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ji largest Ciroulation ol any Dally In
f, . Southern Illinois..
) Only Morninir Daily in Southern Illinois.
'Offloet Bulletin Itaildlnc, Wiuhlnpum Avenue
' Subtoription Kiitesx:
;'" zxu.x.
' Dt'ly (delivered by carriers) per week 8S
By niU (In advance), odo your 'S
' Hix monthi J-"
i Thrco monthi f J
;; ne month 'uu
"t wxkm.v.
; By mall (In advance), ouo year $200
i SU monthi
" Three monthi . w
' Tj clubi of ten and over (per copy). ... 1.50
H- Postage in all case propald,
Advertising Kfttei
(Electrotvpeininitbeiolld metal, aad will only
be inserted on inside pages,)
f, '. . DA.ILT.
lrt Insertion, per quar fl.M
8abeqaercl Insertloua, per square 50
' ? for one woek, pur square 8 (KI
, For two weeks, per square 4.M)
n, For three weeks, per aquaro 6 .00
: Pot one mouth, pur square 7.00
,' JUch additional square 4.lo
,' Panerul notice 1.00
,' obituaries and resolutions passed by societies
'' ten cent pw line. , .,
. Ueaihi aud marriages free - .
' -. '-.'.J. ' l' ( WTtKLT. , 1
! Plrat Insertion, per square. . , ..' f .. .$1.00
,abal(,int insertions, i ....A 5
Klght lines of aolld nonpr.rell roiasQtiire a square
, " Displayed advertisements will be charged accord
,- lag to the space occupied, at above rates there be
, lug twelve liner of solid type to the Inch.
To regular advertifturi we oflVr superior lnduce
tf MenU, both as to raits of charges und maimer of
displaying their favors.
Local notices twenty cents per lino for first lnser
i lloa; ten cent! per line foreuch subbsoqnont inter
I Hon.
This paper may be fonnd on file at Goo. P. Rowell
I A Co.'s Newspaper Advertising Bureau (10 Spruce
etreet) where advertising contract! may be made
v lor it in New York.
I Communications upon tnbjects of general Interest
1 to the public are at all times acceptable. Rejected
manuscript will not bo returned. ' '
; Letters and communications should be addressed
"K. A. Burnett. Cairo. UUinolt "
, This paper mav bo found on hie at Geo. P.
: Rowell A Co's Newspaper Advertising Bureau, (10
: Spruce St.), where advertising contracts may be
made for it in Niw York.
Miss Clara Louiso Kellogg, while in
' Vienna recently, received from some
unknown ajrairer a bird of exquisite
plumage in a cage of gold. It was sent
anonymously to her hotel.
In the editorial rooms of Le Figaro,
in Paris, a fencing and boxing apart
ment has been set apart. Tho editors
find invigorating exercise with rapier
and gloves, and the man who demands
explanations tr retractions will become
more and more rare as the stafl' becomo
more proficient in the manly art.
Frof. Packard, of Powdoin college,
who has been connected with it since
1812, gave a lecture on his rcminis-
cenccs of the college, in which he said
the lirst commencement was held in an
unfinished church during a severe rain
' storm, and the president presided,
holding an umbrella over his head.
Postmaster General Maynard has is
sued an order directing that all maga
ssines, pamphlets, ami other like read
ing matter received at the dead letter
, ollice, shall hereafter, instead of being
o!d for waste paper, bo distributed, to
'charitable ami. reformatory institutions
in and around t lie national capital.
' One of tho curiosities of Arizona is
an ancient copper mine on the oast
jiide of the Verde, by whom it was
urorkcd it would be hard to determine.
Possibly Aztecs; more likely by the
Apaches. This is more reasonable, as
the mine has not been worked for the
. metal in the ore, but for tho paint.
There are now on the dump rich and
easily worked carbonates, where every
. spot where high-colored, soft material
snowed iUelf, has been worked out.
Several rock tools' which havo been
found, with battered edges and staius
,: ol ore on them, prove that implements
of stone were used. They ran a tunnel
into the ledge nine feet high and from
, six to eight teet wide. It is about twen
ty feet long. In places there are walls
t built and the waste matter thrown be
, iindthem.
The "London Hair Color Itestorer"
is the most delightful article every in
troduced to tho American people und
totally different from all other hair re
, storcrs, being entirely free from all
impure ingredients that render many
other articles tor the hair obnoxious.
Where baldness, or falling of tho hair
exist, or prematurely grayness, trom
i sickness or other causes, its use will
restore the natural youthful color, and
causes a healthy growth, cleansing tl
, scalp from all impurities, dandruff, etc.,
, at the same time a most pleasing and
lasting hair dressing, fragrantly per'
fumed, rendering the hair soft
and plyablc, making it an iudia-
pensable in every . toilet.
Ask your druggist for London Hair Color
- Itestorer. Price 75 cents a bottle. (1)
A Modern Poet.
"What is a modern poet's fate, to write his
thoughts up a slate,
The critic spits on what is done,' gives it a
wipe and all is gone,
Like Rheumatism Trom our bodies fly,
'When Thomas' Eclectric Oil we try.
; Bold by Paul O. Schuh.
II. Richardson, Sao and Fox Agency
Indian Territory, says: The "Only Lung
,7ad bag restored me to health, and I shall
be glad to recommend it to any one. See
.- Ait. .
The Friend of Delicate Ladies.
Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure is
. the remedy that will cure the many diseases
.peculiar to women. Headaches, neuralgia,
. disordered nerves, weakness, mental shocks,
,aad kindred ailments arc effectually re
Moved by its use. Tho Mother's Maga
nine. . -: .
Always avoid harsh purgative pills
They first mako you sick and then leave
vou constipated. Carter's Littlo Liver Pills
njrulatethe bowels and make you well.
' , ' X RocJiEFOitT, Fayette, Mich., writes:
,Tout Ecloctrio Oil gives good satisfaction
Li this place, please send me ten dollars'
worth by express ted oblige. Bold by
Keep Hold of Sly Hand.
Love, togethor wo're treading life'i beautiful
Keep hold pf my bund, I may stumble nJ
X near iouiids of iweet music floweri bloom
by the roadside;
Cut your volte and you band-clasp are
itvootcr than all.
Hand In hand, heart to heart, let u go on to.
get her,
EucU for each making luntihlne the happy
clay through.
Keep hold of my hand, love, the day may have
Yet together we'll pruy that the etorm
clouds be few.
Lovo, keep bold of my jiand, How the breeie
la making sweet music the tree-tops among.
But the winter is coming, and the pltlloak
Will wail thro' the trees where the zephyrs
havo sung.
Then, as now, love, keep hold of my hand.
Uow the roses
And daisies bloom fair 'neath our hurrying
But they tell us the flowers will wither, and
Be left, for the wind-scattered roses so
But, dear, tho' the wimi and the snow and the
f storm-cloud
Ail ahoitld come where the breath of the
summer has been, ,. .
Still keep hold or my hand, 'and our hearts
will bo wurmer;
We'll be stronger to stand 'gainst the sorrow
und sin.
So keep hold of my hand, let your dear face,
lookingdown into mine, tell again of your
The dny shineth bright, but the light of your
Enhances the snnllght that streams from
above, '
The great stream of our life bears us on, with
its rivulets 1
Singing sweet as they roll o'er the bright
golden sand.
Let us ask that the waves may be ever as
And thou, oh! my darling, keep bold of my
' baud, I
I am powerful fond of music. When
I was only knee-high to a grasshopper,
I used to foller all the hand-organs that
come inter the place. - And them men
that squeeze something under their
arms, and make such a squealing, fun
ny noise, were allurs sure of gitting all
my pennies. And here am 1 Deacon
Scott's wife, and oughtcr be settled
down reading tho blessed Bible, and
thinking of my latter days, yet here I
am ready to upset everything, and run
after the first strain of music I hear, if
it is nothing but a Jews-harp.
Hrother Jones lives next door, and
belongs to our church. He has taken
it in his head to buy a planner for his
girl Sarah Maria. A powerful nice girl
is Snrah Maria, but awful proper;
wouldn't do anything that waa a bit
naughty; never had any fellows hang
ing round after her. Everybody likes
her, and so do I.
She has becntaking lessons on tho pi
anner from the observatory, and a great
professor comes hero and plays till! am
eenamost carried away. But how ho
does bang away on the new pianner!
l.think brother Jones is queer to let
him go on at such a rate. He'll be go
ing just as soft und nice, and all at
once he will hit tho planner as though
he had got mad at something.
One night I sat at my winder listen
ing; all at once I thought I'd go in and
hear all I could. I went right in. The
Erofessor was there, and so was Sarah
I aria. They were very perlite gnvo
mo a chair and I began talking to tho
professor about music. Says he:
"Will you favor us with a song, Miss
Scott, or something on the pianner?"
I says
"I did not bring my music, and 1
have a bad cold; please exqueezo mo."
He smiled and gave Sarah Maria a
very knowing look.
I asked him to favor mo with somo
"Which 6hall it be, vocal or instru
mental?" !
"I will havo a little of both," says I.
I thought I was safe in saying that.
He asked me if 1 was fond of oproar
music. I said I had been in so few op
roars I did not kuow.
Thereupon he commenced singing
about "dreaming he lived in marble
halls." Then ho looked straight at
Sarah Maria, and kept saying "Unit ho
loved her, that he loved her just tho
same." 1 thought ho acted funny, but
it was oproar music, and of course I
was prepared to hear him come down
on the pianner as though he was smash
ing it all to pieces.
Sarah Maria asked me if I liked that!
"Oh, yes! It was splendid!"
I allurs noticed that everybody praises
what they don't understand in com
pany; and the deacon is allurs telling
me not to criticise other people.
Says the professor
"Can I play you anything else, Miss
I thanked him perlitelv, and told him
to keep right on; when 1 was tired I'll
tell him to stop, i Thereupon he com
menced on something else, and I com
menced to keep time, first with one fut,
then with my hands, then with my whole
body. The music kept playing.and I kept
ag oing. Sarah Maria kept laughing,
and ut last down come tho professor on
the pianner, and down I went on tho
sofy, more dead than alive. I thought
I was bewitching and after I came to
life a leetle I said
"What have you dono to me, profes
sor?" i
"How do you like it?" says he.
"I guess I will like it when I get nsed
to It'9 !
He said ho played "a thousand and
one nights;" shouldn't 7011 think he'd
got tired?
I felt kinder played out, so I thought
Td go down intr the dining-room and
see Brother and Sister Jones. There
they sot, he reading ono of them lying
newspapers, she darning stockings,
lie read about three men breaking a
bank. Jest as If threo men could break
one of them great big atone buildings!
It would take raore n three score to
break one of them houses (0 pieces.
Then ho read of a man with six wives,
when wo know it is hard these days to
take caro of 0110. All lies! I'm ashamed
of Brother Jones to pay two cents every
day to buy a paper that is full of such,
stories; ho had better put his cents in
tho poor box. It Is bad enough to have
to hear of such works without buying a
paper to read them. But such a tasto
somo folks have! There sat Sister
Jones looking at her lord and mnster,
(as I've heard some folks Buy,) taking
it all in like law and gospel.
Even-thing that Brother Jones says,
Sister Jones will swear by. I think it's
wicked to place such trust in poor hu
man nature. I remonstrated with her
"Well," said she, "Sister Scott, when
a woman has got a nice likely man she
oughtcr look up to him and please him.
You know tho man is the, head of tho
1 don't want to make folks think that
Sister Jones is out of her head, but she
is a lectio shaller, just a leetle, or sho
would not say such things about a man
being a woman's head. I think a wo
man is moro a man's he ail. Seo how
many poor miserable kites of men there
is round, ready to hang on some wo
man's apron strings, I detest the whole
lot on 'em! I tell the deacon so. Ho
says I don't search the Scriptur, or I'd
treat him better. Jest hear that, when
I'm nil the time trying to keep him out
of mischief!
The deacon likes to go down to the
harbor with his ohiss, and the girls like
to have him spcVid his money on them,
buying them ice-cream and sody, and
such like fooleries, and I don't like it.
lie says I'm jealous; now I'm not jeal
ous. I couldn't bo so mean. But I'vo
got a husband, and I say let tho othors
get one, too. Ho says I like to scold
him. Now it's no such thing; but what
is the use of having a husband if you
can't talk to him when you feel like It?
Somo people have suid that I was a ter
rible talker. It's nothing of the sort.
I just mind my own business, and say
nothing to nobody.
But 1 must finish about Sarah Maria's
pianner. I went in again tho other
night. The back door was open, and I
went right up stairs. I opened the par
lor door, and stood a minute looking at
the professor giving Sarah Mariah
a lesson. They sot si do by sido
by the pianner; ono of tho pro
fessor's arms was round Sarah Ma
ria's waist. His other hand held
hers, and ho was looking right down
inter her crimson face, and I thought
he was a-teaching her some more op
roar music, as he kept a-saying, "I love
you." It was a picture to see the pro
fessor, with his big block eyes and love
ly moustache, hanging ovi r our littlo
Sarah Mariah. If ho hadn't been her
teacher, I should a thought he was
trying to court her. But 1 knew better
than that.
All at once ho dropt his head, and a
noise as if a bunch of fire-crackers went
off, sounded. I was kinder scart, and
"Oh, my!"
You had oughtcr to see them jump!
The professor acted mad, and said, kind
er ugly
"Some people don't know their
I guess he was mad with Sarah Ma
ria, for he ketched up his hat and said,
"I don't mean to endure this any long
er;" and went out.
Sarah Maria felt kinder bad, too, for
the tears came into her purty eyes. I
told her to keep a stiff upper lip, and
not to be bullied by her teacher. She
said she was going up stairs to bed, so
1 had to go down stairs again. Just as
I got three steps from tho bottom I
stepped dowii and fell. My ankle was
doubled up under mo.
The noise brought Brother Jones.
He tried to lift mo up, but, Lor sake
alive! ho was nowhercs, couldn't stir
mo a peg. ' It wasn't because I was so
heavy, for I only weighed a hundred
and ninety-seven and-a-lmlf. There I
laid until they culled tho deacon, and
between the two they brought mo homo
and laid mo on my bed, nud there I was
for a long while.
At last I got so lonesome that I asked
tho deacon to buy one of them lying
newspapers, for I should go off the han
dle if I couldn't hear nothing, even if
it wasn't true. Ho bought it, and the
first thing he read to mo was marriage
contentions. Now that wasn't any thing
very new, but was better than nothing
So ho went on reading: "Prof. Wijliam
Augustus liydal to Sarah Maria Jones."
And at last I began to sec through tho
last lesson I saw the Professor give to
Sarah Maria. I thought it looked kind
er natural then, if it hadn't been for
the pianner.
W ell, my story is done, and hero I
am a living martyr to music.
Ono day during the Second Empire
Arthur Kane was sent for by a judge
"Monsieur," said the official, turning
over a formidable dossier, "you aro
acquainted with X.P"
"I have the pleasure of tho gentle
man's acquaintance."
"X., I may say, has been arrested for
conspiring against tho life of tho Em
peror." No answer. .
"We havo learned in the course of our
examination that he confided to you his
Still no answer.
"And that you endeavored to dis
suado him from his purpose."
"True I did," said Kane with eager
ness, seeing an apparently favorable is
sue from the decidedly embarrassing
situation. ,u
"True, you dirt," continued tho offi
cial; "you said to him, 'Don't lire at
tho Emperor! You are short-sighted
you'll miss him!' "
liano was sent to Lambcssa.
On a recent Saturday evening a man
stepped into a grocery store at North
ampton, Mass., with a bundle contain
ing a pair of boots, which he laid down
for a moment. Near by wcro several
lobsters, which had been done up for a
ludy from a neighboring village, mak
ing a package similar in slzo to tho
other. By some chance the owners ex
changed bundles, and tho gentleman
after having nearly reached home found
his "books" suspiciously moist and
took them bock to tho store. But tho
lady went home, placed tho supposed
lvbsters on Ico in order to keep them
in good condition for dinner, and did
not discover the mistake until just be
fore dinner time.
45 Years Before the Public.
nre not recommended as a remedy "for all the
ills that flesh is heir to," but in affections of
the Liver, and in nil llilious Complaints, Dys
pepsia, and Sick Headache, or diseases of
that character, they stand without a rival,
No better cathartic can be used prepara
tory to, or nfter taking quinine.
As a simple purgative they arc unequalcd.
The genuine are never sugar-coated.
Each box has a red-wax seal on the lid with
the impression, McLANE'S LIVER 1'ILL.
Each wrapper bears the signatures of
C. McLane and Fleming Bros.
Joy Insist upon having the genuine Dlt.
C. McLANE'S LIVER PILLS, prepared by
FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa.,
the market being full of imitations of the
name McLane, spelled differently but
same pronunciation.
To Xervnus SullVri'ih 'Ilic tircat FurnitPHuReiu-edv-lir.
J. 11, Simpson's SH'clllc Jli'dicine.
Dr. J . 11. Simpson's Siitclflc M' lllriuc Ik a pod
tlvc cure fur Hpermiilnrrui'ft, lnipolvnrv, Wi'iikm'cs
und nil (Ilsvusci rcstiltlnKlnim Hulf-Almsv. us Ni-r-vou
nihility. Irritability. Mtnital Anxluty, Languor,
Lassitude, bi-proseiou ol spirit and fiiiictioiinl do
ranKinfiitf of tho Nervous System fcticrallv l'tilim
m niM K or mm;, loss nr Mviiiiiry, I'roniKtuiv l'i
Ago turn uisnust'a
that lead tn Con
ut 111 lll on Insani
ty and an early
craw, or botli.
No matter bow
tdiallort'd t h 0
cysti'in nifty bo
from o.vci'si'S of
flnv Llnrl. m hhnrt
,-iiuibb UI 1111-meuii.lliu n u, ii.Pii'rt.- luc li'PV lime
1 1 on k and procure Health and liappiuvsa, where be
fore was ilcfioMdeticy und (.'loom. Iho Sjicrlrtc
M'.MIcinu is Leii,j uctd with wonderful sue
Cef .
1'smphlets sent free to all. Write for thtra and
get full luutlcnluiH,
Price, Speclllc. fl.'Oper psrkape. or fix pack
aijes for Will be feu I by mail ou receipt ol
money. Address all orders,
Nos. 104pudimi Muiu St.,lJulla!o,N, Y.
Harpeis's Bazar.
This popular periodical is pre-eminently a jour
nal fur the household.
Every number furuifhes the latest Information
in regard to fashions in dress and ornament, the
new. st and approved patterns, with descriptive
articles derived from authentic and ordinal
sources; while its Stoiies. l'ocms, and Essays on
Social and Domestic Topics, give variety to its
IIARPEK'S BAZAK, One Year $4 00
The THREE above-named publications, One
Year 10 00
Any TWO above named. Ono Year 7 00
Postage Free to all subscribers in the United
States ur Canada
The Volumes of the Bnznr begin with the first
Nuniherfor Junuary of each venr. When no time
is menlloued, it will be underHtond that tbe sub
scriber wishes to commence with the Number next
after tho receiptor the order.
'I he Inst Eleven Annual Volumes of llAUi'KH'a
TUzak, tn neat cloih blurting, will be sent by mull,
postage pnld, or by exprci-H. free of chargu ipro
vlded the frelebi does to; exceed one' dollar per
volttmei for $1 .('0 each.
Cloth cafes lor each volume, suitable for bind
ing, will be sent by mail, postpalu, ou receipt of
1.(KI cuctl.
Remittances thonld be made by I'ost-Oftlc
Money Order or Draft, tn avoid chance of loss.
Newspapers are forbidden tn copy this adver
tisement wiihout th- exprcn order ol llAi.rru &
I!iiovui:u. Address.
Harper's Magazine
"Studj lag tho subject objectively and from the
educational point of view seeking to provide that
w hich, taken altogether, will be of the most serv
ice to the lnrgei-t number 1 long ago concluded
that if I could have but one work for a public li
brary, 1 would select a complete set of Harper's
Monthly, "-Charles Francis Adams, Jr
I's contents nre contributed by the most eminent
author and artists of Europe and America, while
the long experience of Its puhllKhers has made
them thoroughly conversant with tho dcslreof tbe
public, which they will spare no effort to gratify.
H A.RPEK'8 WEEKLY, One Year 4 00
HARPER'S BAZAK. Ono Year 4 00
The THREE above publications, One Year.. ..10 00
Any TWO above named, Oue Year 7 00
Postago Free to all subscribers In tbe United
States ur Cumtda.
Tho volumes of the Magazine begin with the
Numbers for June and December ol each year.
When no time la spe llled, it will bo understood
thai the sutiscrlber wishes to beyiu with tho cur
rout Number,
A Complete set of llAiii'Kit's Maoazinii, com
prising tli Volumes, lu neat clnih binding, will be
sent by oxpress, freight at expense of purchaser,
on rccolpt of f 2 'J5 per volume. Hlnglo volumua,
by mall, post-paid, $:l (H). Cloth cusus, for binJ.
lug, 88 cents, by mall, post paid.
Remittances should ho made by Post-Ofllco
Money order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss,
Newspapers are not to copy this advertisement
without the express order of Harper 4 Brothers.
Address HARl'I-li & BROTHERS, New York.
' 1W81.
This periodical, by Its able and scholarly discus
sions oftbu questions of the day. as well as by Its
Illustrations which are prepared by the best artlsia
has always exerted a most powerlulaudbcnetlclal
InlliHtiico upon tho public mind.
Thowelgetof Its iiilliieuco will always bo found
nu the side of morality, enlightenment, and retluo
HARPER'S WEEKLY, Ono Year- fl 00
HARPKIl'8 MAGAZINE, Ono Yoar 4 00
UARI'l'.R'S BAZAR, OmiYnar 4 1)0
Tho THREE abovo publications, Ono Year. . . in 00
Any TWO above named, On Year 7 00
Postage Freo to all subscribers In the United
Statci or Canada.
ThaVolnmcaof the Weekly begin with the first
Number for January of each year, When uu lime la
mentioned, It will be undursio d that tho subscri
ber wishes In coiiimi'iico with Ilia Numbor uext
after the receipt of the order.
The last Klovun Annual Volumes of llxnrr u'si
WmtKl.v, in neif cloth binding, will be sent by
mall, pnstngo paid, or by express, free of expense
(provided the freight does not exceed oue dollar per
volume, f ir 97.00 each.
Cloth Cases for each volumo, suitable fnrVndltie,
will be sou t by mall, postpaid, on rocelptof 91. 00
Remittances should bo made liv Post ofllco Money
fOrdcror Drart, to avoid chance ol loss.
Newspapers are not tn copy this advertisement
without the exprest order of II AHi-icn A U1101 liens.
1 Addrcii HARriCUA BROTHERS, New York,
Vktoitu. rmt,
Tho extraordinary effect oflhls Btichu, as pre
pared by Dr. llaydock, upon the Kidneys and Uri
nary Organs Is without a nernlh I in the history lof
medicine, and its results ftirbevoud any of the
Kidney remudlei ofthe day. It stimulates Diges
tion add tune to tho svstem. Invigorates the Do
liilltuted. and is lufalllble for tho euro ofDIa
I eti' In its worst form.
Ouu trial of a teaspoouful In a wine glass of
water w ill convince the moat seepllcul w Ithlu from
ten to .twenty minutes.
IiiNorck'i" of tho Kidneys.
In all diseases affecting these organs, whether
they secrete too much or too little water, or
whether they bit allllcted with stone or gravel, or
with aches and pains settled In the loms oyer the
region of the kidneys.
Vitalized Bircnu,
Will give almost immediate roller, when all other
means I111V0 failed. The most powerltil existing
medlcinalbrtho cure of female complalntB. Fifty
years expcrlciicelncontesubly proves this remedy
unrivalled for the disorders Incidental to tho female
sex. No finally should oe without It, audit may be
tuktn by young or old, as It will restnre health when
every other moans prove unsuccessful.
To lite sioinitcb we trace dyspepsia, headache and
general debility to tho liver, bile, Jaundice, and
yellow fever; to the bowels, diarrhoea, dvsentary,
constipation, piles, and fistula: totlio lungs, con
sumption, etc.; to the blood, scrofula, scurvy,
and all cutaneous eruptions. By keeping these
oigutisiind vita fluid pure and healthy wo may
safely defy the attacks of disease, and no medlclt e
ict prepared for this purpose cau eouai the ac
tion of
Vitalized Buciiu.
"It has male me a now man."
"Dr. Haydock's Buchu has Increased my weight
fifteen pounds."
"My wife would not bo without 1. for any
"Our little boy Is much better, 1 enclose one
dollar for another bottlu."
''I find it as eay to take as mtlk "
"We have sold thirteen bottles this wevk, and
shall want three doxeu next order."
"My morning agony is gone thanks to your
Want of space compels me to conclude.
Any Invalid or sufferer alllcteo with any Kidney
disorder who will write me as to their complaint,
Will be treated humanely and kindly. It is my
most earnest desire to' investigate all forms ol
Diabetes, and to give relief at all times. It you are
too poor to purchase write me any w ay, and your
case will havo immediate attention.
C A U T I O X.
Observe thit the signature ot Jos. llaydock Is
across the month ol each bottle
Price Oue dollar for large, and fifty cents for
trial sizes
7 Dey Street, New York.
TRADE MARK. The Great English 1 RAKE MARK
Kemcdy, au uu
failing euro for
Seminal Weakness
Impotnncy. and all
diseases that fol
low as a conse
quence of self
Ti f mi' aunsu; as loss 01.
XWiore iajungmemory. universal
lassitude, paln'n the back, dtin-ift.. TaVln
ness of vision, premature old agew
and many other diseases that lead to Insanity or
consumption and a premature grave.
Full particulars in our psmjdilet, which we de
sire to send free by mail to every ono. The spe
ll He medicine is sold by all druggists at ft per
package, six for $', or will be tent Iree by mail on
receipt of the monay by addressing THE GRAY
MEDICINE CO., No.S Mechanics block, Detroit
Mich. Sold In Cairn by Barclay Bros., Paul O
Schuh and Geo. K. O'llara.
AUfl 4 VO$')0.o $I.(K10; 2 to 34 Stops. PI
lLTAlnAN"s ''-'' u" Paper free.
Washington, N. J.
WANTED.-To cure a case of CATARRH lu
" each neighborhood, with Dr. Karsner's Reme
dy, to introduce It. Sample Iree. OLE TILTC'N,
Pittsburg. I'a.
i Per month, during Fall and Winter, In every
' county. Interesting and viiluablo informa-
tlon. with full particulars, free. Address at
once, J. C. MitTRDY & CO., Chicago, 111.
lowest prices ever known
on itrrrrli limlrn,
Hiflra, and lb-voltrra,
I nt greatly reduced price,
r henii stamp for our New
lllilulrulujr ...... . tkt
r.r0VELLfeS0!J,a3MluWtr.-el.i INOlNNATI.I).
Europe and America
23 years experience In tho Secret ficrvlco of Colo
brated Detectives, In all parts of the world. KiO
octavo paces, 40 full page engraving. Als in
press two new illustrated books. Extra induce
ments offered. For terms address J . U. Dl'KU &
CO., Hartfora, Ct., or Chicago, Ilia.
New ami vcrv Attractive Styles aro now ready
Best cabinet or Parlor organs In
the world, winners of highest dis
tinction at every great World's
Exhibition for thirteen vcars.
Prices. ft.M , $57, $M, $84, $U to
J.VM) and upward. For easy pay
uients, $.:t8 a quarter snd up
ward. Catalogues free. MASON
& Hamlin Organ CO., 1M Tre
mont street. Hoston:40 East llth
street, (Union Square,) New York, 140 Wabash
avenue, Chicago.
A brilliant book, fascinating In stylo, puro in
languaeo, endorsed by physicians everywhere. Au
elaborate exposition of the Physical Llfo of Man
and woman. Elegantly printed and fully Illustrat
ed. Extraordinary Inducements to Agents. Ad
dress JONES UROTUERS a CO.. Chicago. 111.
tK -4 f Outfit lurnlshed Iree, with full In
1 I I strtictions for conducting tho most
?S I I I profitable business that any ono can
fl I V engage lu. Tho business la so easy
ri to leorn, and our instructions are so
simple and plain, that any 0110 can
mako groat profits from the start. No one can fail
who is willing to work. Women are as successful
as men. Hoys and girls can earn largo sums.
Many havo made at the business over one hundred
dollars In a siuglo week. Nothing like it ever
known before. All who ongsgo aro surprisd at the
ease and rupidlty with which they aro able to make
money. You can engage In this business during
vour spare time at great profit. Yondo not have to
Invest capital in It. We taku all the risk. Those
w ho need ready money, should wtlro to ut at once.
All furnished free. Address TRUE & CO., Au
gusta. Maine.
Vulcan Iron Works
John T. Hennie,
X A VINO established his works at the above men
XI lioiied place la better prepared than evor for
manufacturing Steam Engines and Mill Machinery,
Having a Steam Hammer and amplo Tools, the
manufacture or all mmis or Machinery, Kallroad,
Steamboat and Hrldgo Forging! made a specialty.
Kspoclul attontion given to repairs of El ilnei and
liraaa Castings of all ktndi mado to ordoi
Pipe F ttlug Id til 1U brwiohw.
We Mean Cured, Sot Merely Kelieveu
Aud Can Prove What we Claim.
EtyThoro aw no failures and no disappoint
ments, if you are troubled with SICK HEAD-
ACHE you can bo easily and quickly cured, as
hundreds have been already. Wo shall be pleased
In mail a sheet of testimonial toauv lulcrertud.
Carter's Little Liver PilLs
Also cure all forms of Illliousiiess. prevent Constl
patlon and Dyspepsia, promote Digestion, relieve
distress from too hearty eating, correct Disorders
of the Stomuch, Stimulate the Liver, and Regulate
tho Rowels. They do all this by takimr Just 01m
littlo pill at a done. They aro purely vegetable, do
not gripe or purge, auu are as nearly perfect as
It Is possible for a pill to be. Price 23 culls, 5 for
$1. Sold by druggists evervwhere or sent by mall .
Wo huy and sell at current rates:
U. 8. (ioveniment Uouds-
Central Pacific Land ( .runt Ponds
Central Pacific Klrt Mortgage (iold Roods.
California and Oregon do
San Joa(tiin Valley do
Western Pacific do
Southern Pacific nf Cal do
Cheanpeake & Ohio RW. Co. Ilonds aud bond
and stock scrip and coupons.
We have for salelho 1,'htsapeske A Ohio Serlea
'A" II per cent. Bonds, at to and inwrcst.
W buy and sell on cotnitlsslon the securities
dealt In at the Stock Exchange, aud make ad
vances thereon to responsible purtlc-.
We also buy and sell on commission all classes
of securities not quotvd at tho Stock Exchange.
We receive deposits and allow luerest ou daily bal
ances. 777 -4
EAR and expenses t
Outfit free Address. P.
KERV, Augusta. Maine
wautcd. L. JON KS & CO.. Nann. N. Y.
The most thrilling, exciting, fasriiiutlr g book
everwriLen. Taken from private recor'is never
before published. Sketch cf the Authr, th
greatest living Detective. Thrilling Illustrations
T.nur In iiHpw Kn .r.mni.l IttAn r- 1 1
- ,.....,(t,u, vu.nii m mil
other books. 2".Oi0aold immediately.
'II A ItFX'I ilu''critloiii.ijy. Applvat
xv au jjii x o ( once for terms and termor
O. W. CARLETON 4 CO., Publishers. N. V.CIty .
Apf'awetk In your own town, outfll free. No
Ayyrli'k. Header, If you waul a bnlue ai
which 4prMnii- nt o(thir a ran nU .,.
day all th time ther work, write for iiarUcuJiira t
II II A f f C T'P fwi li .1 j W
ax. tiALuui 1 avv.) ruruKUU.
Illustrated Magazine will enter on Its l.V.b,
yearinlKSl. fl.ru Year, in advance, send for
Sample No. and premium-List. New Subscriber
getexlra numbers, by subscribing now. Adilr,'f
Iloslon, Mars
J.ESTEY & C2 Brattleboro VI
rrfrcttT pnre. rrononnce.l ih bi hVths huh
Ml medical nnlliiiriti.il in tnr wnrlj iiv-:i hi;.i.
award si I'J World's Kxpnini, and n Vv,t ,:..
toldOyiJrujbj. W H iCHIEfFELlN tO K 7
Inune JVioni Rcslcwd!
MpDur DccTnoes
for old Ba m N ttvs msxASSH. tttiiyturt
'cur, ftrr tti. AViiZsnfu nni 'rv AiKrtttmt
IxrALUBi.a if UkHo a directed. A' his ajur
KTnaay uw, ireaiine ami ft mil !xHlleir.:t
Fit omenta, thsy iylnexpnse. hend nani.
P. O. ami express address to Da. K LINK, I
ArcUSLl'hllaUclphla,!'. Suprutcipaldruegmt,
r irSn A,"-8 BOI.mT.R MET)!.
CATED Bol'tilKS. Patented October 16, 187S.
One box. .
Jo. I will enre any rase In fnnr days, or less.
fo. 2 will cure the most obstinate case, do matter
f 'bow longstanding.
No nauseous doses of enbebs, copaiba or oil of
ywdalwood, that are certain to produce dyspepsia
y destroying the eoatlntrs of the stomach. No
yrloges or astringent Injections to produce other
erlotis coMpllcailons.
balled o receipt of price.
For f if bcr particulars send for circular.
sfw York J" C' ALLAS C0- u JuhD R,mt'
W oflcr'$000 reward for any car l they will not
tiulck, saf aud sore cor.
Orlsdythatsenrtsm tneir
address will reeslvesouie
thing tret by Mail, that
may prove tho stepplng-atono to a Urn or success.
Ills espeemilF Htmpieu w iiiubcwiiu iinye r-i:iiru
the foot of the bill. Address M. VOUNb, 17tl
Ureenwlcb Street, New York.
IndlipniMbls lo Fftrm.n, MMluuilri. M.rrhanL, Prcr.Mlon.l4,
Rtod.nU, or On Met, li.blllwud, Dlulilnl, lloiuk..rn, A,.,
Ss put", aporlmig Copy AVm. AJdr.u i. li. MoSKLIiT. .
Ulttwlli Mhllrwh Broklya. H.J, f '
Buprt Holiday Edition..
. rnwltr sn iSmI a
bound and lllustm.
Icrf. pent sH a nrem.
'ear. Knmotn fre V.
Dill PuU Vo.,Hllwtel)l Stmet, N. Y. City.,
Postage on book K dints; reetstercd mall, itt.
l"-v ourselves by making mon-
I ley when a golden chance is
I-! Hill I offered, thereby ilway
j mi Keeping noverty rrom your
--m-m ionr, Thoso who always
take advantage of tho good
chances for making money that uro oll'urcd, general
ly becomo wealthy, whllo those who do not lm
provoauch chancos remain In povortyWo. want
many mon, women, boys and girls to dn'ork for n
right In tholr own localities, Tho btisinesi will
pay more than Urn times ordinary wages. We
furnish an cxpensenslve outfit and all that von
nnedfree. No ono who engage falls to mako
money rapidly. You ran duvoteyour wholo tlmo
to the work, or only your apara moments, full
information and a 11 that is needed tent fr.
J drrisSTlNSON A CO., Portland, Mams,
i rm
5&L PJ
LBBk. .
- m
w.v-m svv
";..;,i. .' : ,1.U,W"),wvlMl..ll-'.'l'.'...'i''''-'','';
'"1 ' " ' "T. ' ;
v . ; i'..'lL. Ai'i .
'i'd ' ;

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