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Additional Locals.
The. New Orleans Anchor Lint and
the 8t. Louis and Vickuburf Anchor Line
itettinhodt companius were consolidated
several duys & with Captain Kiser as
presiduut; Capt. Janice 0'Nml, an superin
tendent ;ThiorWe Ziegler, as treasurer; R.
G. Weirick, as secretary, and Captain Good,
ts superintendent nf construction and re
pairs. Hun. D. T. Lini'gar came Iiome yester
day from Springfield. This hiia probably
boon as hard a term of service as Mr. Line
gar ever wont through, and the part Mr. L.
took and what he accomplished has been
very satisfactory and of great importance to
his constitueiits. Tho important character
istic of uoarly all the hills he introduced in
the legislature, whs that they alined to re
lieve the laboring clawes the people, de
fining, enlarging and enforcing their inter
ests as against thoss of corporations; and
he has bee a able to get these measures
through mainly by reason of his powerful
influence among his fellow legislators,
gained by his superior ability, and ready
and timely mo of it. Hence we say Mr.
Linegar bus inado a valuable member for
bis constituents in tho Thirty-third general
assembly of Illinois.
It was expected that the Tuts and St.
L mis roa I would run its through passen
ger train into tho city by the 1st of July,
but this expectation is agtin disappointed
by the heavy riso in tho Arkansas river,
which will prevent tho completion of the
iron bridge over that stream. Col. Ptra-
more was over ttie road a few days ago and
says the workmen liavo already reached a
Btae coiis. dei ably ahovu the em face of the
water, but the drift is Very heavy, and
buoum nny oi tin L'reit trees which aie
coming down the river strike ull agtiot
the taUe worki, which are in us! for ihe
construction of the draw-span, it is not im
probable that the work would be carried
away by the fl w 1. Fearing this, the work
men deemed it unsafe to raise any more of
the iron pieces to the platform of the false
WJrku, as, if one of these pieces were to
be lost in the river, two or three months
niiht be loit while a duplicate is being
manufactured. The engineers are certain
that three weeks' work will finish the
bridge, and, unless the flood proves unprc
ce dentedly great, there is g'od retson to
believe th-it triius will be running by the
middle of July. Col. Taramore says that
tbe track Ins not been it jirod at all by the
raius, and is in such fine condition that 23
miles per hour is easily made by the passen
ger trains. Inferring to the recently pub.
lished canard about the road being wreck
ed in the Q uld interest. Col. I'arainore
said that lie had ascertained definitely that
tho story originated in Dillas. His ad
. vices from New York, however, went to
show that the story had benefitted rather
than injured the securities of the road, the
very logical argument being that it must be
a really dangerous competition, if such
method as that were resorted to in order
to cripple it.
A hunter who lives at Bear Hun,
Hurt his arm by the kick of a gun,
The hunt it did spoil,
But St. Jacobs Oil
Cured him lietore swelling begun.
At a inouting of the Mississippi river im
provement committee of New Orleans, held
several days ago, Hon. a. 0. Brice presid
ing, the following report of a special cora
tnitteo on correspondence was received, ap
proved and ordered to be communicated to
the several river improvement committees
in the valley states:
To the Chairman of the Permanent com
mittees for the improvement of the Mis
sissippi river:
The call of the Mississippi river improve
ment committee of the Merchants' ex
change of St. Louis for the appointment of
permanent committees on Mississippi river
imdrovoinent having been responded to by
many ot the cities and towns in every
quarter of the vallcy.it is important that the
improveraeut be consolidated and extended
until every city, town and village in the
Mississippi valley be thoroughly organized
and in working harmony to secure the great
end in view.
While there is a general understanding
that the plans of the Mississippi
river commission are to be supported,
there is no defined line ot action to secure
even this beyond that the river commission
has but partial jurisdiction, ami its plans
do not include even tho Missouri or Ohio;
now whilo river improvement is a work of
time and the main stream is natural the
first and most important, these committees
are appointed permanently, and their work
is to securo permanent navigation of the
entire Mississippi river system, to make it
in fact the Mediterranean of North America
it must therefore lay its plans to remove all
questions of section, and make tho work
truly national; in this manner not only to
disarm its enemies, but to convort them
into friends.
The mission of tho Mississippi river will
not be accomplished until every tributary
Is uavigable throughout such seasons as are
not impeded by Ice; until tho great lakes
are connected with it by a canal; until the
Ohio 5s connected with the tide water on
the Atlantic, coast; untj) the Florida canal
is constructed and the Mississippi sound
connected with tbe river; Until Eidg'ahlp
railroad or th? ' . . or Nicaragua can
als open up tl i .mo ru coital to its
products; or even Until at perhaps some
distant day by tbe uoion ot the head wa
ters of the great father ot waters with
thom of the Columbia river on one hand
and with tho Red river of the north on the
other completes an internal navigation be
tween the Atlantic and Pncitic oceans and
between Hudson bay and the Gulf of
Mexico. With sneh ends in
view, who enn bil tenable grounds
against it, financially, sectionully, commer
cially or politically.
It is of the highest importance that plans
be devised to secure effective support for
tho already rostured plans of the river com
mission, and further, to secure the appoint
ment of similar committees to prepare
plans for improving the rest of the system,
and when these plans are made to see that
they are carried out.
This can only be afT.-cted by the united,
harmonious action of every section, and for
this purpose a meeting of tiie chairmen of
all the committees is proposed to bo held
at on the , where well concerted
consolidation may be completed and plans
matured lor further progress.
Such a gathering, although it will be
comparatively small, will do much towards
crystalizing tho desire and belief in river
improvememtHnd in impressing the coun
try at larsro that the people of the M;ssiss
ippi valley mean business.
You are therefore requested to cxprei-s
your views on this matter and state whether
you can take jure in person or by another
member of your committee.
Wm. P. Ross, CVialrman Subcommittee.
W. M. Smaixwooo, secietary.
An Undoubted Bluing'.
About thirl? yearn aiw a prominent PhaM
by the uane of L . William Hall discovered. ir
produced after In: g ei erlmental research a rem
edv for dleeaa -a of the th-oit. chert and luura
which waa of nrb wonderful mnrary ibat itauou
eained a Ida refutation In ttit country, t i c
name or the Tad-cine la UK. vV '. II W.L'd BAI.
hAM FOK 1 UK LUNG', and may be aafely relied
on a a apeedv and poii.tlve cti'e for coughs, cold,
sole throat, Ac. Solo hv al; DrulKta.
Turina Catarrh Snuff.
Thla well kuown remedv ior Catarrh still main
tatna it weil earned popula I'v. K. A. rjaveg.of
Geneva, kiuii), willua, Jl r li 4. lsb I : "l nave
used Durno a Catarrh bnun, and tt i the only
thing that doe me -ny rwJ. it alwaye effects a
cure. ' bold br all druf tt everywhere.
Towoalcy'iTO'itach-i Auodvnu care Instantly.
Plantation Pleasantries.
Ef it's a sin tT b'levo dut its wrong
tor pay stout voting shells two dollars a
day ter ripongo 'rotiu' and beg money
fur lo church from men d:t perspires
ten hours a day ftu- lift y cents, an has
families ter support. I "fipeefully ax ter
be 'rneniliered in jerprar.
I ain't 'posed ter tlese young doctors
'spprinietitin' wif di-ad folks, but I dun
no but it mout be 'visible to stop cm fum
projee'in wif tie live tins.
Who ain't hit a big anakc on de bead
now an' kilt a little one?
No Moeiped peddlers needn't 'ply at
dis cabin. When 1 straddle a saddle it
aiu't wif de 'sjieetatioii oh tonkin' my
ole legs do de canteriu'. Ef I eblier
take a fool notion to ride an' walk at
de same time, yer'll see iuo harness up
a bean nolo an play circus nil de
When I hear n nigger wif noun' teef
sav he like mush Vhiho he don't have
ter chaw it, I dat 1 is man enough
ter tote all tie rails dat he'll split in one
Po' manager dat bankrup' in dis coun
try ef he know how ter tan dog skins
an' make rloves.
Yer can t judge de farm by do lid' dat
lays next terde big road.
Kf yer frien' cun t stan' prosperity
'vise him to go sknrity fur somebody.
When a Jew oilers ve' a forty-dollar
coat fur four dollars and n half, ve'd
better step 'roun' do corner an' ax do
doctor what it cos' a man ter git cured
of tie smallpox to yer jump at uat bar
Nebber too bad a night fur a party or
a irar meetin .
Ef yo' kin 'press it on de African mill'
dat cbery bottle, foun' 1 in roun' ain't
boun' ter hah whisky in it, ve'll seo less
in de papers 'bout cullud gentlmans n
If-' .1 I....- '! ... A
BUieium iri-iiisi-'i en. iU'o mjuitya.
SATURDAY, JUNE 2 3 1), 1883.
Adkins, Luo W
Allen, Harriet
Bolde, Dettie
Fenner, Dixie
Hodse, W K
liartele. Frank
Helley, Kitty
Parker, Dora
Steven, Plesan 1
Bhupard, Lisey
Speucer, Amealia
Talbort, Annie
Thompson, Lema
Weeber, Charles
Anderson, Minnie
Allen, Mattie
Campbell, Ella 0
II tmmon. Bet tie
Harrett, Harrell
Hill, Mary
McAlister, Elizabeth
Rich, Mattie
Hammers, L
Stanltz, Mrs
Smith, Mattie
Thompson, Jennie
Walsh, Taerace
Tev, Rssie.
Allen, R J
Allen, James
Bryant, Hister
Brewton, John
Amerson, 0
( lioffae, H II (2)
Alexander, J
Anthony, Jacob
Anderson, John
Beckit, L M
Barr, William
Callum, El let
Coady, Thomas
uarver, w S
Duseubery.Bedjamin Dammets, Robt
Delaney, Wm awgieunrt, A J
Edwards, A J Emerson, 0
Elcnkius, Wm Edward, John
Fraze, Benjamin Fink, A B
Ferrell, John Fox, R 0
Garrett, Isaac Uuinn, John
Qilcrease, Luther Huraey, Albert
Hanclinc, PE Johnson, Danuel
Kaufman, Geo Lea, D C
Lynch, H A Lee, L A
Nance, Jeff Pool, Al
Phipps, James B Pntter, Winslow
Right, Parey Snott, Carrey
Stumerst, Ed Strntton, Joe
Smith, John ,. Southwell, Wm
Starrs, 8 M Temple, J M
Tomas, James E Tierny, T II
Wirchell, Bub Wagner, Charles
Williams, Martin Ed. of Spirit of Times.
Persons calling for the above mentioned
will ploase say advertised. '
Wk. M MonrnT, Postmaster,
Itibtntancous Photograpliy.
Lust wt.'tdc an itinerant photographer
of this cily lu-oiiglit up in a small town
In Now Jersey, awl nt ouou proceeilml
to business. At the lirst residoneo ho
asked the lndy of tho house if Iih could
tnku n lew oi her house. "Don't wunt
any views. Von couhlu't take u view
w ith that old machine, anyhow. Sup
poso I whs out in the front yard, no
body would know mo in the jdcture."
The mail of tho camera esplained how
perfect his machine was for instantane
ous views, but the woman refused to
listen to him. lie then went to the ikaI
bou.se, and there got an order for a vie .. .
When ho began to arrange his instru
ment the woman No. 1 came over, her
curiosity getting tho better of her, and
the lady whoso house was to bo taken
invited licr to stand in tho front yard to
help form a group. Woman No. 1 was
so afraid Unit her new silk dross
wouldn't hhow to good advantage that
she seated herself on the step of a lad
der that stood alongside of a fence.
Just before everything was ready she
concluded that tho flounces would show
better if she stood up, and accordingly
rose up. Then the photographer lifted
tho cloth from the niu.zlu of the cam
era, and turned his back to the scene
just us tho woman full from tho top of
tho bidder on to tho fence and cimzht
her foot between tho pickets. She
hung there all through the exposuro of
tho plate, and tho photographer, un
heeding her cries for help, proceeded to
develop tho negative, llo found a
splendid picture of a woman hanging
head down from a picket fence. The
woman by this time bad got loose from
the fence, nnd asked to have a look at
the plate, when she almost fainted
away. That night her husband called
on the photographer, and paid him "
cash for the picture. Vet whv a man
would want a picture of his wifo hang
ing from a fence is more than anybody
can te. l'hilatklihi(t Hun.
m a'
How a Woman Uses a Hammer.
Tho Boston HcraUl is responsible for
the following description of tho way a
woman wields a hammer:
She wants to hang a picture on tho
wall. She gets a nail, a hammer, and
a tall chair to stand upon, and calmly
surveys tho situation.
Then she measures distance and
scratches a spot, always an inch too
high or too low, and paepares for ac
tion. Sho takes tho nail in the left hand and
tho hammer in the right, and gently
taps, like the drum accompaniment of a
musical box.
Then sJie lays herself out for a big
blow, raises her arm and strikes, and
yells like a captured Comanche maiden
on the boundless prairie.
bho goes about the rest of the morn
ing with her thumb done up in a bread
poultice. Yet she never learns from ex
perience. The next time she wants to drive a
nail in anything she will hit it exactly
in tho same place.
A PitUburg lady doctor says that
woman can understand woman, and it
often does a patient more good to talk
to her of spring bonnets ami wraps than
is c fleeted hy medicine. Husbands and
faihei.-, watil to look nut for thal.lady
physician. Instead of recommending
fifty cents worth of tupia pnr:t for a sick
headache, she may prescribe a 'I1 bon
net : nd a Surah overskirt, or some
thing that way. Xorristown Ihra'd.
Hotetter'l Stomach Bittern meets tho require
mcnta of thu rational medical phyl opnphy which
at p eitent pr valla. It la a politicly pure Tceuta
tile remedy, embracing th turnis Important prop
erty or a preventive, tonic and an tilturailvH.
It lorllllca the body aenln-t (U'rapo, Invigorate
and revlla!ly.ea the torpid ttomnc.h in. I livor, and
efli'cU a m ulnry ch'ttige In the entire avium.
Forralo by all DmujiMa and Denlcra gnnuriillr.
wiiu rvrooL, jimm,
rovF.s.$ q(3 for BABY
UPRIGHT 7 Oct. Piaim.
2fm for an 13
I Vr v Map Orpun.
Warranted. Addrof
'Ditxinkom h tV, ID
Wnstllthflt.K. V.
Ilia Howard (UlriiDlohll
anil niirnthHr Kkclro (inl
Tnnlo and Maanatio Appll
ani'M and lnrmoi ar a
HiraiMirafnr Nnr?oiullill
Ity, lrlrl. lth-iilntlin
KnllKy,hiliauiCtoa, i.oh
of Vital Ennriiy, Owrwork
d Hraln, Wank Back, Kid
ney, Llvar, and Ktomwn
' eomplalnta, and ara admit-
applliinraii aratna
vary lalMt lm
nrnviHl. and an-
tlralr dllTarant
from belt and nil
othori, aa thar
rat eonllnunua
curntnta wit limit
aotda, oaanlna an
noma, nor Irrlta
Uoooftna aklo
can ba worn at
work aa wall aa
Nwtr-cnll nntlra-
ah la to waarar.
I'owar ragiilnlaa
In miwtthailirir
ant aUgaa n( all
dlaaaana where
natlM lH.rni.nl
a oi nenent. Tbuaa for MSN ONLY at nnca raacn
tha aant ol dlanana, aa they not dilwt nt04 Narvoua,
Miiaunlnr.anri (Innarntlva llaiilara. aiiaadllf matorln
tha vitality whluh l Kliwtrlrlly-drlnad from tha n
tam by aionaa or Ini'.Unnttlona, thay Ihna In a natural
way ovaraome tlia wmknaaa wlthnnt drnuiilnir tha atonr
aoh. Thay will cure aver? onaa ahnrt of alrimtaral da
aaaratlim, and wa ara imiared to furnlnh tba ntnet
tmi'hutlo and ahaoluta proof to anpnnrt our elnlroa,
lluatratad pamphlet Fraa.or aant aaalad for Oc poatatra,
If. I ,11
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Scialica,
Lumbago, Backacho, Headache, Toothache,
Store Tliront. Nnrlllnva. Npnilna, Itrulnfa,
lliiriia. aii'iiliU. tril lllli'i,
Bulil Ujr IT0(KtIa I'i-mI.t, ii.rr. Hit; I'nli a Mile
IlllMi't 1.1,1, I.HIItftlltlfl.
TIIK II ltl.KX A. Itll.l l l It 4 O
(BaMMMn tu AMCiU LK m , lunian.ro. JI.I.. I . H. 4,
Younjr Man. Middle
Agod Man, and all Men
who eutfiir from earl
indiacrntmna will find
Allan'a llraln Food tli
moat powerful lnvlgorant ever introduccdi
pnoa MUmd by it there) la no relatwa. Try
Hut never fail, fl; 6 for f.1.-At Dni
nu, or by mail from Allen'a Fharmaoy,
316 Fint
Aran n e,
t The lory of mania
bia etrenitth. If yoq
are weakened dowa
through eioaaaiva
tudv. or hvaarlv india.
cretiona, Allen'e Brain rood will perma
nently reatore all lout vigor, and atrenKthen
all tlieniuiKieaof Brain and Hody. ( 6 for
S. At XtUKKiata, or by mail frum Allea'a
'rnrtAiii rnnn
-DnHiii ruuu
I Of tha many rf me-
Rl J V" bufore the publio
I I rlU -'"r Kervoua Debility
LLLI1 11 and weakneaaof Kena
il W(,ener&,v8 Byatem,
there la none eqnal to Allen'a Brain Food,
which promptly and permanently reatoma
all loot vigor; it never fail, f 1 ik(r ,lor
5. At DrugRiata, or by mail from Allen'a
!, nnAiii rnnn
: ; 'DHHiiii ruuu
H i4 Foraevan yearaAllenH
I I I Brain r .Kxl haa atood
lit" ItJ the atrotigKit teata aa
I II 1 1 to ta nmrita in curing
w 'ervounM. Nervoiie
Debility, and reatorinfr l""t power to the
weakened Generative Svatem, and. in no
instance, haaiteverfailea; teatit. f 1 : d for
5 -At iJruaKUta, or by mail from Allen a
kinoAiM ennn
ew)forkllllll II
ity. Mill III war
fkl "Mnona In corpora
I 1 EHVeano:" "Aaound mind
1 1 111 In a aonnd body" ta tha
III ! trade mark of Allen'a
" Brain Food, and we aa
aora onr reidera that. It diwat lulled with
either weakneea of llrain or hodily powen.
thu remdy will permanently atrensthen
both, f I. At DniKRiata, or oy mail from
Knniiu rnnn
mmmt ruuu
NarTonanasa, Vervon
Debility, ISouralgia,
Nervona Snook, St v'i
tu Dance, 1'roatration,
and all d Iteaaaa of
Nrrte Oenerntlve Omana are all perma
nently and radically cured by Allen'a llrain
Food, tha great botanical remedy, f 1 pki.,
6 for is At UrudRnta, or by man r
-At Uruititiata, or by mail from
Alien a
8lft lat
vo n u e,
I M A Alten't Brain Food
III II Ji.1 botanical eitraot
I I H Itl etrenctbena tha Brain
III la U and poeiovely onrea
11 W Korvoue Debility. Ner
Tomnaia, Headache, unnatural Ioium. and
allweakneaaof UenaratlveHyatem; it nover
faila f I pk., o tor fa. At, iinisKiaia. or
by mail
il from Allen a rnarmacy, aia iim
kind numberleaa ail-
faaaion brine a Alan
menta foremoat amontf
them are Nervounnem.
Nervtml Debility and unnatural weaknena
of Uenxiativa Urxana; Allen'a llrain Food
aucceMfully ovvruomea then trnublpa and
reatoroatue aunerer lo nii former vigor. i.
At urug-
glita. or
len a
l-t.m lat
Ueuua, Vork Uity.
Electric Appliances art tent on 30 Days' Trial.
Will) are nrfnrlnir from Naavotia Pvnit.iTr,
l.om Virtt.iTV, l.at k or Ntnva Knm a on
Vtnin, WtaTiKit WKAKMkiHKMiiiilnll thoae dim aiu't
ef a I'KBanvAt, Nati'iiv. r.-Millinir Imni AW'ikm ami
Othkh l'rKa. Kpm'ily ivll.'f nml rmpl't n-ntn-
Mtlnll Ot HKI.TII.VIimK mill MaMI0"H 111 AMANTrm.
The Kraiobwt dlarnverv of lliii NiiicKtiiIIi (Vllliiry.
Hcml atomm r.ir llluntriili'il 1'iiiiiplili't fiiw, Adilreia
AO thM who rrom Ih.ll.rn-llei.i, nmwi er olbfr oaeiel era
weak, annarved, Inw i.lrllrH, pliyii,llr .trained, and anaMaM
feefona llrVa dutlea inperlr, an da owiifielj and aanaa
tMBtty ar4. alUmm iwinfh ini-n.-in-i Kmlornil kyaneiar.
Meter! and Ih. nrru. r JMtmil ! ; "faaaai
H Wttal V iuaatua.,1 a.. T II Sf Hill
b9fM ( unrtf of ot-ruln rnUimtloa
vilnruloa to run imi mmt
aaiifOi nimniaV, vnrrMvui wvwyi
iim, rnmni'ttinn iih tiha(iM rrt.
a'wa' "a
r. f DR.
1 , i avaiaviBBijjiiy, - no a f uwu LrtiiQU LUM a
fkw i)BOM applied to .the mirfarv. wHl MMtrMMthrari on,
nnd almost Inatanvla Dai llui na.ua ... . T .
7. ;',"--- rnm i uwiU HOI BOli UlOtUlfli,
nor dUootor tha Bkln. or leav dlsairreuable effecU ot any Icfud. It
hM KO equal for the Care of Rh-nmntW Soratin.BrrSaa.
,U 1 1
(SUtf Uti- NotiTalaiAV, Lama Book, Cramp, Tootra-Aci"
Sore Throat, Pttina in the Limba or la any part 61 Rio BysiVm
and In equally efflcaclotm for all
requiring a iuwuiiui uiuuaiva aiiniuimii., pe ro arret r AimaiiiKT .
sk your DniKtjbt or It. Price SO
lreparcd only by JACOB &
Wboleaala Pnifta-lat, ST.
After a Rainy IMiIe a Country Physi
cian Tells H'liat He Thinks of
Some People.
"I 'vlrh to graclom some rooplo would learn
when they need a d ctor and when they don't,"
exc aimed Doctor E , aa be entered hie bouae
In a coicy little villau In the Interior of the Btnte
of New York, after a tedloua n'ght ride for many
mllua. I have been down among the mountalna to
loo a man, who tha mi'mengiT aa d, wae very lick,
and not likely ro livo 'till n otulnu, unlum ho bad
immediate help; and found him fufrurlng from a
ra hur ihurp attack of cole, which hla family
mluht have relieved In ten mlnutea, If ihoy bad a
itrnlu of aeneo and two or thre i simple remetllei In
the hnuno. But no; th y muat rem iln Ignorant aa
plK", am whin the Kast ache or pain taken them,
tend for a doctor, whether they ever pay him or
"Why Doc'or, what kind of elrapio remedlei, aa
yon call thcni, do you expect people to keep In the
houaet" axle d Irs wITo aa ho poured hltn a cup
of hot lea.
"In thla cae," aniwrrei tho Doctor, "If they
1'LA.STKK on tho man'a ftomuch, he would bae
hei-n all rlhthi a hour, and taved tno a dreary
In all otdlnary complnlnta It curea al once.
All dleaei are eliminated from the ayaten by
whatmiybu roughly called expulelon or extrac
t on, or by a onion of the two proceeeea. Ben
eon' riaatcr protnotea both. It lncitoa the terpld
orgauetoact,and renili i heutlu;', aootbiuir In
fluence through the m, rlad pnroa of the tiki n. All
other p'aslcra uhlijjo the patient to wait. They
Riv. him hope for to-morrow. Ilenaon'a pluiler
Kivo him help to-day. Which la betti r. do you
think? Buy the CAPCINE and keep it In tbe
huuae. Price ii centt.
Keat.ury A Jnhaeon, L'hemiate, Ntw Yoik.
Ctft.'S A MONTH and BOAltl) for tbreo
vJ'f Yi.ttng n en or ladlee In each coun y.
druift P, W. Zicgler & Co.. Chicago, 111.
A KE Ytjll (iUlNU TO ll,ll.l Co-operativo
Plana of IIouho, large and imull. Mol modern
deif!ii, by ekilled, expi'rienced archltecia, with
ieciflcat!one complete, from $.') imwarda. Kentl 1(1
tenia for explanatlona. illne'ratcd Pamph et.
KINi'M CO., 7 Warren M. New ork.
F 1 H K
W t It L I).
riy tDWi HD HH PPEN, Med fa! IHreclnr V. 8
N. A Thrilling Flctor al ll'atory of the W.irld'a
great 8e FlghtA, with eclmein or Naval Arcl-i-tectureof
ail agea. A record "I Wonderful Ex
plolta more Intereating than fktlon. Pdco only
l It aelta everywhere. AGENTS make fUKI.'O
per month. Atlilreia
J. C. McCUHDYtSi Co., Chicago. III.
HI8 LIFE aanCnVKACTSW. ByC. Edwardl.eat
er, author of "The Olory and Hhatno of Kugaud;"
".be Napoleon Dynaety," ote Illuatrated. Pa
per. 10 centa ; cloth, 2S cent ; Half Utiaela, 3S cent.
Voatage gtampa taken. Not aold by dealera;
pitr.ee too low. Also the following, fargi type,
1 ifc of Alex. H. 8tephena, - - Wc , i!rc nnn 35c.
I.Ke of Waahliigtou Irvlug, by Slodilard, - tc.
Life of Sir laaac Newton, hy .laa. parlon, - ic.
ltlli Van Winkle, by M'aehlngtoa Irving, 'Jc.
llnrnlngof Rome, by Canon Farrar, . yc
American Humor latr Artemtta Ward, 2c.
Knoch Aiden, hy Alfred lennypnn, i!c.
Diaeilcd Vlllace, '1 he Traveler. UoMamlth. 2c.
Cotter'a Saturdav Muht, etc.. Robert Burui, ite.
f-rbl ar'a Song of the IleP, md other Poema, ic.
The Hta Serpenta of Hclen-e. Andrew Wllaou, l!c.
World-smaahlng, by W. Mattit-ti Wllllflma, - 2c,
JOHN U. ALDaN, Pnbllaher, 18 Venev 8t. N. V.
The Wonderful Efficacy of
Baa been ao frequently and aatlafactorily proven
that It aeema almoet euperOuoua to aay anythlna
more In their favor. Tbe lmnionm and couetantly
lncreaalntr demand for them, both iu this and forelirn
conntrlea, la tlie beat evidence of their value. Thoir
a&le today lu the United Statea la fur greater tlian
any other eathartio medicine. Thla duiuand la
not apaamodlc, It la regular and atoady. It la not
of to-day or yeeturday , it la an lncmiae that hae boea
teadllyKrowlnif forthelaattUlrty-fl-eyeara. What
are the reoaona for thla rrout and growing demand I
Dr.Nr.benrk'M Jlandrnko Flllacontaln no mer
cury, and yet they act with wonderful effect upon
the ltvnr. They cloauae tho atotuacb and bowcla of
all Irritatinir mattur, which, if allowed to remain,
rolannatlie blood, and brimra oil Malaria, Chllla and
Fover, and many other dlxeace. Tbuy give health
aud atreuirth to tlie dlgnativo orwina. They create
Bletlto and givo vlimr to tho whole ayKtom. They
are in fact the medicine of all othera which ahould
be taken In timed like tho preHont, n hen malarial and
otliiiroiilibiiuioaarorairiiiir, aa they prepare tbe aya.
tern to roaiat attack of Uixoaxo of every character.
Dr. Nchenck'a Mandrnke Fill are aold hy all
dnimrlata at 'idr . per box, or aent by mall, poatald,
on receipt of price.
Dr. Kebenck'n Dnnk on Conaumptlon, I,W
rr Coiuplnlnt and Dvapepaln, tu Knaliah or
German, la aent Ore to all. Addreaa Dr. J. II.
KCI1F.NCK iV SON, Fhllnd.-lphlii, Pa.
A New and complete tlolel, fronting on l.evt-i
accoua auu iiauroau etreuti,
Caiio, Illinois.
Tho Faaionger Depot nf the Chlrago, Ht, Lonli
and ,ew Orleana: llllnola Central; Wahash, Ht.
I.iinl a and Pari tic lion Mountain and Houlhern,
MnliHc nnd Ohio; Cairo and Mt. Loina Rntiway
are all Jut acroea the ilrcct; while tbe Htaamboai
Lati'ling If lint one atnire dlalant. ,
Thla Hotel la heated by ateam, haa atoam
Lanndty. Hydraulic- Klavatur, Klerlrlc Cull Delia
Antnmatle Klro-Alurma, Hatha, ahaolntely pure air,
pnrtort aewerepo end uimpleloappotntnienta.
Huporb furutahluga; perfect ivrvlcet and an on
aicelle labia. ...
Ij.V. VA.HSIKU OO.. Leaw aKW
j'l -'KH.fk St. .,ao '."'-'.t.;Jj "iL'.r ''.?x
I A iMjuorfiil lil'l'lliArJLLllN7Tllltl,
lonaorl ninat)v,f fuantlnl nil-
li be moit penetrating Liniment
XIib.m., U& .... - a, a 1 a a a.
Paltm In Urn Stomach and Bowala.
cU pur bottle
1 lu every town In tha Unloa
wwu in
A 1 0n, Rmoke for A
Htlailrrt av one prolf,
Hample lot of & dallv.
i) rod to ny part of tha
ternia, eto. SCHKCtXA
K KACr, ludlanapolla, In
JfSfSmokersI Send us your ad Jreaa
A well-enilowed School of Engineering. DoparN
nienie: Muchanlea. Civil Knglneertng, C'bemlatrf
and lrawlug. The Worcester piau. Ample man
iifm luring maclilre-ahopi, Inbora'orlua. library,
cabinet end mode'.. 1 hrco claanea organized. Aa
dreee, till Sent, 1, 8. 8, KARLT, Keq , ffec'y.
After that (lute,
i I'VKRTISKRH hy uddrojalng OftO. F. ROW
KM. A CO., lo Spruce St., New York, can learn
the exact cort of unv propoapd Una of ailvcrtlelng
InAniercau Neaapapera. ttyiOO page Pamphlet
$500 REWARD!
VTE will pav ih aUva rrwir4 far any ri of Livtr Coaipltier
Pyiwla, Mi-k H.dAch, lii(llc.ilhn,CnnilirAllon or OoolnmM,
i.:anai(rura wilii Wl'i Vr,l,l. Lltrr Itlla, b.u III dlrtf.
Imtar ilrl.lly c.nplwd uk. Tl,y AH purely rgflAl.l, and
eon Ml to irlve utlltlaitlon. Pnnr (Vi.lnl. I.nrya b.int. coo
tAliilnir 311 pill., JI5 ruli. for ul by ill dmmrliti. lkAr of
chuiiIitWu ai.-l linlullont. Tin .nuln iKAnufurlnrrd aiily bf
JOHN ET A Civ, ill A .t w. Mvlln tt., Cbkata.
rrw uiaJ iitt kAk-t I, nt hy mail pr.Ai.on reciituf ai wantAUuun.
Health is Wealth !
l)n K. (1. West's Nr.nv and Drain Tiieat.
HKNT, H RitamntniHl epecihn for lljeleria, Dizzi.
noea, ConvulHiotia, Fita. Nervous Neuralgia,
llHadiicliii, Nervtma FroHtrntion cnueed by the nae
of alcohol ortolwicco, Witkofulneaa, Mental De
proeaiim, Hoftoning of the Hmin reaulting in in
aanity nml lending to m ieory, derny and death,
Fronmtitre Old Ako, BnrrenncHa, Ijoea of power
in either eex. Involuntary Iaieeea and ttpermHt-orrlia-a
mtiaeil hyovor-oxertiorl of tho brain, aelf
iiiniBo nr over-indulgence. l!ach box contuina
one month's trnntnnuit. $l.lia box, or aix boxea
for ji,i.(li,aent by mail prep'iidou receipt of price.
To rure any caee. With each onlor received byna
for aix boxea. nccoiiiiwniwl with we will
tend the imrrluueruur written gtmranUw to rv
fund tho nioroy if the treatment luee not effect
a cure. Ouareii'.eea leaned oiilyby
Druggist . Cor. Commercial ave. IRlh at., Cairo.
617 St. Charles Street, ST. LOUIS, Ma
A regular Oi n.luui of twe medlcid
eollcues. has heen luiieer engaged 111 tbe treat
nient of Chronic, Ncrvoun, fc-lcin ami
lUoori Dlseusea than any other nlivulrlan In
Ht. Louis, ns eltv pspers Abaw and all old resl.
dents know. Ccn-oiltntlon -t oltleeor b mall,
free and Invited. A friendly talk or tile opinion
rnsla untiling. When IllslnconvenleiiUovlsIt
the city .nr trentment, meillelnes can lie aent
by mall or express everywhere. Cttrahle ca.en
guaranteed ; where doubt e.vlsta It la frankly
Haled. Cull or Write.
Snrvoua Progtration, Debility, Mental and
Physical Waakneia, Miireurial and other
affections of Throat, Skin and Bones, Blood
Impurities and Blood Poisoning, Skin Affee
tions, Old Sores and Ulcers, Impediments to
Marriage, Rheumatism, Piles. Speoial
attention to cases from over-worked brain.
SURGICAL CASES receive special attention.
Diseases arising from Imprudences, Excesses
Indulgencas or Exposures.
It Is si-lf-ev lili-ti t Unit a physlcliiu paying
particular attention to acinus of ease attnlna
great skill, and pbyslelaiis lu reguliir praetleo
all Over the country knowing this, frequently
recommend cases to the oldest cilice In America,
where every knowu appllancu la resorted to.
and the proved irood reuwdiea or ail
agea and rountrlra are useil. A whole bouse Is
used forotlli'H tiiiriuiseH, and all are treated with
Bk 111 In a respectful manner; ami, knowing
what to do. no expert liietits are uinile. Ounce-mint
of the ki'ctil number applying, the
charirea are kept low, often lower than It
deuiniided liy ntliers If you secure tbe skl'l
aud get a speedy and perfect lite cure, (hulls
the liiipni'iini! timtter. I'aiuphlet, M pugea,
aent to any mldreis free.
PLAifi ! MARRIAGE GUIDE. ! pages.
Klegant cloth and trtlt binding. Healed forSO
cents In KsltiKe or rnrreniy. Over fifty won
ilerflll pen pictures, true to life, articles nn the
Aillowlng sulpeeln. Who may marry, who not;
whvf Proper aire to iniirrv. Who uiurry rlrat,
Sniihond, Womanhood. I'livleiil decay. Who
shniild iniir. y. Mow lite ami biippluess may be
increased. I'linse tniiirleil or eiiutetnlntlti(
limrrylnu shoulil rend II, It ought to lie read
ny all ailiilt hm-soiis, then kept under lock and
k.'y. Popular edition, same as ulsive, but aer
rover and HUU pugwa, Ki cvuU by mail, lu luouojr
ar postage.
Neurozone, fnow Nerve-Life, Strength and
Vlgnri is h posit Ivo reatnraflve for the Loaa of
Manly Via-or lit Younfr, Middle-Aged and
Old Men.no mutter from what cause. In Ner
vous Debility, Exhaustion, Impoteney,
Seminal Weakness, and kindred ailments,
tills fat indarrl Remedy Is aoartain oure.and
In ull sih'Ii Nuilitrera, who send a statement of
their tronhlea, u tinmitltv unfllflent to provj ita
vlrtuo will bo aenf Free of Coat. Addreaa.
P. 0,Bo2484. If Loula, MOa
8UMMKR LAW LKCTUKK8 (n il weekly), bo
gin Villi July, lt&l, aud end Uih heptemrer. Have
proved of algnal nse, iat, to atnd ntawhodeatgn
to pursue thttr eitidlea atthla or other Law bchool t
Hi, to thoeo who propose lo read privately s and ad.
to practltiotiera who have not had the advantage oC
ayatematlc inatrucllon. For circular appiytP. O.
University of Va ) to John U. Minor, Ftof. Com.
aud Slat. Law.
1 "a Fllnoif J'WJ1 weeping by. go
I 'WW I land dare belore yen die, eotue-
thing mighty and suhllme
leave behind to conquer time."
lite a weok lu your own town.
Five Dollar outfit free. No
flak, Kvorythlng new. Capital not required. Wa
will furnish you everything. Many are making
fortunea. Ladles make aa much as men, and boy
aud girls make great pay Reader, If yon want
bnalneae at wnloo yen eaa make araat pay all tha
time, write for particaUn to U. lULLlfrr CO,
rotUaad, Maine. 1

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