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City Othcm.
Mav.,r N.H. Thiftlewood.
Tfoiurr T J . Kerth.
t'lffrf lrtn:lB. J, Koliiy.
Coiii,in:ii)r--Wm. B. Gilbert.
MurNliu! L. H. Mcyera,
attorney William llendrtcka.
b'JAHIl or ilJJSBSttK
first Ward -Win. Mc Hale. T. M. Kliubrougb.
Second Ward-Jcrau Muiiilo.C. N. Hohes.
Third Ward li. K, lllnne, .lohii Wood.
Fourth W ard Charles 0. hatlor, Adoipb Swo
l.oila. KUtli Ward-T. W. llal'.lilav. Brnt B. Pottlt.
County Officers.
rirc.iill .Judge !"krr.
Circuit Clerk A. 11 livm.
County Judju It. o K'.K-. iiii.
Coun'y I lerk S. J. H'lmm.
Cminiy Attorney J. M. D-nii' .
1. 011 nty Treasurer Vlile W. I'arkef.
rihcn.f-Joliii Hodea.
Coroner 11 Kluwrnla
(Vwnty Comml'ioiir--T. Vi Ilsillday,
Glhba aud Peter l"U).
.1. A.
cii cue HIM.
UHD li V1TI P. -''r:n?f Tutiih. a'tJ Poplar
J nwim preaching rift and t!nrd Sundays In
cat'. 'uiHitii, 11 "i aeJT:i I'nyr meet
Iny TmiM'Uy.V: m.; Sum'.y 'iioul, a ::)" a m
IrUltt'U UF l HA IUlJMnr.n-iH;it;-i'.j
I . i- . ..r,.. .r,,l' KnnrUv fWtU m.. H'tlV
Ku.-bariat: a. m . S-inday n . . ' '"'
Mon-tiu I'layem; :' l. n., E ntfiR Prayers, r
1'. Davi upon, si. T. It. lleclor.
ri;M V1S.-10NAKV HAl'l'lhT t'HTKCH -X
J-,... hlt.K at I"- n... :i . m . and ! . p. "
; If., nhMil at ' . m Kt. 1- J. Miura.
It. ,e!
II YlifcHAN Tllrt.-.'i:tb street, nrvuci Hab-
i.mli t::t" a. m ; Sunday n-twol J p. ra. Ue.
KtHtppe, pM IT .
Mr. l'II" 't'lH'l'- ir Ek'ntr- a&d Walnut streets,
1'narl.li.R SaliUtb II ;( m. and 7 :V p.m.
Hiii'lay .v.hM at -l: hp p. m. Hcv. J. X. hcarrelt,
II KKHYTKUl AN -K'.Ulli meet; pruacblnt; on
Sabbath at U .iV a. ra. and 7:p. m.ijrjw
n.e-Mtn! Wednesday at 7:ip. m ; biiaday S-;bt.ol
at 2 i. m. Kev B. '. ei.r:, pannt.
L'T. .losKI'II S--iltoinan Catholic) Corner I'roia
iTl a'.d Walnut ftrieta; terrtc hnnain jw.wia
Hutiday rirbool at i p. m.; VVvM 5p- m.;aer
nrt r.v.:ri day at 8 a. in. Hov.O lIara. 1'tU'H.
ST I'A TKICli'S --(Korutn Catbullc) Corner Ninth
'r.ut and Wanblnifton avenue; ierricea Kab
Dalb 8 and 10 a ru. ; Venper 8 p. rt.; Hnnday School
t p. ril. .rrvtc eierj ua nil iu. i"
Mali....- S.ta a.m
Mall l:ifta.tn
t Accoiu'dati'.ia.ll :lo a m
Kiurf. 11:10 a. ui
, S N.ip.rn I AccotndatloB..;i:i p m
... . (in I Mall 5:ipm
.... 10:15a m I tEipresa U:Alam
L. AC. K. R (Narrow Uauee )
. i n.n..u 4r:Un.m
t Eiprei1..
Accuin'datton. 1 ri p.m Apcoiu datolu 1 1M p.m
MT.L . I.M . K. It
Expr 1! :'p.m I EiprcM. 2:! P m
rAccom aatiun. t : p m 1 1 Acom dallon U:ij.ui
Mill A t .... i ' vm lMall A Kx.... V: p m
Daily except Hunday. t Dally.
M all "5 ! I 5' -.. .P:30 p. m .
Kiprem :0Ja.tu. Exprcm :lnp. m.
Exprt-Mani Mall b'.avo Cairo. ov.-ry (Uy m:tpl
Sunday, at 10:-S a. m. Arnv.a 4:ttp. m.
Acrominixlatlon arrW.: at 12:06 p. m. and de
part at l .iO p. tu.
l'livsiciaii aud Surgeon.
Spuclal nHiitlon paid tr the HomoopHtMc treat
ni' iit of uri(ical diseafi't, and ditoa of women
ami rblllruu. .
olllru! Un 14th otriMit. opposlta the Pool Olllce,
Cairo. III.
r;. w. c. jocflyn,
OKr"lt.'K-Kli2bt Btrest, near Coran ercla'. Avenou
Dontal Sui'geon.
Orru'i No. 1SB Commorcial Avetttie, bttween
ihth and Ninth Stroota
Oi'Ciilro. Illinois.
7t onio lbvkic.
CAPITAL.. ,1100,000
A Ueiu'ral Hanking; husiiicss
Of Cairo, ' ,
in jt
Whih other Baking Powders aro largely
adulterated with Alum and other hurtful
has been kept unchangtd In all Its original
purity and strength. The best evidence of
its safety and effectiveness is the fact of
it: liuving received the highest testimont
als from the most eminent chemists in the
United States, who have analyzed it, fret
its introduction to the present time. No
other powders show so good results by the
true testthe TEST OF THE OVEN.
Chicago, 111., and St. Louis, Mf
Iaa.fw4ar.rt f U.ll TMI ... Ilr. Prl't ftpMlal
ilfvrlai fcAltwt., aa Dr. I'rk.'i 'Jal'iti. Vtrtutut,
or mi-
at Cairo, lu the State ot nilnot, at the close of
Oct.iher 3rd. 1832,
Loan and diaconnia f IB, 372 13
Overdraft tilt)
li. t. bonds to ecure clrcula-
tiou ).ro no
I'.tj boud on hand 5.100 00
Othr.to boudii and mort-
irak-' s 7U.217 43
Due from approved p'S'Tvo
ayi-ntu W.2WI HS
Due from ottwr National bank l",0e3 W
Diiu from Mate bauka and
liKDkera M-123.J73 4"
Keal eHtate, fnru 1 1 u re and tlx-
turc - 23.4' 0 3;
Curr.'nt i-xp-imea and taxe
nald 6.:m 31
Premium" pa'rt - W
t'hfckaand othi roib ltms. a,sa 74
llilla of other i5atik iil.M 00
Prariional paper turrticv,
nii kula and pt-nnle MJ W
tiold iV.'Mi oo
hllvr :l,7U7 al t!l ":a (M
leqal Tendi-r not ls.otw (n y,9 l 74
Kedvmpt.ou ruua win t..
Treasurer, (5 per cent, of cir
culation) J,i')0nil
Totai J7i,97'.
Capital Mock paid in . . lno.uxi no
Minim r uim isn.ui mi
fnJlvidfd Proflia 13,(154 B'.l
National hunk not. s otitatatid-
inif 45,000 00
InUivlilusl depoalts subject to
cuecit sm-.im rn
rieuiHtid erllnciiteaofdepoi.il, ll."-, St
Duetootner tional tjutikK. it
Due to Stnte bauka and
bankers 48.(174 03- 4W.317 89
Totai J7t-V.i7i sS
State of IlliiioiK. county of Alexander, ft.
1, Th in. A'. llallid;ty, I'aabler of the above named
bank, do folemuly owear th.it the above statement
in true In the hen'of my knowledge aud belief.
Tinm. w . ilAi.i.iDAY, Caalner.
Subicrtbed aud aworn to beloru mo tula Sith day
of Oct.. lH-i. M. J. llowi.EY, Notary public.
1;. 1). Williamson, Director!
U. II. Oa.nues,
i BlillilR i
SAL00 N.
Late Koehler's, 011 Eighth Street.
CVtforn.a WlnoMM- of ovarv cholco brand
and Liquors of all iluds always on baud. Custom
Manufacturer and Dealer In
6th Street, between Com'! Ave. and Levee.
Rafoi Koialred, All Kindt ot Key t Mado.
W. F. Lahudim, river editor of rne Huixiriif
and ateainboit paineui'ir Ordnri for all
lclndaof itoamiioaf Job pnutliiK aollcltud. Office
ut l'lmitera Hotel, No. M Ohio lovoe,
Thu river niarki;l by tlio gugo last
tveoin at this port, 8 iVut G iuchtg and
Pittsburg, Oct. 10 0 p. in River 1 foot
0 indies itD'J riftitiLT.
Cincinnati, Oct. 10-0 p. m. River 1
indies ami lulling.
Ijoti'HvillL', Oct. 10 0 . m. River 5
feet 2 Indies and rising.
Nashville, Oct. 10 -6 p.m. River 1 foot
10 inches and falling.
Si. Louis, Oct. 10 Op.' ra. River 8 feet
1 inch and rising.
Tne Hudson for St. Louis arrived hero
Suuday at 2 p.m., aud departed at 3 p. 111.
She had a good tiip.
The Dvrid R. Powell, representing the
City of Btton Rouge, arrived here Sunday
noon. She had a fine trip, also a barge
heavily laden. She left at 7 p. m. for New
Orleans. The Mary Houston from New Orleans
arrived here at 7 p. m. Sunday. She was
about 48 hours behind the time; was draw
ing 5j left water; had a most excellent
trip for the stage of water. She to.ik the
barge Dan Able- as a lighter, received 23
cabin passengers nereand departed for Cin
cinnati at 5 a. m. yesterday.
The Granite State for Cincinnati arrived
here last night. She had a No. 1 trip of
freight and people.
The Ohio river is getting pretty low.
Hope that we may have the pleasure be
fore another issue of The Bulletin of in
forming our readers that a rise abore lias
taken place.
The Anchor line steamer City of Vicks
burg arrived at 4:30 p. m. yesterday with a
moderate trip, aud left for the Lower
Mississippi at 8.
The Rene McRady from Cincinnati ar
rived at 3 p. in. yesterday, and was flat in
the water. She had a large cabin register,
also added a few passengers here. She
will run lroru Memphis up tho St. Francis
river. Her officers are all polit and very
affiablo gentlemen. Mr. Mopliu, chief
scribe who has charge of the office, we no
ticed, was ably assisted by a very handsome
young lady, llie .nguaiy leu lor Mem
phis at 7 p. ru.
Louis Herbert has closed out his saloon
stand at the corner of 12th street and Wash
ington avenue to Johnny Bower, who will
in future, ruu the establishment. Johnny
is well known to citizens of Ca'ro, anil is
quite popular. We bespeak for him suc
cess. The Gulden Crown did not leave Cincin
nati last S.iturday as advertised.
Capt. Nellis, of this city, is now on look
out for another boat. He can't be satisfied
on land.
B.id Smedly is now at home recruiting
his health.
Capt. Will Hambleton and lady camo
down from Mound City yesterdny in a
buirgy yesterday, but, owing to the damp
ness, they took the Fowler for home.
We notice that Sol Silver, passenger
agent of tho Anchor line here, has a new
hat ycsterdiv with his sign board up.
Last evening about 4 o'clock a nice, gen
tle rain visited Cairo, and from the appear
ance of the clouds the prospect looked flat
tering for a regular old-fashioned gully
washer. We hope that the season is fairly
opened for o general rain in order to swell
the rivers to a respectable degree of navi
gation. Tho Jas. W. Gaff left Cincinnati last Sat
urday for Memphis, and is due here to
morrow. Passengers going down the Mis
sissippi river cau procure tickets from Agent
V. L. Lanibdin.
The Clinton from Memphis arrived hero
at 5:30 p.m. yesterday. She was quite
light, and left at 0:30 p. m.
The Paris C. Brown is reported as hard
aground ut Tiptonville.
The Commonwealth from Vicksburg ar
rived at 5:30 last evening, had a light trip
and departed at 7 for St. Louis.
Given Away.
We cannot help noticing the liberal oiler
made to all invalids and sulferers by Dr.
Kings's New Discovery for Consumption.
You are requested to call at Harry W.
Schuh's tlrug store, and get a trial bottle
froo of cost, "if you are Buffering with 'Con
sumption, Severe Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Hay Fever, Loss of Voice,
Hoarseness, or any affection of tho throat
or lungs. It will positively euro you. (0)
8eo a woman in another column, near
Speer's Vinoyards, picking grapes from
which Speer's Port Grape wine is made,
that is so highly esteemed by tho medical
profession, for tho use of invalids' weakly
persons and the aged. Sold by Druggists.
I adviso you to take "Lindscy's Blood
Searcher." Scrofula, ulcers, old sores, pimp
les, boils, etc, cured at once.
Tho U, S. government aro uin large
oumtiera of iho Improved IIowo Hcaka.
Burden, Selleck & Co., genl8, 8t. Louis,
Mo. (1)
Fortunes for Farmers and Mechanics
.Thousands (f dollars can he saved by ua
in; proper juduicut in taking care of the
health of yourself and family. If you are
Bilious, Imvo sallow complexion, poor appe
tite, low ami depressed spirits, and generally
debilitated , do not delay a moment, but
go at oneii and procure a bottle of thoc
wonderful Klectiic Bitters, which never fail
to cure, and that fortius trilling sum of fif
ty cents Tribune. Hold by Harry V
Scbuh. (1)
Free ot Cost.
All prisons wishing to test the merits of
a great remedy one that will positively
cure Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
Bionehitis, or any atfectlon of the Throat
ami Lungs are rcrjuedted t cll at Harry
W. Heliuh's drug store and get a trial bot
tle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption free of cost, which will show you
what a regular dollar-size bottle will do. (1)
Ladies and sickly girls requiring a non
alcoholic, gentle stimulant will find Brown's
Iron Bitters beneficial.
Among the ladies who may r.?ad Ibis
there may be several sickly ones who have
made up their minds to act on the old saw
which specifics that "What can't be cured,
must bo endured." While the truth of
the old proverb is self-evident it is just
possible they may have erred in judgment
us to possibilities of the healinir art ou'side
of the medical profession, and before giv
ing up in despair they had better test the
efficacy of Mrs. Lydia E. Piukhaiu's Veg
etable Compound, which is now attracting
universal attention.
Ask your physician and he will tell j ou
that for all the elements which give health,
strength and vigor to the system, t lo re is
nothing better than pure malt. Only the
purest malt is used in the preparation of
Hops and Malt Bitter'.
"NoTMSn ike it." So remarked one of
our most successful physicians tho o'ber
day, speaking nl Hops and M dt Ibtttrs.
"It has completely cured one of the most
obstinate cases of dyspepsia ever brought
to my notice.
A Total Eclipse,
of all other medicines by R. V. Pierce's
"Golden Medical Discovery" is approach
ing. Unrivaled in bilious disorders, impure
blood, and con.-iimption, wnich is scrofulous
disease of the lungs.
Young men or middle ace ones, suffering
from nervous a bility and kiu-lreil weak
ness should send three stamps for Part VI
of Worldis Dispensary Dime Series of
books. Address Worlds Piipensory Modi
cal Association, liullalo, IS. l.
Many a hair is caught in the invisible
The fruit of labor grows on the itidus
treo. To e:ll a laundress a bosom friend is
flat irony.
When a man "changes his mind" does
he do it to get sense?
Every body gives advice gratis, o
eept doctors and lawyers.
A South side man calls his wife Crys
tal, because she is always on the watc h.
The young skipper who take a pnrty
of girls out sailing should content him
self with hugging the shore.
The mosquito is little, but I.N bravo
example is contagious. . m:;!;es thu
most cownnlly come to the seialeh.
A Dutch judge, on conviction of n cul
prit for having four wives decided:
"He has bunishinent plenty; I lifes mil
The New Orleans ricuium states that
point lace stockings are both fashiona
ble and expensive, but doesn't tell just
how high they come.
A Nevada paper tells of a man who
was eaten up by a bear while asleep.
Ho will be a liitieh-astonished citizen
wljen ho wakes up and finds wince ho
At a recent sale of relics in London a
medal struck oil' in 1.105 brought l.
Our readers missed n bonanza by not
having a few medals struck oil' that
A north country lish-wifu went to buy
a dress. "None of your gaudy colors
for me," she said at oiico to the man al
tho counter; "give mo plain red and
yaller." " 1
No, "Arabella," the captains and lieu
tenants in the ttrmy are not all minor,
though it is true thai a soldier never
reaches his majority until he becomes a
field officer.
"Tho will is at good as the deed,"
may all be true, bul we will take tin!
deed. Lawyers may at all lime upset
the will arid there's no ti lling tlicn what
you will get.
"No, Peter, the aphorism "Silence is
golden." is not based on error. There
is many a professor in a deal' mute asy
lum who earns a good salary without
ever saying a word.
Tho Rome Sciitim l tells its readers
thai Ihey can't eal enough in a week to
last them a year, and they citn'l adver
tise on that, plan, either. As true as if
wo had said il otirself.
Master. "What does Condihte say
about brutes in the scale of being':'"
Scholar; , "lie says a brute is an imper
fect animal." "And what is maiir"'
"Man is a perfect, brute."
Oiio-of tho conspirators among tho
Sioux who are threatening trouble
is a chief ml led Woman's Dress. This
woman's Dress should bo cut gored, and
basted. He's putting on too many
(Mini nq writ,)
JOII )(iO.W '.ltf .,H(1 ,,,. A.I.OIIII JiMO
pllloqs hi).lo. lKli,o; (is.il jo olio JI
jnq '.'uit ni4!!rt),i3MS oti riuqi.uiip if
nut? nirfij nqi uo riuiqjn;i,ws ,u'oi;j jo
Pimm mi ooiiii oi u.mi Jrfimo.C "isiooj
onion joj uonrsuj oqi (mioaoq Kuq'ij
u'lf-u oqi ui;.i; n.maSipui
amii piajuo.-) oj puiuiair jo i.ni.l iij.ujj
ajoa i: jo nju.) nq) bill,, : I '!'''' "'"Il I"1"
'jooq mii tit not w iiiuljiii .r.uoin
1;IIA IIJ.M: KU jo Ilojj.iod
no iij,n:i iid j,iidosotd 'jood y
sunn ri.e,oprfii;(fuinii ouioo v";ui until
Pio ;"!! uinunu jt;i w aiouti -joii 'pip puu
Yu.0 km i(.w,i)i; .fj.t.v dn a:s oq'imijAv
eiijuo.t.) (mo jo iin tiit Aqi:rp.id mim
i .,'pn.Mji! i.H!.n K.qutu iiii ssoii
-idiluq v Sj n.l.)iJi( ,'o.o.l.W pooj ll.)II,V
S-tfllipio-J RyVlOjptJ JOOlI UlUOH
tl!W iuii.n K.(i;.vti O.IH .V.iiji - .tn
III (111 .quilil ,"iq 01 jilo.hhj soipiq tu;,poiu
.tlio jo tiiiios jo maij ;q J, V..i.io.i s;
A'.IUplsJ pU.il.lj UllO HAOipiq a ii,S,.l'
JO till OptMU St fljl S.u'lS 'llll'lIC; .f.MlpK"
'.Volutin.) A A'llAMl
t-l.io jt:ii p.iio.KhHiin ,iti ki 1 'y.quuui
A'pOOp .I.V pliti J1il,) V III, 'till dtlltlf IA
OIS ,MI .IIMIt S.llllO.t clSIIOUl l j Mm.iI
-.111(1 W 1 1 1 (111 lM.q pilTt OA.) ,l(J 111 MliqjlA
lioii.ip.n:i ii :pm Ainu uuuio.w :m:.ia' ;
A peal of live b"IN, g'i - Yalo col
lege liy Koliins l'..ittell a, .' si-lor, will
be Into;.' ill Battidl chapel Tim peal i
I'liiniiled on the itiajir trit ot Grand
conn s from the ":iu Aersi ,ot foundry
nl Loiuaiiie, Belgium, the tirt bells
t!i:t hate eer comet'ityis country
from that, foundry. The heaviest licil
weiIi I, (,'.", jioiiuds and is nearly 41
inches diameter.
In Mr. Spurgeou's inexhautil)le fund
of illustrative stories is one of a man
who ii ed to say to his wife, "Mary, go
to church and pray for us both." But
the man dreamed one night w hen he
and his w ife jrot to thu irtle of Heaven
Peter said: "Mary, go in for both." He
awoke and made up his mind that it
w as time for him to become a Christian
on his own account.
The New York Times dyspeptically
observes that "when a person steps out
of tno ranks of comfortable and com
inonplace humanity and rcts oil' some
where by tho side of the road and labels
himelf Positivist, Freethinker, Atheist,
etc., the world speedily sets him down
as an ass, and, in nineteen eases out of
twenty, the world is right; tho twen
tieth case is usually one of simple luna
Some interesting objects were brought
to light a few weeks ago at Pompeii.
Among thein were these: A beautiful
inlaid 'marble table, w ith reclining bed
ornamented with paintings; a bronze
vessel w ith revolving handle; two Egyp
tian statues, covered with a patina of
green glass; a tortoise and frog in mar
ble; a Bacchus iu terra cot la; two mar
bio buMs, and a skeleton with bronze
hair-pins beside it.
The great cattle ranire of Wyoming,
under tho military protection of Fort
Mciunney, is about three hundret
inucs square, jii tins area there are
now grazing 600,000 head of cattle
worth ,r-,7 a head, amounting to .13,
.000,000, to which can bo added tho
value of the horses and ranches of the
cattle-men and the farmers and the
stock of the grangers, making at least
lj.000.0oo worth of property under
me protection ot tort Mehinney.
L'."' !' ii'iioruj, a chambermaid in
a San rr.it.ci.seo hotel, being detected
in a fourth-story room where she had
no business to be, attempted to avoid
exposure by climbing out of the win
dow and sliding to the ground by means
ot a telegraph wire that passed by just
wiuiiu roach, lseioro she liad descend
ed many yards the wiro burned her
hands ns though it was red-hot, and
she was compelled to let go. In falling
uer noiiy uoutiiieii back and forth be
tween two parallel walls. This lessened
the momentum of herdeseent,, which was
still further diminished by striking on a
telephone wire, hue lliuseseaped being
killed by tlio fall, but tho physicians
found that her neck was disjoin ted as it
would have been by hanging. They
chloroformed her, set her neck back ir
its proper place, and now havo hopes
that her youth and strong constitution
may carry her through.
Oscar Wilde was complaining at Cape
May the oilier day of the high prices of
things in this country. "My gloves, for
example," he said, "which 1 might havt
bought for $1 in London, cost .2..r)(
here." "So they ought," exclaimed ex
Mayor Mokeley, of Philadelphia, whe
was in the room, "they are luxuries."
"Luxuries, sir?" echoed the esthetic, in
wide-eyed amazement; "do you call
gloves luxuries! How would you go on
tho street, how could you travel
in tho railroad cars, without gloves!'"
"Do you seo these, hands?" return
ed Mr. Stokeley, warmly; "before I
became Mayor of Philadelphia 1 fork
ed so hard at my shop that my hands
became all covered with corns that you
might have cut with a knife; and those
hands, sir, have never had a pair of
gloves on l hem. Ami you talk about
work! Why, it's good for you! I've
worked nearly all my life, and I weigh
'-':'() pounds." "I will tako your word
for it, Mr. Mayor; 1 will take your word
for il," gasped the liorritie.nl esthete, and
lie let tho subject drop; bul afterward
ho made some minute inquiries about
Mr. Stokeley's career, with a view of
basing thereon a chapter iu his forth
coming book on America.
Kasii.v Piiovkn. It is easily proven that
malarial levers, constipation, torpidity of
the liver ami kidneys, general debility,
nervousness and neuralgic ailments yield
readily to this great disease conqueror,
Hop Hitters. It repairs tho ravages of dis
ease by converting thu food iuto rich blood,
and it pives new life and vigor to tho aged
and in 11 mi always.
It matters not the ago of sufferers from
colds, coughs or croup, " Dr, Sellers' Cough
Syrup" id good for all alike, price 25 cents.
. i at Z.iZntt ',
health and avoid sickness.
Instead of feeling tired and
worn out, instead of aches
and pains, wouldn't you
rather feel fresh and strong ?
You can continue feeling
miserable and good for no
thing, and no one bur your
self can find fault, but if you
are tired of that kind of life,
you can change it if you
Ilowr By getting one
bottle of Brown' Iron Bit
ters, and taking it regularly
according to directions.
Mansfield, Ohio, Nov. 36, i83i.
Gentlemen I have suffered with
pun in my aide and back, and great
aoreness on my breast, with shoot
ing pain all through my body, at
tended with qrent weakliest, depres
aion of apirits. and loss of appe
lite. I have taken several different
medicines, and was treated by prom
inent physicians for my liver, kid
neys, and spleen, but I got no relief.
I thought I would try Brown's Iron
Hitters ; 1 have now taken one bottle
and a half and am about well pain
in side and back all gone soreness
all out of my breast, and I have a
good appetite, and am gaining in
strength and flesh. It can justly be
Called the king of mtdicints.
John K.Allbndbr.
Brown's Iron Bitters is
composed of Iron in soluble
form; Cinchona the great
tonic, together with other
standard remedies, making
a remarkable non-alcoholic
tonic, which will cure Dys
pepsia, Indigestion, Malaria,
Weakness, and relieve all
Lung and Kidney diseases.
l PkohpKcns 1
Journal for the South and West.
la lusotugita prospectus for lsM-'M, the Missou
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all it. past promise. OartUK the last year, twith
the opeuiUK ot uew liu .i of communication, apre.td
In." lu every direcllun), it baa greatly lucreaned ita
telegraphic rvlee ; auumenteil its corpa of edl wr,
reporter and correspondent; Improved ita me
ciunlciil 1'c.iiures; bettered lla ajutetu 01 conduits,
inc una arranging thu new, aud maintained, in
regard to the character of ita couteuta, the reputa
tion it has lon held throughout the wnolo south
western country n too
Tho liepitbllcan ha dlatanacd all attenilils ut
rivauy or coniputitiou, uud in now the ouly homo
crane l-.ugllrh uowapaper published lu t. Louis.
It I'lpponof thu principals 01 the Democratic
purtv l nnlvera.illy recogulaed aa atroutj iu logic,
whilst moderate and coiiaurvulivu in time. Iu ita
expo-urea of Urn corrnptiott, ptoClgsey aud evil
teudoticles oftho Kupu .IIchu ,.urly, it la fearless
niid aggreaaive. Hut it Is iu the inrterial luterest
ol the south and West agriculture, commerce aud
thu inecliiiulc aria -that thin piiper tluds. ltd widest
mill most prodii tivo tluld. Next to collecting and
commenting upon thu most luturcsting now of
the day, It. energies are devoted to tue progress
and proaperlty of
Aud the tributary region. Krom Its colttmra mero
aeiirHiltiiiiiliam 1 carefully excluded, with tho
view ol milking tt u welcome visitor to the pur. al
hiiiuo clrclua. To the farmer, uiercnaut, trader,
llinllllfill tltrur. bauker. or Im.iu,... ii. .i .1(11111
claur, it la luili.iimi-uMu. I 1 llnHni-lii! uuH fntii-
iiiercialicporlsaio lull Juid re.lablit. Kvcry move
ment Hi I mile.
fiiilhliilly record (I. Willi all ibis. It II111U room
lor u hirge iiinnliiy of inlaculluiieoita readme mat
te! to give yariuly and onturtalumeut.
Ul T YOl'tl NKIOtlllolts TO gCUMUiillia.
Tim Mitipurt and urnli. ol'a ilrai.elu iiuiiiiiii,.r
is a large nubicript.oii list . '',0 cot, ol'courae, la
luimeiiHe lo I lie coiuliiclerH, hut trilling to tbo
reader. May wu not uhk our IrniiiiU. who havo
been wllh 11. an loiiir. to ulil in cjUuiidtiiir our clr-
rii.iiiloii Mnl further? 1 1 vutir neighbor Is uot
hu'im rther, hIiow til r 1 1 thu lieuithlic 111 and have him
Bend In Ii a H111110. Talk 11 up. lucrcasu thu clubs.
SV Ma 1. I'OeTauK KltHK.
Dallv, iticliidinn Saiidny, put year J12 00
Kaiiy, Wi.houtriuiiilay, i-r vnr. It oo
.suttiiiiy piuur, per year ! uo
'I'll- Woouly, i iioiiii.iy, VVednenday, and Fit-
day), per vear s eo
Weekly. !! iiiiintiera per year 1 uo
Dally, du ivereil iu the city, per week 80
Kiigttlnrly supplied by us or by the St,. I.ouia News
Id. nt 'i cents per copy. All ubi-crlptlons are pay
ablu lu advittice, una discontinued ut thu out! of
thu tune pitld tor.
rostmantets anil ollteia acting as ageult for the)
circulation of the Itepuhlmn may retniu tweutr
II vii hereout, on all Hub, cnptinns to the Daily and
Trl VVevkly, auil ton per cent on aubacripttona to
the Weekly.
To tit. No a A1UIIK.
1'artlcii changing tbulr uddn aa are reiitluatud to
give tho old ua vtull a the uew addretia.
Itetntt tunccp may be made by draft, money order
or registered letter, at nur rials. Ulvu I'oaT-oririci
addrena In full. Iitclui'lng (tale aud county, and
aildre.a UKUKU KN.) i'i' & CO., St Louie, Mo.
To all who aro lufforltig from the errors and In
discretions of youth, norvotu wesknena, earl; de
cay, lo of mnnbood, &c, I will sand rcclps)
that will cur you, FKEB Of CUAUUK. Tbla
great retucdy was discovered by nilaiiuiiarv In
South America. Hand avifaddraa d envelop
to the it iv. Jourti T. Ikiuh. HUtloa D. Ktw
York ClU.

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