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PTgB.'.ia,T,.'JijiiiiwMUiiwmxis.PMiWA -ctjst
City Ofhcers.
Mayor N. B. Thiitlewood.
Trvnuuntr Kdward Muzotiia.
L'lerk DeDiiia. J, VttWr.
Coiiuulor--Wm. B. Gilbert.
Murntial J. II. Koblnaon.
Attornuy William lleudricki.
First Ward-M. J Jlowley. Peter Sanp.
Hecond Ward David T. Linear, Je.se Hluklu
Thlril Ward-EKbcrt Hmlth. B. F, Wake.
Fourth Ward Cliarloi 0. Patter, Adolph Bwo
boila. Ftlta Ward-T. W. HallWay. Erneet B. Pettlt.
County Oiflcers.
Circuit Judgo I). J. taker.
Circuit Clek-A. 11. Irvlu.
County J ulu It. 8. Tocura.
County Clerk 8. J. Iliimm.
County Attornvy J. M. Damron.
County TruaaurKr Milvi W. Parker.
Bhcrllf John llodk'ea.
Coroner H. Fitcuraid.
Connty Comroiioiiera-T. W. ilalllday, J A.
M.OIblia.Samuul Urilcy.
AFKICAN M. E. F(mrtnth atreet, between
Walnut and Cedar atreet.: eervtce Habbatli U
a. m. and 7) p. Sunday School 1:80 p. ta.
CHKISTlAN-EliibtcMtDt!! treet; meeting 8ab
bulb 10:10 p. m.; preacbluu occasionally.
fourteenth tmt; Sunday Mortiln prayr
10:30 a. in.: evenlne tirayera, 7:S0 p. m.; Sunday
acbool :30 a. m. Friday evenlnir prayer 7:30 p. in.
r Pn-acbln at 10:t a. m., 8 p. m., and 7 :WI p. m.
Babbath acbool at 7: p. m. Key. r. J. bhorea,
pa. tor.
f tTHERAN Thirteenth atreot: aervkea Hab
1 J bath 1 :30 a. tn. ; Sunday acbool 2 p.m. Iter.
Knappu, paftor.
METHOWHT-Cor. Eighth- an J Walnut atreeta;
Pri'acbiiiK Sahbatb f: a. m. and 7 p.m.;
prayer meetly, Weilneaday T:l p. m.; Sunday
School, W a. in. Re. Whlttaker. pactor.
1)KESHYTKKIAN -Elehth atreet: preaching on
Sabbath at 11:09 a. ai. an 7:liO p. m.; prayer
meeting Wedueada at 7:30 p.m.; Sunday School
at 3 p. m. Kv. 11. V. Oeor, pastor.
.trect. between Walnut and Cedar itreela, icr
vice Sabbath at i and 7:30 p. tu.
ST. .lOSErMrS-tRoinan Catholic Corner fro
and Waluut treet; aenlrea Sabbath 10:3Oa.
n.; Sunday School at p. in.; Vepr3p. tn.jaer
rice every day at 8 p. m.
ST. PATRICK-! -R"'1, Catholic) Corner Ninth
atreet and Waahiuirum avenue; K-rvlco Sab
oath 8 and 10 a. m. ; Veper S p . in . ; Sunday Srbooi
i p. iu. aervlcca eery da at 8 p. m. iter. Masti rum
ION", hod ia regular weekly mei-tim:e In
the hall ol the Cairo Temperance Reform Ciuti. ev
, ery Thursday afternoon, at:) o'clock. Every
body la Invited u attend.
Physician and Surgeon.
Special attention paid to the Homeopathic treat
ment of aurijlcal dlea. aud dleae of women
and children. , ,
office: No. I'l Eighth atreet, near Commercial
avenue, Cairo, Ilia.
Dental Surgeon.
Ornc No. 1M Commercial Avenue, between
Bitffitli and Ninth Street
OFFICE Eighth Street, near Commerelal Avenoe.
Obtained for new Invention., or for Improvement
on old ne ; for medical or other compound, trade
mark, and label. Caveat. Algnmeote, Inter
ferencea, Appeal. Bulla for Infrlucementa, and
all cane arising under the Patent Lawa. prompt
ly attended to Invention that have: but1
tV 1 L,pTt,n)"hl',,)nt0mce niaynin.
J tijijjvl -TilIn moat eaaea, betiatented h)
ua. Belnf oppoalt the U. 8. Patent Department
and enitaged In Patent bnalneaa exclusively, we cac
make cloecr aearchea, and .ecu re Patent mure
promptly, and with broader claim, than thoao who
re rcniot'- from Waahinitton.
1 y' PV'rnif ,en(' u mdu' or 'kPtch l
llN I iajX lUIlOyour duvlce; we make ex
amlnatlon and adviaea to patentability, free of
charife. All correpondnce trlclly confidential
pru e low. and no charge utile Patent l erumd.
We refer in Wathlnfion, to lion Potmnter
General I). M. Key, Rev. F. D. Power The Herman
American National Bnnk, to official In the lT. S.
Patent Office, and to Senator and Rprectitatlve
In CmiereM: and cpeclallv toonr client In every
Blatetn the Union and in Canada. Addrcta
O. A. SNOW Sc CO..
OppoaitePat nt Office. Waahlntrton D. U
rtp pa week In yoHr own town, 'i outfit free. No
Xhttrl.k. Reader, If you want a bn.lnraa at
"which peraona of either ex can make great
pay all the time the work, wrtlo for particular! to
fa. 11ALLETT A OO.. Portland.
Vulcan Irois- Works
John T. Kenriie,
an i t'Tfc'fl n.talltlUKllal Yt Urnflll At illft fthflVfl tllnll
11 tinned place la bettor prepared than ever for
mnufncttirlii Steam Enulnua and Mil Machinery,
llavltif a Steam Hammer and ample Too a, the
manufacture of all klada of Machinery, Railroad,
Bteamboat and HrldRO Foriftnn made a tneclulty.
Kapeclal ttontlon given to repair of W Mnoaand
Bra Cntlni of all kind mado to ortlm
Pipe F ttltiir In all H hranr.hea.
A (T-TttTSJTSI-To SELL Ihl the Most Vtilu
"NNOVN TKl) bio Blnslo Volume over publla'd
A World of KNowi.mmi,, collected toRetuer In
One Volume, containing over H,Uil Rkpkhknck to
the mow imp""-; v"m;r orinteretllntuo world
Tim tnimt lnterotini!BiMt tiai-nii htwilf nvitr rnm.
piled, coverlnu olmoat Iheotitlra field of l.earttltiR
a tttruo nnuuei'iiiv ';7u "iumo, nto pauea, pro
fnaiily lllutrnlod.-Prlco. tiao j,wt ,MlbKhed
nrt nuui In It aUVenUieillll eililln... Tub nMI.V
door orrra KtKi. Burouena to every Aaeut
who Ukea It. BoM only by aith.crlptlon.
TUoii wihlng to bocome Annnta, aililro! for
l)i'crlptlve titrcutara mi inrma,
O, Wt CAULliTON CO., FublUken, N.Y.CHy.
. Assurance Society of the United States.
Assets, $38,000,000.
Tlie Popularity of the Equitable Life Assurance Society,
indicated by the fact that for Eleven years its average an
nual New Business has been larger than that of any other
Company in the world, is due, in a great measure, to its well
known promptness in the payment of Death Claims, aud its
rule never to take advantage of technicalities where an
equitable claim exists.
Asa GUARANTEE of this, and to counteract the perni
cious influence .of a technical policy, adhered to by many
companies, the Equitable makes ALL ITS POLICIES, old and
new, throughout the United States,
After the policy has been in force Tor three years.
Tlie Etiuitable Life
ization to January 1st,
closed its nooks upon that date without a con
tested or past due claim.
The Equitable Life Assurance
troduce the
nd thereby to popularize life
Dy the late report of the Insurance Commissioner for the
states of Massachusetts and
Assurance Society shows the
FIRST The Equitable has a
bilities than any of the
SECOND The Equitable saved
than any other company.
THIRD The Equitable's death
any other of the leading
FOURTH The Equitable realizes a higher rate of rent, or
interest, on real estate
ThcSociety takes iileaaura in referrinjr
men insured iu the
TIIOS. W. IIALLIDAY, Cuahlcr City National
FRANK L. UALICillEU, Cairo City mill.
J.M. PHIt.LIPH,PrcldfntHallldtty rhllllp
Wharfboat company.
PLQ-HCnUH. Wboloalo and retail drug-
Wwbnt,,.A.lSTUATT0N' of "t'n Dlrd
wholetalo grocer.
WALTON W. WRIOHT, of a. . Wllllam.on,
& Co., Rout Htoro and Commlealon merchauta
FRANK IIOWR, of C.M.nowo A Bro... pro
vlaloniaud produce i i
K1INE9T II. TKTT1T, Orocorlea, niieonawaru.
and notion. H
For any Information or Insurance apply to any Member of
flirt aViava "Rnnv1 n ti
ID. A. BURNETT, Agent.
Corner Twelfth St., and Washington Ave., Cairo, Illinois,
W. N, CRAINE, General Manager for Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and the
Territories, 108 Dearborn Street, Chicago.
Surplus, $7,500,000.
lias paid since its organ
1880, 51,882,736, and
Society was the first to in
insurace to a degree before
New York, the Equitable Life
following strong points:
larger ratio of assets to lia
leading companies.
more of its income last year
rate was less last year than
than any other company.
to the following well knowu business
society, composinff an
SIMPSON n. TABER, of Taber Bro., manu
WILLIAM 1). Lll'PET, Awlatant poatmaater.
W. E. GOIILSON, Dry good, fancy gooda and
TnOH 8, TA11R, General merchandise and
JACOB BURGER, of Burger Broi. dry Roodi
and clothlnx.
JOnN 8PROAT, Troprlelor "Sproat'l Rofrlg
orator car,"
GEO. H'LENTZ, Buperlatendcnt Cairo City
HERBERT MACKIE, of A. Macklo Co.'i
Cairo mills.
Itching: and Si'tily Diseases, Scrofulous
HuniorH, Ulcers, Old Sores and Mer
curial Aflections cured when all oth
er It lima 11 agencies fail.
There I no human apitv y can no apeodlly, per
muucntly and economically cleane the Wood,
clear the Complvxlon and Kkln, rentoro the Hair
and cure every aperiea of Itching, hcaly and Scrof
ulou llumora of the bkin, Hcalp and lllood a the
C'utlcura Ri'inedlc. eonalating of t'utlcnra, thn
prual Kkln ('tini.tntlciira Wona, an ex(tiilte, T.il
lel, Unth and Nurery Hsiiiitlve, and C'utlcura Mm
aolvcnt,the new Wood PurlSer.
SKIN IIUMORS.-Mi. 8. E. Whim.lo, Decatur.
Mlrh.. write that her face, h''ad and eome part of
her body wero alnioxt raw. llnd rovured with
acab aad ore. nurtured fearfully ami tried ev
erylhlug, Permanently cured by Cut Intra' Kerne
die. MILK ('MUST. Mi. Ilower, 1 Clinton atreet,
Cincinnati, apeak of her (inter' child, who w
cured of milk rruxt. which rehired all rtmi'ilb- for
t.wo rear f now fine. healthy boy, uith a beautiful
head of liulr.
TETTKKOFTHE HAND.K.li.aheth Buckky
I.lttlcton, N.H., iKaokfully praieea the Culkiir
Remedle for a cure of tetter of the hand, which
hud rendered them alrcont ureli e to her.
SCALD HEAD. II. A. Raymoud, auditor F W..
J.&h It, M.,.Jarkon, Mich., wae cured of ecalil
head of nine years' duration by the Cu'.htira Item
ed lea.
KAI.I.IXO OF THE UAlK.-Frank A H.an.
Steam Fire Ktnlno . lionon. wa cured of alope
cia or falling of the hair by the Cmictira Heiue
dle. which completely reatored bin hair when all
aid he vould lone It.
DANDHI.'Fr". Thomaa I.ee.'WIfiFratikford Ave ,
Philadelphia, affllct-d with dandruff, which for
twenty year had covered hi ecalp with aciile
onoqtta'terof an Inch in th'cknn", cured by Cu
ticura Ucuicdiea.
Cntlenra Remi dlea are prepared by WEEKS ,t
rtl i tit. cn mint and Drtiggleta, -m WiihIUTii; -ton
atreet. iloe' on. and are fur ale by all Drni;
Klte. Price of C'utlcura, a Medicinal Jelly, amall
boxe. fjU cent: larpe hoxe. f 1 ; C'utlcura Resolv
ent, the new Wood Purifier. t per bottle. Cutl' ti-
ra fleoicinat toilet hop, i cent, ctitlcura Jle
dicinal Shavlni; Soap, 14 cento; in bar for barber
and larce coneumere, DOceut All mulled free on
receipt of price.
tcnn hr uiutrated Treatise on the Skin.
C't Al l
tvUJiiinciu xit'uuut'Jit ci.vfu.
Sasoiid' Radical CfitK. CATAnmiAi. Sol
vent and Imi'hovkd Iniiai.kr, wrapped in om
lacaaee. wun mil airecnon. auu eoia tv an
:ruL'Ktta for one dollar. Ack for SanfoiidV
From the aimple cold or influenza to the rot
Inc. (lou&rbln)!. and death of the ene af emell
I'aete and Hearini:. till izreat renu-dy i aunreme
I'olronou mucu accnmulatiou are removed.
:he eitlru menibrauc cleanaed, diKinfecteil
-oolhed and healed, head and voice cleared
-mell, tate and bearing r-tnred and contitu
:ional ravage checked. Thu. eiternallvand in
ternallv, doea thi ktchI economical reined
vork. Ilitanlly relievlnif and Dermanentlv cur
ng the moot aggravated nud duii;i:rotin forma ol
Heneral Ag-cnts WEEKS & TOTTER.
Ilnpii, Culinnya and iron. N
medicine llk'e It for the
Tttnnfl. hruinfl V-v,.a unit
l ' - -A I hhm. New llfi- tnp frinr.
4 'E?' f t on weakened by dieae,
IJ laajagfjajMV debility and dixlpation.
DITTlKiI Pocitlve cure for Liver. Kld
1 neyand L'rinary difllciiltlea.
Comfort and ircngth for Uelicute FemaK ond
Nnrlne Mother Purest and uet mellclno
called -Hitter." Sold everywhere. MALT BIT
TERS COMPANY, Boeton, !.
Provisions, Green, Dried and Canned
Fruits, Queens, Glass Wood
and Yillowware.
The Rest Brand of Flour
always ou hand.
N. B. Country Produce taken. All Older
promptly tilled,
Cor. Washington Avo. andTenth 8t.
Dealers in
Washington Avenue, Cor.
Eighth Street,
The Largest Variety Stock
Cor. Nineteenth itreetl, Pnifrt Til
IIow Famous Writers ork.
Fmiii a 1'iirU pit pur.
M. Alt!x:inilro Dniinu liiw llud from
I'ltris to tins (.'liatenu of Sulnutirc, ho
t litil litt maywi ito in fpiiet a now work
wIiom! heromo to ln'itr tlm tritiMipliunt
ainl sino-iilar iiaino of "Lioncitte."
Tln'sn" details arn already known. I
rticall tlif-m in my snrpriso that an au
thor no Parisian, so hold, so fond of
raillery and ho observing should lien
from lii.i models and neck to write
amid the silence ami jioetry of tho
country, such positive, aressivo and
lively works as hear his mum.'.
It is curiotii- to recall the manner in
which "Tho Great'1 seek inspiration,
'and how they work.
M. Alexandre Dumas Ms, is a morn
ing worker; the dawn linds him already
up. He salutes her with a genial coun
tenance. His habitual good humor
proves that his health and his mental
faculties are in complete cipiilihrium.
He is hungry immediately on rising,
and attacks a g od plate o' soup with
the eajyniess o a rustic. After that
he seats hitnsel Iwfoio a large secre
tary and write? until noon in negli
gent dress, as you may well suppose.
Si. le (Amite de Kulloii, before enter
ing his study, always put on his court
dress did not forget his sword, ami did
not deign except in lace cull's to occupy
himself with the humble animals whose
hi-tory ho was writing.
There tire few coats more threadbare
than those of the master of all. I have
named M. Victor Hugo. M. Hugo is
also au early riser, but he does not live
on soup. Before noon lie lives only on
his thoughts. He writes a great deal, and
his heart is in t he work. He has often
related to his friends that iu his youth,
during a rainy Winter, he was occupied
with his "Marion Delurnie.11 He had
chosen as a place of exercise, under
shelter, the l'assnge tin Saumon.
The first act, a marvelou commence
ment, full of passion, poetry and (ire,
was the work of two afternoons spent
in promenading in this dingy passage
of shops, where were sold, side by side,
stockings, straw mattings and butchers1
La n
amariine, another eariv riser, com
posed his most beautiful verses ou horse
back. That w:ts a habit worthy of an
aristocratic poet, a lover of the open
air and of heaven, who not possessing
the l'egasus of heroic days, gave wings
to an English saddle horse. Byron
showed the sportive taslc. Frobably
because he had a club foot.
The poet, beloved of lovers, Musset,
adored the reveries of evening. But it
was not under blue heaven, by the
splendor of the stars, that he evoked
tlie muse of the night, whose voice still
vibrates in young hearts. It was in the
glare of candles, at tlm angle of a table
reddened by oversowing cups.
(iei.rge Sand always wrote at night.
Lady of (he manor during the day, de
voted to her guests making preserves
and enf-"'K'"d ""d!ewr.rk, it wiu 1
o'clock in llie morning, when the chat
eau was fa-t asrep, that this genius
awaketv I ami gave to us "Manprat,"
Francois tie Cuampi," "(.'onsuelo,1'
tot'l a hundred oilier works.
Lightning Flashes.
Tho union of two electricities is ac
companied by a si inrk. This may bo
seen by briskly rubbing a cat's back in
a dark' room, when under favorable at
mospheric conditions a blight crack
ling sound will be heard, an I minute
sparks will he seen. The electricity
generated on the hand is of a diU'erent
kind to that generated on the cat's
fur, and they therefore unite when
tlicy have accumulated siifUcicntly to
overcome tho resistance of tho inter
vening a.r. In nature wo get a fine
display of sparks iu tho aurora boreal
is and in the various kinds of light
ning. All these lvinarkablo electrical
ell'ecls can now be scientilleally ex
plained, and wc arc no longer driven
to the myths that were invented by
tho ancients to satisfy their keen long
ing to know what all tho vuried phe
nomena of nature wero duo to. As
thelightuing played around a volcanic
crater in thoso days, a lionian youth
would ask, "What causes those bliud
ing Hashes?" and tho Human father
we can fancy replying, "It is Jupiter
hurling away his thunderbolts, (J (Hi
mi!" And with this, so with other
appearances, and Virgil expresses ,
their wants when he exclaims: "For
myself, may tho lovely Muses first,
above all else, take mo to themselves
and show me tho paths of heaven and
its stars, the various eclipses of tho
sun and labors of the moon, from
whence tho earthquake springs."
Wo now havo our e.xp dilations of
theso appearances, explanations that
aro the outcome of decades of thought
and experiment, and the lightning
tlashesabovc the summit of Vesuvius
wo refer rather lo tho friction between
the newly-comlen-o I water particles,
air, and ashes, than to Jupiter. 6l'f.
encc fur All.
Druggists Hoard From.
"Wo know tho value of malt, hops, cali-
saya mid iron composing 'Malt Bitters.1 "
"Our lady customers highly praise them.''
'Thysichms preserible them in this
"Tito largest bottle and best medicine."
"Best blood puritler on our shelves."
"Our best people tako 'Malt Bitters.'11
"Sure cure for chills and liver diseases."
Lydia E. Dixkham's Vegetable Com
pound revives tho drooping spirits; invig.
orates and harmonizes tho organic func
tions; gives elasticity and firmness to tho
step, restores tho natural lustre to tho eve,
anil plants on tho palo cheek of beauty the
fresh roses of life's spring and early summer
Ti'moiih, erysipelas, mercurial diseases,
scrofula and general debility cured by "Dr.
Lindscy's lllood Beurcher." Sold by
Tain from liuligostlon, dyspepsia and too
hearty eating is relieved at once by
taking one of Carter's Llttlo Liver Tills
immediately tftcr dinner.
Now York Undertakers.
Tho Graphic has undertaken to get
at tho prohts of the metropolitan under
takers, and has found new members of
the profession willing to talk. One of
these says: "Vour New York under
taker, is a shrewd man. Ho measures
his customers with his eyo and knows
aboil' how much to charge by tho cut of
their clothes. If tho parlor ho enters
ha a rep carpet and is furnished with
bronze his bill will b $100 for an in
fant, or 150 for an adult. If in satin,
$')() more, etc. Among the middle or
well-to-do classes, plain covered coffins
with b:irs, nails and handles, aro thu
favorites. Tho wood composing these
coffins are usually chestnut, pine, or
whitewood, and cost, including their
putting together, from $'5 to ' $7 50;
cloth, satin used for linings, nails,
handles, etc., 50, or about .$:!() all
told. For ieu he will ehargo between
HI 50 and hearse, $15; attendants,
15 to !?'.), and a round sum for car
riages and tho use of stools, making an
aggregate of about i?200. Some un
dertakers own carriages enough to
answer for a small funeral, but a3 a
general thing tho majority of them do
business wltTi certain liverymen, who
divide with them in thu matter of tho
carriage hire. A goodly number
patronize the wood colli n manufactur
ers, of which there aro six or seven in
Hie city. They can purchase nt theso
places clotli-eovercd cotlins for $15, for
which they charge their patrons, after
lining them and arranging ot her neees
sary details, from lU0 to .150. Tho
plates bearing the. name and date of
of death, etc., cost them but !?'2 50; for
this they tax their customer $10.
They charge enough for tho use of
stools at one funeral to buy a set.
Even for the box for the collin, which
costs them only s they charge $15.
You see by these figures wherein tho
profits lie. You may think u curious
that I, also an undertaker, should speak
thus freely -f tho craft. The fact is,
1 havo long been disgusted with tho
way in which undertakers of this city
havo been conducting business, aud
live in hopes to see a change.11
Disputes seldom occur in regard to
hills for funeral expenses, as at such a
lime the relatives of the deceased dread
controversy aud shrink from disputes,
and sooner than incur lite publicity re
sulting, submit to anything short of
sheer extortion, which in many cases
an undertaker's bill near!) approaches.
A Eusine33 Proposition.
In Galveston, says the News, there is
no coin of a lower'ilenoinination than a
uickel in circulation. This is, of course,
a great inconvenience. For instance,
yesterday two men quarrelled on the
avenue. Tho bigger man of tho two
said to the smaller man:
"For three cents I'll give you tho con
fouti'lo :it licking you ever got ill your
Tho Utile man looked wicked. He
had his coat oil' in a minute. Then ho
took out a nickel and tendered it to tho
other party, who said:
"I said I'd lick you for three cents,
and I'll do it. That's five cents. Gim
me three cents, and I'll lix you so tho
coroner will havo to hire a hack to get
cnougti oi you logeiuer to nom au in
rpiest.'1 "You can keep the change,11 said tho
little fellow, edging up.
"I'm like tho country, I don't want
any change 1 stick to my proposition.
Gininio liirco cents and I'll destroy
"Here is fifteen cents. Suppose you
lick me, five limes, and. then it will como
out even."
"After I've licked you onco thero
won't be enough leftover for a dog to
lick. I'm not going to rob your widow
and orphans of twelve cents. Gimme
three cents and the trouble can begin,
right iimw. It's not. my fault thero aro
no copper cents in circulation.11
Sitltiiifr Mines. -
Satisfying investors in wcslern mines
is frequently a rather tedious and dif
ficult undertaking. A Wall stroet ex
change slates that a local a'ont of a"
Colorado silver mlno that had never
honored its stockholders with a divi
dend, received a call tho other day
from a Long Island farmer, who hud
iuvested several hundred dollars in
stock, and who was anxious for re
turns. Ho was a blunt, plain-spoken
man, and ho came to tho polut at ouco
by saying:
"All my neighbors toll me that they
believe this mine was salted." 1
"Wero any of your neighbors ever
out in Colorado?" queried the agent,
"I guess not."
"W ero you ever out there?"
"No, sir."
"Do you know anything of the cli
niato?" "No."
"Then, sir, lot mo toll you that our
mine was salted. That's the reason
we got no dividends. We had to scud
to Chicago for all our salt, and tho
cost of transportation has been enor
mous, I forget how many barrels it
took, but the executive ollleers of our
company are not the men to let a inino
like ours spoil for tho want of a few
thousand barrels of salt."
"Thou tho Bait was to savo tho
"Of courso, the snddow changes out
thero must bo guarded against. Hang
on to your stock and have patience."
"Yes, I guess I will, though I did
fool pretty blue yesterday. We've
got tome chaps up our way who think
they know it all, hut When I go back
and tell 'out that we've got our mine
sailed from top to bottom, and don't
caro a copper what sort of weatnor
comes whooping along, mebbo thoy
won't feel quite ao mart. If their
havo to ttso any more out there toll
'em for ma to rub it iu with tho hand,
It goes furthor and glvos bottor ati-,
faction." . '
Families from Ohio havo purchased
large tracts of land In Fulton county,
A .

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