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liitrgeat Circulation o ny Daily in
Southern IUinoia.
0 vly Morninir Daily in Southern Illinois
'IJlchour" is what W. K. Vimiler
lilt calls his Long Isliiml Summer
Sir (Jfti-iiut WoMey, the British
comiimmler in Soul li Africa, is a tee
totaler. Il V
A society of etchers has been formod
at Antwerp. It it to puhlisli albums
like thoso of tho French body.
Tho Empress of (icrmany is a very
charitable Inly. She supports school
and hospital in Berlin out of her pri
vate purse.
A 6-year old son of a prominent
merchant at (ireuada, Miss., attempted
to hanj; himself on account of disap
pointment in love.
An infant at Hickory, N. C, was
baptized Jesso Fido BiiiRtail Fillmore
Hancock Jarvis Dowd Harper, and is
eaid to still live.
A nugget ot Gold weighing two
and one-half pounds has been taken
out of the Christian mine, in North
i m
Mrs. Myra Clark (Jaincs, tho inde
fa tunable, is living in retirement in
Washington. Although 73 years old,
she is Mill as brisk and chipper a a
young widow of 40.
The Uev. Benjamin F. Cooley.au
Episcopal clergy limn at Chelmturd
Centre, Mass., Iihh been sued lor dam
ages by the lather of a boy whom he,
it is charged, inluced to get drunk.
Tho business of Helena, Ark., for
the last twelve months is estimated at
$2,500,001). Tho cotton receipts wero
65,000 bales, and it is expected that
for the ensuing year 75,000 bales will
be received.
California has a perpetual skating
pond. There is a lake on the Saw
Tooth Mountains, at au altitude of V2
000 loot, which is constantly frozen.
It was discovered in August of last
year by a party of prospectors, and
named ico Luke.
The "London Hair Color Itestorer"
is the most delightful articlo every in
troduced to the American people and
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. other articles for the huir obnoxious.
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restore the natural youthful color, and
causes a huultliy growth, cleansing the
scalp from all impurities, dandruff, etc.,
at the same time a most pleasing and
lasting hair dressing, fragrantly per
fumed, rendering tlio hair soft
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pensable iu every toilet.
Ask your druggist for London Hair Color
Restorer. Price 75 cents a lxttle. (1)
Gospel Truth.
Ho that is surety for a stranger, shall
smart for it. But he that trusteth in Spring
Blossom for curing Liver, Kidney, and com
plaints ot like tendency, shall never be dis
appointed. Trice 50 cents, trial bottles 10
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump
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Cairo, Illinois. ()
Oh My Buck!!!
Jacob Loeekinan, 'Hi Clinton Street,
Buffalo, N. y says he has Ween using Dr.
Thomas' Eelectric hi for Kheumatism ; he
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1 is perfectly sate to use i ttU cub., and
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Hon of one of the oldest and best feuule
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Hold everywhere, a:, cents a bottle.
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ommend all persons troubled with weak
kidneys to try it. 8co Adr.
Ttia highest hopes and interests of tho
race rest on the purity hoalth, and strength
of womanhood. We tako pleasure in rn-
iimmi vur ruauers to tlio remarkable effi
cacy of Lydi E. Pinkham'i Vegetable
Compound in all that class of diioasc from
which woman suffer so much.
1 had said that I did not believe in
any danger from burglars, but niter
the worry of the day and the Ihtigiio
of ii y unwonted v'm'il. I myself Iji-gan
to fee I a Mule dull mid out of sorts,
and found my mind dwelling on tho
possibilities of our house being til.
templed. Wo wero n family of women
exclusively ; our gardener eaino tluily
from tho village, and did not sleep on
the premises, although, in any ease, an
old man would have been a poor help
in danger. The gamekeeper and his
Bon wero our nearest protectors, and 1
must own that I rather wished their
cottage was nearer.
"I am celling as killy as Maggie," I
Biild to myself, as 1 resolutely drew
tho bedclothes over my ears to stop
myself listening for imaginary voices.
'I do think fancies are Infectious."
And so moralizing I fell asleep.
I suppose I hail slept some hours
when I was awakened by n terrified
whisper at my ear, ''MUs Juno, Miss
June, they're a trying our back door!"
I started up and beheld tho uurso
and nursery maid in a strange and
wondrous tkslutbillr, standing by my
'It's Gospel truth what Maria says,
Miss," gasped tho nurse, a portly wo-
tnnti win h liwiL'ml wltlln will, Iaiiuu
in. i.'mn ii iiiiij ii ill. ili iui
"you can see them with your own eyes
out of tho day nursery window two
horrid-looking ruffians as ever came to
murder poor, innocent women. Ugh !
ugh !"
"Don't wnkc your mIstres,wonian!"
I cried. "In her delicate state it might
nearly kill her."
"Thai's what I mid. li.i-.;," struck in
Maria. i kis eoiim to Miss Jane,
she iiin'l air aid l' any lliiii.."
This estimate nf im courage was
very flattering, but at ti c parent mo
ment hardly true, fur I did feel terri
bly afraid. My oi ly hopo was that
the woman was mi-t i U 1 1 .
"( 'tune a ml Mr lor yi'iiiM-lf, iiiif!',"
sobi cil niir-i'. "I had ::ii, up to ;:ive
baby his buttle, and went in'.o the day
nursery to letch the matches, which
M'irlii had forgot, end there under the
window I heard vo'nes"
"Men's voices, miss," put in Maria,
who seemed loud the part of a chorus.
"And iuiimj she comics back and wakes
me, and both of us look out of the
front window, and there we kou two
men try itig the kiichen door."
lly this time J had made a hasty
toilet and was ready to investigate for
myself. It was with a quaking heart
that I crept noiselessly to the nursery
window and peeped behind the blind.
Alas I the tcrribio news was too true;
two men wIiomj faces I could not dis
tinguish in the dim light, but who
certainly looked disreputable- enough
to my alarmed eyes, wero cautiously
trying the kitchen door. At their feet
lay a long dark object, apparently u
sack, doubtless designed to carry oil'
any plunder they could obtain.
It was all very well to talk of not
being afraid of burglars, bill such au
apparition at five o'clock in tho morn
ing was enough to startle the strongest
minded person. All the horrible sto
ries I had ever heard of robberies and
murders rushed across my excited
brain. Thero was not much worth
taking in the bouse; would the bur
glars kill us in their disappointmcntr1
was it wise to let them in peaceably,
and give them everything wo had on
condition they did not molest us? or
could we give an alarm':'
At this moment I remembered tho
gamekeeper's cottage. If we could
only summon him to our aid! Utit
how escape to do so? All thu doors
were in front of tho house and it was
impossible to get out that way with
out being seen by thu burglars. I
peeped outagain ; evideutly tho kitch
en door was loo strongly fastened to
give way readily, for tho men seemed
LalUed in their elforts to open it. And
as 1 listened 1 beard ouo say in a griifl
voice exactly tho tones of an ortho
dox ruffian "Tuin't no good, Jem;
better wail half au hour,"
"Till the ast of your gang euino up
and you have more tools to work with,"
1 thought to myself. "Now, if we
could only let the gamekeeper know
1 returned to my room with a pro
ject iu my head. Thero was a stair-easo-wiudow
at the back of the house,
not very high from the ground, and 1
thought if 1 could only get out there
I might inauagu to give Iho alarm.
Luckily the road to tho gamekeeper's
collage lay behind tho house, Auiwj
Was too stupe lied with lurror to be of
any use, but Maria entered into tho
scheme al once.
Maggie still slept, and I trusted to
return with help ncfoio sho awoke,
1 don't know how I got out of that
window and alighted on a bed of wet
garden mold. 1 havo often heard thai
ouo never knows what ono can do till
one tries. 1 certainly had no idea that
1 or any one else could run so fast as 1
did us soon as 1 oi on mv feet. In a
very short time 1 was drumming ul
the gamekeeper s door.
1 found both the men up and dressed ;
they were just starting on one of thee
nocturnal expeditious for tho detec
tiou of possible poachers in which
conscientious gamekeeper's delight.
They wero rather startled at my ap
peaninee in a toilet that was certainly
peculiar, and not Improved by uqituii
lity of mini it had gathered during
my run. Uut they soon comprehended
my breathless tale.
"A-tning your backdoor, miss!"
said the lather, a Hue stalwart man,
who looked tit lo engage a couple of
burglars in a single conflict; "bless
you, we'll soon settle them gentry.
Hand along tho guns, Hill, Bnd look
alive I'm mistaken if them men don't
sleep In Settieboumo Jail to-night,"
i'ho sight of two resolute armed
chtiTipions Wiwmi encouraging spec,
tar , nnd ns I hurried hack 1 began to
loci myself Indeed a heroine. Tho
gamekeeper was outspoken in admira
tion of my courage incoming for him,
and l tjiotighf, with sonm witisfuotloii,
uiai whfn Magglo awoke anil learne I
now 1 haj preserved tho household,
J io would understand what a valuable
tiling it was to have nerves and cour
ago in lace or danger.
"If I had hat down te pry, nn poor
dear Magglo would havedono, wo
should certainly havo I
and, perhaps, murdorud." I refleutwl
as wo spi.il along tho road.
The gamekeeper chocked our pace ,
as we ueamd the house.
"You'd best keep this side, miss, out
o' harm's way, and Dill and I'll slip
round by the hedge ami tackle our
men sforo tbey see us. Don't you bo
afeerd ; burglars is the biggest cow
ards when they've a man to do with,"
and leaving mo under the very win
dow by which I had escaped, our two
protectors tolo noiselessly round to
the I rout of tho house. In another
moment there was a cry, and I saw
liill dash across the garden and over
tho hedge in hot pursuit of one of tho
burglars, while a scuflle and loud
voices told that his father was engaged
in "tackling" tho other. Curiosity
prevailed over fear; I ran around the
house and beheld thu gamekeeper iu
the act of bearing his antagonist to tho
" 'Taint no uso struggling, and you
may just as well eomo along (juicily,"
said tho conqueror; "we've llrearms
here, and there's two of us."
"I've nought in my pocket but fl vc
pence in clippers," quivered thu other,
in a voice nearly audible with terror;
"you may take 'em without murder
ing of mo. Oh, dear I oh, dear! here
I've lived iu tSctllcboiirnc, man and
boy, nigh fifty years, and come to this
at last 1"
"Sakes alivo!" exclaimed tho game
keeper, relaxing his hold, "you're nev
er Tom Dales, Iho sweep?"
"And who else should I be?'' said
the injured Dates, slowly rising from
the ground.
"And I'd like to know who you arc
that comes a-rushing down like this
on au honest man as is wailing lo
sweep thu kitchen chimney.
"1 took you for a housebreaker."
said the gamekeeper, and proceeded to
exiilaiu matters.
Jiatefi shook his head doggedly. "No
housebreakers has been hero tho last
hour or more, as I knows well, having
been a-waiting under lias blessed win
dow all tho time."
A horrible suspicion began to dawn
upon me had 1, tho wise, the strong
minded, actually given a fa I so alarm?
The gamekeeper was a civil man, but
he had a sly twinkle in his eye as he
turned on me, and said: "1 think
there is a little mistake here, miss."
"1 should rather think thero was,"
grumblod Dates, who by no means
forgave the assault upon him.
"If you came to sweep the chimney,"
said I, endeavoring to assume an air of
dignity, ,"why did you not ring tlio
bell or try to wako the servants, in
stead of endeavoring to open the door
for yourself?"
"Cooks mostly leave the door on
the latch wiien the sweep is ordered
early," replied Dates a fact, by the
way, thai perhaps explained tho fa
cility with wnich soinu of our neigh
bors' houses had been entered by
"Dut when you found tho door
bolted, why did you not ring the bell
instead of lingering aboul in iho most
suspicious maiinci ?''
"Why," said Dales, scratching his
head, "cooks is often short very
short Mrs. .Sinclair's cook ispartick
ler so. bhe orders me to come ut tov
eu o'clock this morning, 'not before
seven, nor yet al ter,' were her words."
"And you came about live"
"Well, ma'uin, yon ceo 1 had ituotlu
er job al 'Squire Hardy's along tho
road. iSo, knowing as cook here most
ly leaves tho door ou tho latch, I
thou-ht I might slip in nnd do the
chiiuly mi my way. Dut when1 1
fiuiii. I tiio door locked 1 daren't ring
the bell at. live in tho morning I
might ha' tried it an hour later so I
was obfged t Wait."
I understood it nil now. Our ex
hortation, to fasten iij) carefully that
night h id been duly obeyed by tho
cook, who iloiibilcsx intended to rise
iu lime to admit tin; sweep on this oc
casion. (iraylaniU was a rambling
old house, ami sue slept in quile a
dilleivnt quarter from that occupied
by ourselves and tins nursery estab
lishment, consequently they escaped
hearing our nocturnal alarm. Dut
what a terrible "lame and impotent
conclusion" to in y deed of heroism.
"I don't see ns how I gave alarm by
waiting here on my honest business,"
replied tins injured' sweep, sulkily.
"And I'd like to know who's a-going
to pay mo for my cap as is spoiled by
rolling in the mini, and my bones as
is all shook intoa jelly, and my 'pren
tice as has been chased out of sight
and frightened 'most into fits."
At this juncture the door opened
and disclosed a group of servants,
with Maggie, serene mi l smiling, at
their head.
"My darling June," she exclaimed,
clasping mo in her arms, "I have only
just heard what an alarm you have
had. Dut thei y dear girl, why
didn't you wake me? I could have told
you wo expected the sweeps this
morning. 1 suppose, however, you
wero too frightened to think it might
bo only Dates."
This was too much. Maggie, timid
Maggie lo I preaching coolness ami
presence of mind to me. And yet
what nn egregious goose 1 had been.
Kind little .Maggie saw niy look of
uiorlitlcaiion, and kissing mo again,
whispered: "Dear, brave, unselfish
Jane, you only thought of saving us
all from danger. I am sure lew girls
would have done what you did."
Peace was made with Dales by
means of au excel lent breakfast, which
thu cook improvised ou the spot for
tho sweeps and nanmkeepers, and I
emptied my purso iu "lips" for very
shame. Dut of courso thu absurd sto
ry traversed abroad, and all tho neigh
borhood beard thai 1 had run two
miles in the airiest of costumes oe
cauo tho sweeps hud coino rather
earlier than was expected. 1 am
afraid my reputation for good sense
hardly stood high in the vicinity of
Gray lauds. The actual thieves were
taken a few days afterward, and thu
facl,addod lo tho absurdity of our
or rather my false alarm, effectually
cured Al aggie of her terrors.
We wero hotter friends from that
night. 1 began to boo that thu most
sensible folks uro liable to lose their
heads under tho influence of panic
and thai 1 was, after all, not so much
wiser Ihau my neighbors impression
that doubtless muko mo a moro agree
ablo companion than 1 had been here
tofore. Maggie, on her side, was all
gralilude for my well-meant, if mi.
.taken, zeal, and I date tho U'giuinn.r
of a Iriendship that has brightened
many years of my lifo from tho ad
ventures of that December night.
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OHDINANC fi NO. .17.
An otiliiihtiri' nrovlillrii.' for tin' rontruction nud
rvCDimtrnclinii of ci rtiiin Hilewulk.
lie It onliiiin (I l.y Ihu (.'itv Coilurll of I lie cily of
.Section 1 . 'I hut thu following sidewalk lm r
Mrurted of linrk. viz: on tin; ijorlti hin of Sixth
Mrcet I'rotn Com iiiiti I'll In a -1 1 i 1. 1; t ri menm-n
on iiotn mien ot Seventh fire
from I oinrneri ml to WiiMiiniitoii avenue
on the esficrly niln of Win-tumMon nvenui! from
KiL'hlh -trr lo render! with hrn k ninVwnlk in
fnmt oi lot ti. in 'lork'Jl. 1 1 : on wri-t khIc
of U!-hiuj.'toii inenne r.ntwren Sixth mid Seventh
(treat, nnil on went nideof Comnierriul uvmiuu in
front of loti" ii, i mill n .11 tilm k -jf.. cily.
SEi-rniN 4. That n M louik he cniiMrw t"l
wood on tho enHterlv ule nf I'oiiliir Hire, t from
Tenth to Ti Ifth Mreei;. On thu northerly nhl ul
fourteenth l-lri'et he weell Willi lit mnl I'eilur
etrr-etn, unit on en-t.rlv Hide of. edur el reel
heiwuen Fimrle.eiilli niul l-'iftecnth Hrcetx,
iiDd on northerly pi'lf of Tneiitv-wventu street In;
Iween Coinnifrdiil 11 venue and J'oplar utrcut.
ni'.n'ioN ;i. mat UK ii.iiowini'i'iilewuin.ni! roron
Ktnicled of wood, y.: (in went Hde of Wnnhlinf
ton nvuliuu lietwei-n I welflli nnd und thirteen. U
streets, 01 south 'do nf Twentieth street between
I olilar street, nnd i.ommerci d avenue, on wcK ride
of ConiinerriHl menue hetween Elirhtcuiith ned
Twentieth streets. ou south hide ol Tweiitvel'dilti
struet between ' immerrliil hvciiuh and 1'oidur
street, on west sli'e of (. ummerciiil iivenm helwi en
Twenty-seventh mil Tvveniv i lelilh, on north side
of MRhteciith hi r -ill between I'uplnr street anil
l.oin in 1 re 1 u I uvi i.uu, 011 westerly mile ol Level
street, frontiliL' lots 1 to fl inrlu-ive, in hlurk Ii. rltv
Meition 1. I hut cinder a k be built on I h west
sldn of (.0 nmeri ul avenue between Seventeen! h
and Kiirhleenlti streets, ami on thu aouth side of
Fourth street lutween WVIiiiiKtoM Avenue ami
Wulnut mrect.
Section f. 'tint the fore .olni! sidewalks he rim
st' ucted and reri iiHtrni'teil in ari ordnnee with Hip
rroulrenieiils of (lie nrdiiiniires. of the rltv. tiro
viilniL' for the lonstriir linn and reronslriiftiou of
Hkition li The local Improvement herein pro
vlded for, shall be miide by speeiul nssessuieiilt,
and In at'.conlai re wil ii the provisions ol Si 11 Inn
1H to il, IneliiHive, ol ;Mt II, of the net ol the (ten
frill Assembly of the Mate of Illinois, approved
April Imh, Wi, nnd intilled "An net. to provide
lor tut' Incorporation 01 rn unit villages, imil
tne cist and expensi s 01 me consiriiciiou and re
construction ol said sidrividkH shall be paid out
of thf funds arblnn from siid special iissessmeiils.
Section .. I uv "uer 01 any lot lroiitlui; oh the
sidewalk, provision lor llm hiitiilln ol which la
made hv this ordn ance, shall Im allowed thirty
days after the ttuie 11 which Hits ordinance tiil.es
etl'ert in which to build Ilia! tiorllon ol said std
walk opposltn his lot, and thereby relieve tho S'lino
rrotn n-sessmfnt; iiroviiiedthe work sliall ronlonn
In nil respects te llm requirements ot thla ordi
ranco.and he ilcne to 'he satisfaction and nppruv
Hi of the (lointnltlee ou Stl'uels,
Hkition H I'imiii the evplrallon of the said thirty
days. Iho city clerk shall publish tint Ico lor ten
(lays, In thu newspaper piihlishlni.' thu ordiuiiniiei
of the city. acttitiL' forth Hint scaled bids for turn-
Ishlni; iho inalerlal or doltiK tho work, or both, for
the construction nnd ruconslrtiellon of tint said
sldciialka directed lo the cily council, will b re
eel veil at his nillre. up to the time of thu meeting
of the city council for tho opmilmr of said bids,
which meetlnir Hiinll not he oarller than twelve
days, nor later ill an eighteen days from thu date, of
naid nollco, which notice shall Plato the time of
na H tneetlni; and describe the work to ho (Ionu, by
referring to ihls ordinance, irlvlnt' Ita lintunor and
datu of apiiroval. and that said ordiniincu la uh
Inct to examliintlon at any lime at hia olllco. Hald
hldashnll henpencd hy tfieclerk 111 IheprcHeiiroof
the cutincll und the contract for doliiK the work, or
furnishing the material, or Imlh, for coimrnctlnR
and recniistriicliiiu wild sidewalk ahull he award
ed lo the lowest responsible bidder, who shall snf.
flclontlyu'iiuranlee to the Batlslaullon of the city
council the furnisuliiK ot a.ild maleriul. or tho par
formanct' of said work, or both, under the auper
vision of Iho coinnilltee on atrceta, wltliln cuch
limn as inav he llxed bv coniract, If auld city coun
cil ahull deem It expi'illnil to do so. If said bills
urn not satisfactory to tho city council, they may
reject any or all of Ihetn, nud m:iy ilien or tboreaf
ter nut horl.e said sidewalk In he ronstrucled hy
curb apenta as thev may think proper.
Approved Kchra'nrv Hlh. A . I., )hh.
N II. 'lit ISTtiKWoun, Mayor, ,
Attkst: I). J. KOLEY, UHy Clerk. 1
Au ordlniiiicii (iianltuu tho rllit of way to thu
l airo HI rein uanwny ( oinpaiiy
He It ordained by the t'ny I'iiuim II of the city of
tan n
Skitio I rermislntl Is h reliy irnnted to th
C alro Street KuiIaii) ( omaiiy to lay a single or
a tiuiioiti 1110; ui iitosioi n inns,-rnimuy, Willi ail
neressury und ( ,111 v. 11 1,11 1 sldehai ks, tiiruoiila snii
switches ; und to use and operntu the saino
horse railway lor tile period ol I neiily tears from
the piissaife of this uritiiiaiire, in ttie lollowiu
liaineil streets to Hie cily ol Cut -o, lo w it : I'oui lh
street lloui llhlo bevee Im Wrishiih'lnn avenue
thence 011 said avenue lo Hie intersection ol I'op
lar street. I In life on I'oiiliir slid I to I wcuty
eiehlh htrcit. thence on Tweiilv i li'hlli sin-et to
Commercial aveiiuu. I'roMibd said coiiipauy
hall In all parlb ulars comply Willi the 1 . 1 1 1 1 r c
meuts ol lis on iiuute.
Seltion i. The track of said railway hUiiII hn
laid lo a tfiiae;" ol not les lliuu llin e feet, all mils
which ahull he laid on thu track r inn k of nid
riiilwuv shall Im a Hut rail, and the toi
oi suld rails shall nut extend more I Iihh one half
llichaliiivelhenurliic.il of the street. Thu vthob
manner of ronatriictinu said rulinay, so us torairy
out the irovl-iniis o tills irdinani e, shall be 1111
der the direction of thu rimiiiiiltce 011 streets. I'ro
vlded, that after Iho expii'iili.u of ten years Hi
city council may, In their di-cretioii, require
wid-r L'iinue nt.il iliili n nt style of r II.
hKi'lioN :). Suld company -hull keeii thu truck ur
trarlis of their road In su'rli coiiilr.lon that seld
tracks ahull not at any fine be elevuti.il 11 hum til
surl'uieol tliestr elsou wliitli they r laid, no
that vehicles cun ciiilly und fiei lv. at lilt time
cross mid trucks at all points, in uny direction
wiiiioni oiiHiruc'ion
Skition I. S:lid compuliv sllllll do all Hie neces
sarv ifriiiliiiL' In order to mul,e Ho ir t ra-k ronform
totlie u'lade of the Hrei ls, aud shall ronslrucl
water courses whenever It mny heeoine neces"arv
from the laytiiiT of raid rail ay. Said w liter conrn
shall lie consir"! ted in ordiri'.' to l.'ati" furnii-h-d
by the cily niL'tncer. Said rotntemy shall relay all
p'anklni; and siieei crosinus. leav n; Ihem In as
iiooil coiidi I ion as 1 lie v w ere nerore helnt; rernfiy- d
Seitios ?). The. cily of ('11.ro r' serves the ntit t
to take up and remove the rails id sid puiiv
w lietiever It slia'l he tii'i e-.iry for tne r I air ..lid
luiprovi 'iieiit of the Uri els, or for the luvint!
water or eas pipes, or for the i ou-I'ih Hon of
ers. or for oile r pnrpoi's. on ifo ireeis nn whl
said inilway tiny be laid ; indsnid liupruvemi rits
shall he ni'ide t'l'lh-'ciiv willuni! uiineci i.s:irv
lay. and the liu k shull lie r- I n : 1 1 hy mi id rompuny
at its own ep' ni-
Si'.itiov ii. Tl"' rn'i s of (are to be rlnirLV d bv
said rallMsy rouipuur sh.dt not ei eed seven ci nu-
ln anv direi lion
SkiTion T. The suid ruiiwtv ' 'I'tijeiiiy -trill iu all
oiis.es he li'a'ly liable for h'.I i.'.iuii' S re-ulliin.' t
any tier-on ihroii'-hfarele-sne.i, or Ufj ' '- of
any t eron operii'lin: or emp'oeil on u!il n nd
Skitiov H. Ii-hull be the duty of nld company
to plank between Hie rai.i ot tber track upon 1
cross tii H wiih 'ood sound i ii.k ( noi 1. t'.iuii
two Hi' lies in It. 11 km ss. nor more 11, n intlo-s
In width : to be well spiked to the 1 ross !! vii'i.
splki's of not h - llri;. fo".r in. h"s it. ! i.'h.or "huI
rl!l wilh iT'ivl or nroke'i ioto ; -ii'i loinpunv
shall it'-o plunk hi tin- sunn- in i.i r Ho.t portion
of the rri"s lie- e!''tj tin,: mi!- d- M
Ski 1I..N !' All ).ro;..'.'i.,'.. ,-:;. t
of cars of said mi 1 w are proiiil n
pine the r cars ut ai.y street cro-s.i
terlere wl-b or intetriipl tit - iruvi
e mi -
.,r- "r ilrlv
'! Iioiii aiop
so as to ip
Lit III" 1.
streets nhi h they i'i i-. 4 n . r n to 1 ro- j 1 1 si n
pine their curs for I h :e "i:i 1 ! ,: ."ii of of p is-iu
L'ers, they shall In a'l 1 ii- s 1 over His repe
the errwlni;s and not si.'p 111 1 ,1 Hie n ur of the 1 -ii
shall arrlv at Hie ln-i si. I, a ,! k t ro i 11 u" m th- ill
ri'ction in winch Hie 1 nr in i !" movin.'. Any t" r-
son vlo'aline the iirovi-iiiii- of 1111- h ction sliu'l !
liable to a Hue of not le-s l:,in three dollun-
nor mure Ihau ten 1 .i . r - !..r en. h und every
Seitio', I'l. In a l r:i- anv l.niu
V' liH'ie stuiil in,-,-' a uir np..u I o ; ;i" ol its Irai
such team orvehiel' shall e:ie v'iv to sn:i cur
Nor sli'ill any per-on w illlu.'lv or nn'if.iu'isty oh
tun I. hinder or lu'erle'e with any of
said railway i ars, hv blacinu drwliiif,
or stopplti) r cnre to Im piaced
or driven at a sin ia e, or nos ped, auy team, ve
hide or oilier oi iia', id. upon, acro-s. a.oi 1; or
near to Hie trai n or s aid rii v, at t''r beliit: noil
lied hv Hie riai.du; of the ear lu ll Whoever shall
Willfully vio'ate any ol the provision! ul tl.i-s-tlon.
shall forfeit ihe sum of not les thnn t:r
doliais nor more than ! 11 dollars for every tw 11 of
SkiTion 11. "ho ;iid railway cor.ipuDv !,ul
make ful: trips the eiit'jH length (,f ii, ,a, j . , rc
Fourth siieci ut 11- n i. r-i 1 lioti ,M!h Lev,-,, sir, -i
to Coti'in' r' ial lei'Mi" nt It- intersection l:l
Twenty-eighth street f'otn ii oelo'k a ut. to li
o el's k p tit., so t,;ut 1 a n si'1,,1 n ;i u-t pus m.y
Civeti po'.ni oi, s.nii ro .'i al tn'ervn.s ii"! i-.v ", i,f
thirty mlmiiis
SiKlTloS I'J I h's ordlU'llil ' I" pl'J t:l till'
Huh Is ami pn.i s H.eli iu linn: inmil ai.; Ii.rely
t;raiiteu upon Hi' t r. 1 oi,.ni ,n 1 mi tn- 1 rt
struct ion oi i-u'd ru'i a.-, a- lo-ri 'n profdeii shall
111 iroiul luilh. be cnmju :.'''! u.;i,,. f, mei.Hs,
a..d fuliv 1 otiuili ;. i io .I r ir. r'rooi' 1 h, r.'"ii 11I1
in one v ur 110111 i'c' I'V-u.'.' 01 it, ordii-iinc'
and al-o upon tt
f'lrih. r
f ;,nd tiuii H.i.t
the said r ui o
sine t -aid r.i:lw iy
'.inun to operate the
the tn nod of 1' :.t
' -l.u
ri i 'i
il anil rrn-v c,
1-Sv.l Ut.ll' ' "
r m; 5. : ! in I
p'oii'l' d ; und ulo i.pon t,, fi r" . '
il i I lull 1 1, ul II sunt 1 or, ...ii, . ,
any id the ' oti'l'lioi.s I , r . i- ,;! or n
toroinplv with any of th-- ioirl.!i,i
u. e. a- r.T' :U
' 1 ;.r. -- f,,i
lh' ii fi.Lit It
or (ml
n, en Is of I III - Ol I I 11 11 In e till 11 ! he r .'.'-uiid
l 'S heri.'li) utaiiied I11 sunt ri.iwui c.e
shall cense unit b- f..rle t.-d tusabt , :tv. and
r. .111 ir
( lly shall ha th-n-t.i to !a,.e cp -aid tru k- a:
remove saiin- frni " i d sire 1..
SK'TloS 1 I. The -'loi ,-,. ,.,rv ,,,,. );;
expense, any p"r::un id I'up.h'r slr..t ah"
'I iletilletli -In el Hilt' IIiHV be n.i.-,ir for ll,
conslrucliori ot lis road bid
Approv d Fehruarv 1 lib. A II . 1-1.
N II TIIIVI'I KvMiiiIi V iv,,r
Attest. Il .1. f'uI.Kl. 1 it) fj.-rk.
untatncii lor in w inM niion-. or lor niiprovei'i. ,n
on old ones : lor iio uir .11 or "t! . r cum pounds, trid,"
murks and labels, ( uveiis. A-si-Mnents. Inter
ferenci'S, Appeals. Suit, lor Infringements, ,iU
ail cases ansin;' unm r tne ru'enl Laws, prompt
Iv attended to - Invci.n.ins timt have be, 1:
I? V I l,r'l'l',Il,' ""' ''a'- "I "!:" niav -nil,
ill most ei,.e, be ni,!, lit, (1 by
and eni'aied In i'at, nt bt,siie.- exel ,siv. ly. we cun
make closer searches, und secure ih.ienls more
promptly, and with broaden laims, ihau those who
are remote from WaHMiu;tim.
us iieiiii: oi. iiif-ne nn 1 . ,-, I'lio.ti' 11. itirtrttetit.
T V H I 1 1 kn " '"I "s a model or sketch I
li ! liil 1 "111 voiir device: we muke ex-
aniliiatlons anil advl-ie u" lo latentublllt y. free of
rhur''e. All correspond' in e strlcilv conlldentlal .
I'r'res low, and no rlmre unless l'i,-fj is secured,
i e refer In W ashu ,'lon. to Hon postmaster
General I). M. Key. lb 1. F. Il.l'ower 'I he t.ernian
American National 1' in k. to oilleints in the I' s,
I'alent Olllce, and to S. naiors and Id i r. ,euiative
In !'ii(:ress ; and especially to mil clients In evury
Mtululn the t'nlon and in ('anadu. Add ret a
Opposllel'at lit ikr, WusUiniloti 11, C
VI) 1 4 TL1?i( .0 JI.000: to W Stops. I'l-
Address DA N I I'M'. 1IKATTV,
Washltiloii N . .1
Ail Only l)iiii;Iil(!i' Ciirctl of
When death wits hourly eMiecleil. nil reioeillea
having lulled, ami lir .lames n. exuennienllin;
with Hut many herbs of ('nleiilia, lie nccldently
miide a preparation whh Ii cuied his only child of
(Ionscmition. Ills child Is now Iu this country and
enjoying the best of health . lie Im unveil to Hie
world Unit CoNsi'Mi'iios can be positively und per
manently cured. Tint Hoi tor now ir ve this Ib cltie
Ircu, only Hskllie. i ,r -vu slumps to puy
e.vpi'llsi'S. lllisneril llisil cures ,leit Nwcttl
Niiiiscii at the Sliiiuin h, and w ill liieiik up H fresl
Cold In twenty four hours. Address i'r, ,1,1. 1, .a 1 ..
l(i:W Knee SI , I'lilladelphlti, numliii; this paper.
Lowest prte,., ever known
rri'ril .onillTN.
I I . . . ....
m $15 SH0T.CUH
Hit ifrtMltlv fnrlUKn.l t.rl.tn
' Hi tinp fnf nur New
r. I'owELf, a HfiN, aas Mutu miJ t. u '! "is,? '!,'
. .. 1 "! ,,', Ci'llil' nn
... n ,iin-ni iiuinunimit
Onmn, on which l il.lil ym eni, n,,ri,rm as " " ," I"" '0'
n,M . ni...,, . 4ha llaao
ii ,11 uir ln.lnn11.11U n lunir.ll lfvu ,lii, '.'.'.-".'T'
lMl-,1 (:,ul,, i f JHK Mt-I IIANIi al' OHOIIIMCI IK-ll
rr.siMl , i,.l li.,..'u.. i 0... .-..m,n wliton iny oiw can
pliy r,,..-itv ill n,s i,.. '.iv. rit.i, ,, isMr, 'iwl. .Units and
mil n r, I',' , Tln, iuii. in, lv. Iwiiif Inilttildnfc
1AUM Si U1CALV, 1U4 Htikio ov.i vmuilKM
r i
WANTKO -Vaniifacturliitf concern want a
bii-inijss man In Cairo, un I Inevery city mot al
ready taken. 1 A tew hundred dollar necessary to
pay for lynul on delivery afier order have been
secured lor Hut same, fro per month prollt
luuraiil' ed. TIih most searchiiiK Investigation
soliiil.il A. H. AKNCI.l) Hi CO, corner tirat
Street and Ilroadway, Jlrooklyn, N, Y.
Huuipliriiys' Homeopathio Specifics
Proved from ample ei,erieiiee mi , ni Ire
Kiieee... Miniilr, Prompt. Klllrlcnl. and
Kellnlile, line ur I tit) ulily IlltdlcliiO
ililupled lo popular Use,
1. 1st I'lllM'U'tl . NOH. I'UltKH. I'lllCIJ.
I, I'evers. ConKi'stlon, liirlaninintloim, .an
1! oriii. Worm Jevnr, Wuriii l olle.
ft. I'rvlou I'olle, orleethltiK of Infanta, '
i llkt.sl..B l.f I'l.lM- ..I..,. . -H.
a. hyseiilery, (irlplnv, lilllnu ( olle, .
1. I bolera Miirbiis, i, lulling, . .
7. roughs, l ohl, Uroiiehltls,
t. Veurululn, looilineliH, Kuitache, .
'I. Il.il,..,..a Slell lie,,, l, v ,
8 Hi. I -lien, lii, Idllnus smnineb', .
: iMMinrcsseil or I'niiiliil I'erloii. . ;e
"l. Wlilles, loo pri'tiiM, I'erlods, . . ;g,
I I. I roup. 1 'oiikIi. Iiinieiilt Ureal hlnir, . .'.",
:t. Snill ft I til . Krvlplui, I rii,n..i,s, ;jj
Ti. Itbelilliiitlsin, Hhtiiiiinile I nlus, . .)
i. Ki-ieriiinl lane, ( Inn. fever, Aauea, t
li. I'ili-s). 1 11 1 ii'l or Meedum, .Mi
III. y iiiurrh. nolle or eliiMiiie; Inlliienza, r.i
11 V I111111, 1 1, a t 1111 u I, vli.li ni 1, .in't. ui
lijl. I. .10 ml llelillllv . I'hjs'l U e.ikinu.'i. :t)
ri fi. Ki.lllev llissnse. . . ..'(
. Seruiii llehllllv , -tiertitutorrhrri, l.'n
". I rim, r t cu h ne.i, U ,-i i ii;L-1 h, I , d.
U. IMseuse ol Ihe IIi-hiI. l uli.ttiiil,.,,. I 11.
H tor s.ile I,) dl'lKI.-ln.i.r s,-nrl,y II,(uh
raorslimin Vial, fn eof 1 tinriie, un reeeli.t of
ra 1 s-i. ... u r II. II.......!. .
.... .... ....,.,,,,,ret, iiiHiitnn
lll.en.e, Ae .. 'lll puKe.;, utriitrd
I aiuloaiii', 1 It I I,.
V.ldl..-. 11, 1. .....' 11 1.,.
E.McU. t o.. JU l ultou st .New 'v urk.
Ir. S. Sib'oeo'B SstcrnilPiloPaCseay
(in. ,! ,.iuntr. Il, f andisanltif.illit la
l""!'! 'y I)r':.-,."-t'i'T"lTtirre, J'rb ... I'llnt ),(
.r-;eobyt.-..,l. S i-.j h . s-nt I, , . t I'hi'..,-;l4
id oil If. n tK, l.y l'.N-n.tdt, r ( ... If,,,
lt iutkLlt. t'dcnuUl4.tUXer,ot"lyjfclfca
1. p-rf.
I '''-. rrr,hmiiir.., ih t-.i kd. n , 1,.
" " "' ni,.- 111 11,. , 1 1 ,,,,, , I,
aM U ,l .i, 1 . r . .,1,.,
h-. 1 , j ul ... ...... w 11 KUtLrrt itji to a ?
"Hr U.,H Is0 Nt,RVE E8TQRE1
j i JIr"rait Ilal 4 kiltl l l-...L i.Tvr n.r
Ul'.. tLi.-'t bUKtAl
'ti''"" J'ir tiU, t'inUj.iy und A erf JnUitmt.
41 I1S41 I lltl I II Itlrtl u 'lire- tel. J1 t III J't
Ik . IS'i i tenf'tr
lllflUir- lr,-a M.r,. I f. Ui, .f.i.
w j j . 1 ' ,w 111--T i? 'u,ri,4, n ttn iiuiim.
JY I' I'. I ni a,l i" 10 ia- r, I.I.SK,J
1'iiTiVK cn.i;
i'i'''Ut m.'IMtva. AI.t.AHK BOI.rP.I.K VPTll.
J ATM) li'il ijii4i l auuud (eUiir It,
One b' 1,
N'). I w'll rr.ru air cs In f .n' dvrii or
No. 2 ill c ir,- li, e m.iiolslii.al no matu-r
Of iiow lonirsta'idiiiir.
No'.mi;iiiu d'Hi of tut!,, eoreiitia or ,,il of
V'i'l i'aoMi'1, l.'.al are c. rt..n I rn-inr d" p. 4
f- 'i .iroyiiiK fie e,.iii.iu' of toe n,.nm n. ,
rrln.v or i.intuirt.l injection lu pr'.uac utliuj
( -t'.'ls rnl ipbrll, I..
I r . " i Mil li py ALL I'lti (iilt-T.i, or
lii. 1. d ri ri'lpt nf prir.
f.i'l'f le r 1 uric qitrs n-iej f -r elrctilnr.
T. 1; 11 Hit. J (.. ALLAN ( ii., -J J .i.n t-lreeL
Weoltr lil) fwar! f .r any c tbry will not
lli'U, ia( and urr rura.
( ir m)v ti nt "en ! w tn.-ir
ad ir, i.lMi'io' s"im-
tiin.K v" 'j y ni, cut
Ill'iy ir .y-H e tei(i,l.i.'-t.,ti..' lo life of sun-
Ills, :, ,;ly a 1 ,jt. I lo trios.- w te, h r. rln il
the l..,.t ot IV l lil. A blri.s. U. loh.so,
(irci.4M.li c net.Ncw Vura.
IVulrriD iTfID ai'tssi K"m..,wiiwri,
f'l lluUil&lUiu li'iilunr liui"wy, ai.l
a ill.." Ll,',ill sf.il.,ei,..PVl . t,ie'.,'l V'.k' t
I'-',,. I ' 1 At :" ,tlM
t' .1 I . . , I I '
1ms, Ikiwsvu, M
I U UjRAL 1 B1U 1 1 , I 1 ruuu4
'K eshSf1 FOLKS
Ol "',i!. rvvtv. ft M-
, 1 I 111 ; ""'"." Il.sil' nnt I
'111 I "!,' : Iv. M,I"H VI .. I
,J Mv I' 1 I ;K ( kH1, ... I
ll-t I Ij,
. '.fja
ry' in wnf
TVit- f. AMit y uamii nnnv .
I Ill ci 1 1 AM) .ACs M 1 tiK. Vi: 1 f.iy.
I 'l.t" ' ' W ' rnn. Mm li.lfi. Snlint.u. ). f. ,(.
M-.' lUh.k, I Ul.'.l, lHi 'r.l.H '.,...',, A,"
H IfH. (I V
Iskiin:kh. ti io
iiu,..l I, .v. --I.. I
I'Mlllr-aml Prlnripal K'uimril', .1, A Id ok. V a 1,1' ft
LU.,lsudiuin,lLruJ,ei, ,.Jt,i luiiwl'ln.',.,' Vera.
t.i- i.. ..,, U, r -t w .'.. M U (
''' 3 V'l 1.1 M'4 f , t..a, ,
' wtt, Ml 1 ,4 tw) I V, 3 , t t,
n in, -.1. ,HI, a....,, I. ('...
I ' ' ' 4f )-. . tiw, -r i, h
rw.Afti.M,, 1 ajauaw, Hmt itikaUf
M KIltCAl,.
i.UW ni'k 1 mi: Ml'lurlM'-.
TIIADE rJRK, The (tr, at Hiil'IIsIi ' UADK MARK
i"'incdv, 1111 nn-
"I r faillnt; ruin for
'r 1S AS v. 1 ve.... 1
Ml, ,11,1 ,, . , II, Pp
Nperni atorrhoeii,
lliipoteticy, und all
- V Olseni.es iijiii -
7'A A.Vy low IIS U l ouse
n '. j . , ki m Kin, lie., ,,r H..11
n s , . alii : as loss or.w 1
I ..tilsn 'Cn ri. .T ',,ll
"""iu iuiiiiii;iiii'iiiory, iinivi'isul -nvt-iH
liissiitide. pall' 'u llm hi" k, ill 111 1 a l'I,Vlro
liess ol vision, iireinaliirit old a.'. aisor Atvauig.
ami in n 11 v olliei diseases Mint bud lo Insanity or
1 111 1 p ti in 1 1 1 1 11 und 11 lirenialuie itravtt.
I'll II particular In our pamphlet, which wo de
sire to cend free by mull lo every una. The sm
( ic llieillclne I sold by nil ilrli(Ksls At fl ier
pin liiik'c. six loi JfTi, or w III be sent Iree bv ni'ill on
receipt of (he mutiny by uddressliurl III! (IIIAY
MHUIl'INK CI'.. No. U .Mechanic block, Delrolt
Mich. Sold In Cairo by llarclny Ilro., i'aul (1
Kcii 11 h anil tb'o. K (I'liara.
) Yourselves hV tnultlnu mim
ey when a volilcii i-liuiiisc 1
ollered, thereby iiltvaya
Meeplnir poyerty from your
clour. Thoso who alwava
tiiliu adviinliii'ii nf the Kiioit
cliunceafor nuikliiKmoncy that iireoil'erecl, ienerab
ly hiicoluo wealthy, while those who do not f in
proyci uch chiiiicit n niiiln In poverty. M e want
ninny men, women, boy and Klrlstn 1(0 work forti
rltf lit In their own localities, The business wilt
pay linirct tl iinten time ordinary wnite. Wo
furnish it ti 1 xpeneiisve cut lit anil all Ihnl votl
tmed I'rmt, No one w Im ciipiccs lulls to niuku
money riiildly. Vim can devolii yotir wholo limit
In thu work, or only your spurn nionieiit. I'iiII
Information ami all that l needed aent free. Ad
drum HTKNbON A; Cijo J'orllunU, Uuluo,
WLa-'!-"1! ; misfiyrt yjL'-8i!i)iii
f T
. . tr-y si-. '-.-iair i r. 11.
l;iH'.,Sh,tiou,9, llorolren.Mnt .o.'l. (uMiauiMUea
Itrec-h l.n.llT(r flint C.nna, 1 1 to f.n. Ilou'de Shot
(i'lim, itot si. rtiiml.'Ouns.f 1 to Jllil'-a. to
J;'.. U"Volv. r. f I to f , M-trl for 1 re" Hlu-trHle'l
uintoaue. i.t:i'.At VUl'tU)i OVJi VHiUKH,
I'lit.tiuriili, l'a.

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