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Natural Fruit flavors.
Prepared from the choicest Fruits, with
out coloring, poisonout oils, acids or artific
ial Essences. Always uniform in strength,
without any adulterations or impurities.
Hart gained their reputation from their
perfect purity, superior strength and qual.
it. . Admitted by mil who hart used them
es the most delicate, grateful and natural
flaw for cakes, puddings, creams, etc.
Chiosgo, 111., and St. Louis, Mo.,
aaan.flo.lla Ttut fi i, Dr. PrW. trm hth
twmtt, ul Or. rriM'a ll. rfuM.
A llouwhold Article for Universal
Fatuity Use.
For Scarlt-t nd
I Typhoid Fever,
Diphtheria, gall-
I ration, VU'erated
I. Sore Throut, hinisll
I'o, Mraslc. and
all Conl(clou IlliM-tvsf. Persons wailing on
th Sick should e it freely. Starlet Fever hat
never been known to spread where the Kluid wu
used. Veliuw lever hi been cured with it after
black vomit hud taken place, The wont
case of Diphtheria yield to it.
Fevered irxl Mck lr-1 SMALL-FOX
mm refreshed and I and
Bed Horea prevent- PITTING of Sinatl
l)arbby rlmd" ''h ! r PKKVEJfT,:U
1 m'p are "A i r made ' ,. A B"mber of V
harmless and purified. !
For hore Throat it is a i'1,1 P0." 1
aure cure ' Fluid.; the pauent waa
CooUtfon destroyed, j a f T' "v .
Chilblain. Pile,
the house again in three
weeks, and no others
had it. -J. W. Pun
inson, Phdadeiphia.
IbaHnft, etc.
KheumatUm cured,
ho ft White Co tnplel-
loni secured by its use.
Bhlp Fever prevented.
To purify the llreath.
Cleanse the Teeth,
it can't be surpassed.
Catarrh relieved and
cured. .
KryalpelM cured.
Hurnarelicved instantly.
Heart prevented.
The physicians here
use Darby Fluid very
successfully in the treat
ment of Diphtheria.
Greensboro, Ala.
Tetter dried up.
t'hoiera prevented.
llrera purified and
In cases of Death it
should be used about
the corpse it will
prevent any unpleas
ant smeH.
irreenier? eurea.
Wound healed rauu
Seurvy cured
An Antidote for Animal
or Vegetable Poisons,
bungs, etc.
used the Fluid during
our present affliction with
Starlet Fever with de
cided advantage. It is
indispensable to the sick
room. Wat. F. Sand
Kj$d, Eyrie, Ala.
I The eminent PTiy
i llrlan, J.MAKIOX
I SIMS, M. U., New
I Vork, says : "1 am
I convinced Prof Darbys
I 1'rnphylartic r laid is a
I valuable disinfectant."
I Scarlet Fever I
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.
I testify to the most eaccllent qualities of Prof.
Darbys Prophylactic Huid. As a disinfecUnt and
detergent it is both theoretically and practically
superior to any preparation with which I ant ac
quainted. N. T. Lui-iun, Prof. Chemistry.
Darby Fluid I Recommended by
Hon. Alrxanduk H. Stbi-hkns, of treorgia;
kcv. Chas. F. Dkkms, D.D., Church of the
Strangers, N. Y.;
io. LtCoKTi, Columbia, Prtif.,University,S.C.
Lev. A. J. Hattli, Prof., Mercer University;
kcv. Gbi. F. I'tsKci, liithop M. E. Church.
Perfectly harmless. Used internally or
externally for Man or Beast.
The Fluid has been thoroughly tested, and we
have abundant evidence that it has done everything
here claimed. For fuller information get of your
Druggist a pamphlet or send to the proprietors,
Manufacturing Chemists, PHILAUKLPHIA.
OFFICH-Wlth H. H. Candee, City National
nana Buuaing.
Physician and Surpjeon.
Special attention paid to the Homeopathic treat
ment of surgical dlaoaeei, and dlteasus of women
and children.
Office: On 14th street, opposite the Poit Office,
Cairo, in.
128 Commercial Ave, Cairo, 111.
Vapor, elkctro-vapor and mbdicatkd
administered dally.
A lady in attendance.
jyn. W. 0. JOCKLYN,
OfFICI-Klgnth Street, near Oomoerclal Avenue
Dental Surgeon.
Ovnos No. 188 Commercial Avenaa, between
a-kta and Ninth ntreeu
The Largest Variety Stock
in tiik oitv.
la-'lL1 nnr tv nwDV riT ilUV
O. O. PATlKlt fc CO..
Cor, Nineteenth atreet I PnirA f 11
CaBimafclai Avenue f jUllVy lilt
Diphtheria I
' 1 . ' M
Terrible Destruction Along the
Tornado's Track.
Scores of Persons Killed and Prop
erty Laid Waste-The Scenes
of Desolation.
At Itariiia, Mia.
Racink, May IK. At 7 o'clock lat
niKhtthlo wctioii of th" cuiintrv i-xpirl.
nicd Hie liit ncli.tip In ltn liliory. Tba
eycloiie Wan uiiiioutirrd by the lilruklti'.' of
the rlntiila mid by a 'twillc iiiinbllnt;
nolH. It iaHHtd ihrouh the tvlrcino
nonhweai portion of the c Itv (luniolUliinr.
one biiii'lix-d and 11 fly Iioum'h and barna
and uaimliiK tlio Urutli of abuut twiMitr
poupltt and (ir-iloiiniy Injuring about one
bundled. Home of the doitd were taken
to tbe bouar-a of friend and othera to the
courthoup. Following U a list of ;hkuhI
Wen: The fatally liilun-d am: Mr. Kurtz,
Hermann Hunt, Mr. McCartv, AukuiI
Klner and wife, Simon fii inc, And a on
und duii((ht-r of Fred Fiilk, Tbe killed
are: 1'aul Kubl, Albert Kuhl, a daujrhlor
of Harney Wllllna- and an infitnt on of A.
Klhnnr. Thf Injured arc Matt Lnary, two
children of Mra. Harry', Mr. Miry Mil
ler, and Mrx, Fiaunaan. and tbrce cbild
ron Further Inveatijfittipu onlv serve to
swell the llt of ca-ualtie. and make more
aweepliiB the doaHtatlon. It U now
entlmated fully twenty. live are killed, and
one hundred injured, fine hundred and
8ftv houw, were deniollxbed, and had (he
eycloue atruek the IiusIiivm cenU-r the
damiiajc would not eually have been calcu
lable. At the Western Union Junction,
oeven mile wekt of Waelne, muny botte
were wrecked and one young" man named
Webber killed.
Al Spring-field, III,
8rRiNJFiKi.i, III., May 19. Tbaitorm
of wind which blew over this section of
country ull dav vesierdav culminated at tea
o'clock last nl'ubt in i tiirlltle cvelone. It
courw waa to the cast a little north of
Uochoter, and it did not come nearer to
Springfield than the Wabah and Alton
Junction, two inllea houth. It wrecked a
number of bourn at the Junction, and
badly injured the liiiuutc. The large brick
house of Mr. English, near
the Junction, wa blown down and
Mr. Klii(lili Wa dangerou-lv hurt.
The hotiM' of Mr. WillfoiiK, near the Kiut
IlKb inniiKlou, w a leveled to the icrount'.
and It l thoimbt the whole family perished.
The bruixe of lictijiiiiiiu MacVelKh, abnu
three miles soul I a it of the city, was dam-t
and Mi. MacAiiyh. Jr., bad
hi arm broken and unstained Internal Inju
rle. The house of Mr. VanN'orstrnnd,
two hundred yard dMant from the Mac
Veafh dwelling, wa destroyed, and it it
believed that Hi-ury VanXorstr.uid, a
yoiiiiff man twenty years of age.wa killed.
In the course of th storm tree were tout
out by the root and fences and outbuild
lug scattered in every direction.
At Manuton, III.
STAfsroN, 111., May in. At 10 o'clock
last night a tornado pnssed about three
mil ea-t of bere, totally destrolnx Mr.
Llv,i'K'lon' line farm residence and dan
cer niiv f njti ilnir Mr. I.lvlnMon. At
To ii rundeilmrk' It lifted the doon
fro I their IIiIdk'S and doatrovvd a I arte
1'ittuird. No one w as Injured. At Mrs.
Iele olive' about one-half mile north
of Mr. Kunderburk'a, It played sad havoc.
A larife two-tory f ramo ' building w as
totally destroyed and not a spar left rlnnd
liiir. The fiimlly wn Mvcd by taking
refuge In the cellar. A ronstructlon
crew. comprlsliiK about twentv-tivH of the
8uingfleld and Southeastern Kallroad.
were camplnn near Mrs. Ollve'i house,
dome sleeping In a large barn w hich wm
recently built. All were serinuslv injured
by tbo hurricane. Mr. tantwell," the con
tractor, and Alva Hirrlo were Instantlv
killed. A little girl aged about eight
esr cannot live. 'I'eletrrams for aid have
I een sent to their friends.
At HI, Louie.
Sr. I.orin, Mo., May !!. An unusually
severe wind and lain storm paed over the
el'y ahyut ly :iKi o'clock last night, and for
a lime it was thought the recent disaster
In Kansas lity would be repeated here.
Threatening clouds began rolling over the
city curly iu the evening, accompanied by
fitful gusts of wind and short, sharp burst
of thunder. Ituin began to fall at H p.m.
and continued with tho exception of abort
intervals ull night. About 10 p.m. the
wind began to grow stronger and brilliant
flushea of lightning wore frequent.
Gradually the gusls a-Miined tho dignity of
a gali', ami in a few minutes more the
clouds burnt with all their fury and all St.
Louis was drenched. The wind wa from
the west and southwest nnd blow with the
ferocity of a cvelone. Meanwhile tbo
pyrotechnic display In the heavens wna
K"nt up, accompanied by deafening thun
der. At Milpman, lit.
SuirMAX, III., Muy HI. A cyclone
jtassed thorough this vicinity last night
about t :!t0, doing considerable damage
both to property and persons. A number
are reported seriously Injured and one
dead. A gret many houso and barna
wore completely demolished, and the Hold
aro strewn with debris. The loss cannot
now be estimated, but It Is placed at many
thousand dollam, many being left desti
tute The cyclone came from the aontn
west, passing half a mile west of this place
and mio mile east of Tluin View, covering
a'inut n quarter of a mile lu width. Our
citizen are responding liberally towards
tho relief of the sufferers.
Later reports from Plain View ihow
m rc destruction and loss of life. Mr. Mil
le , wife and four children, and a great
m uiy others are reported a.;rlously Injured,
an I an Immense loss of property,
A vVMteratont.
MlLWAUKKK, Wis., MllV 11). W. J.
Johnson, who arrived on tho Northwestern
train which IcftChlciigo at 5 p. m., sty ha
aw a Cloud from the aoutbwcat meet an
other from tho northeast, and iweep along
with tremendous speed between the tracki
o; tho Northwestern and St. l'aul Hallway
In tight of the train. About fifteen house
were demolished, and trees and telegraph
pole fell aero tho track, nocesl:atlng
(hat the train be stopped , and In one case a
(roe had to bo cut to clear tho way, A
waterspout was formed oft tho lake and
hurst on the shore, deluging the fields.
Hoof were carried mnny rod distant, and
the scene wa ono of general wreck as the
train moved nu toward Milwaukee.
The Northwestern depot at ltaulna wai
At Clinton, 111.
Cmnton, 111., May lil.-A terrible ov
clone passed over this vicinity last night,
doing Immense damage to property and
killing several tenant. The wind took a
southeasterly course and followed tip Halt
Creek In this county, on which lino many
house were utterly destroyed. About six
mile south of Clinton the wind tore down
a house, killing l'eter Clifton, wife and IV
.year-old daughter, nnd fatally Injuring an
iother child. A family named Heiiulson
.were Injured seriously, and many other
families more or loss, but names doulil not
lM secured. Damages very great,
freaky lerlaa In Council.
rUiurouA, May Itt. The general assem
bly met at ninu o'clock. The prayer
meeting was led by Dr. FJIJah I. Murphy,
of the Sailor' Chapel, New York. Tut
report of the committee on amendment to
th book of discipline wa mailn the second
order for Monday morning. The relation
or iiome .Missions io tni I'rcsbytery istun
first order for Tuesday afternoon. Several
overtures und papers were offered and re
ferred to the proper committers. The
nominating commmlttee on (' tate
of the l'resbytoriaii Alliance, which ' met
at Bnlfast, Iroltuid, 1KK4, reported the
name of forty clergymen, beaded bv the
Kev. Dr. J, Addison Henry, of I'hiladcl-
Shlu, anr fiiriy elders, beaded by Judge
amuelM. Hreckomidgit, of St. Louis.
Adopted, and tho moderator and per
manent clink authorised lo till the vacan
cies. Howard Crosby, of New York,
from the Committee on Ministerial Hellef,
reported a recommendation I but l'resby
terles advance tlui stipend for aged and
Infirm ministers from tl.V) to .t;Cu. Adop
ted after an em not discussion. Tho next
order of business, the report of
the Committee on Ministerial Kdii
cation, read yesterday camo tip,
and a motion to adopt the
recommendation seriatim. Tliey were
adopted, and create a new standing board
of twenty-four member, equal mliiistem
and laymen, to bavo charge of the agency
for raising a fund to promote the hlgi or
education of tbo l'resbj iciiau mlnlstrv,
with headquarters at Chicago. An amend
ment from St. LouK was lost nearly unan
imously. The whole report was then
unaulinou-ly adopted, Adjourned to
Monday at U a, m.
The Competitive) Drill.
Nashvim.k, Teun.,May ltt. The Judge
of the competitive drill next week In this
city arc: Captain John L. Tlernou, Third
Infantrv, at Ft. Iiarancas, Fla.; Captain
Charles L. Davis, Tenth Infantry, at Co
lumbus, O.; Lieutenant W. A. Kobble,
Third Artillery, Ml. Vernon, Ala.; Cap
tain James 0. Ooc, Thirteenth Infantry,
Columbus. O. j and John T. Thompson,
Second Artillery, Newport, Ky. Captain
Tlcrnan has arrived and' his associat s are
expected to-day. Theslieets of the city
are profusely decorated with evergreen
and Hags and banners of welcome.
A 80U.000 Mbel Knit.
Nkw Yoiik, May 19. Howard 8. Ineer"
toll, rubber stamp manufacturer, ha be
gun a libel suit against the N'ew York Sun
to recover JtWhkj damage. Tbo paper
contained an article giving the particulars
of nn alleged assault on plaintiff by a wo
man, who, a stated, hiirsewbipped him
for insulting ber. Plaintiff claims that the
publication of this artiule damaged hi but-ine-s.
Defendant's counsel moved to-day
in the Kings County Supreme Court for a
bill of particular, and a decision was re
Desperate Deeds of an Etoa"ed Demon,
New Yoittt, Mav 19.-As Mrs. Buck
ley knelt besldri ber sleeping children, at
midnight lust Tuesday, laying her prayer,
a iiinn entered the room whose step wits to
like that of her expected husband that she
completed her devotions before looking
up. Then she saw that the man wa a
stranger. He said h had been looking
for her for fifteen year, that he wa a
French surgeon anil hud come to take her
heart out. He produced a case of Instru
ments and offered to bind her with a skip
ping rope which he saw in the corner.
Seeing that he was a maniac, and fearing
for the lives of her children, whom he
had apparently not seen, tho com
plained of feeling a draft, where
upon h" closed "the connecting
door. he knew an alarm watild
uot aroue any one Immediately. The
knives lav on the table and the surgeon
waited to "see how a live heart acted. "
He would "clean It and put It back and
she would live forever, " tie tald. She r
Illicit that she had a heart trouble and was
willing to submit to an operation, but tho
was afraid the pain might cause her to
start and hue her life. Two door below
was a friend who owned an operating table,
straps and all. If he would comu with her
they would get the table and avoid all
danger. He acceded readily, and as they
passed out of the houso three powerful
men from the Hloomiiigdalu asylum Jumped
from the shadow of the building, and after
a struggle, manacled his hands and feet.
They placed him In an ambulance, making
a brief explanation to the woman, and
drove rapidly away.
A Fatal I)laler.
Hii.l.snoito, HI., May 19. The In
dianapolis and St. Louis train met with
a very serious accident about 10 o'clock
last night w hen nearinr this place. Hut a
short dlManee west of here, tlie road cros
ses a small stream on a new Iron bridge that
had Just been put up. The storm blew the
bridge down, completely demolished
it, Ju-t before the Ill-fated tra'n, was
due. The night was so dark and the rain
falling In such torrent that, although the
train rva running viry slowly, nothing
could bo seen any distance ahead,
and tho engine rushed headlong into the
gap where the bridge had stood but a mo
ment before. The engineer, Pat Welch,
was Instantly killed and hi fireman, Dan
llowlngton, very seriously injured.
Only the baggage car followed the engine'
Into the stream, the remainder of the
train staying on the track. So far as learn
ed tlm lirciuiin und engineer were tho only
ones hurt.
Klopera ('Alight.
ltt itt.ixiiTON, Iowa, May 10. Two
young girls, who ran away from their
home in Hock Island with two worthless
scamps, were found horo late at
night aeated upon a pllo of lumber. Near
by, pulled up on the shore, was a dilapi
dated skiff, containing several satchels and
Htirplu wearing apparel. The four said
they woro traveling to st. Louis In this
way, being unnblo to pay
passage. The ollloer Induced the girls to
go with them, and homes will lie provided
fur them If they cannot be Induced to re.
turn to Hock Maml, Tbelr comyaulon
were started on their wav down the liver,
a there no chutgc against them.
A IMvorre Null.
Kac-ink, Wis., May IU.-A breach of
promise cac Is to conic up hero next week,
An eligible gallant, who had finally et hi
heart on one of his many Humes and got
her consent lo share it IliiD house bn was
building, will be the defendant. Ho
haclveil down on hearing some slmics
about ben but she sav slio will have
.hat house If It take a leg,
II vulerlra n n Divorce Null.
MoNMoriii, I i.i.., May it). -in the
Duncan divorce cise vestordav, when
Mrs. Duncan was asked If John'Viinm
was the father of her last .wn children, the
fainted und went Into violent hysterics,
exclaiming: "Otiml! havo mercy on mv
poor soul!" Her liusiiuud will also sue
W lissom for ifu.ouo for ruining bis domeitlo
felicity, ,
Knot nnd Kllltiol.
I'm "Bti mi, May II). A telegram from
Madison, New Mexico, sayst Alex Meott,
son of th) Hon, John tSeott, president of
the Allegheny Vallcv llullroad Company,
and ono of the host known of our cltlxen,
wa shot ami killed In an affray witb the
U leasers yesterday.
Tho three husbands of a Pennsyl
vania young woman ol eighteen years of
sue aro all dead aud she hopes that
with good luck .she uisy survive several
MORNING. MAY 20, 1883.
Harrina-e) Insurance.
8t. Louis, Mav 1. The Superintend
ent of the Insurance Department of Mlt
tnuH, In hit annual report, tays: "Before
JbrtJ marriage associations were unknown.
In the prlng of that year a few were no
ticed, but l hey soon sprang up In gicat
numbers. chj..y In the states of Missis
sippi, Tennessee und Texas. At least i.ouO
of these association wcro organized, claim
ing to be Insurance, companies ami
seeking the patroinge of the pub
He Many applied for admis
sion into Missouri, and were
refused. Only ono established an oltien
here, but retired when satisfied that pro
ceedings were about to be taken against
It, without issuing a certificate. In the
Autumn they suddenly raided. Two hun
dred and fortv of theui were placed on the
black lUt of the poslolllee department by
order of the I'osiniiisler-liencral, cutting
off their access to the public. None were
organized In Missouri."
The Jere Dunn Verdict.
CmcAtio, May I!). Tho verdict returned
In the trial of Jere Dunn provokes
savaLc comment In all the cltv papers this
morning, and the alleged Inllueiice which
acied on hi acquittal are particularly con
demned by two or three of tho morning
Journals. They all give long accounts of
the reception tendered Dunn bv the
sporting fraternity after ' he
quitted the court room, a
champagne supper being given tohlin at a
reeori know us the "Drum," which
lasted very nearly through the entire
night. Among those who gtasped the
baud of Dunn was a character known as
"Stock Yard Johnnie," and Dunn, re
senting tbe overtures, struck the man In
the face. The incident is related to have
put tho crowd In high spirits. The leading
counsel who had defended Dunn so suc
cessfully wa noted among those nreaent at
.the wine supper.
International Y. M, V. A.
MawAfKKK, May l. At tho afternoon
session Friday Dr. A. C. Widekind, of the
Lutheran church. New York, spoke on the
work among Germans, aud ClaiisOlandt,
Jr., the (iermaii secretary, read his le
port, saying he made, ninety-one visits to
thirty-four places, traveling 'J.'l.fsK) mile.
The local Herman branches obtained the
passage of resolutions thanking
the American co-worker j for their
aid. Subscriptions tor the work
of the coming year were then
plodged, the amounts varvlng from $5
promised by West Springriolil. Mass., to
$a,.VHi promised by Chicago, Moutreal and
San Francisco were talked of as the meet
ing place in lSHS. Brought to a vote of the
convention, Atlanta, (in., wu chosen.
Tbe evening session wis taken up bv J.
S. Houghtellnd, of Chicago, who read an
interesting paper, nnd the Hey. Dr. i'ler
ton, who spoke on the qualifications for
Christian work among men.
Palltlcal Issue.
Nkw Yom. May 19. The Time savs:
"It is hardly to be believed that we can
gel through another Pjesldeat canvass
without a division of the political forces on
the Issue of the commercial policy of the
nation. It Is a question on which th
seutlment of the people is divided, but tho
line of cleavage runs athwart the pnrtv
lines. There will be effort to prevent the
split "from uomlug, but the people cannot
remain divided into two political parties
which do not correspond with the division
of sentiments Ji:it exists among thun on
the chief political sue of the time. The
position la a strained one which can hardly
be hold through another President strug
gle. Treasury tlifiiren.
Washington-, May lit. The statement
of tbe I niU'd State Treasurer shows gold,
silver and 1'nlted Mate notes In Treasury
as follows.
Cold coin and bullion tilr2,(i7ii,(iri
Silver duller and bullion lll,.'(0.7!i;
1 -'factional silver coin 'Jk, !m,ifii:i
U. S. Notes.'. ft, 180,113
Total WNli.m.uat
Certificates outstanding:
ld K'u, 0,"i, i.VI
Sliver 71,t'17.74l
Currency 11,21)0,000
UTrn. Ncovllln.
CliH'Aiio.May 10 Mrs. Francis Scovlllo
has bad prepared a petition for the June
term of court, praying for an order to be
permitted to lesuine the name of Frances
Marie Howe' She wishes to change her
name on her own account and that of her
daughter Hertha. Being divorced she can
cither retain her husband's name or take
her maiden name. She desires to get lid
of her tx-htisbiuul's name and Bertha ob
jects to that of Ciultcau.
Illinois Wheal.
Tni.Kim, Ohio, May 10. Messrs. Hey
nold Bros., of this city, exhibit a large
sample of wheat stalks taken from fields of
growin,' kmIii In the principal part of ihe
wheat-growing region of Illinois. It shows
that a m ilked Improvement has taken place
In the c unlit Ion of the crop during the
lavorable weather of tho last few dav.
Their reports, which embracu a wide ter
ritory, say that many fields thathvere re
garded at worthless or groatly damaged
present a promising appearance.
A Unllnnl In Tretibla.
CiNi'iNNtTi. May 10. -Peter Craig,
operator In the Cummlnsvllle depot, was
brought In to day to answer a charge of
assault and battery. Jennie Smith, aged
nineteen, testified that while shu wa watK
Ing for a train he voluiiteored to find her an
eating house. On the way he attempted
Improper liberties, and hecauso she resist
ed he struck her In the face. C'Jalg takl
she did n! object to hi overtures nor did
he strike her.
Hum nnd Niilrlde.
llMio.MlNtiToN, HI., May 10. Philip
O'.N'iil, an old resident of Bloomlngton,
committed suicide thls'mornlng, bv blow
lug his brain out with a revolver. For
tome months past O' Noll ha been rather
dissipated in hi habit, and this is the
reason attributed fur hi self-destruction,
lie was a brother of John O'Nell, who wa
mysteriously murdered In this city flvo
years ago,
Km Turk ew.
Nkw Yohk. May 10. Jesso Oakley A
Co., the well known soap manufacturer,
assigned with preference amounting to
i!14,40ti. Mayor Fidson to dav Issued a
proclamation asking citizens of'Ncw York
to suspend business t mid-day MaviM,
snd to Join with the citizens of Brooklyn In
celclitallng tbo public demonstration over
tho bridge.
A Untl Wlfei.
CiurArto. May 10. -Mr. Marv Stans
field, of Brighton Park, has caused tbe ar
rest of her husband, a coitnn'inlll employe,
with whom she lived but twenty. four
hours, on a charge of bigamv. she knew
before marrylmg him that It was ald ho
had wife In Knglnnd, and, though he do
tiles It, there Is llttlo ympathv felt for her
In any ease.
Uniiibllnc la 1'enneaat.
Mkmimiim, May m.-JudgeOreer, of the
Criminal court, before whom the constitu
tionality of the act passed by the Legisla
ture making gambling a felony has iieen
trguod by counsel for the past two dav,
this morning rendered an opinion sustain
ing the validity of tho act. The case now
goes to the Suprome court on appeal,
Bai.TIMoiib, Mav 19. A wareliou
occupied by Lerob tiros., dealers In sad
dles, harnos, etc., was damaged by Are
thlimornina- to tha amount el iiO.000 to
W,vKHJ faiaureq.
Informers to Get Their Rewards Carey
Feleased His Threats-German
LiVKitroot,. Mar 10. The dynamite
conspirator Kennedy, O'llerlitry, O'Con
nor, alias Daltou.Dcasy and Flanagan were
arraigned In court tliis'mornlng and form
ally charged with conspiracy to murder as
well as treason and felony.
Dl lti.i.N, May 10. -James Carey, tha
informer, was released from cus'ody.
Carey declares he Intend to remain In
Dublin, and, further, be will vigorously
prosecute those of the tenants occupying
hi piemlses who refuse to pay rents since
ho becaino Informer, liver since Carey
turned Informer his house has been guarded
by policemen, and on his liberation the
guard was doubled.
London, May 1'.). The excitemnnt In
Ireland over the Pope's circular to the
clergy 1 unabated and finds tbe expression
In juiuters. Justin McCarthy, Mesiberof
Parliament for Longford, hat sent a cir
cular to prominent Irishmen connected
with tbe Irish National Leagtto In London,
suggesting tho formation of an organisation
lo ussit in furthering a movement to raise
a testimonial for Parnell, Tim town com
missioners of Dunu'arvan, Ireland, Friday
night adopted a resolution of disapprova'l
of the papal circular on the ground It
counseled disunion between the priest and
people of Ireland, w hich would tend to
promote the organization and scheme of
tho secret societies.
Di ni.tN, May 1!). Seven poisons have
been arrested near HsirbiHe, on a
charge of being connected with the shoot
ing of Mrs. hmvthe, w ho was murdered
April 2, 1K82.
Dublim, Way 19. It Is announced this
evening that Carey's return to hlivome Is
only temporary, and that tho 4 Town still
holds him a a witness to testify In the
cases of Sheridan, Tynan and Welch.
Di ni.tN, May 19. The Brown purposes
to distribute the reward offered for the de
tection of the Phiunix Park murderers
among the Informer. It is believed it
will also send abroad forthwith all the In
formers wtio desire lo leave this coun
try. (KMHA.fT.
Bkri.i.v, May 19. Ii is reported thatlh
Czar will meet the Kmperor Frar.el Jo
teph of Austria and King Humbert of Italy
here next autumn.
Official bulletin respecting the health of
Illsmarck should be received with caution.
It Is asserted that the Prlnco suffers great
pain, but he object to the issuance of
alarming bulletins. He is much affected
by the political disappointments he has ex.
perieneed, and it Is said the latest reports
In regard to tbe ncgotiationi between
Prussia and tho Vailc.tn have also been a
sourco of trouble.
Washington, D. C, May 10.
Charges arc now being prepared at the
War Department for the trial by court
martial of Watson, the defaulting Pay
master. The court -n artlal was originally
ordered to convene May lfl, but tempo.aii
ly suspended, peiidiii' the examination of
Wason's account. It will now be con
veoed at San Antonio, Tex., May 29,
A .N'ew Orphan Home!
Tkkiik Hautk. Ii d. , Mav 19. The
corner stone of the Hose Orphan Home,
founded bv the late Chauncey Itose, was
laid this afternoon In the presence of avast
concourse by tho Masi nlc order. The ad
dress was delivered by Ex-Secretary of tbe
Navy, K. W. Thompson.
l'tibllclly Whipped.
WiLMiMOTux, Jcl., May 10. Three
negroes were whipped at Newcastle jail to
MAY 10, ltm,
Live Ntoek.
CATTLK Quiet and steady ; oxnr.rU
W WidM 40; good to choice shipping $ 80(0
0 0'; common to fair $ii 80Bo 70.
HodS-Llght & btoiVij; mixed psok
ing sHI Widi 20; heavy packing and ship-
ping 47 2af&7 5,r).
8T. 1.01'IS. E3
CATTLE flood to heavy steers IfoVaO 10;
light to fair 40W3 7.1; common to
medium native $4 CVao 25; fair to good
Colorado f4fa)3 50: Southwctt $3 7ft5 00;
corn fed Texans WrtiO; common to good
stockers $4 4ora)4 (16; fair to good feeders
$4 i.Vo.") 50; common tq cboloo native cows
aud heifer $3 90(35 15: scallawagt of any
kind $'ko'3 50.
IKMiS-stcady at $7(0)7 15 for light to
good yor' ers $7te7 20 for mixed packing;
rough mixed do 80(07 butchers to ex
tra $7 JfcV7 45; skips and culls $0 250
Sll KKP Sheared : Common to medium
1 2.Va 75; fair to good 4W4 60; prime
4 UiVa4 HA; Texuiis common to prime
2.Vo'4 50.
(drain, Etc.
WHEAT Lower, closlngfl OOK'June:
112'4 July; $1 UH August; $1 12 H
September; $1 07T year.
COUN-Lowcr; 5Uf June; 67 X July;
db'V August; 51 H year.
OATS-Dull; 42 Juno; 41X July; 34
August; ;I2'. year.
ST. LOt'18.
WHEAT Lower, closing at $1 12V
June; $11 ' July;$lll August; $1 12K
September; $1 JO" year.
COKN Lower; 51 V May; 51 June; MX
Julvt 64 V August; 65 'i year.
OAls-Lower; 42' May; 42 June;
40. July.
Cvi.ntr S'raitilOr), EtO.
HUTTKH -Market ipilt and easy; me
dium and low grades neglected nominal.
Creamery ranged nt i;iW24 for choice to
fancy, to 25 for selection In a small way;
iicoiid20rif22. Dalrv at Ww 9 for choice
and fancy, occasionally 20 wa obtained for
gilt-edge pkgs; fair to good 14rqn; com
mon KYrf 10. ,ow grade country packed la
large supply nnd almost unsalable, .while
choice yellow tm butler Is In fair request;
quote common 57t 7; lair bT 10, and good to
choice vellowlSWIL '
Kflfls Hcsrco, higher and firm st 15 Ho.
LIVE nCLTKY-Cock $5Yrf3 36, mix.
ed .i 50itft 75. anil hen W-7i4 25. Moat of
the spring chickens arriving are very small,
end were difficult to soil, nnd It would be
to tho Interest ol shippers to hold the small
chicken until they have attained a better
growth; largo rown are the only kind that
are wanted, and thev sell readily at $4fqN,
small quotable at firo'iW, according to
sie. No demand for other poultry.-
LEAD Dull. An occasional cir ef re
fined selling ut ft ISM ; hard not Salable
Wheal, arrived better) corn arrived un
changed; wheat and corn to arrive steady
and lb in. Mark Lane Wheat end corn
not much doing. Wivstem corn firm at Oe
rtKd. Demand from United Kingdom and
UvalUMal saljX U )n s4 evp
to vigorously push a business,
strength to study a profession,
strength to regulate a household,
strength to do a day's labor with
out physical pain, All this repre
sents what Is wanted, In the often
heard expression, " Oh I I wish I
had the strength I" If you are
broken down, have not energy, or
feel as if life was hardly worth liv
ing, you can be relieved and re
stored to robust health and strength
by taking BROWN'S IRON BIT
TERS, which is a true tonic a
medicine universally recommended
for all wasting diseases. .
Sot N. Fremont St., Baltimore
During the war I was -injured
in the stomach by a piece
of a shell, and have suffered
from it ever since. About four
years ago it brought on paraly
sis, which kept me in bed six
months, and the best doctors
in the city said I could not
live. I sutfered fearfully from
indigestion, and for over two
years could not eat solid food
and for a large portion of the
time was unable to retain even
liquid nourishment. I tried
Brown's Iron Hitters and now
after taking two bottles I am
able to get up and go around
and am ropidly improving.
a complete and sure remedy for
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Malaria,
Weakness and all diseases requir
ing a true, reliable, non-alcoholic
tonic. It enriches the blood, gives
new life to the muscles and tone
to the nerves.
0 Jd
M ps "
O s
2 m.rst
sj ta go
Of Cairo, Illinois.
CAPITAL, $100,000!
A General Banking- Business
jiNTEnrniSE saving bank.
Of Cairo,
Commission Merchants,
i Hhrhest Cash Price Paid for Wbef.
Refrigerator Oarb,
Wholesale Dealer In loo.
par Londs a 8peoialtv.
Cor.Twelith Street tad Uits,
"A re

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