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tkf. BallsUa BoUdUc WMUlncton A venae
Koticea In ttiu column, elRnt cent per line for
Irntkudflv mdu par una ttcaiuniunuuiumwr
linn. K,.r ona ak. SOeenU per line, For one
month, AO oonU per line-
IlowarJ House.
Washington avenue, corner Seventh
trait. Good dav board at reasonable
rates. Meal tickets for transient board-
en. Mns. Puil K. IIowaiu).
For Bent.
Second story of building at corner of
Fourteenth street and Wasnmgton avenue,
known as the Phillips building. Peur
able location for boarding house. Alo
oae store room on first floor in the same
building. Apply at the saloon at the cor
ner, X.K.Grose.
Receipt books, Cairo date line, perfora
ted stub, suited to any business?, manufac
tured and for sale at the Cairo Bulletin
For lUnt.
Two story brick house on 'i0 street. The
key can be found at Mr. Wbitaker's in the
Court-House Hotel -next door.
8t. Jacob Klixe.
Fob Rent. Cottle on lCih street. Ap
ply to Mrs. Fitzgerald, Bulletin building.
For lU'Ut.
Honing, furnished or unfurnished on sec
ond floor of Tuk Hcllktix building. Ap
ply, up stairs, Mrs. Fitzgerald.
For Sale.
First class saddle and buggy horse, with
. . . . 3,1. J
gooa DUggy, singio Harness, saaaio ami
bridle; all in first class order. Apply at
this office.
For Iitut.
The Aubery property, corner Twenty
socond and IIol brook avenue. Cheap to a
good tenant.
M. J. IIowley, Ileal estate gent.
Use Tub Caiuo Uullktih perforated
scratch-book, made of calendered jute
manilla, equally good for Ink or pencil. For
salo, in three sizes, at tlio office. No. 2 and
a 3 . 1, I... V. olr.,.1..
by tho dozen or by the hundred, no varia
tion In prices.
Fob Hent. Sherman House, two story
brick, 18 rooms und 2 ha'ls, eunt side Com
mercial avo., between .fourth and Fifth
streets. Apply ou premises Mrs. Mc
Oormack. Notice to Consumers of Ice.
My wagons will run through the season
delivering ico to all parts of tho city. I
have also an ice box on Eighth street at J.
Walters and at my offico on Tenth stieet,
at C. W. Wheeler's wood yard where
orders may be left. A share of your bus
iness is solicited and orders will rective
prompt and careful attention.
Geo. W. Si-ence.
To the Citizens of Cairo aud Surround
ing Country.
The undersigned would respectfully an
nounce that he has removed his jewelry
Btore(for many years established in Paducah,
Kjn) to 110 Commercial avenue, opposite
the Opera Uouso, this city, where he will
be pleased to attend to anything in his line.
It shall be my aim to keep a well selected
stock of watches, clocks, jewelry, etc. on
band, and respectfully refer to any former
or present citizen of Faducah, Ky., as to
reliability, etc. All worK entrusted to my
care will be carefully executed, and be of
the highest order of merit.
Ct. J-no. A. Miller.
I am now prepared to furnish ice, both
at wholesale and retail (in any quantity),
to all parts of tho city, or for steamboats
or tronoral shipment. Orders should be
addressod to Jacob Klce, cor. 8th and Ohio
lovue, or given to tho drivers of wagons.
Office open day and night. Jacoh Klle.
Fop. Kent Store room formerly occu
pied by Frank McKnight Under photo
graph gallery on 0th street. Apply to I,.
U. PuKU's, photographer.
Womkx aro everywhere using and
recommending Parker's Oingor Tonic, be
cause they have learned from experience
that it speedily overcomes despondency,
ludigestion pain or weakness in the bsck
and kidneys, and other troubles peculiar to
the sex, Home Journal. Sec adv.
Al'opular Touic
No preparation ever introduced to the
Amoricau public, for the relief and cureol
Coughs, (1iJh, Hole Throat, Dobililuted
Constitutions, Weakness of the Lungs or
Consumption in the incipient or advance
stages uf tho disease, has ever met with tho
indorsements of physicians or patient an
the celebrated "Tolu,lUx:k and Itye." The.
repoated and continued sales of the article
verywhero are tho best evidence of its real
merits. Letters and testimouals from every
narter oi the country, attesting; tho Ht m
.. ulatlng, tonic and healing effects, are in
, puenwjuu ui inu jiuiiiuu)rB, nni can tie
adduced to convince the most skeptical
reader ot its intrinsic virtues. Further
ootamendation la unnecessary aud super
Cuous, at a trial of this articlo, having i
nleaaant taste and agreeable flavor, wil
satisfy all those who are aluictod or pining
away with pulmonary weakness of thu re
lief to be secured by the use ofTolu, Hock
and Kye.-Chicgo Times.
,:V ,' i . . 1 ' '.:
Notice In theoe coinnu, tea cent per line,
laen Inaertlon. Marked '
Window shades all styles and prices at
Jeff Clark's. tf
J. Kline's two story house ou Twen
tieth Btreet is tor rent.
Many of the telegraph wires' in the
city sustained injuries during the storms
of Sunday and Monday nights.
Two freight trains collided on the Iron
Mountain railroad near Little Rock, Sunday
killing two tramps and injuring sev
eral train hands.
-Sheriff Hodge's office is a veritable
picture gallery. It ha9 arrayed in splendid
order a scries of bright colored drawings
showing how tho "parson's old nag" got
away with a trained, bloodod racer.
Tho Oil Mill people get more than
their share. Every kind of accident that
Cimes to town hits thm a clip and leaves
them to wonder what will come next.
There seems now to be nothing left but lor
the mill to be struck by lightning.
Centralia and Champaign are 128
miles apart, but they wera connected by
telephone recently and conversation was
carried on successfully. A cornet played
at oae end of the line was distinctly heard
at the other.
Foh Sale or Rest. The two flue
horizontal boiler and eight horse-power up-
!.t engine, now in use atTus Bulletin
ofUce. It not sold, the machinery with
building will be rented to a good tenant
for use as it s'.an Js. Apply at this office, tf
Circuit court convened Monday morn
ing with Judge D. J. Baker on the beech.
After ordering the drawing of grand and
pvtit jurors it adjourned until this morning
when it will couvenc and begin work in
In business locals will be found the
announcement of Mr. Jno. A. Miller, who
has opened a fine jewelry Btore in the Ar
lington Hotel building, opposite the Opera
House. Mr. Miller is a thoroughly prac
tical jtjwuler and watchmaker of long ex
perience, and -he will constantly have in
stock a tuperior.clats of goods.
The old negro, Souleo, who broke his
login falliiigfroma plauk leading from shore
to u 11 at boat, had his leg amputated by
Dr. Parker last Saturday. The poor fel
low will be sympathized with, as he was
kuown as au bouest, hard-working man,
depending upon his labor for his daily
Mouldings and picture frames at Jiff
Clark's. tf.
Mr. W. C. Dowell, purchasing agent of
the Chester penitentiary, who was so badly
cut by a convict list week, is now out of
danger and will soon be ublc to resume his
post of duty. He received thirteen razor-
cuts, making as many horrible wounds up
on his ueck, face, arms and bands. His es
cape from death is regarded as a most re
m :i k able one.
A dray heavily laden with sacks ot
grain bioko down in crossing the Illinois
Central track at Sixth Street and" Ohio
levee. The accident was not duo to the
bad condition of the track, but to bad
driving, by which ono of tho wheels got
between tho rail and tho plank on either
side and was wrenched off when an at
tempt was made to turn tho dray.
No new cases of small-pox or vario
loid were reported in tho city on Monday,
and yesterday there was but one, a col
ored child iu tho shanty on Ohio levoc be
tween Fourteenth and Twelfth street?, in
which a woman, mother of the child, was
discovered with tho diseaso a day or two
ago. It is probablo that tho diseased is
now on the decline.
In the storm of Monday night three
cars o;' the St. Louis and Cairo railroad,
standing on the Mississippi leveo near tho
head ot Third street, were blown from the
rails, two of them being blown completely
over aud lying on their sides inside tho
levee. The same Btorni aUo did sonic
damiigo fit other places. At Metropolis a
new two story frame building was blown
down and demolished.
From an item which appeared in the
last issuo of the Anna Advocate,' and re
produce! in the Argus somo people gained
the impulsion that Company D., Halliday
Guards, of this city had been ordered by
Major R.B. ti'.io&on to disband. This itn
pitwion was gained partly from tho fact
that a company "O" of Anna, witli E. C.
English as Captain, wub ordered to disband.
The similarity in the names of tho cap
tains canned the error.
At a meeting of tho committee, ap
pointed by the Inform Club to make ar
rangements rbr their Gth annual picnic, it
was decided to hold it at Fort Jefferson, on
Thursday, May 18th. The grounds will bo
put in firat-claas order aud everything will
bu lone to make it an enjoyable affair. Tho
election of M.iy queen will bo held at tho
Rotorm club hail on Friday evening after
tho Young People's meeting.
Monday's storm and rain did not
confine! its ravages to cities and townB, but
did much damage to the property of farm
ers in tho country, particularly in this
codtity. Mr. II. DeGulder was in the city
yesterday and ho reports that his crops woro
much damaged by the heavy rain and by
fulling trues, and that his fences were near
ly all blown down. Tho army worm, too.
is doing much damage to young potatoes
and corn. Yet tho outlook generally is
not discouraging.
The grand jurors drawn in accordance
with the order of thu circuit court Mouduy
moruing are Mtssrs. Win. McIIale, Egbert
Smith, Fred Teichman, Wm. White, Thos,
Winter, R. W. Miller, Peter Saup.J. II
Gowmian, R. II. Cunningham, W.1I. Schut
ter, Conrad Alba, John OMes, Jesse Hinkle,
John Harden, H. F. Thistlewood, 0. N
Hughes, Win. Lud wig, S. Rosenwater, II.
T. Gerould, James Quinn, R. F. lVrker,
and Fred Schooler. They will meet this
morning at tho court house to begin grind
ing out indictments.
The Bulletin ollico needs a water
tank, and its manager would like to ascer
tain how much cash would be required to
build it. Said tank to bo not less than 8
feet in diameter, nor less than 8 fact high
only first class gilt-edged cypress lumber,
2 inches thick, to be used. In addition to
the building the tub, when done or before
it is done, will have to be elevated SO fei't
or else placed on top of a house. Will a
few of the tank building fraternity furnish
the above information with the understand
ing that they or one of them will do the
workat the best figures offered and com
plete the job within ten days?
A recent dispatch to the Chicago Times
says: "Mr. Roswell Miller has just been
elected 2nd vice-president and treasurer of
the Chicago and Western Indiana lailroad
company. He assumed the duties of the
position Saturday. Mr. Miller was form
erly general superintendent of the Cairo
andVincennes railroad, but upon its ab
sorption by the Wabash company, last win
ter, he went to Europe, and has only recent
ly returued. Though a young man, lhas
earned a reputation for executive talents,
and for readiness and energy in d:6ptch
ing business. The election of Mr. Miiier
relieves Vice President Crawford of a por
tion of his duties.
A resident of Dublin claims to have
seen in Grafton street, on Saturday after
noon, a country car of peculiar pattern, on
which were four men with blackened faces
and slouched hats. There seema.to Ire no
clew to the assassins of Cavendisn and
Burke. It is learned that the latter took a
car at the park gate, and alighted ou over
taking Lord Cavendish on tb.2 road. P,ir
neil says he is horrifl-.'d beyond expression,
and feeis' that the traiedy will be most
damping to the Irith peopie. All boars
leaviu Ireland since Saturday noon will
be searched for the as3asini. The face of
Cavendish wears a calm expression, while
that of Burke betrayes the agony hs suf
fered. Cant. Ross has goue to London
with a special report of the affair. Twen
ty jurors have been summoned for the in
quest, and mounted police occupy the hos
pital yard. Tho tragedy must have been
visible from the window's of the viceregal
lodge, and there are rumors that Earl
Spencer saw tho scuffle. The duko of
Devonshire and the marquis of Harrington
havo started for Dublin. The remains will
be interred at Chatsworth ou Wednesday.
Persons who would havo taken tuts
trouble Sunday to Walk to the elevator,
and look across the city to the Missis
sippi side, wau'.d luvc seen the lait
ot tho pond of water above Twcn.ich
street settled down to the lowest place,
which is near the park. Tnis evidecce is as
good as can be offered as to where the
lowest place iu the city is. Wi.ile every
particle of water in every part of the city
has long ago been a thing of the pa.t, this
little pond up town remained and showed to
all who had eyes to see that there is iho
bottom of the basin which was formerly
filled with filpoand rain water. Now per
haps the moBt reasonable supposition in thu
world is that, a sewer placed in tho lowest
part of tha city aud where the distance to
the river is the least, is the moot effectual
and quickest method of draining the city
at all times. To deny this proposition,!1 to
deny that a hole in the 6ido of a pan tilled
with water would more quickly and per
fectly drain the water out of it than a hole
in the bottom. It would seem that a g.wid
sized sewer through tho Mississippi levee,
opposite to where tho remnant of water
now stands and connecting with said rem
nant of water, would do as much toward
draining the city iu the future as all the
other sower9 combined.
During tho storm of Mon
day night the sky was almost con
stantly ablaze with lightning and tho
earth alnok continually with tho deep roll
ing thunder. The clouds hung so low, the
lightening flushes were so frequent und so
thick, and thu crushes of thunder were so
terrible, tiiut it is reasonable to anppoou
that several of the lightening rods in the
city were louc.hod. O.ie on the front eud
of tho roof of the Howard House, at the
corner of Seventh street and Washington
avenue, was struck, and carried tho fluid
to the ground without any i.ij.i.y 4m itself
or the house. The stroke was plainly!
beard and felt by some of the inmates of
tho house and is described by one as sim
ilar to a cannon's shot and a subsequent
tingling of a thousand bells, the latter bo
iugcauaud probably by tho vibratiou of
the rod as tlio electricity descended to tho
ground. Yesterday morning Messrs. S. C.
Freeman & Co., who put up the rod, had
it examined and thu point taken down to
see what injury, if any, had beea dono.
But it was found that tho rod proper wbh
entirely intact aud that the gilt point had
been scorched only at tho extreme tip. It
is probablo that, but for the rod, the house
would have been damaged, and it is cer
tain that tho rod was an unusually good
out and well put up, which is to tho credit
i if Messrs. Freemaii & Co.
In view of the fact that the Louisiana
statu board of health has refused to main
tain through tho season tho system of
steamboat and railroad inspection service
as a moans of preventing tho introduc
tion in that state of contagious diseases
Dr. Riuch secretary of the Illinois board
has addressod a letter to the governor of
Louisiana from which the following extracts
are made: "Official information being
this day received, to the effect that owing
to tho altitude of the Louisiana state board
of health tl,o inspection service approved
ot in the foregoing resolutions has not ,yet
been re established and cannot bu so long
as that r.ttitudo is maintained, it becomes
tuy duty, on behalf ot the Illinois state
board of health the chief quarantine au-
tlwrity in this state to notify your excel
leucy in your capacity as tho chief qimr
antiuo authority of thc6tatc of Louisiana
that, in the event of yellow fever being
tep rtcd, officially or otherwise, in the city
of New Orleans or the State of Louisiana,
it will be imperative upon the state board
of health of Illinois to declare and en
force a rigid quarantine against commer
cial and personal intercourse with said city
and state Should yellow fever
again appear in the State of Louisiana in
tiie absence ot an efficient inspection ser
vicesuch a3 that maintained during the
past three summers with signal benefit in
preserving confidence and a sense of secur
itythere remains no safety for the south
ern portion of this state save in absolute
non-intercourse with the infected region.
Bat while a quarantine of exclusion may
be relied rpon to do this, it will, of course
as in the px-t, 60 in the future provo
totally inadequate to prevent the frequent
panic alarm, bred of rumor, the distrust
and apprehension always rile in tho ab
sence of impartial and accepted agencies
of observation and information. Between
the Interests of the health and life of the
ci:izeD3 of tho state, however, on the one
hand, aai their commercial interests on
the other, the duty and the obligations of
this bchrd are clearly defined."
Complaints against local boards of
health, because ot their mismanagement of
tho sanitary affai:s of their respective
cities h'.c many. These com
p.aints i;i most places amount to
uothinir and are without reason,
because, no matter how well a set of offi
ciais may perform their duties, or what the
result may be, there will always bo somo
good people who "can't see why this was
done or why that wasn't done." There are
always some who look upon a public serv
ant as a tit subject for adverse criticism at
ail times and in all things. Cincinnati,
with her two hundred deaths lrom small
pox per week, with its fifty to seventy-five
new cases every day and its lack of any
thing like isolation, hua undoubtedly a de
fective eauitary management, aud the
complaints of its citizens are doubtless
righteous. Rit in other cities, where there
has beea no palpable uegl'genco and
wiie e the d seasc does not prevail to an
alarming cite i!, as in Cairo for iust'ince,
there is uo good ca'ise for complaint.
Isolation is more l iiicult in Cairo than it
is in most oilier cities, because the resi
dents arc not c!aslflcd as they are else
where. The poor and the rich, tho cleanly
and the uncleanly, are often huddled to
gether in the same square. Yet, so far,
the diseaso has not reached near tho extent
to which it prevailed in Out of per
haps thirty-five cases in all among citizens,
there hvo been but about half a dozon
whites, and two or three deaths. The dis
ease ha3 ben generally very mild, and
each case has beengiven prompt attention as
soon as discoveted. There might havo beau
a (lilL-rent, a more stringent quarantine in
some c.ses, but in this ns iu ail other
things, it is always much easier to seo after
wards how it might have been dono better.
It is always easier to advise than to act, to
criticise than to do better. Tho samo peo
ple who complain now because the author
ities did not use moro stringent measures
from tho first, such as closing tho churches
and schools, blockading whole squares in
which a case of tho diseaso existed, would
have complained then because that had
been dono, and would have leen unablo to
see any reason for "creating such a panic
alniut a case or two of varioloid." Dr.
Ranch has been the subject of endless de
nunciation because of his vigorous measures
against the epidemic. Some people are not
satisfied unless they aro miserable about
something or other, and, being miserable,
they v. ill seek company. They will com
plain because tho leveo is not cut, and they
will complain because it is; they complaiu
because their notions about tho manage
mont of a contagious diseaso are not car
tied out, and when such notions arc car
ried out, tuey will change their minds and
complain becauso they me; they com
plain bccu'Jso Mayor Thistlewood and
Chief Myers give their personal attention
to each case of varioloid, und they would
complain if thoso officers did
not do" so; thov complain now
because tho mayor aud chief aro
as careful as possible not to como into di
rect contact with victims of tho diseaso,
and they would complain all the samo if
thcBe goutlemon were less careful. T hero
is but one objection to bo urged againBt
the manner in which tho diseaso has been
mannged in this city, aud that is, that
every house in which a case appeared ana
ocx ijjs
Of Every Description, from the minutest article up to a
YoutiYu or Gentleman's Complete Ontlit. A largo Assort
HATS of the latest styles just received.
FIRST The quantity of merchandise we buy to supply our ntiinerous stores.
SECOND Wo have umplo capital and are prepared to lny ranli dnn.
THIRD We aro ata'l times represented in eaMrru markets by a resident buyer,
who is always on the lookout.
Now, it is by taking advantage of thepo opportunities that wo do from t'mp to time.
name such apparently ridiculously low prices. For instanco we aro selling Middlesex
Blue Flannel Suit, each suit bears the ticket with fill1 imm Middlesex Co. tlOOO. None
genuine without tieket. A vcrv nice Cheviot fcuit for jjtt.fiO, worth $15,00. A very nob
by Red Silk Mixed Suit at $r.M, worth $10.00. We do not sell f lUls tor Whs than cost.
We want it distinctly understood that wo mako a small profit on avcrvthinir w for'
that principle by which a merchant can sell
iius never yet ueen discovered. (Jome and
to buy.
remained was not constantly watched over
by someone especially appointed for that
purpose. Had this been done, it may be
that tho number of cases would Jiave been
ess by a fow than they are.
Mrs. M. Marnell was very sick Mondxy,
but is now improving.
Mr. John A. Reeve has returned from
Springfield. He was presented with a f no
gold watch and chain by the members vf
the house as an expression of their good
will toward him.
Mr. J. R. Wilkinson, formerly with
Messrs. SwobodaA Schultze, is now in the
dry goods department of Messrs. Smith
President Wbitehouso and General Su
perintendent Hamilton, of the St. Louis it
Cairo railroad, arrived at The Halliday last
evening. A conference between them and
tho sub -committee of five will probably
take place to-d.iy.
Judge Msrchildon, of Thebes, was in the
city yunterJay on business in connection
with the c iurt.
As the time approaches for the annua!
meeting of the Illinois Ce:ifal the interest
increases iu the expected action of the
stockholders upon the proposal to lease the
Chicago, St. Louis and How Orleans line,
and tlie contingent election of ono president
for both lines, in place of tho two now of
ficiating. The proposal to leaso the south
ern line in perpetuity has lieen ratified by
the stockholders of that company. It is
xpected that the stockholders of tho Illi
nois Central will unite in the approval.
1'arties who have recently returned from
New York state that the presidential issuo
is receiving considerable atU-;ion umong
the directors and stockholders. Some say
that President Ackerman, of the Illinois
Central, is to be made president of tho con
solidated line, while on the other hand it is
as stoutly asseverated that President Clarke,
of the New Orleans line, is to be retaitud
oh president of both roads. It is also said
that a plan of reorganization of the official
titles, which shall afford places for a num
ber of persons whose titles will necessarily
o lowered, is being considered, but no one
professes to know what provisions in this
direction are contemplated. It is not un
derstood that there is any ligl't iu progress
for tho presidency of tlio two lines, but, ou
tho contrary, both the present iucumbeotB
are said to display a proper self-sacrificing
spirit. It is probablo that tlu consumma
tion of the lease, will necessitate official
changes which will affect every department
of the two roads.
Yesterday afturnoon and night was made
ineiuorablo by a brilliant veut in which
tho Cairo Commatidery No. 13, Knights
Templar, and a large delegation of Knights
from other cities, trom thisaud other states,
were the actors. It was a triennial reunion
instituted by tho Cairo Lodge, and partici
pated In by froiuseveaty-tlve to a hundred
brother Knights from elsowhoro. The or
der of tho day was" to bo a mooting at the
lodge about five o'clock in the evening and
a banquet with toasts and short addresses ut
The Halliday at night, which programme
was strictly and grandly carried out.
The visitors all arrived by live o'clock,
and after leaving their baggago, etc., at
Tho Halliday, were conducted to tho
lodgo where work appropriate to tho occa
sion was dono until about halt past ton
o'clock, when, formed in procession and
beaded by Prof. Al.jGoi.s' Comlquo band,
they marcliod down to Tho Halliday.
Arrived here thu baud played ono of its
most beautiful tuuosdu.iug which thu Sir
Knights formed iu a procession of twos aud
entered the diuing room to paftatu! of a mag
nificent repast spread byMinu HostL. P
Parker. Tho dining room was beautifully
decorated with cluster of frosh flowers,
aud various dovices of cvorgroeus and flow
ers, appropriately lascribed, wcio placed
in conspicuous positions at tho further
end of tho great room. Prof. Gobs' orches
yoods for I bh tlmn cost, ard still keep Htore,
see our goons, iou will r,ot ins importuned
.At Palace Clothing House,
108 Commercial Aveinic.
tra struck up one of its happiest strains"
while tho feast was in progress, arW when
this ceremony had been gone through with,
toasts were offered and a number of elo
quent and appropriate little speeches were
made. It was three o'clock this morning
before the festivities ceased aud the par
ticipants retired for the night.
A more dignified, intellectual and gen
erally plcau.nt looking assemblage of gen
tlemen perhaps never gathered in this
city, and a more pleasant and
brilliant celebration was never had. The
lateness of the hour prevents a more ex
tended report now; but in a subsequent
issuo an attempt to do justice to the event
will bo made.
Vm p t,y majority or ten thnnunl rote
to tu ttio ifti it. rij,-r Iq tin? mtrket.
M 0 R T 0 N S
0 R I 6 1 N A L
IwricHWil Seln now on ! at Dun Ifartnan't
i'nrquvt ruiI fnKjuct Cirri...-.... .'C.
Ir'. ClrciM ........ Oc.
(jiiii'ij-... ac.
Nocx M chri! fnr rxh'tvcit nt.
Thursday Kvonine.
May nth. 1882.
1. Semite Pathutlini'...m. Beethoven
MIm t'orllrit.
2. -'prrotl. Kxirm l ot Opera f. Root
I'rincuKi .MIh Mamie Corlla.. ....boprano
J'riuco Mr. Peru. in. Tenor
Fairy Ml., r.tehur Alto
Thu Hlval Mr. C'rowell Bars
it.- liimriiinoiilul dud, fitmTftniilinim'r..Vaguor
MlitiMa Klla anil Clara Uolihliia,
i. Mar I'"l" Clrr.lt) ami Fancy JJunro
By I'riifenmir Mama's ptiil;s.
Dixon stiungS
Summer Resort,
110AIID: 8.00 PER WEEK, 2.00
To Families.
roHTomes, ali.kn ai'gmu, rors oo. ha.
DJVON 8rniNtlHnriltiialainipnr of thfl
Oxark Mountain, ton miles from tioltonila ana
l inri'ii n mile rrum Vlouna, Iu a lioauilful valley
titi routnlmlliv hlKli cllfl". . . ,. . .
Thu r-niry It iinriiriHanrt nnn the water II
Mrimn with mineral trP'l'i' J0- I" wrong;
w 111 Iron, No. 4 wlt'u mairneaia, nilplinr ann Iron- a
fr.'c una e.rihu water tin proved nn mifnlllmr reme
dy l'ir tlvap' "l, Jaiin.lli-e, I.Ivor Complaint,
KVlmy ail'noilooa anil chronic Ularthona. At a
i.nnu'ir leiiiirt Ulxon Hiilnu U duiMrvedlr popu
lar, behitf quiet, aecliideil anil cool, frnn from (luat
nii'l moHciultooa. Season trom llrat of June to Drat
ot JJecemuer. Joa. tf. I.KMKN,

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