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The daily Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1878-1???, December 24, 1882, Image 3

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fl rm ot ptuhtonptlon.
ran or ton tut:
Dull one jr'r hycarwir $13 0)
(2 per ci:iit. dlncountll paid In advance.!.
Ohi ,ou year 7 mall. ...... 10 OC
Daily, una niontt .,. 1 00
Weekly, one year
Weniv. moiithn i on
W-C'luba of llvo or mom for Wtiokly liullotln at
inetlma. tier v.tsr.tl Ml I
onetime, pur year, $1 M
All Communications ihould hn addressed to
Publisher and Proprietor.
Christmas Eve.
(3A1 bleat the pule mtieldnua
All over tin- hind to-nlghl.
Hung in Hie ch'ili'CHt corner!.
In III" glow i t ctliinnii llglltl
The liny, rciiil"! utocklnjj,
Willi h hn in III-' linol Hii'l toe.
Worn hi wiiinli'iliil Juiiiiieye
Tin.1 ilin lnur Iiiivi' In go,
American Fabluj.
A Cut vvhicli Inn! just autlluil horsi'lf
between t In; sheets for a tinji was
aroii.icd 0110 niiit by howls ami ynowls
on tin: roof of a sIi'mI nciir by.
"Fur lliu land's sake! but what is
that!'' fdie i'('laimi'i as sliti ro.-u up 011
end. Th howls i.-oiitinuud, slit; rol out
of bed, rai.si.'d tliu window, and culled
' In tin! namtijLif mercy, what is want
ed and who an: you?''
"I'm a Trei! Citizen," was tlio rrjily.
"lint why tlioM.- howls?"'
"In Mnin. I'uet is, I'm sciouad
in;j ou."
"lint I don't want it. (Ju away or
1'li injure von (or life!"
Hut tin: Si refused to movt!:i fool.
Iluirbriioiii's booijaek.i, water pitchers
and bcd.teails were heau'd at him in.
tjiiifk .iieces'-i'iii, but he dudt'd t'.'irh
nii-iln and eonliuiiecl to ug until tho
(.'at tut her throat in lej)"ratiin,
Turn about is fair piay, and tins
i haui'ij U f lirt! to come.
IIII. WM.K AMi I'll r. l.ni-K.
A I ioo-c n h was pro'Aliii through
the fop-.-t otii ihty in m arch of prey, ob
wrvt'd a Wu!f -'.itin on the limb uf a
and calic.i oui :
( iood rum ninr, toy 1 'car. You are
looking ti-nialiv well this morning."
That's all Tally,'' replied t'ueWo'.f.
Ton honor, but I'd jrive a thousand
tloil:u to have ymir complexion."
"Would you'.'"
"Indeed 1 would. And such ecsas
j tui hae 'ot! Ynm! yum!"
"l),i vmi n ailv tliink so?" rinni-d the
You iM't! Why, jf I had your form I'd
o t!i the stac Hiid make my fortune."
The Wolf put hi.s linger in his mouth
and looked Mliv and Icit Matte
vi 1 aim
the (
,ose Hct.ed her
chops and
"l';fe collie down and let nie take
the patient of j our coal-tails. Such a
grac iul set I never vnv in my travels,"
Tiie W.'lf eitme ilown wiiii his ears
working with delight, and had only
ria'.'hed the e.trt'i when the (loose
sprang upon him and chewed him into
Leware of tit (Jotise.
'"Piesuinption begins in igomnee and
ends in ruin." On the other band, the
production of Kidney-Wort began with
wise cautious and scientitie research, and
its te ends in restoring shattered constitu
tions and endowing men and women with
health and happines. "My tormented
back," is the exclamation of more than one
poor hanl-wirkinir man and woman; do
ou know why it aches? It is because
your kidnevs are over-tsfked and need
strengthening, and your system needs t ibe
cleaned of bad humors, xott need Ividncy-
Hariinp the Stocking.
Tlll ee little vnre:l Moc'i mux all III H row.
And I lime piUe'tcd two Miirli l heeln, and
it.li lieil 11 ccitii ill toe.
Over the vyv ol' Mlire, t.Ver the i os t'f
II leeiiii il h ihotiuii the fveli lfj eiiuld never
be fin vd ta-l down.
I s.um furu t'lMul l iiiir hour Is loto they were
(htlt iiuile tiuM ;
I'm Iiiiiiii;(iw wi Hie ('i:hiniie, niel tl. Nick
euiile'i lo-Mleilt.
We hiii'.-nerl n , -e ilrcpix '1 the cnndli'S Into
heel and tin .
I'm- not cue llule lueklni was tui"clna' from
the row.
Ilul O, the empty rwll
Iho Idiuij Ihni pil"
Tin.' voicn nl U,n he eryliiK my
l'"r there ih no el;nl lo-nmht,
hinine I knew.
ik ail ennnet
tunny it
Wheee H llltl'l Soelt W.tS lllllltfilltf (llllVIt Jl'Hr
And vi'i n oui' iv.
tie niiill t,
filciilly i iiyniK
ik w;i ended, we iinod a jll-
llie I'lithef to soolhi! Ih it
Christ mas makes a fat tdiundiynrd,
nnd inasmuch as llio liolnlays are
almost as green as a week in June, and
its iiiot people accept it proverb as if it
were indiipiiiiibly true, it hliould Iru
said thai thcrn is no li nth whatever in
this pariiciilar saving. No warrant is
found for it in Mai'istics, and the cry
tact that people whose health is below
the average are advised by physicians
to seel; a mild climate in w inter should
show nt hers that wlydi tho ('hri.itmas
holiday ni'o mild and pleasant they
should not On oppressed with any nil
usual tli't ad uf iuipciiding tleath. Tim
truth prohablv is that it' now should
meet w ith a cold tump the mortality rato
for tho month would at once rise. It is
much and nioi'o likely that old ladies
who dwell In a world of proverbs will
ctimn In grief than that undertaker
will havn any special reason to rejoice.
"What n inelhodieal fellow you are,
lirowii," siild Filkins, who had slopped
inlo Brown's ollict) during the hitter's
tihsenee. "Why, what do you lueaiii1"
nskeil Hi'tiwnwho had just ciitured.
"Mean?" echoed Filkins; "to think
that 3 ou should lock all your drawers,
up when you were only going out for
live minutes! 'Tisn'tlikoly that anybody
would meihllti with your papers.'' "Of
course nid," replied Drown; "but how
(lid you lind out that tho drawers were
locked r
.... .". .1 net a heiii-t remedies of the see. Sold at 25 ceuts a E S 14V -VE W- WMVfj iv
Wh'";::in;".,;;;,;., "'" M,,,k,n","n,",,r box everywhere. ?
,Vl'Mt:,e:;:;!,t,',lnB''l"',h"1" ',lirl"" A Varied Performance. lfc3 ?
Many wtmdir how Purker's Ginger k" '.-' .K jTfi.f: .-iV'i
The Green Christmas Fallacy. T""i? r(om Tru): 1 Vi
a .. .t.i i . ing it etsencc of ginger, when in fact it is ?5 jrttl.k,L.
"Many cifits of fcVL-r nnd :ur:. cumlt
rU'iiu Hinl coiiychtivu cliilU, wtT'J promptly
.ir.'em.ul Hrid entirely .xmMlictl by irn.' use
of your Siiunioiiu Liver Itvgiilutur. Y u
uciii't say half eniiuijli in rcL-anl to the .-ill
cney of your vnlu iblu mi'ilicino in chscu of
KU,! inti'iiintUTit le.ver, etc. livery cn.u
ling been nrri'Btud immodiatuly, Bulievo
till U'lion T uuir T wim ,i anfTurnr fr'i ir ream
wlt' '"e liver UiseaHC, una only una rciiei
M .1 .. ' . . . . t
by usint: your mctlicinc.
0 ....
"Uoheht J. Weeks,
lUtrtvU, Kano Co., 111."
The Chicago of the Early Days.
When the board of trade met in n
room of no "reat spaeoon South Water
street, and the bulls were very small
calves,, and the bear cubs of very small
account, and corners wcru not heard or
barring corner lots; in the days be
fore tht! 'Wigwam, " when Widow
Clarke's niaiiMon lay far to the south
ern line of the city, and Chiearo Ave
nue, lny far ninth, and the pis were not
afraid of lint polict'iiimi beyond Supe
rior street; when tint cows went out to
pasture on the prairies, and had not far
to ro, and tint berth man's horn sound
ed for tliein through what were then
the still moniiii"; hours; when the little
parks within the city were planted with
old tin cans, the irreat parks unheard
of, and Lincoln park was the cemetery
tor our dead; when tve were all poor by
eomn. ii .011, but inci rs' as Mav-tlav, for
the world was youn on the Lake
shore, and, while each mini fought for
his otviijiian I, we all fought for the elan,
nnd were i. now 11 wherever we went by
the wav we stood up for Chica;ri as t ho
verv ehoicct spot on the habitable
fjlobe, predestined and called already,
and bound m 'ood tunc to lit! Ustilied
and irdicd. UoUiii I'nthi.r.
only prepuitioii ol beet coulttinniL' lis entire
nutritious iiropcrlies. It emitaius blond-
unkniL'. I ncu L't iii.-mlin and hie .'UBtiiin-
iii'' 1 i m '-r t ; iiivalualde for Iudiu
T 11
KI all
ill cii-
nit ,f
l)pi:pfii, nervous pretention, uik:
fi rms 1 1' L' n,ir.t! debility ; ulio, in all
bt bled comiiti'ins, w beilier the lenilt tif
exhaustion, nervous pntration, i-verwork,
ir acute tlis'.'a t , iiaitieulnrv it itsultiii
from pniuion try t ompluints. Caswell,
Il .irl, & Co. 1'ropr'u-tois, New Ytrk.
Sold by Drtiifcts. (o)
SphKit's lot t Grupo Wiae for wiakly per
sens. I Ins t xcelh'ut protluct ot the grape
is pp scribed and used by the leading phy
sicians in the country, when a generous and
mini Miing wit;e is ricirabli ; espi cially
ft'insli-e, ftgeil persons hnd consumptive;
an t by churches for communion, flnn-
dieds of New Yurk physicians hive visited
iMieer'B Vin-'vards and wine cellars, but
twelve miles distant from '-.-w York, and
pronounced his wine pure and i.m xoelled.
Fur sale by Paul (. Scbtili.
Will vou Cou'li when Siiiloh's Cure will
give nr.mediatelv relict, rrice, iu ):
and 1. " (11)
Ricuahd I) olguaer, of Columbia, III.
wntcH "hrown s Iron uitttrs is the beH
tonic metlicine
rt'connneiid it."
I have ever found : I will
Fakmeiu and others des'riug a ucntetl,
lucrative agency business, by which f 5 to
$20 a day can be earned Bjnd addre.w st
once, on postal, t L. C. ilkuison & Co.,
195 and 197 Fu:ton street, New Yoik.
Siiiloh's Catirrh Reinctly a positive
rnio for Catarrh. Dintheria and Canker
Mouth. (13)
tiucKiou'H Armca Salve
The 11. si Salve In the world for CutJ,
Hrnie.s. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, ami all Skin Eruptions, and positively
cures files. It is guaranteed to give per
fect sttisliictioi), or montv rtiundeit. i rice
25 cents nor box. For stle by Geo. E
5Ir. J. Vandeuveen, Druggists, Grand
Haven. Mich. I can safely recommend
Ely's Cream Balm for the cure of Catanh,
Cold in the Head, &c. lietorc I have usetl
the lirst bottle I purchased of ou I lind
myself cured. At times I could scarcely
smell anything and had a headache most
of the time. Henry Lily, Acent tor the
American Express Co., Grand Haven, Mich.
A Couuli. Cold or Sore Throat
should be stopped. jNeglect frcquentl re
sulti :n an Incurable Lung disease or on
sumption. P.rown'8 Bronchial Troches do
not disorder the stomach like cough syr.ips
and balsams, but act directly on the lntlam
ed parts, allaying irritation, give relief in
Asthma, liroticmus, Coughs, Catarrh, nnd
the Thront Troubles which Singers and
Public Speakers are subject to. For thirty
years Hrowns lironchial lroches have been
rccon. mended by physicians, ami alwaj
give pertect satistaction. llavin
tested by wide and constant use for ne
an entire generation, they have attained
well -merited rank among the tew staple
mny valuable
act beneficially on every diseased orgau.
Why continue tho use of remedies that
ouly relieve, when Ely's Cream Rnltn, pleas
ant of npplicutinu and a suro cure lor C-a-
tnirh. Hav Fever and Cold in head, can
be hud for 50 cents? Annlv into nostiils
with little finger.
Mot hers! Mothers!! Mothers 1 ! !
Are you disturbed at night and broken
of your rest by a sick child suffering and
crying with tho excruciating pain of cutting
teeth? It so, go at once nod get a bottle ol
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. It will
relieve the poor little BUllorcr immediately
depend upon it; there is no nusluku
about it. There is not a mother on earth
who has ever used it, who will not tell mi
at onco that it will rcgulato the bowels,
and pivo rest to the mother, and relict and
health to the child, operating like magic.
It is perfectly -eafo to uso in all cases, and
pleasant to the taste. Hnd is the prescrip
tion of ono of tho oldest and best female
physicians anil nurses in the United States.
Sold overy whore. SH coma a uottie.
t-ff Nothing so simple anil perfect for
coloiinif as tho Diamond Dyes. For car-
pot rags, better snd cheaper than any other
Dh. Ki.tnk's Ghkat Nkiiyb Rkstokkk is
the marvel of tho ace for all nerve diseases.
All fits stopped free. Bend to 001 Arch
Btrect, rtiiladeloia. Pa.
Chills and Fever,
Hluimuna l iver Heuu
luinr Mion break h ine
chilli and carries the
fuver out ol the yatoin.
1 1 curoa when all other
rcnietlloa fall.
Sck Headache.
Y t tlifl rullef w.d euro
of llil tliftrcaeini; tlia
em" vu hliiiiiiuiin blv
or ltogultitor.
Tho Heculator will piicitKely curt) tbl U.rllilu
rtlmiaaij. Wc atrt i uiihat:ra!ly what wo liimw to
be true.
I11111I1I net ho ruimrilaii aa a trlfllnir allmunt. Na
ture dmiind the ittmont ri'Kiilarliy til the Ijiio1h.
Thureforci alHl nature liy Inltlne ttiminonn t,ivrr
UirgulaiDr. It la hurmkriB, mild and clltciiiul.
Ono or two tahUirDoonruia will tulle all the
Innihlea Incident to a bilious piale, mieh as Naufea
liizzincHi", Diowfliieno, blft.-ii-r ullcr callliK, a liil
tur hud tdnle in t he mouth.
I' ron w liinv avoid all nitaikn by iM-tuMnim!!)
('living a ilime of Minimum Liver beill.ilor lo liei:'
the liver lu healthy action.
generally arUiiiK fr)iu n tliaordered Moinarh," rat
lie corrected bv takuK Slmmmia Liver iico mtor.
SiiiiiiuiriH Liver Kcculat r coim eratiiiatt'i thie d!-
emu I'r'im the Heui. li'iivinn the fkln cleur anil
true Irum ull ixpuruie
Children mimrrliJH Willi colic mhiu i xierlei:ce r;-
lbrf when Minmouti Liver Kemiiiitor i administer
ed. Adulln a:n derive treat bem lit fmrn tli!
medirlue. Itini.ot tiiip'.eai-ant ; it if hniinlei.
i.iid flletlivo. I'm uly vtjfi labia.
JIohI of t be difeaoen ol the bladder originate Ircen
thoiie tif tr.e kiilncyH. Kettore the actum el the
ver 111111' ninl Dota tlio Kiantn a ant uiai;uer win
f5fir"Tttkt! iinlv Inn ci'iuilno, whkli alttaya uum on
tDe w ratmer ibt ruu 1. trails uiiuk ami Mcnamr" 01
J. 1 1. I LIN ti, CO.,
Fori?aie by all &xwv.i.
Ah v A week 11 ode at lc me by 'In Intltta-
v.' W !Uo. Hert 0'.i n h now bof re the
, uti le. t BjtSttll not needed. V'
f I) I will nart joii Men. women, tuns
n "nil cirli wan'ed evervwtie f 10 woi V
. A week i inde at Ic me by 'In Intlna-
' tlio
for u Tiowi-lLw time. 011 enti
work in (iiir'p time. ir iive vmr wbule tinm lo the
b:n nfs. No oiher bu-iiiC-f will 1 iiy you 1 'ur!v
ao well .No ore can lull to 111 'ike enurmous j. n y .
bv etikiaL'e UiL-at once, to Iv 1,11: nt and t 'rue Irc-e
Jlonev made lat, easily, .ir.u Donornuiy. Auurenf
'I'KL'K 4tU., AU'lr't'i. uinine.
The laren, bei and r h spent weekly In the world
Toledo Blade.
A XI) A HIEE COt-Y i'OR tYfcliY CLl'll of 1 Eii
The beet a orleii, the b''it hoiiMrlndil. l.ow and
nirrictiltural departuioii'a. the 1 n children' read
ing, the bem rellcinua deparuneiit SacbyV Iiuro
liean lettero, Lorr- Kli.iliUeijc.u :ri)-n i.ie wno:e out-
i n world, and urorua of .nechi tios too nttm r-
t iik to men. Ion. In "h rt thehe'l paper publbhod
-8 Dac 61 lona columns. nd all for (ino Dollar!
year, poaiai! paia. niiecim-n tree 10 buj uu-
drccit. !! d a postal. HbAwfc C O. Ioii'do, U.
ro.v KY
MAK1VG-A labula'e.1
luatemeiit anowiui: how ! 1"
rea l.el lv ! in
luree d .ya nly fi .'W in one your at an t: rate,
hv hiuhl Itirmtlv.! Enclbh Hvelotn of Turf Seril-
lnti'.ii Alfopirtli" lias of how each narter can
test tlio trtnh of the abovn. bymo i atlc mvcf l
meuts comluctt d at th j cominc savannah and New
lir'ennn Kn'i-r. J ckev Voiititf, etc 1'rolltf re-
iiiine.a wueklv.with c.tmri:.! of 1 per cent, from
Hlnuiiien. Hettini; on K. iu'iir'n e-ov, me rieai-
rat x v, ar old race in ibe world. f"0 will real.-
f0y;th' win. d Htanp lor our Knc.ui;
tiuide K CHAKDSON itC'O , IIS to I'.'i Wa'hln,'
tun St., t h:caLO, 111.
Al-trrt? -in (urr4.
J Ncnur Rprtor f r?
itS? u,r M IIiiain innftnua
!DlM;t. dvi.v Hut: i i ' t rea M.RvaAnr-c-
l,,nv. I ,.. V , hsV ot C. I X f A 1 . 1 . 1 UI.K if tkcB
! dirviiMt. A'ifVM.c'iiT fit tilou' turn. Trrtiii k
J;' trial l'Ul( freto lit C'w.t(ir rnrl'i''P""
hiliam-l mi l"-I,lii,n mcnivfu. .nu hpitm j
..ir,ri....1lr. .o(lltioUd to pH.K l.t.M.."!!! ArrS
1 3t..llil'i -" & ni.iyl.t bnam tl uuJ
Six orlcinal tl 'ulurH, jiifi out, very funny, will bo
aent lo any uddreta ou receipt 01 n iciim iiiK iuiiiit.
.1. P. lARKIV A 0, lluffitlo, N .
SOLE J! A N I' F A CT I' It K It S uf
BOHAXINK," lor tln T.aumlr.v.
LITE." a Titro Olive Oil ToilM, 8ns p
T.XO fr-V If?
. 5, i h ff it,2,'"vr'ti. i
Spkek's Pout Grape Wink !
four years old.
J rrom Iho Juice of the Opoilo t.iape, rallied In
thlt coittil'.v. Ita liivalilnblo tonlr. and pt n uutl li
cnlntf priii'initleH aro iiiianr'ae(l hv any other
Natlviiwliiu, It 'tint the ptirn Julcn of tV o (irnpe,
producfil iindiir Mr. H peer 'a own perKonal mpervl
mini, lis purity and "tn uoca, arc aiiarntileed.
Tli-i yoiitmid rhlld mi parluk ' of Its f in;roiia
niiallliea, and the weakii't Invalid ino It loailvnti
tiiKii It. I particularly uoiiefli'lul lOibcsKi'd and
di bllllali'il, and muted lo thn t ariotta allnmnta that
nfl'iirt. llm weaker aot. H lalliuiury recpect A
Sneer's P. J. Sherry.
Tho P. J.lSIIEItltlf I a whin of Superior Char
acter and nrt.ikiiaoftlie rich qnnl die" of thn trtiiio
from wh'rn It la marto Kor Piirltv. Ulrli' ima, Kla
voi and Medicinal Propi'Micx, ti will bo loiind (iu
oxcelletl. Sneer's P. J. ilrnudy.
Tlila T.HANDY utimtla niirlvaltul la thl Country
boliiirfur mimirlor for nuidloliml puipoaiii. It l" a
pure dist illation tro thn Kr.iii", ami cnn'Mlna vab
i diiiu nifi nini ion iiir '
uahio mndicinai propcrtiua
uanm mniiir.iiiai propeniea. 11 uu a ttuncaiu mi
vnr. alniilarto lhatnf Ihn anion, from wblrii It In
dldtlllod, and in In Kreitl fnv.ir.anioiiu llr"l rln
famllUa, See Hint Ihti amntluro of ALKHlvD
HPKKH, Taiiialc, N. J Ii over tlio cork or tmr.h
...I.!.. I. I -i m -K.i 'IWiX'frVLaP.i.i. i. l.-T-'il. , 2 " .
W. S. Linsr.otf, Nile, 0., Iiad scrofula
for thirty years, and "Lindsry's Blood
Searcher" cured him. Isn't it wonderful?
Over 2.r0,000 Howo scale have been sold.
and the demand increasing cnntinuully.
Ibirelen, Hulleck & Co., ajenls, St. Louis,
Mo. (4)
Frora th Boetun Ulobo.)
Jnri. tiiton i
The abore 1 a good llkf noas of Mri. Lydla E. rlnlta
ham, of tynn, Miuw., who above all other Lunuui belnira
may t truth fully called Die "Dear Friend of Woman,"
as aome of her comwpondenti lovu to call hr. Sbo
Is italounly devotod to har work, which In the outcoma
of a life atudy, and la obliijred to keep six lady
aMixtonta, to help her answer the large correnpundence)
which dally pours In upon her, acb bearing Its special
burden of suflfrlng, or Joy at relea.ie f rom It. Hor
Vegetable Compound Is a modlclne for good and not
evil purpoces. t have personally luvtsUted It and
am tntUand of the truth ot this.
On account of Its proven merits. It Ii rcccnimcmted
and prescribed by the best physicians In tho country.
Ono lays i "It works like a charm and saves much
pain. Il wlU cur entirely the wont form of falling
of the uterus, IxMoorrhavi, Irregular and painful
Menstruation, all Ovarian TphiIIc;, InUauiocatlorj and
Uloeratlon, Klo'dlniri', all Dlnriloccnicntj anil tlio con
sequent spinal weakness, and U eijiocially ad;it(.d to
the Chango of LL'e."
It permeates every portion of the jtcm, and glvea
new life and rigor. It removes falntm, llatulen'Ti
destroys all craving for stUnulants, and relieves weak-ne.-s
of the rtomaeh. H cures Hloatlna. HeadatliM,
Ncrrous I'rostratlon, Oeneral Debility, Slccplteanona,
Dcpresalnn and Indlsestion. That feeling of bearing
down, causing pain, weight and backache, I alwayo
pcmanonUy imrcd by lu uno. It will at all dim a, and
under all circumstance?, act In harmony with the law
that governs the fciralo HTstcm.
ltcosu only 1. rr bottle or six for C.V,and la sold by
druggists. Any advice rdiiiirtd as tn b,x-i IhI cimej, and
the mimes of many who have been re.-torod to pn-fcct
health by tho uso of tho Vet-'etaUiC'oiriiinuinl.caulx)
oh'alned by ttdilrosslntr Mrs. P., with stamp for n'l.Iy,
at her home In Lynn, Y-iJ.
For Kidney Con. plaint t f tllhrr iu'X this tominwnd Is
aniiriMNl a," ahur.dant teatlni'Milab shew,
"Mm, Plnkham'b Liver Pirs," MT 'nL wri,,r ",,r,
tht best fa tht iror.l fur tho euro ct Con.-tljaitlon,
BlllorisneM and Torpidity ot the liver. litr l.l iol
Purifier works wonders iu Its uptctia line and liiJ lair
toiia! the Compound in Ita pupulaHty.
ill must ren)ict her as an Angul of Slerey hoin sole
ambition Is to dognod to otbera.
Philadelphia, l'a. 12 lira. A. M. tt
mil. IHe t Hweepitiu by, eo
'and dnic heloro veinlie, rum
tblni: in I. lite uud hmIiUiii
leave behind tucm inter time
JimattH'k in your own town
Kivii DnlJ'ir u 1 11 1 tre. IS
rilt. tv-rvlhinir Iihiv t'limlal lot icaulrcil,
will firnlrih vou tvervlhliiL'. Many nr.! ni'iktt!
Inrti.tie-i. 1 .tidies make as nine1! at men, nml hoy
and L'lris in ike creiit Imv Keuder, If J oil want
biimiiCim al wh rh vou can miike ereul i.av I H V
time, rile lor inirllcuUra tn II II tl.bi',1 1 it.U
l'ortlritid, Vnii.o.
617 St. Charles Street, SI. LOUIS, MO.
A i-p:iilnr rnlunt "f two medlenl
rollegi'S, lias been Pinner ciuuRcil In I lit treat
ment nf ( Jiroiiic., NcrvooM, lUin ntnl
Jilnoil )l-in thin anv olln r pb slelini In
ht. Lout-., as cltv i.iieis "luw nml all oi resi
dents kiiuw. ( oimilliitlmf ' eilieenr by niall,
free and Invited. A frlemllv I. ilk or his opinion
rokts not 111 o v;. When It IhIiichio eiliuit In vIMt
the cltv .'ir treatuieiit, liieillelin eini lieent
by mall or expremi vi r ivheri'. ("arable -'
Kiisraiiteeil ; where doubt exlita il lilr.inlJv
Mated. Call or W rite.
Ntvous Proatration, Dabilily, Mental anj
Physical Weaknesa, Mercurial anil othnr
aflootioDH of Throat, kin and Bonus, Blood
Impurltiei and Blood Poisoning1, Skin Affoc
tions, Old Soros and Ulncrs. Impwlimentsto
Marriano, Bbtmm.il linn, Til.!. Special
attention tc cmcs from ovur-woi'kod brain.
SUEGICAIj tASESrcuivo Bpooiiiljttentlon.
Dioeasos arising froin linrruilenceExicgsoi,
Indulgcnoes or Kvjin.Mires.
It In Mdf.rv Idem tli.i' ii phv-lelnil paying
parlleul.ii slli ntlnil to a elu- ol en. Mtulii.
Rrrut hklll, and idivilelmii III reculiii n net leu
all over the eninei v kimv.lng tbl , treiiiently
recommend cii..m..i I he o..-i i.illee lu A rleii
w here rvery know n 1 .- I i-s. reni lei to,
and tin1 provi-il iinml rcno'clie-i of nil
ages and eninitrles are nied. A whole home Is
nied for ulliev punwe.c4, and all in e lit n led wild
skill III n vi ipeeii'ul nt n n u-1' : ntnl, knowing
what to in. no eAliei lmi nN ure niiele. mi ac
count of the irreat number ripplylng. th"
plun ges nre knl h'. nit. n 'oner tl.nll If
diniaiided bv nilier ll vou leeuie the ekl'l
and get a ln;e l and pet feet lil'o mre. thai la
the liiiiiirUiit luiitter. I'iilii blet, M pliges,
sent to any address fiee.
mk I (VTARRIAGE GUIDE, i pages,
r.legaiit rlnlb mid Kilt lillidliiw. Scab .1 for liO
Pent l liii-luve .1' I'lllT.'lirV Ovel tllly won"
I'erpil lien pleliires. H ue In life iii tlele.oii Ihti
oIIoh lug hlilieet. lei n.,.y liuiriy, who nut;
whvr lrroiier nue torn nrv. Who marry Jlrjl.
.Iaiiliimd, oiinii.li.ioil. Phvleal v. Mini
viliniilil leiir. v. Hon life ami lniipln Innv bn
Ineren.ed. Th' liunrl.d or c.iiileini.liilliiij
p.arrvliiu liouhl t-ml II. ll etiuhl tube rein
ov all inliilt pi i -I'll", lin n leit inuliT lock anil
kev, I'oliiilnr edit ion. nu,i" u ill mi e, but paper
rover nnd Juo pngen, i'S iu'l'i by mull. In luouey
H- iost,ig(i,
(Jliil'Vlii m1lHmn.t
liiiitttrrtiin Iiivih.1 miMi
n.i. i.i or s
l lit. Miihuil I
luve.l I I 1UWII
ChilAiilb iKtliesnri-tt iiiiim-iof mnl.lnor ti'iiilai'liu 'ill lily
prunifrelll III viHIUi'lll moI s lllfes IKHltil' lli'ireiletl i eir iu
I, sell nieiulHTLTls lliels'iii III ef i Iilned eiiHul il Jim
('Inn. 10 In llillpei' tvut, Hn lileivl" m,ii tiiniiiiiv, me
piirtsnf iiisiriilli'lissent em ll ineinlsT, Hliiiie H'eacti,
riHltvin ible. minii'"e-iilile, liiiti.liinlile. A ir!lnl'leee.
Evisillilent wauled III evi l y lewn. Utrellll InilinrinelilK,
iiliinnlorv t 'ireiilnrM'iit freis A'l'lrc "ll. 1'i.liK.NUAMi
k C'o 177 Al K'J LitSullu blCUIt.!AtiO, Jl.U
1 r.inil)ikV'" and cMilliirvti. Any
X AJJ.lkJ.lVllk 'dlsei,.,., wniliid or Injury
iiiiiUIhs. Mlllliit.s npprtipi'liileil. Working lori'U
tlouliotl. lloaea made liaiipy, I'rotnpi work.
Apply now, Ken lu. De.erteti eiiill'ed to nil
tlues and dt-ch rgea mi bir new la. (reai sue
cesa In Inrreasn casea. Hountv and hack pav pro
cured. 'I ho "orld and coldler," (wup ly pupor),
haintilu copv freo Bond alatrp fr full '""''"IL1""
blanks ami buiiuiy nihlu, A 1 TrPC
for Invent' re Addteatl i
V. W. KITaitltLiCOl,ni.nii.raliutA
Land Att'ya, Waahlnnlon, 0.0. tl e-d i-w-lm
lam Bfcfl l tlitH lo any wlilresf, ISO illu.
'r"'l'S' "".lild,"f BRAB8, OtRMA.1
SILVER and BEED InstruiimoU, tOL-elhec
With full initructlons fe.r rnrmlni. tlon.Vu ,11 .
vliiiim sad classlflcatlno of instrnmentt
WHAT and HOW to purehase; terms for
aoltl ursllver titi.tinii. reriKlrlnc Jtn WIIImIm
seud, If desired, our Hand and 'Orcheitra
Uutdt, 81 p. Intent popiilur niule. Addrw
Electric Appliance are tent on 30 Dsy' Trial.
"llflio ro nulTertnif from Niinvoes DFanrrv,
Lost Vini.nv, I.ACii or ,Si:mvr Fom s tan
Viuuil. Wavtind W KAKNKHr,K mi,! all tl,oe illMraovs
of a I'HaseSAl, Nati'iik r.uitiiic fmiu ahi'sxh ami
Otiikh Cai'skb. Hnenly nuief nn I completo rcsto.
ration of Ukautih imui aiel M.imi.i 't i it rantrco.
The iirraRil.Mt olwuvory of tbe Nm.-teeiith ttentury.
bfinil at o;u:c fur lllui.ti.iUil l'uuiirlilt't oee. Adurens
And our miny othr rit.vtnj(.n'vttt.tc nad MagnetlO
Attfiltnn.'AH itnii ItnrmnntH m-n tnvitluftble. and ft 6Ur
curs tor Nf?rvnii lohlit riirHtyntn, Kpileimy. KheumtV
turn, uvrworiii utnin. cjimimiion or iL.onii 01 iuu
Fnnrur. WchIc linok. Kidmr IflMiUM. J un. Liver And
8ioiumh Comi'liilntd, ut.d ton miai'tcd to KiTRCR
BEX. Ihtrw (ipttllnno nri thn vry Utput Improved
And entirely dilfcr. 'iit from nnd h otnor, an they
l-odUivfly icetiMrutM coot Inuoin currents without acidft,
ratifiliiK no orm nsr irriiiiiltm o( thp nkin cn b
worn at won . well u h, nnd are ouly notli'eable to
th wfttrwr. Iho pnwar In rpulnt(j1 ao an lo maet tb
different atnKH of nil ri.f.. n wiinre Hectrlo aod
Mugiidllo trrnt triHiit imtf bfctltt 1 bone for
Cure Impctekcv, Scminal Weakncss, Lost Weiooo.io
They Cure when nil else f it'.a. Our ififtatrated
Pampnlet B"n 1 1 se.iled nnvel,,, on n eotpt ot 6cat
Dostums, orSbcuiHiy w.Hi,eeii, 1101.
llowurfl Elect rn-Mannetle lnol, (1 per r air by mall,
312 N. Otn Ct. Louis, Mo.
"T!M. HAliIiIllAV"
A New and t nuipieie II lei, front In c on I .eye
m uuid ami Kailroad Slrceia,
C.'iifo. Jlliiu.i.
Th Vasieiicr II pot ol tho Chir n.'o. St. Louis
nt)'' ,ew Orleans: Illinois Central; Wabash, St,
Louis and I'aelllc; lmti .Mniniiiiiii an t Hnuiheru,
Mobile and Ohio; luin nml .Si . Loins ltnilnayi
are all JiibI iicroea tint street; while the Sleamhoai
I .ami ii i: Is but one square distant.
This Hotel la heated by aleam, bus steam
Laundry, ll.vOrai.llc Kleviilnr, Klmlrlc full Hells
Aiitoiniitlc Flru-Alarma, Hatha, absolutely pure air
perluet uiciai.'c and loiupleto iipiiollilinelils.
ttiiperb ftirntabliik'Si perfect seivico; and an un
.ixccllcd cubic.
Is. P. I'AIIKKil. At (V..l.fHAMt
I N V K S T 0 H S
lierlllin.' K 1 f ( chins
1'iij nig Si ck i r llonils i lelil'iii-
Tb N I'KII t'UNT. l' I n n mi in . and (iter,
muv ti'd iln full par'nrn'sr. w'nb snilsfiiei ry rifi r
eliees il dl 'i'l i.oiiiais.h. II brer.u ' II. Ill AIS
11 h. I . I , I'L 'I Att't.'H Ooiigrem St., Itoetoii, Mas.
Meiillmi i It is paimr.
.Nulliltiu lit nn' world iijHol n '" tl
'oun-nt Ni'ruinla. rimiit, Mull, I tur, m-l Morel,
Hon- Kwi. Mcrt'iirlal imennn, I nlpiiti it or
At'l'dHc, r vim It Coitii'lnlnti, tinl till tliiidi
ilttHil. It tirftr Ulll, All 'InitaVt Itul
Cntmtry iri' fccviicn 1l l. I'. I. Mlrrt
(i.. I'mitV 1'llf nitiut, mi fir mitlll.
1. aSsf iH.'l
INJ KCTlOrT, in a poittlvr euro f.irnll Discharges,
Btlnirliitr. Hintirting nn J 1'ivinlul Niiiisnlions ot tbe
O I (( per bottle, For snlntiv all drug
Ir? r? ftleta.nr emit bv Kxiu itss on ro
cHpTLTl' put , JOITN P. l'AKIt BON
rjf. nnd 177fyaiiiiirnBt CINCINNATI,
0U1O. Pleiue mention this paper.
1 in iiiileiir.'nlw insoli tbe look-
j'oiil for i liu res In liicreasu
11 their nam Iiilh, and In tlmu
1 111 Ih,... u.l...
M 1 ,(,,.,, I ,-n,ll1 , U'"a. I.',
lo nntlmlirvo I h"ir olili T-
limbics remain In poverty.
We oiler u gieu' cliiincii lu make mono.) . H'n want
in m ii v ii'eii, wiiiinin, bovn and glrla to work lor ua
right III 'heir own loesll'tlea A liv one eun do Mm
work properly from the Itisl start. The business
will pay iit'Td th mi ten limes ordinary wage. Kx
punsiveoulll' riirnlhe'lfiuit. Noonn wlioengagea
Inl a lo imiko money rap illv. You ran ilevi.lu
vonr wlmle lit't 1 li i ho work, or onlv your spa e
. ft'... I I..C. I nit I'' ill la tlil.'Hntl
IIIUIII.'III-I. I ll'l ' "l.", ' 'a' " ....."- -
aem fruu. Audress Sl'lN HON A t'O. Portland, Mo.
('Ainu, lu., December 0'h, 1RSI.
The regular annual nntutlng of lliu Mockholitera
or lite city ialii.miil Hunk, of ( iuro, lor the i ttr
pnso ofsiilecilngstiveii illrnclora. wit he held at the
onio-oif a ibl bank, In tlilscliy, on Tiiimdiir, Jatiua
fytnb.lKH'i. fo'U opiiu ai t'i o'clock a. u. aud
cioso m I nVI 'rg p, m. of said tlitv.
Id. TH0.1.W UVU.IDAY, Cashier.
hi rr
w s
Tboio desiring to make money
on small and medium iiiveatuient
In Kialn, i.ro.lnioiia and stock
Hpi-cMilatloim, oiindoiobyoperat
inn on our ilan. From May 1st,
. . iiii.voiuepreeouiaaie.onUiTeai-
W HE AT I""ut" of 41 0 to l.tHMi, oasb prohti
xnvc uui. (l.niiaiijii at,., yum IUS
ventora nim unit inK toanveral times
tho orliiiin.1 lev. !ineiit. Pmrltii
paid flrat of evory montli, still luav.
lint the oriul ial investment niak
tn money or pavuhle on demand.
r xoianatiirv circulars ana ilatn
IneiiU of fun I V sent free. We
waul reHMisiblo aentn, wbo will
report on cropa and introduce the
plan. Liberal couimlasioni paid.
FLEMMtRQ & MERF,liM,c"-,s,e"rek..u.
Major lilock, riilcago.ril.
AllI Vftnre reruinly In
ViujilHV.w ,1', ,jmrli,
ltQilri' feruinly In , littviitfr been
i evry tirenn
trli.l I f.itki. tlllnn
for Sixteen Years; mi otner Anieili an or.rar.s haT
I 1HK neeii loiind n a I nt any. A No cheapcHt. btyla
Ml; V oclavei: siitll'lent cotnniri' nt.d hiik'ht.
with bet. nuultv, for iinnubir sacred and secular
music In senoiils or f .111 il i-. at only 'i'2. lie
hiimlreilo her sivtna a- Jkhl. tS?. tK. ?-l.'ltfl. sill.
SHIS. (IH, t,. f If), nnd up. The larger style) are
whullv unrivaled by anv other organs. Also tor
ess.v pnvm -iit-i N'mv liltitiatnil t alaloime free.
the MAS (i. t A I. IN Or-nn am Pla-io I o.
1M Tremunt Htreee, ltotli : 4't Ka-t 14th street
(Union -quart!, n:- York; I I'l Wuli nil Avenue,
V01'Yr AfiVY v Yno wutit to learn Telegrs
1 t'Cllt' .11 1 11I nl.v In 1, le.Tmonihs. auu h.
cerium uf a h : t nut i . ti, mirt'iesii Vi.ieuiiue llroihers
.1 h no.-v il ; f, ' i-.
Netviipai uer Aiivertlsl. 1 g bureau, IU Spruce at N.V.
Itlood, nnd will romi'lHtalycha'iRa that Iood in tho en
tire nyst cm in thrco wont ns. Any person who will take
1 pillnncli niirhtfrom 1 to 1 Vi woekamay be retircl
tn hound health, if such a tliitu- poksiI le. Sulil ev
rrywtiro, or sent, by mail (or leller snmn I. H.
JoHhmiN A t o., lb ton, M.ii s., fonin r'j' lv. ijior, M
M.W AllVKIlllsfMlNI'i
I mud a iiu.U.o rrt.it Uv f'ir tlio aMovo oiir.,; by lie
SMI lii.t'l. in, is el' eri-.t-j of li.e .irt ki;l;l nr, of long
laniiinif !mi'aliein euieil. lu,ee,l, sonlriuur I. my fftlla
in usi,i',.'s,y, turn i .i,i .M. s two no i 1 1 1: i i'tiRr,, tu-
Viher n-l' Ii u V Al.l'Aili.K TitKATlSl. nn tl,i4 Uismiuj, to
iuy sattuioi'. Givsl.xee.M nml ,'. o. ini'T"...
UK. T. A. BLOCl Al, nil 1'ouil ti., Now Vnrk.
Wli'lo Wrea'.'ini! w Hi a Fallen 'iree. a I. mbcrrnaa
It'Coivea t'onuefptiintin! PaMi ijjes.
V lele mi a hunliun excursion Iti I tjr-Bt coal
ud wood r'i;loii near C iirl. oi dale l'a., tho writer
met llliiiui Cnll a Itnnheini ri. Aciis'imied to
life a; il labor in t'u forrei front en iv m mhoi d, bo
whs a trim lv'iklH ef the Axe Many a true bad
failen b 'fire his rin. Ing strokea. ami 11 .ets ef rafti
had borno awuy to mnr.et the -rawed proilucta.
Coll Is .i character, nud If Oscar Wlblu la rlu'bt in
say'ng that ull inov rniouis In unhindered labor are
graceful, our filcnd William, atrippctl for Ins n'Drk,
and iittai liliiij atieeiiH Kieluud I, iinra'lltud tbe
heavy door-uf l''ro; I 'i I'o'iiI'h Ciislu must have
preeeuled nn uil i n di'e tlcturc.
One d i), Iioh ever but let bliil tell the Itory
hliiii-cll, ai- In- told I 'o me:
"I uns em in lie woods, you know, trying to
s'art i lor down n hill. Thii.kli'g I could get a
heller I'.iu lui-e mi It from the lower side, 1 tackled
il there with mv i r Pitv i k it ml threw my
weight lib l.'.e 1 ver Mil) elurli tl i!ie did, but as
lin k wim'1: lime I, In lo.e 1 could t out nf tbe
way, ebe r il let r )j!it , ver me. II it hadu't been
fur a lot of am ill limbs nnd brurh ljlng lu !ho rond
whl. b lilted her up, she'd acniflied u.e Hut. Aa I
was I got 11 f wlthuiit a broken bono, but will) some
mighty bad brutnva "
"Then you were all righ'." said his auditor.
"Not by a Matt. ml cik'ht. stranger. I took co'it
rheiiiuutliiiu set lu, aud, If I hadn't heard of PEN
f-ueud 'em, it's niy opinion I should never hare
made anoilicr th.plly. Uut the Cnprluo took hold
qiil k, and I'm about aa good as uev. Hut tllcre'a
one thing you kin calklhito on: -I shall neyer
wrai!e with umitlier log unless I tin .'3 tho advan
tngfl of the ground K :r, as I t"!d vou before, If It
hadn't been Tel'ilicm brushes I'd ' eeu smashed 10
you ro ild a seld ma for a door mat."
Tho I'npcliie la tho thing for rheumatism. U
doou't keep you walling The word CAPCINB
I err In the center of the genuine. I'riceSISoeuta.
beabiuy & .lohtisou, ( keuilsta, Now Y.rk.
or any Active Man oi Woman
Iu Cash, working f rlbe American farmer.
Address li A. K. HAC'KT 'IT, Ft. Wayne, Ind.
jrJ or all Union Soldiers IWrLCAvt
I fir .lisiihled In lineol dutv I TO Ln LRoL
sinnrQl el 1 .v ami
.A!1nl:AI1B'''iy to
repni'teilnn roll" as tloseitera
n no i.ioeriu.
l'UOCUKl U. Apply
at onco. Hctul two U
Mumna li "JTODOART & CO..
O street ., IVasblagtou, I. 0.
Ediienfrd nnd practical growers now assent fo our
motto "Time the lurlher iNorlli ..eeils nro
sjrown tbienrller Oielr rinliiet will lie."
Vioollnr Mils year a full lino of Hundard potaua-s.
truo hi name, grown on dry upland ; Hinteh Fy fe anil
lllueHlein Wheati WliltHiiliu.lanlliite: KtaiupeaCsb
linire, siil.llu ln'one wii'Sesrller I'uui l.rirly Ynrktour
Nnrth Htnr Yellow iHilit I'nrn still takes I lie lead, ami
fur fodder lsetiial to any i of onlen an d, hunatora.
carrots, iins, A-cfto., a full Hue snd Intvu crop, all
I'hit growth nn our own farina. Wild W o for duck
potula always nnliaiiit fur Spring or V'nll enwitur.
.th Annual rstalivuc I'ee ,T. Sf . M f TC AI.Ks
(. rower. Importer J ubber, tt. 1'nul, .Mlua.
A I.esKllncr T.nnilnn l'hy
elan rint'iiiiti nu
(MM- -n fM'irYorlt
lur thtnCnrcof
roil CDTin FITO.
r Ayisi a iiiuurnalo JJir(iw.
lis. aa. Mssirn)s liais er lennnm, wi i,.'--i---sllns
re.lliM.sT. hss wlllini'l rtonlil tresls.1 Sll.1 SIIIS4
ranreVuss ' I Vii ,J"h"r lulu, nhyslelsn. II.. sere.
bssilnuily ..'I'll ..i'tilhlg ni.ve lo'iirit or r nwi
elsr to J.?a V stanilliig accsnilly rtir. by htm. lie
SU BubliX'd a mirk on llils dlis.,- htrh bs ssaas
wtfhVlarie set I Is of his wonrtwrul eurs 7i . to any swf
t?T ti insy ssntl lh.lr eapiwe esa f. 6. Adums e
!ui;k,SDt en.lM"scnisKitarss
II 11 II H.1
t ci vi n

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