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""""" 'In.'" - " ' '"
tkSABER BRO'S Manufacturing Jewelers,
" 128 Commercial avc., Cairo, 111.
'V -
SioxAiOrrini, i
Caibo, III.. Nov. !M, m. f
!?t Bar.
fciniii.m w.7
Toer. Hum. Wind. Vel Weather.
I ,4.-
S.ti l-lmnm Temperature. "HO; Mlutmum Tern.
M"U . .. . Uafi.fi.ll O.IIO Ini'lini
mm . ioiuioii w -
ver, 10 feet 7 Inches. Fall, 10 Inches.
. 11. ha i .
Serg't Slenal Corns, V. S. A.
VY . .. . :
'or ir.ires la 111 If C01UIUU. v ccm pur line, cnu
14 Make a Xote of it.
F-vJic best assorted stock of Conking and
"rinr Ktnvis. Tinwure. Hurl ware. Hol-
A ware, Cultery, etc., etc.,
' Hallcy's, 115 Commercin
i ... .... i. v. 1
UUli Iff 1WUUU
il avenue.
tooKing Moves,
he 'Champion Monitor" is the best
! i store in the market for either wood or
r; . Can be had only at A. Hallcy's, 115
mcrcial avenue.
iy Christmas Presents.
V,r hose wishing to mako an acceptable
U.tent for Christmas would do well to
' 4. n..ln.n Ow.,1 .1 Q r,.IOal1ilA OA
jif m.11 can be accommodated.
jJ Wm. Wintkk.
hi Heating' Stoves.
j!l,'orty Westminster base-burners in use
-Mhccitv and all inve perfect satisfaction.
jijSl ouly by A. Hallcy, 115 Commercial
ivi ,nue.
. ...
1 M'
. Koeliler.
'i-for the finest roasts, the juciest i
lets, the best sausages, you must go to
51 koehler's sample room on Kighth
U iet, where the very cream of the market is
j, l(ays to be found.
i ;' c 'v. pbufkct Smoke Burner for steam boil
I at Borden, Sellock & Co., St. Iouis,
k,b New liilliard Saloon,
n. Joseph Steagala has taken possession
jir0;he building formerly occupied by Mr.
ft n'l Hartman, on the corner of Sixth
set and Commercial avenue, and has
ablished therein a billiard saloon and
IlIHaurant. lie has repaired the building
lernally, making changes in the arrange
ment to accommodate his views ami furn
i ed it with every comfort that could be
a ("hlicd for in a first-class establishment,
if J has spaircd do pains to make his place
t , vi ot the most attractive resorts in the city,
V H invites all to come and sec him.
- 4
Oysters! Oysters!
W'jresh Mobile oysters will be kept in
jPk through the season, constantly in
'J5k, and our numerous customers will be
implied in quantities to suit, by the dozen,
ldrod or thousand. Also fresh Baltimore
Qters in cans, best quality and all grades
il plose figures. Send your orders to the
tester and Fish Depot, Ohio levee, corner
jrfhtU street. ItoiiEiiTllKWKTT, Agent.
Fresh Oysters.
'tiflie undersigned would respectfully in
bn the citizens of Cairo that we are now
jTpeiving daily, and the only parties in
Jbro, direct from Baltimore tresh oysters by
'at can and from the quantity we are re-
4ffinT Anrl fli.llintr flnilv un nro mal.l.wl ti
. O ' ft ..... nwutVLUU'llbU '
2t them for ten and twenty cents per can
l i than any other house in the city.
' ,f eli.icc StanJftr(1 ful1 cans, 40 cents;
yfQico 8ehts, full cans, 50 cents. For sale
i in' winter'8 Rfocery, on Kighth
Jgot, and at the Hotel Do Winters,
fties can always rely upon getting tkem.
Kpr 11. WlNTKH & CO.
1 Electro-Vapor Laths.
ure euro for rheumatism, neuralgia, dys-
'ei nd all derangements of the system.
rooms, 128 Commercial avenue, over
lar'aiewclry store. Terms: Single baths,
,0; biz baths, f.00. Try them.
W. H. Makban,
i Th Uomupathic Physician.
i 1 For Sale.
' five lots on on Levee street, above Reed's
jndry. Will bo sold cheap. Title per
' allt M. J. Howi.ky, Real ltatc Agent.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
dnthe best salve in the world for cuts,
'L.l... . . . 1 . .. ant. Ii.il.l.. 4nttriW dn.flfl
huusub, aurcB, UISI-IS, sniw nil inn, iwitl ouivn,
linr, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and
br kinds of skin eruptions. This salve is
nwantcod to give perfect satisfaction in
Yepry caae or money refunded. Price, 25
Veou per box. For sale by Geo. E. O'Haiia
a I
Kverv one should turn out und civo him
tho largest benetlt ot the season. Prof.
Ooss luvs been witu us lor nearly iwo suu
60118, and during that time has won tho
esteem or all the lnliaoitants 01 our cuy oy
showing his willingness to piny for every'
body irrespective of party or sect. In nd
dilion to tho reirular niogrammo of the
evening, will bo presented a pie-eating
nuitrli. prpased noil, etc: also the first an
Dcaranco of Tanner and Boss, tho acme of
colored song ana aance artists, i roi. .
V. Lemon and Harry II. Given will olso
present new music specialties, weiieru
ttdmission 25 cents.
The Delta Fire Company's Hull.
The Ninth Annual ball of the Delta City
Firo company will take place at their
cmrine house on mursiiay evening.
November 25th. Friends of the company
are invited to be piesenland injoy them
selves. Tickets, 1 ; supper, 25 cents.
The Butchers' Bull.
The butchers of Cairo will give a ball in
Scheel's hall, on Thursday evening, Novem
ber 25th. Boicourt's string band will
furnish the music, and a Sweedish comedy
will be presented by competent home
talent. Admission, fifty cents. All are
invited to attend. The committee of
arrangements are: Ferdinaad Keohler,
J. Bailer, E. Bucln-r, Fred Keohler, Jake
Walter and Frank Kline.
Take Advantage.
Mvsrs. Tiiirke and Cullev. of this city,
uin irivrt niir mprchants a call to day, in
the interest of their paper (a holiday ud-viTtisi-rl
to be known as The Cairo Herald.
They are clever and business young men,
and all will undoubtedly unci it ro uieir in
terest tci advertise with them. Between
n nnn and R.OOO conies will be printed, and
"the same distributed in every town and vil
lage within seventy-five milcsol tairo.
Thanksgiving Concert.
rin Tlnirclnvvpniiirr. November 25th. at
tho Presbyterian church, will bo given a
Thanksgiving concert by the choir, assist
ed by a number of other singers. Admis
sion, 25 cents. Concert to begin at eight
Ribs, Back Bones, Etc.
In nuantities to sumilv the whole city
and country are now for sale at the packing
of II inkle. Moore it Ilinkle. on Com
mercial avenue low figures; also leaf and
fresh rendered lard, salt meats, eic, at
lowest market price.
For Sale.
House and lot on Cross street, near tho
High school. House is two story.hasC rooms
and hall and is in good condition Desire
able neighborhood. Price $750.
51. J. Howlkv, Real Estate Agent.
Fine Millinery
On account of sickness of myself and in
my family, I am compelled to cixisE my
business, and therefore will sell my entire
stock of FisE mim.in'kky goods ut a great
sacrifice, commencing to-day.
I have the finest and largest as well as
the MF.ST selected rtock of goods in the
city and all mcrt he sold.
Mns. C. McLane. .
Notice in thcn columni, ten cents per line,
cacti luevrtloD. Markurt
Capt. JaB. Johnson is home again after J
an absence of several weeks.
"Between the acts" cigarettes, whole
sale and retail, at F. Koismcyer's.
Mr. George Fry has accepted a po
sition in the dry goods house of Burger
The postoffice will close on Thanksgiv
ing day at 10 o'clock, and remain closed
during the day.
Some of the stalwart organs say Grant
must bo secretary of war. Others claim
that the position belongs to the classical
Logan, of Illinois.
The Reform Club room was ogain
filled with an eager crowd of people last
night, to listen to the sermon of Rev. Koan.
At the conclusion of the services, five con
versions were reported.
Mr. Andrew Lohr is having a brick
addition to his tactory erected, which will
serve as an office and ice house. The walls
of the building are already up. Mr. W. F.
Pitchor lias tho contract.
"Between the acts" cigarettes, whole
sale and retail, at F. Korsmeyer's.
Mr. Harry vWalkcr yesterday celebra
ted his thirty-eighth birthday. It was also
tho fourteenth annual return of his wed
ding day, and hence the occasion was one
of unusual interest to his family and
Mr. Chas. B. Lemon, a brother of Mr.
Ed Lemon, who has been connected with
tho coniiquo for somo time, will assume
the leadership of the Comique band after
the departure of Mr. Al Gi ss, who leaves
on a visit to his home, in Antonio, Penn.,
Siturday next.
Remember that Al. Ooss should have
tho biggest house at his benefit to-morrow
night that has ever yet been seen at tho
Comique. It is the duty ot every man
who has enjoyed the music of the band for
the past summer, to buy a ticket, whether
he goes to the show or not.
A few days ago, the Paducah papers
stated that the girl, Blanche Mitchell, who
was at one time connected with the
Comiqu'i of this city, had returned to that
town and was ngain serving in the capacity
ot wino room girl at n public resort. Sinco
then her mother, after much coaxing, has
again induced her to return home. Before
returning to Paducah, tlu second time, sho
wrote to Mr. Harry Walker, asking for an
engagement in this city, but Mr. Walker
replied that since tdio was acting against
tho wish of her parents, ho would not en
gage her.
Cullom's majority over Trumbull and
Streeter is in round figures but 8,000. Four
years ngo his majority over the combined
democratic and greenback vote on Stewart,
was 0,000. It will thus be seen that tho
relative strength of tho republican party
ami opposition are about the sumo now as
Gov. Williams, of Indiana, whose ill
ness wo announced, a few days ago, died at
noon Saturday last. His death is followed
by universal sorrow in Indiana. Gov. Wil
liams was an unquestionable patriot and a
faithful public servant. He lived out his
three score years and ten, and goes to the
tomb with an uublcmishcd record in all
the relations of life.
It is a fact that is perhaps not gener
ally known that the water which surrounds
the gas reservoirs in tho lower part of the
city, has some power over that terrible dis
easerheumatism. Tony Cella has been
afflicted with rheumatism for some time,
and after trying a number of preparations
in vain, used some of this water and finds
that he is improving. Squire Osborn yes
terday sent a jug full of it to Mr. Geo.
Poor, at Dongola, who is also suffering
from rheumatism.
-The frequent accidents on the Illinois
Central incline, which have recently oc
curred, might well be averted in various
ways. One of them is by changing the
grade of the incline; another by using extra
couplings; but perhaps the safest way to
emedy the evil would be to build a switch
on the boat, which would enable the en
gine to get behind the cars and shove them
up instead of pulling them up. Wo learn
from railroadmen that this could easily be
arranged and that it would avert all dan
A little colored boy, named Gilbert
Campbell, was yesterday evening riding
5Ir. Robert Smith's mare up a plank ap
proach to the sidewalk near Stack's black
smith shop on Commercial avenue, when
the animal made u nnstepand threw tho
boy to the ground, seriously injuring the
ittle fellow. lie lay unconscious for some
minutes, when medical assistance was call
ed and stimulants administered, which
brought him asain to his senses. His in-
uries were internal, and he was taken to
the hospital for treatment.
Tell you what let's do, Garfield! Let's
retain all the officials now in Uncle Sam's
employ in this city in their present places.
They are all "true blue," you know, and
we must say, are also very efficient officers.
Mr. George Fisher is a man in a thousand
against whom so much as the black of his
nail cannot be brought, and of nil men in
our midst, he is the man whom our peo
ple would like to see retained unless you
will appoint a democrat in his place.
But we won't ask you to do that.
Col. McKeaig, who engineers the post of
fice, is also an estimable official. He died
and fled in the army, James, and since you,
too, acquired distinction on the battle
ground (by resigning) you know that he
merits a steady "sit" and fat "take." It
may be said against him that he was not
very active during the past campaign but
this was in apparent obedience to Hayes'
order No. 1, but quietly he rendered you
excellent service. Retain both of them.
What do you say, James?
If our friend Hayes, during his term
of his office, has been more economical than
his predecessors; if he has not indulged in
the customary presidential extravigance,
und is, therelore, enabled to retire with a
sung little fortune it is just so much to his
credit and The Bulletin would advise
Mr. Garfield that he would do well to fol
low Mr. Hayes' example. The statement
of a our AVashington cor
respondent that he (Hayes) will
be remembered as the "meanest occupant
ot the White House," and that his
"chief impluso has seemed to be a
desire to impose every possible house
hold expense on tho treasury," is untrue,
and could have been written only through
malicious motives. It is well known that
the president has been very frugal as re
gards his personal expenditures, but it is
yet to be proved that he has manifested any
desire to impose upon tho treasury tho pay
ment of bills which should bo settled with
his individual means.
Many of the people of Cairo doubtless
remember Green B. Raum the gentleman
of portly person, winning Bmilo and bald
head who occasionally engineered one
horse cases in our circuit court in an indit
ferent manner and showed his esteem for
this community y not afflicting it with
his presence or tho presence
of his estimable family. This
gentleman who was promoted to tho po
sition ot internal revenue commissioner
by General Grant and who, by the way,
has served his party well and has made an
excelleut officer, but will persist in lying
about southern illicit distilleries while ho
ignores thoso of the north this gentleman
has lately published tho fact to tho world
that in his forthcoming annual report ho
will discuss at length certain changes in
the law which ho thinks ought to be made.
The propriety of continuing tho tax on
matches, proprietary medicines and bank
checks will bo considered. Tho commis
sioner very wisely urges tho repeal ot tho
present tax on matches on tho ground that
the government does not need tho revenue,
and that it is "an arbitrary Imposition upon
ono of tho necessities of life, and has not
that to recommend it in a moral point ol
view, that the tax on liquor nnd tobacco
has." Tho latter, he claims, may be con
sidered luxuries, but matches arc a neces
sity. Tho amount collected on bank
checks, medicines and matches per aim tun
is about $0,000,000, and on matches alone
about three and a half millions.
Chief of Polico Robinson rcstcrday re
turned from Danville, Illinois, where holms
been in attendance upon a meeting of tho
grand lodge of Odd Fellows. While there
the chief of that city kindly showed him
the police docket from which he saw that
during last month, the fines assessed
against criminals amounted to $171, of
which all but $10 were collected, which
more than paid tho salaries of tho police
force. The reason of this, says ourcheif, is
that the Danville authorities have
provided work for all criminals
who fail to pay the fine assessed upon them.
As a consequence jail life is deprived of its
chief attraction idleness, and all evil
doers will preter to lork over the cash rather
than break rock for a certain number of
days. Cairo's calaboose needs a rock pile to
strike terror' to the hearts of hzy criminals,
and draw torth cither their green backs or
their muscle in the service of the city as a
penalty for violating its ordinances.
Like other great journals Tub Bn.i.E-
tin dislikes to discourse about the weather,
but feels in duty bound to occasionally
bore its readers by telling them that which
they already know. And 1. coco it will re
mark that the reports from all quarters ap
pear to give emphatic cimfirniation to the
predictions of the weather prophets both
professional and non-prufiessional. For
some time past these gentlemen have been
warning the public to look out tor a winter
of unusual earliuess and severity. So
far, their prognostications have been abund
antly verified. In many localities snow
has fallen so much in advance of its usual
time, and in such unheard of quantities,
that the ''oldest inhabitants" have been
startled while a general wave of coldness
has swept over the entire couutincnt. The
end is not yet, however, and it is likely,
from present indications, that before it
docs come, the seers who deal out public
weather will enjoy many opportunities fur
returning a portion of the ridicule so often
and so ruthlessly showeied upon their
The preliminary examination of M. C.
Hall, second clerk of the steamer Paris C.
Brown, for the killing of Andrew Goings
some time last October, was had, yesterday,
before Judge Olmsted. The examination
consumed the entire day, and we take pleas
ure in laying before our readers, the evi
dence in the case, which shows the killing to
have been a clear case of self-defense. The
people were ably represented by Prosecuting
Attorney Wm, C. Mulkey, and the defend
ant by D. T. Linegar, Esq. We merely
give the substance of the testimony,
climenating all unnecessary verbiage, and
will only add that, under the facts, the
court exercises a sound discretion in dis
charging the defendant.
Mr. Hall is a young man of perhaps 25
years old, very pleasing in his manner, and
wore upon hiscontenance, during the whole
of his trial, the appearance of a conscious
ness of his entire innocence. Upon his
acquittal he resumed his place on board
the steamer ot which he is clerk.
The following is the testimony for the
people :
I was sitting on stage of wharf boat, on
railing; defendant had a difficulty with Ed.
Fisher; some one said to Fisher, Why
don't you have the clerk arrested? and Hall
said, What in hell have you got to do with
it? Goings said, It you served me that
way (as he had Fisher), I'd show you what
I would do about it; and the clerk said,
You had better take it up, when Goings
started for the clerk ; when Hall shot first
at me, and second and third time at Go
ings. I did not sec Goings have a weapon ;
cannot say it he had or not; they were
twelve steps apart, Goings going toward
Hall; Goings started for Hall, and Hall re
treated a lew steps, drew his pistol, and
fired first toward me, then at Goings twice.
JAMES brooks:
Was laboring in hold of barge near by,
and heard something about riot; saw Goings
dodging, and said, That's enough, I'm shot.
I did not see any weapon in Goings hands.
I saw difficulty; Hall told Fisher to get
his money; clerk kicked his hat in river;
Hall got buggy spoke; Goings Baid
to Fisher, "Get officer and have
him arrested;" and clerk said, "You
big s -b what have you got to do
with it?" Goiugs said "I'm no more a s. of
I), than you are;"somn ono said "shoot him,"
and Hall pulled pistol and shot, shot again,
and Andy (Goings) said "I'm shot;" Hall
aid, "Any more of you s b want
any of it?" and went on board boat. Goings
had no weapons; no search was made for
dick hkrduon:
Goinus had a little knife as he went
toward man when ha shot; Hall said is
thcro any others b I can kill?
, Ho had stick and pistol aud.went oa board
-T3:. 171 I
boat. Goings told me after he was shot
that he thought he could make his way to
the clerk before he shot; he closed his
knife 3 feet before he got to the clerk;
when An ly called him s b ho
I heard three shots fired ; heard no cries;
I boarded with Goings: I saw him have a
small knife; deceased lived four weeks
after being 6hot; I helped bury him.
Deceased was my brother-in-law,
Assistant surgeon U. S. hospital service:
I was called to see Goings September 150;
wound particularly described; continued to
call on him uutil October 22d; he failed to
follow my directions and had pneumonia;
gun shot wound was the cause of his death.
I sat on gangway of wharf boit; Goings
said to Clerk Hall, its mo you ought to be
after; clerk said, "Yes, I'll run you in the
river." Hall pulled out pistol ; I got away ;
Goings got behind me, when he was shot;
Goings had nothing in his hand at the
time he was shot; he had a borrowed
knife. Deceased was not searched.
testified as to the wound and cause of
The testimony for the dttense was as fol
lows :
JOHN darensiiike:
I reside in New Orleans, and am clerk
of the U. S. district court; was a passen
ger on the P. C. Brown ; saw large fine
looking yellow man (Goings) sitting on
rail of gang plank of wharf boat, a dif
culty had occurred between Hall and small
black ma.; deceased said, "No s b ot
a steamboat clerk can make me leave boat,
etc. The clerk, Hall, said, What have you
got to do with it, you yellaw s. b;
deceased said, I'd wring yourG d neck
and throw you in tho river, advanced tow
ards Hall and Hall fired, tho party broke
and ran, and deccised again advanced and
second and third shots were fired. I think
it was the second shot that took effect.
Deceased had a knife in his
hand, whittling while sitting on rail. He
advanced in a threatening manner after
jumping from rail. He advanced toward
Hall with a knife in his band. Some one
had said to small black man como get your
hat and we will stand by you. I am posi
tive Goings did not close his knife and put
it in Lis pocket. I swear positively he had
his knife in his hand when he advanced on
Hall. Goings was five icct from Hall
when shot.
Testified substantially same as last wit
ness but in addition stated that he saw
the knife tall from Goings hand after ho
was shot, that knife blade was 4 inches in
length, that Goings said before advaning,
you cannot run over me, I'll wring your
neck and throw you into tho rivor; got off
rail.opeued knife and started for defendent,
who pulled revolver and fired. Knife looked
like steamboat knife. After deceased
started, Hall said, "stop," at the same timo
putting hand behind him. Deceased con
tinued to advance when shots were fired.
Mato of Paris C. Brown, described knife
as having a blade 4 inches iu length. That
after tho language testified to by other
witnesses, had passed deceased and advanc
ed toward Hall with an open knlto in his
hand (position Bhown) in a very angry and
threatening manner, and was about to say
what ho (witness) would have done under
similar circumstances, but was checked,
when Hall told deceased to stop, but de
ceased continued to advance, and Hall
drew and fired thrco times; staid until Hall
left; and deceased suidgot a doctor.
steersman: Saw difficulty; Goings spoko
first, and said, No s b could make him
leave, etc.; ho had a knife in his hand; ad
vanced towards Hall, who said, Stand
back; it you don't I'll shoot. Goings con
tlnuud to udvuuco with knife in hand, and
I ' m. J -.J.-.. M
Supcrior Makes and Styles
-A X 1)-
Boy's and
The floss Clothing IIouc.
01 Ohio levee, : : Cairo, 111.
Hall fired. The knile deceased had was
an ordinary black-handled knife, with
four-inch blade.
Haw something in deceased's hand; can't
say if it was a knife; it might have been;
it looked "shiney." He started towards Hall,
and Hall fired three shots.
Words passed between parties; sn ot a
b li was passed ; Goings rose up to his feet,
shut up knife and started for the clerk.
jac k MOi'i.roN:
Saw difficulty; Goings took up difficulty;
s of b passed between clerk and Andy.
Andy got up with a knife iu his hand and
started at clerk, and clerk said, "If that's
your game you can have it," and fired. I
think the knifa was a small pocket knife.
He was whittling with small knife; he
started for Clerk Hall,t got up and went
right straight towards him with his knife.
JOSEPH ajiel:
Was on levee ut time of difficulty and
saw witness, Frank Jenking, 20 feet below
where I stood on levee, and he staid there
while difficulty lasted. I am not positive,
but think he was there.'
Also testified that Frank Jenkins stood on
levee, near himself and Mr. Al.le, while dif
ficulty was going on on the wharf boat.
Editor Cairo Bulletin:
Since the election is over, it is to be
hoped that the lie-manufacturing' and lie
nailing business, which has during the
campaign engaged so extensively and en
ergetically so many polly tishuns, will re
tire its operators, wind up and close out.
It is fearful to contemplate the awtul con
dition which three months moro of such
business would have placed thisv
couttry in. All tho brain and muscle
would have been employed in lieing, nailing
lies, digging iron ore and smelting it,
and in manufacturing nails. Tho rolling
mills and nail makers would have runup a
corner on iron and nails, that it would have
taken the price of N. E. 4' of a S. W. 4' to
have paid for enough of nails to build a
chicken coop; the strain been such, that
all the mental and physical powers of
Uncle Sam would have been completely
exhausted, not enough of brain and muscle
strength left in that dear old relative to
havo manufactured the material for anight
cap of the Goddess of Liberty, and that
glorious and tender hearted female Divinity,
would have had to press the cold pillars of
state bare-headed, 5Iystic.
Tiieues, November.
1rOU ltKNT.-Furnlshcd room. For particu
lar! Inquire northeast corner Tuath aud Wal
nut HtrwtB.
WANTED-A girl to cook.wmh. and Iron, and
to aaniat with Km'ral fc.nnework. Good
wage to an efficient pur on. Apply to Mrs. Dr.
Maruun, corner Fourteenth afreet anil Washington
Ily virtue of an execution ImikJ out of tho
clt'ik'a office of the circuit court of Alexander
county, aud nUte of Illlnola, and to mo directed,
whereby 1 am commanded to make the amount of
certain Judgment recentlyobtalned agalnt James
V. Kaukln, lu favor of tho Huulhwcttern In
fiirance Company, for nae of John (. Harmon,
receiver, ont of the landa, tenement, goods and
chat Una of the said James C. Rankin, I have levied
on the following described property, to-wlt: Lota
nutnharel twenty-five twenty-six (lit)), twenty
seven (U7) and tweuty-elidit (All, In Cairo Ridge
Association's sub division of block numbered
four (4) In the third addition to the city ot Cairo,
Illinois. Therefore, according to aald command.
I shall expose for sale at public auction, ell the
right, title and Interest of Ihe aliovo named James
l Knnkln In und to the above described property,
at W o'clock, a. m .onThursdny the 9th day of De
cember, 1H8N, at the westerly door of tho court
house In Cairo. Illinois.
Dated at Cairo, Illinois, tins 101 h day of Notora
Sheriff Alexander County,
Alt lerson having clultns Against the estate or
WlUliun Welle, deceased, uru h'jrohy untitled and
requested to attend and present sitrh elnluis to the
county court of Alexander coiintv, Illinois, for the
purpose of having the siunu ndlu'sted ut a term of
siild court, to be held at the court house, In tho city
of Cairo In siild Alexander county, on the third
M.nulnv of Juniiury. A. D. 1HH1, bolng Ihe l'.'lU dnv
thereof. r"
Dated November 11th. A. D. issn.

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