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t S10OO. Given
If alum or any injurious subsUoRX's cati be found
In Andrew' Pearl Baking Powder. Is no
lively PURE. Ik'iiiK endorsed, kihI testimonials
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ton; M. Dvlafontuine, of Chicago; and Uuatavu
Bode, Milwaukee. Never sold in bulk.
! M lc'higuu Av. 28". & AH K. WuUT
' Every Coraet is warranted Batia
- luotory U) ltd woaror lu'vry vny,
or the tnonny will bv refunded ly
i , tnt'iierscmfromwnotuitwaBlioiu.'lit.
The ortlvOurset pronmimtMl by our leading il)vlinn4
not Inlurlnn to Hie wearer, and endnrwl ly hullex a
tlie " niuil comfortable and htIcI littiug Corsut ever.
I'HH T. b.r Mull, PoMace Paid 1
Health Pruning-, 1.60. KultAdjuatlng, Bt.BO
Abdominal (extra hearjr) fl.nO. Burning, tl.ttO
Uealth rrtwPvli.K (fine eoulll) BS.OO. Paragon
hklrt-Suppurtlnc, l.6.
Fur sale by leuillna KetHll llralrr everywhere.
' CHIC.IOO COltSKX t o., ( IiIouko, 111.
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oate that Ton are a vloUm THEN SO MOT
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glata reoommaua lw ana wui ipoeaiiy over
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A well-known cicrgvmaii, Rev. N. Cook, of
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oondltion, efleoUng ita regular dlaoharga.
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lathe Spring tooleanaetheSyalioia, avary'
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f I kbOl plaint la vurr apt to be I
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treniruiena tna weajLenea parta ana auiokiy
auraa all klnda of Pile, even when phyiioiane
ana meaioinoa wn wran nuioa.
U- arlf yon have alum or tlima troutilea
PRICl SI. I VJbt I DruKRlrtaBelll
"I will Ncomtnend It i-viTywheru," wrlteaJai.
BMoynr. irrri'T Mannfaoitirer, Mveratown, Pa ,
"becaime It" hldiii'y-Worl-"ft'Bi) my 1-iLla.''
I a a. " an W III 1
Aa It la for ell Ui palnfiU diieaaoa of the
ItAlHnu. . t. a ...1... , .
i , - .w ,twiii uiu acria DO l eon
uiai oatuM tha dreaufid auflViring whloh
Tioiime oi iviimimatietn nan roallaa
yf tha wont forma of Uila Urrtble dlaaaae
qu- i j miicvoa, and in ahort tima
pttiot, ft. uquuo inn, mild r Juuoibth.
A A. llPWManlukai.htt..
mmUM. IUC1I AUDBOlf tt 6o Bi'irllnrmi Vt
"Mr. WMur (run, tnr cti!omr, wan profit rated
ttfi ptliitl latt iatrti fiP liiin v.aaai tatlasfl I -it
tt ..H fiaa -a inv;snrt umi iu TKIDi
rt'm dleii; Kt:lnty Wort Alonu rt Btn dim. I tiv
trU'ii l( inynr-lf, uud know tint it In iroort.'1 ronton
Aral.ii...r.... t f urn . J . i . wiiA a 1 1 t.
8U.A Monro! 8ti., Chicago
V 111 wiifl itammi'l Ut rty iflilntii Ihtlr
Cor itva. vfu tk.tt, .ui r.iifs,vTiin
H KlaUUIWItU, nulls, I tM. llslUt
I'mtlMllSi KlaftlltfU (,Rt-lAlllta.
MsUrtalsaUvltlilUrlMliitUrji llvDand
mttitm for a mituti imiuIb. lajaiaai
I. J
The Daily Bulletin.
Daily one year by carrier 13 00
(l per com. aiacoum 11 paia in aavauce.j
Dally, one year hy mail .M .ln m
Daily, one month 1 0U
Fubllebed every morulDK (Monday excepted)
Weekly, one year m 8 0C
Weekly, 6 month 1 00
l'nbllabed every Monday neon.
ljydubof live or more for Weekly Bulletin at
one tint, per year, 81.50. rontaije In allcaaoi
prepaid ,
All Commnnlcatlons ihonld be addreosod to
Poblleher and Proprietor.
Subduing Ohinamen,
The Southern Pacilio Construction
Company contracted for their laborers
In California at a fixed price per head
and was under bond to return them to
the agent of the Hix Companies when
the road was completed. Ah Sin kept
his ears open and was observant It
was not long before he learned that one
hundred cents for twelve hours of hard
work was not the usual price paid rail
road laborers. He began to desert", and
the country between El Paso and the
Pecos River was soon full of eastward
moving pigtails.
In this emergency a man arose they
always do under such circumstances
who boldly proclaimed his ability to nip
this Chinese rebellion in the bud. The
company granted him extraordinary
f owers and he entered upon his labors,
n three months after his peculiar meth
ods of subjection were inaugurated
nothing could tempt one of his Celestial
navvies to dosert his post. I formed his
acquaintance. He is a man of intelli
gence and thoroughly informed on the
subject of Chinese character peculiar
ties. He speaks the language fluently
and can decipher the hieroglyphics on
a 'wHshee-washee" bill at sight.
While we were talking the foreman
of the track-laying gang camo into the
"Ah, Martin," he said, "I have been
looking for you. One of these fellows
who deserted last month has returned
and the interpreter says that ho has in
duced half the men to quit and go across
the country to the Sunset Extension.
He is down among my gang now."
"He is, is heP" quoth Martin; and a
peculiar falling down of the nose and
flying up of the lip disclosed his white
teeth. "I'll fix him."
He picked up a heavy billet of wood
as he finished speaking and invited me
to po along and "see the fun." I went.
The obnoxious Chinaman was in the
center of an exciting group of his com
patriots, volubly discoursing on the
superior inducements held out to labor
ers on the other road. We were close
upon him when one of the group caught
sight of Martin's whito tooth and ut
tered a warning cry. The crowd scat
tered and the chief conspirator started
to flee. Too late. Tho billet of wood
flew through the air, struck the deserter
between tho shoulders and he full flat in
the dust. Martin bent over him still
smiling, and by the way of resuscitation
kicketf the prostrate Celostial several
times. The Confucian groaned and
raised himself to a sitting posture. He
was orderod to stand up, and did so
with some difficulty. The foreman pro
duced s 8 tout rope, and tho smiling
Martin requested two of the track-layers
to bind his prisoner's foot. He assis
ted them by administering to each sun
dry kicks and cuffs, which tended to
quicken their movements considerably.
When the conspirator was securely fas
tened he was ordered to march forward
to tho car, The prisoner soon reached
the car and stood beside the step, cry
ing and sobbing. His enptor kicked
him soveral times and he managed to
scramble to the platform, although he
had no use of his hands or arms. We
followed him into the car, and Martin
reached his hand under the prisoner's
blouse and drew therefrom a lurge Colt
"Now, if he had been a white man he
Would have Bhot mo on sight."
He cocked the pistol, and, as though
by accident, pointod the muzzle at tTio
Chinaman's head. The wretch fell
upon his knees and began to beg
piteously. Martin seemed to enjoy tho
jioor devil's misery anil smiled upon
iiim benignantly.
"It is hop 'dio with you nnywuy,
John," was Martin's condoling obser
vation. "If 1 shoot you here it is all
over. If I carry you buck up Hie track
you'll be hung.
Tho Chinaman continued to pray for
mercy, and after drawing bead on his
head several times Martin put the pistol
in his pocket and wo walked out ou tho
'What will you do with him?" I ask
ed. "Oli, I'll carry him back up the road
ft couple of hundred miles and drop
him. Ho won't come lnvek."
Tlu.ro was something signitieimt in
this latter sentence, but at tho speaker's
teeth were glenining I did not demand
more explicit infuriimlinn.
When we got ready to move out the
Chinamnn was locked in an empty box
far. That wits thu last I saw of1 him.
One of the traiu hands told mo tho next
morning that ho wns dropped alongside
the track during tho night. When I
asked what they were shooting at nbout
midnight lie replied:
Every mile or two wo passed a China
man's gravo. They bury their dead
above ground In wooden boxes, over
which it thin layer of dirt Is thrown.
Each ono was marked bv a head-board
covered with lileroglypliles. Home of
the graves were newly made and tho
little pile of paper money, which the
dead man's friends had placed there to
pa his expenses in Ihe other world, had
not yet blown awav. On some of the
graves were bowls of rleo and baked
chicken. Dyad CUiuainen are always sup
plied with provisions for tho long jour
ney. I remarked on tho great num
ber of grave to tho brakeman.
"ics, 'ho said; "It is a sickly country
for Chinamen!" '
That fellow's Irony was incompara
ble. .. . .
A Tennessee schoolmaster kissed tho
girls as a punishment, and before tho
trustees put a stop to the practio i it
took him about an hour per day to re
quite their disobedionco.
If Mrs.Carter.of Bellair, Ohio, had not
applied for a divorce no ono would havd
suspected that her husband had com
pelled her to swallow spools and buttons
to punish her for smiling at a railroad
Rutland, Vt, elected Miss Isabella M.
Brown town clerk at the recent election.
She is tho first woman ever elected to
ofllce in Rutland. The office has been
virtually In charge of her family for
nearly a quarter of a century.
Large baskets of artificial violets are
now useil to decorate the center of the
table at dinner parties, and are sprinkled
with a perfume soniowhat like that of
violets to heighten or make better the
It is said that Mr. Burnand, the editor
of Punch, has been married twice, is
the father of fourteen children, and is
an incessant jester. Herein lies an ex
planation of the lugubriousness of that
alleged funny publication. .
When Gen.' Spinner was asked by a
Florida man, a few days ago, how old
ho was and if he was in good health yet,
he said: "I am 81 years of age, still in
good health, and believe I can whip men
of my size yet."
Hoodlums in New York are said to be
thieves and villains, and hundreds of
them aro growing up t be our worst
criminals. Here is a chanco says the
Boston Glolie, for missiotaries from the
South Sea Islands.
Tho late Col. Gilmore met Gen. Grant
in New York, and appnaching the ex
President, saluted him and exclaimed:
"General, I suppose yu forget me?"
"No," replied Gen. Gra.it, "you are one
of the hornets who stnnr us so badily
during the unpleasantness."
A two-year-old girl fell flat while play,
ing with her little brtther, and she
thought that a sharp stick punctured
her neck. So did her jareuts; but, af
ter the wound refused o heal, and a
physician had extractol a bullet, the
boy confessed that he ha 1 shot her with a
toy pistol.
The Prince of Wales is, it appears,
to be held responsible for he popularity
of the cigarette. Fifteenyears ago they
wero not only unfashionable, but were
considered "fast." Albn t Edward con
tracted the habits of sirukingeigarettei
in his travels, and, uresn, it became the
fashion of Tull Mall and St. James.
According to the Bos'on Ikrnld, it was
at first proposed to sentence young Cush
man, who swindling the wise men of
Concord, to utteud tluee full terms of
the Concord School of Philosophy.
After mature deliberation it was decided
that the proposed punishment would be
altogether too severe, and Cushman was
sorst to States Prison for three years in
stead. New Fngland thrift is highly com
mendable in many respects, but when it
embraces the cleaning of ordinary wood
en toothpicks, that they may be used at
tho next meal, as is dotio by a St. Al
bans. Vt., housewife, tho average man
will discard it for the reckless extrava
geiice of the community where mtpkhis
aro used at every meal and butter may
be had at dinner.
It was not many years ago that the
best American dictionary defined the
familiar word "boil" as "ch'cumscribod
subcutaneous inflammation character
ized by a pointed pustular tumor and
suppurating in a central core; a per
uneutus." What was simple and famil
iar was made ludicrously complex. In
the "Imperial"' the same word is dis
posed of satisfactorily as "an inflamed
and painful suppurating tumor."
Some time ago gray squirrels placed
on the Boston Common killed tho song
birds. Neighboring cats made nocturnal
warfare on the squirrels. Next day the
policemen killed tho cats. Then tho old
maids who owned tho cats "went for"
the policemen. It whs like "The House
that Jack Built." a regularly ascending
series. How the war camo out the Bos
ton newspapers never reported.
There was a servants' ball at the Angel,
and Mary Jane went. Pretty early in
tho evening she Hounded in with an in
flamed countenance. "Why, Mary
Jane," said the missus, "surely it's not
all overyetP" "No, mum, but I ve been
Insulted! As I was comin' out of the
supper the baker's young man he says
to me, 'I hope, miss,' says ha, 'your
program's not quite full,' and me that
had eaten hardly anythink!"
There was once in Goorgia a most re
markable old man who, at tho age of
one hundred and one years, became the
father of a boy whom ho lived to see
cast a ballot. This son Is now goventy-
iive years of a2. is as full of vim and
energy as a person in tho primo of life,
an split rails as well a anybody, anil is
said to lie ublo to outrun nny man of his
age In the world. His oldest brother,
wero he livinir. would bo one hundred
and fifty years of age.
Experiments lately made ftt Lolpsio
with a cuirass made of steel, the formula
of which is not stated, indicate that the
now material combines both tenacity
and ductility in tho highest degree. The
steel plate of the cuirass in this case wa
only M inch thick and lined inside with
a layer of wool; and of eleven rounds
from a Martini breachloadingriflo, flrod
at a distance of 17A yards, only two of
tho bullets pierced the metal, and even
these wero completely flattened and
stuck In the lining.
Tho whistling crnzo is spreading
among the women of Texas so rapidly
that it Is now estimated that not loss
than 30 per cent of tho entire female
population whlstlo liko mocking birds.
A young lawyer recently went from
Palestine up to Jcflorson to call on his
allbineed. Thinking to surprls him she
slipped up behind him as he But in tho
parlor, clapped her hands over his eyes
while sho whistled the "Mocking Bird"
beautifully, llo was so disgusted when
he saw who It was that tho only words
ho uttered was: "Good-day."
The brightest and best of the after
dinner stories with which Oscar Wilde la
regaling his Parisian friends is that old
"chestnut" about tho sign. "Please
don't shoot tho pianist, he Is doing his
best," which he claims to have seen
hanging over the piano In a Leadvllle
dance hall. This entertainment resur
rection sets the company in a roar, elves
the hearer! a high opinion of Oscar as
aa observer and a thinker, and prompt
one distinguished Frenchman, to remark
that "there is a freshness of originality
about the man that is absolutely fasci
nating." .
'Macaulev." the Now York corres
pondent of The Rochester Democrat and
Chronicle, says: "Some men find great
delight in collecting autographs, the
most successful having been the . late
William B. Sorague, formally of Albany.
Uo was a collector for more than sixty
years, and there were fow noted men of
modern days whose autographs are not in
his collection. The latter is now in the
hands of his family, but deserve a place
in some public institution." "It is not
generally known," says The Albany
Argus, "that several years ago the fam
ily of Dr. Sprague disposed of his valu
able collection of manuscripts, including
somo of the very rarest specimens, to a
wealthy Philadelphia collector,"
Two policemen iu uniform recently
called at tho house of a gentleman in
Boston, who was giving a fancy dress
ball, and insisted that the company must
separate. "Not at all," said the host;
"this is a private house." "Very well,
sir," said one of the nolicomen, "here
aro my orders, and I must take the
names of all who are present." "Do so,"
responded the host. Tho policemen
went to work and put down all the names,
making everybody supremely uncom
fortable. Directly they had done so one
ol them walked up to a table and pour
ed himself out a glass of champagne.
"What right have you to drink my
wine?" roared tho host. "I supposed,
when I was invited," responded the
policoman, "that refreshments wero in
cluded," and, amidst a roar of laughter,
he showed his card. Both the men wero
simply guests.
A Chinaman Takes A Trout.
Sam Lung brought my shirts home
ono day lately, and after obtaining his
trade dollar, lingered as though somo
thinpr oppressed his mind.
"What is it, Sam? Dollar nogoode?"
asked I."
"Yes, dollal all litee, but want to
talkee 'bout woodsee."
"Woodsee? What's that, Sam?
Didn't I give you the right change?"
"Change alio litce too, alle same, but
want to talk 'bout - Adilondacks. You
been in Adilondacks, so Melican man
telleo me,"
"Yes, I have been in the Adiron
dack, but what do you know about that
"Know heap. I been Adilondacks
too, catchee tlout on stling, no likee in
net. Likee thlow fly, tlouteo biteo,
hookeo in jaw, pull him topside.
Whoopoe! I go washoo by Blue Moun
tain Lake, big hotel, looke for heap
washee when Melican ladeo comee in
with whitce dless and nohhv Melican
man come, plenty washee, plenty mon
ey." ""Well, Sam, did you get rich there?
Plenty washee Bnd plenty dollar?"
"No washee, no dollal. Melican la
deo blue dless, Melican man blue shilt,
wear 'em two, thlee woeke, no wash.
Payc on lailload, walkeo back. Catchee
tlout alle samey fore go."
"How did you get the trout, Sam?
tell me all about it. 1
"Old looster stoppo in hotel. He
say 'Sam, come in boat for guide on
lake, me give balf dollal day.' So I get
in boat with old looster and go topside
lake to sco him scoopeo tlout. Ho get
out little bamboo stick and put on stling
ond little flv. He thlow fly but tlotitee
no eatoe. Put on more fly, putty lly on
stling when he see tlout come topside,
and show tail way off. He thlow out
and stick out hand, uo catchee. Loach
out again, and plunk ho go out boat and
get all wctte. Me uo leavee him, but
pull him topside in boat. He (laid to
go back to hotel cause boys laft, so he
tell me go shore make tiro. I make fire
and he pull out big bottle whisky and
get dly. I sny I go scoope tlout so boys
don't lalT when we como backside hotel
when Jno catchee. So I go out anil
thlow fly. Think get big bulgee on old
slucker to get all fun and balf dollal,
an' he sit by fire so sick.
So I thlow fly, alio samey Melican
man, and say mo no ciy baby if get wet
tee, like old looster, you bettee you liv
er; so I thlow and thlow and catchee
big fish and thinkee Ishakeoold looster,
and go to hotel and sho wee tlout to Mel
ican hulee and braggee alle same Meli
can man. So I takeo boat and leave
old looster on shore. Ho yellee liko
fun, I no hear, Just hoo my own row,
go on to hotel, takee fish on stling, and
show fine ladee big tlout. Sho laugh
and say 'nlcee tlout,' and call Melican
niau. He lookee and say 'tlouteo be
blowed, you gottee hawn dace. So I
cutteo stick fore old looster como 'long
side hotel and kickee me topside stom
ach, and I hoof it down load twenty-live
miles to lailload and stcalce lido to Sal
itoga. Heap washco In Salitoga, water
all taste like old tin pail."
"Well, Sam! was that all tho trout
you took, one horned daco?"
"Yes, tlout, hawn daco, alle same,
some callo tloutoe, some callo hawn
daco. Callo tlout when Melican man
scoopo himself, callo hawn daco when
oiler feller or Chinaman seoopn. Alio
simiee, I catchee tlout like Melican man
in Adiloudacks. When you go topside
Adilondacks again,, you takee mo fd a
guide, I showee you how scoopo tlout
with fly on stling. Byo bye."
With a smile that was childlike and
bland, Sam Lung punglod off In tho di
rection of tho Uowery, scarcely soiling
tho white solus of his shoes, in the mud
of Broadway as he crossed it,
m i
A Sharp Woman,
A woman dropped Into a commission
houso on Woodbridgo street to purohitso
a barrel of apples for family use, but
did not mean to be bitten in the pur
chase. "Aro all the best ones on topP" ihe
cautiously asked."
"Oh, no; the contents are allko nil tho
way through."
"Will you.knock tho head out of tho
other cnu."
"Certainly, madam," and in two
minutes tho feat was accomplished apd
she saw the same grade of choice ap
ples. This satisfied her that there was
no dooeptlon, and she paid over her
money. It was not until she related
the clroumitance at tho dinner table
that anything happened to raise a doubt
in her mind. Then her husband said:
"My dear I used to buy and pack mid
hip apples. The rulo Is a peck of nice
ones at either end of tho barrel and a
bushel and a half of worm-holes In tho
middle. Pat ths, butter." Iklrvit
fm Prut, i
Fob Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint you
have a printed guarantee on every bottle
ofShlloh'H Vitalizcr. It never faili to
cure. 15
An old Man's Relief.
Have used rarkor's Ginger Tonic for my
bad ciiugh and hemorrhage I had twenty,
five yu.ri. I feel like another man since I
used it. Am 60 years pHst. Believe it
sure to cure younger persons. A. Orner,
Highspire, Pa.
l-JTFaBt, brilliant snd fsshinoable aie
the Diamond Dye colors. One package
I to 4 lbs. of goods. 10 cents for any
A Card.
To all who are suffering from the errors
ind indiscretions of youth, nervous weak
ness, early decay, loss of manhood, &c, I
will send a recipe that will cere you, hike
OP ciiahob. This great remedy was
discovered hy a minister in South Amorica.
8end a sell-addressed envelope to the Rev,
Jobkpii T. Inman, Station D., New York
Chst). Alkins, Euglewood, III., sayi:
"Brown's Iron Bitters cured me of malaria
from which I Buffered long time."
Wokk Given Out. On receipt of vour
address we will ' niske an offer by which
you can earn $3 to $7 evenings, at your
home. Men, Women, Boys or Girla cau do
it. II. O. Wilkinson & Co., 195 and 107
Fulton Street, Now York.
HucKien's Arnica Salve
The Best Salve In tho world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively
cures Piles. It is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price
25 cents par box. For sale by Geo.
Grape Juice.
The act of fermenting the Oporto Grape
into wine in this couutry has been brought
to a greater degree of perfection by Mr. Al
fred Speer, ot New Jersey, than by any
other person; and his wiuo is very popular
as an evening wine, as well as for the com
munion table and for invalids. For sale
by PaulG.Schuh.
We recommend Ely's Cream Balm in
every case where a cure for catarrh is called
for, and in no instance have we heard of
disappointment. We consider that we are
doing tho public a service by making its
virtues known to thosa afflicted with this
loBlhsomo disease, for which it is in moat
instances a perfect cure. Peck Bnos.,
Druggists, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Thc.ro is no use talkiup! "Lindsey's
Blood Sparcher" is taking the lead for cur
ing all blood diseases.
To The Wtst. 1
There aro a number o ruutes leading to
the above-mentioned section, but the direct
and reliable route is via Saint Louis and
over tho Missouri Pacific Railway. Two
trains daily are run train the Grand Uniou
Depot, Saint Louis to Kansas City, Leaven
worth, Atchison, St. Joseph and Omaha.
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars of the very
tic est make are attached to all trains.
At Kansas City Union Depot, passengers
for Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Cal
lfimit "'nrject with express trains of all
At Atchison, connection is made with
express trains for Kansas and Nebraska
At Omaha, connection is made with the
Overland train for California.
This lino offers to parties enroute to the
West and Northwest, not only fast time
and superior accomodations, but beautiful
scenery, as it passes through the finest por
tion of Missouri ami Nebraska. Send for
illustrated maps, pamphlets, &c, of this
line, which will be mailed free.
C. 11. Rinnan, F. Chandler,
Ass't Oen'l Pass. Agent. Gen'l Pass Agent.
The glory of a man is his strength. If
you are weakened down through excessive
study, or by early indiscretions, Allen's
Brain Food will permanently restore all
lost vigor, and strengthen all the muscles
of Bruin and Body. $1 pkg., 6 tor $3
At druggists.
For dressing the hair, and beautifying it
when gray, nothing is so satisfactory as
Parker's Hair Balsam.
A Nasal Injector free with each bottle
of Shiloh's Cataarh Remedy. Price 50 cts.
- 1 i
A New and Complete llotut, fronting on l.ivei
ttecoud aud Kallroad Htreeta,
Cairo, Illinois.
The PaMonxor Depot of tho Chicago, Ht. Lot) Is
and .ew Orleans: lllluola Contrail Wahaah, Nt.
Lonia and Pacific; Iron Mountain and Honthern,
Mobile aud Ohio; t'alro and 81. Lome Kaiiwaya
are all Jnat acrona the atrout; while the Steamboat
Landing la lint ono t'tuare dlitant,
Tills Hotel la heated hy steam, haa atnam
Laundry, llydrai.llo Klevalor, Electric (Jail Hell.
Automatic Klro-Alarmi, Hatha, abaolutnly pure air,
period aeworaiiN and tomplete appointment.
Superb nirumhlnh'; perfect aorvlco; and an an
xci Ilea table.
Xu V. I'AUKKU Ac (H)..r,nauna)
Grand Central Store.
LLINOIB central r. r.
Shortest and Quickest Route
St. Louis and Chicago.
Tho Onlv .Line Kunninu;
From Cairo,
Making Dib!eot Connection
Teaimi Lbati Cairo:
:Ofi a m. Mnil.
arrlvlngln .Lonli :45 a.m.: Chlcai,o.B;30p.in.:
Connect ( at Odin and bmuKbam for Clncin
naU.L itavllle, Indianapolti and pointa Eaat,
11:1 .m. St. IjOuW Hnd Weatern
trrlvlna in Bt. LonlaT:05p. m., and connectlau
for all points Went.
3:00 p.m. 'mt Kxprxaa.
FiirH.t. Lonia and (.'blcAo, arrlvinii at Hi. Lonia
10:40 p.m., and Cblcagu T:) a m
3:BO pm. CI not nun ti Kxpreaa,
Arriving at Cincinnati ?:( a.m.; Loutiville 6:55
m.i ladlanapolte 4:1 a.ni. Paaaanxtire by
thla train reacrt tb. abovo uointa IU to 3o
Uul'Ktt In advance ol any other route.
HTtaeS:80 p. m. expreae
tl. wllhnnt
SLEEPING CAK Cairo to Cincinnati.
'.banget, and through alee pen to bt, Loola and
Fast Time East.
Prt WPT! 0PTS1 bT K through to Eaat.
I asaiJIers ern poiuta wlihoat any delay
cauaed by Sundav Intervening. The Saturday after
soon train from Cairo arrlvea In new York Monday
nomiug at 10:35. Thirty-ali hours in advance of
dv other route,
Mf Por through ticket and further InformaUon,
tpplv at Illlnola Central Railroad Depot, Cairo.
. J- H. JONES, Ticket Agent.
A. H. DAN BON. Gen. Paaa. Agent. Chicago
P. O.
fi a. m.
.11: 0a m
.4 30 p.m.
p m.
..ii:3-p. m.
..In p. m.
.7 p. m.
.5 p. m
I'm PO
I. O. K. K.dbroach lock mall)
" (way mail)
" (Southern Dir.
Iron Mountain 11. If
Wabah R. K
Texaa A Ht. Lnuia H. K..
Bt. Lonia 4 droit. H....
3 p. m.
9 p. m.
dp. m.
8 p. m.
V p. m.
8a m.
9:30 am
i p. m.
Mm Itlver arrlvea Wed . hat. A Mon.
" departa Wd., Krl. 4 Hub.
r u. gen. del. op o from 7::am to":30 Dm
.v. iiua um, u en iruin
Sunday gee. del. opn from.
Sundav !ox del. open from.
..e i. m. toy p m.
..8a. m. to loa.m.
..6a. m. to 1U :JOam
f u-.-MTis. cnange will
he palllnbed fro a
time to tlma in city pa tier. ( bango vour rard ac
cordingly, v.M. M. MCKPUY, P. M.
City Officers.
Mayor N. B. ThiUewood.
Treasurer T. J . Kerth.
Clerk Drnnl. J, Foley.
Counselor Win. B. Ullbert.
Marhal-L. 11. .Meyer,
Attorney William iiendrlcki.
boa ao or ALuaaaia
flral Ward-Wm.Mc Hale. T. M. Klmbrougn.
Second Ward-Jeee lliukle, C. N. ilugbe.
Third Ward-B. F, lllake, John W ood.
Fourth Ward-Charle O. PaUer, Adolph 8wo
boda. Fifth Ward-T. W. Ballldav. Ernral B. Pettlt.
County Officers.
Circuit Judge 1. J. Haker.
Circuit Clerk A. II. Irvln.
County Judfu J. II. hoblnson.
County Clerk H.J. Uuuiiu.
County Attorney J. M.Damrnn.
County Treasurer Mile W. Parker,
obeillf John Ilodgea.
Coroner K. Kltagerald
County Commlaaioner T. W. Ilallldiiy, J.
Mulcaher and Peter Hauo.
CAIKO BAPTIST. Comer Tenth and Poplar
treeta; preaching flrat and third Sunday In
each month, 11 a. in. and 7:30 p.m.: prayer meet
ing Thursday, 7:30 p. ni. ; Sunday achool, V:3u a m
Kev. A. .1. U ESS Pastor.
Fourteenth atroet; Sunday 7:00 m., lloly
Communion 10:30a. m., Morning Prayer 11 a. m.
Bunday acboul 3 p. m., Evening Prayer 1:i0 p.m.
F. P. Davenport, S. T. B. Rector.
r Preaching at 10:80 a. m.,3 p. m., and 7:80 p. m.
.Ubbath school at 7:30 p. m Rev. T. J. Shores,
1rjTUEUAN-Thlrteet.tb atreet; erviees bab
J bath 1 :Sl) a. m. ; Sunday echooljp m. Rev.
t nappe, past Jr.
METUODIST-Cor. Elghtb and Walnut atreeti,
Preaching Sabbath il:0u a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
nnday Hcbool at l:iH) p. m. Kev. J. A. Hcarrett.
I)KEHYTERIAN -Eighth street; preacnlnt oa
I Sabbath at 11:X) a. iu. and 7:S0 p. m.j prayer
neMtiug Wedneadav at 7:3') p.m.; Sunday School
it S p. ni. Rev B. Y. Ueorjc, paatur.
ST. JOHKPU R.-vRoinan Catholic) Corner Crosi
and Walnut street; ervlcc 'Sabbath 10:80a.
0.; Stiuday School at 2 p. m.; Venpers J p. m.; ter
nee every day at 8 a m. Rev. O'ilara, Priest.
CT. PATRICK'S (Human Catholic) Corner Ninth
J eireot and Washington aveuue; service Sab
latb 8 and in a. m. ; Veaj.era I p. m. ; Sunday School
I p. m. aervli ea every day at b a. m. Rev, Mast mci s
Notice I hereby given to Kdwin I'ursnns of I' r
York Cey, and to tha unknown owner ol a bluvk
of land In the tlty of Cairo, Illinois, bounded by
Tenth street, Twelfth street, Ceilur street and Jeff
erson avenuo.all In tho city of Cairo, Illinois, that
a petition has been died on bolntlf of the United
Status In tho clerk' olllce of said court to condemn
the above premlao fur thu puriiooo of a site lor a
Marine Hospital, and that said nutition will be'
for hearing at the Juno term af said court.
o- J, A. Jo Kit, Clerk.
That smart men average ftt.OO to IS 00 per day pro
lit, selling the "lickot Minimi," The most marvel
lous little volume ever :ced. Needed, endoned
aud purcharcd hy all cIhrhus; nothing In the book
line evor equal to It. Will prove It or forfeit f 5 0.
Complete sample and on tilt rv c , or full parti
culars for stamp. Don't sart out again until yon
learn what Is aald of this book, and what other,
aro doing. W. II. THOMPSON, Publisher, 401
Arch Street, Philadelphia. Pa. apr8-3n
A week made at homo by tha indus
trious. Dost business now before the
t'tiblio. capital not needed. V.
will atart von. Men. women, hnva
and girl wanted everywhere to work
rortia, nowutno time, Yon can
work In sprre time, or give vour whole time to th.
bualness. No other bulnes will pay yon nearly
a wall. Nooneoanfalltomake enormous pay.
by engagelngat one.. Costly out St and term free)
onev mad fiat, .aailv. and honurahl.
TK VI OU., Aaguu. maine.

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