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1 1 ' i ii ' . I i.hRi, aha WRJt loHt." Ami hw hsmW. I
Love it Tint Biglt
Hitting In my window,
Polntin my thought In lawn, I saw a r,
II thought, but it wit you,) enter our got".
My blood tlnw out ana buck egalti, as fast
At I had pmsaoil It forth, and aunknd It in.
Like breath; then ! in oalled away In naat
To entertain you. Nover waa man
Heaved from a sheooot to a ecoptrH, raised
Ho high in ihonifhu m I. You loft a klu
I'pon thoao Itpm then, whlob I moan In kuep
Prom you forover. I did boar you talk
Pur almve Inglngi after you were (rone,
1 arrow aoqiuilntud with my burnt, and suarobnd
What stirred It ao, Aliwl I found It love,
Tho good ship "Waverly," home
ward bound from Japan, was becalmed
in mid-ocean.
"What land did you soy that wm,
Captain LanoP" askod young Terloy,
the Bocond niato, pointing to a wild,
picturesque-looking island, lying loss
than a loague and a half off their loe
how. '
'One of the Society croup. By my
chart that should be Moiloy Islantf.
Let's see, you said you touched there
for water tiie your before lust when you
were on tho 'Atlas,' did you not,
"Ay, ay, air," returned the old tar,
quickly; "and a livoly time we had,
too. We soe'd the purtiost gal thar
thot ever lived, Til bet! But, Lor' I she
was as wild as a gull!"
'A beautiful girl ' on that Island?"
cried llobort Porley, incredulously.
"Ay, ay, Mister htrloy. And I II bot
my sou'-wostr ag'in' my head she wor
none of the blauk-and-tan natives,
eitlivrl We wanted to go back ami
look for her ag'ln, but the old skipper
wouldn't boliove us, nor say but she
war an Injun gal."
"Captain Lane, I am more dotor
niinod to go ashore than ever," ex
claimed tho mate, in a fovor of excite
ment. "What do you say, Charlie?"
he asked, turning to the supercargo, a
good-looking young man of two and
"I am with you. We can get back
before the breeze comes up."
Oh, yes; I'll warrant vou are both
dying to go!" muttered old Captain
Lano. "Just say there is purty girl
on that island, and all the aoa-lions In
seven sorts couldn't keep you away'
Well, you had my consont before, and
I shall not withdraw. Hut look sharp
for the cut-throat savages there, and
return tho minuto I sound the trumpet,
if you don't before.
In less than Uftuon minutes tho young
ofllcors accompanied by four sailors,
wore fairly flying over the wator to
ward the island.
Touching upon the sandy beach, they
drew up ihoir boat in a cove noarly
hiddon by overhanging trees, and start
ed inland,
"If we wish to soe the gal we have
got to be purty sly, for she's a wild
one," declared Jack. "Then we must
be on our look-out for the natives, too,
for they're a beastly sot as you ever
After an hour's weary tramp, how
ever, they wore beginning to think they
should have to return to the ship in
disappointment, when, as they paused
for a moment, to gaze out upon the
sea, the tono of some ono swoctiy sing
ing was waftod to their ears.
when tiiov had listened until the
song was fibishod, enraptured with the
mnlorfy, Charllo Woatou exclaimed Joy
ously "It must be she!"
"Yes; and she must be a fairy to
sing like that. Come, boys, let's go
down thoro. but, for your lifo, don't
disturb her."
Advancing cautiously, until they
gained the line of thick shrubbery that
skirtod the beach, they parted tbe
folinge, to behold the loveliest vision
their gazo bad ever met.
Standing iu the. shallow wator, that
laughed and played at her delicately
formed feet anil ankles in high glee,
whilo she was engaged In fastening hor
waving mass of golden hair, which fell
far down her waist in pretty braids,
was a beautiful maiden of scircoly six
teen summers.
Hor form, habllod in a well-fitting
garb mado of the Inner back of the sea
island willow, was faultless; and her
features were perfect in their outlines,
whilo the purity of her complexion
Beemed only enhanced by the slightly
bronzed hue that a life of exposure to
a tropical sun had revert it.
"Isn't Mho beautiful !" exclaimed
llobort, lost In admiration.
"Yes," whisporod the supercargo, in
reply, equally foscinatod with hor ap
pearance "Hut see 1 she Is going to
sing again."
Again the air was fillod with tho
sweet notes of hor song, and until the
last sound had died away the entranced
listener did not dare to even broatho
aloud for fear of breaking the spell.
"There is no Indian blood in her
veins!" declared Bob, lowly, as she
ended hor song, and tboy continued to
gazo upon hor in rapt wonder. "Her
features and tho tone of her speech aro
"You are right, Bob," whispered
Charlie. "And, look! she wears a
chain and locket which tells that she
has not always boon hero."
llis companions started with renewod
surprise as they discovered a gold chain
and locket suspended from her nook.
"I would give a year of my lifo to
know tho mystery of her existence
horel exclaimed tho mate impetuous-ly-
"J hu IJoing to spoak to her."
Suiting action to the words, he
stepped lightly forward, and addressed
her In a clear voice. But. as the first
sound fell from his lips she turned in
alarm, and catching sight of him fled
like a frightened gazelle.
Seeing that it was vain to think of
overtaking her. they could only watoh
her out of sight with looks of wondert
"Wa muiit find hor, boys," declared
the exolted mate, and bis words were
heartily seconded by the supercargo
: the othors wore nothing loth to Join in
the wild obaao.
Away dashttd the sailors on the course
of the fugitive maid, but finally they
were forced to abandon the ieareh as a
fruitless one. '
Hush! at that moment, high and
olear over the mile or more of Inter
vening soa, came the clarion tone of
the captain's trumpet n-i.p . : ,
We must return to the hip now.
. but I in determined the 'Waverlv'
shall not loavo those waters tut we
know more of that " ,
"Hougb-ough-ou!" broke in a wild,
discordant yell upon the mato's speech.
Tbnn, half a hundred furious natives
rushed toward them from every quartor.
Six against fifty In an open light!
The sailors wore brave man, out in less
time than wo could describe it tlioy
wore hurled to tho oartu and over
powered. Instead of putting them to death then
and there, however, the savages bore
thorn away with oxultant cries.
Finally a valley teeming with tropi
cal growth was reached, and tho pris
oners saw the rude huts under the
cocoa-nut treos that comprised tho
home of thoir captors.
Hero they wore mot by a' motley
throng of old men, women, and child
ron, who crowded around with anxious
gaze and anon uttered startling yolls.
But our Mends looked in vain fur the
island nymph.
The triumphant savages bore them
forward to tho centre of tho glado Into
the presence of an old, woazon-facod
native soated squat upon tho ground
in front of the largost wigwum.
At sight of tho captives ho gave an
exclamation of delight.
After be had sutisllud his curiosity, a
long consultation was hold bulween
liiru and tho loader of tho captors,
wholly unintelligible to our friends,
thougli they know from tho violent
Statures made no good was boded
Briefly told, at its conclusion three
of tho savages seized Robert rerloy
and led him to a huge uoiumnut-triiH,
where lie was compelled to stand up
right against its trunk.
Charlie and Jack wore then placed
one on each side of him, when three
spearsmon with thoir rutin weapons
wore stationed a short distance oft",
roady to send the instruments through
thoir bortios.
The doomed men looked in vain for
mercy from tho swarthy visitges before
them, and their lips moved in prayer.
At this critical juncture a sharp cry
was uttered, and looking up, the
whites saw tho beautiful maiden rush
ing towards them.
She did not pauso until she reached
thoir side, when she placed herself in
front of llobort, ami waved her hand
frantically to the spearsmon.
The old chiof camo forward with an
angry frown, and ordered hor to aland
aside, but with flashing eyos she met
him unflinchingly.
"Warana no warrior to kill helpless
whltofaco," Hhe cried, in broken Eng
lish. "Sco, they like Star Singer
much! She not lot Warana kill."
Maddened by hor defiance, tho chief
commanded his followers to take her
Hor Bhnnely foot stamped tho ground
impetuously, ossho crhul:
"Warrior, touch Star Singer and bIio
kill quick! Sco, sho go if wliite-faces
dot" sud the defiant maid hold a sharp,
murderous-looking weapon over hor
own heart. "Sho no moro sing for
Evidently tho chiof did not caro to
lose her, for be hesitated in his designs.
It Is doubtful if tho heroic girl could
have rescued the captive sailors, but
sho had saved their lives by delaying
tho exooution.
Wild shouts rung on tho air, and a
body of the "Wavoney's" crew rushod
Into the valley.
Panlo flclzod tho frightened nativos,
and tho whiU'S won a bloodless victorv.
Tito ciiutnin thought you were in
trouble and sent us to you."
"And rvith this brave girl you havo
savod our lives," said the young mate,
warmly grasping his brother olllccr's
hand. ,
The wonder of tho seamen at behold
ing the fair timid maid, can uo well
"Yon must go with us," said Robert,
clasping her hand.
She trembled violently, and hor gaze
hardly left the sight of the terrified
natives, huddlod together in a group
not far off, but, without a word, she
yielded, seeming to feel that slio was a
It was many days beforo she mingled
freely with her new-found friends, and
even tbon, at timos, the old spirit of
uneasiness stole over her.
In that time Robert and Chariin
Weston learned to love hor dearly, and
the aomotimo friends felt a gulf widen
ing between them.
Finally the mate could bear the sua-
Eonse no longer, and he resolved to
now his fate.
As yet, she had allowed no one to
touch the locket she wore, but guarded
It wtth anxiety.
As Robert told the story of his lovo,
howover, ho pleaded again that he
might examine it, when, at last, she
rrosslug a spring, it flew open, dls
closing the portraits of a man and
As his gazo met the pictures, the
mate uttered a cry of surprise and al
most droppoti tbe lockot.
"My father and mother!" ho ex
claimed. "Can it bo possible you ate
my sister, who whs lost at sco, twelve
years ago in the ship 'Jason,' bouud for
tho Sandwich Islands? She never was
beard of after passing tho Horn, and
we never knew whero sho was lost, but
bore is a oluo."
"Writing In there!" said tho girl,
and taking the locket from his hand she
pressed out one of tho miniatures, and
there lay a bit of papor yellowed with
age, which sho handed to Robert. He
robd aloud:
The wearer of this Is Captain nrw Per
ley's datiKhtor. Hhe and I huvo benu oaat awny
upon this lalnnd from tho ship 'Jason.' Tliu
natives have dootnod me to tllo. I pray who
vur may rind her will boar hor to her parents,
now In tho Hundwluh Islands, or there loam
their axldrois.
"Jabm Fieiu.tr."
It is true!" crlod tho malo. "My
sister! my long-lost sister!" And he
clasped the surprised maid in his arms.
Charllo appeared upon the soono with 1
looks of amazomout.
Congratulate me, old boy!" cried
Robert, exoltodly. "I havo found my
lor, tho lost Mlnnlo, that we have
mournod so many years-who was left
behind whon father and mothor went to
the Sandwich Islands, fourteon yeare
ago: but whon she was four years old
Uncle Jabea took hor on his whaling
ship bound for Behrlng't Straits, do
signing to leave her with our parents
in the Sandwich Islands, whore father
then was EnglUh consul. The ship
never was heard from after the passed
the Hornt but here U tho . proof
that she was lost," And he hsnu".
tho paper to Charlie, who, reading It,
exclaimed ;
"Then I have a sweetheart!"
Neod we attempt to describe tho hap
piness that followed P
Tho "Waverly" reached port in
safety, and soon after, a father and
mother, who had mourned their daugh
ter as doail for twelve years, woro over
Joyed to have hor restored to them;
whilo to her It scemod like a strange,
sweet dream.
Two years later Charlie Weston and
the fair Minnlo Parley wore married.
Robert I'mioy Is now a happy hus
band and father as well as a thriving
merchant in tho old town of Plymouth.
. a
The NallouJd Park.
A correspondent of the Argonaut
writing from tho Yosomite says: Sit
ting under the shadow of oaks and
pines, at the foot of the groat Yosomite
fall, within the voice of lu tumbling
waters, surrounded by ferns, and milk
weed, and trembling poplars, and with
in tho great amphitheatre of rocks,
with a dccayetl stump for my writing
tahlo, I write. A week spent in this
valley, beside the clear waters of the
Merced, four thousand feet above the
. level of the sea, and three thousand be
low tho lovo) of tho land, with doinos,
and peaks, and pinnaulos, and precipit
ous walls of granito, with oaks, and
pines, and shivering poplar trees, and
ferns, and grasses, antl wild flowers,
and roaring waterfalls, and grassy
meadows, ought to do one good; ought
In lift him aliovo and out of the anx
ieties and potty vexations of an every
day city life, with its little ambitions
ami struggles. It id certainly an agree
able thing to be away from the men of
merchandise, and the men of politics,
and the men of newspapers. I have
done this, loav'ng my annoyances at
home, except my wife, who sits upon
the fallen log of which I occupy the
slump, sketching; endeavoring to por
tray this divino waterfall, that leans
from Its dizzy height two thousand six
hundred feel down to the chasm below;
to picture those eternal rocks, this evet.
falling stream In its splendid framo
work of sky, and rock, and forest; to
reduce it to a canvas to a canvas thir
ty inches square as I am endeavoring,
in foeble words, with a Faber pencil, to
describe n phenomenon that nature
wrenched itself to produce; a phenome
non that no one can explain; that
Whitney, nut! Claroneo King, and John
Muirlove to theorize about, antl wonder
whether it was produced by glacial
action or subsidence; whether in some
far-oil' epoch of lime a cataclysm lent
the rocks asunder, or whether the bot
tom dropped nut one earls day in lime.
1 have no theory concerning the Yoso
mite. I saw it sixteen years ago. Since
then it has not changed in its natural
features, save wagon roads instead of
trails; twelvo-seated coaches in place
of mule ami horse; some mure hotels,
and, I am sorry to say hoiol runners.
Trails havo boon mado to new points of
view, ami tho Yosomite Park Commis
sioners havo established sonio healthy
regulations: They would bo more
healthy, no doubt, if commissioners
ami guardians wore chtsen from those
who nave no interest in the Rig Oak
Flat wagon-road, and who havo no
money-making I nlorcst in horse or
hotel. It wus a grand idea to rcscun
this valley from private ownership, and
proservo it for a national park. It
would bo still an Improvement if the
commissioners would purchase tho
private trails, abolish tolls, and throw
open tho valley and its surroundings to
the free access of all. It would be still
further improved if the area of tho res
ervation could bo more largoly ex
tended, and tho itinerant sheep-herder,
with his devastating woolly caravan,
could bo excluded from coining within
it Sheep are utterly destructive to nil
the lesser plants so curious to the bot
anist, while tbe sheop-horder is a per
fect fire-fiend; he burns on every side,
that in tho coming years lie may find
more grass. This reservation should
become a grand game preserve and
botanical garden, whore the plants and
wild animals of the Sierra might find
protection from the greed and avarice
of muu. ,
Tiikoki.y absolute specific we know cf
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Eiplorations in the Gaboon.
Hugo von Kopponfols describes tho
result of his very recent explorations in
the Gaboon. On the Eliva Com! (an
Inland lako) he had met with tho goril
la and shot a lino male specimen. He
declares ho has fully satisfied himself
of the existence of hybrid forms be
tween tho male gorilla and tho female
chimpanzee, and ho would thus ac
count for tho many so-callod species,
many of which get local names from
the natives. He found the Uschobas,
visited by l)u Chaillu, a harmless,
thougli somewhat suspicious people.
In tho country about the (iaboon the
mammalian fauna is poor; there are
none of tho large antelopes, giraHes,
gnus, zobras, quaggas, rhinoceroses,
gazelles, Hons, oto., which abound in
the interior, but the loopard is common
and the line black variety, though raro,
is now and then seen, (treat wild hogs
abound; otter and porcupines are oom
mon. Besides the man-like, apes, the
blue-faced mandril and tho long-tailed, '
dog-fatted baboon are to be found. In
the rivers and lakos there are hippopot
ami, which somotimos, but rarely, go
down to tho ocoan. The manatee, be
ing much hunted for its dollolous flesh
by tho natives, is continually decreas
ing in number, and will in all proba
bility soon bo quite extirpated. Of
roptllos thore are two crocodiles, a
loather-backed turtle, many serpents,
among those tbe python, of which ono
was shot Just eighteen foot in longth.
Thiukiitg Men
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Woman's Resources, .
Tim ahim.winilnw hnnutlns. BSVB a
correspondent, are to he entirely ex
cluded, from the balls and rocoptions of
tlio princoss of Wales this season, jnoc
a single professional boauty is to bo al
lowed to participate la tbe amusements
of tho annual garden party given by
tho princess to the queen. Rut com
pensation has boon found already by
ono of tho most fashionable of the
beauties in her . voluntary retiromont
from tbe gay scenes in which she played
bo conspicuous a part last year and to
which she would be no lontrnr woloomo.
She has taken ft villa on tho bank of
the Thames, to which all tho best men
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What's iu a Narao,
"King, the wrestler, had a fight with
a driver on a transfer wagon in front of
the Weddoll House, yesturduy, and got
the worst of it. Both parties were ar
rested." ' Tho abovo little paragraph, which
was clipped from the Cleveland Vti-
Voice, reminds ns of un adven
ture which befell tho celebrated prizo
lighter Tom Hyer, in Albany, a good
many years ago. Hyer was an Amer
ican, and il was Just after the famous
batllo with "Yankee Sullivan," tho
Irish champion, in which tho former
was victorious, and whon Hyor's name
was in almost everybody's mouth.
Hyer was tho worse for liquor, and in
passing ulong the sidewalk ho jostlod
rather roughly a countryman who was
minding his own business. Tho latter
said a little savagely, "Come, what are
you about?" Hyer turned and slapped
him in tho faco. Tho country man, like
tho prizo lighter, was of largo stature,
and, not knowing who it was that had
Insulted him, foil afoul of Hyer with
f front fury. The prize fighter found
limsolf doubled tip so quicklv that ho
bail no time to display any of that sci
ence which hail used up Yankee Sulli
van. Hyer, after the first onset, picked
himself from tho gutter whero he had
been hurled, and struck an attitudo
which might have appalled a scientilio
opponent, but to the arousod country
man it was like shaking a red flag in
the eyes of an enraged bull, and he
wont for him again like a hurricane,
liver a second time went down under
the furious onset, and the countryman,
determined to follow up tho advantage
threw himself upon tho prostrate form
of his gigatitio antagonist and com
menced to pound him unmercifully.
In tho moaptiinn a large crowd had
gathered, and one man who knew Hyer
sang out: "Hyerl What the h are
you doing to let a countryman lick
The victorious yeomau heard tho
name, "Hyer," turned pale to think of
his peril, and springing to his feet,
leaving his hat in the stroet, took to
his logs and ran at a headlong pace as
thougli pursued by something worse
thau'Tam O'Shanter ever fled from.
Ho left Albany by tho log express,
and did not stop at the way stations.
llurtford Time.
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Mm. .1.0. ltohormon, riltahnra, I' wrllun: "t
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H. (llhlm, of Iluffalo, N. Y , wrltm: "Your Bur
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uaed. 1 feel confident Hut they will entirely euro
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Mr, Noah Hates, Kluilra.N. Y., write. "Ahout
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satisiuciory results, a. i. nr.i iiuiLit, m. u
V.M South Common st.
lELBHIDOK SIMPSON, M.D., of Hudson, N, Y.
"I have used tho Svrut) of llvinitihosphitesmade by
Mr. Kellowa In cases of Consumplion and other
l.ung and Throat diseases, with the most
gratifying results,
EDWIN OI.AY, M.l.,nf Pugwash. N.8.. writes
"I know of no better medicine for nersons suffer.
Ing from exhaustion of the powers of the BraUi and
Nervous Hystnni. Irom long continued study,or the
cough following Typhoid Fever, &c , Ac. '
nOHANPl.KR C'ltANE. of Halifax. N. 8.. writes
"I have uiied It freely in my practice, both in die.
eases of the Cheat, as Consumption and Bronchitis,
c, ana m imamiie aiseasea oi I lie prima via, or
tttomacn and Dowels, with einlueutsiiccess."
For sale hy all druggists,
take great pleasure In r commending to parents
iuu accuuemy oi mr. nwiminu nnoriliace.
Bald (1M): "I cheerfnllyconciit to tho use of my
name aa reference. Jly hoys will return to yon for
iueir iuu rin year Hitcr meir vacation."
For new illustrated circular address 8W1T1IIN
C. KHOKTUIKiK, A. M., Harvard University
urnuuaie, amain, rr, u nun's irom rniluaeiptna.
NORTHERN TEXAS offers greater attraction
in way of good, cheap lands, healthy country
mild climate, abundanrcoftimherand water, di
versity of products, Ihan nnv other region now
open to settlement, In this rupidlv developing
suction, the Texas and Pacific Railway has In
operation over hH) miles of road, along winch aro
to bo bad, ai low prices and on easy lenns, mil
lions of acres of good and cheap railroad and gov
ernment land, hut recently opened for settlement
Kor circular and maps, giving 'nitlifiil Information
address W. II. ABKAMH. Land CommlHsioiinr, T.
& P. Railway, Marshall, Texas.
Vnilinr AIpil I'csrn Telcpraphyl Earn $10
I UllUJ: Itlfll to JIIIO a month. Uradnatei
guaranteed paying olllrea. Address Valentine
Bros., Jauesvillu, wis.
P A Af PI I 1 ,E,Tfl"' advertisers, lilt) pages,
1 A M J 11 IJ Pi 1 25 cents. U. P. HOWELL A
CO., N. Y.
. VVIUKIIC "H7.".;.yri.,w.Y.
. All Farmers, Wothen, llmini" tan, Meciunics,,
.a . : I. a, wrv. ann all who.
arc, wno are iiira oui oy wu ' , j
:amiierable wiih DyrP. Rheunatism. Ne.yal-1
Bia,or Bowel, Kidney or Liver Complaints, you can
beinvliroratfil and cured iv imng
r ......iimn uu uiilli 1 'nnatim ti uin. AilC.a
Diuipation or any weakness, you will find PatVerij
rc.;. Tnnir. the irrealni Mood FcrtiUer and the
Beat Health A Strength Restorer yon OaaVae,4
Land far superior t Bitters and other Tonfca, aa hi
fhuiktii ud the svntem. out never imnjitiira, vm
tand $i sires. Hiwox ft Co.. Chemiiin, N. Y .
n or, nia llmovM iwiulrua
PAuKluia iy r,tmi.
Jforg-an 1'ark Military Accodpmy.
The best Boye' Hoarding; School In the West.
Prepare for College, Hclontlilo School or Busi
ness. Location attractive and olevaMd, 8csslon
begins Hep. 13.1HH1. Send for catalog toCapt,
Kl). N. KIRK TALCOTT, Prln., M.an Park,
Cook 'Jo., 111. , ,
The most astonishing mires of Dysentery and
Dlarrbnta, both among chlldrau and adult, are
Dixon's Blackberry Carminative.
It a
l by all dniggUU In tbe United Btatea and
W. F. DAVID60M 4 00., Proprietor!, QlnolanatL
Eumpbrcys' Eotnoopathio SpeciticB
Proveil from ampin iiierlfnee an entire
ueeiws. niiiiiue, I ruiniil, Kltleli-nt, ami
ta.llal,l. tin v are the onlv iiuIU'lii,
adiipteti 10 popular ue.
uht eiiisun-Ai. t-i'iiwi. raira.
iCouglis, ' olil, liroiK'hlMa, .
Netiralaln. 'Inotlinelie, 1-aeeaehe, . M
a. (tcadaehea, WM'k tieauuciiea, Vertigo,
io. iivHiieiMia. iiuiiMi cuiiiiu,-
It. Hiippreaaed or ralul'ul I'erloda, . .ill
ll Uf.l,. iimi DrnfiiHe l'erlil, :e
li r.i Cough, IHflleiilt Breallilng, - .lis
14. halt lllieiiin. Kryl la, hnipinuia, :a
IK III,.,.., null. mi llllBIIIIIUI C UlllH.
Id, Fetur and Aaiif, Chill, fever, Aguea, Si
17. I'lli-n. llllnil or IllHMlhm .Ml
I, ( nlnrrh, Heme or elirnnlc; Iiilluehia, W
it. Whooiiina Conah, violent ChiikIih, S
it. (Ji iiithI lletdllly. I'hya'l WeiikmiHa, .Ml
n. khlnev lliamii.. W
t SfiuiiK l-hllltv,fii'iiiiitorrhea, l.uil
I rlmrv VVeakni-ai.wptiliiu the Hi d.. 'ill I
MX fMarase ul llie Heart, l'aliltullill, l.a I
fur aale liy driiKKlxtH.iir aent liy the Case, I
orslngln Vial, free of chariot, on receipt of I
friee. neiui mr nr. riiiuiiiiireya' IIihiH on I
liee, lie., DM liuseai, ulao lllualralrii I
'llnuiie. I-'IIKR.
Aililn'MI. HlHIlll ireva' II nnnalhlel
Aled. t o., IWt ultuu Bl.. .New Vork.l
(liviii I mtant relief and la antnf allthle
Bold hynrniririns everywhere.
Price, I1.C0 per ho
ruiMfijnr mall. Hnmil- sent Jrtt to phyalclaua
nd etlimnr"ra.nv P N-mlaein'-r: In, Hot
aw 1'orkClty. boioruauuiaotuieraof "na.i."
Z.,aLu, w H ftLHIEPFELII. CO . U n
..i in wUri.t1- .i.-ittntm. ami til Piril IriT'
JarxrU'ut mnxu.
, lnanoPersocii Restored!
DR. KLlrth DljntAI
IMralItai Nkkvs liiAarM. Owiy iar
f. l.v7,T,.if ntitl ervt Atfnivmt.
flrai.l.tai.i If tukau aa dlrwted. Ai A( our
I Jiridrty'itw. 'rreatlHanilS2lilltutl!ofrit;
I Vlt natieiiu, I nev paylna ex pieiM. Bend nanut
I P.O. and eaiirraa adilrca luIiH.. KI.IXK.il.t
It AnhSl, I'hIljiJclpUla.i'a.&tiiriiHjipiUUiwtaa,
Forlone t Agent wrltiwinlrfc ! Territory free.
SeuMrely r-wlMti'lllntf arili'leaiiul. i'ropcii.
Ing Belt tor aewllig aud all niarlilm . Indea.
miction BIM-IH iini uimi a I"-"; - ;" """JS-
'flio P. T.Colled Wire llelu;u.,IMl7Ui Ave. N. Y.
Because they are the LIQIrTE8T, HANDS0ME8'
AND STRONGEST known. Sold by Opticians ai
Jewelers. Made by SPENCER OPTICAL CO., N.I
W A MTFT) f An lntlHnt young man
TV 111 A Jji ' I mi.rv ''jiunlni Inuln In tub.
permanent local agency lar tho sale of our ten
tilllnun, r,u.,iii im n"K..p, I,' vtnivii iiiiti n. i ilia nr
cy require no peddling and but a moderate ninoa
of solid l ing, and If properly managed will p
Irom $.'ilK) to 1 .10 per year. Particulars free.
Pbofms Ta CO., P. O. Box MM, til, Louis, Mo.
Thlswell-knnwn nrneanitlnn Ii hiehli raenmmamtnJ
(or Djrepaiimli- IluiMlah. Mrlinrw r tud
NtomaM-h.undall conipluiitnariiingfremaVPIdltyl
muiaaana, aim uaatiitrini WTrn Jl COOlif
the blood and riRiiliea tlia bowels. It la a lavnrliJ
medicine ror cniidrnn. Prepared Ay A. BIX) Baa1
UNH, Chemist, 2nl Dlascker Blteet, New York.
uperior to HIneral Water, Beldllta Powders, etaJ
wai awa a a avad unvMiiBll,
Washington, N.J. ,
OltGANH. 17 Stoiis K S
iliicn Tongue Heeds, on
Aiidrens Daniel V. Boatl
Illustrated. Clu apost and Best. Sells nt High
Agonla Wanted. A. J. I10I.MAN & C O., riillad
Fmt'i Dec. 7, 1880.
rrrrrir-iiTna i, i -i
dives a Brilliant. White and Htnadr
light, reqires no tr mining, andlaatf for month
Haniplo wick 10 cla., 3 wick ct., 18 wicks TSct
Soslage paid. Have three sl.es, A. II. and 1
genls wanted. Address, MRTAL TIP LAM
WIt'KCO70fortlaiiatbt., . '. ',
the Anthor. A new and great Meilk
leal Wor k, warranted Ula beat anil
i nniepennalile lo ernrH
iOUWnoof Uli
or.8alf-Jraa.rvlion t bound ii
flnwt liYenoh muslin. onilMiaimt
ftlll allt HlinnM.Mml..... I ...
atiHir .nmnnn I'll. ... -. ..
timia, price only l.2li ont bA
mail; illiwt.ratdiampla,wnU4
- , "'.! oiiw,niiiim rnaiHHij ami.
t NHW TrTYRFl P luiHUiH"r lr. W. II lAK
"v" a wuua ,iv an. no. uarnoon n. uoaum
CUTICUKA Permanently Ctiros Hnnior
of tliu Snilp aiitl Skin.
Cht'rnrn remeilles lire for sale by nil druggists
Price of (lulieiira. s mediriil lellv. amnll bnxes. .Vic
large boxes $1. t'ullcura Ke'solvent, tho new lilooi
purirlor, one dollar ner bottlo. Ciiticnra Mediclna
loiict Hoap, if. Cutlciira Medicinal Hliaviud
Soap, Irii ts. ; In bars fr bai bers mid large ennsnm
era, Micts. Principal depot, WKKK8 & POTTEIt
ininiiin mas,
tiBAll mailed I'ruo on receipt, of price. .
Havo you ever KNOWN
Any person to bo seriously ill without a weal
Sloinacu or inactive nver or amnevsr aiiu wnw
these i rgansare in good condition do yon not lino
their poasessor unjoying good health? Parker M
Olinrer Totnc alwava remilalvs thesu Important or I
gait, aud never falls to make tliu blood rich anill
nure. and to strcnttthon every Psrt of the system. I
It has cured hundreds of despairing Invalids. A ski
your druggist eoout ii. .
L reiera, lonm-Mimi, iiinnmmniniiis, ;c
. onus. Worm l-evm, Vt'm-m L'olle, .!
5. CrvInK t'olle, nr'reelliliigiir Infanta, S
4. (Marrlu aof t hlldruu or Adult.
6. Ilyiiriilerv. "rlpliiK, Hlllniu Collo,
arlmlera Morliii". i'lll"K. .!
ii n x
u u m
-amrvTaU' n.i

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