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Special logal items.
Notices tii tfti eolumn, oint cunts per line fur
Irstand llva cenu per Ima each subsequent lusor
.lou. For one woek. 30conta par lino. For out)
n.onlh, 60 cents por llno
60c per Can,
Extra Selects, at DeBaun's.
Finest lot of window curtains in the
city at Jell. Clark's. tf
A Card.
To all who arc suffering from the errors
and indiscretions of youth, nervous weak-
news, early decay, loss of manhood, &c, I
will send a recipe that will ceo you, fhee
ok chahhb. This great remedy was
discovered by a minister in South America,
bend a sell-addressed envelope to the Rev.
JosErii T. Ism an, Station D., New York
Go to Jeff. Clark's for fancy window
shades and everything pertaining theruto.tf
PAtt. Q. 8CHCH,
Dear Sir: Recognizing the fact that
there is to a certain extent, a mutual depen
dency existing between the prolesbious of
pharmacy and medicine, uud feeling that a
better understanding of the function and
duties of the two profession should be re
cognized and adhered to, we, of the medi
cal profession of Cairo, object to the fre
quent habit of druggists ot thi city, of
diagnosing diseases and prescribing mcdl
cines, for the following reasons:
First. The science of pharmacy does
not include a knowledge of the science of
Second. You are violating the medical
practice act, by so doing, and robbing tuo
physicians of their Ictfutimate business.
Third. You are practising deception
upon the sick; therefore we ask you to ad
liero to the luw governing the practice of
Another grievance to which we respect
fully ask your attention, is the matter of
refilling prescriptions without authority ol
the physicians who have writen them. Th
above practice is injurious to both patient
and physicians; the patient often suSering
Irom the effects of improper medicine, and
the physician because he is practically
held responsible for the action of the medi
cine he did not prescribe.
Atfain we hold that the original owner
of the prescription loses Jiis ownership in
the same, us soon as it is once tilled and
placed on file, and that he has no riu'ht to
demand that it be taken from the tile and
be refilled, except by the order of the pre
scribing physicians. Wo therefore ask
you to discontinue the practice.
After due deliberation, we the under
signed members of the "Medical Associa
tion of Cairo" have resolved not to patron
ize directly or indirectly, aiiy druggist,
who shnll after this date, be known to pre
scribe for any one requiring the services of
a physician, or who shall refill or duplicate
prescriptions without the written or verbal
authority of the physician. Respi'Cttullv,
W. U.Sm th, Prest. J. CScluvan, V. P.
G. G. Pakker, Sec'v. J. J. Gordon. J. H.
But ant. C. V. Dunning. I). H. Parker.
J. S. I'etrik.
To the Public :
Although the above resolutions speak for
themselves, and although any unprejudiced
person can readily read between the lines
the real motives prompting I ho Cairo Med
ical Association to issue such a proclama
tion, I feel like making a few remarks:
I, for my part, do not know that I have
been deceiving the public during the last
19 years past and do cot intend to doceive
it now, on the contary, I will try, m the
fiituri, us I have in the past, to mind my
own business and attend to the wants of
my potions to the best of my ability. I
am neiiher he'kiino nor huvinu any one's
patronage, but my aim is to please each
and every one, who kindly favors mo with
their calls, Respectfully,
Paul G. Scum.
Est-ibli-hed 1863.
Bent Oysters ,
in murket ut DeBaun's 5U Ohio levee.
If yon want a good meal call at Schoen
meyer's Restaurant cor. 10th st. and Wash
ington Ave. Ouly 23 cents (or a regular
meal, and day boarders will find the best
accomodation on reasonable terms.
ll-ll, Ira.
A Fine Barber Shop.
Wui. Alba, on Commercial aveini-', has
the most extensive and as tine an equipped
barber shop as can be found in auyciiy.
II is employes are masters in the trade,
whose razors are always smooth and keen.
His establishment is largo enough to
meet any demund upon it without any tire
some waiting; and h s patrons go away
pleased with him themselves nnd Ins work,
Give him a trial.
yor Oysters
Ho to Dclluun's, 00 Ohio Jevee.
New Blacksmith Shop.
A new horse shoeing shop bus been open
ed by Mr. P Powers on Tenth street. All
manner of bUck-rn thing and wagon work
done to order. Repairing work a specialty.
Work douo promptly, tf
Frfsli Oysters
et DeBaunV, 0(J Ohio levee.
Out of the fire, cor. of 8th and Levee, my
icehouse and office is at present it the
City Brewery, on Washington avenue, vie
tween 8th and 0th streets. Orders will bo
tilled eam us usual, both wholesale and
retail. Wagons supply regularly every clay.
Jacob Ki.kk,
Apples, Oranges, Etc.,
in transit to arrive: 1 car Mi higan apples
(Baldwin's), 2 cars fancy Ren Davis, 50
bblfl, Coast (La.) oranges.
S. E. Wilson,
. 77 Ohio Leveo.
Grand Opera Restaurant opposite
Opera House up Btairs, Rack entrance on
7th street. Oysters in every style. 11-20 tf
50c. per Cau,
Extra Selects, at DeBauu's.
Ladies Rtstaurant opposite Opera
House. Gus Ditto proprietor, 11-20 tf
Receipt books, Cairo date hue, perfora
i d stub, suited to any business, manufac
tured and for sale at tlio Cairo Bulletin
Old Machinery Castings Wanted
at Ronnie's new foundry for which the
highest prices will bo paid in cash.
Call at No. 03 Ohio Levee,
tf John T. Rennie.
Window shades and fixtures at Jefi.
Clark's. tf
For Oysters in any stylo go the Grand
Opera Restaurant Entrances on Commer
cial and 7th street. 11-20 tf
Notices In theso commr.s, uui cents per Hue,
oh insertion and whether marked or not, if calcu
l'iloJ to fnwa'd uny man's business Interest arc
always paid for.
Mr. W. R. Ilalliday's corn-meal mill
was in operation again yesterday.
Schoolchildren will tiad Tiie Bulle
tin scratch-books Nos. 2 and 3 lor salo at
Phil Snap's candy stare, tf
Many of the business houses in the
xity were closed yesterday. Proprietors
andclorks alike turkey-struck.
Mr. J. M. Walker, of Lexington, Va.,
is in the city this week visiting his sister,
Mrs. J. II. Woodward.
Mr. C. S. Luce, of Toledo, O., one of
the largo dry goods merchants ofthatcity,
was a guest at The Halliday yesterday.
Mrs. Wollman's remains were interred
at Villa Ridge yesterday. A considerable
number of friends attended the funeral.
S inio of the most attractive bills ever
put upon Cairo bill-boards are those which
now decorate them and proclaim the com
ing of the Madison Sqtmro company.
Rector F. P. Davenport was to have
held services at Metropolis in Braner's
opera-house yesterday, but the destruction
of the building oy fire broke up the ar
rangement. The supply pipo for the pumps of the
ice works hud penetrated the Ohio levee
t.i the d.'pth of three hundred and sixty
Sve let yesterday and still all went so
well fur as could be known.
Mr. McKenzie and party left again for
St. Louis and othr places in this part ot
the country yesterday morning, after having
examined into tho state of the affairs of the
Singer company here.
riof. Win. Emery, ol the Conuque
orchestra, contemplates the organization of
a LaCrosso club. He has already taken
some of tho preliminary steps. It takes
twenty-four persons to play the game,
which is a very interesting one.
Die Washtenaw Post, of Thundersday,
Nov. 23, has come to hand. Says die Tost:
' German women want uo wo ran's-vote-right.
Intelligent German women know
Uiat they in their circle tho family de
cidedly more do can than at the vote box."
Die Post needn't expect that S. Anthony
will now exert hfrself to get it any sub
scribers, much as she would like to get up
a club for it.
Mr. Harry Walker is having the little
cottage, back of the Theatre Comiquc,
raised and thoroughly repaired. The the
atre building will also be givou an over
hauling, and things will be made to appear
uow and agreeable. Harry is determined
that his newly acquired possessions shall
yield him a rcasooablo revenue and he
kuowsthe best if not trie only way to do so
is to make them attractive.
Large numbers of ioreiguers, mostly
Germans but who, had, in the words of
Congressman Thomas, clnngod "their
wooden shoes for christian shoes and their
bilge-water clothes for civilized suits," aro
coming through the ciy noarly every day
on their way south, probably to labor ou
railroads and government workou tho riv
ers. Captain Thomas would probably be
surprised to see how much liko intelligent
human beings nearly all theso Germans
Hari-Bori-lfah-no-no, tho cannibal
chief, is vory ill. It is not supposable that
he is suffering from a piece of undigested
Heathen Chinee, as we son no such results
of a similar feast among of "Tho Frosty
Twenty." Some desciple ol Ingcrsoll, try
ing to put tho great infidel's theory of
'how to euro cannibals of eating mission
aries," to a practical test, must have cheat
ed Hari-etc, into taking at once too largo a
dose of mutteu, instead of missionary, and
the Hiidden change didn't agree with the
poor cannibal.
There was a rist in the temperature at
every point heard from by the signal office
here yesterday. The more important rises
were 25 degrees at Dodge City ; 20 at North
Platte; 10 at Bismaik; 13 at Yank
ton and 12 at Leavenworth. The
average state of the thermometer at the
twenty-one points reported from was 43
degrees above zsro. The lowest was 20 at
St. Paul, and tho highest was 82 at Dodgo
City. At Cairo it marked 42 degrees above
zero, being a rise of 5 dcgrooH during tho
twenty four hours ending at 2:11 o'clock
p. m. yesterday.
The retirement of Gen. Gilinoro from
the presidency of tho Mississippi river
commission just at ibis time is generally
regretted by tho friends of tho comissiou
It is thought by some that his request to
be relieved may have been occasioned by
the harsh criticisms to which the commis
sion has recently been subjected and by tho
prospect of an unpleasant controversy m
congress. Col. Comstock, who has been
designated to bo president of this commis
sion, has hitherto been somewhat more
favorable to the use of levees in counec
tion with tho jetty system than Gen. Gil-
Sol Smith Russell will appear at the
Opera House to-night, and the doings and
sayings of the old-faBhioued Edgewood
Folks will be faithfully depicted. The
wicked schemers, who endeavored to de
spoil the fortunes of the young clergyman
who settled in Edge wood, are depiciW in
their wickedness by tho irrepressible, Sol
Smith Russell, who in his counterplots as
the devoted friend, succeeds finally in
bringing matters to a delightful issue.
Don't fail to be on hand. Tickets at liuder's
75, 50 and 25c. resorved seats included.
We have some reason to believe that
the hotels and boarding houses in Cain
just outdid themselves yerterday in the
way of cooking. They spread some of the
finest, most varricd and best prepared vitu
uls ever put beto e a hunhgry, but exceed
ingly thankful, Cairo public. And the re
suit will probably be a liberal installment
of dispeptics. Physicians may prepare a lot
of prescriptions for indigestion in advauee,
so that they may be able to supply promptly
the great demand for them that will prob
ably follow yesterday's practical exhibition
of gratitude to a generous God.
James Vallo and Mike Lilly yesterday
violated section ten and twelve of chapter
five of tho revised ordinances
of tho city, which provide
againsf "violent, tumultuous or offensive
conduct" and "loud, unusual noicses."
They were arrested and each fined five dol
lars and costs by Magistrate Comiugs.
But John B isheare, who violated the same
sections of the same chapter of the Bame
revised ordinances, but in a twenty times
more serious way, was fined twenty times
five doll irs, or one hundred dollars and
costs. John was a bad man, ho went for
a hundred and four days to the municipal
bastile, where all bad men go, to be well
fed but poorly housed at the dear people's
For reasons not necessary to meution
the machinery for tho ice factory of the
Cairo Distilled Water Ice company will
arrive earlier thau was at first anticipated.
Three car-loads of ponderous pieces arrived
yesterday aud are being transferred to the
buildings to bo immediately put in posi
tion. One piece upon which a force of
men labored for some time yesterday with
out barely moving it, is tho base-plato for
the engine and pumps and is one solid mass
weighing about five tons. It will be placed
upon a brick pier, expressly built for it,
and in the construction of .which twenty
thousand bricks were usud. Tho machin
ery will all be put up as it arrives, but it is
not likely that work will begin earlier than
was originally conlemplated, Boine time in
The National Agricultural Conventiou,
to be held at the Grand Pacific Hotel, Chi
cago, will begin Tuesday December 12, and
continue four days. Tho attendance prom
ises to bo large, nnd representative of all
sections of tho United States and all
branches ot agriculture. W arc assured
that the addresses, lectures and papers
will be by tho highest authorities in. agri
culture and practical affairs, including ex
Chief Justice Kinney, of Nebraska; Hon.
II. I. Kimball, Director General of the late
Atlanta Cotton Exposition; Dr. E. Lewis
Sturtevant, New York; Professor N. S.
Townshend, of Ohio; Henry J. Thillpott,
of Iowa; Dr. Peter Collier, United States
Department of Agriculture; Dr. John A.
Warder, of Ohio; Colonel J. H. Stranger, of
Colorado; Hou. R. D.TVrrey, Director Gen
eral of the Milwaukee Exposition; Hon.
I). H. Wheeler, of Nebraska; Hon. R. C.
Judson, of Minnesota; Gen. W. W. Bums,
United States Army ; Hon. J. II. Orinnell,
of Iowa; Hon, F. D. Coburn, of Kansas, and
others. There will be discussions on stock
breeding, ensilage, the new system of pre
serving green fodder, which in attracting
so much attention in tho Eastern Stutes,
the tariff and other questions.
Everyone who has been cheated by re
ceiving a twenty-cent piece in change in
stead of the twenty-fivo cents duo will bo
relieved to know that tlicro is a certainty
of the rapid retirement of theso pests. All
tho twenty-cent pieces that have accumu
lated in the National treasury since tho
coinage of them was stopped are to bo
melted, with mutilated quarters aud half
dollars, to BUpply the enormously increased
demand for ten-cent pieces. The cumbrous
silver dollars, which nobody wants or will
take when greenbacks can bo got, are glut
ting tho sub-treasuries and will continue to
do so until conuress shall pass a law au
thorizing the coinage of only the half,
quarter and ten-cent pieces, which are em
phatically the money of the people. Tub
Bulletin wishes to reiterate, for the ben
efit of Cairoites especially, that the trade
dollar is worth one hundred cents on the
dollar, and that tho man who asks them to
submit to a shavoof ten cents on it is either
not well informed or Is a cheat.
The Rev. Henry Ward Beechor, than
whom few public speakers have shown
themselves more ready with apt allusions
aud sallies of wit, has seldom "brought
down the house" with a single sentence
more successfully than he did last week.
Plymouth church was crowded to tho doors
with one of its characteristic audiences and
Miss Frances E. Willard, of s this state, de
livered a lecture on the work of the wom
en's gospel temperanco union, which was
received with groat enthusiasm. As the
prolonged applause at the close of her lec
ture died away, Mr. Boecher ascended tho
platform, slowly, thoughtfully, and stood
for a moment regarding almost staring at
tho lecturer, with an expression of min
gled wonder nnd admiration. Then, turn
ing to tho audience, ho remarked, slowly
and meditatively, emphasizing the words
with nods of his head: "And yet uhe
cannot vote?" It is hardly necessary to
add that it was some time before the audi
ence was quiet enough for him to add, in
ringing tones: "And are you not ashamed
ot it?"
In compliance with tho injunction of
The Bulletin everybody and their
friends and relatives in Cairo gave thauks
yesterday. The services in the churches
were well attended, some of the houses of
God being filled to the doors with people
bent upon giving forth thanks for tavors
received. All this goes to . prove that the
people of Cairo are not ingrates; that they
aro a thaukful peoplo and have implicit
faith in the infallabili'.y of The Bulletin
as a moral adviser. The sermons preached
were not flat, prosey, turtuous dissertations
on doeiriual points, that would not create
even a ripple on tho public mina; thev
were earnest, eloquent exhortations to thr
good people, that aroused them to a full
realization of the great, good, things they
had enjoyed during the year, and of tho
deep and lasting obligations they were uu
det to the power that cave and permitted
them to enjoy these things- The fact that
we were not visibly present to hear tho ex
hoi'tatums needs not croate a doubt in the
minds of readers as to tho correctness of
this criticism, for it is based upon tho au
thority of those who were present in body
and upon our knowledge of the kind of
sermons usually preached by our ministers.
But, besides, though, in body, we were sit
ting alone in our little eight by ten sane
turn nearly all day, yet, in spirit, we oc
cupied a front pew right in the shadow of
the tasselled pulpit, of every sanctuary in
the city where service was held, and drnnk
iu every word as it fell from the lips of tho
Lord's servant. And to prove that we were
not of that class of worshippers upon whom
eveu the best of sermons operate as laughing
gas does upon a poor victim in adentist's
chair, we will say that we wire led to re
flect upon tho wickoduess of this world,
the sinfulness of sin generally. We were
ed to reflect upon the prevailence and
great wrongfulness of swearing, even by de
feated candidates; upon the wickedn ss of
stealing and urunkonness, especially of be-
ing caught thereatjupun the unpardonable
siu of lying to a newspaperman about any
thing, but particularly about "celestial"
things, with or without cues, and upon the
naughtiness of being a professional seeker
after office against the expressod populor
will, except in the case of a court-house
janitor or a second edition of benbutler.
Wo reflected upon all these things and
many more, and wore finally led to the
conclusion that, but for her close proximity
to the towns of Mound City and Paducah,
ami tho presence in her midst of "Pinch"
aud "The Frosty Twenty," Cairo would be
a rrodel town as tho world goes.
But wo livo in the hope that
soon the united efforts ol the preachers, and
The Bulletin will overcome theso evil
nlluenccs and exterminate these objectiona
ble presences will bring about a better
condition of things generally and hasten
the dawn of tho era of virtue, when there
will bono more lying and druokeuness,
and stealing and cheating, no more smok
ing or billiard-playing on Sunday, no more
Republican office-holders and ward bum
mers, and therefore no more fraud at elec
tions ami in tho public service, etc., etc.
Newscaine here yesterday afternoon that
a largo firo had occurred at Metropolis in
the morning, destroying some ot the most
valuablo roal estate in tho place.
The fire is said to have originated by the
explosion of a keg of powder in the grocery
store of O. N, Jones, and spread so rapidly
that but little ot tho large stock of goods
in this building could be saved, and the
house was also entiroly destroyed.
Wut the most important loss was sus
tained by Brauer Bros., who wero doing a
large dry goods business on the first floor
of a brick house about the sizo of Mr.
r. Null's two new Commercial-avenue stores,
and known as Bratier'i opera-house from
tho fact that the upper story was arranged
and used for a theatre. This building was
razed to tho ground, and the large stock
of goods, worth, it is thought, about 15,
000, was also mostly destroyed.
The frame residence of Mr. Ed Brauer,
and that of Mr. Geo. Cowling, the bar
keeper on the steamer Gus Fowler, which
were stauding near, were also razed to the
Ladies, Gents' Gold and Silver Watches, Chains, Rings, Diamonds, Bracelets etc., for
sale cheap.
Licensed Pawnbrokers, 7th street, between Commercial and Washlncton avenues.
the conouebsional committee.
Washington, Nov. 29. The New York
Tribune, which claims to have inside in
formation, publishes to-day the following
"It is learned that Chairman Bui rows
und Hisoock, us well as several oilier num
bers ol tho house select committee on the
improvement of th) Mississippi river, are
strongly inclined to the view that to initke
tho Mississippi navigation from Ciiro to
its mouth on the plans adopted would ro.
quiro a gross expenditure of at least
1300,000,000, and a nisj inty of the com
mittee will undoubtedly so report, unhss
further testimony, which it is proposed to
get, should outweigh that already collect
ed. There is on reason to believe that a ma
jority of the committee will recommend
tho execution ot a plan which will involve
so enormous an expenditure.
"Whilo it is too early to forecast the re
commendations of the committee, it may
safely bo predicted that there will bo an ir
reconcilable division of opinion, that two
reports will be made, and that a majority of
the committee will substantially declare
against the policy of making appropriations
to execute the comprehensive plan adopted
by the Mississippi river commission.
Messrs. Burrows and Hiscock, who are
hi re, will not affirm or deny that the para
graph above misrepresents their views.
They refuse to speak for publication. But
a chain of circumstances does much to
confirm the belief that a majority of the
committee have determined to make a report
virtually hostile to the river commission.
Members of the committee say that they
havonot formally discussed the recommen
dations which they will make iu their re
port, but it is known that they have in
formally discussed tho most important
topics to be treated.
Doso'M.a, Unio.N Co., III.
After all the defeats the Republican party
have suffered, we fail to discover that tho
Democratic party has gained any numeri
cal strength, so that for one Republican,
we can say that wo are glad of tho defeats;
botsism being kicked out, we shall come
in 1881 to certain victory. Tow Bouton
thinks, that we have fallen, never to rise
again ; Tom is very fond of caricaturing
defeated candidates, and it is said, that ho
"got so happy over "Uriah Grubles" defeat,
that he could see to furnish copy out of
his blind eye, and knew he had mado his
last trip up Salt River."
Poor and Davis are adding a largo addi
tion to their mill in Dongola, and their
superior flour and increasing trade ex
plains it.
J. D. Benton, Dongola's hardware mer
chant, has bis palacial residence on Cooper
shop hill completed, and in a f'.w more
days will move into it. The building is
quite an ornament to the portion of
town in which it is located. It is second to
but one houso in town, and that is John
Holhauser's, situated on the hill known as
"Ed. Davis' defeat."
Dongola merchants, sell more merchan
dise during the year than snr. other town
on tho I. C.R. R., from Centralia to Cairo,
and yrt she cannot boast of a single brick
building. This is not as we like to see it.
Brick business houses should stand where
those wooden buildings stand, if for no
other reason, to keep pace with sorno of our
sister cities who do not trausact half as
much Inisinesss as Dongola.
Through the columns of The Bulletin
wo loam that Mrs. L. Gibbs "got there," in
her race for superintendent of schools in
Alexander county. Being acquainted with
Mrs. Gibbs, wo predict that she will make
a very eflicientsuprrintendent, looking woll
to it that efficient teachers Decommissioned.
Allow Old Trim, "Mrs. Snobbs" to con
gratulate you, in your success over your
rivals, or competitors for tho office.
"Oh dem Goldeii Slippers;" Weill they
aro no where when compared with that
wine from Judge Bross; oh, dem two black
bottles were mighty neat and Bweet, and
indeed quite a treat, and all from Judge
Bross of Cairo. Our judgment is that, that
wino is as old as Mr. Meyers' hundred years
The "Wizard Oil Humbug" struck
Dongola a few days ago and talked Wizard
Oil till they humbugud tho people out of
$125 and then left for Cairo, to try their
humbug there. People in this ago love to
bo hunibuged. They would not livo long
unless they were. Old Trim with many
others got it. Got what! why, the Wizard
Oil and Bong book. Our song book is for
sale and. that mighty cheap. Old Mr.
Slittell says "the oil is mighty good and
cheap at a dollar per bottle;" ho intends
to keep bis bottle to use on horses for the
Taking Coukliug, Cameron, Scovlllo and
his wife into consideration, we conclude
that they too are humbugs, and should got
two big norman horses and a coach, and'
tart out with Wizzard Oil and apply it
freely to the bosses. Old Trim.
Allen's Brain Food positively cures nerv
ousness, nervous debility, and all weakness
of generative ortrans. 1. 5 for $5. All
druggists. Send for circular to Allen's
Pharmacy, 315 First Ave., N. Y. 8old in
Cain by Barclay Bnm
Mr. Fritz Miller, of Columbia, Ills.,
says: "I have been cured of a distressing
rae of dyspepsia by the uso ot Brown's
Iron Bitters."
JSJTMake your old things look like new
by using the Ditmoud Dyes, and you will
be happy. Any of the fashionable colors
tor 10 cents.
Notices Id Mill column tb rue lines or less 35 cents
ono insertion or $1.00 ptr week.
-''and cellar in good repair Knqnlre oi
FOR KENT On new flva room cottace, on
Center street near liUa school, Apply to
blon dso.
-Mu'Wii clulrn, waeh man (In, t
CONBAD ALBA, Hixth street
UoH 8ALK. A Nhonlnser Parlor Oresii-S oc-
uve, 7 top tn parfuct order. Will be mid at
bargain. Lull on or addr'i care of Tribune,
FOR RUNT. -Fnruinhed rooms. Eleveiith Ht.
nd Waahmston onue. .MRS. FAKKALL.
PpRSALK.--IJIank, CUatta! Mnrcaccii, flpcclal
A Warraim and Warranty Ueeua at tuo Uulletln
Job otUce 78 Ohio I.evo
December 6th & 7th.
The Sun etlll Sblnea on the Little Hotua.-Act Iv.
Will prcient Its rca: New TorW nacceM of laM
reason, the eiqaintte domestic druma.
By Mr. Kraide Ho'dnnon Burnett ana V.'. n. Gil
lette, a presented at tue Mad on hquare
Tbeatr f. t ooeyear.
If there la aur poaalbilliy of any other play hav
ing a run ouch Hz. l Kirke h d. there no ret
on why Kftnera da n- ould not b tint play.--New
York Graphic
It reaH worthy the name ol play New York
Etoi, I ujf I'oat.
I willuudunMedly rur. at lore Hel Klrke,
and for u.uch tho rame rea'nn Vo k Star.
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The la of a thoroughly popular a rt. New York
Mail and Expreaa
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to the ualura n k and simplicity. Ne York
It la entirely fr- fr m a'l thritrlcal artifice or
eulle chirms all who witness It ..New Yu.kTurf,
F.eld and Farm .
Scenes In North Carol na ana I'arls. P odiKed
with apecla' Scouery for each act Irom the Madison
Square Tneaf-
AdmlssionTS'; and 1 Oi reervet sea's Included.
TUk-ta on aai at Buder's ?-at.iriiay .0 a. m.
Appcaranceof the Distinguished Comedian
Iu J. E Itrown'.i Succossfil Comedy,
In which Character he w;U Introduce his Famous
Tho Suoponi-'g Company has been selected
from the Front IUilk of the Dramatic Profession.
Greeted Evorywhoro with Screams of
d mission 2"i. 50 and 75c. Seats can he socurcu
at. Buder's jewelry storo. fto eryed without extra
Wholewalo Dealer in loe.
Onr Loads a Specialty.
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Cor, Twelfth Street and Levee,

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