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A Household Article fur I'nlTersal
family lie.
Tor Scarlet and
Typhoid feteri,
IMphtherla, Hall
ration, Vlcttrated
More Tli rout, Small
Foi, Measles, and
all Contagious UImihii. Pemm waiting on
the Si k ihuuld use it freely. Scarlet lever hat
never been known to ipreail where the 1 luid waa
used. Yellow Fever ha. been cured wilh it aftnr
black vomit liail taken place. The wont
cases of Diphtheria yield to It.
Feveredand Sick Per. j SMALL-POX
on refreshed and ; and
Itod Korea prevent-, I'lTTINO of flmafl
ed by bathing with
A member of my fam
ily was taken with)
Small pox. 1 used tha
F luid . the patient was
not delirious, waa not
pitted, and waa about
the home again in three
weekt, and no othera
had it. J. W. PajtK
injur, Philadelphia.
Darbvi fluid
Impure Air ma.le
harmless and puritied.
For More Throat it I. a
lure cure.
ConUjclon destroyed.
For Fronted t'vel,
Chilblalne, Piles,
CiusQiis;, etc.
Itheuinatliin cured.
fioft White Complex
ion! secured by iti ute.
Hhlp Fever presented.
To purify the lireath,
Cleauae the Teeth,
it can't be surpassed.
Catarrh relieved and
Erysipelas cured.
Hear prevented.
IMrseutery cured.
Wound healed rapidly.
hcurvy cured.
An Antidote for Animal
The physicians here
use Darfiyi Fluid very
successfully in the treat
ment of Diphtheria.
A SToLLairwiacK.
fWm.tvirn Ala
Slings etc. Tetter dned up,
used the Fluid during
Cholera prevented,
liters purified and
Id ciara of Death it
ahould be used about
the corpse it will
prevent any unpleas
ant smell.
our present aflliclion with
Scarlet Fever with de
cided advantage. It il
indispensable to the tick,
room. Wa. V. Sand
roao. Eyrie, Ala.
i The eminent Phy.
I lrl-.n, J. MA WON
I SIMM, M. 1)., New
I York, lavs: " 1 am
j convinced rrof Darby i
Prophylactic Fluid it a
I valuable disinfectant."
Scarlet Fever
Vanderbllt University, Kasht-IIle, Trnn.
I testify to the mcot excellent qualities of Prof
Darhys Prophylactic Fluid. As a disinfectant and
detergent it is both theoretically and practically
superior to any preparation with which I am ac
quainted. N. T. LirtoN, prof. Chemistry.
Darbyt Fluid I Recommended by
Hon. Alxanih H. Smew,., of Georgia;
kev. Cmav F. Dusks, DO., Church of the
Strangers, N. Y.;
Jos. LiCoirri, Columbia, Prof, University, S.C.
Kev. A. J. Hattl, IVf Mercer University;
kev. On. F. I'iihci, Bishop M. E. Church.
Ferfixtiy harmless. Used internally or
externally (or Man or lleavt.
Tlie Fluid has been thorimrhly tenci!, and we
have abundant evidence that it has done everything
here claimed. 'it fuller information get of your
Druggist a pamphlet or send to the proprietors,
Manufacturing Chemists, PHILADELPHIA.
Physician and Surgeon.
Special Attention paid to the Homeopathic treat
mt-nt of surgical diseases, and disuses of woman
tad chlldron.
once: On Hlh Ureal, opposite the Pual OIBca.
Cairo, lil.
128 Coruiiicrcial Ave., Cairo, III.
administered dl!y.
A lady la attendance.
OFFICII Klgblk Street, near Coidl errla! Amd
Dental Surgeon.
Omoi-Ho, 1SS Commercial Avenn, bstwutn
est'.! and Nltith Htreeu
O O A. I.
T) Stoves D
A. A.
No. 27
;uh st.
s s
o o
Tinware. S
Of Onlr. IllltmU.
71 OtllO LBVB1C.
CAPITAL, $100,000
A (ten oral Baukinjr biisinoxs
Con due ted.
Of Cairo, .
, Trnstirr.
Commission Merchants,
niAi.iita I
Egyptian Flouring Mills
flitheit CmIi Price Paid for Whoat.
Diphtheria I
A Terrible Explosion Near
Westminster Abbey.
Full Particulars of the Dreadful
Crimes Supposed to Have been
Committed bv the Irish.
NKW YOHK, March lti. A aneHal r-.lila
y New York says; 'Kvurvimll of Vet-
nilnctpr, the- Alioi-v, tlm hniiVe. of l'ailla-
IlK'llt, the (JI'tHt HllletlllfH of tilt! plillllc
ortircH, Hit; clul anil tint (livellliiK-Iioiises,
were violently shaken last nii,'lit, bv a
timnriiriou explo-'ioii. At !i o'clock" a
great detonation was heard followed by thtt
crash of kIh fulling from Hiou-hihIk of
window. A tlelllierate attempt had linen
made to blow tip jiart of l lie (Jnvt-rnmeiit
otlie, llu) part occupied by Sir (.liailri
Tilk, and the local t.nvt'rnini'iit Itom d, In
ine )iniiieiie imildltii; ijoiuiilcH tv rarlla
liieut street , UowniugMreet. Chariot alreft
nd St. Jninc i'urk.
ThH aiinrt.nenu in ti.--.tion
front on Cliarle htn'ct are ttlmoMt level wit b
the pavement. The w.ilN nre of great
thickness and the uinilou prnlocletl bv
niauMve stone iialii'ir:tMe. t imHlte, fifty
yard away, In the King clreet jiolitre. nla
tlon. Flftv feet awnv a -iMitrv uuardi the
rarllniticnt atrei-t front, diaries ulreet i
dark ami iinfiviiic!ited nt niKlit, which
imrny expiuinx tint cxiraorilinary fact that
no I, son were lni. The dynamite wan
til ici'd on the window m!I in-iilfi the halti-
trade, where the fu-i! when burning would
in- concealed irom ine ihw or anvonc jiai.
The cicat stone balustrade wat obliteia.
tcdind the pavement ibatterediud Krntinil
to powder. A wooden structure opposite
wiik blown Into splinter) and a tnaa of htone
was uriven tlirouxu the wall of the hoiifc
beyond it. Iintide the ofliecs there remain
ed nothing but splintered wood, broken
piasters, vaii tiurstopen.au inuescnliable
euo of destruction. The at reel w as com-
Iiletcly ct vered with the fragment of bro
n plate glnis khaltered atoms.
I'he iIikiis of the King
street I'oliec station were burst in bv the
blast of air, and the detachment piWnt
was pniMrateu. nroken tiinhers ami
masses of stone were sent flving into King
street. J'eople crossing at 1'arliament
street were knocked down. A hansom and
horse were flung cros the sidewalk
against the front of the Whitehall club, in
which the great plate glan windows were
driven in a shower Into the rooms.
Everywhere the (treatest consternation
the broken glass cracking under their feet.
in the House or Commons the alarm
was general, many members leaving at
once. The lobby was emptied and people
rusheJ out of estralnlster Hall, Some
police and a detachment of the Fire Brigade
took possession of Charles street and drew
a cordon around the building, which no
one but member of Parliament and
public officials were allowed to pass. As
me alarm spread, tnousauas nocked from
II U ins, and th most Intense exultement
prevailed, th report rapidly gaining
currency that the House of 'Common
bad byen blown up. No one pretends to
explain the motive or purpose of the act.
It U acr)bed to tb Irish Invinclhles as a
matter of course. One tblnif only is cer
tain it was a deed of frightful recklessness
and atrocity, and onlv an inexpllcate good
fortune prevented it from being attended
with the most serious fatality."
A reporter carried the news of the ex
plosion to Egan, whom he found seated In
the hull of the Grand Central Hotel.
chatting with a group of friends, Including
President Gallaaher, of the Parneli
Laud League. While they were discus
Ingthe explosion P.J. Sheridan Joined
the psrtv.
"what do you think, gentleman, of the
attempt to blow up the ltiitisb House of
sjomuiont!" asked the reporter.
"There Is no people under the sun.
said Mr. Fgan, "so subject to panic at
iue ctigusn peopie. iiere a common ei
plosion, a eas-Tiire or something similar.
occurs in a set of otlice, as it might any
wnere, out just oeciuse iney re wovern-
mem omoes a orv Is raised. 'Ob, It Istlvna
mlte. ' Later th'ev turn It Into 'Irish dyna
mite.' It Is Ireland, of course. I
dare say that If Mr. Sheridan bad been
there they would have put him down at
connected with It." .
"Ioyou suppose that Land I.ctgue
runat paia ror inn new outrage!1"
A general laugh then went tround the
roup, and then Mr. Esgtn said: "Why
o thv attach any political tlziilflcancs to
it at all r If ltwasth House of Parliament
one might understand It. Hut these are
merely the government ofiices, which are
si least 800 yard awav, with a block of
buildings between. Sow what politic! can
toere tie in an omoe explosion?"
"Then you do not oounect It with distur
bances of any lortf"
"With ourpreient Information we ran
say or think nothing about It. We can dis
count rumor, that is all, and I am Inclined
to think the first report of its being a mere
explosion of gai, the correct one.''
The Herald snyt of the London explosion :
"While tho police may be premature if
attributing Uie explosion to the
violent section of the Irish party, It
li well to remember that the real
focus of that section Is now the city on
London, and that thrro are still a tol
erable number of Irishman so foolish ai to
think that by an Indiscriminate use of nitro
glycerine they oan shake the purpose of a
government more dogged In wrong-doing
than any government of modern timet. "
London, March 10. There Is tin enor
mous crowd gathered at the iccne of the
explosion last night In thi local govern'
ment board olMoet in Westminster. The
government inspector made an examination
oft portion of the building damaged by
the explosion and placet the lost at 4,1)00.
A vessel which couttluud explosive noto
rial matter was placed In too cellar of the
local government's local board olllces. The
Timet tayi If the Irish Kxtremlsts are
really going to reply wlth dynamite to
any measure they disapprove of, it's cer
tain the diy of remedial legislation It over.
tiir iiomi orrtcc.
London, March ltl.-The Tall Mall
Gazette says in many maps of London tha
local govornmr-nt bnnrd olllco It marked si
tbs Homo Olltce. It Is thought to blow
up the former building win mailt with tha
Idea that It was the latter, Sir Win. liar
court, Home Secretary, bcltig nery obnox
ious to tha Fenians.
London, March lO.Lator and
cloter Inspection shows the explo
slon occurred from tho outside of tha
No arresta hava yet been made lu eon
section with tha explosion. The police
noticed nothing lusplolnut about tha
building before the explosion occurred.
No sympathy for tho Irish. The Timet
iayi:ln Manclisstor, Leeds. Liverpool and
London tho feeling of English worklngtnon
towtrdt tha Irish people, once sy in pat hollo,
has become oold. It only depend on
few more vatei of dynainlto outrage! to
turn tha feeling lntfi angy hostility which
Ua auihorltlM will tad if vary difficult U
The Young Lady Awarded $10,000
Nxw York. March 16. A verdict for
! 110,000 damages for seduction under prom
ts of inarriagu has been returned a iiust
Peter Hn:tmi,ui. a yottni tieruun. Tho
plalutlff Katie Yuiiker. is twenty-one years
old and very pretty. In April JSM), she
met rei?t,iiuciiiiiau, a uima in a store at
So. M Pearl street, at a concert in Steiu
way Hall, The acquaintance was contin
ued, 1 1 echman seeking her company ami
beseeching her.to meet htm. This she did
frequently. In Muv.lMNl, they becmce en
gaged to be married, ami ho wrote he i a
number of affectionate letters. They visit
ed theatres and watering places, had their
picture taken together mid
were generally looked upon as a very
loving and happy couple. Katie wore it
ring and necklace Inscribed with Filer's
name, and the wedding-day was lived.
One Sunday evening In November, IHM.
tbey attended the church of the Most llolv
itedceuierln Fifth street. That, evening
on' their return llechiiian succeeded in
ruining her. In the following Julv lie
beggetl blin to keep his promise and save
her from dlgracn. This he refused to do.
and discontinued his visits. In his ow it
behalf Hechman swore that
PL A I. NT I Ft.
"and his calling was simply In the gui of a
menu, vt hen he learned or ner couttttinn
be discontinued his visits. When be .,
asked if he ever had relations with her he
emphatically said "No." On hearing Hit
the voting woman fainted. This was the
signal for an uproar. All the women be
gan lo cry, and for a time the proceeding
of the court w ero brought to a standstill.
Hechman, when the case was resumed,
admitted that after this present suit was
rommeuced he vailed to see Katie, but was
not allowed to. lie wanted to settle the
case by marrying the girl. The jury, after
an absence of ten minutes, returned a ver
dict for jlO.uuo against the defendant, to
which Judge Hall added an allowance of 5
per cent.
Progresi with the Structure When it
will be Opened.
New Vokk. March 10. "A grand h!ih
way like the Brooklyn Bridge. " said As
sistant Knirineer Paine, "ought certainly
at the very outset, to command as i" luii
traltlo as Fulton Ferry. Fulton Ferry
transport 2, OOO.ouO people a year, ami I
tuppose It wa on this basis ttiat thentea
of toll over the bridge were fixed. '
Mr. St Tamilian said lu the meeting of the
Board of Trustees the other day that the
bridge would be opened to the public lu
sixty days.
Sa'id tfie reporter: "Do foil concur in
"Yes; It could be," answered Col.
Paine doubtfully, "that Is to say, the foot
bridge could be' opened."
At this point Mr. John T. Agnew, one
of the trustees, and a party of friends ar
rived and wanted Col. Paine to accoru.pany
them on a walk over the bridge to New
York. The reporter was Invited to Mo.
and on the wav across thev met snvoral
group of excursionists. Tb Iron Uopvt
at tho Brooklyn terminus Is rapidly ap-
proacnitifr completion, and win oe orna
mental and nhtHil. With the Pleen
tlon of a few gaps here and there the
planking for the drive-wavi on both
sides of the bridge is laid, and the raised
foot bridge for passengers in the middle
can lie traversed now. ioi. raine pounea
'out the things of greatest Interest as tha
louniev Drozressed. Various experiment!
are being tried In order that
nothing may be done In haste and repented
of at leisure. Two lengths of
the railway track are laid on the
Brooklyn side to see how It will work, and
thecab'les have been painted in different
ityles to sea which 1 likely to prove most
attractive. Perhaps the most interesting
piece of mechanism Is that which allow
for the expansion and contraction caused
by heat and cold. In each of the three
ipans Is a place fitted with slidlne plate
which will allow for xpanlon or contrao
tion In the roadway af foot or more. Col.
Paine said that the scientific allowance was
one inch to every 100 feet. Small bridge
do not require any such safeguards; neither
do bridges the end of which aro movable,
not fixed.
The Distinguished Mexican and Hit Par
ty in St. Louis.
General Porfirio Dltz and hit party trriv-,
ed this morning on the Missouri Paclfia
train, meetimr with a reception that the
General himself pronunced one of the warm
est and most cordial h had ever met with
in hi life. It had been arrantced that the
Reception Committee should meet nt the
Union Depot nt 8:30 a. m. where a special
train would take them to Kirkwood, to
meet the distinguished visitors. There
General Diaz's special car was toon switch
ed into the special train, Just ahead of that
in which the committee were riding, dipt.
Haves, a a representative of the railroad,
went In to announce the arrival of the com
mittee, followed by Mr. Csblll, and soon
after Gen. Diaz, Senator Romero lluhlo,
Dr. Llceago and the other gentlemen of
the party came Into the committee-'" car
and were Introduced all round.
All along the routo the itreeti .were
crowded with spectators. At the Four
Courts, tho Ltmlfll Hotel and all the busi
ness houses on Washington avenue and
Fifth street the windnwi In all the stoics
were filled with ladles and gentlemen,
whtlo the ttroets on both tides were crowd
ed. When the hotel wasrenchedthn whole
party assembled In the parlor, which wore
handsomely decorated for the reception of
the guests.
Tho Merchants Kxchnngo had been
elahoratolv decorated, In honor of the ex
pected visit, with flags of America and
Mexico bung In profusion at the entrance,
and on every available place on the floor.
Tho carriages arrived at the entrance about
twenty mlitute after twelve, and tho
Reception Committee and their guest
with Goneral Diaz and Minister" Fos
ter in the lead proceeded to the
floor of the Exchange The entrance
of Gen, Diaz and his party wa greeted with
enthusiastic applause. Tho partv pro
ceeded to the platform, abovs which wore
hung Immense. American and Mexican
flags, with the words on the canopv worked
In evergreena, "Men Verlda Dluz."
President wald received them.
The party consists of Gen. Porflrlo Dlsz,
his wife and a ion, 9 years of age; Senator
Romero Rublo, fathor of Mr. Diaz, with
his wifo and daughter; Dr. Ltcengo, hi
wife and inn; two tecrctarloi andieviral
male and female icrvanti.
Basltisss fssllsirsss.
Niw York, March ai. Business fall
urei the last seven days, ai reported to tho
mercantile agency of It. G. Dunn A Co. ,
number 2:!o as against ib'i lait week, a re
duction of 87 1
The New England States had 211; Middle
IT; Western Wi outhtrn9; raelfla state
vT lerk City 111 0sm481. Total
The Proposed Plan For Dealing With
Horse Thieves.
SPRiNGriKi.n. In... March 18. Vew
bills were lut rodueed and inauv report
from standing committee were received,
when the unfinished business of veslsrdav.
bill No. ;u,", was, by unanimous concent.
?iOKtponeu tor the purpose of considering
he Judiciary Committee' bill authorizing
the formation of companies for the detec
tion sncl upprcbension of horse-thieves and
tuner renins. . Ihe bill provides that
companies shall consist of not less
than one hundred memhsrs, and
aball have power to make and enforce
obedience to bv-lawi which ar consistent
with the constitution and laws of this State
and of the United Stales, and that member
when ougaged In arr fstlng offenders against
the criminal laws of the state shall be enti
tled to all the rights and privilenea 0f Coi).
stables. The bill was advocated by Presi
dent ( ampboll, who left the chair to move
It passage, and was passed by a vote of 87
10 I.
The Shawneetown relief bill for iVJifuld
eame bck from the Senate amended t
$30,000. Th's bill wo concurred on as
amended. Mr. Craft h resolution to repeal
the authority for appolntln'; chaplains in
Penitentiaries and public Institution wait
taken up and supported at length by it
author. Messrs, Sexton and Lineitan and
opposed, by Mr. Cowperthwait, who made
an able speech of some lengt'j. and by Mr.
Taylor, of Cook. In the midst of the dis
cussion the House adjourned.
Brndr Billion the Wltne Ntftnd.
Washington, March lti. After some
delay, caused by the ditticulty experienced
in filling the panel of the grand jury in tlm
Criminal Court thi morning, (.en. Brady
again took the witness stand sncl was fur
ther cross-examined by Bliss.
Witness could cotie'member whether or
not the practice of poMlug bulletins of
temporary service to be let follow ed the
Congressional Investigation.
Bliss instanced the Tongee River route,
and asked how the contract was to be made
profitable by expedition when it was a los
ing contract at the old sched
ule. Witness duly answered: "Yuu
will have to ask the contractors about
O, "You stated you expedited II to
make it profitable to contractors.
A. "Expedited so as to get good ser
vice I said we preferred to helj con
tractors rather than oppress them. Wheth
er it did or not is a matter for them. ' '
Mr. Bliss pressed theqttestion In a differ
ent form. Witness answered: He would
not take a tri-wekly service without expe
dition when he was losing money on one
trip per week; where expedition was add
ed, nowever, It seemed to benefit the con
tractors. How witness did not know, s
that question wa for the contractor.
Bliss asked why witness had lengthened
the schodule time. He answered it was
only Just where the schedule had been
fixed and the contract taken on a misstate
ment of the distance.
Q. ' 'Then why did you tell Judge Kid
der that you could not do- it on the Ver
million Sioux Fails Route f"
A. "Because I do not remember if
there was any sueb misstatement of dis
tance. Bliss asked If the service was ever
put up fur an Individual. Witness said he
sometimes aocommodated his friends that
way. The contractors were very well
treated when he was assistant Postmaster
General. Bliss I should say they were.
'Witness said he thought it had resulted in
tetter service.
Bliss Don't you know that the postofflce
department it now elf-tupporting?
A. "Ido; but that la not through any
curtailment of the Star service. It only
results from the Increased sale of
Blis "Did you always get expedited
service at the lowest possible rate!"'
A. "I lay that I did. havlnn received
the affidavit of the contractor, having the
general rule of my own that the western er
vice should not exceed $30 per mile. I
tried to get It at that rata and not to exceed
it, and these nineteen routes show w were
getting It it much less."
Mfseourl Learislttture.
Jefferson City, Mo., March 16. In
the House after a three hours' debate, the
appropriation for public ichool was in
creased from one-fourth to one-third of the
general revenue. The bill was
then ordered engrossed. In the
.Senate, O'Brien'i St. Louis registration
and Recorder of Votei hill wa up for pas
age. Senator Rogers moved lt Indefinite
postponement, which raised Senator
O'Brien'i Ire, and he exoltedly replied
that the solid Democratic delegation from
St. Louis asked th passage of that bill in
the Interest of a free vote and a fair count,
and that the Republican! opposed it sim
ply because they were always opposed to a
free vote and a fair
count. Senator Manlstre in
dignantly repudiated the charge, and
Rogers objected to the language and de
manded thst It be taken down. The bill li
still under discussion. The Senate
Penitentiary Committee made a report
their Investigation of that Institution
The report It long, and while
Warden Willi Is teverely censured for hit
associations with Newton A Sont and
Thompson Is the muoh-talked-of meat con
tract, the report conclude! by exonerating
hlra from any criminal mismanagement.
The report and testimony will be printed.
Poverty and Despondency Cans Sol
' rids.
St. Lot'ts, March IB, Coroner Nldelet
held sn inquest on the body of Jme
Lloyd Spencer Urmson, who committed
tulclil last night by taking morphine, at
1006 Chestnut Htreet, where he wa board
ing with hi little girl. Th Inquiry devel
oped that the cause of th suicide wa de
ipondencv retulting from want of employ
ment. He left a letter asking a friend
named George Dottglast to bury him at.
Monroe City, 111. The decased wai a mem
ber of the Columbia. Lodge of Ma
sons and wai Insured for $6,000 In
tbaMasonio Benevolent Association of Illi
nois. The deceased appointed Mr. Doug
Ian to attend to hli attain and protect the
Intereis of hli little girl.
lad Ready and Wllllns;.
Niw York, March 15.-Rlchard K. Fox,
who It now traveling with the Mace-Slad
Combination, write from Buffalo that,
having heard that Sullivan bad expressed a
wlllingncsi to spar with Klade, he will
brine Slide to New York, Boston. Chicago
or Cincinnati, and then th two giants can
have a iet-to of four rounds accord
ing to the Marqult of (juuensberry
rules. Slide It also readv to
mak a match with Sullivan tor $6,000 with
bare hands,
. A Ftr Bears.
Aliunt, March 18. At half three this
morning a Are broke out in the kitchen of
the Delavan House. The halls radldlv fill
ed with smoke, and most of the 100 guost
fled from their rooms panic-stricken and
half clad. In half an hour the flame were
aubdued and the guests returned to their
rooms. Lou nominal.
' mall Damasre.
Niw York, Morch 16. The Jury In tha
ease of Matthew F. Neville, who sued tha
proprietor! of the Fifth Avenue Hotel for
60,000for being ejected from tha hotel,
allowed hlra $260 damagai.
Waalea ailla BaratxL
Mtxtoo, Mo., Marsh 18. The woolen
mill burned at a e'eloot thia morning. Tha
josalauttmaUd .U P,Mi lasurtd tor
K Crank's
Plans For
Pioria, ILL., Murcn 15. In an Inter
view with Pat. Crowe of this city to-day,
he professed great exultation at the attempt
to blow up the government buildings in
London, but did not favor the means em
ployed. He prefer the silent but destruc
tive flame of the torch to the detano
tlon of dviminlte. His Idea
i to place 'i'Si or . ;oo men in
the larger cities of F.nghmd with a few
barrels of petroleum, cicli on u windy
ulght, and at a preconcerted sigual to
make 100 con rbigrai tons In as in.iuy cities,
and spread terror and destruction through
the land. This will make the Brit
ish Hon howl for pca.e and accede to any
Pat grew excited while depicting the
scenes of terror thus caused, lie disclaim
connection with the London e.loloii, but
rejoices at it effttct. Hi knew nothing
about till this morning. He thought Ross
might have bet n aware of the plot, lie
think U 1 undoubtedly ;he work of the Iu
vtncibles. Crow e dors rioi hinsf to assist the
cause of revolution, but to hear what other
follows are doing, "sick'' them on from a
safe distance mid occasionally throw out
suggestions, lie Is a great conspiracy ora
tor, but harmless otherwise.
Pork Pise kins In lilentvo.
CliICAOO, March bi. Howard, White &
Co. 's commercial circular shows tbattbe
hogs packed in this market for the year
ending March I, l"'l. was 4,'.'i'l.iKt, a
decrease of STx.ost couimred with
the preceding year. Paekiic during the
past summer mm-oii wa- 1 ,iit;.'i,(HK. de
crease of UT.OiM li eninp'ire.l with the
previous summer. Packing during the
winter season was , 778. iM.
an Increase of lltii.Omi ss
coinparod with the previous winter.
The falling off in the aggregate Is attributed
to the decreased supply of hogs In the
country, prices ami restrictions on expor
tation!, making the packers cautious.
The average weight of hogs
packed during the summer season was 218
against the average of i'W in 'SI, and 284 in
'SO. Tho average weight of winter seasou
was 2.5, against 2h the previous year.
Cattle slaughtered the past year numbered
774,578. '
Floods Abnllnsr.
MlMPltlB, Match 10. A special to the
Western Associated Press from Helena.
Ark., says the river declined
four Inches the past twelve hours, ending !
a. m. The gauge registers forty-live feet
eight Inches. This indicates a much more
rapid fall than at any time since thode
cllne set In. The overflow bus begun pass
ing out and will keep pace with the decline
of the river, going from the section south
of here and through White River,
ai well ai through numerous breaks.
There was a big lire back in the country,
on the Mississippi side, lad. night, the
flumes from wiiich could ho sc seen here, it
It supposed to have been tlui gin-bouse of
Jnoi'oweii. 1 he building was full or negro
refugees and lu ten feet of w ater. There is
tome anxloty felt for their fato. Part lei
dispatched to Inquire Into the particulars
have not yot returned.
A Trapper Dead.
Memphis, Tknn., March 1H. George
W. Colvln, of Browning, 111., died here
last night. H e came hero with hts brother,
attracted by the news of the flood, believ
ing they could gather u rich harvest In
trapping. The exposure brought on pneu
monia, which resulted fatally.
Portland, Mk., March 18. The hoe
binding manufactory owned bv Charles E.
Morrill, at Deeriug,' burned thi morning.
Lost $W,0O0j Insurance ,tVU,0XI.
MARCH 111, 1883.
l.lvs Ntocts.
CATTLE Strong ud 10c higher; ex
port $0 26(37; good to choice shipping
$6 Wfdti 60; common to fair $.6 76; bufch
ere$2t6; atookers and feeders $3 SOfft
6 20.
HOGS Market active and strong, 5O10
higher; light $0 tWfa7 00; mixed packing aid
ihlpplug$7 Uoi12.l.
CATTLE Export steen $0 86r6 50;
light to heavy native steers $3 2606 16;
common to medium native steers $46;
fair to good feeders $i 25f 76; oommon
to good itoakers $44 60; common to
choice native cow and heifers $3 75H4 75;
icalawng $2 76(.'i 26.
MIF.KP Good to fancy $8 36O0 80;
medium to fair H 26416; common $3 00
fS3 an.
HOGS Light grados higher; heavy
lower; shipping and butcher demand.
Light to good Yorkers 1 8.W7 50; mixed
to good packing $7 :Wa7 46; butch
ers' to extra $7 70; skips and culls
$Wit6 60.
taraln. El.
WiIF.AT-$l 05 March, $1 06 H April,
$1 10s, ,jav, $i io', June, fl0l)i July,
$1 "2V vea'r.
COKN'-MV March, 6,V. April, (10 Mav,
69 V June, 6lfc)t, July, fr'H August.
OATS-40Js March, 4UH April, 42Kf943
Mav, 42 June.
RYE Lower, 60 May.
WHEAT-CIood at $1 0S March,
$1 lUW April, $1 I2SW, May, $1 12
June, $1 07 Julv, 1 04 ' year.
CORN-ol. March, 53 April, 66 May,
65.'- June, 57) Julv.
OATS 41 S March, 42 April, 431
UYK Dull at 68.
WHEAT HfirHi lower; heavy and leu
doing; No. 1 white. f I 12; No. 2 red
March$l 10'.; April tl '.MWI 21 s'; Mny
$1 23 Wl 23 't ; June fl 23Vi 24'.
CORN Mixed Wesiern spot )(72; do
future 118(0)72. .
OATS S lower; Wesiern Will,
t un nt ry I'roiluce,
HITTER -Creamery ranged mainly at
30f(i3.'t, occasloiiiilly a shade higher for irllt
edge pkgs; choice nnd fancy dairy at 27i
20; medium an I low grades neglected -nominally
nnotuble :tt I'lm.'l. Noriheni
roll iilef choice nt r.i.Vr'.'d; off grades at
12((il8. Neai'-bv neiki "low sale and weak;
choice l.VIU; nieiliiiin :l' 14; low grade
10(7tl2. -
EtitlS Market llrinernl l2MfJrl3, caused
mostly by competition among dealers,
POM.THY - Live - Cocks $2 60(3)2 73,
mixed $Vti'-l 26 (according to the number of
cocks In a coop); liens $a ikVda 60. Tur
kcvi Ileus anil small gobbler $10(H12:
large gobbler $12o71,"i. (lecse Feathered
$m!, as In size; plucked almost unsalable.
Duck-$Wii3 60 for small to medium sized,
and $3 75fif4 for choice. Dressed Turkey
lSfai'le per th, but quiet: chicken's,
geese, itid ducks almost unsalable.
Wralhorcold. Country market iteady.
Good mixed American oorn off coast docliu
edUd. Knot wheat Arm; No. 2 spring Ui
6d; No, 3 spring 8s Od; Western winter, V
7d. Mixed western corn rather hotter feel
ing at A lid. Demand from United King
dom and Contlnont, moderate for wheat
and corn. Beeolpli wheat past week 608,
W0 qitartsrs. ! wUak A9I,WQ was Ataarl
That is what a great
many people are doing.
They don't know just what
is the matter, but they have
a combination of pains and '
aches, and each month they
grow worse.
The only sure remedy
yet found is Brown's Iron
Bitters, and this by rapid
and thorough assimilation
with the blood purifies and
enriches it, and rich, strong
blood flowing to every part
of the system repairs the
wasted tissues, drives out
disease and gives health and
This is why Brown's
Iron Bitters will cure
kidney and liver diseases,
consumption, rheumatism,
neuralgia, dyspepsia, mala
ria, intermittent fevers, &c.
so S. Fsea St., Baltimore,
Nor.8, 1881.
I was a great sufferer from
Dyspepsia, and for several
weeks could eat nothing and
wai growing weaker every
day. I tried Brown's Iron
Bitters, and am happy to say
I now have a good appetite,
and am getting stronger.
Jos, McCawlkv.
Brown's Iron Bitters
is not a drink and docs not
contain whiskey. It is the
only preparation of Iron
that causes no injurious ef
fects. Get the genuine.
Don't be imposed on with
Read and Circulate.
The Illinois Central li. R. Co.
Will sell any of its remaining lands it one dol
lar per acre leas than the present pries, from this
time until tbs ttrst day of Urtulii-r, I4. Alter
that date, thu present ptirus will he restored. All
who desire to purchase should aval) themselves of
this liberal offer at once. I". DAOGY,
Land Commissioner
Fot particular Inquire of
Ak'ts. fori. C. It, K. Land,
Calra. Illinois.
Chop on Ilalllday Aveuuo, lielwi'in r'nurlh and
' Mixili strvm, Cairo, tlllnol.
IsVAII kinds ol Hunt and heivy hlscksmlthlng,
watfon nd carrlaifo work dunu In th murtwoik
msullka maiinur, llitrse-shooliiu anei'isltr auil
ssllfat'tlon Kiiaratitoud,
Manufacturer and Dualor In
0th tn-i, bstweon Coru't Av. and Lsvuu.
Bsfw Koalr.il. All Kinds ! toys Mad.
4 1 S5 rr-
S-.22S iS 3 QO
a N is ap2
3 to i53

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