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Asms jV.vH H1 WW
Anas so uu
v, Given
If alum or any injurious siilii;nvcscuii bo found
In Andre wa' Penrl Baking Powder. Is pos-ttvi-ly
PURE. Mug eiHlorM.il, and UwtlmoniaU
rcoivcl In usi v rluiliiist as S. l)imft llnys, lirut
hint M Ii-Ulimlajno, of Chicago; and (justavu
Bode, Milwinikoo.- Never wild lu bull:.
HO 3
Kury Cor-t ii warmiiUd sits
luct.irv tjtfs wearer Uii-vit v,
or tlio money will lie rofuu'lod I y
the iforaoQ 1 n.fo, whum it iu ttvbt.
The only 'r-t p-cnou:nv-:I by our IffuMiu tl.v-icL'n
at litJnHou to thi wtrr. 1 antlin.'i'r.t.,! y I: ill.- s
tno " iuu.1 uoiuforiaulti and perfect tlltiLfe (.i tl
made. "
PKrfE.,br Mall, Potear l'ut li
llt-altk Pr.-n r. lm. S1.60. K. ir..tdiulln(c. t .60
Asdomlmil ie tra aay ..". ' nrlnT. ! -6"
Health IVcarrvlraT 'fln:- rautlll 2,ft. Puiuzua
(klrl-fupiiarliiiic. 1.60.
Feraalr liy Ira.lias Kt-tail ll'nltn r.crj whcn.
C1UCVGO COliM.I CO.. 4 htcaco, JUL
Does a buns back ordiiordorod ortc4 indl
thatoa ara artctiaT T1IZN DO N'OT
tLESITATEi uss Kidimr-won aX once. icruS'
(IKt reoommeuditlaiul It wiUepeedi'.jr over
loome th and rator healthy action.
I trfi0G l or oompiauu peculiar
kUlv9ito soar acx. aneli aa rain
and wfin'mnanea, Cidaay-Wort is ouiurpMaed.
iaa it wlU act promptly and aofclr.
i itarscx. loooauncnoe, rotcnuon orsnaa.i
brick diut or rorrdipoaita,anddall dragemf
n&lna. all fw.! . " vIaM tn ia miMtlwa riwv
HI IS. BOLd'eT ait DauoOOTS. Pr)oll 'N
A w.i.-kn'wn r.-t-rg. inan. I'ev. N Cm, of
Ttemp W:n.. .., I fl.,d K!n"wW ,rt a
tai ft he ior kliluy ai,d liver tto'ihlf " '
for Dll disease of the Kidney and
It ha ?eciflo actios oa thia moat tr-ipcrtant 1
orsan, raab'Jnf it to throw cS torpldt7 and i
Inaction, fArr.-xluni th healthy arcxeUon of
tha li.lo, asd by keeping tha bovcla la tre
oondiuos, elftoUc 1U rtular diacharjo.
Jin I liyoaareaolwringfroa i
ITiOiCallUi jaaUria.haTathecUil,
are bill to. dTspcptis, or couatipated, KJdney '
Wort wilt auroiy rtllora and quickly cure,
la tha 8pru.g tocUMusethoeyitem, ovary
osr icou.a u;o a uoroaga oounw oi iv.
'Laat jear I wuni to oropi-," y, Ueurj Ti.
;-.'icu;lb N V.. now Mr bj at
1, W. hide Ave.. 4 c. Ulrtit-. . J ., 0r.lr to
return aor-f from t bri)alc linr tomp) nt. Ki i
n);.rt. t , Um r.,ort. U, eneV n., Vti:r
be!tb lhau T l,rr'tAf,iro .rj,lt, for many,
niaor y.:,r." Ue', cr..d now u; d tonq-Ki.tfi-
I aVwHaBV A.W.. i aT 1 1
H Wo othar lief m la to wetrateat la thia (10113-
try aa Carrupeu'm, and to rmady haa arari
jequauM ta ea.rmiaa jLianey-wort aa a
t;cur Wliavrrw the caoae. Uowrrw obtiiiat
5 th thia rtatriy wlU OTerooiaoli.
Pl nil TO Tina dutraaatLa com
1 r llb.sJ. nUinlla Tirr apt to be
Zfxm-piimiA wltiaoMUpatlm. liidaty-Wort
wtrearthca tha weakened part, and oulckly
ejeore all kiada of Pila area whra phjratciaaa
i ua mocMiaom iimwm onor. raueu
IV miyoo ha n either of then trtrablna
DrvRnlet ftell
I will t- oium-nd It ryw ,.r..," wtlteaJa,
B Mor-r.i arriK v aanfaeturer, yprtwn. fa .
"berati. n -ttdbey-Wori-' tTaru Mr mm
, as it la for ail tha painful tUmaeta of the
It olaannoa tha a v.'.-n . r v . . .
.. w y - Krm miun
. - - , . ""rail wmch
p V vinnma oj ii:ieumauaai ean roallat,
! ef tha wont forma of thia tmiblj dliue'
bave been quiokl rellevod, and In tUort tlnu
met, $1. I.ll lDUK HUT, aOLD VI UUt CClSTS.
WmjJ, EICilaaDaONACo.. Bnrtlnrtm v
Mr. tVa.tifi t.'roa, my eunlomar, erni pr.i.L llel
with rbuiimsM.m fur two yu ir: tried, In yaln. all
rem ifi;KHney (irt alouu cuiiru him. I hv
tried It uiyaelf. and Iikiw nut ti l-iruiJ." l'ortton
fsltlrfren,r. L. M'tllsttt. d agtlM, Kllsl. Mlr.b.
tK fm r A """'K "di- Ht homo hy ba iodti.
11 1 irl.m. liuiit omiuno bow bvfuretb
Ik. . h'l "Capital B.it tivedad. Ws
r 1 I ZJalll ttart yoe. M. n. wmnon, bnvs
TT nd iflrl uud iiTfrvwheie io work
furui. owiallm timci, You ran
work In spre tlina, or irtva tour wlmln time to llio
us nee. No mlier biHne will pay o0 nearly
Si well No oi.efeo fall to make wmtrmoui iy,
' o?a(fBlti it 6 oca. i Coiily omfltand terraa frua
oner marie fait, eetlly, and honorably. Addrett
Ullil CO.. AttfUlU. BlSUk,
1 1
rln Jr-vi 'i 5 itiuimiunTfl am
If vT
114 fcL t . Tiiirn-Uwu,ni.(l
T W ll fl ii3a
AIM ifi&m
Devilled Grabs.
Tlio paziilloHM.Ml render lifts no doubt
hoard of wIiooIm" within whcnlH and riafra
witliiii rins. Well, duvlllcd crabs are
crabs within crabs. A dovillcd crab is
ono crab shell stufl'nd with iho poor,
flitfjijKfd, iniueeil and friuosnnod anato
mies of about a dozen other crubs,
npiciitl with cayonno pepper and oilier
red stud', and sorved one to each plaUj
ns a side lih. - They ar ttaten by epi
cures, epieacs and othar foreigncrd.
They eoct about fifty cepts apiee, and
aro t lie least food idr the most money
extant. " 1 ',' ,''" '
Asa (jtoadvdiet dovil led crabs will
work a (rrnmf transformation sceue in a
man's pockethook and diseonrago his;
cast rie economy. They are bost oaten
by paslight or beneath tile soft effulgent
k'low of cloetrieily. Devi Hud crabs are
never eaten in private. What is the uso
of n ninn mortyainpf all his Teal estate
to bnv devilled crubs to eat when no one
is lookiii": at him?" It is something akin
to smoking a six-bit Harana in a dark
room. Lirtlo children sliould be seen
and not heard, and devilled crabs should
be t'Btoo before folks with all the osten
tatious pomp and ceremony of laying
the corner stone of a Masonic temple
Taken as a whole but then, the devil
led crab cannot be taken tlmt way. He
h the chopped and mangled parts of
oilier crabs who were unfortunate enough
to be might on a pin hook. Taken as
tin article of diet he is expensive and as
you don't 'know exactly the date of his
capture and the exact length of time he
has laiu on ice in tha morgue back of
the front dining-room in consequence of
this skepticism you approach the devil
led crab with reverence and tumultu
ous applause in the pit of the stomach.
The devilled crab is the next thing to
snail patties and the man who would eat
snail patties should be severely repimand
cd, suspended from polite society for
sixty days and his pay stopped. Blood
salvage, tripe and salt rising bread are
had enough but even the inducements
held out by these appetizing tonics are
rattier more seduetivo than devilled
crabs or snail patties. Cheek.
m --
The Demand for Fresh Butter.
The gilt-edge butter of the present
day, that which commands the highest
price, both in this country and in
Europe, is but slightly salted. Tlio
popular taste is in the direction of fresh
parcels. The greatest drawback in the
production of butter of this character is
its lack of keeping qualities. It com
mands a fancy price, yet if not consum
ed at once rancidity is developed, and it
must be sold at the price of lard. If
heavily salted it will not sell to the best
trade; hence the problem which is to be
solved by "Uex Magnus" is one of vast
importance. The butter markets of this
country to-day are groaning under the
heavy weight of summer made butter
already o:j-. "nWd and unsalable, ex
cept at luw piicea. While fresh ercam
ety buttercomruands40 centsper pound,
some summer dairies, originally prime,
are going begging for customers at IS to
-'!) cent per pound. Who can estimate
the pecuniary advantage to dairymen of
:m sv-tern of preservation bv which
J u no butler may be continued sweet and
aromatic mirmg tho year? ho can
predict the revolution in dairying which
h mi.'c i') folhetv any method by which
the surplus dairy products, so ecouomi
ciily secured during the llush of sum
ir.cr pastures, can bo preserved for sale
hiring the winter season, when milch
cows re'juire costly rations of Indian
iiu'.ii added to the best of hay to con
tinue Gutter making?
The Fortunate Duke of Edinburgh.
Tim private estates of the Duke of
S:ie-Coimrsr. which will pass to the
Duke of Edinburgh, afford some of the
best sliijotjn in Europe, for the sport in
the Duke' 4 Tliuringian forests is no
where surpassed in German v. Every
-l-eiies of gitnie bred is to 'be found
there; but the wild boar is the great
("at ore. and the thiergarten in which
Jhesi: animals are preserved is as large
.H an ordinary deer park, aud is eu
eloe. by a strong and high stockade,
the whole bi-ing left entirely wild.
There are numerous dens among the
bni-hwood, which the boars themselves
have constructed, and there are feeding
places, to which the keeper go twice a
day to scatter food. The animals are
.summoned by the blowing; of a horn, but
Uic.v an? .so regular in tlieir habits that
thpv are usually to be found in tho
neighborhood of the pens at the ap
pointed time. There arc about a dozen
wihl hour preserves in various parts of
the duchy. Visitors to the Rhine will
find, a U'liutifully filuated thiergarten
j'Ht beyond the plains - the famous
whife hunting lodge on the top of tho
w,h,.;.;(1 hills behind Wicsbudcnand
there i- another large one a few miles
from. Munich.
An Openinz.
"Oxeuso me, but vou said you vhas
froin Idaho?"
vVes, rijrht from Idaho. I have just
founded the town of Heater Creek.
Many beoples dere vet?"
"Well, not many.""
"I tink it vhas a good Mace fur dei
clothing jicesiievs, eh?"
"Hardly. Why, there's only mo and
a mule nnd n nigger thfa, as vet, and 1
buy my clothing in Omaha."
"Vhell, I tink it vhas a good opening
hhuM tier Mime for my brudder, and!
make him ready to-morrow togo. Eaf
crvjio.ly must oxpeet to begin way down
mnl grow oop mirl der city, iind by
pritig der population mav grow to be
live ni-gers. utui tu mules."-. VTu
Sire t Ihiihj A'ci.a.
The FolioonWi Observations.
Policeman Magmigin, reported by the
St. Louis rutf-Ditiprttrh:. "lie ye see that
crowd nv wimniin, Fopi? Aveoorse vt
do. el, ihn helf-snme lHssies nr
down iv'ry day, disphorlln' thimsel'i,
an.,., id an' nhowiu' their shapes an'
liHhpla in their twlllKhta. Fwllnt doe
that mane? It manes, me fritul from
Minnv ltnlv, that there's sonic ntlJ.rae.
tion hero fur these initio cravllmrs.
Ati .hi ye know fwhat tho utth'ruction
is? Jnix. nu Icaniellyepurtvquiek.
Hn divil doubt the bit nv a lie there U
in f.vliat I snr. It's the smasher him
M'P. .She's hero to ho Hnashed, an'
lie ii lutre to smash her. Vou smash nit
an' I'll smash vou tit for tat. That't
fwhat th whol Mzniss amounts to."
Household Hints for Spring.
For ordinary woodwork uso whiling
to rub tho dirt oil', and ammonia.
Copperas mixed with tlio whitewash
upon tho cellar walls will keep vermin
Ceilings that have been smoked by tt
keroseno lamp should bo washed oil
. with soda water.
Helleboro sprinkled on tho Jloor at
night destroys cockroaches; they cat it
' and"hro poisoned;
Good lircs should bo kept up during
liouso cleaning time, even though the
doors and windows bo kept open. .
" Drain pipes and all places that are
sour or Impure may bo cleansed with
IIrao,waU!r, copperas water or carbolic
acid. ' ' i ' V
A little chlorido of liino dissolved in
, warm water, and left In a lamp or can
which has held kerosene will deodorize
' it very soon. '
Salt liberally sprinkled over a carpet
, before sweeping will absorb the dust
and dirt, ami : bring out the colors ns
fresh as now.
If stove polish Is mixed with very
strong soap suds the luster appears im
mediately., consequent! v there U less
dust to breathe and blacken.
" Taper and plaster are active absorb
ents, and when they become thoroughly
saturated with various eilluvin nothing
but entire removal will cleanse them.
Carpets should bo thoroughly beaten
on the wrong side iirst, and then on the
right, after which spots may lie removed
by the uso 0 ox gall or ammonia and
If tho wall about the stove has been
smoked bv the stove, cover the black
patches with gum shellac and they will
not strike through cither paint or calci
mine. One wav to clean the inside of pots
and pans is to till them with water in
which a few ounces of washing soda is
dissolved, and set them on the tire. Let
the water boil until the inside of the pot
looks clean.
Papered walls are cleaned by being
wiped down with a flannel cloth tied
over the broom or brush. Then cut o(l
a thick piece of stale bread with the
crust on, and rub them down with this.
Hcgin at the top and go straight down.
Furniture needs cleansing as much as
other wood-work. It may be washed
with warm soap suds, quickly wiped
dry and then rubbed with an oily cloth.
To polish it rub with rotten stone and
sweet oil. Clean off the oil and polish
with chamois skin.
A hanging-pillow for either chair 01
sofa may be made a rich ornament.
Ticking will be in. requisition; cut two
pieces about sixteen inches long and
seven inches deep in thoeenler.tap ling
to less than three at the side?, sew to
gether, and fill with curled hair. Em
broidered satin, or silk serge overlaid
with silk net, is an elegant outside; mo
saic silk patchwork or worsted in tricot
is also very pretty. Sew ta.seled friii-e
across the bottom, and linisli the shies
and top with mos fringe. The heavy
silk cord by which to suspend the pil
low passes through ejelets wrought
near the ends.
Deforc paint or calcimine is applied
to walls every crevice should be filled
with plaster or cement. For the calei
mine put n quarter of a pound of w hite
glue in cold water over night an 1 heat
gradually in the morning unlildi-so.ved.
Mix eiglit pound of whiting with hot
water, add the di-solved glue and stir
together, adding warm water until about
tho consistency of thick cream. Use a
calcimine brush, and linisli as you go
along. If skim milk is used jr.stcad of
WHter, the glue may be omitted.
One low sent in the form of an otto
man is desirable in living apartments,
and a chamber is hardly complete with
out one. A chair with an affection of
the spine can be easily metamorphosed
into a stand ready for tin; upholstery,
(.'over tho top vith'w.iolen goods in col
or that will harnioiii.e with other fur
nishings, Two pull's of i be same lna
teriaj head a box-plaiting lon-d with crin
oline, ami nearly reach the floor. A
pretty tidy to cap the whole can X,t
wrought out of velveteen nnd ci elonL,
with a finish of cord and tassels.
The American and Chinese Ae says
that China now possesses a greater body
of literature than Europe can .show, it
is now known by nil intelligent people
that the empire contains a large aud
wealthy ini.hlle el.-Ks: that a Chinaman
whocan neither read nor write is a rarity;
lliHt the rights of property are every
'where respected; that education is uni
versal, and ignorance repined a crime;
and that, as a Chinese mandarin told
the people of Philadelphia some few
years past, in excellent KiiIMi: "Raf
ter a rule of t.uve je.-ir., tin? head of Iho
cityjn China docs not improve his peo
ple in morality and inlellit.-nce, he can
not be promoted: ;n. if a .e,oo! teacher,
dnnti!.' tin s:inie o.-i i.,.!. mike a similar
villi liipup:!-, be !o.-es hisposi.
W. . LAMiiif, r-r editor n! 'np Itri.l erm
tnd Me utioit ieii str 1,1, (rn'r fir nil
kin. In of rtraialiimt Jc.i printing eniflti-d, :!,..
nt Hoffur'. Kurupemi llutul. No. 7i Oliln Ivpij.
The river marked by the Kuugu last even
ing at this port, 43 0 inches and full
ing. Cincinnati, April 17 -i! p. m. rtiv,-r 27
feet 8 inches and falling
Pittsburgh, April 17-(I p. m-Uiv. r 10
feet 10 inches and rising.
Louisville, Apiil 17 11 p. tn. Uiv.-t 10
feet 0 inches and falling
Nashville, April 17H p. m -liv. r o;
feet 10 inches and falling.
Chftttanoofc-, April 17-0 p. iu. - Iti v r
14 feet 0 inches nnd lulling,
St. Louis, April 17-0 p. m.Km-r li)
feet 4 inches and falling.
The Will Kylo from Cincinnati i dim tn.
dsy for New Orleans.
Tho Will 8. Hays loft Now Orleumi yUH.
terdsy evening Rt 5 o'clock. Hue hud
fair height trip and more pasengcu than
she could comfortably accommodate.
Floasc remember the Dramatic Femivnl
which takes place at Ctuclnnutl 011 the llOih
of April aud coutinues uutll thu 6th of
My. W. F. Limhdin will send round
tilp tickets for f 13 including meals and
room while in port.
The W. II. Cherry from Nashville is due
h'Td this evening and will leave on her re
turn trip to-morrow niomimj at 11 o'clock.
The Hudson leaves St. Louis this evening
tor Cairn, Puduouh aud Shawneetowo,
Cipt.Tom Kimhrough bus got a gmg
souring hit boat preparatory to giving her
a thorough painting.
The Arkansas City left St. Louis last
ev.ado fi'orVicksburg and will report here
this evening.
The John A. Scudder is due up early
this morning for St. Louis.
The (.'has, Morgan passud Vicksburg
coining up Mondny morning 11 o'clock.
She will report here for Cincinnati to-morrow
night or early Friday morning.
Tim Guidon Rule from New Orleans is
due here this evening for Cincinnati.
The Vint Shiukle passed down for Mem
phis lust night at II o'clock, (she had a
good trip.
The Cms Millar U due here to-morrow
evening for Cincinnati. She hails from
.Memphis and Las a good trip.
Cpt. W.J. Turner of the steamer Henry
Tyh-r took passago on the Sbinklo list
niht for Hickman. Wife and daughter
accompanied him.
Lena Hill, clerk of the Tyler, leaves here
Saturday for Hot Springs. Lem ssys he is
going to bile himself down to a regular
feather weight.
The river is fslling here steady. Busi
ness in maiine circles dull.
, The U. P. Scenck left here at 2 :30 yes
terday for New Orleans. She hud a good
trip of freight and twenty round trip pus
.44MMMUH1MI' Hf-
Tuc noriT nrniiiu
iiil uncm ucnmrtrt
Kclteve and carea
Sciatica, Lumbago,
Soreneu, Cute, Brui,
And all nth.-r bodily acbrs
and luvln.v
Sold hv all nrusKlina and
Urnlr-n.. Dlrecttuiie In 11
The Charles A. Vogeler Co.
. fnan a A. M.Uka a 00.)
Iiallliuere, 91 1., l.SJ.a.
ifciamiiffia? l
n -W" fflitranaiBiiiiis f
iaa m i mm
I n (..iiiiuikk nf (.) of III w.-rt alud ana
1 1 i.ultu ivmodf : r u.t. abu.a tiitwaMi by lie
of lonj
Hj.tm nmva in curea. iiida. inttronff U tnT It. I
MMr n Ith . V4LI'BI M TIltAllfli on thia dttaaM. to
uiy viultrar. Olvo tipn .n n, f. o. aJ-lr.
Xia. I. A. eLUCtk, Hi read Bu. Vtw York.
icu.y, ;litl aiilMt.il TWO BOITI.KS KMfrp t,j-
Thil elcjint dieuing
it preferred by thoM
wlioluve used it, to any
imi!ar article, on ac-
ount of in luperior
leanlinestand purity.
It contain nuteriati
only thai are beneficial
to the scalp and hair
Restores the Youthful Color to Grey or Faded Hair
Pirkrr'a Hair Daliam is finely perfumed and it
wsrnntei' lo prevent foiling of the hair and to re.
nwvt daiidnulaiitl itching. HiKox & Co , N.Y,
vk. and 1 1 tliri, ai dulm la dnif i tai nadlelaat.
A Superlative Health and Strength Restorer.
If "' nreamtchanie or farmer, worn out with
overwork, era moiliermn down by family or bouie
held diriici try 1'ahkk' oikck Tonic.
If yin me a lawyer, mininer or butinen man e
IniiM' d by mental urain or aiuiout care., do not take
If yo.i have (oniiimption, Dyipepiia, KheuBav
Ism, Kidney Comnbiuw, oranyoWderof thelunra,
Jtomath. howeli, blood or nervri. Fankrn'i Ginois
Jo.mc will cure you. ItittheCreateit Blood Purifier
And t!is Eest and Sorest Cough Curs Ever Und.
If pu nre waiting away from nge, diuipation or
any Ji,')hv4 or weakliest and requite a IMmulant take
(iim.uk 'I onic at nricai it will invigorate and build
yo.i up from the d-st dose but will never intoxicate,
it hat saved Itundicdi of lives: it may save your.
CA I'TIO V l-n.fuw all wlwtltulM. Ftrkn'i Olniar Taole b
Cmpoicd n( tha bttlmimliil artnu In lb. world, and Itaallnly
rl'l.-r.Dl trim pftfraiioni of firtpr alon. Sndforelnularle
ll neoi A Co., N. V, He (I um, at erelm la atup.
Inn Ii and Inttii'g fi.'.ciance has made this
deliiihiful p rinmeenceoiliiigly popular. There
la nntliluK like It., Insist upon having Floum
ton CuUK.ht and louk Uu signature of
m trtry ,otU. Any drunlit or daalar la MrfuaMr
can tu,,lv ym. It nnd nut ilim. .
LAiuiBj vi no BllTlvn) tse, girt
Cream Lalm
Catarrh and Hay
Auri ahleto l e ,
DssiiiiALin roB
Hl'Rilllrll.-1 Dt'llfllfrlA
nranv kind of unicue
nii-tiihrnnnl IrrltaiUma,
lnfliimo.1 and rough
iirlacee. A prrparn
llon of ntidoubttid
kU t r. . nut ( n f?V iV
mi.ili. Apply by the
Htllu ft .igur Itit.i Um
ll(llrla, It will hn
haorhnd, etTucMally
m ii taraa.esaaaa ".wuruuo, ruuci'iBliy
HAY-FEYEP'l''i''lt the tia.nl
.. " liaaangen of ratarrhal
vlr t. ennaltia hnelthy crot oni, It sllava In-
lliani tiLtti-tii. ii-nt cta tlt4 muinhmn .l llnlnsa of tha
lii-nd I i-'iin aclililloii! cuius, lompluloiy liuala the
"iirc und r.'oinr.'i tho 'un'o of taato and instill.
MMiutlcial rufUlts nro walls .4 by a luw au nl Ira-
i'riiim IN in ha altid an enviable reputation
whefvur kiiiiwn dlaplaclng all other .'reparation.1
fond mrciri'it ar cunt .n iug iuii ii tormaunn and
rulUlilo t ullmuuUh. He null, tirenald. SO canta
nackae.i atunua rerolved. Hold bv all whole.
ale i.titl Mtnll O'Ugg'et. ,
I '.ill
ullJTi. iit'iit'i... .... ..J'.
ISWf 1
m v. .ji -m-Mjor t -x
w-( y "A
To restore sense of taste, smell or hear
ing use E'ye' Cretin Balm. It Is doing
wonderful work. Donot fail to procure a
bottle, as in it liej the relief you seek.
Trice 80 cents. Apply into nostrils with
little finger.
Tub glory of a man w ins strength. If
you hraweaktjued djwo through excessive
study," or by early indiscretions, Allen's
Drain Food will permanently restore all
lost vigor, and strengthen all the muscles
of Rrtio and Body. $1 pkg, 0 tor 5
At druggists.
William Woods, 147 Green St., Chicago,
HI., says: "Brown's Iron Bitters cured me
of colic and pains in tho bowels."
Fob. Dyspepnia and Liver Complaint jou
have a printed guarantee on every bottle
of Khiloh'e Vitaliater. It never fails to
cure. ' 15
, A Card.
To all who are sufforitur from the errors
and inilincretiona of youth, nervous weak
ness, early decay, loss of manhood, Ac, I
will send a recipe that will cere you, fkek
of ciiAHOR, This great remedy was
discovered by a minister in South America.
Send a sell-addressed envelope to the Her.
Jostrii T. Inman, Station D., New York
A Reliible Fort Wine.
Mr. A Speer, of New Jersey, wbos Port
Grape Wine has such a wide reputation,
and which physicians prescribe ao general
ly, was the first in this country to import
the Port Grape vims and to plart tine
yards of them and to introduce the art of
making wine from the Oporto Grape which
ia now the best wine tube had, and haa be
come a great favorite among the most fash
ionable Nw York and Philadelphia
society. For stl by Paul O. Schuh.
Work Given Out. On receipt of your
iddress we will make ao offer by which
you can earn 3 to $7 evening", at your
home. Men, Women, Boya or Girls can do
it. U. C. Wilkinson & Co., 105 and 197
Fulton Street, New York.
J3f"Diarnond Dyes are so perfect and
so b.auiiful that it is a leure to use
them. Equally good for dark or tight col
ors. 10 cijiits.
To The West.
There are a number ol routes leading to
the above-mentioned section, but tlm direct
and reliable route ia via Saint Louii and
over the Miss jun Pacific Railway, Two
trains daily are run from the Grand Union
Depot, Stint Louis to Kansas City, Ltavuu-
wortb, AtcniKon, St. Joseph and Omaha.
Pullman palace Sleeping Care of the very
He est make are attached to all trains.
At Kanas City Union Depot, pMsengera
ior ivaosas, uoioratiii, .ew .Mexico ana uai
!fmie, notet with express traioa of all
At Atchison, connection is made with
eirm.es trains for K to has and Nebraska
At Omaha, connection ia made with the
Overland train fur California.
Thia line offers to parties enroute to the
West and Northwest, not only fast time
ami superior accomodations, but beautiful
scenery, as it passes through the finest por
tion of Missouri and Nebraska. 8nd for
illustrated maps, pamphlets, &c, of this
line, which will bo mailed free.
C. B. Kiknaji, F. Chandler,
Ass'tUeo'l Pass. Agt-nt: Oon'l Pass Agent.
The youthful color, beauty aud lustre are
gradually restored to pray hair by Parker's
Hair Ualnnm.
A Nasal Injector tree with each bottle
of bhiloh'a Cataarh Remedy. Price 50 cts.
- id
Elys' Cream Hlm. We have no prepar
ation so rdinble or salable. It is the best
remedy in the market for catarrhal affec
tions. Theo. B. Perry, Druggist, Klmira,
N . Y.
UucKien'8 Arnica Naive
The Best Salve In the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively
cures Piles. It is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price
35 centsper box. For sale by Quo. E
130 and 119 Commer-1
Cairo, Illinois.
clal Attune, S
full tln of alt tho lutcat. oewnat colors
and n,nalltr, end liet manufacture.
llsv Ilrumcla, TspeMrlee, Ininain, Oil
ClotliK, 4 Jle. ,
Clothing and Gents' Furnishing
Til 1) parlmunt occupies a full flu -r an 1
l. curaotvia In all ruapecta. Ootids are
g iarvnteed ol latest style and beat uiv
Bottom Prirea aud Flrst clAHS (tootlsl
Rkfkiokuatoh Gaus,
WholoHnhi Uouler . tn , lf.
'l asaaaw tMi
'J:r( TtMuln a Spiusialtv.
o v f i r; jci
CorlVpltlh Street and KTee,
. riAlHO. ILLTNOtt. :
flinot, life is sweeping by. so
If 1 1 1 W M I land dare bolore yen die. soma
I 11 it I ' tn, mighty and sublime
sk' t I "
II IJA l inave DeninatoeMtaqnertirjie."
v tse a week In yonr ows lows .
Klvu Dollar ontflt free. No
risk. Kvfrythlng new. Capital not required, we
will furuh yun evorytlilng. Many are making
lortnnea, ' Lsillee make ns much aa men. and bdyl
and girls mks great psy Reader, If yos want
bnalneea at walch you ess nake great nay alt the
time, write for parUculere to H. ifiLLlCTr AOy
rortland.JIstae, ;
Shortest aud Quickest Route
St;Xouis and Clucago.
The Onlv JLine ltantiint;
From Cairo,
Making Direct Connkction
feu ms Lsava Catiui:
:UOts nt. Mail,
Arriving In t . Lnuls 45 a.m.: Chicago. S.sn p.iu
C'onnwi ( at Odin aud ttltlnirham for Cincin
nati, L isvllle. ludtahapolis sud p. inla Kaal.
11:1 n.m. Ht. Ixmtx mnl WfHtoni
Irrlvln in 8t. Louis T:05p, m and ennnertina
for all points Weat.
' H:RO p.m. l' ait KiprvM
FirSt. Loull and Chicago. arrlviUK al St. LouM
tU.40p.rn., sndCblcaifoT:) a in
.'J: BO p.m. Clnoinnnlt KxprowH.
irrivlng at Clncluatl 7:(W a.m.; I.oieavllle 6::
a.m.; Indianapolis 4rti5 a.m. fa-.tuyxra h
this train roach tbe aliv p.iinta 1 y to Uti
UUUIta tn advance ol any othi-r route.
sVThe:W P- eaprt-aa has PULLMAN
LKKPVNUCAU Cairo lo Cincinnati, without
hariKes, and through sleepers to bl. loqIs and
FaHt Time l i.
PrtUdinO'fU'al ,JT tal llDt ICOtht.iuyli to K.t.
asiJCUCiBafo poiuta without any delat
canted by Sunday tutervenlnir. The Haturdny after
noon train fruni Cairo arrives In new Vo-k Mouday
snrnlug at ld::t&. Thlriy-sn hours lu advance ol
a v other route.
WKor through tickets and furlbrr Information,
apply at Illinois Central Railroad Pepot, Cairo.
.!. II. jONKS.TIcavt Agrnl.
A. 8. DAN80N. lien. fan. Atfunt. Chlcairo
Proposal for C itjr Prlntlnif.
Ornesor Citt C.si-K. i
C no, lu.. April luh, l!. (
Sealed propoeala will be received st thia ofllce up
tofmee'lDgof ihe rlly council T.ie.day Mny lal l3,
fordolnf the cltv printing f,- tho Tear ending
April eh, 1TS4, said bl s Diul Include tbe cost of
publishing tbe ouncll proceeding, ordinances
and notices of sll kinds luvened lit anv cltyol'ccr
or by order of tbe city council, sl-o sll rperial as
sessment notices made hy commisfloucra ehether
appointed by tbe city council or count, court. A
good and sufllr ent bond mn.t scompanv bids.
The right to n-Ject soy and sll b d. r--.vr(i hr thr
City. P. J. KoLKY.tl-y Clerk
Notion to t"!ontr'ctorei.
OrritiorCrrCtsRis. )
Caibi, III... Apr I l:t.n. S8'.
Healed proposa's will "h- rrce'ri d at thia tftlce up
to meetlntof the etty cunncll Mv lt, lssl. f.r fur
nlshlnrsucb lo-. bcras thecitv " sr r q-iir for the
year ending April S tb. issl. Said lumber to be of
good sndsonnd white or harroav, v. bus or veliow
pins or cyr rets aud free from tup ur nn'ound knots
and of snrh dimensions as in a t reqtrred, and tn
be.dellvered In such qasiuitiea st tu,h Uuirs aud
places within the rnrpotate limits at the rummlt
tee on streeis may dlrrc. A good and aufflaent
bond most accompany bls 1b rUht to r J:ct
any and ail bids reserved by 'hec iv.
D..PLKV, City Clerk.
To Contraeto's eind UuihU-rn
err cs or tiis
Wiimiws SD Or.-ha.ir Mitial Aid unirr. f
The ar.derslgned will r-c-lve st-aled proposals up
to S o'clock P.M , on hstnraay th ,.''ih ol Afrll,
for the fornlhln-r of materials snd 1 tior fur build
log an or.e for this Hoclet v.
bldawlll heenterlalned seprst.;lv ferthe carpen
ter work, also for tbe liiu k.ay.iK. niau r alt lo ht
fnmttbed. We reserve Hit- rubtrn r.J.'. ton and
alibis. Plans aud sprodcslioua msy be sw-n si
the ofll -e.
The bids will he opened at thu olhVe on r-atur-day
nlKb' the 2m h inn at 8 o'clork rua-p. A,; b.d
dsrs are respectfullv invltrd 'o ! pr- s.-nt.
.1. Mr'iAHKV.
.1. II. hohisuv,
J. A ii P"TiNK,
K H. HA. HI).
Caiso, April 17tb. laSJ. Biilldllia Comaitttee.
N. B. Thistlewood & Rio.
Commission Jrerchants,
till A IX,
11 AY,
Cairo, - 111 i tioit .
M.fitllT A. SMITM .
Grand Central Htore.
CAIRO. - - -IXXu
Commission Memiatit:;,
nst.Ms m
Egyptian Flouring Mill :?
RlirhPSt CmIi Frlc Pld for Wh.uf
Nelson County Whisky,
" : . Laue's Bourbon.
137 OHIO
I i I l W II 11
I i I 1 Al i I i

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