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vaar oBKi)nmuri Mramoi,
WnlyMornlnff Daily in Southern Illinois
LArgaat Oiroulation ot any Duily in
Houthevrn Illinois.
1m: Bulletin Uulldinit, Wiutilncton Avenue
Hubiorlptlon Ituto:
lHy (delivered by carrier) per week.
... 35
... 5.00
. , Vtr mall (Id advance), one year.
' .. At miinLh.
T I. ma m.intha i-jO
a numb. 100
By mail (In advance), ono year
Ix month!
Thro month
Tjclnbaof ten and over (per copy).... .
ruiutce in uu caara prvymu.
A A v p r t i i n 1 1 a t a
(Electrotype moft be aolid metal, aad will only
fc. inaertcd on inide page.)
.rt Iniertlon, per square 1.0p
Dnbaeqttont insertion, per square w
For oua weak, per aquaro 'JJJ
For two week, per aquare
For three week, per aquare 6.(10
For one month, per square 7.W)
lach additional aquan , 0
Fnoeral oolice LOO
4bllnartea and rcaolatlon paared byaoclcltct
ten cent per line.
Beath and uurriaje free
Firat insertion, per aqnaro $1.00
ftubaequeut Insertion 50
KlRht line of olid nonpr.rell constitute a square
lilaplaycd advertisement will be chftrgod accord
lag to the Rpaco occupied, at above rate there be
t twelve line of aolld type to the inch.
To retrnlar advcrtlaora wo offer npurior induce
Bents, both aa to rate of charge and manner of
aiaplaylng (heir favor.
Local notice twenty cent per lino for flrt lncr
' tlon; ten cent per line fur each ubbaquent Inaer-
Thl paper mar be found on tile at uco. r. iioweii
I treet) where advertUinK coutracts may be made
tor it In New York.
I. d .I...,. .,,t,l,.i.ta nfinril Inter...!
to the public are at all time acceptable. Rejected
- -1 . ...ill 1 V. - .1
uauuncript w in mil tic iuiu.mvu.
letter and communication ahould be addressed
I 'R. A. linrniitl. Cairn. Illlinoia "
Thl1 paper mar be found on flle at Geo. P.
m j ,... , j ,t,i U .. . . lift
11 a tu ncwepnper nuvcruriHK; xiuicuu.iiv
ScYuca bt.), where advertising contract may bo
I . . 1 . 1 .. VI T. .. -
DiBfliuni miibw a unit.
Gkn. Singleton's majority is tho largest
fiven for any congressman elected in Illi
ois. A tariff for revenue only was good doc
trine bofore the election and we believe it
improves with age.
In 1878 the greenback vote of New
Hampshire was 0,507; in 1880 it is G83.
At this rate the fiat parly will soon over
whelm the country.
IIavb the wages of the workiugmcu been
increased ftincc the country has decided to
be a nation with a big N? If bo where,
when and how much?
Tub official returns show that the demo
crats elected their candidate for governor
in Oregon. But tho electoral vote will be
tast for the man from Mentor.
,'. Iowa republicans are boiisting of 80,000
wajority in that state. Yet, according to
talwart organs, big majorities are synono
jraous with bulldozing and intimidation.
It is expected thnt tho total exports of
grain from the port of New York for the
year ending text January will reach 1 25,
00,000 bushels. Up to November 1 it had
already reached 117,000,000 bushels.
Tux general missionary committee of tho
Methodist Episcopal church, which has
been in session in New York for several
days, adjourned Wednesday. The total
Amount appropriated for missionary pur
poses for 1881 was $786,034, as against
$618,809 in 1880.
. A Liverpool newspaper gravely announ
ces that President Hayes and family will
isit England next year, and that as he is
a Methodist and accustomed to deliver lay
sermons in this country, he will occupy tho
pulpits of several of the leading WchIcvhu
Ministers in England.
A London newspaper says that tho sale
f tho penny Testament, the cheapest edi
tion ever published, has already reached
early four hundred thousand, and that
the publisher, Mr. Elliot Stock, confidently
utipectg that a million copies will be sold
in the course of twelve months.
Bomb of the republican organs are
coping their party will be able to control
the organization of the senate on account of
the unfortunate illness of two democratic
senators. One of our republican exchanges
aye that it Senator Lamar should continue
too ill to take bis scat, and Grover of
Oregon, whoao health is falling, should not
pat in sn appearance, tho senate could be
?. organized by tho republicans, without tho
' Assistance of Mahonc.
'j ; Tub climax of political interest will not
( be reached until the fourth of March, when
j the new administration will bo inaugura-
ted, and a struggle for the supremacy in
the senate will bo commenced. It appears
that a little physical light weight from Vir
j glniarnd a very physical heavy weight
( from IUiuoU will hold the balance of
I power. The aggregate of nvoirdupoi of
Senators Mahonc and Davis is over 400
V pounds. Senator Mahone weighs less than
f 100 (P.) But while tho open struggle for
. control of the senate will not bo inaugura-
; ted until after tho fourth of March, the pre-
liminsrici ot the contest, its chances and
i its results, will be discussed during tho
j coming wiuter. '
Mb. TnoMAS Allf.n, of 8t. Louis, who is
widely known as a business man, has been
elected to congress. When quite a young
man he edited a newspsper at Washington
with much ability. Subsequently he set
tled in St. Louis and has nmnsscd, we are
pleased to learn, a considerable iortuno.
When the republicans, during his canvass,
attempted to play the tariff dodge, he took
the bull by the horns and defended the
soundness of the Cincinnati platform in its
entirety. It many other democratic can
didates for congress had pursued a similar
course the chances are that the republicans
would not now be rejoicing over a majority
in tho house. AlUhonor to Mr. Allen sty
wc. The Saint Louis Times pays him this
deserved compliment : ''Out of the wreck
and ruin and general misfortune ond over
throw ot the late campaign it is with satis
faction that the democrats ot this city, und
particularly of the Second congressional
district, recall the nolo, vigorous, states
manlike and successful canvass
made by their champion, Mr. Thomas
Allen, lie accepted the nomination in his
district because it was thought he was
probably the only man in it who could suc
cessfully meet the exceedingly wiley and
active republican nominee. The confidence
reposed in him by his party was not mis
placed. No Boouer hud he accepted the
nomination and entered on the work of the
canvass than ho was collared by the Tariff
club, an organization composed, as they
themselves stated in their public declara
tion, alike of republicans and democrats.
Mr. Allen promptly took up the gauntlet
they threw down. He stood by the platform
of his party. From the fin,tto the lastol the
canviiss lie did not yield an inch. He met
every issue presented fairly, frankly and
boldly. His speeches showed him a man
of wide information, matured thought and
statesmanlike comprehension. Consider
ing that he was a man unaccustomed to
public speaking and unused to political
debate, it is doubtful if an abler canvuss
has ever been made in the country.
Mr. S. W. Capps, of Scottsville, Macoupin
county, 111., writes, under date of Aug. i'0,
1880, to Dr. Bwayne & Hon: "1 seut to
you for three boxes 'All-healig Ointment.'
having had the Itching riles tor about
twenty-three years, and have been treated
for them by eleven different doctors, and
have paid out at least five hundred dol
larsyes, I would be safe in saying one
thousand dollarsbut never was cured of
that itching which annoyed me almost to
death. When I became warm, particularly
at night, the itching would begin, and the
only relict was to bathe in cold water,
sometimes as otten as six or seven tims in
one night. I concluded to try your Oint
ment, and have used two boxes, and the
result is a perfect cure, and I will say that
it is tho best Ointment in the world, and
will recommend it to one and all as such.
Swuyne's Ointment is sold by all druggists.
CnAitLLH Haktman, Toledo, Ohio, savs:
I know it cured me, and I hopt others simi
larly troubled with pain in the chest may
ho helped by the '"Only Lung Pad" as I
have. See adv.
I rtAVK no more doubt of tho beneficial
effects of Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver
Cure than I have that the Genesse river
empties into Lake Ontario.
Kiev. J. E. Hankin, D. D.
Washington, D. C.
Enterprising Druggist.
Mr. George E. O'Hara, tho live druggist
of the town, is always up to the. times and
ready to meet the demands of his many
customers. He has just received a supply
of that woudcrt'ul remedy that is astonish
ing tho world by its marvelous cures. Dr.
Kiuii's New Discovery for consumption,
coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, hay
tever, phthisic, croup, whooping cough, tick
ling in tho throat, loss of voice, hoarseness
or Btiy affection of tho throat and lungs.
This remedy positively tires, as thousands
can testify. If you do not believe it call
at his drug store and get a trial bottle free
of cost or a regular Bizo bottle for one dol
lar. As ynu value your lite, give it a trial
and bo convinced, as thousands already
have been (4)
Coughs. "Brown s Bronchial Troches
are used with advantage to alleviate coujrh,
sore throat, hoarseness and bronchial affec
tions, lor thirty years these Troches have
been in use, with annually increasing favor.
They are not new and untried, but, having
been tested by wide and constant use for
tiearly an entire generation, they have at
tained well-merited rank among tho few
stoplo remedies of the age.
TnKTiiuoAT. "Brown's Bronchial Tro
ches" act directly on tho organs of the
voice. They hava uu extraordinary effect
in all disorders of tho throat and lurnyx, re
storing a healthy tone wheu nlaxed, either
from cold orover-ixertion of the voice, Hnd
prod uco a clear and distinct enunciation.
Speakers and singi is find tho Troches use
A CniKMi, Coi.d, Catarrh of sore throat
requires immediate attention, as neglect of
tentimes results in some incurable Iuult dis
eases. "Brown's Bronchial Troches" almost
invariably give relief. I nutations are offer
ed for sale, many of which aro injurious
Tho genuine "Brown's Bronchial Troches"
are bold only in boxes.
The Voltaic Bklt Co., Makshaij
Micii. Will send their celebrated Electro
Voltaic Belts to the afflicted upon !I0 dnyi
trial. Wpeedy cures guaranteed. They
meun wnst tiieysay. Write to them with
out delay.
I htiionoi.y recommend the use of Eel
I . 1.1 M mm
ww it v.ouipoumi rvrt;p oi Jiypophopplutm
to nil who suffer in any wny from diseaso or
weuKness oi me laiugn, Uronchinl Tubes, or
Rov. Robert Col Ivor, In a fcrmon nt
Now York wild: "I helievo, iim I be
lieve thnt I rim it Hiding hcre? that
the greatest joy of lifo heieiiter is
that it will lio homo over ftirnin
Jiomo better, blighter and more bins-
...... i I . I H
lui liiau any wc imvo nero on cai in.
On tho other sido of Jordan U l ho
town of Kilt, nscerinincd to bo tho
oiicicnt Rninotli Gilead, confining a
imputation of About ci'ht lliouniid
nominal Christian mid Mahometan.
There are upward of ono tlioiiiiud
eight hundred vineyards in this town
nnd neighborhood, and also largo fioldi
of corn land. It is a si iigu lar tact, us
credibly reported, that these jieoplo
know nothing of intoxicating drinks,
und liioko their gmpes lino raisins,
honey and a kind of twcctuieat culled
mil ban.
Superstitions nro often epidemic,
nnd fcweep through tho coinnniniiy
like aditaRC. High nnd low, old ami
young, the ignorant and lcnrncil, all
yield mora or less to tho influence of
tho stinngc inlcction, and society for
the time biting wcnis to have gono
mad. The healthiest constitution is
no guarantee against the contagion.
Inallhigli cxciien.ciits, let tho occa
sion be what it may, ilelu-ion and sn-
icibtilion lind a congenial ntniosphcic,
nnd nro propagated with great rapid
ity. Perhaps the most finking nnd dra
matic iuciocnl iu the hit) Giiicial
flyer's aciivo military career was his
signaling from General Cor c's be
leaguered garrison at Alioona, Ga.,
tho Munition of ihc little band of he
roes, which eignal brought back to
cheer thcin Genend bhemmu's ines
mge from tho heights of Keiinesaw:
"Hold tho fort, J am coining." This,
as is well known, ungj-estod tho fam
ous hymn written by tho Jate P. P.
Ill its, which has Urn tuug all around
tho world.
The trout is distinguished in every
(dream by variations of form and tint.
In rivers rushing over gravelly beds
it arrives ut the highest i.erlcciiou of
fhaj cly oulliuu Hint silvery glow, its
golden sides changing into a rich play
of gray sand brow lis, dashed with ru
by f.pois; while in a moorland sucain
it I ccomes as dark as the peal it set'.
In a nvcr flowing over chalk it ac
quires n whitish tinge, these varia
tions showing that nature gives it
this power of adapting itself to its
gUi roiinilings as a moans of proscrvu
ion from hs numerous enemies.
A largo refrigerator building lias
been built near Suiithficld market,
London's greatest market, in wh.cli
the owners will lest the possibility of
keeping beef forty days, tho time of
paa;c lrom Australia; ond ii' suc
cessful they will lit several steamers
with their apparatus. Tho tempera
ture is to be kept evenly ut 33 degiecs
by chcinically-niile ice, the machin
ery costing but ?o,0U0, including a gas
engine of eight hori-c power, which
runs at a coot of $10 per day, the ico
costing twenty cents a ton. If meat
can be brought to England from Aus
tralia, American shippers will meet
with lively competition.
History tells of ono Mrs. Story ,who
went from Connecticut in 1770, nnd
w ho was the lirnt white woman who
ever slept in S di btiry or ALuldlcbury
Vt. Iler husband, nl'ier bonding a
log house, wits killed in felling tries.
Hie took his place in clearing up tho
bum and caring for the family. From
the dense swamp near bv she beheld
her own and iier neighbor's house
pillaged and burnt by a party of Indi
ans. Jn a high steep bank of the
en ck she excavated a place- to float
her canoe under ground, where she
made room enough for her family.
This was tho historic Widow Story's
cave. In 1812 sho married Capt. Ste
phen Goodrich, ono of tho early set
tlers of Middlebiiry. There is a per
son now living who was present at
that wedding. This witness is Mrs.
Elizabeth S. Kelsey, now iu tho 94lU
year of he rage.
The Ashuolot fN. Warn Com
pany hascomp'ctcd tho rebuilding of
i! ..... I 1 1 !.. T..
kin laciory, which was otmn:u in mm
tinrv, anil tho entire structure, fur
nished with $15,000 worth of machin
ery, costs about $10,001). It is eighty
feet long by forty wido and four sto
ries high, and has 4,000 spindles. Too
product is 20,000 yards ot cotton warp
per day.
A workinsmian In GtoBrrow, whose
Wife is n confirmed and violent drunk
ard, has hit upon a novel device for
paeilying ucr ami protecting niniseu
and his family, hi the morning ho
passes a chain around her ankles ns
sue lies in oeti, and secures uio onani
with a padlock. Ho then poos forth
to his daily work. On returning in
the evening ho releases his captive
and allows her to remain at liberty
until morning, when he chains her up
ngain. The neighbors have seen lit to
interfere and to have him arrested,
but ns his wifo has acknowledged his
persistent kindness to Iter in the face
of her own glaring misconduct, tho
magistrate has dismissed him after
admonishing him.
Tho Gciilleman's Magazine says:
"The consumption of wheal in Eng
land, which was formerly estimated
at eight bushels per annum per head
of tho population, has recently been
declared to be six and one. third bush
els the decrease being duo to a bet
ter supply ot meat nnd vegetables
than in ihe last century, when tho
original estimate was made. In the
norili-ceutial iiu ts of Turkey, where
the climato is moderate nnd cereals
nro largely grown and little meat
consumed, it is reckoned that eight
bushels or grain aro required In a year
for the bread, soup, and burghii),
which constitute the chief dietary of
the people. The averngo price of
wheat is about litis, a quarter; tho
wages of n workman of ordinary skill
is b'd. a day 5 bis house rout is 3 6s.
a year; taxes, if a Christian, 1 U
Three bluebottle flic, says Liniiieus
will devour a howc ns soon as a lion
could do it. The statement 110 doubt,
is somewhat of nn exaggeration, but
it Is not so far over tho mark nsit may
bo supposed to ho. Ono fly, it has
boon btalod, wjll produce 110,000 eggs
and no sooner urc tho maggot. hatch
ed from them than they tct to work
with tucli vigor that in twenty-four
hours llicy will hicrc.ve in weight
some SOU times. In about throo weoks
every ono of thorn may bavo becomo
a pei feci fly, halt' of them, perhaps,
l'euialcs, eiitli capable of depositing
another 'J0f000 eggs in any ilea 1 rat or
"lilh" h-g of mutton that threaten
to bree I pustileuco in the air. It will
I..H8 bo mjcii that it was a vory dubi
ous work of wisdom on the part of
St. Bernard to "excommunicato" all
tho flics 1 10111 his part of tho world.
Now York Post: It Rooms unac
countable that city like New York
which is so ready to avail iiseif of
every improvement, has made almost
no nso of pnoiimalic tubes for tho
quick delivery of letters and larger
packages. IVo first nl tempt at tin
underground railroad beio was tho
short tunnel cut under Broadway for
n, little distance below Warren street,
the charter for which originally spe
cilicd the traiMnis-ioii of packages as
its object. Tlic Western Union tele
graph delivers sonm ine-sages in tho
lower part of tho l ily through pneu
malic tubes, but anything like a gen
oral system of pneumatic diHpaicii is
wauling. In Loudon, wo believe,
such ft system has loiii been in sue.
eesslul operation, (tnd in Paris there
is a system of pneumatic telegraphy
by which letters aro sent all ovor the
city at a very small cost. Our elevat
ed utilroads teem to offer an excellent
opportunity lor the trcoiion of pneu
matic tubes, as the tubes might run
underneath tho tracks and so could bo
put up at a comparatively slight c
ye.u'.x;. It will be stiaugo if capital-i-U
do not soi'ii take advantage of ibis
scheme for benefitting thc'iiiselvcs and
tho public.
Imperial Siltis.
The mperinten cut of tho imperial
silk mamii'.iciorics at llaiigchow. in
China, slates that the expenditure of
the Chinese Court upon silken fabrics
has within the last two years attained
uuln ard-of proportions. During the
vear 1&78 alone fiiks of various quali
ties valued at $100,000, wholesale
price, were supplied to tho imperial
palace among them 1.3J0 pieces for
the use of tho servants iu tho Eiiijier.
or's gyneeeuin alone, the greater num
ber of which pieces he belioves to havo
been fraudulently disposed of by sale
to retail silk dealers or to lenders of
money upon portable property. Tho
above" sum of $100,000 docs not com
prise the cost of gorgeous silken robes
and other garments supplied to the
Empresses and court ladies, many of
which cost over $5,000 apiece. H'-v-cnty
illustrious dames, matrimonially
nod otherwise connected with tho
Brother of the Sun and Moon, are es
pecially furnished with unlimited cos
tumes from tho imperial factory iu
question, and ihcir outlay annually in
silk dresses is estimated at another
$5u0,0u0. When ono ot theso ladies
d.es her entire wardrobe is himcd
with her, and thus enormous sums aro
annually wasted,.
Rest and Repair.
It may be safely assumed that tnose
have been mistaken who supposed that
physiological rest consisted in inaction
nnd that repair goes on during quies
cence. Nutrition and, therefore, re
pair is the concomitant of exercise.
Appetite is one thing, tho power of
digesting food another. A man may
foci in venous, and consume largo
quantities of mat.' iial containing the
elements of nutriment, but bcunablo
to appropriate the supply furnished,
or, in other words, to nourish himself.
Il is so with rest. Mere inaction may
he secured without rct, ami idleness
without the restoration of energy. The
faculty of recovering and recuperation
alter exoi-ei'-ti is iu direct proportion
to the vitality of the organ rested.
This faculty is not to bo-called into
action by inaciivity! It follows that
lelief und recovery iroin the ell'ects of
what is improperly called "over work"
cannot be obtained by simply "going
away for change," or by indulgence in
idleness. A now form of exorcise is
neee-sary, and the mode of nctiou
chocn must be one that supplies 1110 I-
enne exercise to the very pari of tho
Bvstoin which is re quired to "rest and
restore." llenlthseekcrs often err in
trying to recover their powers by sim
ple diversion of energy. It is a popu
lar error to suppose that when tho
brain is overworked tho muscular sys
tem should bo exercised by way of
counteraction. The part itself must
lie worked so ns to stimulate the fac
ulty of nutrition ; but it should bo set
to fresh work, which will iucito tho
tminc powers to act in ft new direction.
Kindness to Vtiiiug Animals.
Tho tinio spent iu pelting yonnu
animals is not thrown away. It is
easier to rentier nninnls gentle while
they arc young than alter Ihey are
mature. If ft colt Is caressed from the,
time it is dropped till it is three
years old it will require no breaking
in the sense the word is generally
used. It, will do the bid-ting of iu
master as soon 11s it comprehends its
meaning. Mosl animals aro fractious,
irritable nntl contrary from fear. It
iivd with uniform kindness from tho
tiuiu they uro at an ago to understand
they will be obedient. Lambs should
be petted whilo they aro following
their shuns so lliat. tlu-y will becomo
attached lo ihe persons iu charge of
them when (buy come into ihu pas
ture or yard. .V perxou who docs not
treat sheep and 1 imos with kindness
should not bo entrusted wiih them.
Calves intcn led for dairy cows
should receive special ultcntion. A
calf handled rightly will grow up to
ho ft well-behaved cow. It'll rcccivoH
blows instead of soil words it will
exhibit fear of its master und will
continue to bo iu fear of him when it
is of an age to give milk. It wiil
tremble wheu approached mid will
begin to kick 111 soon its an attempt is
niutie to draw llm mill; Iroin llio ud
der. During the llrH reason it is
milked it wilt boot very IH1.I0 value.
The milk it gives will hardly way lor
llio trouble of obtaining it. Proles
sioual dairymen npprcciutu thu value
of kindness lo calves and cows. They
will not tolerate tho prcscncn of per
sons who tire fretful or unkind to
Ihi'tn. They generally want to know
what sort of bringing up u cow has
had before tboy conclude: to purchase.
45 Years Before the Public,
are not recommended as a remedy "for all the
ills that lle-di is heir to," but in affections of
the Liver, and in all Bilious Complaints, Dys
pepsia, nnd Sick Headache, or diseases of
that character, they stand without a rival.
No better cathartic can he used prepara
tory to, or after taking quinine.
As a simple purgative they are unequalcd.
The Renuine are never sugar-coated.
Each box has a red-wax seal on the lid wldt
the impression, McLANE'S L1VEU 1'II.L,
Each wrapper bears the signatures of
C. McLank and Fleming Bros.
JtSy Insist upon having the genuine Dr.
C. McLANE'S LIVER PILLS, prepared by
FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa.,
the market being full of imitations of the
name McLaiie, spelled differently but
same pronunciation.
will produce It.lirmltv In (he Nerv-
ouk Sta'.em, iu ruiiriuju as Ihu Urciifi'li of the
HVHluin laV' pviidi'd upon urn mum in troubled
thought, o urethii organs of digestion, us-inm
lion Hint mitriuiin reud' red inavt.vu and ali gL'tsh
mi proportion it in 0 system bee iiii-h Ir.tirm . tv ry
individual Mini" 1111c oii;im I h it in wi nker thuu
the rei-t, uml tliln In a'uavt ihe flr-t to nlter iluriui
nervnur proatriiMon : for example, afllictlcj i,ei
r-otu:t uiit'M c.nin" total c'iKieurion ot tho inu-ru-
ar action of ihu beitit. win 11 the iiattetil li dehl .
ilnted. proilucini; Hiuldeii hemnrrliatre anil eptU
Noilouht any Ioii;i r ri lunii h 01 the iract irs . it y l
rehtoMH! the uervon syfm, anj t .rough the
iwren the inuc'" of th" li.iiH rel nrt'unt." I- KL-
Ltiws' t o.Mi'oi.'.ND m itt i' of mrui'Hos
I'll I l'KS lias h jn urn-, M to iui:n men rmwer
in nttnu-M:!' In-lnncea. It will iir.ii.n t nri;cth to
tivercuoie tfilo ti.in . I'erfuni' who dre hnavloineii
I.' look Ul'nii tl e (I'k f ide un I vvlio e-" no plea.
i.-r Mil lulu. (,uuii. li i S ru-.i h..':i :eurn to
l'!- nri-.1 1 i'i 1 1 f --. an.t tuo" who i-tntv eei-ely
(l-irii'U ! hums willl!tii in tho Syriiea prre
lr. i r-if tan iov,er of tiiiitimi.ee in the tirsiu.
1 !!:. N ii i :t"iirclty 111 the fHCt 1 but nn irutmir
-t Ner oiii- syi tetn ca'iee Ccnetimet'n, .Nrur.V.
sl. llP't.i lt'ti-. H spei.ua, AhIiimu, Ktali-jitic Kit"
Who. ky.i V iieIi, Heart I'lm aw. unit a hr.t of
uihi'ri-: tin n whv i it aiinu that Ki-llowi." lit po-
liho-eiiii'. Idcli i.ifi'elunllv i.uren Nervmia llehil-
Ily. rh-et'i rare th.Tn diM-a-r.it also. Meoovv tho
cmi' and the ci nip nint w'll reann.
f- Look out f'T Ihe name and Kddre. .1. I.
Ff.i.f.OV, s, ct. .lohn.N. It., t.n tl.n wrapper In
water r.mrk. whlrh in noen hv huljiits the titer he-
fore ti.t: ii.ht .
VINX'KKNKS (Nov. 30, lbT'J.)
n. i !)sy Erprsn 1 Kxrept Snn-lny) 1:1 p.m.
" fi Kprea 'Kxr-pt S'liidity) 1'i.ip. rn,
" 4 Xinlit i;.tpret. ( Piillyl P.'iSla. m.
No. 5 ETprent (Kxrept Sunday) fi:'5s. m.
" 1 Hay Kijirem ( Kxrejit cunday). . . S.M) p. 111.
" 3 Ninht L-iprciM i,l ihyj 1U.'. m.
J. U. Ctir.K. t'. S. Cosk, Jr ,
Atent inronnen. Uirii Tu-k'-t A t Clnelnu&rl
it. V. HMIT1I ICltH. ItfMttivfr.
Tlnr SchfxJnlo:
Ihronah Kxpreii leave t.n'rn S. i."a.ra
Tliro.e;h Kspre- iiiTivc-HUt Ii. r(, Louis., samp.m.
Through hpren leate K. St. Lonl.... utdOa.m.
Tliroiivili Kxpreim arrlvse at ("itiro SilOp.m.
.Miirpliynhoroitceorimndittlonleave Cairo I :'I0 p.m.
Mii'phylioro Arc. arrWen at .Murphyahoro 7:i') p in.
Miirphychoro Ace. leiivrot Murtihynhuro .. n :o a.m.
Murplit'Khuro Arc. arriven at Cairo 11 eifia.m.
1 tie Cnlro A St. Loiilltail Koid H the on!y all
Kallltoute lietweeti Cairo and St. Lonlo tinder one
management, therefore tnere are no delay at
way ntittiouc awallinu eonnectloiiH fiom other line.
Clone nnd aro conniictloin at St. Lrinl with other
Ilne4 for North. Kant nod Yet
Auunt Oer.eral M.inairer.
Shortest and Quickest Route
St. Louis and Chicago.
Tho Only Jjirio Kunning
From Cairo,
Making Diuf.ct Connkction
TiuiNt Lkavk Caiiui:
tlllOu 111. Miiil, .
Arrlvlnu In HI, Loul 9:45 a. m i OhlrAgo.Sriyj i ni. ;
Coiiiiectlnu at (Mlti and Ktllnyhniu for t.'iuc.lie
null, Luulavlllu, ludluiiapuli and point Kant.
11:10 tt.iii. Ht. IottlH nnd Wi'ntiTn
ItiX pet-HH.
ArrlvliiR In Ht. Lout 7:01) p. iu,, nnd connectlnit
for all point Went.
4;yo i).in. i'Nint F!xi'if.
KorHt. I.ouls and Chlrnuo, arriving at SI. Loiri
in: 10 p. tn und Chicago :3 i a in
4:'J( p.m. Clnciiinnti Kx prr-HB.
Arriving at Cincinnati 7:(0 n m.; Lnuivlllu 7:i
a m,; Iniltaunpolln H IM it.m. 1'amienv'er liv
Un train renrli the uhove point 1UI lo ,'jtl
iluL'lts lu advutii-o of itny other roulu.
iTr-TheHiSO p. m, expreM ha PULLMAN
M.KKl'INd CAlt Cairo to Clneliiiiail, vltltn t
rhitiiKca, and IhroiiKli aleepemlo St, I.Otii aud
I'll r),'o.
Fust Titni) JOitHl.. .
I'lltkinitirni'm Oil line iroilimuk'lt toKl.
UiVM ll,l .1.1 ern point without ,iny tlelnv
enured Uv Sunday Intcrveiiliiii, The Naltirdiiy after
noon train fiom Cniro nrrlve In new York Alnntlitv
nttirniiiK at i'::i."i, Tlilrt Hlx houn In adviim eof
uny other route,
irT'Kor lliroimli llrki'l and flirt tier Information,
apply lit Illltml Central Ititllroil Itenot, Cnlrn,
(ten, Southern Aifrtit. Ticket tn,
A, 11. HANSON. (Jen. Fait, A(jout. V.hWu,
T . a w it . j . . n
We Mean Cured. Not Merely RcUt.
Anil Can Prove What we Claim.
tiT-Thcre are no fallnreii and no dlNappoial
moiil. If you n re troiihled with SICK UK AD
AC1IK yon cu lie eawlly and iulcWly cured, a.
Inimlrert h a v e lieun already. We hll he pleae
to mail h tlieet ul tnHtlmmilaU to any Interii(te4.
Carters Little Liver Tills
Alfo cure all form of Itllioiuatsn. prevent Conttl
pation and liynpeptla, promote iJl.-ittlmi, relieve
di(trui'i from toohearly eatiuu, eoru-r.t l)iordor.
of the Stoinarh. Stlniiilutu Ihe. Liver, and ltegulate
the UoneU. They do all IhU hy takitiir Jtmt one
little pill at a dote. They aro purely vei)thle, da
not i;ripe nr purije. mm nre iim nearly perfect a
Il Is poii-lhle lor a pill to be. 1'rico cei t, 5 for
$1. Sold hy driiu'trlttii evervuhere or Hnt by mall
C'Altt'KK JltDK.J.;K CO., KlilK. I'A.
To Nervous Sutreters-The Creat Eumpeun P.ei
edv-Fr. J. II. rilnipunii'aSperiHe Medicine.
Dr. J. II. Mltnpaon' Kperiflr Medicine I 4 poi.
tlv.. cure for r-pi rnintorrliea, Impoti ney, Weakuee
nd all dineiifen reaiiltinc Imru Self-Ahin-e. Ner
voim Dehllily. Irritability, Mental Anxie'y, LatiRnor,
Laiitude. J)epreiiui) of sptili and luui tloual de
raCKemenl of Hie Nrrvou Syetcm penerallv I'alua
In Luck or Side, Liim of JMetnnrv. Premature Dlfi
linn ( li.eae
tnut lead lo Con
sumption lii' inl
ty and an early
irrnve, cr both.
No nihinr bow
hattered t h e
K)tcm may be
from eire.io-M of
any kind, a short
coume or llil meilieiiiu w in ri'!-t"i- ii.i! n.i turn.
lion and procur nea th and bapplm-f. where be
fore wriB ri-f J)h.:l ucv ar.d (.'loom Ihe Sptrlfle
Alullcliio in ben untd with wonderful eec
Pamphlet H'nt free to all. Write for Hem
Ret fu I particular".
I'rlcr. Specific. Jl.'O prr park-aye. or 'i park
Ke for J ..o. III be not by nmii on rei tipt of
uioliey Addre.a all order.
'o. Ii4 aud liti Main St., Ptitfaio, N. T
TRADE MtK.The;rratErK;'f!imAiK MARK
Iten-edy, an r.n
failini rnro for
.""iniual Weakrer
Sper m a torrhoea,
Impotinc y. and ail
dlrea6 thai fol
low a a rone.
quence of ell
T) e mi- aonae; a kips oi,
ib.u.s Aiuuugnii.mory. onivei'ai
lacaltude, pair 'o tho bark, uini -Afto- Tain
nea of viaion, prematurn old aije, i i2&
and Diary other dit -e that lead to Irranllyor
(Oiiauuiptlon and a preuiattvre prate.
Full particular In onr pamphb t, which wo de
aire to aeiid tree by mail to every one Theape
t iKe medicine ia aohl by all drticplata at ft per
pai kaire, an for J.1), or will he ti 111 lr-e by mall 0.
receipt of the rnonxy bv adrireaalugHIK OKAY
MEDICINE CO.. No 3 iterbat.it block. lMrt.il
Mich. Sold In Cairo by Itarciny Iiro., i'aai M
Si'iiuh and Go. K. O'Hara.
Illuatrated MaL'ar.inu wlil ruler on It lH
year In l-tl. fl.fuaYrar. In advance, Seed lor
Sample No nd t remliini l.l't New Hubrrtb
tet extra n'inihera bv atibaeribins now. Addr-
ftoat'in. Ma
to St Stop. PI
" - v 1 ' ' 'm.i.... hlIV
I a per free
Addrem DANIEL E. I'E M'TT .
Wahlnt;ton. N J.
' ANTED. To 1 tire a caae of CATAHEn la
' rai II nt ii'.hliothood, with pr. hnram r a Hem
dv, to Introduce it. Sample tree. OLK TILTl J,
I'itt-liuri;. l a.
M$sw& sir. TO 8100
Per month, dtirit u Kail and Winter, in every
county Inle-eilii2 and vnlunhle inform
tlon, with full partic ni:ir. free. Addre a!
once, J. C. Mcft; 111) Y A. CO., Chicago, 111.
Iiwe-' prlrea ever know.
"11 llrrrrh liiwlrn,
Klllrt, and Hrvoltrra,
hi (.-TeRtly reilueed prte..
Send atnmp for our Ne r
I 1 1 1 .ul r...u.l,.u., ... . t , .
V. POWELL A HON. 33S Mali, Strrl. UKtlJt it . l.t.
Europe and America
45 year experience In Ihe Serret Service ..ftil
brated Detective. In all pjrt of lint ttnrld V
octavo paeea, 4tl full pai-.t engravini:. A! in
proa two new Illuatrated hooka Lttr indnee
meiita offered. Kor lirm addreaa .1 . It. I'.L'HIl 4
CO., Ilarlforu,Ct.,irClncao, Ilia.
N't w and very Altructlve Stile are now ready
Heat cabinet nr Parlor oran ia
thu world, winner of lilchet dta
1 1 11c ! Ion at every (;rcal World'
Exhibition for thirteen vear.
Price. M , f .S7, ti, $M, $ii
M) and npwatJ. Koreaaypay
nienl. g.:Vt a quarter nd p
ward. Catalonuea free. MASON
it Unmlln Oran CO , VA Tre-.
montatreet, Ioaton;4A Kaat litk
afreet, (t'nlon Ktuare.) New York, 149 Wahaul
avenue. ( hh au'o.
A UlUlanl book. faactnatinK In atyle. pnre la
lini(tuaiie, eudoravd by phyirlnu everywhere. A
vlaii'irato eipoalilon of the 1'hvalcal Life of Mti
and woman. EluKaiitlv printed and fully Illuatrat
ed, Extraordinary Inducement to Agent. Ad
dre JONES UltOTlIKHS) CO., Chicago, 111.
Ohtalned tor new Invention, or for Improvementi
on old anc : for medical or other compound, trade
murka and liihvla. Caveat. Aali;nmeuta, Inter
ferenco, Appeal, Suit for Infriiiuemcnt, and
all caae arialnji under tho Potent Law, prompt
ly attended to, Invention thnt have been
tV 1 VI ,rJ' V 1 i tt'U Faient Olllcu may mill,
lVri rAjLltll n moat caae, be patented by
q. IlelnROppnailo the U. H. Patent Department,
und enitaKud In Patent bnalncaacxclnalvely, we can
mnke cloaer tnarche. and aeenre Patent mnr
promptly, and with broader claim, thin thoae who
are remote from WaahlnKton.
IAI V WWTI PQ,,n(' n" fodul ornketch t
111 V rui IUIVO your device! we make ex
amlnatloiia and adviao to patentability, free of
chari:e, All rorroapondence mrlctly eonndentlal.
Price low, and no charge nulea Palant la aecured.
Wo refer in Waahintrton, to lion I'oatninaier
Oeneral D, M, Key, Kev. K. D.Power The German
Amerlntn National Hank, lo offlcliil lu thu IT. H.
Patent Office, and to Senator and Hepreflulntlv
In C"iiitraa: and eapeclallv to our client In every
State in the Union and lu Canada. Addreu
Cppoalt Pat nt omen. Watfclmrton D, C
An ftHwwk In your own town, $A ontilt ff, No
Xllllrlak, Hinder, If yon wnnt liualne at
V which peraon of either anx can moke great
day all tim tinio thnv work, write for particular to
11, 11ALLKTT A CO., Portland.

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