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Inniru n a Ttr dttt 1 uttw
Term ot Hupsor 1 ptlon.
MEior romui:
Onllr, one year. 10 00
Daily.ous month.... ....... , 1 00
Weekly, one year 00
U'.. ....... t v. - . .m
Tl ..I), U (HUUlUltuMiHimitM . A W
. (rciubi of Ave or mora for Weekly Bulletin at
'onetime, pur year,$l 60
All Cort-nuulcattons should be addressed to
i Publisher and Proprietor,
'mr-v . .
Special Meeting.
Council Chamber, I
Cairo. 111.. Doc. 24th. 1881. f
Present Hid Honor Mayor Thistlewood
and Aldermen Blake, Halliday, Ilinkle,
HuKbee, Kimbrough, Saap and Wood 7.
Absent Patier, Pettit and Swoboda 3.
Tho mayor stated the objoct of the moot
ing to be fur tho transaction of general
business. Whereupon the following reso
lution and report of fioanco committee was
Resolved, That the city treasurer is
hereby authorized and directed to transfer
the balance now In the city treasury in the
railroad strip fund $0,483.88 from that
fund to the funeral fund, tho same to bo
paid out under the appropriations made
payable from said general fund.
Resolved, That the said balance so trans
ferred, as above, shall be returned to said
railroad strip fund from moneys to be paid
into the treasury on account of the corpora
tion taxes 1881, and the city treasury is
hereby authorized and directed to that
To thaClty Council:
Yeur finince committeo respectfully if c
ommend the adoption of the foregoing res
olutions, in order to adjust the funds in the
city treasury so as to be available for the
purposes of toe city.
Thos. W. Halliday,
Peter 8acp,
B. F. Blake,
Finance Committeo.
Alderman Hughes moved that the re
' port of finance committee be received aud
resolutions adopted.
Motion carried unanimously.
Mayor reported having received comma
nication from W. M. Williams, agent of
Cairo &, St. Louis R. R. at this place, ask
ing if said road were to change their line
of road from the inside of New Levee
street to tho outsido, would objections to
crossing Washington avenue north of cross
levee and cros levee be withdrawn.
Alderman Hughes moved to refer com
munication to the joint committee appoint-
, ed to consider matters relating to above
On motion of Alderman Saup meeting
adjourned. D. J. Folkt,
rv i fit
Ths End of the World.
Tho ago of the earth is pheeel by
tome at fire hundred millions of years;
and still others, of lator time, among
them tho Duke of Argyll, places it at
ten million years, knowing what pro
cessus have beeo gone through. Other
planets go through the samo process.
Tho reason that other planets differ so
much from the earth is that they aro la
a much earlier or lutor stage of exist
ence. The earth must bocomo old.
Newton surmised, although he could
give no reosqp for it, that the earth
would at one time lose all its water and
becomo dry. Since then it has been,
found that Newton was correct. As the
earth keeps cooling, it will bocome
porous ana groat cavities will bo formed
in tho interior, which will take in tbo
: water. U is estimated that this procoss
is now in progress, so far that the water
diminishes at about the rate of tho
thickness of a slioot of writing paper
each year. At this rate, in 6,000,000
Tears the water will have sunk a mile,
and in 15,000,000 years every trace of
water will have disappeared from tho
face of the globe. The nitrogen and
oxygon in the atmosphere aro also
diminishing all the tinio. It is in an
inappreciable degree, hut the time will
como when the air will be so thin that
no cronturcs we know can brealho it
and live; tho time will come whon tho
world cannot support life. That will
bo the period of old ago, and thon will
como doath. if. A. Proctor.
The reduction of tlio doath-rate in
England and Wales for tho last decado
Sis nearly 4 per emit
Bohemia is endoavorlng to suppress
tho distribution of blood-and-thundor
romances throughout its territory,
i A bint to bashful lovors who can't
'ouster up tbo courage to spoak out
Do write, and fear not.
The average production of Spanish
vineyards is set down at 460,000,000
Sailon : .. .
, ur. v. uayos Agnow s practice is
ropoilod to have largely Incroasod sinco
his oonnoction with tho president's
case. -
The. London Times doolarcs that wo
loso annually 177,000,000. in money and
trado because of the decline In our ship
It having boon reported that it wag
tho intention of Gladstone to accept a
Slace in the poerago, ho has Issuod a
enial of the report,
Ex-Senator Allan O. Thurman. of
l)hio, intends to sottle down to tho un
l! iterruptod practlco of the law at his
F mo, Columbus, Ohio.
fJ Not since tho days of the war, whon
I fortunes were suddenly made, has there
JLl)oen such extravaganoe In Gotham as at
'l Mr. Rlddlohnrcnr la descrlbud as a
man of striking appearance with a
flushed faoo rathor long hair, thrown
back loosoly, and flowing, sympathetic
Within a vorv few mlloi of New York
is tho desorted grave of ono of Ameri
ca's earl lor pools, Joseph Bod man
Drako. Ho was .the author of "The
Culprit Fay." .
it costs poopio or Tennosoo, JJ1.000
000 annually to snoozo and use snuff.
This is a Nashville Merchant's estimate
of the annual consumption of the tut
An Irishman wrote thus to tho wifo
of a siek brother: "Ir James isn't dead
yet, remind him of tho 20 shillings he
owes roe on tno nigs, aim u uoib, kii
him not to glvo liimsoir any consurrun,
about it"
Floronce Nifrlitintrnlo. tho famous
philanthropist of England, CI years old,
looks to bo about 40, and, though an
invalid, has a fair, unwrlnklod com
plexion, and wolghs 165 pounds.
Chnrlos IL Kogors, ol iuuun county,
Now York, tho only hoir of f 360,000.
which was loft him ono year ago by his
father, has buen declared incompetent
aud of unsound mind, a mental weak
ness attributed to tho excossivo use oi
Philadelphia News: "If you don't be-
liovo advertisements are rond, put ono
lino in the furthest corner of nny first
class daily. That Hue, to have its full
and immediate effect, should bo: 'Want
ed A yellow dog. Gnod prico paid."'
A produce uealer in lieauing, ix,
has purchased two hundred thousand
bushels of potatoes in Canada, which
will bo shipped to different points in tho
states where there Is a scarcity of tho
Sir (Jarnot Wolseloy contributed his
testimony as to tho current tido of
Usinpotanco arguments und appeals, to
tho effect that 1)0 per cent, of tho ci iino
in tho British army is,uiio directly to in
temperance Tim Montar.i!rua marshes m Cayuga
county, Ne Yovk are likely to becomo
as valuablo as a coal mine. Tho marl
is boing shipped to Franco by tho thous
ands of tons, being useu us aueoiionzor
and entering into tho manufacture of
One intoxicated man said it was a
bnndlo of rags that lay on a window sill
two hundrod yards away, at Austin,
Tox., and hi"! companion said it was a
woman's head. T Imyjmade a bet, and
decided it by shooting at tho object;
but neither won for it was a uoy s heaa
which tlio bullet grazed.
A new solution of tho growing per-
filexities in tho question of public
ibraries, how much and what kind of
fiction they should furnish, is offered by
an English gentleman, a member of
parliament, who thinks tho bust way U
to establish children's libraries which
shall aim to form a correct taste. lie
offers $500 toward a trial of his
The Liverpool Daily Post publishes
of a religious census-taker on Sunday
morning, Oct. 16, in the various cburoh
es and chapels of that city: There aro
318 places of worship in Liverpool, with
sitting accommodation for 1C9.7D2. The
actual attendance on Sundy amounted
to 63,576, out of a population of 552,
000. Tho lasts for a pair of shoes for Fan
nio Mills, of Sandusky, O., aro making
in Albany, N. Y. They are 18 inches
in length and 7j inches in width. I bo
size U 271. The contract for making
tbo shoes has boen taken by au Albany
firm, and without doubt the shoes will
be the largest ever mado for a human
boinir in the world.
Attention has recently boon called to
a singular illustration of the manner in
which historians sometimes becomo so
much interested in their subject as to
forget to montiou important details, it
is said that the Rev. Mr. Peel's book
on "The Ashtabula Disaster" nowhoro
gives the date, day, month, nor year,
or the great catastrophe.
The late James II. Wakoman, of Al
bany, N. Y., owi.ed a pet rattlesnake
with six young ones, ana it bad been
his habit to handle the dangerous piny
things with tho hope of taming them,
while caressing ono ot tho young
snakos, the mother retaliated by strik
ing its fangs into Wrtkoruau's right
bund, and death ensued in a lew Hours
A Massaohusctts school teacher was
recently fined 25 and costs b, a dist
rict judge for inhumanly heiding I
votinz boy, ono of her nupiin. Tho
judgo took occasiiui to prtmouiKv tl o
assault ono of tho most o'ltnigeoiw
cases of cruoltv to a child which had
over como under his observation". Tho
teacher appealed, and was held in ;iUD
for trial iu tuo next term vi mo superior
Tho treasury department will not tic
ccpt mutilated coin. Absolute anl per
sistent refusal of such coin by i nc!i in
dividual will, thereforo, force tho hns
upon thoso who most doservo to boar it
viz., thoso who mutilate tho coin fot'
tho purpose of gain, and thoso who
may bo so unfortunate as to hold such
which has boon mutilated for tho above
or any other reason.
Tho Detroit Free Press doolarcs,
without tho shadow of authority, that
"when Senator Logan heard that ho
was a grandfather ho shod tears." This
shows now theso "literary fellers" can
lie without provocation. Tho fact Is,
whon Gon. Logan was informed that ho
was a grandfather, tho first question ho
asked was, "Is tho papooso an Indian
or a sauaw?" Aud ho was a very happy
man in cither event, and smiled all
Oun of nature's gem-cabincts has
boen discovered in Alexander county,
111. Sinking a shaft a cavity was reach
ed whore woio found nine of tho finest
emeralds evor discovered in tho United
States. Tho largest was eight and a
half inches long, with an avoragodiam
otor of Hyo inch. Though those stones
wero not in all respects satisfactory, it
is belie vod that deeper mining will re
veal emeralds of greater value.
"How many times captain," said
Miss Gush at tho breakfast table on
board an ocean stoamor, "how many
times have you boon shipwrockodP '
"Thrco," said tho captain, us ho knock
ed his ogg with a opoon. "And you
wore novor drownodr" wont on Miss
Gush, who was deeply interested.
"Novor completely," replied the com
mander, while everybody laughod and
Miss Gush made hits to to seek tho seclu
sion hor stateroom granted.
President Grovy U uviuan of muoh
simplicity and bonhomie. Ills good
souso and his kindness aro proverbial.
It is notorious that ho holds in horror
capital punishment, and looks as care
fully iu the casus of 'wretches asking for
pardon as If ho wero au udvooato en'
gugod to urge in their behalf extenuat
ing circumstances. Ho was novor
knowu to turn his back on an old
friond who had not succeeded iu lite,
and as president ho is accessible and
courteous. His determination that his
daughter should havo no ahowy pod
ding, and that tho money that one
would cost should bo sent to tho re
lief bureau, has boon muoh applaudod
In Franco.
A frmch newspaper informs tttroad
ers that a voterinary surgoon, residing
at Cbarleville, has sucoeedod in ampu
tating the gangrened leg of a cow, and
replacing It by a wooden one. The
cow, it Is said, is now perfoctly woll,
and walks easily upon the artificial
ITInn Tk.li.n Tt ! L 1
uvunu, vi uuuinu,:uiier &mun-
Ing himsolf for some voars by. murdor
ing a largo number of his relatives and
subjects, has found a new vent to his
feelings. Ho rocently saw a picture of
tho great Roman Cathedral of St. Pet
er's, and ingoing to try to erect an edl-
uco exacny me sumo at Mamlaiay.
1 " --
H. E. Cam-enter. Ban.. Ilendcrfion. N.
Y., cured of Psoriasis or Leprosy, of twenty
years' standing, by the Cuticura Resolvent
internally, and Cuticura and Cuticura Soap
externally. The most wonderful case on
That hackinir couL'h can be so ouicklv
cured by Shiloh's Curo. We guarantee it.
raui u. Hcnun, Agent. l
Mothers ! Mothers ! ! Mothers ! ! !
Are you disturbed at night and broken
of your rest by a sick child suffering and
crying with the excruciating pain of cutting
teeth? If so, go at onco and get a bottle of
Mrs. Winslow s Soothing Syrup. It will
relievo the poor little sufferer immediately
depend upon it; there is no mistako
alwut it. There is not a mother on earth
who has ever used it, who will uot tell you
at once that it will rcgulato the bowels,
and pivo rest to the mother, and relief and
health to tho child, operating liko magic.
It is perfectly sale to use in all cases, and
pleasant to the taste, and is tho prcBcnp
tion of one of tho oldest and best female
physicians and nurses in the United States
Sold everey whore. 25 cents a bottlo.
Will vod buffer with Dyspepsia and
Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vitalizer's
guaranteed to curo you. Paul O. Schuh,
Agent. 3
Allen's Brain Food positively cures nerv
ouHiicss, nervous debility, and all weakness
of generative organs, fl. 5 for 5. All
druggiBts. Send for circular to Allen's
Pharmacy, 815 First Ave., N. l. bold in
Cairo by Barclay Bros.
No such Word as Fail.
"I have used your SPRING BLOSSOM
for dyspepsia, hcadach, and constipation,
aud find it has done me a great deal of good
I shall recommend it to my friends."
Henhy Bektoixtti,
May 24tb. 06 Main St., Buffalo.
Price 50 cents, trial bottles 10 cts. Paul
G. Schuh, Agent.
Sleepless nights made miserable by
that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the
remedy for you. Paul'G. Schuh, Agent.
All druggists Bhould have "DR. SYKES
mospheric Insufflator," but if they have not
you can send direct to the doctor, 169 Ha'
dison St., Chicago, for them. Catarrh has
at last found a master.
Catarrh cubed, health and sweet breath
secured by Sh'.loh's Catarrh Itemed. Price
20 cents. JSaaal injector free, faul (i
Schuh, Agent. 4
Dr. Kliuk's Great Nerve Restorer is the
marvel of the age for all Nerve Diseases
All flu stopped free. Send to 931 Arch
Btreet, Philadelphia, Penn.
Nearly all the ills that atllict mankind
can be prevented and cured by keeping the
stomach, liver and kidneys in perfect work
ing order. There is no medicine known
that will do this as quickly and surely.
without interfering with your duties as
Parker s Ginger Ionic. Sue advertisement,
For lame back, side or chest, use Shiloh's
Porous Plaster. Price 23 cents. Paul G
Schuh, Agent. 5
Don't Throw Up tho Sponge.
When suffering humanity are enduring
ths horrors of dyspepsia, indigestion or
nervous and goncral debility, they aro too
often inclined to throw up the sponge and
resign themselves to fate. Wo say, don't
do it. Take Burdock Blood Bitters the un
failing remedy.
Price $1.00, trial size 10 cents. Paul G.
Schuh, Agent.
SniLOii's Couon and Consumption Curo
is sold by us on a guarantee. It cures con
sumption. Paul Q. Schuh, Ageut. G
Proof Positive.
We have the most positive and convinc
ing proof that Thomas' Ecloctric Oil is a
most effectual specific for bodily pain. In
cases of rheumatism and neuralgia it gives
instant relief. Paul O. Schuh, Agent.
Dyspepsia, diarrhea, and dysentery can
bo cured by using Wright's Indian Vegeta
ble Pills which give healthy activity to tho
entire system. (3)
Tub beauty and color of tho hair may be
safely regained by usiug Parker's Hair
Balsam, which is much admired for its
perfume, clcarlincss undr dandruff eradicat
ing properties.
SuriiOii's Vitalizkh is what you need for
Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Dizziness
and all symptoms of Dyspepsia. Prico 10
and 75 cents per bottlo. Paul O. Schuh,
Agent. . 7
When There's a Will There's a Way.
Anyono who has tho will to try Thomas'
Eclutrio Oil will surely find the way to
robust health, in cases of bronchial affec
tions, sore throat, wins, etc; and as an in
ternal remedy, it is invaluable. Paul G.
Schuh, Agont.
OvBfi 200.000 Howe Scales havo been
old. Send for catalogue to Borden, Sollcck
& Co., General Agents, St. Louis, Mo. (3)
Croup, WuooriNO Couon and Bronchitis
immediately relieved by Shiloh's Curo.
Paul U. Bchuh, Ageut. 8
Pretty Good.
Jno. Bacon, Laporte. Ind., writes: "Your
'Spring Blossom is all you cracked it up
to bo. My dyspepsia has all vanished ; why
don't you advertise it; what allowance will
you make if I take a dozen bottles, so that
I could oblige my friends occasionally?"
Price 60 cents, trial bottles 10 ctt. Paul
Q. Bchuh, Agent.
yoa inner from dyipepeta, nie
If you are afflicted with blltonaneas, uae
If yoa aro proetrated with nick beadacke, take
If your bowel a are disordered rcgulato tbem with
If your blood la impure, purify it with
If you havo lDdlgetIon, yon will find an antidote in
If yoa aro troubled with nprlng compla.nta, eradi
cate thorn with BURDOCK BLOOD BITTERS.
If your liver la torpid reatorc it to healthy action
If your liver la affected you will find a ehure router
If you have any ipeclca of humor or pimple, fall
If yon have any almptoiua of nlcra or scrofulous
sorea, a curative remedy will be found In
For Imparting atrencth and vitality to the ayetcm,
nothing can equal BURDOCK BLOOD BITTERS.
For Nervous and Oenoral Debility, tono np the
l'wes (1 ran bottle; Tuiai bottles, IOctb,
FOSTER, MIL-BURN & CO., Prop'rs,
Korealobyl'AULG.HCUUU. (2)
Indian Blood Syrup.
Dvsi'enola. Ltver Dl
fawn, Fever and AKiie
HIicuiiiHtlflii), lircijiHV,
Hi-art l)Ui'HHt. RilioiiH-
nwis. Nervous Debility
Twelve Thousand Bottles
Sold Since 1870!
Tbla Bvrun domi'MCS varied nronnrtlon! It utim
ulatui tho ptyalino in the llv, which converts
inu siurctt sua ingnr or the food Into gincunt). A
deficiency in ptyshne caiioco wind ana souring ol
the food In tho ctomach. If the mudlclua Jt uuun
jmrntdlatolv aftur eating, tlio furmeutation of food
in jjrcvuuiuu.
It arts npon the Liver,
It arts upon the Kidneys,
It RrKiilatos the Ho we Is,
It Purities the Klood.
It Quiets the Nervous System,
It Promotes Digestion,
It Nourishes, trrnthrns and Invigorates,
It Carries off the Old HI odd anil makes New,
It Open the Tores of the 8kln aud Induces
Healthy Perspiration.
It nontrnliKow tho hereditary taint, or nolxon in
and all manner of Hkin Dteeaites and Internal hu
There are no ainrltH emitloyed in It manufacture
and it cau betaken by the iiioxt dulicato bubo, or by
the aged and feeble, care only buiUK required In at
teutjm to directions.
uaiva, Henry I'ounty, ills.
I wasaufferliiK from Slrk Headacho and Dir.?.!
neiM io that I could not attuml to my hounehold ri ti
tle", and a xhort trial of Or. Clark Johnnou'a Indi
an Blood Hyrup eflcctuully cured me.
Waterman Station, IlvKalb Co., Ills.
TIiIk in to certify that Dr Chirk Jnhnaon'a Indian
Wood Hvrun h h cured mo of Pain In tho Knck. It
Is a valuable medlciiio. MKU WOOD.
Centre Hill, White Co., Ark.
TliU 1 to ccitify tlmt I was afillcteil with Palpi
tation of tho Heart for many yours I tried diner-
em doctor, whom preHcriptlon tended more to
weaken mo than they did to iroii(then. I i )ait
rea Wed to try Or. Clark J obnaon's Indian lllood
fyiup, which proven to ue a uoaiuvo curo nut on
ly curlUK the Heart Ilneac, but also a Sick Head'
acU which had been Iroublinu mo.
I waa afflicted with Lifer Complaint and Dyapcp
ala and failed to nut relief, altbontth uslnir niodl
rlnea from our best dortora. I commenced using
Dr. .Iiihnaou Indian lllnou nvrnn, and asiiorl trial
cured mo. T. W. KIHKNU, Molluo, 111
Till rortlllea that Ir. Clark Jolmson'a Indian
niond Syrup lua eirectually cured mo of Dyapopala.
Too uiucn cannot ne aaia in praisi; or ii.
W. K. WIM.MtH, Hedford, Mo
A veil U wauled for tho aale of the Indian Blood
Syrup in every town or village, In which I have no
Kent, mriicujars Riven ou ninMiuaiuu.
Labratory 77 West 3d it., N. Y. City.
Floroston Colocno
lKiwrMlilMhl.r.rraBis rm(twl,KrMkla(, Uallu.
Siildbf dfilrln llrnR Vtww hnoAu Uimtt hCn.f W. 1.
Gincer, Huchu, Mandrake, btilliucia and many
Lif ihiiltriit metlirinai known aro combined in Par'
LrKu'illiwiiKiTnNic.intaanicdicinaof auch vJ
Fried and effective iHiwere,n to make It tno (rroateii
lllood I'ur fer and Liver Kesulutor and tho
HeatllaalthAHtronBth Boitorar Iver Caad.!
', It cure! Uyipcntia. Kheiiniatinm. Meuralgia,
Slraplcuneu, and all dineaiei of In fitunuidi J
ll...t 1 .... - ! tr: I -
Remember I Thia 'i'oNic Int Peat Family
Mcdiiino ever miula,andl icnlirely different from
Hitters, (iinecr I'reuamtiona. and other Touic.a!
it neveriiitnaicatcabiitciireadrnnkeniieai, None,
'intniln wilhmit siennrum of tliarnx H t'oN. V.1
aoMtnll halit.
For sale by C. W. Henderson, Cairo, Illinois.
Fortanitt A(rntwr1tcqntclt!TerrltiryfT.
Benttrely nwlientsclllr.i artl(;lout. I'roix'll
Ing Helta for aewlng and all machine, lnde.
trurtltilo Push Cord and aperfeetOoorfiprlnii.
The V. T. CoUed Wire Hull Co, Bau 7th Ave. H . V.
lnnn Periom Raitoradl
' Nrarvyp Prfirnoea
Sfor ail Ba tn A N ua ijimahiw. OnTy iur
curt, fiir PiLm. f'vitrtnu aud A'i-n A thctMinM.
(VFai.tiRl.S If taken u dlrtrMl. Ao Fill nfter
Amitmlti. TriiiilHA Bii.t 2 trial hnttlAfrnsti
Kj rltpallenu,thry tuirtniieipri'siiage. Send mini.
FfJ P. O. ami rxtifn ad'lresi to Iir. KI.ISR, 'Jil
Arcuouruiituuuia,! a. ixepnmwiiuaruDiutM.
IDr. S. Sils oso'b SzternalFileSemed
Giveilnstant.'ellef and la an Infallible
Bold hy DnnnrHttPverywhere. Prlr, ll.lKiperbot
preywrf Dytnnil. Mampk-a tm&Jrrf to i'hyalclana
and allanftVn ra,hy V Nenatneilti-ri!! I'o, Box SIMS,
haw l'orkclty. boleniauuiiuitureraof "JniUt."
A BEAUTIFUL OROAN, the "Mor.art," New
8tyle, No. 12,000, vr7 atopa, 10 full sets, golden
tongue reeds, solid walnut lilcliee polished case,
New and ralpahle lmprovemecta Just added. Stool,
book, music. Dozed and delivered on board cars
here, price only 00 On, net cash. Satisfaction
guaranteed In every particular or money refunded
after J year'a usa. JC Tory one aold sella another, it
la a standing advertisement. Orner at once, noth
ing aaved by correspondence. My new factory just
compieieu, capacity x.uuu lneirntnema every xndaya
very latest labor aavine wood worklnir machlnorv.
Vast capital enables me to manufacture butter
goods ror less money tban ever. Address or call up
on Daniel F. Beatty, Washington, N. J.
now styles chroino carda with name, or 15 New
i ear f cards toe. KasaauCard Co., Nassau, NY.
FllTI 1 picl wlzl"a trlck cards, 1 pack fun carda,
x liu i pack transparent enrds, 1 marvelous orni,
tharmnnium, 100 album verses, all In neat case for
7ac stamps. Addresa Hub Card Co., Boston.Mass.
"Piinn rur l81i with Improved Interest
iblo. calendar, etc. Sent tnanr
addresa on receipt of two three-cent atanipa. Ad
dreas Cbarlea J. Illree, 48 North Delaware avenue,
Atlantic and Gulf Coaat Canal and Okeechoba
Land Co.
50.000 SHARES, $10 EACH
at PAR with a nouns of 40 acres for each 10 shares,
from choice lands of thn "Piston Purchase."
Offices: I Third aud CIiommii aia., Philadelphia.
US Broadway, N, Y., Kuptns 111, 113.
Detailed prospectus with descriptive maps mail
ed free.
Assurance Society,-
120 Broadway, New York,
of any Life Insurance Company
It alono issues
liicontestiblo !Policies,
stipulating that tho contract of Insuranco "shall
not bo ulsuuted" after it Is three yours old,
and that such policies ahull bo,
Paid Immediately,
on receipt of satisfactory proofs of death.
Us policy Is cloar and conclso, and contain
N. B.-TtEAD YOint rOMCIKS. Compare tho
short and simple form used by tho Buultablo with
the long and obscure contnicis loaded dowu with
technicalities Isanud by other companies!
to poller holders aro
N. !. Beo the many letters from policy holders
expressing their gratincatlon with tho returns from
their Tontini tUviNua Funo I'ouuims,
Ilouiiuse of its
ITinanoial Strongth.
Outstanding Insurance
Assets Securely Invested
m irtT t twli
Snrpla8 Securely Iuveted, ncarl
vested, nearly
E. A. BURNETT, Agent.
Oftlc, corner 13th and Wtihlngtot.
Kovomber IM, I8al. uSdw
And their excellent reputation in
jured by worthier umtationa. Tha
Public aro cautioned against buy
ing Plasters having similar sound
ing names. See that the word
C-A P C 1 1T-E is oorreotly spelled.
Benson's Capcine
Porous Plasters
Are the only improvement ever
mado in Plasters.
One is worth more than ftdosea
of any other kind.
Will positively cure where other
remedies will not even relieve.
Price 25 oonta.
Beware of cheap Plasters made
with lead poisons. '
' Manufacturing Chemists, Maw Tact.
To Provide For
188 2,
Send &3-cvnt stamps for samples of 4 lta'tfrlni
you will be snre to want for your children.
Widde A. wake,
f 2 SO a year. Tb e beet, largest and moat fully Ulut
trated Jklagar.lne In the world for young people.
The baby's own Magazine, more charming tban av
er before. Only 60 cents a year
A delightful and refined Monthly, for public uft
private schools and homes. 75 cents a year.
An Illustrated Weekly for vouns neoule edited b
.hip. u. ... niuuii ii.uii, vnvmiijr buiijiu lur
Hunday reading. 60 cents a year. Addresa. D. Lo-
If.. II A 1.1,... !)...... ....7.. ll -J . -J -
inrop s to., K rraumiu at., iJoston, Mass.
by this aUnpbj
power InvvutU
avuiu an vntt .
Iigury or Ur'
Hewing Mael
and orm
ed to al
chines, tk
pert eeU
Two sli
This la tho .
Mont Economical
It takes but little room.
It never guts out of repair.
Itcauuotblow up.
It requires no
It noedi
There Is no delay ; no firing up; no
away ; no uxua Insurance to pay; u
ing necessary i no coal bills to
and it la always ready for us
It is Vorv Cheap
Trices $16 to $100. State paper Tea taw tbla'
.Viw AdvortlHomeiiU.
!. uuni niv IIIIIVI Vf CS11. m
The reirulsr annul I meetiuir of tha atnckholdural
Of the CitylSfUlotial Uauk of Cairo, for tho oarnnaa
oi uiveiiitK .uvuii uircciurs win ue neia ai me oinca
of said bank, In this city, on Tuesday, January 10,
o'clo k p. m., of aald day.
TI1U.H. W. I ALLIDAK , Caahlar.
1 11 rrrWl rfMiTTM
1 ri i r Til' iilti
A mam"l,lAN0r0HTKS-Magmflcnthol. '
lday prcaenta; square grand pianofortes, (bar ''
very hanusome round cornen, rosewood cases.
three unisons, Uuatty 'a matchless iron l ramaa.atool '
dook, cover, noieu, Wi 70 to XV i W eaialogna ,
prices, SHIM) to 11,(100; satisfaction guaranteed or
mouey retunded slier on year use) nprtgbt
anoioriea, iitiio jjiio; caiaiogna prio&oi
Hllll: standard Iitanol'ortea ol ths nntveraa.
era. aa ': . A
tliousamla testify ; writs for mammoth list of tes
timonials; Ueatly'a cabinet organs, cathdra,
Church, Chanel, liarlor. ISO Howard ! vial tor a mL
come; free carriage meets trains ; 'lllualrated eav -f
alogne (holiday edition) frea. Ad dreas or Mil Ml
DANlKl F. BKAITY, WasblugtoD, Mw ItmjJ - ,
eertaln of a all nation, aadnisa Yalsutlns BroUtan.
Janeavlllo, wis.
A TEAR and expense to tfttttstt Oil
fits free. Addreas : . ..
, P, O. V1CKKKY, Angnsta, M.
Pamphlet SSSSlS! itSS
v :.

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