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MWe ofAer flaAVw Powders aro aye
adulterated with Mlum and other hurtful
1 Tm' -vw 11
Vt F -4. 1AMWr
m r saw -. n
Mr w
fat 6e Jreif unchanged In all its original
, . ptr girf strength. Tho best evidence of
ft urefy and effectiveness is the fact of
Hi miring received the highest testimoni
als from ths most eminent chemists in the
United States, who hare analyzed it, frot
- k Irtrmltutlo to" the present time. No
other powders show to good reevHs by the
true testthe TEST OF THE OVEH.
." -MAD BY"
cueago, iil, ana Ht. ouis, mo.,
UmIU YmM hu Dr. SVlM1. BMSlal
riMw-taf t IMU. Dr. trt'i tmh V
For Dyspepsia,
Slek Headache,
Cbroulo DUr.
i-Imms, Jaundice,
Impurity of the
Mood, Fever and
Ague, Malaria,
and all IHseaae
caused by De-
rsafeneat of Liver, Bowels and Kidney.
tad Breath ; I'ain In the bade, sumeumes the
pais is fen under the Shoulder -Wide, mistaken for
Kacuroausm: general ks of appetite; Bowels
merallr costive, sometimes alternating with lax;
the head a troubled with pin, it dull and heavy-,
with eomidenble lot of memor. accompanied
1th a painful Mmatirn of learinK undone something
lich ousht to have been done: a tltM, dry cough
and Hushed (act it sometimes an attendant, ofteo
BUtaken for coiuantptian: the patient complaint
of wearioeu and dehiliiT: nervous, eatily lurtled;
feet cold or burning, sometimes a prickly sensation
of the skia ciiiu. iiint are low and del
d be bene
and alihau-h unified lh.il exercise would t
ncial, yet one Can nanny lumraon up lonuuoc ,
try It in fact, distrusts every remedy. Several
of the above symptom, attend rn disease, but cases
have occurred when but few of them exiiird, yet
cxanir tioa after death has shown the Liver to
have been extent! vely deranged.
It ihonld be used by all person, old aad
young, whenever any of the above
symptom appear
Person Traveling or Living la To
health y Localities, by Ukinf a dote occasion
ally to keep the Liver tu hcalihy action, will avoid
aU Malaria, HUlotu attack. Dimness, Nau
sea, Drowsiness. Ifcrnreuinn o( Spirits, etc. It
sril invigorate like a la. of wine, but U no ln
toxicaung beverage,
If You have eaten anything hard of
digestion, orfcel hravy after meali. or ileep
leu at night, take a dose and you will be relieved.
Time and Doctors' Hills will be saved
by always keeping the Itegulator
In the House I
For, whatever the ailment my b, a thoroughly
safe purgative, alterative and tonio can
never be out of place. The remedy ti harmless
avnd does not luterfure with busluest or
IT 18 rt RKLY VK.r.KTABi.E,
And has all tlie power and ellicacy of Calomel or
QuiDine, without any of the injunuut after cfletU.
A Governor's Testlinony.
Simmons Liver Kcgulator has been in use in my
tastily for some rime, and I am satisfied it it a
valuaoie addition to the medical science.
J. Gill Snuarss, Governor of Ala.
Hon. Alexander If. Ntepltcna, of C.a.,
says: Have denved wmc trnrni fn-m the use of
Simmons Liver Keg"l"ur nu wlil t I've
further trial.
"The only Thing ht never falls to
Believe." I have used many rcmediri for Dys
pepsia, Liver A flection and lability, but never
have found anything to benefit rue to the extent
Simmont Liver Regulator hai. 1 tent from Min
nesota to Georgia for it, snd would end further for
such a medicine, and would advise all who are itn
ilaily affected to give it a trial as it tcemt the only
thing that never hilt to relieve.
V. M. Jahnf.v, MinnNpolit, Minn.
Dr. T. IV. Muson anysi From actual ex
perience In the ue of Simim'iit Liver Regulator in
say practice I have been and am astisbed to use
and prescribe it as s purgative medicine,
atejyTak only the Genuine, which always
hat on the Wrapper the red 7. Trade-Mark
and Signature of J. If. ZKILIN ft CO.
. OFPIOK-With H. B,
Bank Building.
Candeo, City National
Phvsioian and Surgeon.
RnoeUI attention nsld to ths If omnonthlc treat
sent of surgical diseases, and diseases of women
mnA ehllriran .
Oftlcei On 14th ireet, opposite toePoetOfllce,
Cairo, 111.
128 Commercial Ave , Cairo, 111.
administered dully.
A Udy in attendance.
Or PIOI Klghta Street, near Oomreerelal Avsnls
jyi. B. W. WIHTLOCK,
Onoi-No. 1M Oomraorolal
Slktaand Mluth 8treeu
i '' , lsi.s.a,
Tlie Largest Variety Stock
n O K Arrillt oCj
. . .
eM. Nineteenth etrset 1
Coaisasrclal Avenae 1
I TelefiTaDhic. I
w JL
-' M
Overawed and Dispersed by
the Presence ofthe ,
m Military.
Fears that the Trouble is not Ovor
A Reward Offered for the
Bridge Curners-Other
0M.INVIM.K, 111., Mv 5.-Thlt
mui'iiiiiK mi the imiiul hour, ti.'M a. in.,
tba wbistli lilctv ir lbs men lo descend
Into the uml iliu iilnelv-liva laborers
broutrht mil frmn KuNt hi. Louis on a !
clsl frHln, ln(jeihfr with the forty resident
opcialor of uiuchlncs, the enKlnecrs, hie
raii, can men, etc., went down ibe nhiifin
of Abbey mines three and tow,
snd - t - 7 o'clock resiitned
work as though nothing Imd bapiieni'd.
At six o'clock lust evHniint every coal niinti
ou tne vsnitaiin Line tictween hast w.
1 ,nn j and Trov, wns clued and practically
in potsession of a drunken mob of armed
men. ready to proceed to deeds or de
struction and violence, If one among tbrm
dared to aume tho leadership. At xlx
o'clock this mornliiK steam wax up In tbe
mines from L'at bt. Louis to Trov. '1'he
drunken, howling, armed mob which had
ne;n sway ror tnreo aars. was not
v'lhle to tbe naked eye. Tbe presence
a mere hnndful. only ninety-ix of them.
altogether, bud wrought the chaiiRe. The
sentry paces bis beat where, yesterday, the
little crowd xuibered around tbe keg of
hjer, purchased upon the subscription
flan. It has been derided after coiiiulta-
linn In tween all the parlies In interest, the
mob excepted, thai tuo best manner in
wlili. li to proceed la to 1ksu warrants
aiuinxt twenty-live; or thirty of the men
wnn were conspicuous in me
mlds of Thurnday mornlnx, and
prosecute them for conspiracy.
Chortiy alter iu o'clock the striking min
ers began to appear upon the streets, but
it was plain to be n that there is but a
small percent of tbe number wboe rule
was broken lat-t night. Tbe report thst
tbe others bad departed for the W hlte Oak
mine, wmco is located on toe Cairo &nort
Line railroad, thirty-nine miles from St.
Louis Is coullrmed. Secretary Price, of
tbe Abbey Company, while here this
morning said that be was not at ail sanguine
tbst Ibe trouble was all over. Tbe
quiet retreat of lest night he considers
suspicious. Vlitilance will not be reluxed
tor weeks to come, tno mum win io
night occupy tho new boarding bouse on
the bluff above mine No. 8. Tho work of
arresting ringleaders in tbe recent attack
on mine o. 4 is going on, t. j. ( ranarui
accompanying tbe sheriff around and point
ing out the men w oo were conspicuous in
the trouble of the 23d Inst. Word has been
received that the mlncrsat Confidence have
gone Into tbe pit. Troy will noujopen until
The Vandalta management is determined
to prosecute the war upon tbe strikers to
the hitter end at would seem to be indi
cated by the following circular issued to
day by tbe sheriff of bt. Louis county:
11,000 REWARD!
I am authorized by Oeorge IV. I'arker,
Vice President and fieneral Manager of tbe
St. Louis, Alton Terre Haute Kallrosd
rompanv, to offer a reward of $1,W0 for
the arrest and conviction of the partv or
parties who set fire and attempted to burn
the trestle on tbe Cairo Short Line divis
ion of toe above rosl near this city on me
nlgbt of May 22, 1MB.
r itF.11 niirivji r. 1 ,
I oort Two of
the Ylrtlme
Nkw York, Mav 26. Mrs. Elir.abeth
Mct'laren, who keeps a boarding-house for
woiklntmen at 11 Ward street, l'aterson,
bought a large piece of beef at J. Yunker'a
butcher shop, .Vi .Market street, v eanes-
day morning. It was of the leg Just below
the round, and was received me nignt
before by Yunker from Fullerton A Robin
son, butchers, to whom it was sent from
Chicago. Of a pari of It she made a pot-
pie for diuner. Soon alter uinner ner
children were tnkeii kick with
violent retching and purging, rre
seutly ber husband came home from bis
work' exhibiting the same symptoms, and
shortly afterward Wllliniu Hlack. one of
the hoarders, niso came nome sics, it,
Slewart pronounced It a case of poisoning,
and said tbe symptoms were more like
those of
than any other poison. He sent some of
the nival to tbe Health Inspector, Dr.
Newton, for examination. The whole
fain v. together with tJiacK, re
malned sick all of Wednesday
night and Thursday forenoon, when
nil recovered partly except two
of Mrs. McClaren's sons aud William
Illuck. One of ber sons, John, aged six,
died about two o'clock yesterday morn
ing. Black died an hour afterward, in
meat was bronchi from I ho house to the
shop by Mrs. McClaren herself and was
not out or ner bikiii nt nny iniie. ma
flour ibe had used Id making the dinner,
as well as Ibe baking powder and
salt aud curry, wero all out of
Iota from which seme bad been
previously used without harm to the fam
ily. One theory is that Wm. Hlack, who
was himself a victim, poisoned the dinner.
Some of the neighbors say tony frequently
heard htm savthut he.wotild commit suicide
loineditv. They also said that he bad had
a quarrel with Mrs. McClaren. Mr.
McClaren denies this.
Intereailair Proceeding at Nashville.
Nashvim r, Mbv 2(1. The Washlngfon
Artillery of New Orleans gave one of the
finest drills ever seen. In yesterday's con
test on the Fair Urounds. There were
nearly 20,000 spectators in the nftui noon at
the band contest for I he $1,000 and $T00
prizes. In the sham battle the coinm md
of Col. James Q. Hutler, of St. Louis,
won. The opposition was led by Col. J.
II. bweenor, of Iowa. The Tedway Ri
fles, of Ht. Louis, were under Butler aud
the other St. Louis companies as
sisted Hweeney, Wm. Walsh, of the
Tredways, was slightly stunned by a can
non discharge. In the evening the Knights
of Honor gnve a complimentary bop In the
Olrtnplo Theatre to tno visiting military.
The artillery drill occupied the forenoon
and the earlv afternoon. After the artil
lery finiibedtliolr drill the band contests
took place, with Prof. R. Dorraan, F. A.
Waller and II. H. Purlett, of tbe Fay
Teropleton troupe, as Judges. Some ex
ceedingly fine music was rendered. Eight
....l.t ....tl.. uana.A lulf.l, I .... k
time, expression, attack, execution and
composition, tn a minimum of one nun-
tllllva uepiuii) set
composition, In a ml
ig was no nearly even
was impossible for an
outsider to even guess which would carry
off the prise.
" Aal'Mkttewa Mai KIUxt7
HT. Loi:i, May 30. An unknown mm,
I on uin vraj 1 iivih nnuiuaivn w ' diu
rranelaoo. was run over and Instantly
1 allien B me univu avyvs saue aiwianai
UairO. 1U.1 UtaadiBWMBUveriw
uiro. Illinois Sunday:
HellKleaa Ualbertstge
Phthhuku. May 26. The fourth iaya
jirofleedliig of the llerormeu rresoyienaa
VIIDU were 01 ail interesting cusraouui
After the roll call aud devotional exercisei
a warm discussion took place on the charter
ofdciieva College, lle-tyer Falls, and the
matter wus finally referred to a committee,
who wero Instructed to secure the
grunting ' a charter If possible, with
an amendment offered by Hev. Mr.
M, I i-ii.'Li.ii or stldik'iin. reiiti ring that
tlie by-laws of the college and any proposed
hanires ahull be submitted to the aynoa
before taking effect. If tho charter could
mil lie secured with tho amendment, the
committee will gel it alone. Tbe board of
trustees of tie niva(;oego preseuieu a re-
i t which showed the Institution to ue in
u lloiirlNliing conditioti. After rending the
report. Mr. Moan asked forf an appropria
tion or l.siu, llefiirred to tno i,umniiui"i
011 Appropriation. The committee
Miiioliiled to consider the memo
rial from Cornwall! Congregation
Nova Scotia, reported that the cougrega
tions ilesired instructions as to wnetner
they should refuse to acknowledge immer
sion In water as a valid bantlsm. l'r.
lames Kennedy, of New York, stated that
they would not sav the form of baptism
could Invalidate it when the spirit in which
it is done is rluht. Dr. Sloan supple
mented the report by saying there was not
one element In baptism ss administered:
by the Itaiitist church tbst was contrary
to tbe Diwne law. lie therefore consid
ered It Injustice to say immersion, was
nil invalidate baptism. The report
of the Presbyteries was then received.:-!
and tiled. Rev. Robb. of the Committee
on Korean Missions, read his report, and a
special session was ordered for Monday
evening, when the work of foreign mis
si. m will be considered and prominent
missionaries will be present. Reports on
temperance and tobacco were
submitted. The former was adopted, af
ter re-asserting their former position
against the intoxicating wine at the com
munion table, and tbe report on temper
ance occasioned a lively disillusion, parti
cipated in by nearly all tbe delegates, but
penning a vote adjourned until Monday
rrn stiUHO, May 28. The quarter cen
tennial celebration of the formation of the
r tilled Preshvleri tin Church was held in
the Second United Presbyterian Church of
Allegheny City to-day. Every seat in the
auditorium was occupied, and tne aisles
were taken up crowding the church to its
nillest capacity, fully 2,000 people being in
attendance. The room had been band-
omciv decorated and presented a
beautiful appearance, the pulpit
bcin completely hidden behind
a wealth of rare flowers and
tropical plants. On the wall of the back
filatfoi 111, extending from one gallery to
another in a aeinl-circle were the words:
Truth of (iod. Forbearance iuLove."
I'mler s wreath in large letters of tbe same
description was 'I808, Union, 18&3."
Suspended fiow the wall on each side of
ilie pulpit were two banners containing.
the names or the ministers or the churoo
furlhe pa-t twenty-flvo years. The stage
was occupied by the ex-moderator, officers
or tint tmarus or tue cnurcii, professors
of seminaries, speakers, and those who
participated in the unllod two churches,
twenty-rive years ago. Moderator McMil
lan culled tbe assemblage to order shortly
a'ler 10 a. 111. and introduced J. T.
Cooper as presiding officer. In a brief ad
dress he referred to the death of ministers
of tbe church since its establishment. Af
ter devotional exercises addresses were
made by Rev. Dr. Rear on "Fathers of
the Union. " Rev. James fs. Barr.
Work Abroad During Twenty-live," by
Rev. D. A. Wallace, "Our Educational
Institutions," by Rev. N. C. Kane. "Our
fvibbath Schools;" by Hev. N. C. McNUI,
Lesson of Twenty. five Years;" by Rev.
.1. M. Kulton, "Memorial Offerings, "and
by Rev. V. (i. Mnorhead, on the outlou
tivraril "" Ureases
were Interposed with singing and tho
exercises closed with prayer by Ke. (1.
C. Vincent, and benediction by Rev. J. T.
His Mysterious Departure No Clue to His
St. Louis, May 20. Judge K rum's
absence still remains a mystery. The
Spectator of to-dav publishes tbe following
accotim oi iiih ueparitue; ju vne auer-
nooii of the 2tith of April, he went to bis
home on Locust and told his wife be was
going to Chicago, and that be would take
bis '.alise with tbe ordinary amount of
lineu'ln It. There was nothing startling In
an announcement of this kind, and
Mrs. Krum proceeded to make
such preparations for hla departure as
weie necessary. As he was readv to leave
the hnuso he turned back and said he be
lieved he wonld take a trunk, which be
packed himself, saying be might be gone
longer than he expected. When he was
ready to start the second time he ordered a
carrl tge and asked Mrs." Krum and tbe
children, seven in all, to go with him to tbe
depot. This was something be had never
done before, and Mrs. Krum was struck
bv It, as sbc also wai by his unusual ten
derness In saving good-bye to ber and the
children. That was on Thursday evening.
The following f rlday be was seen In Chi
cago, and on l uesuay or the next week he
took dinner at the Albemarle House, New
York, bis name being written on tbe regis-
ter in a scrawling
band, quite
into unlike bis
rerulur signature. Since that tlmo up to
this writing there have come no tidings of
Judge ivrum. ins oroiiicr-in-iaw, Air.
Hugh McKiitrlck, of tbe firm Pof Crow,
Jlaigaillne A Co., went to New York, but
he wrote back that ho could find no trace of
the missing man, and that he feared he had
either gone abroad or committed suicide.
All this, coupled with tne tact thnt Judge
Krum mortgaged his household furniture
for iKiOO the day before ho left, proves con
clusively that this is not an accidental dis
Col. Howe Dead.
Nk.w Yokk, May 20. A Washington
correspondent announces tho death of Co .
Edward K. Howe, after a few hours' 111
ness. Ho wat born In Boston and wa. a
ileseeiiiliint of one of the Pilgrim fathers,
lie lived In New York many years; mar
ried into tliclanciont and aristocratic fami y
of Ibe Haiigbwouts; was one of tho found
ers of the Union League Club, and was dis
tinguished for his manifold genial and gen
erous qualities. In 18(11 Oov. John A.
Andrew appointed mm military agem
Massachusetts, and he had the care or
large bodies of Massachusetts troops wh en
passed through the Capital to the South.
In IHiitl President firant appointed mm
special agent of the Treasury, and In lj
commissioned him as pension agent, lie
hold the latter offlco until m and of late
years had not been doing well, and ' ,lu
io bave becotuo rather Irregular In bablts,
lie Mnat llaug.
Eldorado, Kas.. May 2(l.-.Iudge Har
rls yesterday overruled the motion for a
new trial In the case of the State vs. Clark
W. McKlnney, convicted of murder In the
first degree, and sentenced McKlnney to
be hanged by tho neck until he waa dead.
The counsel for defense will appea the
case to tbe Supreme Court. McKlnney
lias considerable properly, and will leave
no stone unturned wberoby be can escape
the penalty of bis crime.
Wnoklj Bank uiement.
Nkw Yohk, May 20.-Loans, decrease,
fl.ntll.NJO; specie, Increase, (2,217,000!
legal tender, Increase, S1,B83.00 -de
Sosits, Increase,' ta.MT.aoOi circulation,
ncrease, ff 1M,700 reserve, Increase,
410.700. Tbe banks now hold $M77,400 laa
excess of sm legal cequlremf utt,,, ,
mornim. may 27. ia83.
fig-hting Force of the Continental Powers
. War between v France and China
Inevitable -The Car's Manl.,
feito. '
Duviirk, Mav 20. Tbe training ship
Mars was imrtlallv destroyed by Are. Four
hundred hoys we're aboard when the flames
were discovered. All were saved. It
Is suspected the Ore wai started by an In
cendiary. IRELAND.
Cork, Msv 2(1. Policemen still occupy
the office of the Kerry Sentinel, at Trtlce.
It wst taken possession of on account of a
seditious notice published last Satui day,
but (he publication of the paper has been
Loxhon. May 20. -Trie Co'ogn Gazette
publlilied an article which attracts much
attention, pointing out that Oermany, Aus
tria, and luly van muster 1,813 battalions
of Infantry, 740 squadrons of cavalry, and
i,HA field guns, while the forces of France
and Russia amount to 1.5.10 battalions of
infantr, 620 squadrons of cavalry and ,
sXOIeldgtins; but.lt says, 1 tbe lust two
etaies caa only operate with divided forces.
The tripartite alllanee can thus outweigh
the whole remainder of Kurepe.
Hkrlix, May 2. The Vatican in its re-
R'y to tbe note of Prussia complains while
i request for explanations relative to the
Jurisdiction of bishops and tbe training of
priests was unanswered, Prussia suddenly
pade new demands. Tbe Vatican declines
to oonslder any ' new proposals until an
igreemect Is reached on the matters first
Brki.in, May 20. A law student here
bss been shot and killed in a duel. A cap
tain and lieutenant of the army also fought
a duel in which eleven shots were exchang
ed, and tbe lieutenant was mortally
Behi.I.v, May 2H. The statement of the
Imperial Bank of Oerinanv shows an in
crease of specie of 12,oH0,u00 marks.
London, Mav 26. The Times eorresond
ent at St. Petersburg says that rumors of a
rupture between France and China. being
Imminent are confirmed. Li Hung Chang
has been summoned to take command of
the Chinese troops In tbe province border
ing on Tonquln, and Is daily expected at
Shanghai on his way to his new post to
begin operations. It Is believed that the
French Minister at Pekin snd the Chinese
Minister at Paris will shortly receive their
Paris. May '.'. A conspiracy Is discov
ered at Van. Three hundred persons are
arrested in connection with it.
PARIR, Mav 20. An official telecratn
from Tonquln states that (apt. Revlerr,
oommander of tbe French forces at Ton
quln, was kill d while making a sortie
from Fort Hanoi and that Capt. Devillers
has been ordered from Saigon to take the
place of Capt. Revlere.
Moscow, May 26. It Is understood tha
the imperial manifesto which will be pro
mulgated to-morrow will announce that no
chanKe will tie made In the existing state of
things tn Russia. The Poles who will be
rardnned will be required to promise un-
. -ing fidelity Jr" submission to tne
hinperoT. lne decrees of suppression
aualnst tbe varloue ntwspapers will not bn
sproesteil, although It la believed that a
partfsl a in new r and" otbet Arcdnsnmt,
will be subsequently announced. The
manifesto will announce tbe remission of
a large number of penalties for non-polltl-cal
offense, fines and arrears of taxes due
from the poorer pemons.
Ottawa, Out., May 20. Respecting
the settlement of the dispute between the
Dominion (loveinment and tbe Province of
British Columbia, the Dominion Oovern
ment here agreed to give a ninnev grant to
the Province amounting to f1.0m.0oo, of
which iT.W.OtiO is to indemnify the Province
for the loss sustained in carrying out the
terms of the confederation and to the delay
In building the Canada Pacific. Road, and
fi'si.noo In aid of the const ruction of the F.s
nulmalt Dry Dock
Bkri.in. Mav 2rt. A private telegram
received from Bucharest states a plot, to
shoot the King of Roumanln at tho opening
of ths session of Parliament was discov
ered. A number of persons Implicated In
the plot are said to have been arrested.
Const aM-INOPLE. May 20. Oen. Wal
lace, United States Minister, lodged a
protest with Ihe Oovernnieiit against the
Imposition of an advalorem d-ity of 8 per
cent, on Impoits Into Turkey.
Stockholm, May 20. The Swedish
ministry resigned In consequence of tho de
feat in the Diet on the army organization
' A Harrlerer Escaped.
Cahkoixton . May 20. Tbe guard
shout the cave in tbe Muffs where KHJati
llensnn. who murdered Frank Martin,
was concealed got tired of the cold
,pot and Dick Raton shouldered a six
nhooter and boldly went Into the cavern.
11 Is companions waited anxiously expect
ing to hear a fuslbide, but be finally re-appeared
and said if lleiison was there he
'must bn hid as he could not find
him. Two others of the party then en
tered. They discovered a small bole In
tho side of the cave lust large
enough to admit one's head. They cu It
larger with an ax and found that beyond
lav a still larger cave. Mensem was not
there. After the cave had been thorough
ly searched word camo that lm had been
seen traveling ttwirv from the cave with a
double -barreled shot-gun aud revolvers.
He In undoubtedly out of reach
by this time. A f.V)0 reward Is offered for
lil in.
Mrs. Booth, mother "f Ihe aelor, lives In
Philadelphia. Hie has a kind, sad face,
and she loves to talk lo her birds,
den. Crook had an emragement with a
large boilv of Indians, near (iiiyacanope,
Sierra Madras, last week, The Indians
were routed with slight losses. agrtftm
In order to keep your servant girl, savs
the Philadelphia News, give hnr fft a week,
seven nights out. two afternoons off, and
the privilege of Ihe pluno and your wife's
The Princess Louise Is a good house
keeper. She probablv makes Lnrno do hi
smoking In the woodshed, and eat cold
lunches at the office on wash-days.
It Is mentioned In Notham that Brooklyn
men, now that there Is a new bridge, will
have to Invonl. a uew lie to tell their wives,
the storv that the were detained In
Now York by the fog being no longer
(Ieorge Stephenson's "'Locomotive,'
tlie HrsT railway engine ever built, arrived
at New York by the steamer Canada a few
davs ago. It is the property of the North
eastern Railway company, of England. and
will be an attraction at Ibe eonilng railway
xpo"oa m I'Mcego. , .. ''J.
JM Blaaes).
Clkviland, O., May 20. A myste
rious fire broke out about 2 o'clock this
morning In the Lake Erie Iron Company's
Nut and Bolt Works In tbe extreme north
eastern part of tbe city on tbe lake shore,
destroying the warehouse, screw-cutting
house, engine house, packing house and
about a third of the main building, in
cluding considerable stock and machinery.
Tbe loss la f 10,000, all oovejed by Insur
ance. Murkruon, Mich., May 26. A fire at
Muskegon Thursday night destroyed Pe
trie A Co. ' lumber mill and contents. Loss
$.", Otsi; insurance .20,000. The fire also
communicated lo tho masted schooner
(ieorge Hover, lying at the dock, having
a,.VX) feet of lumber In tho hold, und tho
vessel was burned lo the water's edge.
Loss $12,000; no Insurance.
Dknvkr, Col., May 20. The Tabor
Milling Company's stamp mill at
l.eailville burned this morning. Lois
U.VBRiiKiK. Out., May 20. The market
building and a large section of the business
part of the village burnt to-dav. Loss
A HI r liter dele Mi Months la Jail.
ST. Lorn, May 26. This morning the
Jury In tt ease of James Kelly, who was
charged with assaulting Poltce-Otiiccr
Oray, and Hied yesterday, returned a very
diet, rinding him guilty end assessing hie
punishment at six 'months tn Jitll. A
motion for a new trial was filed at once.
The case grew out of the troubles at the
Vulcan Iron Works during the recent
strikes when several of tbe strikers were
indicted Ivy the Grand Jury. An Indict
ment was also returned against Patrick
Fairan.the present member of the House of
Delegates from the Twenty-fourth ' ward.
This cns war nolle pross'd to-day and the
defendant now says hs . will enter suit
agaiuit Ibe company jor malicious prosecu
tion, as it was testified by the witnesses for
the state In the Kelly trial that he bad
nothing to do with the assault on Officer
(irav. Kelly was released on tbe old bond.
Kelly's case occupied Judge Van Wagner
aud a Jury until nearly midnight lust night
A I'atal Aeelrtent to at Steamer.
Baltimork. .tay 28. The Steamship
Rtrassburg, which arrived this morning
from Bremen, encountered a severe south
eastern gale on the 23d, during which the
shaeklebolt of tho foretop sail broke and
fell, killing two passengers and knocking
another overboard who was drowned.
Their names are George Kromlngo, aged
eight vears; James Jansen, aged sixteen;
Martin Schmidt, aged twentv-four. The
SUraseburg brought 1,474 Immigrants.
Drnik. ,
Sprinqfikld, Mass., May 20, Last
evening's Boston express for New York
struck aud killed an unknown ' man
near here. lie was Intoxicated and
stood close to the track, seemingly to see
how near he could got without getting
Terrific Ecplosloo.
YouNOSiowN, O., May i 20. A Leon,
Ashtabula county, special says: "A terri
fic explosion occurred at Chandler's lum
ber mill. killing Nelson Johnson, of Tyrell,
III., and Injuring several others. The mill
is a total wreck."
The Illinois Rising.
White Hall, III., May28.-The Illino s
River is risluir rapidly, snd the low land i
inundated all along the sand ridge. N i
fears are entertained of Its reaching any o
the crop lands.
A mob attacked the Jnll at Mt. Sterling,
Ky.. on Friday night, for the purpose of
lyiiuliing John Barrett and ten companions,
charged with the murder of Vaughn Hil
ton, recently. They were lepulsed by tbeJ
auvuu a viuucis.
MAY 26, 1883.
Live Bteeek.
CATTLE Aciive ami unchanged; ex
ports W ! f90 20; good to choloe shipping
$& tfttrVi 00; common to fair $3 0W43 $0.
IKMtS Mow; shippers principal buyers;
5c lower. Ii. 'i. ro- K7 i mixed pack
ing f6 tiVaii 20; heavy packing and ship
ping 7 2&7 55.
St . LOWS.
CATTLE flood to bavv steers W 80r
6 00; light to fair f5 2os fl; common to
medium native ft 25; fair to good
Colorado 45 60; Southwest 13 IbfiS 00:
corn fed Texans $4 90fd5 75;oommon to good
stookei!r4 00fct4 40; fair to good feeder
H.Watfi'O; common to choice native oowi
and heifers 3 5orx5 15; scallawags of any
kind $U0O&3 50; good cows and calve $80
HOGS Quiet; domand mostly from
scalpers and speculators. Price
steadv. Light lo really good yorf ers $8 75
at 7; Baltimore and Philadelphia $7 100
7 rough to good mixed packing $6 75
(37 10; butchers to extra $7 20O7 85;
(Kins and culls SofoMoO.- ,
SlIKKP-Shearea: Couimou to medi
um $2 2-V33 50; fair to good (3 50f3
4 ftO; prime $4 60r5 00; stockers $2 80
m 75: fair to good Texan fli 5094 60;
spring lambs $ 1 60f33 per bead.
tlraia. Etc,
WHEAT Lower, closing $113SJune;
flirt'. July; flli't August: fl 18
September; $1 18 October; fl 18 year.
CORN Lower nl 50sf June; 57X
Ju v; .ss August; 51 V year.
OATS Lower at 38o June; 89
July; 84 August; 81 X year.
WHEAT Lower, closing at fl 18V
June; fl Hi'. .Iuly;fl 20 t August ;fl 21 H
September; fl 'il's .October; $1 18 si
CORN-Lnwer, 51 H June; 63 July;
55 ' August; 47 Si year.
OATS Lower, 40 June; 89Kr340
July; 81 year.
WHEAT -Mav fl22SWH' June
fl 22Vl 28; July fl 2.Vi ; August
fl 20 Vu '; Septcmbor fl 2: October
fl 2S,r(tl HO1.
COKN-MiivOoUIiuiri 05. t July 60 V fit
h ; August OiH ; September 08' .
Country I'rednce, El.
11UTTER Choice to fancy creamery at
IfcYrt'.'O; seconds at best dairy rates. Dairy
at 15'(I17 for choice and fancy, occasion
ally 18 was obtained for guilt-edge In a
small way; fair to good i2fU14; common
rXVslO. ' Near-by packed has boen aociimu
lAilug for soma tluiu, and the market Is at
present largely overstocked, and there
seems to be no sale for It at all; quote com
mon 4tod, fair at 7to, and tho best at 10O
II In lots.
LIVE POULTRY Quote i cocks, $2 75
mixed at f3 0OWI 25; hen S3 26ft3 50,
Market glutted with small and medium
lied spring chickens, of whhfh there Is
no demand at all nominal at 7Vff l s me
dium f 1 25rvl N; fair to good fl 76; choice
or the best on title, li etii 50.
KOOS-Offerings llboral, demand only
moderate aud market quiet and easier at
18 4 for current receipts.
LEAI)-Q,ulet; Refined at f4 IS4 bard
(4ff406. .
Weather In England wet. Country mar
ket quint, Spot wheat firm: No.
pring 2d ; No. 11 ipring s Rd; W
ra winter 9 Id. Western corn firm at
As 8Kd. Demand from United Kingdom
and Coutlueut moderate for wheat and
torn. " j'ie-sTTjHU -"
Is not signing a pledge
or taking a solemn oath that
cannot be kept, because of
the non-removal ofthe cause
liquor. The way to make
a man temperate is to kill
the desire for those dreadful
artificial stimulants that car
ry so many bright intellects
to premature graves, and
desolation, strife and un
happiness into so man
Ttisafactl Brown's Iron
Bitters, a true non-alcoholic
tonic, made in Baltimore,
Md., by the Brown Chemical
Company, who are old drug
cists and in every particu
lar reliable, will, by remov
ing the craving appetite of
the drunkard, and by curing
the nervousness, weakness,
and general ill health result
ing from intemperance, do
more to promote temperance,
in the strictest tense then
any other means now known.
It is a well authenticated
fact that many medicines,
especially' bitters,' are noth
ing butcheap whiskey vilely
concocted for use in local
option countries. Such is
not the case with Brown's
Iron Bitters. Itisamedi
cine, a cure for weakness
and decay in the nervous,
muscular, and digestive or
gans of the body, produc
ing good, rich blood, health
and strength. Try one bot
tle. Price $i.oo.
Off 'til ro, Ullnolei.
OA PITA 1 , $100,000!
A General Hankin? Fusinesn
Of Cairo,
'mow. v.IIA,.llA ,
Commissioii Merchants,
biAi.nts ta
Egyptian Flouring JUi lis
Hiirhest Caab Price Paid for Wbet.
Refrigerator Oars,
Wholexalo J)eftler in Ice.
Oar Loads a 8pX5ialtv."
Cor,Tweli'th Street and Letee.
sJ L i i-,-1
ISM ri It
S-re?rr Sr E6a
us . -e. t H MOW
i li C ? c

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