..il!v ,.- '..-,n. s -.,
w ., . . ' - .... . .
..:-. in- n il- i itr.i uh iiirr m i rte -itu:--. nr
it an iiiiim lie" eii'Ui:itinii. arn rrn ri." wi.r.-n-
v.t romaiemlation of the Hltioas aed -.-i!ar
pr-. I'tir-- and beulthy in tmi ur;i :e:,.-i.:i.f.
lialp iVi
imi-t ni'.riicir.e t.eiti-. I te-re rM- in' m -!;;..
s,-.u. Hiort ston.-,. AdvemKre. i''ruy-. r
-.jbi.-,-t. t-..jnartoiit.-. ml no ii;a.:r!.i;,,i;. m,
e:u fi tiumber. I'l.lia-hed on tue jo Hi rv. ry iiutii.
l'rire, i-iii.r'i-coi'V. etnt-: aiiie.ai rab- ri t.i.i..
Frank l.c-Iic-', I. ady .lotiriial I- '.le n,"-: Pnpien
rt.slieund linl'-iiuiiiiiiir ul the ue. ),: ,Iu.:aa,
of r H-lilvE . ha' ii inn li-rr-ititri'.i- l' i-nj. wf
'Xeellrl t til ten Sll'l 1' 11 ! 1 Iptillll "I i "
I. lit--I Sl I"- of ( liii'l;, ii " . . M' .:-' I'.i i' .ure
lit L, 1 1 oa t'.iTiii'y Topi' .. i -in;;.... p.,,,
Ka-h;i'Dulil" Int. Ilii'ei.'-e. i'cr-oni! c 'hi' ' In', i ti
etc I'a-hioii I'lates ar" iripnr' -i v. n;Uy fre.
I'ui-i-. e-.elii-O' lv for tie' I . .. I : . " Jm i", I'a'
li!i"-'l ix'tv Friday, pre c tw ci A,.u.ih'. tt'
-ciijeion J-t. po-'.piii'l.
Frank l.(sie I a v '- vhna- 'I ill.
' oaipl.-P' I iii-tiaiaii'n'.e Ma., i,e n: Altie;i-a. I'
report 111 III'.' ' V, r v.ll'.'II .' h.ji' H lf I ,1-1 ,. 11" -
J I ill . llniiijel", el'., ure pai'lieu, ii n m ..!' .0 ,-.)'. -,
Willi tllOKl' ill tile l-.-.'ll- Il j, III rllll'.:'. Ml tllllt tl'l) -il
er0(.'r rei-elM! the eur'.i'-. li.forrrnlion. 'II
I'l'lill aiill ' 'lloreil I'll-hioll I'I'.J '- , la porl'-'l IllOIlt I:
iv fri'iii i'art-. nr.:
iiiaju.aieii v ill' arcarate
i-eript.nii. Hint th" i!a-l at:on c
Hie I'u.-h' -1
-1 v 1 ol art. I lieu' nirv i.ei.ai: i," n! i ul i.
an, I ei:t. italiiu..' -..rae'.'r. I'li'd i-U' il i.uti; ;
. iit.nt.ai MileTilp:ioii. !', po-:p:,.d
i Fr.iel, l.i".!leM'.iiMi;et. - .Mii'-i,ii,. ..l' Hr.nr.r
; '". Mil l r-purUina' Muni-, 'lilies i.r IP-ioirm, Ad
. , , ritiir - in 0 smCi-ii A ri.n.t i-iiiert.ei,'..,.. t.oJ.li.
tioa of ! .juarto p.-:'. 'uib'-d 'lin-rtir.';
Mor e Tate.. Mirin- A.het.tar.-. tartlins In-i-
d.'lit.-. All":(!n'.i'". eli. Il IK prolt'-elv UT.ll hatl'l-
Mnn-ly illusiiated. I i, ! ; -1: . ii Mi.'iihlv. Nil;-;,.
copy, t icciu: amoia! -ubs.'ripiioti.jtt.r.i. p tp:..
Fran1; Leslie's llos- and dlr!.' Yvj-eMv.- Tl.e
o!il"-t lillii het jlivelii'e p,t;ir plllili-hed. "A la.l,
..1111,1 t.U:a',,.inll III Seril.l ii Slim! Sluriei, full ..'
Fun. Alienation mil Urijjiiti.i-s'.niMl free Iron: i-en
hiiIIi nii'l-m Portrait- and -k' ti.hi'H of ni-tin-
(,,.(. ir,o.'i.iierlioi.'..'ptv.ie..'..i.-.' E.ui.nti''
her prolliM ly illti-tr.iled . I'll e'.i-hed everv M";
diiv. rrii". -In.'!!' ii ii n; Nit. Ti rent-: annual Hie,-
Ki riplioll, i; r, i. nielli ' iurlllil'. i! .
Frank I.(--lie' I'lia-anl llntivs A ri.oi,ih'.
I''','i''!'''"1- "-' Hooature ot t!ie ino-l-ilea-
oil' I'tcrmier. tah iiiir.-.ei '-'. iidv" lines, ini.tr.-.
,.te. Kvery tnr.v i- eomp! in carl, i.iiini er. iiiai
"' " "'"""''i w',h 'aatifnl en: ravine- and . .
r':"'U"' -v. ,1,'ll-l"l "'i ' no rlalion- rei.'Kie'. A
i eiii-iiiii iiniir I'M II iiiwir K II-' llll F I'M III
1'riee ir,ceuu a ropy i nuai -aWr!; ila'i . ;i
I' I'll Ilk I.i'Mli- h rliiirt.'fiH.X 1 exir.'i..y (e.;er,.-d
I" piell-e the cji'Wltll il- Wlillhol pil'tUI'e-. I'.ml 1.1 .
i nteriiiin and inm-uct yoiuhinl reuder with Ii
ean iiiiiv irepiiri 'l nierarv enniei i-, whleh will no!
lull to fit lie attention of. and interi'Ht and in
"irne!. ehlldl'i'ii ol tender year. The ('lilitter'nos
"hoiild he in every lioii-eleild. I'abli-lied moiilhlv
i ii.i ,ii,:, in o in. oi a in, y ,hi a ve r, no -i
ai;e iree. '
FHANK hhshlh'S Pt'llhlSHINti HOt.'.SK.
am' 'it' Park I'laee. New York-
tf 4 - TO ViOlviA YKAR. or $"' to
V Ik I If I'tOBibiy lu vour own locality
I ll li lN"rl-lt Women do a well
v ly 1 J J J a "u'"' -va"y make inore
lr than the amount Hinted
above. No one nin lail to
irnike inoni'y lust. Any one i nn do the work, Yon
ran malic from !Vlc to iiin lionr hy ilevoiliie your
evenlnu atnlHparu time to the hiuinoMH. Il i ot
nothitm to l rv tin- hindne-. Nolhlni; like II for
money miikliii: everoU'ered hefore. Iiiiii--v jiIorh
at.Vaiid lrhtly lioiioruhle. Header, If von want to
know ull iihnur the bel pnvin:; hnsineHH hi-fori; tho
milille. send n your addri'BK mid we will Hend yon
Mill piirtbiilar and pilviiti: term fri'vji.aiiiili'S
worllija also free; yon run thi n make up vonr
mind forvoiirKelf. Addri' liUuKUK 8TlNtlN
A CO. I'ortliind. Maine
Obtuiivd for new Invenllonu. or for Improvement
on old oin ; for medical or other eoiiipoiiinln, trade
mark and label, ('uveal. Alitiitnent, Into'
r. Aooehin KnliM r..i ii.r.i.i.. i
ill i'iii'iirlln tinder the 1'ntent l.n. pn'mint-
'';'','"' '; 'LViT.'vT .1"v,i,!"."".Mm"1 ,ll'v"'-ii
il-, neinir o'm,- ne uirn. n, -iui'in liehnrllnellt.
Kllil eni'.l'.'ed III I'lilent hli-nie i'Mi'IiihIvi y, we ran
limke rloer si'iiiche. mid i'eiii'e Pati'iit itioro
iromplly, and with hrinidei elalm, thitn thwc w'lio
lire ri'inole IViim W iihlhjMo!i.
I ' V V TO 1 1 S "" " m'"11,1 "r "lo'ti'li ol
li I lil 1 Ilo your devli'i'i we limke vf
BtnlniitioiiH and ndvle a to mli'tilnhllltv, fC., of
cliaa'c. All correiipiiinli'iiie alrie.tlv rntindi'iitlal,
t'rire low. and no i hari.." nnleu I'uioni, p, m.run'il.
We refer III Vlililii'lnii, to J( tr PiHinIHtnr
(lenernl D. M. Key. Ib'V I'. Ihl'ower. The Herman
Amerli'ioi N ui Ion ul llnnli, to olll'Anli In the II H.
Patent Oft. and to Heiiatora and lt''ii'i'euiutlve
In C"nri!i nnd nieelii in nur rllcnu In eyury
Htnte lu tli L'uIod and in Canada. Addruu
Upposllt Pateut Offlc, Wajiblnntoo U. C
,,1 ......1, ,, I. I, I . . ,'. "J
tiateliteil t.r
J)j;. (1 MuLAiNJffS
are not rccom mended as ft remedy "lor all
the ills that I'.csh is heir to," hut in affec
tions of the Liver, and all liilliotis com
plaints, Dyspepsia, and Sick Headache, or
diseases of that character, they stand with
out a ritul.
aoui: and fi;vi:k.
No better cathr.rtie can lie used prcjura
toiy to, or alter inking quinine.
As a sinipie purgative they are uticil,;.i:ed
The genuine are n: er siignr-coated.
Laid box has tt red wax seal on lie- lid
with the impression, McLank's Li kh I'ii.i..
Kach wrajiper hears the sign; ture- of t '.
L Lank and Fi.t.Mi.M l!i;os.
Ii1 in-it tip'in having the g'-nuin- Dn.
V. M Lank's Livi:;: 1'i:.i. prepared hy
FI.KMlMii HMOs., l'itt-biirsli. u
the lliaikd b..::ig full of in;i:,itin;;s !' tie-
name McLani , sjiellei! diih i. Titiy but -:.nn-pr"UUiieiation.
F KTATR r I! I UR!:t. crr.lt. US 'I'! II
Tue uiidrrn.'Led. buvine been apoit.li-il A ('; is it.
imrntiirol the ei'Rte i.f liurr' l tirr'-r. Ive ii! t!:
l otintv of Alexander ar.d Mate ot 11! i t; ' i . i:.'
e.'nseil, ln'H-hy n'wa uoli' e that he Hpper be
fore Itie C'otitity fiiiirt of Atuatu-r roaiit). at tl.e
enart hor., in Ca'M, at the April ti rai . .t. ; t I
third Mon l.iy in pril uet. at whii h liru" al, p. r !
oti hniu.' cl.'.iinH aainit mid -tat.' are n.itiil.d J
nnd r- tiuette I to r.feud fertile porp-.-e of fcuvir..' I
tile saiisc ndjusti'd. All perstm- linii tit. o t" :.:'.
el4i' ure ie.:i, :("! to lu.na.- !a:tnv.:ia!e payrr.f r.t 1
;w ti e untiernfjui d.
l)t.:r..l ;h s 'ir.l day'i.f K. A. I;.
i.hw.i;o t.i;. .i;. vntcnT!.'. r
DNilNMK.'.Ti.'H'S Mri' h.
i i.rm: tiii.vo k wi- kiu. i,, ka.iiii
s.i'( ( f I., no'-.. A .( l '.r r-f '-i.r.r,' v
! To a:i p.nies concerned:
j Jl ItJ!
j -..ia.wilj preJi u: to t!i.''.-(.ui;tv . r.ir: of AinXuiici. T
I eoi:nty. al t'wio. liiinoi.. !. final r- por; of
; nj, tii.t idiii.L' t- n." b a(lmitit"tur.
i hU1' ,h c,,,jr; !" "'-''barwd fr any
an J ah fr.rihi r r!i:'i". aeil n fp.iii-iliilitu- coi tie' l
lii.y, miiVMlun I'.-n-l
-.-" -
hi whi.-l. tirr.e .h i! p' e.
vie :i:ay tje pr "''til i.;
f o i ' h".i-e o tn fie.
'M L" J-:i. V.. A LKrli'.
Ati"iii.tn ' r
h' ie Wi'l'aiii ,' , ' ' i , r r a t 1 k , I)' a-a!
Th' ,i a e '-:;, ,,('.. rin', ir ,. Itetm iippuoit' d A ,: rrui.
i-tritor 01 O.e .--c'e i.j ii:imn VeCmaii- k. iute
l 111" i'eil ly,. A1', ;.,.m1,t and ff.te ol ll.ll.iil.
ip-e.-a- 'I. l.-h ' i'iv ii'iltee thi't lr wiii appear
l.ej, io lae cii;'v (;,. iri of Al'-vin I r C a iv, a:
tl.e court !.i,a-,'. in (' i r, . tl.e .Mao u "ei rr.. i a t! '
eiiiinl Moiiirr. In M .. .- ti n -x t. at .-.M,h tin.- i 1
persol,!- lot i a.' e! V '11 H'.'.liM"T nil i . ' jl i.- are n i ,t i
!i-! aed r ;;. -led to ill'.' ud .-r the pu'po'- (:.
il, Hie i-line ,l'l.:ri1. A!i JUT" I - lll'i''':!' JO
aid i-oi?" i,r. i (.ai ' ,.i Ju la.-.k" ini';,-a.i i' .y
lU'Ctt ith, uie I, r.-;i;:.ea.
(.l.dlH.K cislii.H
!".'., a' '!." J'-l day of Jaw. !-. Aii'iot.'-t.-'!!;.
I'ViM- iliA P'K'S Mri(.U.
k-tat r or i:m- -ei.i ivav. I"., i: .-i n
Th" u nili r'utir,. I;a ill'.' ,-. n ! Coin '., .'. A. a, :.
i I ralor of '.he i.'stati' of ! n ; r, :" .- i " :m a. in'' i.i (
oii'iiy of Alex ttider and state o:' I;.iri',. !..-e,.-eil.
hen hy irlvci. la;i a e il.i he v. i!l api'f ar le-fo-'
tie Coun'iv ''nurt of Alexuiii.er i-ueiitv, at th.
Court Hun"" in ai.-o at the Man li terir. or t!i
ei ond Miiii'lav in Muiih next, at wl.iil, tm."
P' T-nii-hiiviie." aailii" iia s' mul 'h:i are i.oli
li"d and r. iii"-ted lu lOteiid fur th'- pr.rpcf of hav
iiiL' tin: hiiiae ailli-t.'d All per-..;,' ii il-at' i to
-aid ehinte ar" ieine-ii.it to rink'' nriiiied.a'i pay
lll' llt tO th lll.lelL"1ed.
I'A I ::! K SI 1. 1. IVAN. Vl'iiu, M-:,",r
le.'i d thiii I'eii nay ol ,1 .notary A. h. "
AltltTV STOI!..
XKW" voiTk stokk
The hiU'iri'Nt Vill'iety Stork
IN Fit); C'lTV
Cor.Nui' tei'ii'l, 'tri.. j mid ( P'lirn Til
C'ltmiii'rciu! Ate.. i ' tlUU. IJJ
C. O. DAT 110 It CO.
mii.mn mi: .
Winter's lih'i k.Coniev Seventh Street mul Com
leerelul Avi'iitte,
lei-iifB to infurm 'he rltistniof C'niro ui.d vicinity,
that he h ii h a
New iiiul Lari;(; Slock of (ioods
Which htwHl ell at actcai. ht. c.iniUti(! of
Ladies' Triiiiimul
ami llntriniined
Hals and Hoiinets,
Aud Floe Imported lion tor l.adlm and Children.
Ladies' Furnishing Goods!
All tli vry laU't riel(tns. Price low a poa
slble anfl RiindhniMkeil in plain flnrc. Will nol
be undiTBold. Call and aumnliiii. No troahla to
how ttnoda Indict whu do but what tuny
want will plou9 aak for P.
una t Ky
120 Hroadwuv.
P (Lit
i:KPi.rs ovej-
j Washington Avenue
K. A. lU.'HXKTT.Ani,
' I
The limit Parriajre MaiiiitVtfturiiir Hue f the' World.
Top I ULTtf U 'S
liest Uitit ii.i!. good worKu.i.i!Lip, hata.se no j-ixi
ik.rtil'ie vein, ii a in ev-iy res" i t.
Manufactured h KMK1IS0X,
in every pari of the
They give unfailing satisfaction. All their work is warranted, They have received
testimonials from all parts ol the country of purport similar to the billowing, hundreds
of which sre on file subject to Inspection:
M'r Hmuh-om Fnoiitn A, Co
I havu li -nt one of your T
I havu UNfd onii of yoarTop lliiile ihrec
and they havu xiven lue perlect fatirftotlou and arc
M"r. Coi roeu A .InnNson.: Nawnraiiy, H. C, July 17, lf):u.
Iiear Mr :-I have been tiHitiR tlin Umernuii Fisher BiiaKy I bnastki from you a roiitrblv 1 Buii
poHe a any one could 1 bad n fait borne, drovn hlni at full epeed, rotnetinu' with two uniwo ladle and
inyxrif In the huguy, bhd II lr to-duy worth ail the nionty i paid fur it, I av the Kmemnn .t hTliur
UiijjkIi: win Uo. A. M.TKAliFE. Farmer.
The favorable reputation the Csrriuges have made iu local i lies where they have been
tiaed f.(r several years by Liverymen, Physician, Fanuein and otheiN requiring hnrd and
constant use, has led to an increased demand from those localities, to meet which tho
manufacturing facilities of thuir mammoth establishment have hern extended, enabling
them now to turn out in good ttylc,
860 Carriages a Week.
srr a rr kk,
..V'. l'r ihirm Ve.i' .
ii' '.l.L il: F(
I t,r
)-" F1CK:
Corner Twelfth St red.
iUK 1 PIliK'tOMS,
,llg a.', 1 1
FiSHKK k CO.. are now in use
American Continent.
tiAI.VA. Ii.i... .1 1 1 1 v til. is.-'i
)ea', Dd three of them two year in my flvry tahlc.
la eouhlnnl use.

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