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ornrK: va. 711 omo lkvre.
ft.ittmii In (hi eo'.jmn. eisnt entn Pr Una for
Ireland fits ctmu pur lint aeh uh'iHlueottDaer
tlon. Kor ontt wwk. SO mum per lino. For ono
a onth. M cunta pr litis.
New Blacksmith Shop.
A new horse shooing shop has been open
ed by Mr. P. Power on Tenth struct. All
manner of bUckun tiling ami wagon work
done to order. Impairing work a specialty.
Work done promptly. tf
What Women Should Use.
Dyspepsia, weak back, despondency and
other troubles cmed me fearful suffering,
but Parker's Ginger Tonic makes me feel
like a new being. A great remedy. Every
wonrin should use it. Mrs. Garivz, Pitts
burg. For lamo Back, Silt or Cheat use
Shi loh's Porous Plaster. Prico 25 cents.
Paul G. Schuh, agent. (5)
See a woman iu another column near
Speer's Vineyards, picking grapes from
which 8per'a Port Grape wiue is made,
that is so highly esteemed by the medical
profession, for tlio ue of invalids weakly
persnns and the aged. Sold by druggists.
E. R. Ci.vuee, GilJord, III., says:
"Brown's Iron Bitters cured me of dyspep
sia, dyspeptic colic and belching spells."
A Card.
To all who are suffering from the errors
and indiscretions of youth, nervous weak
ness, early decay, loss of manhood, &c, I
will send a recipe that will cc you, fhee
or cnAHOK. This great remedy was
discovered oy a minister in South America.
Bond a sell-addressed envelops to the Rev,
Joseph T. Ishan, Station D., New York
Farmers and others desiring a genteel,
lu -rntive agency business, by which $5 to
aday can bi earned, send addre.w at
once, on postal, t iT. C. Wilkinson & Co.,
195 and 197 Fulton street, New Yoik.
Nervoisnk-s, Nervous Debility, Neural
gia, Neivous Hi' ck, St. Yuu Dunce. Pros
tration, and all diseases of Nerve Genera
tive Organs, are all permanently and radi
cally cured by Allen's Brain Food, the great
botanical remedy. $ 1.00 pkg., 6 for $V
At druggist!).
A Good Kestauraut.
If yon want a good meal call atSchoen
tneyor's R.Mtaurtnt cor. 10 I) et. and Wash
ing arc. O-ily 23 cts. for a regular meal,
an 1 day boarding will find tho best accom
mo latum on reasonable terms.
12-27, 2.u.
Worthy of Praise.
As a rule wu do not recommend Patent
Medicines, but when we know of one that
really is a public benefactor, and does
positively cure, then wo consider it our
duty to impart tint information to all.
Eledric Bitters are truly a most valuable
medicine, nnd will surely cure Biliousness,
Fever and Ague, Stomach, Liver and Kid
ney Complaints, even when all other rem
edies fail. We know whereof we speak,
and can freely recommend them to all.
Exch. 8uld at fifty cents a bottle by Harry
W. tscbub. (6)
To The West.
There are a number ot mutes leading to
the above-mentioned section, but the direct
and reliable route is via Saint Louij and
over the Min uri Piciflc Railway. Two
trains daily are run from the Grand Union
Dt'P 't, S tint Louis to Kansas City, Leaven
worth, Atchison, St. Joseph and Omaha.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars of the very
flrest make are attached to all trains.
At Kansas City Union Depot, passengers
for Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Cal
ifornia connect with express trains of all
At Atchison, connection Is made with
express trains for Kansas and Nebraska
At Omaha, connection is made with the
Overland train fur California.
This line offers to parties oroute to the
West and Northwest, not only faht time
and superior accomodations, but b"utiful
cenery, as it passes through the finest por
tion of Missouri und Nebrabka. Send for
illustrated maps, pamphlets. fcc, of this
litie. which will be mailed free.
C. B. KtKSAtt, F. Chandler,
Aas't Geo'l Pass. Agent. Gen'l Pass Agent
Prema'ure graynesa avoided by using
Farker's Hair Balsam, distinguished for its
cleat lines and perfume.
Thus exclaimed an old gentleman recov
ering trim a severe attack of thu bronchial
tul'es, ''Sellers' Couh Syrup' cured mc."
rrice ..
Given away.
We cannot help untieing the liberal offer
made to all lovall-is and sufferers by Dr
Kings's New Discovery for Consumption
You are requited to call at Harry W
Bchuh's 1rug store, and get a trial bottle
free of cost, if you aro suffering with Con
sumption, Severe Coughs, Colds, Asthma
Bronchitis, Hay Fever, Loss of Voice,
Hoarseness, or any affection of tho throat
or lungs. It will positively cure you. (0)
Bhilnh e Cough and Consumption Cure
ll sold by us on a guarantee. It cures con
umption. Puul G. ochuh, agent. (C)
Having purchased the bakery ot
Anthony, on Wasthington avenue between
0th and 10.1) streets, I prepared to offer to
the public at all time froah bread, cakes,
Ac. of tho bust quality at tho lowest prices
to b lounJ in the city. . Call an t see mo
18-litf Jacob Lather
Cottage For Sale.
I off.T my cottAge next to the
corner or 21st and Poplar streets,
East aide, at a baurain. An
ply on premises or of me at N w York
Notices la tbaaa commas, ten ent pr lln.
i.rh '.rtion .nit wh tlmr mark an ornoi, ircaicn
Mod to Own A tar miu'a bualnoM Inmruat art
alwaynimld for.
The street car aro running ngtinsiuce
Jud 'e W. U. Green went to Anna lsst
night on professional business.
To'euraphic nows appears this morn
ingon first pago. River column on third
Tho poor white woman who was found
in the Hibernian engine house Thursday
niuhf. was given needed attention by Dr.
Wood fr the county.
The hit of tho season I The "Our
Bachelor Cigar!" at Barclay Brothors'.
Toe Illinois Central railroad company
is having steel rails laid down on their
tracks on Ohio levee. The old rails are
being all taken up and cast aside.
Yesterday afternoon's weather bulletin
showed no changes in tho temperature
north and west of us which would be likely
to effect the thermometers here very much
either way.
School children will find TnE Bulle
tin scratch-books Nos. 2 and 3 tor sale at
Phil Saup's candy stire. tf
The Stonewall Jackson association of
New England has voted to send eleven
delegates to the unvailing of the statue of
Gen. Robert E. Lee at Lixington, Va., in
Hon. Jon. H. Oberly, of Bloomington,
arrived at The 111 lid ay yesterday. He
will probably remain in the city during to
day to attend to matters pertaining to his
Washington avenue property which is to
be extensively improved.
Stuart, alius Coleman, the bank crook
arrested in New York, while being convey
ed to a train to be taken to Texas, cut his
throat and died next day. None of the
$6,180 taken from the City National Bank
of Dallas was recovered.
Valentines, imported, fringed,
Cameo, sentimental, and comic, at Frank
Healey's, cor. Washington avenue and 20th.
The people of Ireland are again ap
pealing for aid. They are destitute, ami
are dying of starvation and of fevers that
are the result of poor food an! exposure.
Will not the Irishmen and friends ofhu
msnity in Cairo respond to the call of the
suffering for bread?
Anna Ad-rvte: "Rov. C. W. Sif
fered was last Sunday called to
Cobden to perform the marriage
ceremony of Mr. Gjorge Houts, of Cairo,
and Hiss Jennie Finley, daughter of Mrs.
Finley residing In the west side of Cobden.
Mr, Houts is a sm of Rjv. II uts, who was
pastor of the M. E. Church in this city some
eight years ago. We understand they will
reside in Metropolis."
L st Sunday a bibK class was organ-
zed in the lecture room of the Btptist
church, by Mr. Craine, and after this, meet
ings will be held at this room every
Sundsy evening at 5 o'clock. All young
men are invited to attend thee meetings
and join the clsss. Negotiations for obtain
ing Reform ball for organizing tho Young
Men's Christian Association and for the
regular meetings of such association, are
btill pending.
J. Riil's Uncle Tom's Cibin troupe is
billed tor the Cairo Opera House on the
fl.h, Friday. It is now on its way fur a
big engagement at New Orleans, having
just concluded au unusally successful tour
in California. Mr. Rial is the man who re
vived this interesting play in New York city,
after it hid grown unpopular there, by his
new rendition of it and by Iih ,-reat talent
he collected for its prene tation. Ho is
Slid to have the strongest company travel
iog. Preparations are in course of comple
tion for giving a number of short, pithy,
practical lectures upon subjects ot geners.1
interest to the public, particularly to young
men. The lectures will be free to all and
are to be givon by citizuus of Cairo, profes
sional m ;n, who will each apeak concern
ing matters iu his' profession. A surgeon
will deliver a short lecture n surgery; a
wyer, on the laws governing matters in
every dsy lile; a merchant, on busincps,
etc., etc. The arrangements promise to be
soon peifected and then the time and place
at which the lectur s will be given and the
names of the lecturers will be announced.
A letter received yesterday from Sher-
iun.li. uasKin, or Mississippi countv.
Ark., asked Chief Myers here to look out
for and arrest E.S. Turbia who had stolen
a mule and annulled an officer with iu
tent to kill h'.m. Two hours nfterwsrds
Turbia and the mule were In the chief's
custody, as wss also $7 which the thief hsd
received for the mule from Mr. Win. Elliott:
Turbin had arrived here Thursday and hsd
kept shady, but not quite shady enough to
escape Myer's. He is a native of Jackon
county, and has relatives living there. He
will be held hcreuntil Sheriff Uaskin comes
or sends some ono for him. A reward of
25 was offered for his capture.
From the proceed togs of the city coun
cil metting of l ist Tuesday, published in
yesterdty's Bulletin. It appears tint tho
oouncil allowed a claim of3l.43 to St
Mary's Infirmary, for the care of sick poor
taken to that institution by the officors of
the city, and at thu instance of tho city u
thorities. This allowance was only for the
month of January. Nearly every month
the council tiu allowed a similar amount
for tho ssme pu'posc, sometimes larger,
and at times smallur, but the yoar around
averaging about the same. Some of our
coun'ry exchsnges, notab'y the Charleston
(Mo.) Couii -r, have grasped eagerly at very
trifling circumstance and made them the
banls for tirades ngainst Cairo; will some of
our county exchanger, notably the Charles
ton Courier, now idiow that they were not
actuited purely by nullce, by giving Cairo
credit for what good she does?
Tho price of meat is once more gliding
along thu ascending scale, and will proba
bly continue high until grass is good on the
range. Prime native steers of 1.500 pounds
weight Thursday brought fO 10 per 100
pounds, the highest point touched in some
months. Hogs now bring $7 15 per 100
pounds, which is somewhat more than the
price prevailing in ChiCigo. Sheep soli at
G per 100 pounds. Horses and mules are
high, too not that they have any connec
tion with the meat market but there Bre
foreign buyers in the country
looking for stock to ship to
England and the West Indies,
and at the sime time the government is
picking up a considerable number of cal
vary and artillery norses. uuorings are
large, but still inadequate.
Charley Britton has sworn out a writ
of repelvin to recover his watch and chain
from Messrs. Farnbnker & Co., who refuse
to surrender it except upon payment by
Britton of all or two-thirds of the amount
for which it was pawned with tbem.
Messrs. F.& Co. aro doing a dangerous bu
siness boldly ; twice within the lsst few
weeks thieves have found in Messrs. F. &
(Vs. pawn hh p, a p!aco for the ready dis
posal of their pluader. and in each caso
the owners of the property have been put to
unnecssiry trouble aud expense in law to
recover it. Messrs. F.& Co 's. pawn shop is
rapidly degenerating into a 'fence" for
thieves, where money may ba iesliz'3.1 on
valuables without much trouble. Messrs.
F. & Co. ouijht to be more cautious iu
receiving property and less determined to
hold it in spite of Isw when it is proven to
have been stolen. They would then be
less liable to tha charge of willfully doing
an illegitimate business.
Judge Ribinson convened county
court yesterday forenoon for the purpose
of receiving the pleas of guilty of the two
young fellows who burglarized the Chicago
clothing house some time ago. The buys
gave their names this time as Frank
Schmidt and Charles Krieg, and their ages
at less than six.'een years. Tncy pleaded
guilty to the charge of burgl wy, eXiiress jd
a desire to learn a trade, and the court sen
tenced each to four years in the reform
school. They re not yet confirmed crim
inals, but they would become so, uuless
soul's restraint were put upon them, other
than their own consciences. A term in the
reform school will do them infinitely more
good thiu a like term in the petiitentisry,
and miy ern make of them good citizens.
They wert taken to their four year place of
safety yesterday evening by Djputy Guy
In the communication of "Fiat" else
whe'e reference is made to the Fifteenth
street colored family, and they are quoted
as saying that they applied in vain to Dr.
Wood for medical aid. Dr. ' Wood avers
that he hud no notice ot tlio neeoy con
dition of the family referrel to. II j says
that some d iys before The Bulletin first
called attention to the Fifteenth streot fam
ily, aolored womsn came to the Dr. and
asked him to make a professional call on a
colored family living up town; but that he
could not then go because of other pressing
engagements, and he told the woman so.
The latter did not tell the Dr. that ho was
wanted in the capacity of county overseer of
the p i r Jid not siy thit the family was
in destitute circumstances and could not
employ another physician. AU of which,
being true, would not indicate any neglect
of duty on the prt of the Dr.
Kttie Putnam and her excellent troupe
played to a very good audience at the Opera
House last night ia tlm interesting piece of
"The Little Detective," which fact, consider
ing that the company was here but a tew
weeks ago, proves the great favor in which
Miss Putuain is held by Cairo peoplo.
Katie took tho part of "The Little Dituc-
tivo" and acted it with the naturaluets and
attractiveness poculinr to hor. In her three
or four different characters, which thi im
personated with markod ability, sho
amused the nudience greatly and rooeiyod
from it msny hearty expressions of favor.
Of the other members of thu company we
can only say, for want of space, that tl.ey
were equ'il to their several tasks, acquit
ing themselves creditably in every way. If
such a thing was possible, Ktio and her
company strengthened the good opinion In
which flie and they wore held by Cairo
A communication elsowhere on this
psgo, by "Fiat," is worthy of general peru
sal and its suggestion to organize a
charitable society in this city which will
tsko upon itselt the duty of hunting up
such worthy poor as may be, perhaps
through their own modesty, missed by' the
authorities, and giving them relief from
means subscribed by citizens, must com
mend itsulf to tho favor ol every intelligent
reader. Tho sub) ict has been discussed
before this by TnK Bulletin, but wiihout
musing Bowcicm luterest in thote who
are gener illy foroinost in the work of hu
manity, to induce them to act, Organized
private charity has been found essential to
i nearly all communities of any pretensions,
even where public provision for charitable
purposes was almost unlimited and ex
pended under a perfect system. It hss
always proved to bo a blessing to worthy
poor neglected, nud au obstruction in tho
paths of wandering beggars, annoy
in and imposing upon citizens at the
street corners, or places of business, or at
tho imck-doois of their residences. The
benefits resulting from a charit tblo organi
zttion are many, and so palpnble that it is
alint st unnecessary to mention them in
detail, but, nevertheless, we solicit and shall
publish with pleasure, expressions of opin
ions prosnd con on this important subject,
in order that tho advantages and disadvan
tages of such organ'zition may be tully set
foi tb, and that public interest may be
an used and an organ'z ttion effected,
Arrangements have new been perfect
ed, by which the readers of TnE Bulletin
arc furnished oach morning with four col
umns of telegraphic news, later than they
can obtain from any other paper in the
country. The news is unnecessaiily con
densed, owing to the limited space there
is to spar', but it is fresh and select,
consisting of that which is most important,
ststod in the fewest words. This new ven
ture necessitates the expenditure ot several
thousand dollars per annum, in addition to
tho former running expenses of the paper,
and it adds greatly to the value of The
Bulletin as a newspaper. This improve
ment was uot made, and the additional ex
pense was not incurred, because it was
thought that TnE Bulletin, in its old
foim, was not up to the standard of excel
lence commensurate with tho patronage it
received, or because the revenue it brought
the proprietor was greater than he could
cnnvcnqen'ly take care of; but because
there was reason to believe that tho people
of Csiro would take some pride in support
ing a better newspaper, and because tho
proprietor of The Bulletin was just enter
prising enough to risk the loss of several
hundred dollars iu giving them at least an
opportunity todoso. The improvement is,
as yet, merely an experiment of several
months and it caunot be ma le permanent
uuiess the puople, the reading people of
Cairo, show their approval of the change
and of the publisher's enterprise in a FUb
stintial way. Tncro are over a hundred
merchants in the city who do not take
The Bulletin, but who ought t :; the ad
vertising p itr mage of Cairo pipers is le
thin that of the averagi country papers,
and it ought to be about tea time greater.
The Bulletin is beiug sent to Dearly every
stntion on every. rail ro id, w'thin a radious
of over a hiinirel miles from hare. Ao
advercisumeut in it will reach thousuids of
people every morning; its circulation ouht
now to increase two fold and its value as an
advertising medium will bo increased ac
cordingly, It the Cairo public will now
show tnat they appreciate the publisher's
eff irtsto ,'ivethem a newipiper th it shtll
be a credit to tho city show it by ex
tending to him their substantial aid in the
f-nn of pa ronago the improvement j 'lit
begun will be mule pnnutnent and will
be supplemented with others frjm time to
time hs such increased patronage may justi
fy. It this is not the case if, alter a
thorough test, it slull appear that tho pub
lisher's enterprise meets with no adequate
response from the Ciiro public, it wdl be
but reasonable to conclude that such enter
prise is not appreciated and thtt Toe Bul
letin in its old form was good enough.
With this explanation now the publisher
will be the only one disappointed if, after a
two months' bard struggle to avoid it, he
shall be compelled to abandon the improve
ment and agtin issue his paper in its old
The rumor circulated hre some ti me
ago, that Mr. W. H. Howe, formerly of the
Illinois Central offices hero, w, killed in
S mthern Texas by Mink MayQnld, creited
considerable excitement here, as Mr. Howo
was generally and favoribly known. The
report was brought here by a railroad man
who came directly from Texas and claimed
to li kve heard it direct down there. But
yesterday Mr. II. C, DcPew, of the Illinois
Central road hero, received a letter from
Mr. Howe, dated February 4th, 188:1, at San
Marcial, New Mexico, a station on the
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad, in
which tho writer refers as follows to the
report in question:
"Coming down the S. V. It. R. from Fisco.
I came onto a Globe Democrat of thu 24ili,
at Tuscon, and the first thing I saw was
theenelosod article. I am very bappy to bo
able to contradict this statement. Please
inform my friends."
The Globe-Democrat item referred to was
tho special sent to that ppor from this
city, stating that intelligence of Mr.
Howe's violent iloath had been received
here. Mr. II iwe says he 1 going to work
for the A. T. & 8. F. road at tho place from
which the letter is dated, will remain there
until June, and will then tako a trip to
Cairo. All of which will be good news to
Mr. Howe's friends and relatives in this part
of tho country.
Mr. Jamea R. Young, of Owatonna,
Minn., writes: "My wife was afflicted with
a very severe sore throat as were also three
of my children. We used St. Jacobs Oil
and a complete cure was the result."
On Ralfroad street below 6th, three lots
8, 0 and 10 block 15,25 by 80 each, mak
ing 75 feet on Railroad street and 20 feet
deep. For particulars apply at Bulletin
You now have the opportunity to make iirwnrd "
attractive, with bright colors, your laded ribbens
and oth-T art ides of apparel.
Every package of the
IS WARRANTED capab'e of coloring more in
quantity and better in quality than any other dves
that have been ottered. Trice: 15c. per packags; 2
Jor2oc Try them and you will bo delighti-d.
Barclay Brothers,
7- Oliio Lgvgg arid.
Cor. 8th St. Wash. Ave.
Mb. Editou. Yniir remarks on "Our
Pocr'wtre called to mind to-day when I
meta member of that f unily on Fifteenth
ctrcet. They arc tho ones, doubtbs. that
"Looker-ou" leftrs too; for they claim
that thoy applied iu vain to Did r Wood
for medical aid. I think your suaestion
that Cairo organize for charitable wotk, is
excellent, and I hope it may be acted upon
at once. Iudivi iualcontrihu'io'i and tffort
ssem almost wasted, so little dj they ac
complish; nor yet can one f el contented
to shirk all responsibility and do nothing.
The only remedy is to ornn'z j.
Although Cairo is the most generous city
of her means on earth, and gives as abun
dantly as she daro to htr poor, yet there
seems suffering here which should n-t exist.
Suffering which p obably would not exiet,
did a greater number of people feel it
their duty as au oru'tnizid body to assist.
If some ot Cairo's Indies, who understand
working for the public, would take this
matter in hind, I doubt not its siicces. In
fact, I believe that were thes -ciety formed
of ladies entirely.it would p rhaps be as well
for it, for they hav more time than nu-n to
devote to it. Ilusoands and fathers furnMi
the money for moit ch tntie-, but the wom
en understand better how to use it.
Then, were the "poor fund" iven over
to thcra for dis'ribution, and au overs' cr
for tho poor d spensi.-d with, I'm badly "off '
if the poor themselves, wouldn't be thank
ful. I would like the opinion of some of our
Qood ci y fathers on thif, and I would alx
like to know of the Indies, what they think
of the matter. L';t some of those charita
ble friends f the poor, such ns Mrs. O. M.
Alden, L. II. Mier. L. J. Rittenhouso, J.
A. Limbert, A. E. SalT.rd, S. P. Bennett,
M. A. Arter, J. B Red and many, many
others with whom I am unacquainted, set
the ball goicg, is my earnest petition.
Truly, Fiat.
(From ibo New O. learn Piety iBt).
Rarely, if ever, lias an abler defence of
the outlet theory been made thun by Ly
man Badges, a member of the American
society of civil eni;ineei, in a psper read.
before that distinguished body last year
and now being distributed in pamphlet
form. Uis conclusion was that the natural
outlet for relief from floods in the oil chan-
ne' via the Atchafulaya, aided by the Pin-
quemine Bayou to the Atchafulaya and the
Bonnet Carre to LakePontchartrain. This
Bonnet Carre, which v.o are closing at such
preat cot, he wo ild have us keep open.
Ue asserts that a systematic, control of the
overflow does not affect the scour or tho
Jetties to their disadvantage.
It is the fortunate custom of this eminent
society to dicu:S the papers submitted to
it. When Bu lges' paper whs read, another
member, E. L. Corthell, who was tho engi
neer that conxtructed the jetties, said that
many of the principles and concluious ad
vocated in it were so directly opposed to
his own experience on the, Mississippi river
that he could not refrain from making a
few remarks. And he thereupon proceed
ed to distinguish the theory of the dis
persion ot tbc waters from that of the con
centration of the waters for tho purpose of
deepening the channel, and made such a
clear statuuicnt of facts in advocacy ot the
latter that In a few mimutes there was
nothing loft of Bridges worth mention. His
statemeut exhibits unusual faiuiliarty
with the subject, and ho 'fortified him
self by quoting largely from Ends sod
from the Mississippi rivor commis
sion, ne closed his statemeut of princi
ples and facts by declaring that It was very
evident from them and from the result ot
studies which have been given them by ex
perts In river hydraulics, that tho only prac
ticable and proper method by which to
perminently deepen the channel of the
Mississippi river within its alluvial basin
Is to concentrate the volume of its fbod
waters by confluing them butween embank
tncnts, and by these means to prevent the
dlspurslon of tho forces which alone have
tho power to deepen tho rivjr-buJ. This
deepening, ho said, w uld result in s rec
tification and widening of thu channel, give
the flood waters room for their flow, lower
CCu" itfKi'nii . rTTZ3
the floodJslope of thu river, an 1 in time (if
perfect and thoiough loveo system is car
ried out) reduce tho fliol Hurisc.e to such
mii ixtent that the overflow can bo easily
provided for, and the alluvial region be
saved from periodic inuun latious which
have been so dele'crioiia to the ajiricultural
Knd commercial interests of this ( rent dis
trict. J. A. Ockcrsnn, a member of the sime
society, shows that sn outlet at the Atcha
falaya would Dot afford relief above, what
ever it migbt do below. Tho entire valley
from Cairo to Hud riu-r, 61,0 u.ihs, would
beoveifliwed nnd tlio injury done before
the flood reached the outlet.
It looks as though Bridges had brought
his wares to the wrong market. If he had
presented his paper to tin; congressional in
vestigating committee, his views would not
have beeu subjected to investigation and to
prompt refutation.
This society ia mw? tlm-i thirty years
old, and its discussions are always interest
ing. No'lee lo tun column ir-rue libet hi i,tuiii
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Cairo. Illinois.
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Thu Hotel la bean-d ijy aitnai, lit tm
Laundry, Hydraulic KIvaior, Kim trie Call Hells,
Aummatlc Kiro-Alarnm Hal ha. al.xiluli-lr pun air,
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-ilaoufacturerandDestar In
Sth Slroev, Iwtwef n Com'l A- mt Lcvue.
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C O .A.
ID Stoves I)
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No. 27
Oth St.
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S TiT) wnrn. H
Of C'nlro. MHnrtH.
CAPITAL, , )1 00.000
A General Banking Imdiws
Of Cairo. . '

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