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OttVy MornTna: Dally in Southern Illinois,
Krnt It. ThUMifltis l.Ntr KtHtor.
TAIlEll IlUOI'UK its.
TABERBRO'S Manufacturing Jewelers,
No. 129 Commercial avo., Cairo, 111.
Orricl or Tin Cairo ani Mound C'itt Kail-
aoo CoMPinr. Cairo, III.. October i!7. IKSO.
Notice t hereby givrn. lu accordance ith the
tiro ! ol tbe cuiiipauy. that it inietiti( of (be
corporator and director of th Cairo and Mound
'lty railroad oniianr will nu huld cm Friday, tlie
ltftb (twolflb) rty o ' November next. A I). !,
at Ilia whar'inaatar'a ofllce, No 75 Onto Levee
Htraet, in tbe city of Cairo, Illinois, at 10 o'clock
JulIN Q. HARMAN, President.
FOB DALE. A now job offlw, complete in every
liarticul'. and junt wbut ia wanted for tlie ruu
J job, pamohlut and otbr work lu Htnall towua.
Tbe material wa all carofulljr selected at tbe folio
lrf by a job printer ol V ) years eiwrlcuco. TyjM-a,
Viordira, etc. . ara of the latent atylr:n, and la i3r
Kvlord r Tlie pre ia rlghta. medium. For
particular, adui "'A," caro of Bulletin office,
'airo, lUiuoi .
oxk NrunroNLY.
Wednesday, November
1 m n in
n i
e., w p. aw..
M 4N A'iElt
The Lrtiewt and Complete Organ
ization in America.
Mi-M tbrue day Id advance at Ilartinan'a.
Notieva In tUI column, 8f reui purlluu, cai:h
KrciU Mobile oysters will be kept in
bulk through the schski, constantly in
xtock, and our numerous customer will be
oupplied in quHtitiln-s to huH, by the dozen,
hundred or tlimiHand. Also frenh Italtimore
oyaters in cans, best quality and all urude
at closo rturea. Heud your order to the
Oyster ami Fish Depot, Ohio levee, comer
Ktgbtu. street. Roukht IIkwktt, Agent.
. -
Pain from indigestion, dynpcpsia, and
too hearty eating, is relieved at once by
talcing one of Carter's Little Liver Pills im-
tztadiately after dinner.
FA ItS II A K a' ft -TH
S T 1 L L
W NIK h ,N
LURXBaKKR. THE CLOTHIER, the pioneer in the Clothlnif lusineM in thin
city whom hi competitors like ho well to follow, both in style of doing
nslnen and huylnir from flrst-e.las wholesale Iioums announces to the reader
of The Bulletin that hU stuck of Clothing, Hats and Fnrnisliing Goods is jjrand
aud to which he invite the attention of all connoiseiirs of NfyHsh, well-made
nd fltttiniTjrannents. To he sold at
Clothing and Stetson's Hat is full and complete.
, FAUN RARER, The Clothier.
Corner beveuth and CommercUl Areune.
Tlie ladies of the Presbyterian society
Will "iVll fl SUppt r 111 tlie lltlll "I UW irionu
'rlub0 "ii Tenth street. Thursday
i-vL.tiiiii next. Oytor, and every
seasonable nnd elegant ui tit le of food pro.
ilmlirst of style will 1)0 nerved
and other menus of enjoyment will
be provided. Everybody is invited to at
Fh.vd has removeil to Walnut
street between Twelfth and Thirteenth
streets. Pupils received in tho dav-school
or instruction Riven in special studies. Such
persons asaro employed during thedity and
desire lessons in l.atiu, noun-Keeping
Mathematics, will bo taught at night by
Prot. Floyd, who is assisting Madame
Tim hunt aborted stock of Cookini and
HcntiiKT Hrovos. Tinware. Hardware, IIol
low ware. Cultorr. etc.. etc., can be found
at A. Ilalley's, 115 Commercial avenue.
W. Winter is preparing to go to Villa
Hideo to make some views of graves, and
tombs of the deceased. Now would be the
opportunity tor those wishing work of su
perior order to consult Mr. W., as Ids work
is unsurpassed.
The "Champion Monitor" is tlie best
cook store in the market for cither wood or
coal. Ctu bo had only at A. Ilalley's, 11.
Commercial avenue.
Those wishing to make an acceptable
present for Christmas would do well to
give in their orders as soon as posnible so
as all can be accommodated.
Wm. Winter.
Forty Westminster base-burners in use
in the city and all give perfect satisfaction.
Bold ouly by A. Halley, 115 Commercial
For the finest roasts, the juciest steaks,
the tenderest chops, the most delicious
cutlets, the best sausages, you must go to
Fred Koehler's sample room on Eighth
street, where the very cream of the market is
always to be found.
Five lots on on Levee street, above Reed's
foundry. Will lie sold cheap. Title per
fect. M..I. Howley, ileal Estate Agent.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulsers, salt rheum, tever sores,
tetter, chapped haud, chilblains, corns, and
all kinds of skin eruptions. This salve is
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in
every case or money refunded. Price, 25
cents per box. For sale by (J no. E. O'Haka
The undersigned would respectfully in
form the citizens of Cairo that we are now
rer-itiving daily, iiaJ the only irtics in
Cairo, direct from llaltimore tresh cysteis by
the can and from the quantity w are re
ceiving and selling daily we are enabled to
sell them for ten aud twenty cents per can
Ie9s than any other house in the city and
as the season advances we will be enabled to
sell them much lower. We are now selling
the choicest brands at the following figure,
to-wit: Choice Standard, full cans, 40 cents;
choice Selects, full cans, 50 cents. For sale
at Winter's grocery, on Eighth street, nnd
at the Hotel De Winters, late Arlington ho
tel at any time, day or night.aa the hotel is
never closed. Parties can always rely upon
getting them. Respectfully,
H. WiMHi A Co.
OvEil 1550,000 Howe scales sold, llor
den, Selleck & Co., agent, St. Louis, Mo.
t CLOTH 1 E It.
H E B E !
the lowest figure. His stock of Hoys
Notice in thornf column, leu coma per lino,
each luiHTlioti, Marked
Hon. John IJ. Oherly has been in the
city for several days.
For sale cheap, a dttk. Apply at this
The Delta C'itv tire company proposes
to give a social hop some time during the
present month.
Fon Sale, phaeton and set of harness:
Apply at the Bulletin Ofllce.
Two little girls, twins, were born unto
Mr. .Tn. Ttosa and wifo yesterday. The
Bri.i.ETiN extends its hearty congratula
"Between tlie acts-' cigarettes, whole,
sale and retail, nt P. Koismevcr's.
Miss Mary Brown who has been absent
from the city for about four mouths,
visiting friends in "Wisconsin, is home
The scales of justice were yesterday
permitted to enjoy a day of rest. The var
ious Justices left the bench to servo their
country at the polls, and hence these col
umns are minus the usual police reports.
"Between thu acts" cigarettep, whole
sale and retail, at P. Korsuieycr's.
A valuable mule, the property of Mr.
Jacob Lattncr. died yesterday ami was
given decent burial back of the Mississippi
The custom house was depopulated
yesterday. The clerks were engaged in the
commendable business of saving the coun
try in a horn.
Mr. Miles P. Gilbert is the father of a
new boy baby, which made its appearance
in his family yesterday forenoon. Con
gratulations are now in order.
The brick work of the firsj -story of the
new Union depot is finished, and the work
is rapidly progressing. The building will
be completed in the course ot six week.--.
A race has been arranged between the
horse of Mr. Bodkin, of Blandville, nnd
Mr. Robert Smyth's horse, to take place at
the park on Saturday ucxt, for one hundred
Mr. Wm. Webber has removed his
grocery store from Eighth street to Com
mercial avenue, iuto the lleisser building,
formerly occupied by A. W. Pyatt as nn
auction btore.
Yesterday while George Winters was
wrestling with William Oliver, on Eiirhth
street, between the avenues, ids foot caught
in the walk and, falling to the ground,
he sprained his ankle.
-On Sunday last Mr. John Reeve was
finite badly bruised by falling Irom a
buggy attached to a runaway horse, in,
t onsequence of which he was confined to
his home for several days. !
The familliar sound of the bell on the
mill of Galigher & Son will, ere many
more days pas?, cease to be heard by our
up town people. Prcpcrations are bring
made to adorn it with a whistle.
It is a matter of general remark, that
the Comiipie band is capable ot .producing
more music with a given number of instru
ments than any baud our people have had
the pleasure of listening to for some
time. Mr. John-A. Poor who was lately con
siderably bruised by falling a distance of
sateen or eighteen feet, from a wall of the
New York store, is again able to
walk about, but lacks his usual erect car
riage. "We have been requested to call the at
tention of the authorities to the dilapidated
condition of the sidewalk on the north side
of Washington avcrtiit pear the comer of
Tenth M reel. It is a thorn in the eye of
all pedestrians.
The colored man, who, a lew days ago.
fell from the building which is being con
structed for Smith A' Bro., aud broke one
of his leg, sustained internal injuries from
the tall, which resulted in his death day
before yesterday.
--The sidewalk on Ohio Levee, between
Twelfth and Fourteenth streets, should
have the immediate attention of the au
thorities. It is in a dilapidated and really
dangerous condition, and shouhi be entire
ly overhauled or reconstructed.
Mr. Richard Fitzgerald has been pre
sented with h sweet potato of unusual
dimensions. It weighs eight pounds and
is a present from ono of the prosperous re
publican farmers of this county, who voted
the straight independent ticket.
Mr. Jacob Schuckcrs, brother ot Mr.
W. P. Schuckcrs, made the racu lor con
gress on the greenback ticket in the second
district of Pennsylvania during the canvass
just closed. He is a man of much learning
and ability, and is eminently deserving of
A number of extra police were ap
pointed to preserve the peace yesterday,
but found hut little demand for their ser
vices. A few men were arrested for haviqg
embibod too freely out of bottles which had
been filled the day before, but beyond these
no arrests were made.
Mr. Frank Kendall is preparing a
lecture, which ho expects to deliver at the
Atheneum io a few weeks. It is a lecture,
pertaining to the saving of life, property
and the prevention of much distress among
people. We have seen some of his com
positions and can say that if he talks as
well as he writes, that the lecture will bn
in structive and entertaining. .
The conductor of tho narrow gaugo
railroad, Mr. Wm. Keefc,is happy over tho
arrival in his family of a "nice, grent, big,
One boy" day before yesterday.
So far as known to us our salooni re
ligiously obeyed the proclamation of the
mayor yesterday, and kept their front nnd
back doors securely closed from 7 o'clock
in the morning till ? at night.
Some conscienceless villain a day or two
ago, severely injured two cows belonging
respectively to Messrs. Jno. llog.m and G.
M. Alden, by cutting a terrible gasii in
their backs, which appears to have been in
flicted with an axe.
Fourth street has bum cut through
and the work of laying the sewer will soon
be commenced. The sewer is to Im of
brick and will be made as near everlasting
as good workmanship can do it. It is ex
pected that tho street will again be. open to
travel next week.
A letter received in this city yesterday
by a relative of Mr. John Poor, from Don-
gola, slates that that gentleman, who has
been very ill, is slowly improving. Mr.
Poor is quite well known here and news of
hit improving health will be beard with
pleasure by his friends.
More sloue curbing for Sixth street
has arrived and been placed upon tho ground
re-iuly for use. Sixth street, between the
avenue and levee, will soon be completed
according to the design of the city council,
and it will then undoubtedly be one of tlie
very best stretches of street in thu city.
Dick Adams is a gentleman who visit
ed this city at the last republican turn out.
Desiring to carry a torch in the piocession,
he tied his horse to a hitching post in front
of the Reform hall. When he returned tor
the animal it was nowhere to be found, and
although diligent search has b:en inadn
tor it since, no trace of it has been found.
-Mr. llerbcit Harrull, who is lu.iv be
cause of the serious sickness of his wifr,
lias brought his little boy with hiui who
was formerly very delicHte but is now a
very healthy and bright little fellow. Mrs.
Harrell was very low last evening and no
better than she has been for the last few
On the eleventh inst., the Bought and
Ready Fire company will give another
sociable in their hall for the enjoyment of
the families of tlie firemen and all otheis.
The sociable given by the company two
weeks ago was really one of the most
pleasant affair ot its kind that has ever
taken place in this city aud they propose
that the one on tlie 11th shall, if possible,
outshine all lormer gatherings.
Within the past tew weeks we have
had complaint lrom a number of our city
subscribers to the elfect that they had tail
i'd to receive their paper. Our carriers as
sert tluit they delivered them as usual, aud
the only theory for the failure to receive
them 1 that tl.y wor.i aUiluu. Now,
while there are doubtless some in tho city
who are too penurious to subscribe and pay
for a paper, yet we give them fair warning
if we get a good cae ot theft against them
for stealing any papers front oursubsoribers,
we will make it cost them more than the
price of the paper for some years.
The luneral of Miss Meta Potter, who
died at. 11 :!U) a. in. day In-fore yesterday,
took place yesterday forenoon from her
parent's residence, on Commercial avenue,
near Eighth street. Rev. Wliitaker con
ducted the services at tho house, where a
Luge number ot friends of the deceased
had congregated, after which the funeral
started for the train which took the re
mains to Borvh Grove, where they were
interred with appropriate ceremonies. Miss
.'Jeta was one of our most popular young
ladies, and she. will be greatly unused by
her numerous young friends, a large num-
i her of whom attended her funeral in a
The Rochester astronomical socirty an
nounces that tlie comet discovered by Pro
fessor Swift, on Sunday last, promises to
become, very brilliant. It is coming almost
stiaiu'ht toward the earth, aud so its posi
tion in the heavens changes slowly. It is
Utiie constellation Pegasus, which is over
head at about 1 o'clock in the evening. It
seems to be throwing otf a a brilliant tail,
which will become visible to the naked eye
as it swings into tho neighborhood of the
sin. If this comet fulfill its present prom
'w, it will be a liiaguill' eut object in the
c.onAi ir winter evening. Some of the as-
trftiomcrs, it. seems, suspect that this may
be the. great comet that blazed with extraor
dinary splendor in the western ky just bo
tore the warof 1813. '
v -The advantages gained by the forecasts
ot weather given by tho meteorological
bureau arc great, but "Oliver asks tor
mnro." When a storm forms its course can
be traced until it ceases or passes beyond
observation. Taught by the experience
thus gained, and aided by the telegraph,
whose messages fly faster than thu storm,
the bureau can tell a particular portion of
the country what sort of weather is ap
proaching and thus render great service,
especially to the mariner. Tlie "more"
that is wanted the scientist bar, as yet, no
nutans of supplying. Ho can tell the prob
able direction a storm will take, but when
a storm will arise catftiot be loreseen, nor
can it be told what sort of a winter we
should now prepare for, or what
(he agriculturist will hBve to
favor or obstruct bis operations
next spring, so that bn may pre
pare for a wet, or dry, or cold, or warm
caAi. Such Information would be Inval-
0 L 0 T H I N ti HO US E
(U Ohio
uable, but too little is yet known for tho
waut to be supplied. Attempts luve been
made, outsidn the bureau, but who dare
make his arrangements for next spring's
planting on those predictions? Ono thing
we can do, however; we can get our coal
in nnd our great coats ready in Cairo, for
signals are up at New Orleans that a brisn
northern is approaching and moving north
ward: so we may look out for blue noses
Mr. J. W. Sitwart is confined to his
room again, the result of exposure to the
bad weather of last week.
Mr. Livings and his partner, whoso
name has slipped oui memory, are putting
in operation a new tress hoop manufactory
in part of the EichofT building, corner
of Seventeenth street and Washington
The despatches received up to the
time of our going ti presa, though scatter
ing and unsatisfactory, all indicate 1 the
election of Garfield and Arthur and another
fouryears of republican rule.
The supper to be given at Temperance
hall, on next Thursday evening, by the
ladies of the Presbyterian society should be
remembered by everybody. The ladies are
making extensive prepaTitioot for the oc
casion, bringing their entiry force into ac
tion In rd.;r to mike it'one of the most
successful and pleasurable atfuirs of the
seasoo. Let none stay away that can be on
hand, for the opportunity there offered for
enjoyment will certainly be rsre.
Another twenty mile equestrienne roe,
the latest scosatiou in sporting circles be
tween Misnes Jcwett and Pioneo, has taken
place in Chicago. Miss Buckingham, the
actress and "Mazeppa" ridtr,also participat
ed but her efforts failed utterly- "the actress
proved no match for the tough little farm
girls of the far west." Miss, Jewett, tho
Minnesota girl again triumphed over her
rival, Mis Pinneo, of California, uaking
her twenty miles in fifty-nine minutes and
twenty Forouds, and winning the purse of
$2,500. Miss Pinneo was so mortified at
her failure that she indulged in a real good
A very talented and dangerous coun
terfeit engraver has lately Oetn arrested,
and is now detained in New-York. The
man, whose name is Smythe, has made a
free cinlion, from which it appears that
he has engraved neat ly all ot the counter
feit notes for the past twelve years. Tho
plates of the counterfeit flOO uational bank
note, recently in circulation under six
different titles; tho f 30 legal teuder note;
the $1000 seven thirty bond; the $500
legal tender note of 1868, .nd finally tho
$1000 six per cent bond ol 1881 , were all
the work of his hands. He was over two
years engraving tha plate for tho lt
named. It was first worked in sections
and then wlectrotypod.
Tho election is over and tho dye is
cast. lestcruay s workenueu tlie narrow
ing laburf) ot the politicians, both great and
small, sud we may now agaiu enter upon
the peaceful pursuit of a regular routine.
We have, during this campaign, like most
everybody else, said some rather harsh
things w have exposed things that we
would, perhaps, never have mentioned, had
they not beeu so glaringly brought out by
the searching eye of partyism,
But wu have not during all this long cam
paign, allowed ourself to heap personal
abuse upon anybody. We have uivoii with
every statement, the facts which called it
forth, and we believe we have never failed
to justify any statement that we made
While we have attacked opposing candi
dates in their official capacity, wu have
never said that they were either dishouest
or bad citizen and have scrtipntously
avoided saying any thing at which think
ing peoplo could be o (Tended. But now h
people havo decided who shall trait net
their multifarious business for a number of
years to come, and that ends theexcitemunt
tor tho present, and wo are heartily glad
of it.
or THE
Superior Makes and Styles
Boy's and
Itf AT-
Tho Ross Clothing House.
Cairo, 111.
There appear to be many different ways
of understanding the meaning of newspa
per patronage, as it is called, and as an in-tere.-ted
party, we give place to a disquisi
tion of the subject by oue who know
whereof he speaks. It will serve, perhaps,
as a mirror where certain persons can see
themselves as others see them.
Many long and weary years have force J the
conviction upon us that newspaper patron
age is a word of many dcfinitions.and that a
great majority of mankind are either ig
norant of the correct definition or are dis
honest in a strict biblical sense of the word.
Newspaper patronago is composed of as
many colors as the rainbow, and is s
changeable as chameleon.
One man comes ia and subscribes tor a
paper and pays fr it in advance, and goes
home and reads it with tho proud satisfac
tion that it is his. 'He hand in his adver
tisemrnt, aski the price, pays for it, and
goes to his place of business and reaps the
advantage thereof. Another says "you
may put my name on your Ijooks," and
goes out without saying a word alout pay.
Times pass on, and you want money, and
want him to pay you what is honestly due
you. He flics into a passion, perhaps pays,
perhaps not, and orders his paper stopped.
This is called newspaper patronage.
Another man lives near you he does not
take the paper he don't liko the cditr.r
the paper is too small for him yet he goes
regularly to his neighbor and reads it, and
quarrels with the opinions of the editor.
Occasionally he sees an article he likes, he
begs, or givea a half a dime for the number.
This is called newspaper patron? gc.
Another mau likes the paper and takes a
copy for his family, and pnyg for it, and
does all he can to get new subscribers; he
never grumbles, but always has a cheerful
word for the editor. If any little item of
interest occurs in his neighborhood he in
forms the editor. This is newspaper patron
age. . Another man has a patent and wants you
to give it a two-dollar notice every1 week.
It will lie ot interest to your reader he
says; but although knowing It will benefit
him most of all, he does not offer to pay
for it. This is called newspaper patron
age. Another man has taken the paper for
several years, but Ins not paid for it, and
comes in with a four or five dollar adver
tisement and asks yoti to insert it tor noth
ing, Ix-causc he is on old patron of yours.
This is called netvsoaper patronage.
Another man "a young man about
town;" nn use of taking a paper; he knows
..it ii i.. : i... i
nil ineru in gotaj; on. jy aim uy in: gem
married, and hands in a notice with "just
give me a dozen copies " He gets them,
and when you meutiou pay looks surpris
ed "You surely don't charge for such a
thing!" And this Is railed newspaper pat
ronage. Now isn't newspaper patronage a curious
And itt that great dtj when the gentle
men in black gets his dues, as ho surely
will, how many of the patrons enumerated
abovt will fall to his share? Now it will
be seen that while certain kinds of' patron
age are the very life and existence of a
newspaper, there arc other kinds of patron
age that are mare dostructivo than the
deadly nigbt-sliadi.
-Wand - Si tntinti by a man exper-
ii'io i 'i hi Cm c of horses and cows, and ,
li in.ly to do in r.-w around ahou.se. Apply ,
ut tlda nfi'te, '
Pr Kiiix'n I) t. Nerve Restorer is the
iiihi v ! ,1 'M (.'' 'or all Nerve Diseases,
All u'u stopptu ;ree. Bend to 9.11 Arch
streer, Philadelphia, Penn.

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