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First -A-ppoaranco of
iisr oalro!
Chicago One-peice Clothing House
and he promise to give tho citizens of Cairo
and adjoining counties a
Christmas Present,
in the shape of
Hats and Caps, Furnishing Goods,
Valises, &c,
Yours Truly. SANTA OLAUS.
Dealer in
Holiday Goods
101 ComT ave.,
Offlo : Bulletin Building, Washington Avenue
Notices In this column, eight cents per line for
Irst and five cents per line each subsequent Inser
tion. For uuu week. U cents per line, i'or one
month, 00 cents per Hue.
A. Booth's Extra Selects
at A. T. DeBaun's, 50 Ohio levee.
I have already received at my factory
a fine variety of f urniture that is now ready
for the inspection of the public, and for Bale
at close prices. My stock at 101 Commer
cial avenue will also be kept full until Jan
uary 1st, and I desire to call especial atten
tion to my stock of folding and camp chairs,
doll carriages, cribs, tables and chairs.
Wm. Eicuhok?'.
Freeh Oysters
at DeBaun's, 50 Ohio levee.
Uso Tub Cairo Bulletin perforated
scratch book, made of calendered jute
tnanilla, equally good for ink or pencil. For
sale, in three sizes, at the office.
A. Booth's Extra Selects
at A. T. DeBaun's, 50 Ohio levee.
For keut.
A few furnished rooms over J. II. Trai
ler's boot and shoe storo, adjoining W.
Kluife's grocery on Commercial avenue.
Weekly board furnished it desired, on rea
sonable terms. For further particulars
apply to II. Winter & Son,
Proprietors, at Hotel de Winter.
Booms for Rent.
Apply to Mrs. Fitzukrald,
up stairs at Tub Bulletin building.
Extra Select Oysters
at A. T. DeBaun's, 56 Ohio levee.
New Billiard Hall.
Ilenry Hasenjagcrs new saloon and bil
liard hall is now ready to receive visit
ors. Two handsome billiard tables have
been placed in the largo and commodious
room, which is expensively fitted up in the
Vincent building on the corner of Eighth
, street and Commercial avenue. Tho bar
it stocked with tho finest liquors, wines,
and the choicest brands of cigars. No
fdeagantcr place in the city could bo found
D which to spend a pleasant hour.
A. Booth's Extra Selects
at A. T. DeBaun's, 50 Ohio levee.
For Rale.
Fine farm of one hundred and sixty acres,
all fenced; half cleared and in cultivation,
eight miles from Cairo and half a mile
west of Mounds Junction. On tho place
are a new framo house of six rooms; com
fortable barn; good orchard, spring water,
etc. This farm Is suitable for stock raising
or agricultural purposes. At a bargain.
M. J. nowLEr, Ileal Estate Agent.
Fob Rent Furnished rooms. Apply at
residence, oo Third street, bctwoen Wash
ington and Commercial avenues,
B. C.lioumgoM.
a Specialty!
Mobile Plants.
Fresh arrival of Mobile oysters plants
in shell and bulk at
AvlNGK!l& Ttjarf's.
Fresh Oysters).
Messrs. It. Hewitt & Co., corner of
Eighth street and Ohio levee, will open on
Thursday, 10th inst., with a full assortment
of Baltimore and New Orleans oysters in
bulk and cans, also fresh and suit water
fish of various kinds; and hope by careful
attention to merit a continuance of their last
seasons patronage, nnd of such others who
delight in choice goods at low prices.
Save Thirty-live Per Cent.
Thirty-live percent, saved by buying and
using Cut and Ground Feed, at corner of
Seventeenth street and Washington avenue.
Ground Oats per bu ooc
" (lorn " 80c
Important Notice.
To the members of tho Woman's Club and
Library Association, Cairo, 111. The Womans
Club and Library Association will hold a
special meeting on Thuisday, December
15th, 1891, at 3 o'clock I M. at the library
room in Cairo, III., for the purpose of con
sidering and voting upon a proposition to
donate the property known as the Cairo
public library, to the city of Cairo, as a
foundation for a freo, public library and
reading room, to bo organized under the
laws of the state of Illinois, relating to the
establishment and maintenance of frco pub
lic libraries and reading rooms.
By order of the Board of Trustees,
Cairo, 111., November 15th 1881.
Carpentering ami Painting1.
Painting and Carpentering done by the
iob or day. Repairs and job work prompt
ly attended to, and satisfaction guaranteed.
A share of tho patronago solicited. Leave
orders at the Post Office, box 802.
Truly yours, W. M. IIalk.
Cairo, Ills., Nov. 24, 1881.
Our Prices.
Owing to the high prices of tho neces
saries of life, we, the undersigned barbers of
Cairo, III., feel ourselves compelled to adopt
our former prices, commencing Sunday,
December 18th, 1881, as follows:
Shaving .15 cents
Hair-cutting 83 cents
Shampooing 85 cents
Hair dyeing In proportion.
William Alba.
George Wise.
Conrad Alba.
J . George Steiniioube.
Fred Sticber.
T. B. Dokrino.
L. P. Parker & Co.
J. It. DeLuta.
F. L. Gehnioon.
Nnttr.MI In itMA rnltimni tun fnia mi limn
ach Insertion. Marked
Photos, Thotos, Photos for five cents at
-Go and try "Gold Modal" or "John
Koehler's Favorite Peltznor, at the Palace
Wanted- A printer, steady and sober,
to work on the case in Tub Bulletin
offlco. .
Fon Balk. A mulo, harness and dellv.
ery wagon all in good condition, Apply
at this office, i'
Ladies' four-button white kid gloves,
warranted, only $1.00, at Stuart's.
A new crossing has been laid over
Twelfth street, the oast side of Washington
Opera-glasses for sale or hire at E. A
Buder's, 104 Commercial avenue, opposito
the opera house.
Anew girl baby weighing nino pounds
is making music in tho home of Dr. Carter,
since Monday.
Ladies should remember that Stuart's
is tho only place, where the genuine "Fob
tor" kid gloves can bo obtained.
A popular orchestra company of St.
Louis will bo hero to play at the opening of
the opera house to-night.
Tho latest and tho best in the city,
"Gold Medal" or "John Koehler's Favorito
Pcltzner," at tho Palace saloon.
Wanted Largo cottou rags to clean
presses and machinery; will pay five cents
per pound, at TnE Bulletin office.
Persons who are judges of, and have a
liking for, real vocal talent, should not fail
to seo Miss Laura Lee at the Tbeatro
Comique this week.
Watches, jewelry and silverware. Call
and examine them at E. A. Buder's store,
104 Commercial avenuo, opposite the opera
Receipt books, Cairo dato line, perfora
ted stub, suited to any business, manufac'
tured and for sale at tho Cairo Bulletin
An attractive new sign is being painted
along tho side, just below the cornico, of
the business house of Messrs. Swoboda &
Mr. James Brown, of Kenton, Tenn., is
anxious to learn the "address" of ono Mrs
Fannie Horn and her two little daughters,
who are said to live in this city. 2t
Ono of the finest oporatic singers that
has ever been upon a Cairo stage, is not
too much to say in praise of Miss Laura
Lee, at the Theatre Comiquo this week.
Gents' two-button black kid gloves,
every pair warranted, only $1.50. Black
is the correct color for gents wear on dress
occasions. Stuart.
Seo Stuart's grand holiday display of
fancy goods, for the holidays. It is the
finest display ever made in this city, and
well worth seeing.
Wm. Knabe and C. D. Pease pianos,
Mason and Hamlin organs, and musical
instruments of all kinds, at E. A. Buder's
store, 104 Commercial avenue, opposite the
opera houso.
A dispatch to Captain Williams from
Colonel Chas. Hamilton, superintendent of
the narrow gauge, says that he and Mr.
Oberly will arrivo on the flvo-o'clotk p.-m.
train to-day, to attend the opening of the
opera houso.
The little tug "A. B. Safford," formerly
known as -'Tho Wanderer," will bo started
as a regular daily packet between Cairo
and Mound City on Sunday. Captain Tay
lor, who has purchased an intero6t in her,
will bo at tho helm.
-Miss Laura Leo is beyond doubt a
young lady of rare taleut as an operatic
songstress. Sidelights large audiences
every night this week at tho Theatre
In the circuit court yesterday Marsh
Brown plead guilty to the charge of stealing
wino from Messrs. Smyth & Bro., and was
fined thirty dollars and costs and sentenced
to twenty days in the county jail. Court
adjourned about two o'clock until to-day
when tho caso of Jucob Bradly will probably
bo taken up.
Geo. 8. McGrow, with Geo. D. Barnard
& Co., St. Louis, will boat "Tho Halliday"
on Saturday and Monday, December 17th
and 10th. If any of our merchants want
any blank books or fino litographing, notify
him by telephone or otherwise, and he will
take pleasuro in calling on them.
A white man named John Bailey was
disturbing the peace at the corner of Sixth
street and Commercial avenue, Tuesday.
Chief Myers and officor Olmsted got after
him and ran him up tho levee and onto tho
ferry-boat. Hero the fellow drew a pistol
and sought to uso it, but ono of the officers
'got tho drop on him," mado him surrend
er his weapon, and took him to jail. He
was fined twenty-five dollars and costs by
Magistrate Comings.
A man slightly crazy and foyerish,
who had been taken to tho hospital Tuesday
morning, escaped some tir.io during the
afternoon and entered a houso on the comer
of Twentieth and Poplar streots. Picking
up an axo, he drove all the inmates out by
threatening to kill them, and then proceed
ed to demolish some of tho furniture. A
crowd soon gathered, but no ono ventured
to enter tho houso until Mr. Mike Fitz
gerald and Constablo Downcs camo along,
who went in and captured tho man and took
him to tho county jail for temporary safe
keeping. ' His ailment is pronouuood by
Dr. Carter to bo pluro-pncumonia.
At tho council meeting Tuesday night,
Dr. Clark appeared and presented a lcttor
which ho had ruceivod from St. Louis, and
which accused him of having organized a
society of body snatchors in this city. It
threatened him with death if bo did not
desist in his evil designs Against his fellow
men. Tho lcttor was written in a scrawly
hand and had evidently boon sent by soino
foolish wag to a friend in St. Louis, for
transmission to tho doctor from there.- Tho
doctor aeked tho council to do somothing
toward stopping theso persecutions of him.
Tho perpetrators of this stale hoax must
certainly be hard up for somothing to amuse
themselves with,
The weather has no regard for any
thing, whother it bo worldly or sacred
therefore tho rain did not postpone its com
ing because the ladies of the Methodist
church were to give their concert Tuesday
evening. Therefore, also, the concert was
not so well attended as it would have boon
but for tho rain, and as it ought to have
been because of the excellence of the en
tcrtainmeut. Thoso who were thero, and
it was a very good sized audience neverthe
less, enjoyed one of tho grandest musical
treats of the season. The singing and in
strumental music was of tho finest, and it
could not have been otherwise, for the best
talent in tho city took part in the exercises,
It is to be hopod that tho ladies will soon
repeat tho concert, bo as to give thoso who
were prevented, by the weather from at
tending this time, an opportunity to hoar
During his trip to Chicago and Mil
waukee, which was ono of much pleasure
to him, Mr. John Kochlcr visited several
breweries in each of tho large cities and
made it a point to learn by actual sight
and taste, where tho best articlo, in the
wny of beer, could bo procured. Price was
not so much a matter of importance with
him as quality-he was willing to pay alittle
more per barrel, if thereby he could secure
a superior bcaverago. With this determi
nation ho started out and, of course, sue
cecded iu his purpose. He found that Mil
waukee manufacturers understood their
business better and used more care in pre
paring their beer and that they sustained
well their reputation of being the best
brewers in tho country, no found, also,
that a certain brand of beer, manufactured
by Mr. Peltzncr in that city, was far supe
rior to any that had been brought to this
city and he made a contract with Mr.
Peltzner for a continual supply of this
brand. Tho brand is known as "Gold
Medal," or "John Koehler's Favorite Peltz
ner," and it is now on tap at the Palace sa
loon on Eighth street.
Another meeting of the city council
was held at the chamber last night, and a
little routine business was transacted. Dr.
Clark was again in attendance and after
the meeting was over, begged permission to
address the council upon an important
ms tter. He proceeded to inform the gen
tlemen, at somo length, how he bad been
persecuted for these many months; how he
had beon threatened with death in every
conceivable form, from bleeding at tho
wrist to baking in an oven and
poisoning, until it has become a matter
of considerable concern to him. He con
cluded by asking the interference of the
council in his behalf; and, it is understood,
that a resolution was passed, instructing the
chief of police to take special charge of
the case of Dr. Clark, and to visit punish
ment upon his persecutors. Tho doctor
read letters to tho council which would,
according to the ruling of a St. Louis judge,
justify him in bunting down tho authors
and shooting them upon sight, without dan
ger to himself from tho courts of law; and
it is probable that tho death at tho doc
tor's hands of thoso who are now engaged
in the iu famous joke, which has long since
ost tho semblance of justifiablo humor
would not throw tho world into very deep
mourning either.
A select little audience gathered at
the opera houso last night to witness a trial
exhibition of the mechanical machinery of
tho stage and lighting apparatus. About a
mndred citizens were present, a majority
of them ladiesdressodin their best, and after
a walkthrough tho parquet and circles, and
an examination of tho brilliant decorations
and tho many appointments for both comfort
and elegance, all expressed themselves
well pleased, and took scats in tho parquet
circle to witness tho scenic exhibition.
They had not long to wait before the beau
tiful curtain arose smoothly and noiselessly
displaying a partition, which, being parted,
disclosed, because of its faithfulness to na
ture. Tho scene was greeted with ap
plause from tho audience, and was followed
in duo timo by others until an hour had
bren most pleasantly spent by tho ladies
and gentlemen present. Thero was no
litch of couscqueuco in tho whole exhibi
tion; everything worked as perfectly as
could bo expected, Tho electric lighting
apparatus, too, was entirely perfect after the
first or second trial every jet in the build
ing shooting forth ra brilliant flame the
instant the gas was turned on with full
force, and shedding a flood of light into
every nook of tho largo auditorium. There
is no doubt that all will work to a charm
at tho performance to-night.
The cliargo against tho follow Farris,
iu Justico Robinson's court, was merely
"disorderly conduct," preferred against him
by a neighbor of his, and none of the ter
rible details of tho prisoner's crimo wero
brought out, as ho plead guilty; therefore,
tho court's sentence was, as before stated,
in strict accordance with tho law and the
facts before the courjt. But it seems that
somo of the facts in the case ought to have
been brought out before sentence was pro
nounced. A man should not be permitted
to plead guilty to disorderly conduct, and
then fined a few dollars and sent to jail a
few days, without any investigation into
tho character of. his offense. No court can
deal properly with a caso without hoaring
tho evidenco, or punish crimo in accordance
with its enormity without having some idea
of what tho crime consists in. Waaro sat
isfied that Justico Robinson was actuated in
his disposal of tho case of the wretch,
Farris, by an honcBt purpose to vindicate
This elegant bijou of a Theatre, erected
the entertainment of the public
Thursday, December 15, 1881,
Monday, December 12,1881,
J . Burger, the Dry Goods King, will havo
..: i .1." i .. .
mucem uigpiuy oi
Evor offered in Cairo, or Southern Illinois,
all to call early so as to avoid the rush and
paying holiday prices "because it only comes
day prices.
When you are out purchasing holiday
givo us a call and wo assure you it will pay
sold in that lino.
P. S. We are still presenting street
worth of goods.
The Grandest Collection of Holiday and
tion west ot new
Leather Goods, Bisque, China,
ettes and ases, Japanese Goods, Ladies and Geuts
Dressing Cases, Celluloid and Ivory Toilet
Setts, Musical and Mechanical Toys
Dolls that talk 1 Dolls that Walk 1 1 t'
Dolls Dressed, and Dolls Undressed I
Dolls with Hair, and Dolls Bald 1 1 '
Dolls of all Nations 11
Toys that are ToyslNTo Nonsense! f
Toys for Boys and Girls I Toys for all ages ! I
Useful, Attractive and Entertaining 1
CALL EARLY and make a good selection NO TIME like tho PRESENT I
Do not dvcldo to mske your holiday purchases for
your friends or relatiros until you bate Inspected th
magnificent attractions at the
An appropriate and appreciated gift Is one com
bining UTILITY with KLBQANCB. Get no gew
gaws or traab, bat something which has Intrinsic val
ue. In addition ts tar Mammeth Stock of Boots and
Shoei, we have an elegant 11ns of novelties In
Ladies, - Gentlemen - - and - - ChHdren's - - Slippers,
and an unusually One line of Hand made and Custom
work, In all of the latest styles.
tSfThese goods are from factories wbose reputa
tion for producing floe goods Is sufficient.
the law by adequately punishing the crim
inal; but we are also satisfied that if he had
sought for information concerning the
fiendish ofTense to'which the prisoner plead
guilty with 6uch alacrity had he known
that the "disorderly conduct" with which
he fallow was charged, consisted in a
brutal attack with a deadly weapon upon
a weak, inoffensive woman, and that as a
result of that attack, tho woman was, at the
very time be pronounced sentence, an al
most inanimate mass of bleeding and bat
tered flesh and bone, her face entirely with
out human semblanco had the justico
known this, as he should have known be
fore pronouncing judgment, we are satis
fied that the punishment of tho wretch
would have exceeded a fino of ton dollars
and imprisonment for fifteen or eighteen
days. Wo are satisfied of this, because we
believe that the justice is a hater of crim
inals, especially of such despicalo criminals
as tho follow Farris, and that ho is desi
rous of enforcing the law at alltimeB.
However, there is a movemoDt on foot to
bring the outragoous affair to the notice of
the county court as soon as the fellow has
served out bis timo iu the city jail, which
movement, it is to be hopod, will not prove
Sheep raising in Alexander county is
an industry as yet in its infancy. The
farmers of Alexander coun.y do not seem
to have paid much attention to this most
profitable of the farmor's work, and spond
all their time and much labor in raising
wheat, potatoes, corn, etc., without any
thought of raising sheep, which is much
easier and can' bo done in connection with
otherj farm work with littlo additional
trouble and expense, and with great profit.
Tbb Bullktin has urged the matter upon
the attention f Alexander county
at a cost of $35,000, will open its doors for.
for the inspection of the public the most niag-
and a cordial invitation is hereby extended to!
see all. For holiday goods there is no sense
once a year," but buy such goods at every.
goods for the "big and little folks at home,'
you for we are determined not to be under
124 Commercial Ave.
car tickets to each nurchasor of ono dollar'J
Fancy Goods and Toys evsr placed on Exhibit
lork, consisting of
LaYa and Terra Cotta Statu
farmers several times, and finds the follow-"
ing from the Breeder's Gazette, straight
in tho line of its argument, hence its repro-:
duction in these columns: "The cryingj
need of American agriculture to-day is a
more general incorporation of the sheep into
the farming economy. Moro prolific than.
horses or cattle, as well as more tractable
subsisting on scantier herbage, and require
ing less supervision, it claims the additional
advantage of "paying for its raising" in an-ij
nual instalments of marketable fleece pend
ing its growth to maturity. It is more readJ
ily transferred from one enclosure to anothJ
or. and 11 Aaiilv rirrinn,t iv fonnna nhlrll
Would Drove no barrier airainst tha enJ
croaobments of other farm stock. Its light
tread and love of repose warrant its access
to fields and pastures where the tramping
of cattle and the tearing of hogs would not
bo tolerated. It wastes less food in propor
tion to the quantity consumed, and wil
hunt out and utilize much that would other
! - - t. I a. A .U - f . -
wisuuuiosi.iv iub uriuer. i imuiu g a ie-
turn in both fleeco and flesh, it furnishes lti
owner the double advantage of catching
good market for his product, requiring leg
wator, and disposed to work for its own
food, it is without a peer when summer!
drouth taxes the farmer's resourcos for enf
nuimg uig live awcs-io uiaiumiuau arer
age of thrift and flesh. All that can be
said inbehalfof feeding live stock on the
farm, as distinguished from the soul-tea
Doverishing policy of placing the raw grainl
and grass on the market, will be found tcft
apply with double emphasis to the farmlj
that carrios as, part of its outfit one or mors!
sheep per acre. No animal returns more
fertility to the soil in proportion to th
amount exacted for its support, while none
equals it in the evenness with which the
droppings. are distributed.''

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