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) arrnRia at Tna row office is cairo, iv
K.rnest II. Thivlooke, City JUdttor.
Only Morning Doily in Southern Illinois.
Caiho, III.. July 18, ism)
Tlm. Bar. Thar. Hum. Wind. Vel Weather.
8VV 4
sw a
W 3
8 6
1 V95
10 " 81I.9&
Hp. III., W W
"if.rimnm Tumuoraturo. Minimum Tem
perature. 7.) : Klnfall I N) Inche.
t Klv0rfeet8luche.. W. H. RAY,
Sera't Slirnal Curva, U. 8. A.
Notice la this column, five cenu pur line, each
The young ladies of the Temperance club
will give a moonlight excursion ou the
(Three States, Tuesday night, next the
boat leaving the landing at 8 o clock sharp
Dancing will be indulged in, to the strains
of our best band and the fare for the round
trip will be only 25 cttt.
" Just received at The Bulletin office a
stock of paper especially for "Ilektograph
Copying. .
A thorough bred short horn bull. Four
years old, Apply or address Superintend
ent Illinois Southern Hospital tor Insane,
Anna, Illinois.
A twelvo foot second hand rango in two
sections of six feet each. Apply to or ad
dress Superintendent Illinois Southern
Hospital for Insane, Anna, Illinois.
Wm. Davidson, Eighth street, is agent
for Wm. L. Perkins & Go's celebrated Mar
bleizcd Mantles and Grates. They are ele
gant. FOR SALE.
Saloon and bar fixtures, ice box, coun
ters, mirrors and stock. , Established busi
ness since 18C1 ; house suitable for a large
family or boarding house. Can be rented
on easy terms; for further information ap
ply at No. l7, Ohio Levee.
The three-story brick building, good busi
ness and dwelling-house, located corner
Fourteenth street and Ohio Levee, will be
rented either furnished or uuturnished to a
good tenant. Apply on the premises to
Mrs. Timotiiy 0'Cam.aiian.
F. M. Ward has entered the field again,
this season, with his ice wagons, and is
prepared, as formerly, to furnish pure
lake ice, in any part of the city, every day,
ia any quantity desired. The fact that he
give the business his personal super
vision, furnishes a guarantee that his pat
rons will be promptly, faithfully and satis
: factqrily servod.
Are you or any o your friends suffering
from nervous debility, neuralgia, rheuma
tism, dyspepsia, constipation, disease of the
liver or kidneys, female weaknesses, chills
and fever, scrofula, or any diseases of the
skin, mercurial, lead or whisky poisoning,
or any disease, either acute or chronic,
which you have dispairedot ever curing by
the use of drugs? Do not think there is no
relief for you until you have tried the
Electro-Vapor baths, and you will be as-J
tonished and gratified at the result you
will so speedily obtain at such a trifling
cost. These baths have been tried and are
endorsed by many ot our most prominent
citizens. Tlu-y are the universal favorite of
the ladies. They clear the complexion and
give a buoyancy uud elasticity to the step,
which nothing else will impart. Adminis
' tered daily at the office of Dr. Marcau, No.
140 Commercial avenue, between Eighth
and Ninth streets, over Black's shoe store.
, A lady always in attaudtincc to receive
lady patrons.
Stock and variety of biota and
shoes at C. Koch's, Commercial avenue
shoe store, between Fifth and Sixth streets.
We have just received and now ou hand the
largest stock of the best St. Louis and Cin
cinnati custom made goods ever brought to
, this city, nil styles and sizes in men, wo
men and children's shoes. Having recently
refitted and enlarged our store more con
veniently we now carry the largest stock of
hand made work in the city at tho lowest
possible prices. Our motto is large sales
and small profits. Also always on hand n
complete stock ot leather and findings at
tbe lowest prices. Call around when in
need of any goods in our line for bargains
The undersigned will, on and after
May 1st, bo prepared to furnish our citi
tens a first rate quality of ice cream,
equal in every way to that furnished in
'' Chicago, made fresh daily, and furnished
in freezer, from one gallon upwards; deliv
, ered to any part of the city. This cream is
made by an experienced artist and cannot
; tail to givj satisfaction on trial. Orders
left at ico house, corner Eighth and Levee,
; ; will receive prompt atteution. Will be fur
nished at 1.25 per gallon in quantities from
one gallon upwards. RohertUewett,
V Agent.
' , To my old customers and as many U3W
, ones who read this, greeting: I am pre
pared to deliver in any parf of tho city ice
of best quality and at the lowest possible
price. 1 respectfully solicit your patron
re and guarantee satisfaction. Ice box on
. Eighth stroet, next to Bristol's, open at all
hours, day or night. Orders filled cither
: '( from wagon or at the ice box.
" ' , . ; " - Vouri, Respectfully,
i'v'i?' ''. 7) ' ' ' ' . . . Jacoii Kxeb.
Strayed or stolon, a red and whito-gpot-ted
cow, small, with largo body and big
horns, five plain wrinkles on horns. Five
dollars will bo paid tor nor return to mo on
Sixth street. . WALresKi
Tho Pino Sight Association of Primitive
or Old School Baptists wiil convene in
Omega church at Jacob's grove, Little
Rock, Arkansas, on Saturday before (1st)
first Sabbath in August 1880, to continue
three days. Accommodations will bo had
to entertain all brethren and friends desir
ing to attend. Introductory sermon wil
be delivered by Eld. Wm. II. Gaston, from
(11) eleven o clock a, m. Hespectfully,
Geo. V. Perkins, secretary,
Other papers pleasocopy.
Nottcui In these column!, tun cents ncr-llno
eacu msemon. jiaraou
Circuit court convenes to-day.
The Illinois Central pay car arrived
County court, Judge Yocum presiding,
was in session yesterday.
Tho little daughter of Mr. J. A. Wood
son is quito ill with scarlet fever.
Our next circuit clerk, Mr. A. II. Irvin,
visits the country to-day.
Just received a large invoice of No. 0
envelopes at The Bulletin office.
Schroeder & Cuhl are moving into the
store room, lately occupied by S. D. Avers
& Co.
Hon. John II. Oberly delivered a stir
ring address to the Alton Democracy last
--Aldcrrnan Pettit left for Crittenden
springs yesterday, where he goes for his
New sewer pipes are being laid from
eigth street to the "man-hole" nn Washing
ton avenue, preparatory to gaveling.
Wanted A boy to run as news-agent
on Cairo and St. Louis railroad. Must have
flO security. Address, Union News Co.,
1213 Poplar street, St. Louis, Mo.
Mr. J. II. Rittenhouse is entitled to
congratulations from his myriad ot friends
because ot au infantile addition to his
family in tho form of a girl baby.
Tho picnic of the German Lutheran
Sunday school, to have taken place to-morrow,
has been postponed on account of the
heavy rain of yesterday. It will probablv
take place some day next week.
Wanted A boy from 12 to 17 years
of age to stay with a first-class barber in a
nice country town on the Cairo and Vin
cennes railroad, to do chores and learn the
trade, if wished. Call at the Arliugton
house, August 3d, at half-past 10 o'clock.
A thousand pounds of note, letter,
statements and bill-heads, Quaker City
best papers in the market, pure linen fibre,
pure Irish linen, white and colored poster,
light and heavy linen, azure, yellow,
cream, etc., just received at The Bulletin
At tho Greenback convention, held at
tho corner of Eight street and Ohio levee
last Saturday, Major Buckley, Dr. Clarke
and Mr. Pat. Collins were elected delegates
to the congressional convention to be held
at Murphysboro on the 2!ld inst. The dele
gates were elected to vote for Dr. Clarke.
Owing to tho absence of Justice Olm
sted yesterday all the police business was
tried in hquire Comings' court. The Squire
having neglected to inform us of the day's
doings, wo are unable to lay before our
readers the accustomed police news on ac
count of which wc have resolved not to
Mr. Andrew Schroeder brought with
him from Germauy, among many other
novel and useful things, a number ot silk
umbrellas, black out and purple inside, and
substantially made. He has presented one
of them to each of a number of his friends,
among whom ure G. II. Jackson and T. M.
Judging from tho string of wagons
loaded with wheat that passed down one of
our principal streets early yesterday morn
ing, our farmers seem to have gotten
through threshing, and the roads seem to
be in good condition. Our merchants will
hail the advent of tho farmer with pleas
ure. The heavy rain, that fell a greater por
tion of yesterday and last night, while it
may bo conductivo to the health and com
fort of people who stay at homo in so far as
it cleanses tho back-yards and cools the at
mosphere, will at the samo time produce, for
the time being, at least, muddy roads, a ces
sation of country business in the city and
miserable walking.
The graveling of Sixth street is pro
gressing nicely. The plank sidewalk on
either side of the street, hetweuu Washing
ton avenue and the levee, has been nearly all
torn up, and will be substituted by gravel,
walks, which, together with tho street, will
bo properly drained by substantial gutter
ing along each side. Mr. Thrupp under
whose supervision tho work is being done,
Becms to be making an excellent Job of it.
Tho moonlight excursion, which will
bo given by the young ladies of the Tem
perance association, on the Three States to
night, promises to be a complete success.
Sinco there are no other occasions for en
joyment on tho tapis, it is conttdetly ex
pected that a goodly number will attend
Tno queen of night
Rotutd thorn ponrs alamhleut lljlit!
Llfht tli at Kuemi but J art to alio
UreaiW that beat, audtbeeka taatRlow.
Mr, Henry Stout yesterday broke
ground for tho erection of the building on
the corner of Sixth street and Commcrcia
avenue on the site on which tho old WaV'
erly house formerly stood, The structure
will be quito on imposing ono, of twenty
eight feet front, one huudred feet deep and
three stories high. Mr. Kimbrough, tho
proprietor of tho Waverly hotel, will take
charge of tho building as soon as it is com
Some Republican journals aro trying to
prove that if Garfield and Arthur oro elect
ed, and Garfield should die after tho elec
tion, Arthur would make a competent pre
sident. There is no probability nud but the
remotest possibility that ho will ever be
called upon to serve the peoplo in that cap
acity, but if the fates should decree it may
a kind Heaven protect tho couutry! Arthur
is as unfit for the presidency as an hod
carrier would bo for tho position of chair-
mau of a scientific society.
There is no longer any room for doubt
that tho Rev. Mr. Talma ge is a selfish man
He is about to take his regular summer va
cation, and on last Sunday he prayed long
and earnestly that there might bo no steam
boat explosions while he was enjoying his
pleasure trip. Ho doesn't want uny acci
dents on boats on which he expects to travel,
and ho doesn't want steamboat disasters to
happen anywhere whilo ho is away from his
pulpit, because he would miss an opportu
nity of delivering ono of his highly sensa
tional harangues.
The Democratic congressional conven
tion ot this district assembles at Carbon
dale day after to-morrow, the 22d. Only
two gentlemen have so far expressed a will-
ingness to make tho race. They are Hon
Wm. Hartzell, of Randolph county and
Hon. N. W. Graham, ot Jackson county
Alexander county will send the following
delegates: N. E. Jacobs, Richard Fitz
gerald, D. T. Lincgar, Herman Myers and
O. Greeulee. The alternates aro J. II.
Gossmau, Jno. Gates, Nick Hunsacker and
B. P. Blake.
Mr. Fred Koehler opened his meat
market on the corner of Nineteenth and
Poplar Saturday last and displayed an im
mense quantity of the choicest meats of all
kinds. Having furnished our citizens with
meats as far back as the memory of man
reaches, ho is acquainted with the their
needs and wishes and has made a practice
of catering to their wants. He buys only
the best and healthiest stock in large num
bers and therefore his patrons aro assured,
when purchasing trom him, that they re
ceive the most wholesome meats at reason
able rates. The place, corner of Nine
teenth and Poplar, should not be forgotten.
The Shawnee Herald thus hits the
nail on the head : "Tho Fairfield Demo
crat is wrong in its demands tor the resig
nation of Hon. John II. Oberly as ono of
the railroad commissioners. True, he is an
appointee of Gov. Cullom, which shows
that among the many bad things the gov
ernor has done, this is one good thing.
Should Oberly resign Bill Robinson, a
wicked find mischievous little Radical,
would probably get the place. No, Oberly
is not hurting tho Democratic party by
lolding on to the place, and we don't
think he is "hurting" to resign. Just
wait and let Gov. Cullom tell him to step
down and out, and let Mr. Robinson wait
uutil Oberly's election to the office of sec
retary of state, and then if Trumbull sees
proper to oppoint him, all right."
Of all the luxuries in tho nature of
beer, there is none more rare and none
more nourishing, agreeable to tho pallate
or more cooling to the inner man during
these days of hot weather and political ex
citement than is the Kaputziner beer, sold
at the "Gem'' saloon, corner of Twelfth
and Washington. One trial is all that is
necessay to insure a second'and a third.etc,
and this is so because of its beneficial ef
fect upon tho physical and mental man.
It turns the thoughts of the worldly mind
ed to religion; causes the fools to forget
their folly and grow in wisdom; makes
virtuous those adicted to vice; causes men
to forget the political and other differences
of their fellow beings; is conducive of
good feeling generally; causes pleasant
dreams is, iH fact, tho elixir of life and
destined to becomo the beverage for men
of all statious in tho city, """
It is of as much interest to Cairo people
as any other people on the face of tho globe,
whether Dr. S. H. Tanner, of New York,who
is now trying to prove that a person can livo
forty days without food, succeeds or not. If
a fellow can draw in oxvgen enough to
keep him chipper and smart for forty days,
ho can snap his fingers in the face of all
greedy hotel proprietors, and see the world
cheap. When it is only required to "wash
out the mouth with a little could water,"
and nothing for other beverages, we shall
expect to see, in a well-watered city like
Cairo, a largo number of young men who
lave for years waited patiently to find
wives, who gave evidence that they could
support husbands, rushing wildly into
matrimony. Tanner's theory success
will work wonderful changes and carved
beef and baked beans and all such will be
a drug in tho market.
Prospects for the Democratic nomina
tions for congress seem, according to tho
views of some who claim to know.to have as
sumed an uncertain form. Speculation is
active in throwing doubt over the probable
action of the convention as circumstances
and tho interests of tho party, seems plainly
to havo mapped them out. It is well
known by all that Mr. Hartzell is the
strongest man the Democrats can nominato
and that ho would not full to lead the party
to success. A proper regard, therefore,
for the best interests oi the party, would
dictate his nomination. It is true that Mr
Graham is also a good man, but wo would
not be so sure of his election, should ho
be tho nominco, as we are of Hartell's
It is said that tho friends of Mr. Allen aro
not in sympathy with the influonces that
tiro being brought to bear in Hartzcll's favor
and that they will seek to shove forward a
"dark horso." This "dark horso" may per
haps bo Judge Ililcuian, of Union county,
It is to bo hoped that the convention wil
not court dofeat by making an unpopular
Young lovo is meeting with many dis
appointments just now, In saying this wo
would have it understood that tor tho time
being we are entirely unconscious of the
existenco of Cairo. Only a week or two
ago a lad of fourteen, living at Ottawa,
Canada, and a charming girl ot the samo
ago and samo town eloped with a view of
matrimony. Tho detectives, howovcr,
checked their loving career before they had
fully carried out their purpose. A few
days afterwards a couple of about tho samo
age stole away from Montreal, in search of
a secluded spot where they could enjoy
leve'a young dream undisturbed, and now
New York has a sensation, in tho 6hape of
an elopement, in which a youth ot fifteen
and a maiden of sixteen figure as principals
Tho youth had thirty-five cents
and a revolver on which to commence life,
while the girl had two twenty dollar gold
pieces, which she had appropriated from
her sister's store ot wealth. Tiiey traveled
to a secluded portion of the great city,
hired rooms and went to housekeeping.
Their honey-moon was short. Tho detec
tives soon discovered them, and now apart,
but in tho same prison for larcency, they
mourn their rashness. There are societies
for tho prevention of crimo and other things
and The Bulletin takes this occasion to
suggest to the world that there ought to ho
societies for preventing children from com
mittiug matrimony beforo they aro ripe.
J. J. Bird, who lias shown himself to
be a man of more than ordinary ability in
politics as in other things, iias been entire
ly ignored by the Republican party. His
valuable services during the last ten years
has availed him nothing. Although he has
devoted himself to the interests of the par
ty, labored with hand and brain for its ad
vancement, and donated his time and
money to its success, he has received notli-
ng at the hands of the party, which pre
tends to "lovo the colored man as a broth
er," audto regard him at all times equal in
every respect to themselves. The two in
significant little offices-one term as jus
tice ot the peace in this city and a few
months in the mail service of tho govern
ment he does not owe to the Republican
party. For the former, ho can thank only
his colored friends, tor they elected
him to that position. They concentrated
all their strength upon him, and succeeded
only because the white Republicans voters
were divided upon several candidates for
the same position, of their own color. Had
this not been the case, Mr. Bird would not
have gotten even that pitiful reward for his
untiring labors. Tho latter position he
forced the party to give him by threatening
to expose its rottenness and thus endanger
ing its future success. 1 hus it will be seen
that the little recognition that the eminent
services ot our colored citizens did receive,
was gained through their own efforts in
spite of the party whose children they were,
and only when their dissatisfaction at such
treatment threatened its supremacy.
Our good people have taken a remark
able liking to Crittenden springs and how
much more sensible this is than visiting
more distant places for recreation and
pleasure is apparent to all. Niagara, and
such like places, doubtless have superior
attractions, but if there is a quiet, patient,
enduring man, who never felt inclined to
swear, let him visit Niagara and, as sure as
he is there, that great English oath
which Byron has immortalized, and
which is caught up by the natives
of every clime where the English language
is heard, will rise to his lips if it does not
pass them. There, in tho presence of the
most sublime scene in the universe, cheat
ing, thieving, sneaking extortion, clap-trap
ways of filching his money meet tho visitor
at every turn. It is inoLstrous, and never
tails to arouse indignation. Then; man's
groveliug meanness in his grasping tor
money is shown to an extent and in a pro
fusion that cannot be outdone. We observe
that newspaper correspondents are
resenting the Niagara imposi
tions and extortions this siaon
with an animation and an energy that show
them to be fts unendurable as ever. A
writer 'in the Chicago Tribune says:
"Everything falls that is, comes down at
Iagara except the prices you have to pay
to keep upon friendly terms with the na
tives whoso business it is to swindle you.
Tliero was a time when a fellow had some
chance to escape the wholesale robbers at
the falls without jumping into tho river,
but he has none now. Even that alterna
tive is swept away, for I imagine they
would charge him fifty cents for the uso of
the water, and collect tho bill from his es
The Argus of last night contains the
following paiticulars concerning the crazy
man who was struck by Dad Lovott's cu
g'ine yesterday morning: "A man named
Alex. Peoples, who says his father lives at
Woodville, Kentucky, took passoge on the
Champion at Paducab for Cairo last night
Whilo enroute this morning he was found
sitting on the guard of the boat in
his uaderclothing, having thrown his
pants, coat etc. overboard. When
tho boat landed ot Twenty-eighth street
this morning ho rushed on shore and up
tho hill like a wild man. Tho Illinois
Central passenger train was approaching,
and a colored mau seeing ho was running
toward tho track caught him and tried to
hold him, but ho broke away and dashed
in front of tho engine Tho corner of tho
locomotivo hit him, throwing him off the
track. Ho has several scalp and flesh
wounds, and is very badly hurt, but stil
liycs, and is being cared for as well as
possible. No one is to blamo in tho matter
but himself. Ho is supposed to be crazy.
Later Wo learn that Mr. People! was
very severely injured, having his right arm
broken near tho wrist and badly lacerated
near the elbow. His right shoulder blado
was also broken. The right ear was nearly
torn olf and there were sevcrul contusions
about the head and face. In addition to
these he had sustained a severe injury in
the right side.
The injured man was takeu to Twenty
eighth and Commercial and deposited on
tho sidewalk. Dr. Parker was sent for, who
came, dressed the wounds and secured tern
porary shelter for the man in the building
nearby. Tho man is rational mw. Says
le started to St, Louis to find employment
That he has no recollection of what trans'
pired this morning; but that lie has duriu"
the past three years suffered trom spells of
unconsciousness produced by some heart
disease. Ho does not seem to have been
drinking and appears to have been respect
To the Honorable Junta Cuunin'haui, Attorney at
Sin: The manner in which citizen Dr,
Clarke is conducting the Greenback cam
paign in this city and county, is calculat
ed to retard the wheels Of commerce and
blockade the execution of the laws, and
unless some impediment is at once cast
into tho path of this bold, bad advocate of
suit money, tho consequence cannot be
otherwise than disastrous to the prosperity
of the country, and the protection of our
domestic harmony.
Marriage vows will be cast to the four
winds of heaven. Mob law will prevail,
the credit system will bo abolished, and
the payment of green grocery accounts
will be rendered an impossibility. The
individual in question, claims to have in
vested 75,000 cash in Cairo, and villain
ously charges, complains and insists, un
blushiagly, that the Democratic party, as
sociated by the Republicans, are
alone responsible for the de
preciation ot said investments to
such an extent that to-day he could
not realize twenty thousand ducats for the
same. These charges, in connection with
the Chinese and Mobile question, should
not, must not, be allowed to remain un
answered, and we, the subscribers, knowing
your ability as a lawyer, your astuteness as
a politician and your comprehensive fami
liarity with all the obstruse question of the
day, would most sincerely and earnestly ask
thot you prepare an address, in which may
be found a complete refutation ot the charges
as promulgated, by this exceedingly dang
erous discipleof Esculapius, and we shall es
teem it a great condescension on your part,
if you will at once name some evening the
comiug week, upon which wo may congre
gate ond couvene, and listen to your argu
ment, which we feel, cannot be otherwise
than logical, conclusive and satisfactory.
We have the assurance of the secretary of
theGreenback-Labor-Gold-und-Siiver party
that the stand at the foot of Eighth street
will bo placed at your disposal at any time
you may designate, and your petitioners will
ever pray.
J. M. Phillips, Frank Howe,
Chas. M.llowe, William Louergan,
R. W. Miller, Chas. Cunningham,
C. B. Rudd, William Murphf,
C. W. Wadley, Walton Wright,
Thos. Wilson, G. D. Williamson,
E. A. Burnett, M. P. Fultou,
Fred. Parker, William A. Redman,
and one hundred and ninety-six others.
Alexander The drought has affected
the condition of the corn somewhat, and
tho crop is not as promising as a month
since. There wfll not bo au averaged yield
per acre of fall wheat ; the quality is good.
Oats There will lo but little over three
fourths of an average yield per aero. There
is great necessity for thorough tile-drainage
ol much land in the county; as yet but
ittle has been done in this direction.
Jackson Corn iojured some by drought;
since late rains the prospect has improved
or more than three-fourths of nn average
yield per acre. Thero will not be an aver
ago yield per acre of winter wheat, uud tho
quality is inferior, owing to rust just pre-
ious to harvest. Heavy rains have caused
oats to lodge, and the yield per acre will be
below an average.
Johnson Corn is much above an aver-
ago in condition, and has made very rapid
growth sinco the late rains. The quality of
w inter wheat is good ; tho yield per acre is
nearly one-fourth below the average. The
dry weather of Juuo reduced tho yield of
oats per acre about 20 per cent.
Massac Cora has greatly Improved since
the lato rains, and with favorabio conditions
will soon be up to an avorage. Fall wheat
did not recover from tho injury sustained by
Hessian fly and the dry weather; the quality
is inferior, and the yield per aero is nearly
ono-tourth less than an average There
will bo over three-fourths of an average
yield per aero of oats of medium quality.
Perry Corn is not up to an average in
conditlun; the heavy rains interfered with
needed eulture, and there are many weedy
fields. Chinch-bugs have mjurod tho crop
in somo localities. Chinch-bugs havo
done considerable damago to wheat.
Oats in some localities are badly affected
with rust, and tho yield per acre will bo
less than an average. Some parties have
drained their farms, and aro well pleased
with tho increased crops.
Pope Corn lias not made tho usual
growth, owing to tho drought; of late tho
excessive rains havo prevented rapid
growth and interfered with needed cultiva
tion. The quality of winter wheat is only
medium, owing to tho rust; tho yield per
acre is not up to an average. The drought
after seeding of oats, followed by lust, has
seriously injured tho crop, and not over
two-thirds of an average yield per acre will
bo realized.
Pulaski-Corn is rather backward in
growth for the season, owing to the drought ;
the late rains have irreatly improved the
condition, which now promises to make
more than an average jield per acre. Fall
wheat is good in quality; the yield per acre
will be nearly up to an average. Oats are
short, owing to dry weather, and wiil net
make an overage yield per acre.
Randolph Corn is nearly up to an aver
se in condition : some fields are very weedy .
ami there has been some complaint of
chinch bugs.
Union Corn has generally been "laid
by" in fine condition and the prospect is
encouraging for an average yield per acre.
There will not be an average yield per acre
of wheat; the quality of wheat is good.
There is some complaint of rust on oats;
the yield per acre is a fraction below an
Williamson Tho excessive rain during
the spring ami dry weather has not been
favorabio for corn, which does not promise
but little over three-fourths of an average
f ield per acre; late rains have improved
the crop. The fall wheat crop is of Me
dium quality; onJi-fourth short of an aver
age in yield per acre. Oats have been in
jured by the rust in some localities; the
yield per acre will be short fully one-third.
We are in receipt from tho puplish-
er of a neat little volume, cutitled
"A Manual of tho German Language,"
which has so much to commend it that there
ought to be no question as to its favorable
reception. It is a model of consciseness
and of clearness expression, and entirely
free of the usual rigmarode of foreign
grammars. In it, the principles of the Ger
man languago are presented in a simnle.
plain way, peculiarly adapted to the wants
of the American student, and all persons
interested in the study of that tongue will
be sure to welcome it as a valuable aid. It
may be had by addressing A. Knotlach. 223
'ost street. San Francisco, California. Price,
! cents.
r tii
Jills receivable T9.7.10 t7
Due from other banks 14.MD 20
'ash on hand 1 5.504
Real estate 8.547 ,5r
Outfit and furniture 5,000 00
Expenses including taxes 2.702 03
Total '. $120,305 05
"apital stock paid in $ 25,200 00
eposits 91,7SS 04
Earnings a.579 52
Surplus fund 5,7DC 5!)
Total $120,305 05
We, F. Bros, president and II. Wells.
cashier, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of our knowl
edge and nellet.
F. Bnoss, President.
II Wells, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before mo this
10th day of July, 1830.
A. Comings,
N'otury Public.
Not a BtvEitAOE "They are not a bev
erage, but a medicine, with curative prop
erties of the highest degree, containing no
por whisky or poisonous drugs. They do
not tear down an already debilitated sys
tem, but build it up. One bottle contains
more- hops, that is, more real hop strength,
than a barrel of ordinary beer. , Every
druggists in Rochester sells them, mid the
physicians prescribe them." Evening Ex
press on nop Hitters.
lATIPJ fll btiilnoai now bolore tho pub
II Ij'WJ f I 1 lie. Yo'i can nmka mouey
I II 1 I fartor at work for us than at
I 9 IlJkJ A auytUluic elo. Capltul not
J J IV A. '.,..,.P ur.. will alurt vnu.
it! itiv ami unwarut made
at r-oma by the Indurtrloua. Men. woiun, boya
and tjlrl wautuil ovenrwlmro to work for u. ow
ia tho llmo. You can iievotc your whole time lo tho
work, or only your amro momenta. No other
burtnea will pay you nvnrlyaa will. Nootiowlll
I11K to work can fail make enormous pay by en
tuning at once. Cortly outfit and term frue.
A uroat opportunity for making money partly and
honorably. Addreoi TRUE . CO , Aunuala Mtlno.

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