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Term ot Supaorlptlon.'
Dally one ft ar by carrier ......... .. 13 00
Dally, one year y mall ...... 10 00
Daily, one montb .... 1 00
Weekly, odo year
OMISMSS i ..... 9 00
Weely. a months.......... 100
t3rClubs of Ate or more for Weekly Bulletin at
Onetime, per year, ft BO
All Communication! anoald be addressed to
Publliher and Pronrtotor.
Tho Market.
Thursday Evening, Feb. 9, 1882.
The weather continues mild and pleas
Ant, clear and bright to-day after a night's
heavy rain that raised the water in tho low
places in the city nearly an inch. Tlie
river 1b falling at the rate of one-half inch
per hour.
Business is very quiet and the market for
grain, in sympathy with other market, is
weak and unsettled.
FLOUR Quiet and easy. Stocks are
reduced, but buyers are holding off for
lower prices.
HAY Very quiet, for common there is
do demand, and choice cannot bo worked
off at an excess in price of $16.00.
CORN Weak and unsettled. Tho
'panicky" condition ofChicasro and other
markets has, to some extent, affected this,
and prices are a shade lower to-day.
OATS Dull and weak, stocks are large
and the demand limited.
MEAL Steady and firm as yet.
BRAN None in market.
UU I I hit Common is plenty ami very
dull. Choici is not quite so firm and prices
are a shade lower. '
EGGS Receipts are light and demand
good at quotations.
CniCKEN3-Receipts of both lire and
dressed find ready sale on arrival.
APPLES The demand continues good
at quotations.
POTATOES-Not enough comes in to
snpply the local demand.
Sales and Quotations.
MOTE. The prieei here given are for ealei from
Bret hand! In ronnd loti. An advance li
charged for broken lotun fiillcgordert.
200 Varlout grade!, os orders -... 5 605J TS
MO bhlt. Choice.
U bble. fancy
7 00
& IS
can choice
2 can gilt edge timothy
15 00
1 00
3 cars prime
Scare choice red top.
14 (II
n oo
17 00
6 care Kilt edge timothy on ordera
B car mixed, tn bulk on track
10 can choice white In bulk
2cari while In sark
11 cari mixed lu bulk lowed early....
.. T'J
.. 75
8 car In balk on track 47
8 car mixed In balk.
No. J Red, oerba ...
No. Modlterauoan.
1 V
1 37
600 bbli City
1C1 bbli Country.
S 75
8 05
Bound lota .... -
Oati and hay mixed, pur cwt.....
' " " corn " "
Cornfurfowli "
800 pound! strictly choice Northern roll.
r0 pound choice northern packed
0 pound Hontbern Illloola
500 pound! choice northern
700 dozen ..,.
1 10
1 fl
1 70
1 4b
SM) dozen ,
Scoops live choice..
6(0 pound! dressed
10 oo
3 00
5 coop geese
S coopaold hen!
21 coopi mixed....
20 dozen dressed
S 25
S t
50 bbli choice
100 sacka., lUIHlNINNHHtNIUIIMt Sit
3 50
.1 85
100 socks Michigan peach blows 1 80
lOObbls. " Peachulowa....... 3 50
100 bbla Early Roie teed 8 75
Per bbl tftMttlt 10 00
50 bbla. common . 4 50
100 bbli. fancy Michigan 100
100 bbla choice ...... m 5 00
Per barrel 7 anas no
Tnb-washod . MCt.T?
Unwashed ... UOtfS
Tierces HnM ,.. 12
Half do , , 12.
Backets ,. . is
Llvo . . , ..,,.,,,, ... .....mm. ........ ........ (V35W
Dressed M1M .M , 747i
r . BACON. '
Plain. ham noaa
8. O. liHina ,.., ,", ft
Clear sides. MIM, ,.,,,,,,,.,., ....13H
Bhonldurs , 10
St. Johns $1 m
Ohio River 1 1 45
1 bushel burlaps u
8 bnshel I.,."
5 bushel 11 II
Orsnjros, cholct pur box.., 4 A094 M
Limoui choice per bsx... 8 751 80
Peachos, halves and qoarUrs SS5V
Applus,brlKht h&l
BEANS. ' f
Oholccnavy 4 21
tlliolcfl medium 400
Choice. Factory... IS
Cream 14
V lb.
Calf, Green 12
Dry Flint choice 15 in
Dry Salt..
Green Halt
Hbeep Pelt, dry....
Blieep Fella, ifreen...
Wtii oo
Common Lug
Good lugs ,
.ft 7r3 no
, 3 mt 4 oo
4 7.r4 5 UO
, 5 M'ofl fO
, t SO 8 0
..ow Loaf.
Medina) Leaf... ,
. 10
. 15
V bbl.
Men pbli,
w Orleans
Helena, Ark
way .
The Dead Cannot Bo Raised.
not if your lungs are badly wasted eway
can you bo cured by the ubo of Dr. Pierce's
"Oolden Medical Discovery," It is, how
over, unequaled as a tonic, alterative and
nutritive, and cures tho most obstinate
case of bronchitis, coughs, colds, and in
cipient consumption, far surpassing in efiic-
cacy coa liver oil. bend two stamps for
Dr. Pierce ,s pamphlets on consumption ami
and Kidney affections. Address World's
Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo,
N. Y.
The Man Who Took His Stand on the Bible.
The snow-storm had driven the de
baters into the corner grocery, in con
sequence of which tho grocer prayed
that the snowing might cease. .
They were discussing Ingcrsoll and
his peculiar views regarding the Bible..
The proprietor had just replenished
the fire with another scuttle of soft conl,
and in doing so ho gave vent to his feel
ings by making more noise than was
But the fat man who was whittling
the soap-box was boumV to bo heard.
He didn't propose to be muzzled.
"No!" thundered ho, as he pounded
tho head of the molasses barrel, "I do
not coincide in his views; I stand on no
other ground I take my stand on the
And the cross-oyed man on the cheese
box remarked, as ho squirted about a
pint of tobacco juico on the stove:
"You ought to stan' ofTn it some
time just long enough to read a chapter."
Eejecting a Milk-Boy,
A young lady in England once had
tho chance of becoming Lady Chantry
and tho wife of one of Britain's most
eminent 'sculptors. Her name was
Byng, and her father was a Sheffield
pawnbroker. Frank Chantry's father
was a small dairy-farmer, and bi3 son
peddled out milk every morning. Among
Lis customers was the well-to-do pawn
broker. Pretty Jane, his daughter,
used to take in tho milk, and sundry
chats at tho kitchen door led to tlyir
mutual love. If Frank had to wait out
side., he would amuse himself by scratch
ing faces and figures on the doorposts
with his kuife. When the young lady
came, she would admire them, and this
was reward enough for Frank. , But
neither saw in them n prophecy of tho
boy's future.
One dav, a "Paul Pry" of a neighbor,
who had been spying the lovers, told tho
favubroker that his daughter was too
ond of the young milkmani The pur c-
Sroud knight of the three balls was in
ignant that a poor milk-boy should
daro to hope- for the hand of a well-to-do
mau's daughter. He forbade June ever
to see him again, or even to think of
such a lover, and changed his milkmau.
Prettv Jane- obeyed Tier father, and
Frank, setting down his milkpails, took
up with bits of clay and a chisel and
hammer. When he became Sir Francis
Chautry, the honored sculptor, the pawn
broker "saw his mistake. "
How to Bleep in a Sleeping-Oar.
1. lict a ncrtit in the lure part l the
car. I Ins is liccatiHe the jmre air comes
in at thti front end and windows. I nl
ways take tho front upper birth. My
reason for taking tho upper berth is bo
cause it is freely ventilated and away
from the hot piped. .2. Have your berth
made up head tuwtinl the engine. This
win keep nil draughts of nir from vour
head and prevent taking cold, if the
car is very tight put a lead pencil under
the window at your feet in case of lower
Dun 11; or. m caso of the upper berth,
open the hind Hkv window at vour feet
8. Fix your pillow in one corner of your
berth, and your feet in tho other. By
lying crosswise you will not roll in your
berth. Ihkl Hqmrkr.
Tho cow's cud is tho tnio food for re
Economical Devices.
People wlio reside in crowded cities
are desirous of economizing space, aro
glad to use a peculiar kind of furniture,
which is niinio to nerve two orinree juir
noses at onco. An elaborate writm-i
desk, with ink, pens and paper, is really
a wash stand. An claboruto etagere, or
book-ciiso. i3 a bed or a wardrobe. A
chair cau bo changed into a foot-tub.
A "chromo" proves to bo a looking
glass; a slop-bucket and pitcher and
basin is a praying stool; and
a cuiidelabra with wax candles proves
to bo an arrangement for concealing
towels and tooth brushes. Why can't
tho piano bo made to servo a double pur
pose x
It has lately been discovered that Den
vor has in its vicinity every essential for
tho inimufueturo of lino glass, ineludin;
sand closely resembling that which
gives French plato glass its superior-
Female Complaints,"
Dr. It. V. Plorco, Buffalo, N. Y. : Dear Sir,
I writo to toll you what your "Favorite
I Prescription" lias done mo. T had boon
trreat Buffcror from female complaints, es
pcolally "dragging-down" for ovor six years
aurinff much ot trio timo unamo 10 worn
I paid out hundreds of dollars without any
benoflt tlill took throe bottles of the "Fa.
vorito Prescription" and I never had any
tains do mo so much good in my lite,
advise every sick lady to take it. '
Mrs. Emily Kuoads, McBrldes, Mich.
Manv Miserable People drag them
selves about with failing strength, feeling
that they are Bteadily sinking into their
graves when, by using Parker's Ginger
Tonic, they would find a cure commencing
with the first dose, and vitality and strength
surely coming back to them. 800 other
$.'10.00 Worth of New and Popular
Music for 81.00
Thomas Brothers' Musical Journal for
January is undoubtedly tho finest and best
journal of its kind published. Tho reading
matter is vuricd and original, being news
from all ports of the world. The Journal
will have a new feature this year in being
beautifully illustrated and printed on line
heavy calendered paper. Each number
will have in over two doliars worth ot Bheet
Music, printed from our best plates; and
as you reccivo one number each month, at
tho end of tho year you havu for binding
one of tho finest collections of vocal and
instrumental music imaginable Don't fail
to Hubscribo for the Journal at once. Price
per year, one dollar; or with a beautiful
Cuomo, 22x'M, one dollar and thirty five
ccnts.-the 35c. being tho actual cost of
packing and postage or express on the Cro
mo. Sample copy of the Journal, 10c. We
want ao agent in every village and city in
the United States and Canada to take sub
scriptions for the Journal. Address,
.Ias. II. Thomas,
Successor to Thomas Hrothers,
Catskill, N. Y.,U. S. A.
Sunxiu's Vitalize!! is what you need for
Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Dizziness
and all symptoms of Dyppcpsia. Price 10
and 70 cents per bottle. Paul G. bchuh,
Agent. 7
On Thirty Day's Trial.
We will send Dr. Dye's Celebrated Elec
tro-Voltaic Celts and other Electric Appli
ances on trial for 30 days to young men
and other persons afflicted with Nervous
Debility, Lost Vitality, etc., guaranteeing
speedy relief and complete restoration of
vigor and manhood. Also for Rheuma
tism, Neuralgia, Paralysis, Liver and Kid
ney difficulties, Rupture, and many other
diseases. Illustarted pamphlets sent free.
Address Voltaic Iklt.Co.. Marshall, Mich.
Catamiii clued, health and sweet breath
secured by Bhiloh's Catarrh Remed7. Price
25 cents. Nasal Injector free.
Schub, Agent.
Paul G.
Not For a Fortune.
"Phew" I wouldn't marry her if she'd a
fortune. Poor mrl she'd bo all ri'dit if she
took Spring Blossom, the best thing in the
world for offensive breath. Price 50 cents,
trial bottles 10 '.ents.
Ko Matter What Happens
You may rest assured that you are safe in
being speedily cured by Thomas Electric
Oil in all cases of rheumatism, neuralgia,
tootaache, etc. One trial only is necessary
to prove its efficacy.
Croup, Whooping Cocoh and Bronchitis
immediately relieved by Shiloh's Curd.
Paul G. Scuuh, Agent. 8
A Couch, Cold or Sore Throat
should be stopped. .Neglect frequentl re
sults m an Incurable Luns uiBcase or on-
Bumption. Brown's Bronchial Troches do
not disorder the stomach like cough syrups
and balsams, but act directly on tho inflam
ed parts, allaying irritation, givo relief m
Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Catarrh, and
the Throt Troubles which Singers and
Public Sneakers aro subject to. For thirty
years Brown's Bronchial Troches have been
recommended by physicians, and always
give perfect satisfaction. Having been
tested by wide and constant use lor nearly
an entire generation, they bave attained
well-merited rank among the few staple
remedies of tho age. Sold at 25 cents
box everywhere.
Were man to confirm more to tho laws
of health and of nature, and be less addict
ed to the gratification of his passions, it
would not bo necessary to advertise Fel
lows Compound Syrup of Hypophusphites
as a restorative for the po wr ot the brain
nnd nervous syst'.n, while tuoworld's pro
gress anil enlightenment would indeed be
Literarv Weekly Journal
Conducted by All) on W.Touprw,
nutnor i v i oorn j'ivmrui, etc.,
ttBH.fltod by )itnifl C-. Jlrinton
and Kobrt H. l)avi.
Flrnt N umbur liuid February UsSj.
Tbu mont dlHtiiiK'ulNhcd authors and ckllful art
lsts, both Amorii'.ftn nnd Kngllfh, have buun en.
itngc'd by "Our Continent." Tbu Kubmary num
uurs contain novcli and stories nv uolon l;nmnboll
Mrs. Alexander, K. P. Hue. Julian Hawthorne
John llahlierti n, R. II. Davis, etc.; poems by Us
car Wlldo,!.oiiliio Chandler Moiilton, U. ll.Uokor,
Sidney Lauter, J. P Luthroti, Culla Tauter, etc.
entertaining sketches by 1, O, I.elaml. (Hans
llreltmanlD, O. Mitchell. (Ik Marvel) lellx Os
wald, etc.) col Id papers by President Porter, of
lam, Knot, or Harvard, Provost Pepper, or Univer
sity of Pennsylvania, etc. j fashion notes by Kata
nld;rtuutratlonby I.ouls C. Tlirany: act
enco bv Profs Kolhrork, Ilaruur, otc. : social ett
qnette by sloulton; rural Improvement by Hon. I)
U. Northrop; fun and humor by O. II. Clark, (Mas
Ariler)"Unclu Itenius and a host ofothors.
Heantirul lllustrutlousaros leading leattirs of
"Our Continent." They aro tho finest that art
onu prodiico and equal to most perfect In tlis
Price 10 cents a number; $l (W a year: 42 00 six
months. Mailed fxeo of postuKo to any addrois
Bpooimun copy ires.
Nawrdoalurs will find it to ttaolr Interest to pro
srnt "Our Continent" to tholr customers.
Postmasters are luvltod to take subscriptions.
Liberal commission.
Book Canvassers can add largely to their inoomes
without IntsrferinK with thulr roiiular business, by
Wrlto for particulars to "OUB CONTINENT,'
. Phlladttlphla, F,
Indian Blood Syrup.
5 Pi' jo
Mf I l
llhiXlt HAM.1
UvKpepulH, Liver Dis
eases, Fever ami Atfue
KlieuiuatlHm, DropHV,
Heart UlKvHMe, IIIIioiik
ness, Nervous Debility
etc. '
Twelve Thousand Bottles
Sold Since 1870!
This STUn noNHMBiia vnrloH ,irnni..H.i.. Tl ;.,
iilatcs the ptyallne in the saliva, which converts
the starch and sugar of the food into glucose. A
deficiency in ptyallne caunes wind aud souring ol
the food In the stomach. If the medicine j uun
Immediately after eating, tho fermentation of food
Is prevented.
It acts npontue Liver,
It aets upon the Kidneys,
It Regulates tlie Dowels,
It Purllles tho Blood.
It Quiets the Xervoug System,
It Promotes Dlgentlon,
It Nourishes, Strengthens una Invigorates,
It Carries off the Old Blood and makes New,
It Opens the Pores of the Skin and Induces
Ilealthy Perspiration.
It neutralizes the hereditarr taint, nr nniaon in
the blood, which generates Scrofula, Erysipelas,
id all manner of bkln Diseases and Internal bu
brs. There are no suirits emnloved In IU msnnfartnra
and It can betaken by the most delicate babe, or by
the aged and feeble, care only being required In at
tenth n to directions.
Galva, Henry County, Ills.
I wassufferlnfr from Sick Headache and Diiil-
ness so that I could not attend to my household du
ties, and a short trial of Dr. Clark Johnson's Indi
an Blood Syrup effectually cured mo.
Waterman Station, DeKalb Co., Ills.
This Is to certify that Dr Clark Johnson's Indian
Blood Syrup has cored me of Pain In the Hack, it
is a valuabio medicine. MKs WOOD.
Centre Hill, White Co., Ark.
This U to certify that I was afflicted with Palni.
tatlon of the Heart for many years I tried dill it-
ent doctors, whose prescriptions tended more to
weanen me man uiey am to urengllien. 1 ai last
res lved to try Dr. Clark Johnson's Indian Blood
Symn, which Droved to be a nositive mrn nnt nn.
ly curing the Heart DUeif e, but also a Blck Head-
acn wnicn naa Deen troubling me.
i was amicteu witn Liver comma nt and Dvunen.
sia and failed to get relief, tlthongh ns!ngmedl
clnes from our bent doctors. , I commenced uning
Dr. Johnson a Indian Blood Byrnp, and ashort trial
curea me, t. YV. KlblU, Moliue. 111.
This certifies that Dr. Olnrlr .Tnlinsnn'n Tnilinn
Blood byrnp has effectually cured me of Dyspepsia,
tw muvjj vauuui tiv raiu ill urilirc U' 11.
W. K. wlMMKK, Bedford, Mo
AireutS wanted for the sale of tte Indian Tilnnil
Syrup in every town or village, in which I have no
agent, particulars given ou application.
Labratory 77 West 3d st N. Y. City.
a week in your own town. $5 outfit
No risk, everything new, cant-
not required, we will furnish you
rything Many are making for-
s Ladies make as much as men.
ana noys ana gins maKe great pay
Reader, If you want a buslnyss at which you can
make great pay all the time you work, write for par
ticulars to 11. Uullott Co. Portland, Malnu.
tiend stamp for
price-lit! tj
Celebrated Single Broeoh-loading1 Shot
Gun, at $12 up. l"iil.le-Urirl llraeih-loa'li.rs,
at $20 up. Mualu and Drench-loading duns, Itiflrs,
and 1'isUil, of mnt approved Knllnh and American
makes. All kiwi of sporting implements and arti
cles roqiilrixl by sportsman and gun nuikers. Colt's
New Breoch-loadintr Double Ouns the
tmt fnnii vet made for thn priro.
712 Market St.. Philadelphia. Pa.
Hulbci t Bros. Wholesale Price List.
No. Price.
4 IMano, 7 oct., eqnaro, ronewond, caivcd,
agraffe $15!l 00
7 fiano, upr. 7M oct., cabinet crand 171 00
1 3 Organ, 4 sets reeds, 0 stops grand oran 6!) 00
09 " 6 sets roods, 13 stops, coupler, sub-haHS 7.') 00
Our Pianos and Organs warrintvd first-class.
2 Violin outfit, box liotv, strings, complete.... 3 00
3 " ercmona model, extra lino 9 00
4 Accordcon, 6 keys, bass box, line tono 1 00
H " 10 " 1 stop, 2 sets reeds, perfects 00
7 Mouth Organf, V lenua cuncert, 34 holes 60
9 " Uenulno ltichter, 10 holes, 0, 8. 24
11 " " concert double i!4 holes " 1 Oft
14 Clarionet, Ronuluo Martin, 6 keys, boxwood 5 00
17 Fife, In obony, German silver ferules....... CO
15 MuKlc box, 1 tunc, crank, fine , 1 10
l!) " 8 tunes,, wind with lever, large 20 00
ttO Violoncello, patent, machine head, good.. 10 00
2d Double Bass, patout head, 3 or 4 strings.. 2.100
21 (iultar, maple, macutno head, fine llutsh.. 4 00
37 Ilanjo, 10 Inch, 4 brass brackets 8 00
28 Cornet, brass cornpoeon style case Acrooks 9 (0
SO Drum, brass, Prussian, Ornamented 9 00
Wold violin, guitar and banjo strings 'II. Bros, 13
Silver " " " " " " " 10
Stool " " " " " J
Gut. Russian, Gorman or Italian, best quality 15
Instruction Book, Howu's or Winners, any
Instrument . 3
llavIiiK Just made a good trade for 100 Blngcr
Hewing Machines, will sell them for $25 each while
thoy last.
Money Is quite safo In common letter if plainly
Terms strictly cash with order. Will take
Agonts and dealers send for onr40 pagc Catalogue
On above not wholesale ialces agents can make
100 per cout profit.
Call on as when yon oomo to St. Louis.
References: Any bank or wholesale hours In
HnlbortUros.il the only Oonerai Wholosals
Music House In St. Louis.
083 Ollv Utreot, 8lnt Louis, Mo.
For sale ly C. W. Henderson, Cairo, Illinois.
Over 2,000,000 Bottles
For couchs, colds, sore ihront, brouchltlB, asthma,
n. .....i.riL,.-JifcgiJ e.,..-, (iiii--!-- ,
mroai, cnesi ana iunt:s
Balsam of Tolu
...... . , , ... """'nseB ui mo wiroai, cuest ana lungs,
but It has never bcenno sdvantsseoiisly compounded as In tho celebrated Tolu, Itock and live In ad
dlllop to Its soothluit Balsamic properlles.lt airords a dilTUeivo stlmulunt and tonic, to bulld'no the
system afterthecoimh has been relieved. '
P, ATTTilOMI Bo ntbe decnlved by dealers who try tn palm off upon yoa Rock and Rve In
Vv 1 1 J1'" of oiirTolu, Hock and Hyo. which Is the only medicated article made
the genuine has a private die proprietary Himnpon each bottle.
The TOLU, KOCK aud HYE CO., Proprietors, 4t River street, CliicaRo, 111.
Sold by Druggists, Guoceus and Dealers Everywhere.
Fnrf nnr I Airenta write quick I Territory free.
8 entirely piwl)etseUlniU''ll.'lesu'it. 1'fnpell.
IrK Hells tor sew'uu und all niiu hftics. liuloa.
truntllila P.nh Conl and perfect linorFprlnir.
Ihc P. T. Colled Wire Uelt Co.. SW 7th Avu.M. V.
Sr. S.SSl3ha's Erternal KleEcmedy
Gives mutant relief atidlsantnfalllhle
Pold r.y Drnt'Biis everywhere, l'rlcn, f t.nnpr hot
firiyiiMilbynnill. Sampl'S sunt fret to I'hjulchina
jnd sllsutf.T rs, hy P. Ni-nstaedtor A o, llox
Kuw i'urkt'icy, buloliiuuuiiwturtmol 'MulUl(l.,,
iVl'Oft for wl,n '"'Proved Ititurost
X it 13 table, calendar, etc. Sent U) any
address on receipt of two three-cent slaimis. Ad
dress Charles K. Hires, 48 Kouli Delaware avenue,
H.rrniun AniiiiiiiiI nrr nev.ry.ii(ti.Kuoii
iinriiiii" TtHrfm tlio wont euww,liiKiin4i comfort
utile aleep ; etrectn run's when all iXIiith fall. A
trial .onrinfM lAc mmt itki-ptiml. Prin' ."( le, arid
l.tK),of I)twirltortvinail. Hami.. I-'HKK
i mi u in 1 1 r i ,1 , m iTiui, urn
the Author. A mm anil kdviL Med
ical Work,arranUl ilu, Ikwt aiM
clioapiwr., iiwlifitH.nHAl)l to riry
luan.vnlitliol "tli Hemncnnf lain
orelt-l'nisnrvaiiiin " Imnud lu
lliHt Knuivb niunlm.AiiilniM.ixt,
fnll nltjmil pp.aontaiim twautilui
sUoil unrufinn, I'Jtt iinwinii
tmna, iirica tmbr H.'iSwml y
mail; illiwtnitixliiaintilii.Sn.ntji;
ond nnw.Ailitnwa I'iwIkmIj Mml-
f NOW TUVSPI V '.'.'l! Ii'tutr lr. W. II. I'Alt.
i K1U No. i UulUuohst. Urnitun.
titUg.r,ill I'ttrluta.
Jrw.A KiMrinn- ft, J
by 1I01 kri 1 n I rtiir h tm
MtmatUM of llinmi $
All rV:irmtrC- Mnthirti 1 ( it miti.u Mrn M,.,l,...
!ci, kc.i who aro tired out by work or worry, and
ill who aremiurablo with I)yipcpM.i, Klicuma
tism, Neuralgia, or liowcl, Kidney or Liver Com
1 1. .1 ; si.
pMimi, yuii uiin ticinvignrmcci nnq rurrn nynsmc
.MjMiiuii nr ny WKiKncss. vou win nnu aiiikcix
.i. l-...... i.i..
:rtest IlealthAStreiiKlhlteHtorrr JouCaBl'iie
.md far superior to Bitters and other Tonics, ei It
builds up tho system, but never intoxicates, v J
Vt. nnd.f i irr. Huroy ft ro.,rhcmit, N. V j
The Conrler-Jonmal. Henry Waterson, Editor.
Is by circulation and reputation the acknowledou
Kepreseutatlvo Newspaper of the Houlli. Asare
llulile and valuable newspaper. It has no superior
In this country or lu tbu world. It makes earnest
vigorous war on protective turllf rubbery and Mor
mon polyimmy, twoovlls that blight the prosperity
and morality of the United rttates. It Is shir,
bright and newsy, contains the strouKestedltorlals,
the most complete summary of the news of tho
world, the best telegraplc and KMiural corrnspond.
encn, full tuif and stock reports, market reports,
fashion reports, Talmauo's sermons, splendid or
iginal serial ftorlvs and novelettes, poutry depart
meut for children, answers to corronpoudontK, sfo.,
otf : in a word, everything to make It a delight to
the family circle, and Invaluable to the man of bus
iness, the farmer, the mechanic, and the laborer.
Specimen copies and full descriptive premium
circulars will be sunt free of charge t any oue on
application. Subscription terms, noslsge free,
aru-for Dally, !); Htindav, fi Weekly. 11.50.
Any one sennltigfonr yearly subscribers and six
dollars, will be ntltlvd to an extra copy of tha
Weekly t'ourier JoKrual one year, fro to any ad
dre,is. Address W. N. UALUKMAN.
I'resldeut Uuurlor-JFourual Co., Loalivllle, Ky, .
i , , - , II TJ
Consumed Annually.
pneumonia, consumption
and all disease! of the
lias always been one of the most Important
weapons wielded by the medical faculty
against the encroachments of Couuhs, Colds,
Bronchitis, Asthma, tiore Throat. Consump
tion In Its Incipient and advanced stages, and
Br ndilritH nir (iK(l P UilWKl.T. Jt. rn m
Spruce St., New York, can learn the exact cost of
auy proponed line of advertising In American news
papers. ttriOO-paga pamphlet, 85o.
YOTTNd MFN I' mo would learnTeleera
IUU1W Mr.il phy m four months, anf be
cMrimu oi Biiuu. on, auuress vaienune brothers,
Janesville, Wis.
A YEAR and expenses to agents. Qnt
fits free. Address
P. O. V1CKERJ, Augusts, Me.
f T Great chance to make nion
I I I I I I ey- Those who always tnko
Ifl llll I advantage of the good chan
J XI J ctl to make mopey that are
offered, generally become
wealthy, while thos who do
not improve such chauces remain In poverty. We
want many meu, women, boys and girls toworkfoi
lis rlitht In their ov n localities. Any one can do
the work properly torn the first start. The husl
ness will pay mora than ton times ordinary wagea.
Expensive put tit furnished free. to onewhoenga
ges falls to tnaks money rapidly. You can devote
your whole time to the work, or only your spare
moments. Full Information and all that is needed
sent free. Address Stluson & Co., Foi tland, Maine.
Over 5000
Hsve Signed or Endorsed tho
Following Remarkable
Document :
Messrs.Soabury 8c Johaion, Manufactor
lng ChemlBta, 21 Piatt St, New York I
Gentlemen :- For the post few yean we
bave sold various bronda of Porotu Flaa
tors. Phjralolana and tho Publlo prefer
TinnBmiJsJjTrijfltaj to all
othora. We consider thorn one of the very
fow rollablo household remedies worthy
of confidence. They are superior to all
other Porous Plasters or Liniments for
external use.
Bonwnn'H CupHnw Planter Is a ganoina
ParmaoeutionA product, of tha highest
order of merit, and ao raoognlaad by
physicians and druggists.
When other remedies fail get Bon '
son's Capcino Plaster.
You will bo disappointed if you uss
cheap Plasters, liniments, Fads or Kleo
tricalltagnotlo toys.
AHilkK IIKltlliUV AT I-ANT. IMctBcti
To Provlda For
188 2,
Bend 5 8-cent stamps for samples of 4 Megulnet
you will he sure to want for vour children.
AVidde Awake,
?'l SO a year. The best, largest and most fully Ului
rated Slacaslno In the world for young people.
The bahy'i own Magaaino, more charming than tv
or before. OiilylW cents a year-
Adellgliirul andrellned Monthly, for publlo and
private schools anil homes. Tt cents year. ,
An lllmitrated Weekly Mr yoa ug people edited by 1
Mrs. O. H. Allien (I'ansyi, especially adapted rot 1
Sunday reading. 90 cents a year, Aadntae 1), Lo
tUropA Co., BlftanalUi st., Boston, Mast, ,

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