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Term lit Oubiori ption.
Dully nney. ar hycarrior $13 Oo
CM pr cent. illacount II paid In advanca.)
iMllV.onuyuar ijy null - 10 00
liaily.ntiH month I OTI
Wofkly, one yar 'Jim
Wi'Hlv. (I month 1 mi
I fy('l'ihH of five or morufor Wuekly Dullttlu al
one tiin, jut yr. 8' W
All Ciinimnulcationii should lm addrcamd to
I'ulilUbor ami 1'ro'irlntor.
About Spectacles.
Thoso who are i!-tiiii-IIi: to wear
)rrt:iclcs arn (ift.cn ictiins (,f a good
ilful of personal ridicuNj now-iuIays: Imt
timo was when it wan consiilcivil fash
iotiahln to wear thorn, even y pcdplo
who were not in the least near-hihti.'il.
In Spain they formeil iiart of tho co
tiinin of every w el l-hreil jierson. TliU
ahsun.1 Dsn of glasses was meant to in
ereii.su the gravity of the appearance.
Kin) coiise.piently the veneratiim with
which tlm wearerof litem was reganleil.
A young monk having, through the as
h .stance of hi.s family, eatifeil his con
vent to Miececd in an important law
suit, thought himself lilwrally rewarded
when the prior, having emhraecd him,
hm tote.stify his gratitiele: "Ilrother,
put on hpeclacles!" Tlm glasses of
oitei.-taelcH were proportional in size to
the r:mk of the wearer; those worn by
the Spanish nobles were nearly three
inches in diameter. The Marquis of
A storga, Viceroy of Naples, after hav
ing his bust sculptured in marble, par
ticularly enjoined, the artist not to for
get his beautiful spectacles.
The Mississippi negro will sell h'u
shirt for a lir.-t watermelon.
An Idaho man followed a hear into a
cave and forgot to come out.
This is a big country, but the trouble
with the hoiise-lly is that he doesn't
take to the back counties.
The Hungarian vineyards have been
badly nipi-d, and American tourists
will do wtil to take a jugof eid'T along.
A parly who h id just paid a big
ductor's bill says he would like to s-e
high heals go out of fashion.
A '-bitter'' disappointment: "Very
ony, sir," .said the bartender, "hut
we're out of tansy."
It takes oi.iHHi.tKHj barrels of heroine
to li'ht the world with. The other
barrel is to hurry up the tire with.
A riiiladelphiau adied his son to
aim high in life, ami the lad went out
and shot a cow. lii-i-f was about the
highest thing he could find to aim at.
"San Francisco is clamoring for brass
bands in churches." K.vtiviiie measures
must be taken to keep San Francisco
people- aw ake, evidently.
"Why do good children go to heaven
when they die?" a-l.cd the teacher.
"Hecause it's unsafe to tni.-t children in
a place where there's a fire."
A Detroit hoy coii'Mered the mea-des
in twenty hours, and the mumps only
hroiight'hiiu oil' the fence for half a
Old Simon faimroti says he was born
when the art of printing was in its in
fancy: as that art i about (ml years
old, it would he interesting to know the
extent of his antiquity.
The elevation of Mr. Cass, the Eng-li-li
brewer, to a baronetcy, recalls
Th lore Hood's witticism- that people
may brew and be somebody, but if
they baked it was all up with them.
The author of the song. "See That
My Crave Is Kept (irccn." is in jail
in Indianapolis. He is now engaged
on a companion piece, entitled: "See
That My (.'ell Is Kept Whitewashed."
"At what a:.'e were you married?"
asked she inquisitively, lint the other
woman was equal to the emergency,
iind quietly r :-j'otnled, "At the parson
nge." Ve, I've got a horrid cold.' said
Mrs. Jctikinsoi:. "I've dosed and du-ed,
und I believe I've taken no less th:m
'.hirty-nine articles, and I begin to feel
like an Episcopalian."
A little boy, w hoso parents are always
moini; from one house to another, was
.ikcd'hy the Sundav school teacher.
"Why did the Israelites move out of
Kvpt?'' "lieeause they couldn't pay
tlic'ir rent," w as the reply.
Ju spile of the growing demand for
them by the plumbers and negro miii
sirels, the price of diamonds is not likely
to advance greatly, for there were J!1,
fititl.t.NK) worth of them found nt (tape
Colony last ear.
It is believed that if Alexander Selkirk
could liae qeut one hour in a railway
waitimr-t'ooiu he would iiuvt' gone back
to his (irsei t i.slaml tiy the lirst train, to
Iind it by contrast a place of excitement
and a wilderness of delight.
Two newsboys in Canada, conversing
on the dilVcrence between English and
American lime said: "If you had a
brother in England and he died at 12
ou would get the new s in Montreal four
nours before he died."
Kroiison Aleott, 8.'l years of age, hns
just published n book of poems, all of
which were written within the last six
months. Eighty-three, we should say
to our young friends, is the proper ago
to begin writing poetry.
She -"Why is it that when wo were
lovers you always got. me a box at tho
theater atnl covered the front with
bonnets, but now you buy scats in the
dress circle?" lie "At, that lime your
father pahl for your bonnets."
"I have been grossly Insulted," ex.
claimed Urown. "That seoiindrel Smith
called mo iv liur!" "How unfortunate!"
remarked Fogg. "You couldn't deny
the accusation without endorsing it,eould
A boot-black. smoking u "butt" which
he had just picked up, is accosted by a
comrade with: "Sav, what brand of
cigar is that?" "Robinson Crusoo.U
"Why d'yer call it that?" "Because it's
a castaway."
Old lady: "Oh carpenter-yes - while
you were at dinner I ah! -tied sumo
rags around the head of your hammer,
ns I found tho noise of it this morning
disturbed me very much. You w',fi
find it much please'nter now."
Cincinnati lovers are so urdent that,
they will make lovo to the first person
who comes along; hut an old man who
found that he had been embracing a girl
in Eden Park that had just broken out
with the small-pox, concluded that ho
had been u little hasty.
'Doctor," says the patient, nieetiier
him on the street, " W!oit yytj to tell
me what is the m iller with me. When
I wake tip iii the morning I feel dull -Mupid
a s an idiot." "Humph! And
how did you fcc.l when von went to bed
the lilght before, eh?''
The Way We Live Xw - "Well, old
chappie, what did the doctor sa?"
"Oh said I was to give up tea. ami take
plenty of rest, ami all that. Mean to."
"lint w hat did ho say about big cigars
braudi'.s and mhIus in the morning,
and all that:'" "Oh. didn't mention it.
Fact is, never a-ked him!"
"My frens." said the oil'n dating
clergyman at. the marriage of two coF
oicd persons near Cincinnati, a few
Sundays ago. "my frens, it :nn a serious
thing to get married, specially bote
parlies is orphans mi' ,;ijnt got no
parietits to fail bark on, as am do nro-cut
case." 1
W hen all the bull'.ilo are killed
if I'nele Sam can be induced to
feeding the red devils on canned
and other government rations. tl,e w ill
haw to put up nt an American boarding
house, and then ihspepsia will wind up
the noble red man. The M'l-fi-litl'V of
the Interior should cut. this oui'mu I
pa-le ll where he shall ee it :i;'.ain.
A contemporary asks: "Il.w slciil
women carry their purges to frustrate
thieves?" Why, carry them empt.
Nothing frustrates a thief inoiv I ii:iu io
Miaich a woman's pur-e, after following
In r half a mile, and then Iind lii.il it
contains nothing but a recipe for spin
peaches and a faded photograph of her
An Austin farmer started in the liv-cry-slaMc
hiisin.-ss lust week, and the
lirst thing he did wa. to have a big
sign painted, representing him-elf hold
ing a mule by the bridle. "Is that a
good likeness of ne'" he asked of a:i
admiring friend. "Yes. it is a perfect
pieluie of iii, but Mho is the l'. llo.y
holding vou by the bridle?"
"Father, you are an awful brave
man?'' sail a Detroit youth, as he
smoothed down the old man's gray
locks the other evening. "How do Mm
know that. Willie?" "Oh, I he'.nd
some men down at the store say that
you killed thousands (if .soldiers dur:n r
the war." "Me? Why. I was a In .-7
contractor for the army!" "Yes, that's
what they said!" exclaimed vcung in
nocence, as he slid for the kitchen.
"Angelina, deare-t. canst tell me
wherein tie.' manner resembles the beau
tiful sunllower under whose umbrageous
blossoms we first plighted our troth?"
asked Adolphus, his whole being trem
ulous with emotion. "No, Dolly," re
plied Angelina, toving with her chew
ing gum. "Tell me, Dolly." "Listen!"
exclaimed Adolphus with solemnity.
"It is because the sunflower goes , i
seed, and the mariner goes to sea,
At the bric-a-biMc shop Amateur
(whose heart has throbbed at the sij.t
of a huge platter of old Kollell Wale,
but w ho is too w ary to reveal his emo
tion) -"What's that little uni-platc
over there worth?" Dealer (an old bird
also) -"You mean this saucer, here?
Eighteen hundred francs," Amateur
"Preltv steep, isn't it?" Dealer -"Well,
sir, you see, wi'.h those knick-knacks
the smaller they are the more lliev
Travelers by Sea And Land,
Change of air and travel produces con
stipation, followed by headache and a
gener.il disarrangement of the system. The
nauseated stomaehe gsgs at a pill, while
mixtures sweet or acid Hre revolting.
Nothing of this kind is ever complained of
in taking Simmeus Liver Ueguiator--purely
vegetable, pleastnt to the taste, and
its opertilions upon tho liver being per
fect, at the simo time so imperceptnhlu
that it interferes with neither business or
ilothcrs! Mothers!! Mothers!!!
Are you disturbed at night and broken
of your rest by a fiick child suffering and
crying with the excruciating pain of cutting
teeth 'f If ho, go at once and get a bottle ol
Mrs. Winslow's .Soothing Syrup. It will
relieve the poor little sufferer immediately
depend upon it; there is no mistake
alsmt it. There is not a mother on earth
who has ever used it, who will not tell you
at once that it will regulate the bowels,
and give rest to the mother, and relief and
health to the child, operating like magic.
It is perfectly safe to use in all cases, and
pleasant to the taste, and is the prescrip
tion of ofie of tho oldest and beat female
physicians and nurses in the United States.
Sold everywhere. 25 cents a bottle.
Mirabile Dicta.
"Your Spring Hlossom is a success. 1
certainly think its effects are woneiTul ;
all the dyspeptic symptom I complained
of have vanished; my wife is also enthusi
astic in praise of it; she was disfigured by
blotches and pimples on her face, and
a continous headache. She is all right
now and all unsightly eruptions aro gone.
You may refer any doubting parties to me,
it. M. Williamson,
"Elk Street, Bulfilo."
Price 50 cents, trial bottles 10 cents.
P, 0. SCHUH, ft;lit-
Dn. Ki.ink's (Jurat Nkuvk Hebtoker is
the marvel of the ago for all nerve diseases.
All fits stopped free. Bond tu Ih'il Arch
street, Philadelpia, Pa.
J. P. Davih, of Portsmouth, Ohio, sold in
one year fourteen thousand boxes of "Sel
ler's Liver Pills." They cure tnalwria.
Allen's IJrain Food positively cures nerv
ousness, nervous debility, nnd all wonktiess
of generative organs. $1. 5 for 5. All
druggists. Send for circular to Allen's
Pharmacy, 815 First Ave, N. Y. Sold in
Cir by Barclay Bros.
"FkmaIK complaints" aro tho result of
impure blood. IWDr. Lindsay's Blood
Sturdier." Sure euro.
fluckien'H Arnica Salve
The Best Salve in tho world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheiim, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Cuius, and all Skin Kruptimis, and positively
cures Piles. It is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price
25 cents pr box. For mdo by Oko. E
Worthy W' I'nilsc.
As a rule we do not recommend Patent
.Medicines, but when we know of ono that
really is a public benefactor, and does
positively cure, then we consider it our
duty to impart I lint informal ion to all.
Klectiic Bitters are duly a most valuable
medicine, and w ill sure ly cure Biliousness,
Fever and Anno, Stomach, Liver and Kid
ney Complaints, even when all other rem
edies fail. Wo know w In roof we speak,
and can freely recommend them to nil.
Kxch. Sold nt fifty cents a bottle by Harry
W. Sihuh. Hi)
If Adam had !ii I a ga:::'; of "Fifteen"
placed in h's hand ht an early period of his
e.vistiinee, the whole cour-e of history
might have been materially altered f tT the
better, and il hiliiou.-ness, indigestion, sick
headache or djspepsia were unknown,
Spring Blossom would not bo needed.
PriccoU cents, tri il bottles 10 cents, P. (!
Sell i h, agent.
Tn K old need tin in; the young want
them ; the s;rk mve them; the well take
thdii; dyspi plies need them ; epicures like
them; men will have tin m ; children cry
for thctn; ladies must have tlum. Hops and
Malt Bitters.
How's the B,ihy.
"How's the baby?'' "His croup is better
this morning, thank yen. We gave him
some of Thomas' Khctric Oil as you ad
vised, doctor, and shall give him some
more in an hour er so.'' Nt xt day the doctor
pronounced the youngster cured.
(iivctl A way.
Wi cannot help noticing the liberal offer
made to all ii.vali s and sufferers by Dr.
Kings's New Discovery for Consumption.
You are requested to call at Harry W.
Schuh'b drug store, and get a trial bottle
free of cost, if you ate Milf riug with Con
sumption, Severe Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
B.-ot,chitis, Jf;iy F,ver, Loss of Voice,
Hoarseness, or any affection of the throat
or lungs.' It will positively cure you. ill)
Personal! To Men (inly !
The Voltaic Belt Co.. Marshall, Mich.,
will send Dr. Dye's Celebrated Elect r -Voltaic
Belts and Electric Applicance o'i
trial for thirty days to men i young or obi)
who are afflicted with Nervous Debility,
Lost Vitality and .Manhood, and kindred
troiiblts, guaranteeing speedy and complete
restoration of hcal'h and m inly vigor. Ad
dress as above, N. B No risk is incur
red, as thirty day ' trial is allowed.
Bespits' d.
By the unthinking, Burdock has been
considered a weed, and its luxuriant
growth, nnph'Tsiiiit sine'!, etc., has rendered
it, to thos i "not knowing i t-i virtu-'," a
nuisance, yet the root has long been ac
knowledged tiy savants as m-st invaliivile
ns a diuretic, aperient and blood purifier.
Bur iock Blood biiters emh-.dv all i's good
(pialitics. Price f 1.0 I. P. (5. S.-hu'i, ag-.t.
Go to Paul (i. Sehub. lor Mrs. Freeman's
New National Dyes. For brightness and
durability of color nre urn-qualed. Comr
from 2 to .") pounds. Directii i s ir. English
and Gei mac Pr'ne 15 cents
The best nml cheapest cur stutter is sohl
by Borleu, Selleck vt Co, St. Louis, Mo.
With it one linn c-iu iiii-vi: u hmihcl cur. (t!)
It is impossible for it wotmui
from weiikness nlV-r tikin''
to MiiTi-r
liV'clel ,
riiikluim's V'eiiiftiihlf I'u i!ioiui'l.
For H"v;i women, xveuk Htnl siekly
chiliircn, without a r v.il. Vi:l not cutisc
tieiidiiclu-. Urn vn's l.oti Hitters.
Liiltliil t i old.
Dnn'l Pintik, of Ji'ooklyn, TioL'-i Co., Ph.,
tlcacrihes it thiia: "I r ule thirty mil' s l"
a hi it tie of Thoimis' Kieetric Oil, rthie'.i ef
f'ecteo! the womh rful cure n!' a eiooked
limb in nix applications: it pioved wmth
umru than ohl to me."
I'm-. G. Si nt ii, fluent.
l'alpituiititi of Hi'1 Heart
J, M. Mifiht, Syi'icusc, N'. Y., writes:
"When I first, ciiiiimenc.nl iisipo your Hur
tl.H'k liiooil Hitters I v;is tiouljleil with
flutterino; ami palpitation of tin; heart. I
fcit weak ami luiuuid, with a manliness
ol tue limbs; since tisino; my l.e.ut h is not
trnliblcil me nml the iiiiinhintj sensation
is all none." Trice if I. (HI trial."
I'ait. (t. Si iu ii, ni'i iit.
Tllii II M.I.I l Y.
A Hew and ciimpicio II itid, fnmlliii; on l.evee
Kucund ami Kuilroa-l Sin via,
Cairo. Illinois.
Th PaMMiKf P- pot of tho Clilraeo. SI. Loiit
V .iewurl" ,..e: Illlnol- ( eblral; Wabnxl,. Ht
,oin ami I'si'tiic; iron woiuitiiiu aim rs. .in n.i n ,
Mobile aud Ohio: Cairo and .s
I. Illlla lOlllWa.Va
are all Just in-roaa tliu alroot ; w hile tlm Stuainhoai
Latin inn is nut ono -tiari inaianii
This Hotel la he a led by hi cum, ha Hen in
Laundry, Hydraulic Klevntor, Kim trie C ill Hells
Aillomallc Klro-AluriiiH, Ilntha. nbanliilely puro air,
piir Drlaeworaito and toiiipluto nppoliiiiiieiiiii.
8uporh furumtilut;; perlecl auvke; and an un
exciih'd labia,
' tjti" '''4' y'v
i ,r'ffo,iMi:iite . A ,
Sc r,n" !itT.-.fv?j r ii 2 it L t?A-7fa I
JJlt. O LAI iK
Indian Wood Syrup.
ta ,
rs n
mm is'
30 f
1U 0
f, , a
lllUJlC SUUk
f 4 T J If bvspcp-lii. Mvi-r His-
I ' I M IJ V ,'HN,s- l-'f.crHiid Aiic
I I I IV I I ,t IftU'lllllH'Islll, lllillisy.
J yj J l I jy j Heart Idscasc.llilii'iis.
liess. Nervous hehilitv
hvclvu TliDUsaiid Bottles
Sold Since l0!
I'hi- Svrup po-.-M(.i varicl nropi-rilcn : Ii Htim-iiU'i-
ihc ptvalioe In t lie mllva, which ciuivtris
OH' stun h kikI nuuar of tliu food Into chic-en A
'.cllrifiii'y in ,ijHiii:L- ciii!C wiuil mill ui.ril!L' ul
'In- I-mpI In n.f. Kiomiich. If Ihe mcdii-l ;- . v k, t,
ifiiroi ilidfciy urtur euMu, the furmenUilun ul loi d
Is .n 'Vi-i-tvd.
It sits 0 jm .ii tin- I.ivcr,.
It si ls upon tn KhlnejR,
It ili-u'iilHtes ttl; Hiiwa-ls,
It. I'urifii-s the f;o..d.
It Ouii-ts tlm Nervous System,
ll I'liiii.otcs Diifc.tinii,
It Nourishes, S'lri-mrtiViiii and Invlirorstes,
It .ii rbnoll' the (lid Klniu nml makes New.
U opens jln I'mcs id the Skin hiiiI lniliu-cs
llndtitj Pi'i-sdrKtiun.
H i.enir.tl'zin tbn hereditary taint, or put-on in
th '-I'kkI, which L'eliersli-i) .Scr-ifulH. KrvH.i.. lm
mid -ill
maimer of skm I)l-!t-a-fi and iu urral hu
'ihi'i' arc no piril i-mployed In it maim farm ro
and it i an hi'taki u hy the most dt-llcHte hahi!, or hy
ti e Bi il and fei hlc, caru only ht-.iijj reqnireil in in
ttiili l t-i dlruct.OLa.
Oftlva, Itcnry t'onnty, IHh.
I wa-ioitTiTiiiif from SUk Headache aud I) r.?.
in - no thai I rmild not attend tomv hmifeliold du
tii . ami a i-hort trial of Or. Clark Johiipoii'a Ir.-ll-an
li.ooii yru efftcmullv cured me.
Walerinnn Station. DeKalh Co., Illn.
I hie Ii- to rertify that Dr Clark Johnnon'n Indian
Blood Svrti.) hn cured me ol Pain in the B:ick. It
lu a vaiuaine medicinu. MKsi V(.iuD.
cculrc Hill. White Co., Ark.
'I'hi-it to certify that I was afflicted with I'nlpi
taiiiui ol the Heart for many years I tried ditl r
eiit ducturii, wtioi- preiji rip'tioiia tended more, to
weaken tn) than they d:d to strenu'then. I a, In-t
n c Ivf'l to try Dr Clark Johnmu's Indian Hlnod
Syiup. wlilrh proved to bo a punitive cure-not on
ly i-iirlnj the Heart Di-ease, Liu a'.o a Sick Heail
ai.b wL.cti bud been troublini; me.
I wan alVilrted wi'b Llrer ('oniDlaiiit and Dyspep
fn aiid fnlled to But relief, aiihonth uslmj uiudl
diien from o'lr best rl-x-mr- I commeuced uninu
ir. .lohiiH. iii'a Indian Wood Svrnp. ami a f hint trial
cured me. T. W. KISINU. Moilne, 111.
Tlil ce-tlfli-a that lr. Clark .Ii)hnon'n Iudein
Wood Svrup hsf etl'ectuajly rur. d me ol ilyvpei eia.
Tn. ,.n.oh iuuui dp call! In tiralne o!' it.
W. E. W1M.MI-K, Beiltord, Mo.
Ai cnts wanted for tho falc of the Indian Ulod
Syrup in er,-ry town or village, n which I Lave n
ii'bl rartlculnrn Riven ou appllc .tiou
l)KVO(il!sr 8KLL IT.
Liliraiorv T, Wai 64 t. , jj. Y City.
p'D's'lKH. oit j,..,r npe-ia S-ptemhcr l.'irh.
New Hulliii::i;i'." Superior a.-copitnoilallom.
A'iolii'iiieiita c-nipleiu. Kl.j.'li''tl. Col 1 1 i itt ,
('liemlinl. Civil KlU.-ine rli'i; cu rse-. Decrees
Coiil-Tred. Appiy in VV 1'. UullliUv. Esq., patrou
Cairo, III., or to CUL. TIIKO. HVATT, 1'iest.
Indiana AsbuiT Uuiversitv.
I. Collect ef Literature and Aria
i'lnical an-l I'hi ii-oplilciil .
Two coureeii
ii. i ueoiot'ieai niir-u. iniriic on ny uie pre
idem and four professor".
III. Law Course. l.ipUHi'tlon hy throe profea-toe-.
I V. .Mi II tun lVpitr.iiH'iit. under c La rye of t'tiit'-d
Sl"le.- i -flic r
'. 1'r p'liiitoiy seh Mil. Six ekillful an t exieri
en e-t leai'liem
Tuition free I.jiliea and L"'iitlemeu adinltled.
Lo-ution healthr. K. r-1 term lei;ine Sept. 13.
A lply for ciit'iloL-iie to
ALEXAN iKIt MARTIN, I.I..D . I'n-'t.
Cir' lll'Hstle, tlllti.lti:!.
R"Ssi fBb& 225 l f"
617 St Charles Stroot, ST. LOUISj MO.
A r-.'olur O i-i i-1 mo of tw o inedliit
rolii-Kes, h.is been Imiu-.-r i-iii':iu'ed In the (real
nient ul' 'lo-onie. Nerviiui", It 1 1 1 nn.l
llloo.l )l-e.i-s iiiim any oitn r pb slel.iii In
St. I ,iti I s. us i itv piin i's siow nml all old re-l-dililH
kin-n. ( oiiMil liil Inn ul olllee or hy iniill,
free nml 1 1 v 1 1 - I . A iriemUv lalk or ll Is opliilmi
ci i-t s iml ll liiT. V hen Ills Ineoii ven lent lovl-.lt
the ellv I'm' treatment, lucillctiie-i eiin lie sent
by mull or epr"a everywhere. Cural'li-1 li es
tu.iiunl I: where ilo'ubt exists II Is I'rillikly
bliiled. Call or Write.
Ni'rvotis Prostration, Debility, Mental and
riiymcul Weakonss, Mercurial and other
afToctionsjif Throat, Skin and Bones, Blood
IinpurilioB andlood PoisoDinir, Skin Alhio.
tions, Old Sores and Ulticrs, Impndimentsto
MiirrniKO, Khcumatism,- TUps. Special
attention tn ensos from over-worked brain.
SURGICAb CASES recoive upecial attention.
Diseases arising from Imprudences, Exees.se,
Iniliilni nens or Gxpoauros.
ll u n'll'-ev blent that n ihvb lim pnyliiu
pniib'Uli'ii' alleiillnii to a ebiss oi'eases niimiis
ureMt -till. ihhI l'h alelniis III remilnr praellee
all over tin' eoiinlry ktiowlnir till-. i'reiii"iilly
reeoiniii"liil i-.isesto tile obleM olllee III Ain-I'lea
wheiei verv known appliance In resorted to,
and tin- peovi-il roixl i-i-iiieilii-i- of nil
nu-e- :i'l eminl l ien are n-ed, A w hole lioie.e Is
liKnl ii.rolhi'e piinio.es, and nil are (rented Willi
kill Hi a respectful manner! ninl,-know Iiik
v liiil In do- no I'Mierl nieiils lire made. I iie
ronnl of tli" irrent nnnibei- ailyliiu. the
chiiiX'" nre kelit low. often lower than Is
ib iiKimleil by others If ou eeni e I lie skl'l
ami U't a speeilv anil perlcM tile eiire. thai Is
tlm I in 1 1 I 'i 1 1 1 miitlei. I iin.plilet, 'M piiKes,
lent b) any addieat free.
.,., Hllth .,, .,,,,,,, cr,.,,,i ,nr tn
j MJ,,',U i 1,.,.,.,,. him lVv..e llllv wmw
itei l'ul pell I'leture. true to life , arlkli-ann tlm
f.dlow liiit atiliji-eia . Who inav tnari y, who mill
win If I 'I'ni'cr ue tn inuri-v. ' Who niari-y llrt,
tniilinoil, W'niiMiihiKKl. I'livsleaMecav. Who
vlioolil inairy. How life and liapplncHii may bo
iticreaseil. Thoi inarrleil or contemplallnij
mari vlnir 'hmibl read It. It onuht tone reail
bv all adult peinnin, ibm kept uniler lock and
kev. Populnr nlltlnn, nam almvr.hnl pat'iT
rover ami JW) patpja, U cuta by mailt la mouuy
W ffiefc'A-PI. P. .Tf.I-OODE FOB
M miu w un. wiiir-iw, lull IIIUH.
---J Iruticnis i.f all kiiifU.,f nDisa nLDmu
AfCjA SILVER and EEED in.ir Ulliellti, tillTMlll.V
I , - "ii." m nulla i-;r iiirininu liamig, 41
5K Io??"d '"-""''''-ton of inatrum'-nta
V:4 WBAT and HOW t mirrl,-. ,. t...
rL' Mwlfl, f,,ll i..... m - ?
I ur fli v.-r plating, repairing. fcc. WillaUo
n' lid, if d, li, ,i, ur iianit anil orchatra
J'JfJ !' t"'"'1 r'l-nlar uiiimr. Addnc
TRADE M4RK. The (!reat Rutf-
IlHli reniedv. An
uiifuillni; cure for
'(' yP minai wcHKncHa
poienc. i.in an
dlMea-eK that folow
a a a Neqiience
iviu.u laniieiiin'verKBi o.aMiuce , ni i.
,. pain in the ba. k'"or i tUTUT.
d inners orvl,.!oii, premaiiiri) old are, and many
'.thcnlis-a-cMiint lead to iiiHanitv, uiHumptlon
or a pri'inauitc ernve.
t7Kull i an U -ilnrs In our pamphlut, w hich wo
desire lo semi free bv m-iil tn everyone. ?r-Thi!
sp-Tiib- Me.iirii ,. , t.,,1,1 ttv all dra u'l'lsls at $1 per
pacHam-. or i-i.x paekni." e for $5, or will he xent Iri i
bv mail on p-ccipt of On iii.oiev, hv adilreHnini;
,, , , lirrraw, N. Y
(In ari--:iiit of cuinh rfeii,, .. ,RM, 8.:,,ted the
eldw W raiiper: tue onlv e- nnlii.- l.n..,.,,
ol cure isnueii
Siild in ''airo by P. fi. MIUTI.
Al'ciiIh, Morrison, I'lumbor & Co
Benson's Capcine
Porous Plasters.
Keason Why Utey av Vrefcrrnl to Ml
Other Vorous. Viasters or External
1 1 rat.
because they pnwuB ail tho merit of th
atrengthenini; porous plaster, aud contain In ad
dition thereto the newly (Uncovered powerful and
active vegetable combination which acta with in
creased rubefacient, Btimulatiiis, sedative audi
counter irritant eflects.
BecauBO they aro a penuine pharmtcoutlcal prep,
nration, and 80 recofniieil by tho profession,
r.ef.-iuse tlK-y aro tho oniy iiluctcra that relieve
I " -s '-ire,
necanse they will psuiiv, , ,. j;..- t
Other remedu-i wiii Lot t-vel'rel,c,J,,!,ftBe, "hlch
H -cniii ever r-Wlpliyaieians and ilrupglftsfcava
voluuuinly tenitl' d that they aro superior to all
otiier pl.i.M'.ers or medicines lor external me,
Do-ir. . -o, '.racturera harn received tha
only Uituu.o ur iven fur poroua plasters.
Benson's Capcine Porous Plaster!
Mumifactunnc; Chemiats, New York.
TPi-'U K K'C.VlKll V"AT"l7AST7Pilcir?r(bC
DUDCfllJOJ ti.mniTlur &IMO MARK
New IticU
lil-mtl, and w ill orm i iiU t ty cliatiffp the l-lood in (ht en
tire fv hi h mi in thrtH tnont W Any htkihi u Imi will
1 pill tnrh nijrht f nin 1 tn 1 15 wwltuniny be n-t(irt'.l
tohomi'l ll mh If ll , if Mirh a tiling bo pnnMilO.-. Noli) ov
vry wIktp, ut Ht'iit by tntil fr H iHfi-r Mr-mpt I- H.
ilutiNsuN ti C Oi, hu(ut), Aluns., funucrly liitnyur, Mu-
Electric Appliancm are tent on 30 Days' Trial.
T -- nutr.'iinj; frmn NnnvtHfn Pkhimtt,
I.out Vitaijtv, Lkvh up Nkuvk Kih- k it
Vh.nit, VrtTlu Wkahnkhkh, and till (Ikim illwavii
of n I'Rnso.NAii Natckk n t-nitlTirf rmni Ahi'im nml
OTMKK C-t huh. hp- -y li'll' t nil I roiMpli'lti rt-tst-i-Mlil'n
)! II KAfrH.X 1'MtRiUlil M j ' HO( l I Alt AKTKKDi
Tln rrnn v .t iltHi'itvcry nf I In S in.-ir-'iii h i.Vi.tury,
hi'lttlut i-HVV inr UJuiliuU:.i I'.LlUphli-l fi to. Ait.iixit
gJk. T-K.'Kl.lNII'B GK
.' - lihia ami Kr
nn a
fstatta. Om.vm nr. i i-iii mil NtuvK Arrmi-
lliil-.l 119,1 I'll Ki-nt.vli- lM'.M I.IItl.HII ukea
l-iiflii iliri'i'l.-i, I"hltft,r t 'I tin i' t.tf. l'rtlio k
K Bf I trial linill.i rri" t-i i ll I ii".llii-v pMlnf rsi-mi.il
liariii-i -m i-nl,w nvn r-i't.iv(-ii. nn-i nnuipi.,i-.i i.hhu
...r.-i a..ra iif uttlirli"! tn 1K K I. IN K 'l.11 Arch
SLj'tiili" i y'rnt'i W. Jiii-o tit evnu.ll.
Tl'.on ilo ii in, iii iniilto inoiii'jr
I'll i. ' 111 li-l l lil"iilllll IIIV'RLIlll'Ilt I
111 Ul'.illl. iri I'-l Un Hli'l kIih'Ii
a:iri'ii' ll iir s, i nn ilu ho l-V opi-r-nil!".''.!
hi i'il,iii, I-loin May IhI,
1 i . i-i. s.-iit until, on In-
v.-ai in -"I TiiHiati.iH ,iMi(l, cash
p ti '.. s ii- v i ii. c-i H-iiliii'il ami
pui i I i:iM-.-ii'i-a miii'iiiitinit tn
..i.f,ii liiiii-n li.n I'l'iiiiiuil iiivfut
nii'iit. -i" li-uvlni; thi'i'i'-miml In-vi-mi
iiiriii. iniiliiiii! iiiuiiiiy in- io v
e; .ii on d. -111111)11. 1'Apliiiintiiry cir
culiii i nun uliiti'iiii'in of fun. I SV
acnt In .'. Wo wuiit i-apoliallilo
ni.'1-ntH, who will n-ii)i-t on crop
ninl iiilroiliion tin pin ii. Liberal
CiiliiiiiiHH im iiulil. A'litroaa,
l-i l.MIIIMi A SIUIKIMI, ion
mlssl.ui M.-rebauta, Majar lllakt
tm t.DJLt(
Hie at'onlna of Illlloua Colic, tho tnillnrrlbahle
pnnu of Chronic Inillip-mloii, tlm rtt-hliiiy and
iniinial miiiMir n-etiltliiic from acoMtlvc tialilt, may
lie certainly avoliled by ri-uiilutliitr I lm hvhIi iii with
Unit e iTi-i'ihl-and n-l'nriihliH; i-i-'.'tiir I Prepara
tion, Tammi'M Si p.-T A pKi-ii nt,
I'nicil'iinl'- at llil 1 1 ni 'tivla.
m to $20,000
In litirltriti ill- J tf1u'i.,i:- ) irii'nllui: in Cml i, Pro
viHlnna itii'l sioiIvkou our pi rlii-'cd pl.m, yield a
Kllra until ' li U r-ni i - in uir- ui-l -m.. li,v,tors.
Addri f -r full purl Icul-ir, j; .; ..N, A.
Com'u .Mi rcliuuii, irr A l,:i mu Chicago IU
MA J ! Jii 'Ml )l II IE A I
wlhln;r to lorni mi ni ipialntaii'-i' wlili a vii-w to
miirriiim-, m-hil ;j iym nmwp i': lh..-. Uiiur, with
full particular, tu ';p. r .V llri;;lii-ui. Ilo- t-m Maa.
KOl t liO VS.
Fifth year hitsjlna SotiU'mt.-r I. I'-hj. a flmt
cUfH Inuli aclnioi; uii.-i lar-an ; nim-t ilicipllm-;
Ihnruiiuli I lit I rm;t Inn ; -,-railiinlii Mud.-rila in tho
claai.li al and comini-rcial courn-M. Numlii-r of
hoiirilcru liiniliiil. i-' t pmuIoi;!!. n aiiilrria
IJES. It. FUSTKR, A. M.l'rlnr'rin!,
M .C 1'iiliin! vtri-utast. Jiinfii.
YUVXG MV Ifyo'-wpiittoli'MiiiTcti'trra.
1 Ull'U iUJjAl oliv In il I. ini.iilli. nn.l
curtain or a aitiiallon, aili!i, Vul 'imm; I-roiln-rH.
Janvavllle, V in.
CI'IUVdKIEr.t) (If.t.l IH'SIMOSS ciK.LKfiE
I'diupleiH ai lual lnn-liu-MM irai iici-. Mi-mi i r jour
nal frco.
ni:v Ai)vi:uriMvitNT.i.
Club-., tilers tht Mir-M.
tin .til .t.,
I ,im I.Kif 11
,1,.. M ,.l I 111 I
I II M--I lllt'lll
Cl'iOs. i lti rKlhnMiii-Ktini-iiHi.t' nml.ii! nyiilur ni"n! lily
pn mi.-1 nun iuvitn.nitiii aintof I HHiurni' n-iliaiinitin
Klli'll llll'lllla-r 11-14 till' ll.'llttiL nf ll.liiljm. .i iniiilnl nf I Im
Cliili. lOto irnirn-nr. Iiivlil-inl-iaul m-'iuliK-. Ue
iKirlfl of iiiH-niticiiK 'in i-ii- li Mti'iniMT. ml. i ... .iiiii.-h.
n lit -III -Mi'. Iin-iil"- n1'!!', I runs! ci :i '.!., , s-J u, 1 1.. c. r.
risM-in.Ljit tt aiili'-l 111 I'v-rrv I. ivt Ii. r; tt irtl ii..l.
Ev'lun.n"r-f.'in-nlur our fn r. A liin-, J.. I' K li.SfAi.
fct:o.. inii r.it i.ii.siiio'si.,ciii(,'.v(iu, n.u
vi fiiMi Ainu vattariiR iuar
Klflea.Shot litiiiH, Kevulvum, .1 nimutiuiou
1'lsliiiiB Tncktii, Soini-s, Ni-ta, Kuivua, '
KuorH, Mkatra, Iliiiiiiuocka, i-lc.
Lure lllonliiiti-il ulnlofriie FliEK.
viTTsnvnau, va.
WANTED ! I.inli'-s nn 1 ficntli-mon, tocinrnira
WlMl ll lo Hi U M'V'T.ll I hl-flll lloiiai'liolil
Aril' lis. I'i-oIIk lurcit Ln'.ior la Unlit.
Exclusive tfirllnry Kivfii. No I'oinpolluon.
Terutft Ii ix-rnl. Ciri-ulnrri I RKK. Ait-ln-sa
llenitt Mauufact'K ( o., Hot Slls, I'ltl,liurnh, Pa.
SaroiUh lusnct Powdor Kills
It will tlmroiii'lily pxtniti'iriiilP Fmichoa, Ants,
fti'il lllius, Klras l.irr.'liili.ii i ii iiii'lCutloliWorills,
Moth. i-lc. H ia i-iti.-, Kin.', ( '.i iiiilj' utul ctipiip. It
will not poison imiiiiHls or lim l-i. Sample puck-nt-'i's
f'V mail :W cuiila, tinst-p it l. Suunps tnlton.
t'lrcnlnr's fti-o. A-nts AVnntcil. AiMrewi,
J. II. JOHNSTON. Pltfabureli, Pa.
i of all kinds foroalo very cheap.
f Catalogues freo. Aditn-as, RICHARD
' E HULL I CO. BOX 808. MttdmrKh, I's.
r- 1 r.
r- 1 ' i i s r 5 a " - .
'- Ml
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.' s it ? ? f i . :.i ii'
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5 O
j. i- i: m w
"f'OlS lufilla. Hllal !!'. Ilii:,. li t'iT, O' I SotM.TflW
Bore Kyim. MtrniirUI llutavi, Cun li ., ol A3
vh. A'l"'tile, F--lmilc (iimi'iilr.!- ar"1 ni IIIimiiI Fwr
yVilln-aan. It nxri- (mli. All driinu iml
fj eouclry iioti- k.s-.-r i-'ll ll. II. K. h,llr
-Sirs fettjsssS
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p i.'fe si S''i j ; ) B5 i
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