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urrivjiAb rAPXR of city andcocnti
AiMTU.m 1'i.mtK.
We r a'itlnrl.d to announce that H. A, I.
W1L HANKS, of JuflVirmm county, M a candidate
f'ir Clem ofine Apo-Uat Court In tho Fourth
Wvll m of llllnol.. mihject to tho decision of a
cau vent loo of the Democratic puny
Wriithirl.nl to announce Hie tmmn of
WAt.TKK vVAKDKIl a actndldi'e tor tuu otUco
of Conwy Judge of Alexander County.
We ar authorized to announce .nimico .iwu.-.
H RoHINSlM 1 an lntcptti(lunt candidate lor
County Jililne at tho coming November election.
. . . . littIV
We arts authorized to anndtiu:.e Mr. MILES V.'.
I'AKKKKaa an Independent candidate f'ir treas
urer of Alexander county at the coming November
Notice tu tht column, tURUl cent per lino for
Drat anil five cenli per line eachuleu,uent luaer
llou. For onti wwlc, UOcenta per lino, ior one
month, M cent per lino.
Planters House for Sale.
This fine hotel is now offered for sale.
Terms cash. Address communications
Ct Cairo Bulletin, Cairo, III.
Fresh Oyntera
DeBauns GO Ohio Levee.
New Butcher Shop.
A now butcher shop has been opened
by Mr. Charles Gilhofer in the stand former
ly occupied by Mr. Kynaston, ou Commer
cial avenue, between Nineteentli and Twen
tieth streets. A full supply of h11 sea
sonable varieties of -meals will Iw always
kept. Mr. John Ilatrey will have chu
of the shop.
Out of firi cor- ofs ant Imvm l,)y
too bouse and olllce is at present & t the
City Brewery, "u Washington avenue, W
tween Hth aud Uth streets. Orders will lie
filled same as usual, both wholesale and
retail. Wagons supply regularly every day.
Jacoh Klkk.
Fresh Oysters
at DeBauus 00 Ohio Levee,
Southern Hotel and Restaurant
Leo lYlelj Ocsi luo kilo fvioltlu au'l ilio jul
lie to know that this favorite hotel is now
thoroughly repaired and refitted in better
condition than before the lire. Meals at
reasonable rates are furnished at nil hours.
Good rooms and beds Cor the tired, good
iare for the huujjry, fine liipuors lor the
thirsty, is the rule. Give him a call, tf
Heat Oysters
in market at DeBauns bti Ohio levee
For Kent,
Three rooms, furnished or unfurnished.
Enquire ot Jno. Reese, 2(Jth-street. Ut
For Rent,
Harry Schuh's residence, 4th st., bet.
Wash. avo. and Walnut. lit
Summer Excursion Tickets.
The Illinois Central railroad has now on
sale excursion tickets t' all tint principal
summer resorts in Wisconsin, Iowa, Min
iwxota and Michigan; also, Denver, Pueblo,
Toronto ami Niagara Falls. lUtcs low.
Call or address J. II. Jones, Ticket Ayutit,
Cairo, for excursion guides.
A. II. Hanson, General Passenger Agent.
For Oysters
HO to DeBauns M Ohio levee.
J. S, Hawkins is prepared to pump out
cisterns and repair them or build new ones
promptly ami at fair prices. Orders by
postal promptly attended to. No. 2 Win
ter's row. tf
Hoceipt books, Cairo date line, perfora
ted stub, suited to any business, manufac
tured aad for aale at the Cairo Bulletin
Fresh Oysters
at DeBauns 50 Ohio levee.
Sjiroat's Retail lee Box.
Cousumets of ice mo notified that for
their convenience I have built a largo lee
box on Eighth street in Cundiffa store where
ico in anv quantity can at all times be ob
tained. My customers will remember that
their tickets will be punched at this stand
just the same as by drivers of wagons, tf.
John Spkoat.
Use Tuk Caiho Bullktin nerfoiated
cratch-book, made of calendered jute
tnaniUa, tujually good lor ink or pencil. 'For
ahi. in three sizes, at the olliec. No. 2 and
8. live and ten cents each by the single one,
by the dozen. Special discount on gross
lots to the trade.
Kut'kU'ii'H Arnica Salve
1 ho Best Halve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Hons, Ulcers, Halt Rhcutn, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively
curei Piles. It is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction, or moiuy rcfuudeil. Price
25 cents .r box. For mlu by Gi;t, E
Terminal! To Meu Only !
The Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich.,
will wild Dr. Dye's Celebrated Eledio
Voltaic Belts and Electric Applicance on
trial for thirty days to men (young or old)
who are afflicted with Nervous Debility,
Lost Vitality and Manhood, and kindred
troubles, guaranteeing speedy and complete
restoration of health and manly vigor. Ad
drei at above, N. B No risk is Incur
red, as thirty days' trial is allowed.
Notiraa In thnan coinmni. ten tenia liar line,
aach Insertion. Marked
Seventy persons were almost poisoned
to death at a church festival in Elmira, N.
Y., by eating ico cream which had bceu
dosed with tartar emetic.
Yellow fever has undoubtedly broken
out in Brownsville, Texas, and an epidemic
is feared. The doatli rate in Mata Morass is
greater than in Havana.
The Hloomington Bulletin is to bo
changed from a morning to an evening pa ¬
per soon. Mr. Oberly believes the change
will bo a profitable one to him.
Mr. Eckcnberg who has opened a
new cigar store cu Washington avenue
is having his place of business neatly reu
ovated, that is to say, painted.
A telcphoco war is raging in Evans-
ville, growing out of the demand of the
Telephone Co. for advance payments. Ou
Wednesday two hundred subscribers or
dered their instruments taken out.
A white man who became disorderly
n the saloon of Mr. Joseph Steagala
Thursday night was arrested, and yester
dav lined five dollars aud costs by Justice
J. II. Robinson.
Miss Lydia Pitcher has been confined
to her homo with malarial fever for a few
days, but was able to bo about again yes
terday and will soon again take charge of
tho central telephone oflice.
Tho entrance to Tiik Bullktin news
and editorial rooirs is on Railroad stret.
Tho front entrance to job oflice i closed
after seven p. in. Visitors will wwaya find
the Railroad street entrance pen. tf
Mr. W. T. Avery am-' R- B. Merri
weather of Memphis, I'enn., and bosom
friends of Mr. Ju 'Wight, the very gen
tlemanly clurk of The Halliday were
itithf-'V yesterday enroute for home
On the 21 instant an nmbuBhcd band
of Apache Indians attacked a small body
of United States troupes near Tucson,
Arizona, killing all but the colonel aud
two men, who escaped, tho former badly
The excursion train to Mound City to
sec tho match baseball gamo between the
Mound City and IViducah clubs this after
noon will leave the corner of Sixth street
on the Wabash road at 1 o'clock this after
noon. Foil balk an H or 10 Imrso power up-
ngm engine, in good condition, nnil i
foot horizontal 2 rUio boilers, with all tho
t..1tch, pipes, new heater, drive well, water
tank, etc., new Binokn stack all complete,
price J.iO. Apply at Tun Bullktin. tf.
At Versailles, Mo., an artesian well was
completed Wednesday, which is one hun
dred and seventy feet deep, cost five hundred
dollars, and furnishes three thousand gallons
of water per day. Cairo's artesian well,
when finished as intended, will lay over this
in every respect.
The cash value of the medals made
and distributed to tho three hundred and
six friends of Gen. Grant, is said to bo
thirteen cents a peice. They are made of a
cheap composition ami covered with a thin
sheeting of bronzo.
Now that the Mississippi river has
been given an admptato appropriation for
the first time, tho work of improvement
may bo said to bo fairly begun. Tho work
of deepening tho channel between Cairo
and New Orleans will go on now to a
swift consuinatioii.
A new earthen Bower has boon put in
at the corner of Thirteenth street and
Commercial Avenue. It was much needed
in order to drain tho low lots in tho square
above. Trenches loading to the sewer
have been dug across tho lots, which will
hereafter insure perfect and speedy diaiu
ago of that and adjoining squares.
The "tooth-pick" boot is going out of
Cushion 'tis said. But a certain young man
away up town has good evidence- that tho
broad, easy-swinging boot worn by vigorous
men of about fifty, with viagable
daughters, is still in vague. It will never
go out of fashion, young man, never. Keep
out of its reach.
At a meeting of tho Anchor fire com
pany No. G Thursday night Mr. Stool was
elected president; Mr. Frank Stofield, sec
retary and Mr. Win. ICeau, Captain.
Messrs. James Carroll, Wm. Kean, and
Officer Homy Danker were elected a board
of directors. The company is now in ex
cellent condition, has a good hall, a large
membership aud good acoutreinents.
Tho Railway Age ha figures showing
that tho total construction of the main lines
of railroads for seven months in the United
States has been more than 6,0(10 miles.
Should the proportion hold good during tho
remainder of the year the total mileage built
for 1882 would be nunily 18,000 miles, but
it is not likely to run over 10,000 miles al
though as a rule the heaviest work is done
during tlio latter months of the yoar.
Another county hoard from. Our
item about plums yesterday morning
brought Michael KoWe tothooflleo with the
'Boss" peach.-A line downy rosy cheeked
Bpeciman 3 inches long and 10J Inches
iu circumference. With tho peach he
also brought Bcvoral plums-tho smallest
i inches and Iho largest 0 inchcB in
circumference Next.
-Mr. II. F. Potior of tho Argiw
bought a residence, up town, tho proporty ,
heretofore of Mr. E. W. Thielocke, and
will remove thero after having made Borne
necessary improvements, ait. I'ouer
bought a good piece of property vory choap.
Ho is ono of those rare specimens of nows
paper men who realizo something more
than scant food and raiment out of the
newspaper business.
Rosa Ellas, "tho poor widow woman,"
who owned the dog that bit two men who
were passing by the Clark rookery on Ohio
levee a few days ago, was brought into tho
court of Magistrate Comings yesterday,
charged with having failed to pay tax on
the dog. As tho dog was killed in accord
ance with warrants sworn out by both
men, which was thought a sufficient satis
faction of the outraged law, MrB. Elias
was discharged after having paid the costs.
Frof. Al. Gobs returned yesterday from
his trip to Chicago for tho purpose of se
curing several good musicians to make full
his orchestra and cornet band. He se
cured the services of Prof. Will Emery, who
is well known to the Cairo public as an
expert musician, and who has been for
Borne time in the east playing, for Borne of
tho best troupes. He also engaged Prof.
Cramer, one of Chicago's best orchestra
leaders. Both theso gen'.lcmen are
here and Trof. Goss will be ready to open
in grand stylo next Monday.
Mr. D. F. King and his excursion
party to St. Louis returned Thursday night,
having spent several days very pleashiitly
in St. Louis. It seems that the St. Louis
nnd Cairo company did not give him the
kind of coaches he had contracted for, but
some the seating capacity of which was
less. The result was that quite a number
of citizens who intended to go with the
party remained at home. Mr. King was
as much disappointed as those to-whom he
had sold tickets and who were compelled
to remain at homo.
A man iu Hartford has invented a
type-setting machine which is said to bo a
great success; but until it can be shown that
it spells impostor with an "e," sets up
"loose" for "lose," changes "for return
postage" to "Air return of postage," works
in a "has began" occasionally, mixes up
"come" and "came" now and then, puts in
a word that knocks all tho motor out of a
verse, and slings apostrophes and commas
in all directions, it will never make much
headway in American newspaper offices.
Tho case against Maggio Briinni, for
keepiug a disreputable house at the corner
of Fifteenth street and Commercial avenue
commenced in tho court of Magiatrato
Comings Thursday evening, os resumed
in tho same court yesterday morning, and
ended about noon in a judgement and fine
of twenty-live dollars against the defendant.
Chief Myers carried his point as the Bul
lkti.v predicted bo would, and yesterday
afternoon most of the inmates
of the house left tho city. The
chief will keep au eye ou the place and
will see that it does not again offend the
citizens living uear it.
Mr. Henry B.-rgh's regular business
is the protection of dumb annimals from
humane cruelty, and he is the president
of this particular protective s iciirty. Bat
Bergh 13 now busying himself to stop, if
possible, the proposed coming glove fight
between Sullivan nndWilson at the Madison
Square garden, as illegal under tho statutes
of Now York. The mayor has taken the
matter uuder consideration and promises
to do what lie can to preserve tho munici
pal peace, It is a question whether a
sparring match is a fight or tending to pro
voke a breach of the peaco.
The following was published in Tiik
Bullktin- before, but a trial of it con
vinces us that it will bear repeating until
all housewives are Camilliar with it.
Mocu Duck. Take Cor a family of four,
a round steak at 25 cents. With cold bread,
rice or hominy, an egg, a little butter, and
seasoning of herbs, salt and pepper, mak
a dressing as rich as if for turkey, lay
it on the steak, which is to bu rolled over
and sewed up. Put two or three slices of
fut pork on it and roast; bum often; you
cannot tell it from duck.
A small boy, nine years old, labelled
"Parker's Landing, Pa. This boy, Samuel
Brindle, is going to bin mother, Mary Brin
dle, Primrose Banks mills, Old Oldham,
Lancashire, England, via Montreal, Cana
da, and Liverpool, England, per Canada
Shipping company, Beaver line; take core
of him," lost his ticket from Buffalo to
Montreal, and was in a fix at Buffalso until
the polieo telegraphed to Parker's Landing
aud wero told, "Boy all right; ticket him
on," anil he pased on accordingly. He
had come to this country with his father a
yoar ago; father died, and tho good Par
ker's Landing people made up a purse to
send tho little fellow homo to his mother.
There'll bo a glad meeting at Old Oldham.
An analysis of tho vote in tho federal
cougress on the river and harbor bill shows
that of those voting for tho passage of the
bill over the veto 00 wero Republicans, 51
Democrats, and 5 Greonbackors and Read
justee. The negative vote comprised 28
Republicans and 31 Democrits. Tho non
partisan character of tho voto is shown
fairly by a further analysis of the negative
vote: Of the tiays 60, nays 27, came from
the eastern Btates, 31 from tho west and 11
from tho south. Of the 41 votes csst for
tho bill in tho senate 18 were Republicans
and 23 Democratic, and of tbe 19 negative
votes 12 wero Republican, 3 Democratic
oud 1 Independent. The time between tho
calling up of the bill and message in tho
house and the passago of tho bill in the
senate was about two hours, l itis was re
markably quick work.
Mr. George Fry arrived in tho city
ychterday. Ho has made a business trip
through Ai kaiisaB and has found Btroug ev
idence of great prosperity, especially In the
rural districts. Crops, he says, aro the
finest ever known in the state, and corn and
oats particularly aro fine and plenti
ful. Some of tho former is
eleven feet high, and of tho latter there is
sail to be thirty-live bushels to every in
habitant. Tho cotton, as Mr. W. G. Divis
manager of the Cairo Cotton Seed Oil com
pany, who recently visited that state, re
potted, is also in line condition. With all
these excellent prospects, and tho fact that
by tho new narrow guago this prosperous
state is made tributary to Cairo, must cause
Caiio merchants to feel a deep interest in
tho statu of Arkansas.
An obi woman, apparently about 70
years old, arrived in this city
yesterday, and, armed with a written
paper which told a tale intended to excite
pity aud liberality, she besieged nearly
every merchant on Ohio levee and other
principle thoroughfares, and humbly asked
for contributions. If her petition met
with a favorable response, she would be
profuse in thanks, but if otherwise, she
would be equally profuse in denunciations,
sometime curses. She is a professional
beggar and to judge from the roll of green
backs sho was seen by some to possess she
is by no means in needy circumstance.
The readers of The Bulletin are fore
warned, let them jthereforej also be fore
armed. In the senate bills passed for a public
building at St. Joseph and to settle land
patent questions iu the Virginia military
district of Ohio. Tho bill to prevent pleuro
pneumonia in cattle was taken up but soon
laid aside. Houso bill to provide for deduc
tions from the tonnage of vessels and to
regulate steam vessels was passed. A new
conference was ordered on the Japanese
indemnity bill. An agreement on tho leg
islative appropriation bill was reported and
report adopted. Tho tax reduction bill
was then taken up and after debate laid
over. The sen'nte passed tho bouse resolu
tion for tomporary appropriations, and laid
on the tablo houso resolution for adjourn
ment Saturday. In tho houso a joint reso
lution was adopted providing for final ad
journment Saturday. A disagreement was
reported on the general deficiency bill. A
lot of bills on miscellaneous subjects passed
and to a number ot others consideration
was refused, objection being raised to near
ly everything.
There has been a great flitting of wives
to summer resorts from cities and towns
throughout the country, and, as most of
the ladies receive the news papers it is tho
duty of all papers to tell ot how the poor
deserted husbands are getting along.
There may bo ono or two men who devote
themselves to pleasure now, but we have
heard ol none. As a rule the husband is
unhappy, very unhappy indeed, because
his ownest wife is away from him. Ho dies
not drink anything, docs nut attend his
club, he does not hug tho servaut girl,
he does not visit the gardens, he never
drives at twilight iu the park with
something in muslin beside
him; he labors through tho live
long day and at night he sits and mopes.
Ho does not believe what Mrs. Brown
wrote regarding the behavior of Ins wife
and that young man at the watering place;
he is only lonesome nnd miserable and
wants hisducky hack again. But he does
nut hurry her homo because he does not
want to spoil her enjoyment. We know
that absent wives will bo glad to get this
information and so it goes into the paper.
The paper can be relied upon.
Among tho ono hundred and ten mem
bers of congress who dodged a voto on tho
final passage of the riyer and harbor bill,
by which the president's veto was rendered
void was Congressman Thomas, of this dis
trict. It appears, therefore, that out of
four votes taken on appropriations for the
improvement of tho Mississippi river during
Mr. Thomas' membership of congress, ho
voted once against Iho appropriations, and
three times he acted the
coward, or was criminally negligent
of the interests of his constituents.
It will not do for Mr. Thomas to say iu ex
tenuation ol his first vote against tho river
improvement bill that tho bill was "a steal."
Ho must havo known that in a Republican
congress no bill of this kind could bo
passed unless it was a steal. Ho must have
kuown that tho Mississippi must bi im
proved, and if an appropriation for this
purpose could n it m passed honestly, by
electing a Democratic cougress ami presi
dent, it must bo done the next best way
dishonestly by a Republican congress. But,
what can ho say inexcuso of his apparent
lack of interest in tho passage of subsequent
bills; what has he to say In extenuation ol
his failure to be at 'his post of duty three
times out of the four when doelmvo
action was being taken in congress upon the
matter of most vital importance to his con
stituoiits? Does this record provo that Mr.
Thomas is a hearty advocate of river im
provements; does it prove that ho is an
onorgetic worker in congress, that ho is tho
host man tho people ot this district could
send to represent their interests in that
Yellow fever has appeared at New Or
leans ami Brownsville. Two weeks ago an
Englishman, direct from Montevideo and
Havana, was taken sick with tho fever soon
after lii.s arrival at New Orleans and died.
Physicians dll' ted as to Iho character of his
disease, some insisting that it was yellow
fever and iilln ts declaiiing it jaundice.
Tuesday night a O iriuin residing near the
boarding house where tho Englishman was
taken sick, died from an uniniHtakahlo case
of yellow fevi'r. The city is in excellent
sanitary condition ami tiie Board of Health
lias taken active to prevent the spread of the
scourge. At Matainoras, Mexico, just across
tho river from Brownsville., Tex., there are
now 100 cases of fever and tho death rate is
greater than at Havana. Two Judues of
the Supreme Court are sick, tbe Attorney
General has' left and tho functions of the
court are suspended.
Tho Argus was mistaken when it
predicted that tho officers would raid, and is
mistaken in saying that the officers are
rading, the several habitations of cyprians
in tho city. The officers of the city have
nothing whatever to do with the raid;
State's Attorney Daniroti has sworn out
the warrants ami Constable John Sheehan
served them. The officers of the city know
too well that a Bystematic raid would but
create a stench without doing anything to
ward abating the cause, would but disturb
the filthy slough and cause it to break out
of the narrow bounds in which judicious
inanagemeut.cliise watching, and prompt,
decisive action have held it. The officers
of tho city recognize tho fact that success
ful restriction is better than rash, bungling
and necessarily totally futile attempts at
suppression, and the officers of the city are
too concientiotis to allow their better
judgements to be conquered by a desire to
rake in a little very filthy lucre in tbe form
of fees for arrests and conviction.
The effort of Chief Myers to sup
press the institution of vico at the corner of
Fifteenth street and Commercial avenue
has been successful ; the inmates have fled ;
tho haunts which knew them to the dis
pleasure of many good people will know
them no more. The chief's object in sup
pressing this institution wa9 to prevent the
spread of the evil beyond the limits to
which it hag heretofore been restricted;
to confine it to a small district where it can
be closely watched and ruled with an iron
hand. This obj ct was commendable, be
cause it was as near to abolishing the evil
as the authorities of any city can reasona
bly expect to come, and because its accom
plishment was not offensive to public decen
cy. With the suppression of the Fifteenth
atretd institution the chief's eff trts ceased,
and it was the intention that with this case,
which furnished entertainment for the
vicious minded for nearly a wholo day,
tho airing ot thu foul interior of such
places should cease. But it seems that the
act, dictated by reason and a regard tor tho
public good, has been taken as a signal
for a general raid against all such institu
tions in tha lower and upper portions of
the city. Thursday several women from
Walnut street wero brought intocourt and
fined. Yesterday the mistress of ono on
Thirteenth street was brought into court
ami lined. To-day the head of Tho Fifth
street mansion is to appear in court. Tho
raid is conducted by States Attorney Dam
rm under the state law, and it may be
that he too is actuated exclusively by a
desire to promote the public good, but
whether ho is governed by reason or not is
open to serious doubt in the light of expe
rience. Experience has shown that these
raids are not conducive to the public good ;
that, so Car from lessening tho evil, they
cause it to thrive with renewed vigor, just as
anofi'unsive weed-patch thoroughly har
rowed. Experience has shown that res
triction is po sible, abolition impossible;
that attempted abolition is worse in its
effiicts upon public morals than
entire indifference on thu part
of the authorities would be. The object
of all prosecutions of criminal should be to
protect and improve society in general, snd
when prosecution fails to do this it is worse
than ineffectual, it becomes persecution to
the victim and a corrupting influence to
public morals. Like a vulture disturbing
a rotten carcass ami filling the air with a
stench, the persistent breaking open of the
pits of fallen virtue by tho rash hands of
an overzealous, if not merceuary, officer of
the law, fills the moral atmoBphero of a
community with an unwholsomo odor; and
also liko tho vulture, tho officer in ques
tion often seeks only to satisfy his own
wants, iceks only tho few paltry dollars in
fees that ho expects to reccivo from tho vic
tims of tho vico which he pretendu he
would Biippress. Wo aro not now
prepared to say, that Mr. Damron
has none but selfish ends in view in his
raids upon all tho cyprians in tho city; but
tlio tact that thy only result ot tho raid is
to bring tho victims into disgusting prom
inence, and that tho fines assessed and col
looted all go to him, tho belief entertained
by many, that ho is actuated not exclusive
ly by a desiro to promote tho public good,
is uot absolutely without foundation in
"Jlecamo Sountlaud Well."
R. V. Pierce, M.D : DearSir-My wife,
who had been ill for over two years, aud
had tried many other medicines, hecamo
sound and well, by Using your "Favorito Pre
scription." My nieco was also cured by Its
iiho, after several physicians had failod to
do her any good. Yours truly,
TfrbMAB J. Metuvin,
Hatcher's Station, Ga.
Auctioneers and Commission Merchant i
No. 25 Eighth Street,
Between Commercial and Washington Avs.
Coiibignments Solicited.
Clty(Mcrk'iiillln. Cairo, III., Ani.!J, 1HH1.
Healxil prnptiHala will Iih ptcIvi l al thin dlllcu
dlri't-ttid to Hie rltv council, of the city of Cairo
until nit-etlnn nfthit rliy council Monday tvenlriE
Auifimi Mih, inn-.' for fiirnlKhinif the ruati'ilnl ami
lnlnt( the work or diilnt! the work iit ccuKnry for
the rt'Conatrucllon ol the fullimliic cltleaitlkn, to lit)
constructed of wood, viz: I n thu uertaliluof
Commercial avenue, lielwt en '.lull iiiid i,'nd (treeta.
The contractor to iiv all old ininerial tit for liao,
A good and auflli luiit ootid for twice the amount of
hid mum accompany hid. The work to tic done to
the aaUff.trtlon cif the committee ou tretl. Thu
rliflit to reject any or nil hid rexervttl hr the city.
1). J. FOLKir.Cltr Clerk
The Largest Variety Stock
O. O. TAT1KU & CO.,
Cor. NinoUMjiithftrtwit I P.iJurt Til
Commercial Avenue I Villi U, ill.
Commission Merchants
Hkhest fash Price Paid for Wheat.
Of Cairo. Illinois.
CAPITAL, 1()0,000
A General Banking business
Of Cairo, .
urn i' .
C O jV T,
13 Stoves 11
A A.
No. 27
Utli St.
s s
o o
1ST 3N
S Tinware. S
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